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The Haudenosaunee

1750-1763 1770-1775 Second Leonian Revolution


In the last 20 years the final borders between the Haudenois and Leonians have been established through a large amount of agreements. North Carolina has been further split with its western border becoming Cherokee. The USL’s lands on the east of Louisiana has become the state of Mobile, the 9th state- there is also talk of breaking up Georgia. The USL has reached an all-time low; poverty and unrest is all over and as the country stumbles through a succession of leaders from the Federalist Party, the Anti-Federalist Party, the Freedom Party, the Empire Party, the People of Christ, and a slew of others; preaching everything from religious empire to agrarian isolation; none particularly give the people what they want so huge minority governments in the Senate have created deadlocks on many issues, further hampering progress. Bureaucracy on a debilitating scale has developed from this stagnant process over the last 50 years. These conditions have brought about thinkers and philosophers such as Connor Maxwell, a man who put the principle of freedom with the rights of every Human to make what he calls Communism (although in order to protect this young government, Maxwell would be forced to do away with most political freedoms, temporarily).

The race between the Lahkota Federation and Louisiana has concluded after almost 70 years: Louisiana has the Louis XV (Victorian) bay, and the Lahkota have the coast just north of it. Luckily both have been able to get this far without direct conflict and now, as the final border disputes were addressed, the French begin to expand south and the L.F. north (towards the growing Russian territories in Alyeska). The industrial revolution in the Haudenois Confederacy is beginning though it will not become as popular as in other countries. Biological manipulation is still the largest ‘industry’.

In 1774 the Spanish sold Rich Port Island to the British.

Newfoundland became the Dominion of Newfoundland in 1775 and is now a semi-autonomous nation.

NA 1775north NA 1775south

1750-1763 1770-1775 Second Leonian Revolution

The Haudenosaunee

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