Principia Moderni Map 1750
Principia Moderni Map 1750 Key
  • The Vietnamese expand their East African colony by 38*50 sq km. The Vietnamese officially recognize the Empire of Nippon as being an independent nation, but they request that an alliance be founded between the Vietnamese and Nippon. The Vietnamese continue to ramp up support of the Anti-Carlists, as they are sending as much arms and soldiers as possible while remaining neutral.
    • Nippon agrees to the alliance with Vietnam
  • Naples continues to exist in civil war. The Anti-Carlist forces move into Sicily, and the two vassals, Siena and Florence, both join up with them. Istoias, Tunisia, Israel, and Vicia all are in Anti-Carlist hands, but the king still controls Ricasolia. His advisors advise he flee to Ricasolia and sue for peace for that independent kingdom, or break a portion of Naples away to form his own Italian state, like Fuzolia did 50 years before. Yet Carlo VII refuses, for he arrogantly believes he can yet win this war. It is doubtful he can last more than one more year.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure. Finland also expands their new colony 250 km inward and Finland also expands their second new colony 250 km inward.
  • A rebellion in southern Újfundlandi, takes place, over issues of local control and taxation. The rebellion is quickly put down by the government forces. Meanwhile, King Ladislaus dies, and is succeeded by his son Miklós, crowned Nicholas I. Some progress with the steam engine is made, but not enough to figure out how to produce one. The country's economy improves. More rural exodus start to be seen on Hungary. Greece updates its military. The rest of the island of Canariae Insulae which was not conquered is taken (450 sq km). Újfundlandi's southern part expands 2300 sq km to connect with the central part.
  • Turan works on its military. The Yeniceri institution is founded. Suleyman visits Mecca.
  • Yemen sends an expedition force of 5'000 experienced troops to OTL western Madagaskar, in order to make it more appropriate to colonise it in 1751, as planned.
  • With independence gained by Nippon, the people rejoice and a parades takes place in the Imperial capital of Kyoto, and the Shogun's capital of Edo. The military forces are amped up in order to make sure the country is protected. The Imperial navy is greatly expanded in order to make sure Nippon can control the many islands in her empire.
  • The Emperor Robert IV of France builds up its military and restarts the invasion of Wolof. The emperor sends ambassadors to Nippon asking a trade agreement.
    • Nippon accepts the trade agreement.
  • Ethiopia establishes contact with Kongo, and there colony next to Kongo is name after the surrounding nation. Friendly relations ensue between Ethiopia and Kongo, and Ethiopia helps Kongo by giving it European technology. Because of this, Kongo exersises several frequent wars against Ngoyo.
  • Meanwhile, back in Ethiopia's home territories, Tesfaye Gabru publishes a book called 'The Future Union of Africa, a future and better world'. The book details what Gabru plans to do with Africa if his rebellion succeeds. It details a Union of African Empires (lead by Ethiopia) that are a united nation, but are also governed separately, with each nation sending an Elder to Ganananora to vote for or against laws to be passed. In his ideal world, Ethiopia would get two votes, one for the King (whose power would be dramatically reduced) and an Elected Official. Of course, all this is just fantasy, most people in Ethiopia are surprised the rebellion has gone on this long.
  • Incan-Colombian Republic: Expansion begins. The Army now numbers 20,000 men. Eight warships purchased from other nations defend te ICR's coasts.
  • Nippon gained Kamchatka from Vietnam. By the way, Mr Mapmaker & Nippon should also have a port on the southern tip of Karafuto. VonGlusenburg (talk to Von!) 11:34, December 17, 2011 (UTC)
  • I was in doubt if actually you annexed Sakhalin and I don't remember you mentioning Kamchatka. it will be a colony or integral part of your territory?
  • Just read 1749, where I talk with Vietnam about getting Kamchatka, and its only the southern tip of Sakhalin Nippon have got not the whole island Nippon only established a port in 1748. Kamchatka will be part of the territory, as will Sakhalin and all the Kuril islands eventually. Not going to be making colonies for a while yet, gonna expand the living space of my empire first VonGlusenburg (talk to Von!) 19:13, December 17, 2011 (UTC).


  • Naples continues to be in civil war. After losing Naples city, Carlo VII goes on a desperate attack against the Vietnamese forces, which he believes to be the weakest of his enemies due to racism. It is a mistake which costs him his life. He is killed in battle, and his supporters surrender. Benvolio III is restored to the throne, and he creates a new government which is a constitutional monarchy. Petruchio decides to join the senate and becomes the Chancellor. Right before he retires his astronomy tower, he announces the discovery of a new planet beyond Saturn. He names it Benvolium Sidus, after the king of Naples, but outside of the kingdom it is primarily known as Uranus, to carry on the mythology traditions. Since Uranus was observed in OTL as early as 1690, I assumed having it discovered as a whole new planet a couple decades early wasn't too extreme.
  • Incan-Colombian Republic: Naples is offered an alliance. Expansion continues. The Army reaches 40,000 men with the latest muskets purchased from Europe as well as the Navy reaching 20 of the latest warships.
    • There is no way a tiny nation formed of scattered, impoverished refugees could create an army of 40,000 so quickly. That would probably be greater than your adult population. And don't say anything like 75% of the Incas escaped or anything, only a couple boats would have been able to get passed the various armadas which were attacking your nation, you probably have less than 10,000 original members.
    • I agree that it might be better to cut it down to maybe 4,000 soldiers.
  • Turan works on intensively on military.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure. Finland also expands their new colony 250 km inward and Finland also expands their second new colony 250 km inward. Finland also asks Nippon for an alliance.
    • Nippon accept the Finish alliance.
  • The Vietnamese expand their New Vietnam colony by 76*50 sq km. The Vietnamese establish a trade link between the Incan-Columbian Republic and their occupied former homeland. They allow any nationalist Incan still living in the former homeland passage to the ICR for a small fee. Any Incan not wanting to live under European rule is free to board a ship bound for their new homeland.
  • Hungary's economy improves. Meanwhile, more people start to live in the cities. A breakthrough is made with the steam engine, that start to be produced by the end of the year. Greece updates its military, and offers to buy Armenian Cilicia in trade for part of the Hungarian colony of India, with Hungary only knowing of the deal well after it has been proposed. However, it lets the deal go on. Namib expands 350 sq km. Újfundlandi és a Labrador expands 2400 sq km on its southern part, to connect with the northern part.
  • China builds textile factories in Beijing and Shanghai. The urbanization of their colonies continues along with the urbanization of China itself. This allows the colony in Mexico to expand northward by 3800 sq km.
  • Nippon reorganises the nation so each prefecture of the empire is ruled by a Daimyo, and they take part in the Daimyo council with the Shogun & his advisers so national policy can be decided. Nippon also claims the rest of the Chishima (Kuril) islands, and the remaining Chishima islands begin to be colonized, with 800 sq KM being colonized this year. Nippon also ask Russia for their territory on one of the Chishima (Kuril) islands in return for a trade deal and an alliance.
  • France builds up its military. The emperor asks his chancellors in the Swedish states to join the invasion of Wolof.
  • Yemen sends additional 5000 troops to western Madagascar and finally begins to colonize that region, fighting against local rival tribes.
  • Empress Elizabeth of Russia is angered by Nippon's claim of the Kurils, but decides to do nothing. Meanwhile, because of a great influx of visitors, and a population boom, Novorossiya expands a mind boggling 9000 km inland! (this is bacause of 3x industrialization bonus!). Meanwhile the Polish king claims the throne of Poland-Lithuania, prompting the Russian Government to Declare war on Poland. Note that that was just a piece of propaganda that Russia had spread and the Polish king, not denying it, made many of the world's nations believe this to be true. Russia's ground forces mobilize into poland. Elizabeth issued a declaration to the King of Poland saying: "we shall see who is ruler of Poland-Lithuania, you or I!". Meanwhile, in central Russia, People start creating many factories in the cities and now in Moscow, there is the first large industries starting out. People start to think of better ways to use steam power to improve the efficiency and speed to travel ...
  • Sweden's small use of steam power spreads across the Swedish lands to Denmark, Netherlands, Scotland and France. Small "factories" spring up across these lands as a shipment of 100 steam machines with the Swedish design are given to their leigelord-France's King Robert. The Swedish military expands and Sweden promises to help France against Wolof. The Northern Flanders persuades the king of Southern Flanders to join with the Netherlands and talks start the following year.
    • The King of Sweden is the King of France, who agreed that you cannot regain Scotland in any shape or form. That was the treaty that ended the war. In fact, this post is implausible for 2 reasons, so I am striking it down. 1. Nations just don't vote to become puppet states They have to have a good reason, like either for protection against some enemy (which no one is threatening Scotland) or out of fear of being invaded or something. 2. The Scottish just fought a war to become independent from Sweden, they are not going to rejoice at all to be taken back over. Therefore, if the Swedes bribed the officials to take back over, they would be overthrown again. This is totally unrealistic and against the agreement. This is just like Finland and Prussia, you just can't bear for your nation to lose any land. I am tired of you continuously going against the agreements everyone else abides with whenever you lose anything.
    • Another thing unrelated: The current Emperor (not king) of France and Sweden is Robert IV (in the Swedish case, Robert I, I guess ... I don't know what is the succession order that Sweden follows). Anyway, the Netherlands were renamed "Kingdom of [Northern] Flanders" to support my claim over the Southern independent Flanders. When we conquer it, I'll let you absorb it all. And please, don't break my treaty with Vietnam. I'm responsible for any action you do while you're my "vassal". In a few years (10, 15, at most 20), I'll give you your independence back and there will pass enough time to ignore the treaty and re-vassalize Scotland. By the way, if you're gonna support my invasion of Wolof, tell me if you want any land in that region.
  • Ethiopia's republican rebels cut off the government's trade routes, forcing much of the trader class to join the Republicans side. The Rebels get a massive boost. Emperor Iyasu steps down from his position, handing the title of Emperor of Ethiopia to his son Iyoas. Iyasu travels to the north of the Country, to the mainly Islamic coast. There, he is ambushed and killed, by Islamists hoping to make the North an independent nation. The Republicans make a deal with Northern Chiefs, and the whole area of OTL North- Western Eritrea (plus everything north of that) comes under the rebels control. Iyoas vows vengeance on the Republicans, and has the entire population of Schmittists in Ganananora killed. However, as the war goes on, public opinion is shifting back towards the Monarchy, as some Republican forces have committed serious crimes against the people.

How is that possible? All the massacres of the war were committed by the royalists. How are they more popular than the rebels?

  • Persia begins to build up and modernize the army for an invasion of Shahzrur.


The famine continues across West Africa, entering its fifteenth year. A brave set of two hundred Frenchmen and New Songhailese journey across West Africa to report on the kingdoms. They return at the end of the year with only twenty three members and bring disturbing reports of widespread cannibalism and the collapse of the Gao, Timbuktu and Hausa Empires with the Jennes Empire also losing the northern half of its nation. Other more well off nations like Benin, Morocco and Wolof have had major expansion into unexplored and disorderly regions. Tunjur establishes a border with Egypt and is reported to have destroyed Darfur. A new African nation is discovered around the the three lakes in East Africa.

