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1775-1785 (The Haudenosaunee)

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The Haudenosaunee

1770-1775 Second Leonian Revolution
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On July 1st the Second Leonian Revolution led by Connor Maxwell begins, taking the nation by surprise and storm. In the want of a communist government without a minority, Maxwell and his followers storm the Capitol and Federalist Party president Samuel Warner is assassinated. After five years, the USL is renamed the Union of Socialist Leonian Republics with Maxwell as president. The world watches as a failed nation devoted to freedom is transformed into a socialist regime. Many peasants in Europe’s monarchy kingdoms are beginning to see communism as their path to a better life. The Leonian states are reorganised into 12 member republics with Georgia as the capital republic with the City-fort of Chatowa. The 12 republics are mostly the same names as the states: Virginia, Kentucky, Cherokee, Arkansas, Alabama, Talabama, Mobile, Florida, Creek, and N/S Carolina. This new country brings the people of the USL a hope for power and the economy is renewed, the military is expanded and the people manifest their destiny to someday rule all of Leonez and destroy all other civilizations inhibiting them. This is a tremendous task, one which the USLR will take much time to be ready for. Each border republic is given the task of expanding in a certain direction- Florida into Unenö'keteka'tæætö; Mobile, Alabama, and Arkansas into Louisiana; Kentucky and Virginia into The Haudenois Confederacy; N/S Carolina and Georgia into the Bahamas.

Talabama, Cherokee, and Creek are to be developed into the industrial heartland and the industrial revolution is accelerating in the USLR at an ever quickening pace. As it is, the nation’s meagre treasury is being poured into the economy and military, politician salaries are cut; others equalised, and scientific research is urged, conscription is expanded in definition, the official holiday of Red Day and standard subsidized education and medical care is introduced; among other things. The Leonian ‘Stars and Stripes’ is modified; the blue is replaced with red and the white stars are now yellow.

USL flag 1779

USLR flag 1779

In response to this new Leonian doctrine, The Haudenois and French-Louisianans reinforce their borders. Although Spain’s empire continues to crumble, the colonies of Nueva España are prospering from their increased independence, and separate cultures are beginning to form. Many in the Spanish government wish to constrict their autonomy to bring in more funds to sustain the Empire but the inefficiencies in their economic and government bases, as well as their recent military failings become increasingly disparaging and spells the empire’s final fall. The Mosquito Coast became a dominion called Nicaragua in 1779.

Also, the 4 dominions of Nueva España: Texas, California, Mezico, and Nicaragua have bound together into a single informal, interdependent union. This further strengthens the dominions in the short run, but cultural clashes will hamper its benefits in the future. In 1785 (actual OTL) the Peso is accepted as the national currency for all the European colonies in Leonez. The Leonians, being of stubborn independence, plan to eventually print their own monetary type.

NA 1781north
NA 1781south
1770-1775 Second Leonian Revolution
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The Haudenosaunee

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