    • When you say loss, you mean that the areas have to be black in the next map? if not, who annexes the territories? And, I assume that Hausa, Timbuktu and Gao entered in civil disarray, isn't it?
    • Don't update the map yet. I'll make one and I'll post it as cartographers will renter the region after the famine ends.
    • The only problem is that Wolof just lost a war with France and is in another one, so they probably would be focusing all of their forces on defending themselves from the French, so they probably wouldn't have expanded at all
    • To them it was a minor war and they lost very little. They are expanding to enslave peoples and gather the meagre food resources available around them to feed their peoples. However, Wolof did not expand as much as the others due to the French war against them.
  • Naples builds up its military, recovering from the war. Both Istoias and Ricasolia are expanded by 500 sq km. A third of the money confiscated from Carlo VII and his supporters is primarily used to rebuild the shattered Neapolitan economy. Another third is offered to Yemen, with Benvolio III stating that by making a colony on Madagascar, they are challenging the Neapolitan claim to that island, and that it is better they take the small bribe than start a war. The final third is sent to Scotland, where the Neapolitans pay off several prominent Scottish politicians, who unveil the conspiracy by Sweden to conquer and re-oppress the Scots. After the outrage from the Scottish people that their politicians would sell out the nation which just lost many people to defeat the Swedes and liberate themselves leads to the downfall of that government, Chancellor Petruchio tells the King of France that he should have the Swedish nobles that attempted to defy the agreement executed. Seriously, is there something in the Red Sea that makes nations that border it greedy for Madagascar and disrespectful of Neapolitan claims to that island? To refresh, the Neapolitans claim the islands of Madagascar, Cuba, that little unclaimed island south of Cuba, and their current territory. They want independent Scotland They want nothing else in the entire globe, make your colonies somewhere else than Madagascar!
  • The steam engines produced start to be used in manufacturing, mostly in Central Hungary. Rural exodus continues, especially from the rural areas of Ultrasylvania to the cities of Koloszvár and Temesvár, aside of other smaller cities. Meanwhile, tensions between the colonists in Újfundlandi and the Hungarian government continue to rise, leading to direct actions against the Hungarian government. Neos Preveza expands 2550 sq km in the OTL Michigan settlements. Namib expands 450 sq km and Dél-Afrika expands 50 sq km.
  • The Vietnamese expand their New Vietnam colony by 76*50 sq km.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure. Finland also expands their new colony 250 km inward and Finland also expands their second new colony 250 km inward.
  • Nippon expands her territory in the Chishima (Kuril) islands by 800 km. The Shogun also removes Kamchatka's prefecture status and makes it a colony of Nippon, after Kamchatka's Daimyo insulted the Shogun. The Daimyo of Kamchatka is also exiled to, and he goes to live in North America. The Nansei islands also become a prefecture of Nippon as Nansai Prefecture, comprising both the Satsunan Islands and Ryukyu Islands. The colony of Karafuto is also declared after joining together the two trading posts and their adjacent territory into one colony. Information of Nippon's colonies, and a map of Nippon's prefectures can be found on Nippon's nation page.
  • Itsaygahimap
    Itsaygahi continues to thrive, with trade expanding across the whole nation, and more wealth pouring into the cities bulging along the Gulf Coast. In an attempt to replicate the success of the City Princes, the Marcher Lords hand out self-governance charters to towns on the Great Lakes Coast. Though colder and having less trade opportunities, this doesn't stop entrepreneurial spirit and it isn't long before Russians, Italians and Hungarians are joining Itsaygahans in the towns of the north.
    • New map of Itsaygahi
  • The Emperor of France, Robert IV, continues invading Wolof, while the colony of Haiti expands 3500 sq km. The emperor starts to promote the industrialization, importing and exporting machines in the different industrialized kingdoms of his empire. Rouseeau asks Petruchio to form a new alliance between the two countries and offers a military alliance to Itsaygahi.
    • Petruchio, who is pro-French, has the Senate pass an official alliance with France.
  • China continues to expand northward by 3800 sq km. They offer military protection to Itsaygahi. Meanwhile, explorers encounter several southwestern American tribes, including the OTL Navajo people. The militia in the Mexican colony is increased just in case.
  • Almost all of the Republican uprising are all killed in Ethiopia when the Royal forces storm their hideout. A prince named Mengistu Teshale offers to lead the revolution if Ethiopia can be a constitutional monarchy(under him) and not a republic. The republican leaders that remain, are forced to accept, as the tides of the war are starting to turn against them. Some forces of the army that are loyal to the Prince join too.
  • Sweden sends more steam machines to Denmark, Northern Flanders and France. There they form small "factories". The council of nobles are angered by the meddling Napolitians. Northern Flanders and Southern Flanders begin talks to unite the two nations for security and economic reasons. The final agreement at the end of the year is for full unification under the Swedish crown as a very loosely controlled vassal state. Sweden claims the northern third of Wolof.
    • The emperor agrees to give the northern third to the Council of Sweden.
  • Turan builds its armies up.
  • Persia begins to build up and modernize the army for an invasion of Shahzrur.


  • The Vietnamese expand their New Vietnam colony by 76*50 sq km.
  • Tokugawa Munetada is appointed Admiral of the Nipponese Navy by his older brother, Shogun Tokugawa Ieshige. The new Admiral is tasked with overseeing the expansion of the Imperial navy and colonizing the remaining Chishima islands. He does this by having several new European style galleon ships commissioned into the Imperial Navy, and colonizes 500 sq km of the Chishima islands too.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure. Finland also expands their new colony 500 km inward.
  • Naples continues to expand the military, and trade continues to improve with a steadily larger middle class. Meanwhile, colonial expansion has reached new heights, with both Ricasolia and Istoias being expanded by 1150 sq km as their populations continue to grow. King Benvolio has the rebuilt Neapolitan navy build new bases on Madagascar and Cuba, to protect them from any more nations that attempt to colonize them.
  • Hungary's economy continues to improve. More steam engines start to be used on manufacturing. Meanwhile, in Újfundlandi, a convention of delegates of the provinces of Újfundlandi és a Labrador meets on Szent János. Only one province does not send delegates. Greece updates its military, and asks Hungary to buy the area around the city of Preveza. Hungary accepts. Once again, it asks France to buy Armenian Cilicia, as the proposal wasn't answered before. Egyptian forces at the southern border notice the existence of a more organized state than the tribes which bordered Egypt some time ago. the military is updated just in case. Namib expands 1000 sq km south, and Neos Preveza expands 2000 sq km.
  • In Ethiopia, as things are starting to get more and more anarchic, the Emperor Iyoas is killed in battle with the Republicans. One of the Emperor's close advisors named Giyorgis installs himself in power in the outer regions of the empire, while the (not entirely republicans) take Ganananora. Giyorgis starts the reign of terror, killing thousands seen as not supporting him. Mengistu proclaims that the golden age of Ethiopia is near.
  • Turan's Yeniceri (army) continues to grow.
  • My watch was wrong, I erased the turn. Sorry.
  • Russia forces continue their advance into Poland together with Lithuanian, Armenian, some Finnish (protection of commonwealth blabady blah), Khazakh, and remaining Iroquois forces, they begin their full military campaign and besiege both Krakow and Warszawa (Warsaw). People think that it is just a matter of time before The Poles surrender. Meanwhile, in industrialization terms, the Pavlov family has a breakthrough, what if we built a non-hydraulic cooling steam engine? what if we could be able to use it for transport?. In America, Russian America (Alaska) expands 1000 km on each side (to a total of 2000 km), and Canada expands 3000 km inland towards the Great Lakes.
  • Wait, Krakow is Hungarian. When Poland divided itself, the Hungarian vassal who later was annexed by Hungary had its capital in Krakow.
  • China declares war on the Otomis and Tamaulipec tribes. The invasion is swift and many settlements are destroyed. While most of the culture is destroyed, parts of it are preserved. Several of the leaders of the settlements, along with anyone who fought against the Chinese, ended up being executed by firing squad.
  • Sweden expands its military. Thorlaand expands by 3050 sq km.
  • Persia begins to build up and modernize the army for an invasion of Shahzrur.


The famine in Takrur has resulted in the northern half of that nation being abandoned and going back to wild areas and ruins, unsettled by any but tribes (black on the map). The Southern half falls into civil disarray. In Akon, conflicts between the Catholic Burgundian colonists and the normal Akon religion people results in the nation being split between Catholic and Animist Akon, Catholic to the west. However, the famine shows signs of steadily ending, and it may have only a couple years left. Meanwhile in South America, Onguayal expands slightly towards the former Incan Empire colonies.

There is no communications with the entire Atlantic coast of Africa and the interior Western and Central areas (except the colonies) as Many tribes and areas have had moral decay and thousands are resorting to cannibalism.

Note that the crossed out portion was from Scandinator's attempt to annul my entire post so that he had total mastery over the entirety of west Africa.

My portion merely tried to explain why I crossed yours out. It was not another mod post. May you please explain how the information from Takrur came through 1000 km of cannibals, tribal warfare and expanding empires?

Because people flee from Cannibals, tribal warfare, and enemy empires? I'll add in a thing about scattered refugees informing people of this, but since Takrur is really close to New Songhay, it shouldn't be too hard for them to reach there, and from there France

... How did I miss the refugees???? Also Takrur is the one to the very north ... also thanks, I have a backstory for Guinea. But please keep Takrur on the map albeit, in civil disorder.

Only the northern bits fell into nothingness, the southern areas of Takrur remained but in civil disorder.

  • The Vietnamese expand their New Vietnam colony by 76*50 sq km. The Vietnamese officially withdraw their soldiers from their portion of former Mughal India. They make an announcement that they will sell the territory to any nation interested for a pittance, as they have decided to wash their hands of India. They declare a new Taiwanese vassal state to replace the former vassal state of Nippon. They declare the capital of Taiwan to be the quickly-growing city of Taipei, and create a new flag to replace the outmoded tiger flag used by the Joseon colonial regime. The resulting flag is a red banner with a white sun in a blue canton. The government is officially a republic, but its Premier is an aging Joseon colonial governor who rules as an autocrat. The new vassal state is set to be a wealthy trade hub as trade routes to China, Vietnam, Nippon and New Lithuania pass through it.
    • King Benvolio III of Naples, eager to expand the alliance with Vietnam, and eager for a new colony, sends Vietnam 1.5 times the amount of money that they initially requested for India.
    • The Vietnamese eagerly accept the Neapolitan offer, as they are intent on getting the unpopular "colony" off their hands.
    • Naples takes control of the colony, which is named India.
    • Sweden sends a counter offer of 1.75 times the amount of money Vietanm wants. Also my colony borders the Vietnamese one, Sweden offers to split the colony with Naples.
    • It is too late, for Naples has already bought the colony and has established control over it. However, as they don't have many Neapolitans there, so they may be willing to divide the colony, but Benvolio III wants to add a new colony to Naples, so he could sell it to Sweden in exchange for one of the Swedish colonies that aren't used that much.
    • Personally I'd rather have Lurker have it. I'd rather not reward your recent behavior, Scand.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure. Finland also expands their new colony 500 km inward.
  • Turan keeps building its military.
  • Empress Elizabeth gives the Diet of Finland to refuse the aiding of Russia militarily in a war if three-fourths of the Diet agrees. However, the Russian military must always aid the Finns in their time of need. More to come on the Polish war ... and could please somebody do the algorithm for the Russo-Polish war?
  • The Emperor of France expands the Haiti colony 3500 sq km. He offers support to Russia in the war against Poland if, in exchange, Russia stop any claims in Sweden and its domains and the Russian accept to become allies of the French and Swedish. The king accept to sell the old Cilician state to Greece in exchange for a territory in the colony of India. France offers an alliance to Nippon. Please, make the Second Wolof War algorithm.
    • Nippon accepts the alliance.
  • The territory on India is sold, While as part of the trade agreement with Turan, parts of Cilicia, and of Greece are sold to Turan in trade for inland territory. Meanwhile, Hungary proposes Naples to buy a area on the former Vietnamese colony, namely the strait leading to Taprobana for the value originally offered by Vietnam. Meanwhile, Hungary's economy improves. However, open armed conflict starts in Újfundlandi, especially on the city of Liptó, on the northeastern tip of Újfundlandi from the area, and in Új Kotor, a all-out war between the Hungarian forces and the colonist militia starts, and another congress of delegates of provinces starts on Szent András. In light of this, Hungary starts to update its military. Meanwhile, expansion on Ezsák-Afrika resumes, and the colony expands 3050 sq km. More colonists are sent to the outpost of Zöld-fok (on the mainland), after is discovered that the former colonists died of starvation.
    • The Neapolitans are only just beginning to organize the colony, and they don't know what Taprobana is or exactly what Hungary wants. Perhaps the Hungarians could give them a map?
  • A Polish diplomat succeeds in convincing Sweden to join to war against Russia. The Netherlands and Arabia send in supplies as Sweden and Estonia mount full military campaigns into Russian territory. Pskov, Riga and St Petersburg are captured in brilliant maneuvers by the Swedish army against the garrisons in the three cities before the main Russian army arrives and the Swedish navy takes the Estonian islands before bombarding the coast of Lithuania with heavy mortar and cannon fire. Thorlaand expands by 3050 sq km. Sweden encourages the Vietnamese, Neopolitans and French to join the cause for a free Polish state
    • The Emperor is angry because the chancellors of the Swedish States didn't ask him permission to join the war, defying his royal power to manage the foreign relations of the country. In reprisal, Robert IV trims a quarter of the total Swedish seats in the Parliament and mances with punish the chancellor if he challenge the Crown again. Rousseau convinces the Emperor to join the war against Russia to support the Swedes. The Emperor accepts, but he doesn't return the seats to Sweden. He also sends an ambassador to represent him in the councils of government in the Swedish states.
    • You can't do what you did in the war for two reasons: 1. To attack from Estonia would mean getting troops navaly to Estonia, and BTW the Russian navy exists so it would be impossible to mount an invasion from Estonia, and 2. to invade from Sweden would mean marching through Finland!
  • NOTE: Poland leads the war. Only Poland can gain any territory from Russia
  • The remaining 250 sq km of the unclaimed Chishima islands are colonized by Nippon. With nearly all of the Chishima islands now under Nipponese control, Nippon once again ask Russia Finland for her territory in the Chishima (Kuril) Islands, this time offering a trade deal and money. The Imperial navy is also greatly expanded with mostly lots of Frigates being added to the navy. Admiral Tokugawa Munetada also splits up the navy into several fleets each to protect an area of Nippon e.g., the Chishima fleet, Hokkaidō fleet, Shikoku fleet, etc. Crops from Europe are bought by Nipponese traders so the Nipponese settlers in Karafuto, Hokkaido and the Chishima islands can grow food more suited to the climate in the cold northern Nipponese territories. Things like wheat, soybeans, potatoes, onions, pumpkins, and corn are grown by settlers and this encourages a lot of the poorer Nipponese to move up north in order to be given land and crops to grow on the land. Nipponese miners move into the Chishima islands to mine the islands, and many tree farms/plantations are set up too by the Nipponese timber industry. Lots of fishermen also set up residence to fish the well-stocked seas around the Chishima islands. 250 sq km is colonized in Karafuto to, as more settlers move their to make use of the cheap farm land.
  • Yemen continues to colonise western Madagascar.
  • Itsaygahi accepts military alliances with France and China. Tobacco besomes a cash crop in Tanasi, and Huron becomes increasingly cosmopolitan as towns and cities emerge along their coastline. The Janissary Legions raised from Huron develop a reputation for brutal efficiency, a characteristic they share with the emerging nobility who develop highly efficient agriculture.
  • Russian Empress looks at the Swedish traitors in disgust. The Russians manage to quickly reclaim lost lands in the surprise attack. Meanwhile, surprisingly, while calling in reinforcements from the Polish front, the Russian forces suffer great losses and are pushed back to the border. The Russians call on the Chinese, the Mons, the Vietnamese and many more to help Russia repulse the invasion of Sweden! (why can anybody resist messing into Russia's wars! Yank, I now feel your pain about kunarian). The call to arms also calls on the nations' vassals to take up arms against the Swedes that "wish to control all of Asia, Russia is just the beginning" (this is propaganda)
    • Turan will send supplies in exchange for an alliance.
    • Russia agrees.
    • Sweden learns of the massages and announces that the Swedish Empire is merely trying to help the Polish cause for an independent state. A Swedish alliance with Turan would also be much more useful to the Turans.
    • Russia is a much larger state and can provide every known resource the world has to offer. The Russians pledge to support Turan in any war that does not contradict Russia's previous alliances and/or morals.
    • The Emperor Robert IV of France and Sweden assures the world that the unique territorial gains of the war will be Polish and the war is to keep the Polish independence. If the Swedish statesmen attempt to take any land, or even destroy the government of Russia and its allies, the Emperor itself will execute the noblemen of the councils and nullify the Swedish right to autonomy. The Emperor also reminds Turan that defy him means a possible war with the United Kingdom of Edessa and Antiosh, which sends troops to support the war. Roussea, in a last attempt to stop the unnecessary massacre, offers Russia to sell the territory claimed by Poland in exchange for a peace treaty and a pact assuring that Sweden and France will never have any land in the Asian Continent (except India).
  • 'Emperor' Giyorgis leads a reign of terror against any in the rural areas who oppose him. Thousands are senselessly murdered. Giyorgis' name becomes synonymous in Ethiopia with murder. Giyorgis kills his own officials before hanging himself. Mengistu proclaims himself the real emperor, and the Mengistuan Dynasty of Ethiopia begins. Negotiations are still going on, but the new Ethiopia it seems will be a federation of States all of which will be democratic, except for the largest (and the only one more powerful than the others) that will be ruled by Mengistu. Mengistu will be recognized as Emperor, and will conduct foreign policy. After his death, and senate will be created to take federal power away from the King.
  • Also, Mengistu makes a proclamation that Ethiopia will again become involved in world affairs and protect the rights of the 'people' whenever necessary.
  • China announces support for Russia. Meanwhile, they invade more tribes in OTL northern Mexico, though the progress is slowed. Though the support to Russia exists mainly as help with supplies, the Chinese begin to send troops in to help China by September.
  • Turan works vigorously on military.
  • Persia begins to build up and modernize the army for an invasion of Shahzrur.


Principia Moderni Map 1755
Principia Moderni Map 1755 Key

A massive earthquake devastates Lisbon, Portugal. The resulting tsunami and fires almost totally destroy the city and surrounding areas. Over ten thousand dies. Southern England and Morocco and badly hit as well, and Morocco expands farther into the desert as refugees flee inland. The kingdom of Pedang annexes the rest of Java and establishes forts and towns along Borneo's southern coastline. Manoa revolts and turns the tables against Onguayal, vassalizing them. The famine in Africa shows signs of ending with harvests successful along the coast from New Songhai to Benin. However, the area is still very volatile and dangerous.

The Indian nations are united under a Maharaja who names the new nation Bharat after closer cooperation between the nations over the past hundred years after the fall of the Mughal Empire and increasing encroachment onto the subcontinent by other nationalities. The Maharaja orders that no colonization will occur anymore in India and asks for any nation without Indian territories to help him enforce that. Only Gondwana and Bidar refuse to join the union.

I assume we'll sort of in-game consider this movement to have been slowly building steam over the course of several decades. Of course, a better name might be Bharat, as it is closer to the name in most Indian languages (plus Persia controls most of the Indus river)
  • The Vietnamese expand their New Vietnam colony by 76*50 sq km. The Vietnamese agree to set aside the unoccupied territory in Urbonas Island, the northernmost of the Naujų Pradžia Islands (the OTL Philippines) for additional living space. The New Lithuanians do not mind, as they have plenty more of Žalias (OTL Borneo) to expand into. The Taiwanese waste no time in expanding into their new territory, and the New Lithuanians restart expansion into Žalias.
  • Naples confirms neutrality in the war between Russia and Poland. Meanwhile, the colony in India, an official name of Tamilia is given to the colony as it comes further under Neapolitan control. The offer to Sweden is dropped, as more Neapolitans arrive. Meanwhile, the colony of Ricasolia expands by 3050 sq km.
    • Hungary offers to buy the area around the OTL Palk Strait for the value that the value that the Vietnamese set as the initial price.
    • Naples offers to sell that area for an equal amount of Area from the inland part of the Hungarian colony
    • Impossible. Almost all of the inland territory was given to France in trade for Armenian Cilicia.
  • After intense and heated negotiations, Ethiopia, plus its vassal Nubia and a newly created nation in the Islamic North coast of the country, Sudan, are recreated into the Union of African Allies (the UAA as it would later be called in the 20th Century). A senate, (despite Mengistu's wishes) is created though for now it can only vote in certain matters that are tax related, or domestic (but not military) related issues. On all other matters, the senate (the name is taken from Naples, as that country is starting to have a profound impact on Ethiopia) is only an advisory body. However, Mengistu is forced to accept a deal that states when he is no longer Emperor, the Senate will have real power.
  • In the Ethiopian Senate, there are 50 senators. 20 are from Ethiopia, and are elected there. ten are from Nubia, and ten are from Sudan. four senators from Ethiopia are chosen by Emperor Mengistu, and he also chooses three from Nubia, and three from Sudan.
  • The war continues on Úfundlandi. In August, the Congress in Szent András approves a resolution declaring independence from the Hungarian crown, and two days later, approves the written Declaration of Independence. A peace conference is held on Szent János. However, it is a failure. Greece resumes military expansion, and Hungary, in the mainland, continues to update its military. Meanwhile, more people move to the cities, and the steam engine continues to be used, and slowly, its use spreads out of Central Hungary. Ezsák-Afrika expands 3050 sq km.
  • Yemen states that french already have enough colonies, and this is the first colony Yemenese ever had. They offer France 50'000YEM, in exchange of removing claim off western Madagascar.
    • It's not France who is trying to stop your colonization of Madagascar, it's Naples.
    • And Naples is not going to remove any claim from Madagascar. There are vast swaths of land all over the globe that no one has any claim to, can't the Yemenese found a colony somewhere else?
    • Couldn't they start a colony in OTL Somalia or somewhere else in Africa? Southern Africa is still pretty empty.
  • Itsaygahi commissions the construction of a new city, in an attempt to increase productivity. The Ntachez become agitated that this will divert trade along the Mixxixxippi from their cities. War is declared on the Venetian successor city-states in the Bahamas. The conquest of these islands is hoped to ensure the security of Florida.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure. Finland also accepts Nippon's offer and gives them the Finnish colony on Chishima Islands Chain, and in return Finland asks Nippon to set up a trade post in the city of Kōchi (Kōchi Prefecture) if its okay. Finland also expands their new colony 50 km inward.
    • Nippon thank Finland, and allow a Finish trade post to be set up in Kochi.
  • Nippon colonizes the Yaeyama Islands (the island parallel with Taiwan on the map) by 850 sq km. (Sorry I didn't realize that island was Hanthawaddy's :P) New buildings and a few small forts are built in the Chishima islands. The Karafuto colony is expanded by 1250 sq km, and Nippon ask Hanthawaddy if Nippon can buy Hanthawaddy's colonies in Karafuto and on that island opposite Taiwan (I think its the Yaeyama islands but not 100% on that :P)
  • China continues to donate troops to Russia while expanding its own territory. More northern Mexican tribes are taken. In November, a textile factory is constructed in Shanghai.
  • Turan continues to work on military. The middle section of Turan's left most sea outlet has been given
  • Ottoman Outlet

    Ottoman Vassal State

    to a member of the Ottoman family, who was living as hermit until then. The Ottoman Empire has the right to make coins, raise a military, and have its own house of thoughts under Turkish rule. However, laws, foreign relations, and everything else is left up to Turkish Ministers. However, the Ottoman Empire is considered a state of it's own, even though it is a satellite/vassal nation.
  • Brunei begins to become wary of the growing number of foreigners on Borneo's shores. To ensure Brunei's survival the military is expanded and a patchwork of alliances is created with near by tribes.
  • The war in Poland continues, nearly a stalemate, as the Russians manage to reassemble and counterattack, managing to break though into Estonia and East Poland. Canada Expands 9000 km towards the Great Lakes.
  • Sweden counters the Russian attack in Estonia and upgrade their military. Thorlaand expands by 3050 eastward on the southern tip.
  • Persia begins to build up and modernize the army for an invasion of Shahzrur.


Finally the African famine ends after 19 long years. The Akoners evict the Burgundian settlers and they subjudicate the area west of Akon and form Guinea. New Songhai is informed on the famine's end at the end of the year, paving the way for a large military expedition to be launched in 1757.

  • The Vietnamese expand their New Vietnam colony by 76*50 sq km.
  • The War on Újfundlandi continues. In October, the remaining Hungarian army on the island of Újfundlandi surrenders after the second battle of Zala. Meanwhile, some manufacturing workshops in Temesvár and Koloszvár start to use the steam engine. Hungary and Greece update their militaries. Eszák-Afrika expands 3050 sq km inland.

    Borders of Mesopotamia

  • Turan works on modernizing the military. Turan offers Hungary an alliance. Turan also leases the eastern-most tip to a new vassal state called Mesopotamia.
    • Hungary accepts
  • Yemen apologises to Naples and gifts them the western Madagaskar colony, colonised in the past years. Yemenese now launch a colonisation campaign on Somalia.
    • ​That is close enough to be a part of the main nation.
    • Naples sends a large amount of gold to Yemen as a thanks. I think the distance thing was mostly to prevent people trying to have far away parts of their nation be part of the main nation. Having it as a colony could just be part of a different system of government.
    • Ethiopia asks to buy th colony, as is willing to pay for an enormous price. The UAA is willing does not want Yemen in Somalia.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure. Finland also, with Nippon's permission, sets up a trading post in the city of Kōchi. Meanwhile, Finland also expands their new colony 50 km inward.
  • Conquest of the Bahamas continues, and island by island falls. The Union Body promises to give the Venetian populace of the island their own province in the Union if they surrender quietly.
  • Nippon ask Hanthawaddy again if Nippon can buy Hanthawaddy's colonies in Karafuto and on that island opposite Taiwan. Nippon also expands her Karafuto colony by 1250 sq km. Nippon also offers China a trade deal. Daimyo Nishio Tadanao also starts to appeal to the Shogunate that Nippon should found colonies in warmer climates so Nippon has access to her own supply of sugar and tropical fruits.
    • For now, it is useless to ask Hanthawaddy for anything. Wait a week, or so before asking again, because DK only will come back by this time, or a bit later.
    • Ok, thanks for the heads up :)
  • Naples continues to build up the military, trying to produce as much weapons as it can. Unfortunately, they are unable to mass-produce the weapons, as they do not know of industrialization at all. The government has both Istoias and Ricasolia expanded by 800 sq km, with Istoias expanding along the southern coast to the west and Ricasolia expanding onto OTL Isla de la Juventud (which is called by the Neapolitans L'Isola della Gioventù in Italian). Meanwhile, the King's sister Maria is seeking a husband among any of the royalty of Europe.
    • If you take offers, There is the Hungarian king's brother János.
    • Princess Maria is taking offers, she will consider Prince János
    • The Grand Prince of France and Sweden, August Harold, asks the princess to consider him.
  • The newly created UAA as of 1756

    The United African Allies

    The recently created UAA, passes a series of laws detailing the rights of all citizens of the UAA. Everyone is granted the right to freedom of religion, and freedom of speech. The right to bear arms is restricted from people in certain areas. Among the bills passed, is a law detailing the maximum size of the states will be their current size, and that any newly added territories should be made into new states. However, an exception was made for Sudan, which grew over the year due to revolutionary soldiers settling down in the underdeveloped areas of Sudan.
  • I don't want to offend you, but it is policy that you get only one post per turn.
  • The Emperor announces the following: "The Most Excellent and Gracious Franco-Swedish Parliament has decided to declare war officially on Russia. We, by now, abandon the invasion of Wolof, to, taking adventage of the famine's end, create a better and more powerful army to restart it in the following years. Meanwhile, all the states of the Empire that didn't declare war in Russia are now compelled to send military support to the invasion of Russia. I also declare that no territory in Russia will be taken by my Empire, and any territorial gain will be Polish." The Emperor builds up the french military. Rousseau sends an ambassador asking for an alliance with the UAA.
    • After intense debating, Ethiopia accepts the alliance, as long as Trade Routes are established between Ethiopia and all of the nations France controls.
    • France accepts the UAA's terms.
  • Persia begins to build up and modernize the army for an invasion of Shahzrur.
  • Sweden reclaims Estonia and seizes Latvia with the influx of French troops. St Petersburg is beseiged and Swedish units are caught in fierce street to street fighting. A stray torch burns down half of the city resulting in huge Swedish and Russian casualties. Thorlaand expands 3050 sq km along the coast.
    • St Petersburg isn't a wooden city like Moscow, it's a city of the elite ... the Capital ... so one torch can't set half city on fire, but a good portion, maybe ... if it starts in the outskirts ...
  • Russia continues fighting ... and the Russians succesfully repel the current generals are replaced in view of the losing of territory in Latvia, although many people predict different things. Will the new commanders lead Russia to victory, or destroy the nation fighting against a coalition? Meanwhile, amidst the chaos, Sergei Zuganov invents the world's first steam locomotive in Nizhniy Tagil. The Russian Tsar is relieved that thepalace was not touched by the burning. Elizabeth decides to take the role of General on herself and names herself Generalissima of the entire Russian Armed Forces and War-Sea Fleet, effectively making that the title of the commander-in-chief. In other news, The New Zealand colony expands 9000 km on the island.
  • China continues to donate troops to Russia. This slows the Chinese advance on the Mexican tribes this year, though the colony is able to expand its borders by 3800 sq km. In lighter news, a man who has raised tiger cubs becomes famous in China for 'taming' tigers.


  • The Vietnamese expand their New Vietnam colony by 76*50 sq km. The Vietnamese resurrect the Volunteer Regiments, who travel to Poland to fight alongside the Poles and Franco-Swedes against the Russians The Taiwanese expand their territory on Urbanos Island, founding the local province's capital city in a unique architectural style known as "Formosan architecture". Every city on Taiwan is eventually rebuilt in this style, which is a blend of Chinese, Vietnamese, and Nipponese styles as well as traditional local architecture. The New Lithuanians make a deal with Brunei. They will transfer ownership of the territory in Zalias (Borneo) Island to Brunei in exchange for a significant sum of money and a trade agreement. The money is to help fund the transfer the population of the territory to a territory claimed in OTL Papua New Guinea.
  • Brunei agrees to the Vietnamese deal.
  • Nipponese settlers expand the Karafuto colony by 750 sq km and the city of Toyohara is founded and becomes the colonial capital of Karafuto. Nishio Tadanao also succeeds in his quest to have Nippon found a colony in a tropical region, after the Nipponese colony of Satotochi is founded around OTL Gonzaga, it is 100 sq km in size. Sugar cane plantations are founded in Nansei islands and in the new Satotochi colony; sugar beet plantations are also opened in Hokkaido and Karafuto. On top of this the unclaimed 400 sq km of the Yaeyama islands opposite Taiwan are annexed by Nippon and added into Nansei prefecture.
  • One thing, when you found a colony, you can't expand it until the next turn, and the initial size of a colony may reach up to 100 sq km only.
    • All right, I've moved the sq kms around then to make up for that
  • More manufacturing workshops start to use the steam engine. Mostly, it is used on the textile sector. Meanwhile, in Újfundlandi, the war continues, with bad results for Hungary. However, it does not sends its mainland armies are not sent in greater numbers to there, with the larger number either staying on Hungary or being sent to Ezsák-Afrika to help on the colonization. By this point, the Hungarian armies have been expelled from the island of Újfundlandi and eastern Labrador. The King Nicholas dies in July, and since his son Lájos is only ten years of age, his brother Sándor becomes the regent until Lájos completes 21 years. Ezsák-Afrika expands 3800 sq km.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure. Finland also expands their new colony 50 km inward. Meanwhile, one of the Finnish trade ship is back from Kōchi and the Finns also had a fun time experiencing Nipponese culture and, some of the Finns also converted to Shintō.
  • Incan-Colombian Republic: Expansion continues.
  • The UAA tells Yemen that it must stop all expansion in Somalia. With Trumped up charges of Yemenese aggression, the United African Allies convinces Adal to join, for protection. One reason Adal does this, is because Sudan is mostly Muslim, and Nubia is about half Muslim, so Adal feels like its religion won't is under attack. The Sultan of Adal is allowed to be the De Jure ruler of Adal, but he has no powers.

I'm not trying to start a war with Yemen, I'm willing to pay large amounts of money for Somalia.-Flag

  • The Emperor of France orders Flanders and Damascus to send military support (not just aid) to the war against Russia. He builds up the french military. The Emperor asks Russia for peace in exchange for his recognition of the Polish independence and the surrender of the claimed territory to Poland.
    • Do you want the UAA to join the war?
    • If you want, It would be great.
    • Ya, um, I'm not giving away all my Baltic ports ... no going to happen ... that is a very soft spot for me ... that, European historic Russia and the Pacific Coast ... otherwise there would be no problem (there's also the Ukraine and Belarus problem ... those will not go away from Russia, especially since one of the reasons the Ukrainians developed differently is because they have been part of Poland-Lithuania from like 1300-1700 ... so there are less differences now ...). But I might be able to negotiate an agreement if a map is posted.
  • Naples continues to build up its military, and trade increases due to the increased demand of foreign-made weapons. Istoias is expanded by 800 sq km, as is Ricasolia, which continues to expand on L'Isola della Gioventù. Meanwhile, Princess Maria has decided that Prince János is a better match for her, and Benvolio asks the Hungarians to arrange the marriage.
    • It will be arranged.
  • Works intensively on its armed forces. Due to little remaining strength, Turan is only able to build a colony of 30 sq km on the Southern tip of Greenland.
    • I must warn you that it may be perceived as a declaration of war against the Anglo-German Commonwealth.
    • Please don't colonize England ... why do you want that territory ... why England? There is the entirety of Africa and North America and Oceania ... and also, AGC is an ally of Russia ... and also, I am willing to sell you Russian galleons for voyages across the oceans to colonize ... if not this is invasion of Russia's ally ... sorry about that..
    • I am so sorry. I was tired, and I meant to write: Greenland. So sorry.
  • Persia declares war on Shahzrur once again. it calls for its allies to help in the war.
  • Brunei expands slightly while incorporating the old Vietnamese territory. Brunei reaches out to more tribal factions in Central Borneo.
  • First things first: Merry Christmas or Christmas Eve (depending on your time zone) if you celebrate it on this date (if at all). Second: Russia post: Russian Empress Elizabeth is yet to see results form the new generals, as basically all they did was nothing so far. The Empress calls upon Greece to help, as a fellow christian orthodox nation(seeing as Hungary is at war, since they would have also been asked). The New generals (stability) have not made any gains so far, but they plan a great advance and a battle at tallin and the second siege of Warszawa ... (somebody finalize stability ... please ... and answer my question about constitutional monarchy ... this will dictate how the next battles go ...). The empress leads a charge into Riga, pushing the Swedes out, but at casualties mounting up to 50,000 combined ... the empress is thinking about instituting the law of the militia to bring over 20 million potentially to arms.
  • Sweden takes St Petersburg and traps the Russian Baltic fleet. The Swedish admirals claim the best Russian ships and sink the rest of the fleet. Without a navy the Rusians are unable to prevent an attack into OTL Lithuania which takes Villanus. Thorlaand expands 3050 sq km while Sweden's military improves. Arabia sends troops along with Flanders and Arabia requests Greece to allow their ships through Constantinople.
    • OK ... uh no ... the fleet thing is not going to happen ... and St Petersburg is the Capital! it takes more than that to fight your way from ESTONIA with your fleet (getting troops there and out... that's hard ... and that's one way in, and very easy to defend ...). The Russian fleet is larger than you expect and you can't take a capital that easily from a one way in-one way out place ... that's why I'm sorry but I won't let that madness happen until the stability numbers are finalized, so I will cross that out ... the Petersburg is the most guarded and one of the most populated areas of Russia, just not going to happen ... yet ... stop disregarding the heavy casualties in Riga ... and don't do any advances like this until next year when somebody please finalize the stability!!!!
  • China donates several troops and cannons to Russia. The cannons are to be put along areas that could be attacked from the sea. Chinese cannons are top of the line. Meanwhile, the colony in Mexico expands by 3800 sq km.


Subjugating the tribes around them, Guinea expands north and west, reaching the border of New Songhay. Cartographers reentering Southern Africa discover a new nation north of the Hungarian colony.

  • The Vietnamese expand their New Vietnam colony by 76*50 sq km.
  • Persia begins to fight Shahzrur for the third time and have already been fighting the army at certain towns and villages near the border.
  • Greece agrees to the Russian offer, with the condition that it can send only supplies, especially that it will be promptly invaded by The French/Swedish colonies if it sends armies. Meanwhile, Hungary keeps on losing territory on Újfundlandi. In April, the Siege of Árva takes place, culminating with a decisive Újfundlandian-Labradorian victory, and the surrender of the Hungarian armies. Later on the year, the regent Sándor informally recognizes Újfundlandian independence. Meanwhile, use of the steam engine spreads to Lodomeria, namely Lwów and Kraków. Meanwhile, Ezsák-Afrika expands 3750 sq km. Another settlement is created south of the settlements of Gúíné (the region in which the main settlements are.)
  • Yemen ignores Ethiopian request and states that "We have already claimed this land before you. Now please watch your own business." Yemen continues colonising the Somalia, also fighting against rival tribes.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure. Finland also expands their new colony 50 km inward. Shintō begins to spread in Finland, with a few more Finns converting to it. The first Shintō shrine is built not too far from Helsinki. The government of Finland decides to promote some Nipponese culture as well, as they too, are interested in it.
  • The Nipponese colony of Kamchatka expands by 350 sq km as logging activities intensify, the Karafuto colony expands by 800 sq km as more poor peasants move northwards to be given free land, and the new Satotochi colony is expanded by 400 sq km as more sugar plantations are set up by the rich nobles, of whom mostly belonged to the Nishio clan which was the clan of Satotochi's founder Nishio Tadanao. The Nishio Sugar Company was set up to grow, refine and sell sugar & sugar based goods from Satotochi to the Nipponese home market; and this started a luxury foods market in Nippon as the rich nobles began to dine on more sweet foods, especially Kompeitō, which becomes a favourite of the emperor and the emperor began to gift small bags of Kompeitō to visitors. China is once again offered a trade deal after the lack of reply to the 1756 deal.
    • I thought I accepted that! I'm sorry!
  • The United African Allies denounces Yemen's colonization of territory so close to the UAA. The four armies of the different states of the UAA are combined into one grand army and military organization and efficiency. Emperor Mengistu proposes a compromise: The UAA and Yemen will have joint control over the colony. The Senate hates the idea, but in these matters they're only an advisory body.
    • Yemen approves the suggestion, and sends a gift of 50'000YEM to Emperor Mengistu.
    • The Emperor is happy that Yemen has accepted and war has been averted.
  • Naples continues to expand their military force. Meanwhile, Ricasolia is expanded by 1000 sq km, now the entire Isola della Gioventù is under Neapolitan control. Princess Maria travels to Hungary to marry the prince there.
  • The Emperor of France builds up his military. The New Songhayan merchants start to trade with the foreign nations. The war against Russia continues.
  • Reinforcements from the black and white sea fleets come. a blockade of Sweden starts and the Russian ships and the Navy bombards the French coast. Marseilles is bombarded by ships from the black sea fleet and the battle of Corsica is fought, an overwhelming victory where the French naval crown jewel is sunk ... the Russian military advance with great success, pushing the Swedes back to Tallinn in the north! the Russians also start besieging Vilnius. The Russians push to Warsaw, as they begin both the sieges of Warsaw, Tallinn and Vilnius, only the competency of the two generals (STABILITY ... PLEASE CONFIRM 24 OR 42!!!! and answer question on constitutional monarchy ...), many still can see these sieges as the turning points (although the siege of Tallinn is not really considered to work, and the local populace is predicted to oust the Russians in guerrilla warfare until they abandon Estonia). The Militia law is put into place, allowing more troops to be sent to fronts. Meanwhile, Elizabeth decides to lay back from war, as she plans to negotiate peace after this seven year war after the sieges of Warsaw and Vilnius in Warsaw. Meanwhile, Canada expands 9000 km towards the great lakes. In central Russia, to increase the flow of arms and uniforms to soldiers, many more industrial places are built in central Russia. Russian officials manage to bribe the governments of Evenkia to send troops to aid "protect Asia from Sweden!", although this takes a great toll on the Russian treasury, which is now only a quarter full ...
  • Swedish troops surprise attack across the Kola Peninsula and take that area of Russia. Sweden re-attacks Riga and and Estonian peasants cut Russian supplies and burn their crops to starve the Russian army in Estonia. Sweden's blockade is very loose and the Swedish navy gangs up on individual Russian ships finally sinking the Tsar Peter. Thorlaand expands 3050 sq km as the Swedish military tactics are redesigned.
    • Murmansk wasn't built until 1915, Sweden would be attacking a bunch of wilderness.
  • Turan works on its military, an with the remainder of Government Funding the colony in Greenland (not England, I was really tired when I wrote that ... ) expands 30 sq km.
    • ​Greenland is under Sweden's claim.
    • Brunei expands along the northern coastline. The military of Brunei begins to construct several naval vessels.


Guinea continues to expand west. Meanwhile, Kongo annexes territory inland. Cartographers re-entering the area discover a nation east of Kacongo and another one east of Benguela. Southeast of the Hungarian colony of Namib, another three nations are discovered.

  • The Vietnamese expand their New Vietnam colony by 76*50 sq km. With the Russo-Polish War over, the Vietnamese volunteers return to their homeland to resume their civilian professions. It is very unlikely that the Vietnamese will form volunteer units of this level for the foreseeable future.
  • In Hungary, the use of the steam engines and "factories" continue to expand. Meanwhile, a peace treaty between the government of Újfundlandi and Hungary is signed. By the treaty, Hungary recognizes Újfundlandian independence, and gives up its claims to the Labrador Peninsula. However, those claims are passed to Újfundlandi. Although the decision is unpopular on Hungary, this leads to more interest of the government in settling the other colonies, especially Dél-Afrika, which is reported to be in almost the same state of the former colony of Jégföld. New settlers are sent there, and the colony expands 500 sq km. Namib also expands 650 sq km. Magyar Dél-Amerikabán expands 800 sq km and Ezsák-Afrika expands 800 sq km on the new settlement, called Oroszlán-hegység. Eventually it is shortened to Orozslán. Meanwhile, the Russian colony starts to get closer to Neos Preveza. Checking the treaty signed years ago, the King of Greece notices that actually the borders of the colony violated the treaty signed with Russia, and he offers to sell the territory of Neos Preveza that is out of the designated borders. Egypt's economy improves.
    • Russia agrees. Elizabeth answers that "navigating those woods is hard at the best of times ... especially since the landscapes are alike ... a forgivable mistake ..."
  • Yemen continues to expand in the Somalia.
    • The expansion is doubled from settlers from the UAA.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure. Finland also expands their new colony 50 km inward. Shintō continues to spread in Finland, and some more Finns convert to it. As a result, a few more Shintō shrines are also built in Finland. The government of Finland continues to promote Nipponese culture and language.
  • Nippon's colonies continue to expand, Karafuto expands by 800 sq km, and Satotochi expands by 750 sq km. A castle with a port are built on the tip of OTL Cape Crillon known as Castle Chirion, and the OTL Cape Crillon is named Cape Chirion by Nippon. The port of Sōya is also built on OTL Cape Sōya, and Castle Sōya is also built too. A ferry service is set up between the ports/jōkamachi of Chirion and Sōya to make transportation between Hokkaido and Karafuto easier. Nippon also thank China for expecting the trade deal, as this has given Nippon access to more rice and tea.
  • Naples expands their military, particularly the naval forces, fearful that the situation up north could spiral out of control again. They expand Istoias and Ricasolia by 1000 sq km. Now that Princess Maria has married the Hungarian Prince, Naples feels closer to Hungary, and proposes an increased alliance. They recognize Újfundlandi as independent after the Hungarian government does so.
    • Hungary accepts the alliance offer.
  • Turan works on its bashi-bazouk (army), with the remainder of Government expanding, it expands its Greenlandish colony another 40 km2, the Greenlandish colony reaches a total of 100 km2. Turan looks for a treaty which will stop Swedish claims in Greenland.
    • 100 sq km. Wait. Your colony only has two pixels.
    • Yep! Turan spends most of its money working on the military, if it were any more than 100 sq km, I would feel as if I was beginning to be implausible.
  • Incan-Colombian Republic: Expansion continues. The Army reaches 65,000 men and the Naval Defense Fleet reaches 23 warships.
    • We warned you last time, but apparently you just ignored us. The ICR was a bunch of scattered refugees, your entire population is less than 65,000. Also, you can't expand and build up your military in the same turn.
  • France expands the colony of Haiti through the rest of the island. The Emperor offers peace to Russia but it must swear never attack Poiland again and recognise its independency. France asks an alliance to Hungary, Egypt, Turan and Vietnam. The industrialization and technological advance is promoted. The Emperor asks Nippon to have trade outposts in its territory, as Finland.
  • Persia continues to combat troops in Shahzrur. It asks Russia and Sweden for help.
    • Both Egypt and Hungary thought that the alliance already existed before, but accept anyway.
  • Sweden does not recognize Turan's claims. Sweden was granted Greenland in the North American talks with the other world powers. Sweden demands Turan seize expansion on the colony and had it over. Sweden tells Turan there is a vast expanse in Africa to colonize. Meanwhile unrest begins in Thorlaand after news of Újfundlandi's independence reaches the colony. New Sweden expands 3050 sq km as Sweden develops its military. The Russian army is defeated at Tallinn and if Russia declares peace, Sweden will withdraw from St Petersburg, Riga and Vilnius.
    • ​The Emperor of France orders the Swedish troops to not cak St. Peterburg until a Russian response to the peace offer.
    • St Petersburg was never taken ... we besieged Tallin and then we were defeated.
  • The Swedish attacks are repulsed with great success. The marvelous siege of villnus proved to be a living hell for the Swedes, and, not being able to flee, most of the Swedish forces caught in Rriga were either killed or captured. The siege of Warsaw became a great "victory" in the Russian history books, but the truth is, the Russians, after taking the city desperately negotiated peace, and the Polish accepted. if the war had dragged on one more year, the Russian treasury would have been empty, the Russians tried and succeded to intimidate the poles into peace that was just at the right moment to save Russia. the poles actually agree to repay reparations for claiming the throne of lithuania, and the king renounces his claim. This helps Russia, but economic reform will be needed ... Vietnamese flags are found on the shores of livonia just before the battle of riga., the local inhabitants start a riot after seeing this, writing "traitors" on the flags of all the Polish-allied nations (that they could find) and then burning them, as they do not like the idea of any nation supporting the Polish claim to their lands. The Russian Forces manage to put them down as even some of them went out on a rage and started attacking every army. This contributed to the Swedes' loss. the first rail line proposal takes place, from tagil to the mines in the Urals, Elizabeth is pleased with what she sees. a young inventor named Ivan Polzunov has a eureka, how about we make a twin-piston steam engine ... he starts work emideately. Meanwile, Alaska expands 2000 km, and novorossiya, 3000 km. Russia declares a state of peace with Poland, but does not promise not to attack, as tensions are still high.(PS, may I remind you that the reason this started is because the polsih king "declared himself king of Lithuania").
    • Impossible. The Vietnamese volunteers have already left for home. There would be no flags for the locals to find. And the foundations for the war were built when Russia took Lithuania for themselves. As far as I'm concerned the Polish king has the right to the throne! The last legitimate ruler of Lithuania was the Polish king deposed when you invaded ...
    • Uh ... no ... when Hungary invaded and deposed the Polish King and made another one ewits vassal! they did it before us! look in the 1580s. We had a quibble over who has what and then we decided that Hungary-Poladn, Russia-Lithuania.
    • This is true. we had a feud over who had right to Warsaw for some years.
  • Brunei makes more alliances with the various Dayak tribes. Brunei begins to establish many new trade routes in Southeast Asia. One of the largest in the Java Sea


Principia Moderni Map 1760
Principia Moderni Map 1760 Key
  • The Vietnamese expand their New Vietnam colony by 76*50 sq km.
  • Turan works on its military. The with the rest of government funding, Greenlandish colony expands another 30 km2. Turkish propaganda has incited small scale rebellions in Bulgaria.
    • Keep all your posts in one bullet unless you are replying to someone else. Also, exactly what would they be saying in the propaganda that could get Bulgaria to revolt?
    • The legitimacy of the rulers there. Appealing to the poor to join a larger and growing empire. A small but slowly growing Turkish minority, most of which come from emigration from Turan. Lots of small stuff ... As of now, Turan wants the Bulgarian government to fall ...
  • Naples continues the expansion of the military, which is primarily send to guard the colonies. Speaking of the colonies, Istoias and Ricasolia are both expanded by 1000 sq km. Meanwhile, Chancellor Petruchio begins to encourage Neapolitan immigration to Tunisia.
  • Hungary comes back to updating its military. The economy improves. Ezsak-Afrika expands 3050 sq km. 1550 in Gúíné and 1500 in Oroszlán.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure. Finland also expands their new colony 50 km inward. Shintō continues to spread in Finland, and some more Finns convert to it and more Shintō shrines are also built. Nipponese language is also beginning to be taught in Finland, and Nipponese culture also becomes popular.
  • The Nipponese Shogun Tokugawa Ieshige retires in March, citing bad health for his reason to resign, and Tokugawa Ieshige appoints his first born son Tokugawa Ieharu as the next shogun. Tokugawa Ieshige dies later that year in December. The new Shogun Tokugawa Ieharu vows to expand Nipponese influence across Asia, and he does so by continuing to expand the Nipponese colonies, this year Karafuto expands by 700 sq km, and Satotochi expands by 850 sq km.
  • Brunei expands along the northern coastline of Borneo. Many Dayak tribes begin to look more like vassal states than independent allies.
  • Persia asks Hungary for an alliance, hoping to get help for their war against Shahzrur. In exchange, they'll give them Kurdistan (once it's conquered).
  • Russian Empress Elizabeth is very relieved that the war with Poland is over, although the border with Estland is put on high alert, because there is no peace agreement is signed with France, the two nations are still at war. The Russian Empress passes a sweep of taxation and economic reforms to pay for the war, Russia is still almost economically collapsing. Elizabeth, being a bit liberal and fond of enlightenment ideas, decides to give the Diet of Finland the power to secede from confederation and nominate their own King with a 90% majority in both a public and Diet referendum. The Empress officially cedes some power to the Senate, and once again increases its number. To improve the tax system, Elizabeth subdivides Russia further into 25 governates, and increases the senator number to 110 people, 15 of which are nominated by her Imperial highness and the rest are proportionally divided amongst the gubernias, and must be born in that particular gubernia. Elizabeth gives the role of the Russian "supreme court" to the privy council. In the reconstructions of the Baltic cities, the Russian Tsarina orders the construction of a Duma building in Villnus.
  • Sweden fortifies the border with Russia. Sweden develops her military and expands New Sweden by 3050 sq km.


The nation of Tuareg loses much of its eastern and western edges of its territory to the wilderness as the people move towards the center of the territory, due to the famine having made it much less densely populated. Timbuktu to the south stabilizes a small city-state around it, but the rest remains in civil disarray, with the areas that border black portions of the map falling into uncivilization.

  • Naples continues the military buildup, celebrating the tenth year of the new government of Naples. Count Petruchio continues encouraging Neapolitans to move to Tunisia, but they only settle in the North-eastern area. Meanwhile, Istoias and Ricasolia both grow by 1000 sq km again.
  • The Vietnamese expand their New Vietnam colony by 76*50 sq km. The Vietnamese establish three universities in the colony, which become known as the most presitigious schools in the entire continent. Students from all over the empire come to study at these schools, along with smaller numbers of French and Hungarian students. A large portion of these students opt to stay and help with the formation of the colony, French and Hungarian communties are founded in every major city.
  • The Nipponese Emperor Momozono abdicates in favour of his sister and he dies a month later. Momozono's sister becomes empress regnant, to reign until the late Emperor Momozono's son is old enough to become Emperor himself. Monozono's sister is crowned Empress Go-Sakuramachi. The Nipponese colonies continue to expand, with Karafuto expanding by 700 sq km, and Satotochi expanding by 850 sq km.
  • Persia asks Hungary for an alliance. Persia continues to advance through Shahzrur, though very slowly.
  • Turan continues to work on its military. Its Greenlandish colony expands another 40 km2. Turkish propaganda causes relatively small, but country-wide revolts in Bulgaria.
  • China expands its colony in Mexico by 3800 sq km to the north, annexing more Mexican tribes as it moves.
  • More people move in to the cities. Meanwhile, some workshops using steam engines start to be improved. Egypt's economy continues to improve. Ezsák-Afrika expands 1400 sq km, and Neos Preveza expands 2400 sq km.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure. Finland also expands their new colony 50 km inward. Shintō continues to spread in Finland, and some more Finns convert to it and more Shintō shrines are also built. Nipponese language and culture is also on a rise in Finland. In other news, a Finnish ship lands where OTL Gorontalo, island of Sulawesi, Indonesia would be and begins colonising that.
  • A strip of land west of Nubia is claimed by the UAA, it will be organized into a new state. The Government begins sponsoring settling programs, and soon even the average citizen can expand the UAA's territory.
  • Brunei builds more warships to protect its flurishing trade routes. Bruneian merchants build a trade outpost on the island of Bali to make trade in that area more lucrative.
  • Yemen continues to expand their Somalian colony.
  • France builds up its military. A trade alliance is offered to Újfundlandi and another to Finland.
    • Finland accepts the trade alliance.
  • Sweden develops its military. New Sweden is expanded by 3050 sq km southwards along the coast.
  • ICR: Expansion continues. Alliances are offered to Naples and the Anglo-Germans as well as Hathawady.
  • The Russians update theri military and fortify theri border. Economy is reformed even more, saving Russia from a giant recession. The Russian Empress Decides to discuss a non-aggression treaty with France. Missions are sent to Finalnd to prevent the spread of Shinto to Orthodox souls. Meanwhile, the first steam locomotive brings supplies to mines in the Urals, and to processing plants. Some people dream of having this do other things, like transport people between cities.


Yeah ... no. You can't create fake moderator events and post it as if it is legitimate.

Guinea continues expanding west. Meanwhile, in Gao, a small city-state near the borders of Borgu manages to stabilize itself, but the rest of Gao continues in civil disarray.

  • Turan works on military, and expands it Greenlandish colony 80 sq km. Suden warns Turan yet again. Greenland is promised to Sweden. Hand over the colony or else war will be declared.
    • Sometimes, war isn't always the option ... I can't just hand over the colony considering that Turan would be stranding thousands of Turks there ... Since you have no apparent colonies on Greenland, why not just split it into quarters. You get the north and the south east, and I get southwest. You get three-fourths of the territory.
    • Seeming as though the Russians would have a certain hate for the Swedes, it would make sense that they side with Turan, as they would not want a colony to simply be handed over to the "puppets of the French (as they apparently don't have true representation in government of France-Sweden)"
    • Thousands? Given that your colony has something like 5 px, the most accurate would be hundreds.
    • Yeah, how could you get thousands of people there ... especially since Asia Minor = warm and Greenland  = cold
    • Turkish citizens have a very positive stance towards spreading the dominions of Turan. And seeing that emigrating from Anatolia to Greenland would help, they do. When I said thousands, I meant around 3000 to 5000. Also, note that the Turkish navy is mostly skilled in transporting. Life in Anatolia by some citizens is considered quite boring ... Moving to Greenland helped. Also, not that 3000 people is only is rougly 0.005% of the population ...
    • Even if is 3000, I bet that this is going to fall quickly when the winter comes. For the colony have success, you would have to do like, only expand on the southern edges, because inland, it is almost uninhabitable to somebody coming from Central Europe or Asia Minor.
    • Eh, that's how colonies flow. Eventually, I'm sure the second generation will adapt.
    • The ICR: though still small, offers an alliance to Turan and promises to spport its Ally, Russia, as long as they allow the ICR to stay free of the hated Swedes, and if war does occur, the ICR wants its old territory in the Swedish Occupied Incan Empire back. The Incas must be free, whatever it takes.
    • Turan accepts ICR alliance.
  • Persia asks Hungary for an alliance. Persia continues to advance through Shahzrur, though very slowly.
  • The Vietnamese expand their New Vietnam colony by 76*50 sq km.
  • The Nipponese Daimyo Nishio Tadanao dies aged 73, after catching Malaria while visiting the Satotochi colony which he practically founded. Nishio Tadanao's adopted son/nephew Nishio Tadamitsu succeeds his uncle's positions as head of the Nishio Clan, Daimyo of Shizuoka prefecture and Chairman of the Nishio Sugar Company. The city of Tadanao is founded on the site of OTL Gonzaga, Cagayan in honour of Nishio Tadanao, and the city becomes the colonial capital of the Satotochi colony. Furthermore the Satotochi colony is expanded by 800 sq km after the Satotochi 1st Army is founded in order to protect the Nipponese settlers and plantations from the local Filipino natives. The Satotochi Fleet is also started in order to give the colony naval protection provided by the Imperial Nipponese Navy.
  • Naples' king Benvolio III, eager for more land, declares war on Bharat, obstensibly to secure the rights of Tamil and other Dravidan-language-type speakers from the Hindi majority. Many of the Indian residents of the colony of Tamilia join in the war for this reason. He declares that Naples has no wish to take the northern areas of the nation with speakers of a different language group, and he does not wish for the sovereignty of the Bharat people to be threatened (save for the southern portions).
  • The Persian alliance offer finally arrives to Hungary. Hungary accepts. Meanwhile, ways of using the steam engine in workshops that are not related to the textile sector are thought, but for now, none of these ways has success. Neos Preveza expands 2400 sq km, and Namib expands 650 sq km south. Újfundlandi accepts the French offer.
  • Yemen continues to expand in Somalia and establishes a port-town of Galayara, over 1000 citizens of Yemen are payed 500YEM for their trip to Galayara, so they could live there if interested.
    • The UAA begins showing off Galayara as a good vacation spot to its richest members.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure. Finland also expands their new colony 50 km inward. Shintō continues to spread in Finland, and more Finns convert to it and more Shintō shrines are also built. Meanwhile, Shintō also spreads to Finnish colonies and also spreads there. Nipponese language and culture continues to rise in Finland. The Finnish government promises Russia that the Orthodox churches will be left unharmed and that there will still be a few Orthodox Finns, as obviously not every Finn will switch.
  • Itsaygahi continues to grow in power. Cities grow large and rich, though the rivers they sit upon inevitably become clogged with effluence and pollution.
  • The ICR: though still small, offers an alliance to Turan and promises to spport its Ally, Russia, as long as they allow the ICR to stay free of the hated Swedes, and if war does occur, the ICR wants its old territory in the Swedish Occupied Incan Empire back. The Incas must be free, whatever it takes.
  • Why you posted the extact same phrase twice on different occasions?
  • I forgot I posted it the first time. Sorry about that. DeanSims 15:54, December 29, 2011 (UTC)
  • The New state to in the UAA to Ethiopia's south, is named 'Bale', and since the government has yet to put size restrictions on it, it explodes, nearly doubling its (very small) territory in the year. The UAA offers trade routes and an alliance with Vietnam.
  • The Emperor of France, Robert IV wants to solve the Swedish-Turan problem. He says that the land already promised to Sweden is too big, then Sweden could allow Turan to have a colony in Greenland, an island with a small habitable space and not very large economical chances. But anyway the emperor is not disposed to give a colony that easy. So he offers a deal to Turan: "The colony will stay as a free state, a quarter of its annual profits will be pay to the Swedish Council in exchange for the privilege of be allowed to keep the territory. Also the Greenland state will send representatives to the french parliament to asure its behavior as not disturbing for the franco-swedish policy, and Turan will allow all the states of the Parliament (France and Sweden and the respective vassals) to have trae outposts in Greenland." If Turan accepts this terms, then the emperor will let them to colonize Greenland. Also the Emperor wants to solve his relations with both the ICR and Russia. He asks Finland for an alliance, and asks the ICR and Russia fo trade pacts. Also he asks the ICR to have a trade uotpost in their lands, promising in exchange send troops and money to support the incan expansion campaigns. Fance builds up its military. The emperor asks Russia to consider to call a new congress, as very new states surged in America since the last one (some of them are just colonies that became independent) and this one could include South America and the Caribbean Sea.
    The newly created UAA as of 1762
    • Finland accepts France's offer of alliance.
    • ICR Diplomacy: The ICR wants more of its land from the original and second Incan Empires back, at least the Cuzco area and some land araound it, as Cuzco is sacred to the Inca People. Otherwhise the terms are fair.
      • The Neapolitans state that the tiny nation formed of scattered refugees of the old Incan Empire is of no position to demand territory.
      • The ICR states that neither are the Neopolitans, and that the ICR has two powerful allies, Russia and Turan.
      • Turan is far from powerful. Plus, in any war you are going to lose badly, because you've been posting constant expansion and your military advancement won't be counted because it was super implausible.

        ICR Wanted Cuzco Region

      • The Neapolitans are insulted at the South American barbarians' words, and state that they will aid Sweden in any war against them.
    • So, if I get this right, I get to keep the colony if: a quarter of its revenues go to F-S, you are allowed to have trading post, and send representatives to the Parliament?
    • No, first we need to know how are you sending supplies there? Sweden and the other Scandinavian territories have always known about Greenland in OTL since the 900 AD but multiple colonization efforts failed due to the winters. Denmark was only able to succeed AFTER industrializing as then food and medicines could be sent via steam ships that could plow through the winter ice that cuts off Greenland for four months a year.
    • Yes, Turks establishing a colony in Greenland is kind implausible, but yes, you're right, those are my terms, and if you accept then, as Emperor of Sweden, I'll allow you to have a colony there. About the ICR, the neapolitans are right, they are not in position for demand territory, specially when the unique french action was offer them an alliance and trade (which really would help you). But, if your demands continue, then France and Sweden will declare war on the ICR. And, if is true that Russia and Turan are your allies, I hope the turks are wise enough to be allies of France and Russia is not so vindictive to don't realize the insult in the incan demands. To enrich the former offer, and asure that the ICR will accept it, France offers the ICR reciprocity in the right to have trade outpost in the territory of the other country.
    • ICR Diplomacy: The ICR apologizes, and asks if it can have its citizens travel freely to visit their reltives in the occupied (former) Incan Empire, and that if the ICR can have back the city of Cuzco and then alnd extending to the unclaimed portion of South America. This is not a demand, but a polite request. The tradig posts deal is accepted.
  • Brunei expands their holdings in Bali. Many Bruneians in the merchant class and living on the island convert to Hinduism to make trade in that area easier. This development shocks many Bruneians while intriguing others.
  • The first public transport system is made in Moscow to transport workers from the suburbs to factories. Many more cities follow in its example ... Military is updated. Elizabeth decides to use the cone bullet and penza rifle to the entirety of the Russian military, so they will have the most advanced armed forces in the world ... bad news falls in Russia as Elizabeth gets sick with the flu in December ... meanwhile, the first attempt to make a vaccination for smallpox is made in the Russian Academy of Sciences ... although this one failed to innoculate but actualy made the test subject more suceptible to the disease ... back to the drawing boards! Alaska expands by 1000 km along the coastline, and 3000 km inland.
  • Sweden scoffs at the ICR and dimisses them as a bunch of barbarians and vagrants and one noble states that that is probably the reason the Russians are so close to the ICR. Sweden is not pleased by the deal but will accept for now. Sweden develops its military and expands Thorlaand by 3050 sq km along the coast.
    • Russia's allied with them because they're Orthodox ... or at least they said they did ... but if that was just a in game thing, then just ignore this comment ...


The Northern Fourth of the Swahili tribes doubles their size inland, covering all of modern day Kenya. Unfortunately, the fourth of the Swahili kingdoms just south falls into chaos and uncivilization, falling back to the wild. This results in the northern area becoming the independent nation of Kenya (covering approximately the same area) and the areas south of the Vietnam colony staying as the Swahili tribes

  • Neapolitan troops win several crushing victories over the Bharat forces in the southern areas of India. They use the native strategy, getting native soldiers recruited from Tamilia, fighting to liberate their kinsmen from the northern Indians, to be the ones to actually occupy the cities, making the people feel as if they are not being invaded by a foreign power but are joining up with their fellows. Naples demands the surrender of the southern 20% of Bharat, and they believe that the current pressures on the government of that nation by their victories will result in Bharat accepting their terms soon enough.
  • The Vietnamese expand their New Vietnam colony by 76*50 sq km. The Vietnamese make a deal with Kenya to recognize their claim to Swahili lands north of the Vietnamese colony. In exchange the Kenyans recognize Vietnam's claim to the Swahili lands south of the colony. The Vietnamese sweeten the pot by adding a trade agreement, and the usual Vietnamese deal-making gift (throne and crown jewels) for the Kenyan High Chieftain.
  • In order to deal with the bandits plaguing the Nipponese countryside, Nipponese Empress Go-Sakuramachi orders a radical shake-up of Nippon's gun laws, with guns now only allowed to be possessed by members of the Nipponese Imperial Army or Navy. She also announces the creation of the Machi bugyō with a Machi bugyō office being set up in the prefectural capital of each Prefecture, where around 100 Machi bugyō officials would oversee the running of the prefecture on the Daimyo's behalf, by running the police and fire-fighting forces of that prefecture; running the prefectural court by serving as judges in the prefectural courts; as well as managing a full range of other administrative and judicial responsibilities. As well as this, the Satotochi colony is expanded by 800 sq km and Karafuto colony by 400 sq km.
  • Persia asks Hungary to support it in its war against Shahzrur. In exchange, it will help them invade the Ottoman Empire.
    • The Ottomans are a tiny vassal state of Turan, which is allied with Hungary
  • The Council Of Nobles, with approval of the regent, passes the "Törvény a monopóliumok". Meanwhile, industrialization continues, but mostly on Central-Northern Hungary. One manufacturing workshop in Nandórfehérvar starts to use the steam engine. Oroszlán expands 3050 sq km.
  • Yemen continues to expand in Somalia, and establishes 20 government farmlands, whereby 60% of income will be sent to UAA.
    • If your Somalian lands are a colony, at least inform how many sq km your colony expands. By now, you can only expand 800 sq km on a half turn and 50 on a full turn.
    • On the talk page, I've been informed, that if I don't know how much do I expand, then I can just leave it like this. But thanks for informing me.
    • I think that this was about expansion of the main country. About colonies, you have to include the sq km number, else I won't know how many pixels I have to add.
    • Somalia is jointly ruled by Yemen and the UAA.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure. Finland also expands their new colony 50 km inward. Shintō continues to spread in Finland, and few more Finns convert to it and more Shintō shrines are also built; Nipponese language and culture continues to rise in Finland.
  • France buil up its military. Roussea becomes the first diplomatic of the empire, offering help to the persian against the shahzrur in exchange for an alliance and trade. Meanwhile the Emperor asks again for peace to the ICR. Rousseau asks a trade pact and alliance with Itsayghai, asking for the right to place trade outposts in the tsalagian lands, with reciprocity.
  • Turan accept the Franco-Swedish offer. Turan works vigurously on military. Its colony in Greenland expands another 40 km2. Turan offers the central sea outlet to ICR in exchange for his people speaking Turkish.
  • The ICR: The ICR apologizes to Frnace and Sweden, and asks if it can have its citizens travel freely to visit their reltives in the occupied (former) Incan Empire, and that if the ICR can have back the city of Cuzco and then alnd extending to the uclaimed prtion of South America. This is not a demand, but a polite request. The tradig posts deal is accpeted. Expansion continues. Turkish is adopted as the Official language along with the Incan language. Construction on Orthodox Churches and Chapels begins. Russia is asked to send some of its architects to help deisgn these new buildings.
    • The Emperor is glad with the new firendship with the ICR. He allows the incans to travel to the occupied Incan lands to visit their relatives, and ask the ICR to establish also trade posts in those lands to maintain economical contact with the motherland. But he will not give any land in Terre de Feu, where he was born. May be the chancellors of Sweden may think different about give Cuzco itself, but the emperor doesn't have any interest in ask his loyal council to give his lands, so is his decission.
  • The UAA passes a series of laws regulating trade within the nation. Bale expands southward. The Kongo Colony is offered to the nation of Kongo, if they join the UAA. Kongo rejects the offer, and proceeds with good relations to the UAA.
  • Sweden develops its military and expands Thorlaand by 3050 sq km.
  • Russia falls into grief as their beloved Empress Elizabeth dies. Peter III is proclaimed Emperor. He soon changes the uniform. his uniform is very uncomfortable and he is very wreckless with policy ... many of the Russian Imperial guards are unhappy, and are more happy with his more liberal Catherine. The last draw comes when he oficially removes the senate's right and declares that the only people that can have high ranking positions are german born. A mere three months after Elizabeth's death, the gvardia, with catherine's support overturn peter and declare Catherine as the empress. Peter didn't even get the chance to be crowned. Catharine is crowned "Catherine III Romanova, Empress and Autocrat of All the Russias, Tsraina of Lithuania, Grand Duchess of Finland, Duchess of Holstein-Gottorp, Dominator of the Caucasus, the Black sea, and Siberia, Protector of the Baltics, Armenia and Kazakhstan, Sove3reign of the dominion and all its posetions". catherine quickly annuls all of Peter's new laws and removes Germans from high ranking positions. The Tsar Peter is soon found dead near St Petersburg and an investigation is launched towards the cause of his death. He officially "died of hypothermia from bathing in the waters of the Baltic". He is buried in St Petersburg thereafter and given a Tsar's funeral. Catherine's son Pavel (Paul) becomes heir apparent. Alaska expands 1000 km along the coastline north. Afrikanskaya Zemlya expands 200 km along the coastline. The First prototype of the Twin-piston Stem engine is brought to Catherine. She is impressed and likes it. Military is brought back to its original state.


Disaster strikes Naples as a famine takes hold of the Southern Italian Peninsula. In response, Milan expands and annexes the surrounding neutral nations (Fuzzolia, Verona, Asli) in a series of diplomatic agreements. They change their name to the Lombard Confederation.

Speaking of which, as Kunarian is gone forever, it should be changed to grey. He said he was quitting the wiki forever in a blog post before he was banned, he is not going to come back. Perhaps North Italian Confederation or Waldensian Italian Confederation would be more neutral (make the other member nations more likely to join up if officially Milan isn't dominating, even if in reality it is)
  • I got my suspicions that he was faking it. However, I already changed it. Oh, and Milan annexing Milan?
  • It's former Venice (they're off centre) which is based on Milan they annexed Milan and renamed the nation.
  • No, if you read what he said, Venice is the small nation where OTL Venice is, he said Milan broke away and became independent, read what he posted, it was never called Venice, it was always just Milan being bigger
  • I'm going to change the name to "the Lombard Confederation", which is a refrence to the fact that the region's center of power is in the Italian region of Lombardy. I think the name helps to obscure the fact that the lion's share of the power rests with the Milanese.
  • Sure thing
  • The Vietnamese expand their New Vietnam colony by 76*50 sq km. The Vietnamese, horrified by the Neapolitan famine, double the number of agricultural shipments sent to Naples. While it isn't aid persay the Neapolitans do get a massive discount on the grains shipped to Naples until the famine ends.
  • Naples suffers greatly with the famine, and is extremely greatful to the Vietnamese for their ever-constant help. Benvolio imports as much food as he can from the colonies of Ricasolia and Istoias, but Ricasolia was mostly cash crops and thus can't send that much food, and Istoias doesn't have that large a surplus. Vicia and Tunisia and Jerusalem send a little help as well, but not enough to help Naples that much (although enough to make the famine not as bad as the OTL one). Tamilia, unnaffected by famine, manages to get the South Indian peoples to revolt from Bharat, so the 20% of Bharat to the south surrenders and joins Tamilia. However, the war disrupted food production there, thus resulting in the resources there not being able to be used to aid the famine.
  • Persia continues to slowly advance into Shahzrur.
    • You are losing, you can't advance into Shahzrur
  • In Nippon the Imperial Armed Forces Act of 1764 comes into power, which shakes up the organisation of the Nipponese army and navy, and also creates the Imperial Coastguard, and the Shinsengumi Military police force, and causes a great improvement in Nippon's military power. For more full details on the Nipponese Military and the changes brought in by the Imperial Armed Forces Act,please click here. As well as this, the Satotochi colony is expanded by 800 sq km, Kamchatka expands by 800 sq km and Karafuto colony by 400 sq km.
  • One hundred thousand bashibazouk land in the "Bulgarian Provinces". Turan calls upon Hungary, ICR, & Russia. Mesopotamia and the Ottoman Empire send military support. Turan offers the Cental Turkish Outlet to ICR for 40 years, in exchange for his people speaking Turkish.
  • Yemen expands their Somalian colony by 800 sq km.
  • Hungary updates its military and sends aid to Naples. Meanwhile, a Upper Hungarian instrument maker called Farkas Herczog starts to design improvements for the already-existing steam engines. Greece, using steam engines brought from Hungary, starts to use them. Most of them are used in manufacturing workshops in Trebizond, while attempts to figure out how to make one are made. Oroszlán expands 2500 sq km. Namib expands 550 sq km.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure. Finland also expands their new colony 50 km inward. Shintō continues to spread in Finland, and few more Finns convert to it and more Shintō shrines are also built; Nipponese language and culture continues to rise in Finland.
  • Many Brunei continue to convert to Hinduism as the Bali colony grows. Brunei expands along the east coastline. More ships are added to the Bruneian navy.
  • France builds up its military. The Order of Saint Robert, under orders of the Emperor, goes to Naples to help the people and provide supplies that would help. Rousseau himself sends alients from the colonies to Naples to help. He orders all the states of the parliament (this includes Sweden and its vassals and the turkish Greenland) to do the same. Meanwhile, the Emperor offers Turan help against Bulgaria in exchange for an alliance. The Emperor wants to solve the tensions he had with Russia the last years, an travels himself with Rousseau and many chancellors and noblemen to St Petersburg to offer the Empress an alliance and a trade agreement, offering merry his daughter, Joan, with the tsarevich. He also offers to stop any claiming of be the "exiled prince of Finland" to the finnish Prime Minister.
    • It's a famine, not a plague. Food, not doctors, is needed.
    • Sorry, my English is not as good I'd like when death causes is about.
    • The Russian Tsesarevich Paul is only nine years of age ... we can try again with the marriage around 1773 ... but reluctantly ... Catherine wants to foster good relations with France ... and declares free trade in the dominions of the king of France ... Catherine also asks about how much is Sweden- France willing to sell Estland for (this will be added to Finnland's grand duchy to preserve autonomy of the Finnic-language speaking people of Estonia.)
    • It's not so weird for the European nobility the marriages during the minority, or at least arrange it. And may be Scan may price Estland.
    • That's what I meant ... in 1773 ... arrange a marriage ... but that depends on the age of Joan ... if she is even a real person ... but ... if she is around say six or seven years of age the marriage could work ...
  • Russian Army builds up. Catherine agrees to bethrode Paul to Joan of France and arrange the royal marriage in the year of 1773. Catherine suggests bringing Joan to Russia so the future Russian Empress can learn the Orthodox faith and the Russian language. Catherine reorganizes the Gubernias, making 50 in total. The Russian Empress declares that a new law code must be constructed in Russia to replace the old one. she creates the Ukaz, and samples 10,000 of the population, the first representative sample of all Russian classes ever assembled, to make a new law code. Debates on new laws start in December. The army is given new uniforms. Alaska expands by 2000 km. Canada expands by 3000 km.
  • Sweden refuses to sell Estonia and its peoples out to Russia. Sweden expands its military and sends food shipment to Naples many from Fjordland. Thorlaand is expanded by 3050 sq km along the coast.
  • China works on its interior. More people move to the cities as industrialization takes place, especially along the northern borders and the coastlines. During this time, a shipbuilder discovers the power of steam-driven ships.
  • ICR: Expansion continues while an immigration and baby boom begin to the Incan-Colombian Republic for better rights and treatment. Slavery is abolished in the ICR. Construction on the Orthodox churches and other Orthodox buildings is complete except for the Great Orthodox Cathederial, which is expected to be completed by next year.


Principia Moderni Map 1765
Principia Moderni Map 1765 Key
{C}Kacongo expands slightly inland, touching the western border of Wadongo. The state formed in the territory of Gao also expands west, slightly.
Naples took the southern 20% of Bharat, it needs to be added to the map.
Sorry, I forgot to calculate the area of Bharat
  • The Vietnamese expand their New Vietnam colony by 76*50 sq km. The Vietnamese, inspired by the Dutch, begin building windmills in the New Vietnam colony. While most of these windmills are built solely to power gristmills, like in the Netherlands, the Vietnamese acknowlege that they have the potential to do great things. What these "great things" are remain a mystery, a mystery that will be answered in years to come. The Vietnamese rename New Vietnam's capital Gia Ðịnh, which was a former name for the city of Saigon. The Vietnamese build a palace in the city, which is to both serve as the Emperor's vacation home and as the headquarters of the New Vietnam's colonial government.
  • Turan expands its colony in Greenland by 60 km2. The colony now adds up to 300 km2., Can someone do the war algorithm, at the time I declared war.
  • Persia cease-fires with Shahzrur, feeling humiliated about its defeat. They begin to focus more on the economy and the outside world instead. They send expeditions to what is now Guyana to possibly set up a colony.
    • Note that Persia lost some territory from the war.
  • Hungary updates it military. Herczog builds the first prototype of his planned engine. Meanwhile, a patent is granted to Antál Horváth for a steam-engine powered boat, although none of those boats is actually built. Meanwhile, Alexios, King of Greece dies, and is succeeded by his daughter, Helena, as he had no surviving male issue. Ezsák-Afrika expands 1550 sq km and Namib expands 1500 sq km.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure. Finland also expands their new colony 50 km inward. Shintō continues to spread in Finland, and few more Finns convert to it and more Shintō shrines are also built; Nipponese language and culture continues to rise in Finland.
  • Yemen expands 800 sq km in Somalia.
  • Admiral Tokugawa Munetada dies and following the recent Imperial Armed Forces Act of 1764, the Shogun shakes up control of the military and at the same time, cements Tokugawa dominance over Nippon and the Shogunate, by giving each of the three Gosankyō branches of the Tokugawa Clan ownership of a powerful position. The Hitotsubashi House take control of the Imperial Nipponese Navy fleets north of Edo; the Shimizu House take control of the Imperial Nipponese Navy fleets south of Edo; and the Tayasu House became the Chief of the Nipponese Coastguard. Furthermore the Shogun becomes Supreme Commander of the Imperial Nipponese Army, Navy, Coastguard, and head of the Shinsengumi police force. This move to solidify the power wielded by the Tokugawa Clan however greatly annoys the Imperial Court. As well as this, the Satotochi colony is expanded by 800 sq km, Kamchatka expands by 800 sq km and Karafuto colony by 400 sq km.
  • Naples recovers from the famine and establishes firmer control over the colony of Tamilia. Immigration to northeast Tunisia continues. Naples sends military supplies to Bulgaria, as it does not wish for the Turks to return to controlling any of Europe. They still don't have enough food to feed soldiers, so they cannot send true military aid.
  • France expands the colony of Haiti to occupy the rest of the island. Rousseau iniciates a propaganda campaign and massive immigrations to Akon and the old Burgundian colony of Cote d'Ivoire to incite the ocals to ask union with France or at least join the Parliament as free state. The princess Joan, about eight years old, is sended to Russia to learn about the Russian culture. Rousseau wants to make sure that the princess will keep the french interest in the Russian court, so he sends a schmittist philosopher called Henri d'Armand as ambassador of the Parliament in St. Petersburg, Little waldensian rebellions start in the burgundian boerders, and the king Alexander II dies trying to stop them. The new king, Charles III, blames the milanese for encourage these rebellions. The french parliament decides to do nothing. Meanwhile the French India's governor Charles de Gontaut wants to invade the Shahzur to expand the Empire. The Parliament votes to declare war. The invasion on Shahzur begins. The Caliph asks Persia to join the invasion, so they could conquest the northern half of it.
    • France cannot attack Shahrzur, they do not border it and they have no water route to it. You have to be able to have your troops reach it to declare war on it. Also, why would the governor of French India be interested in attacking a nation nowhere near his colony
    • I did a mistake. I wanted to say Gupta (or wathever that big state that occupy almost the entire India calls). Sorry, I will declare the invasion the next turn.
    • It is called Bharat, and Naples already conquered the southern fifth of the country, so you may not even border it.
    • The Swedish colony would still border it, but the French one is cut off (it just wasn't added to the map)
  • Sweden expands its military and New Sweden grows 3050 sq km southward along the coast. Arabian officals visit Kurdistan to convince them to join Arabia
    • Kurdistan cannot join Arabia, it doesn't border it. Furthermore, nations just don't peacefully give up their sovereignty.
  • Russian people participating in the Ukaz meeting regretfully canot come to an agreement on most issues, but decide on a final code of law. One of the things in this code is the official banning of the ownership of people or persons through direct or inderect means and making each person equal before the law, as it is made for all people to follow. this law code provides a ban on torture, and restricts capital punishment circumstances. Meanwhile, since Peter, there have not been many executions in Russia. Catherine looks to improve medical facilities in Russia. Meanwhile, somebody comes up with a more powerful steam locomotive using the principle of double pistons developed by the Russians. Catherine decrees that mental illness is an illness rather than just possession by demons. Meanwhile, Novorossiya expands by 9000 km.
  • The Bruneian colony in Bali expands. Hinduism catches on in the poorer classes of Brunei.
  • ICR: Expansion continues as does the Baby Boom and Immigration Boom. The new influx of workers allows the Great Orthodox Cathedral to be completed on time. Russia's Tsar is invited to visit the Cathedral. The ICR population now numbers over 212,000 people.
    • I don't think you understand that less than a couple thousand people could have escaped the Incan Empire to found this nation. There is no way that your population increased to hundreds of times its old size in only a few decades. Plus, who would immigrate there?


  • Turan expands its colony in Greenland 800 km2 around the southern borders. Can someone please do the algorithym for the war that started in 1764. Turan ask ICR, Hungary and Russia for help.
  • The Vietnamese expand their New Vietnam colony 76*50 sq km. The Vietnamese begin the process of expanding their colony to the south, as they want to fill the unclaimed territory in between the Hungarian colony and New Vietnam. The Vietnamese set up special reservations for the local native population, and attempt to lure the natives to these reservations with special incentives. These include conditional citizenship, and the right to freely practice their religion and culture. They also give them the right to send their children to the best colonial colleges, as long as the students return to the reservation to apply his knowlege. There is very little resistance, and those who do resist are usually crushed swiftly.
  • Persia asks an alliance from France. They begin to send a group of people to establish a colony at what is now OTL Georgetown, Guyana.
  • I'm sure that the black area on the map extends to OTL Amapá. West of that (French Guyana, Guyana) is territory of the Vietnamese colony - including Georgetown.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure. Finland also expands their new colony, which Finland will now call it Hyvinkää, 50 km inward. Shintō continues to spread in Finland, and few more Finns convert to it and more Shintō shrines are also built; Nipponese language and culture continues to rise in Finland. In other news, a Finnish ship lands where OTL Gorontalo, island of Sulawesi, Indonesia would be and begins colonising that again, after it had been abandoned for unknown reasons; and that colony shall be named Kōshi (in honour of Nipponese city by the same name, even though it's spelled with a 'c' instead of 's').
  • Hungary's economy improves. Greece once again proposes to sell a 1000 sq km part of the colony of Neos Preveza which borders the Russian colony to Russia in trade for 1000 sq km of the territory of the colony on OTL Sri Lanka. Neos Preveza expands 3050 sq km along the coast of OTL Michigan.
    • agreed.
  • Nippon offers Brunei a trade deal, and Nippon continues to colonize by expanding its Satotochi colony expanding by 800 sq km, and Karafuto by 750 sq km.
  • You are expanding by 3850 sq km. You have three colonies, so the maximum that you can expand in one (half) turn is 1550 sq km and this 1550 is for all colonies (the expansion of all colonies together may sum up to 1550 sq km).
    • Sorry, I've amended it so it adds up to 1550 now VonGlusenburg (talk to Von!) 16:49, January 2, 2012 (UTC)
    • The Vietnamese offer to buy the Nipponese colony in the Philippines for a hefty sum, as they had promised control of the island to their latest vassal state Taiwan.
    • Nippon refuses, as they want to keep the Satotochi colony in order to provide Nippon with her own supply of sugar and tropical fruits. Nippon would however trade her colony and her claims to land on Luzon island for complete control of Vietnamese controlled Mindanao Island and the Sulu Archipelago.
    • Vietnam will give the Nipponese control over the Sulu archipelago, but cannot give them control over Mindanao as it is under the control of the Vietnamese vassal state of New Lithuania. They also offer the Nipponese permission to operate a trading company in Luzon for the purpose of keeping the fruit/sugar trade open.
    • What about Samar Island instead? Nippon would take Samar Island instead of the Sulu Archipelago.
    • There's no chance. New Lithuania is likely allready irked at Vietnam for giving their claim to northern Luzon without telling them first. Another such deal would likely have New Lithuania declaring independance. At least we can explain the Sulu Archipelago as begin directly under Vietnam's control.
    • Nippon refuses
  • ICR: Expansion continues as does the Baby Boom and Immigration Boom. The ICR population now reaches over 278,000 people. The Great Orthodox Cathederial (GOC) begins to draw in many more immigrants from the Orthodox world. The ICR's newfound citizens begin to accelerate the expansion progress. The ICR president go's to Cuzco to visit the Old Incan Capital and is followed by over ICR who who wish to visit the birthplace of their ancestors. The ICR asks if it and Turan can unite to form the Incan-Turkish Empire, as that way both the Inca and Turan peoples would benefit. Support is sent to Turan in iots war against Bulgaria.
    • I don't think you understand that your nation was founded by scattered refugees numbering a thousand at most, there is no way a couple decades could increase your population that much. Also, there is no reason anyone would immigrate to your tiny, poor nation.
    • I better stop it now. The legal way to refer to a national of Turan is a Turk. Therefore, Inca and Turkish people. And I remember earlier on, Sweden wrote: The Turans. Proper way to say it is the Turks. That is what both the people and the Government use to refer to its nationals. And, Turan isn't ready for fusion, I still uphold my Proposal for you gaining the Central Outlet for 40 years in exchange for your people speaking Turkish. Also, may you please send support in my war in Bulgaria, you are my ally.
  • Naples continues to improve its military, and expands Istoias and Ricasolia by 1000 sq km each
  • Nouvelle France is expanded 3500 sq km. The Emperor asks Vietnam to put a price to sell its colonies in the continental France and Haiti, or at least send representatives from those colonies to the French Parliament. Meanwhile the king of Burgundy is suffering more waldensian rebellios, encouraged accorgind to him) by Milan. More and more immigrants are sent to Akon, bringing the promises of democracy and abolition of the slavery under French rule. Finally the French Parliament decides to invade Milan, with help from all the states of the Parliament. The Emperor also proposes the ICR to join the Parliament to be under the protection and help of the Franco-Swedish Empire.
    • Naples asks France not to totally destroy the Lombardy Confederation if they win, just to stabilize the nation. This is due to a wish to preserve the Italian language and culture.
  • Sweden improves its military. New Sweden expands 3050 sq km southwards along the coast.
  • The Ruler of the UAA, Emperor Mengistu, makes sure that science gets increased spending. The state of Bale grows more, but by the end of the year, the other states have put a cap on its size to prevent it from getting too large.


  • Naples amps up its aid to Bulgaria to full on military help due to the famine being over, and calls upon all Christian nations to stop the Turks' attempts to reconquer Christian lands. Istoias is expanded by 2000 sq km.
  • The Vietnamese expand their New Vietnam colony southward by 76*50 sq km. The Vietnamese Emperor dies in his sleep after two decades in power. The Vietnamese enveil his new tomb, which is visually inspired by the Pyramids in Egypt. However, unlike the pyramids the tomb is in the top two-thirds of the structure with a East Asian temple in the base. With marble cladding as smooth as their Egyptian inspiration the tomb is nearly robber-proof. A few close calls have led the Vietnamese to have guards posted at the tomb at all times.
  • Turan concludes its war in Bulgaria by taking the coast. Turan works on its military. Turan offers an alliance to Anglo-Germany. Note to ICR. The only way ICR and Turan could join is if the Inca also converted to Islam ... Sorry ...
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure. Finland also expands Hyvinkää 250 km inward and expands Kōshi by 250 km. Shintō continues to spread in Finland and Finnish colonies, and few more Finns convert to it and more Shintō shrines are also built; Nipponese language and culture continues to rise in Finland.
  • The 1000 sq km of Neos Preveza are transferred to the Russian colony of Canada, while the 1000 sq km of the Russian colony off the coast of Kandy are transferred to Greece, which later gives the territory to Kandy, to strenghten the relations between both countries. In Hungary, The model of steam engine developed by Farkas Herczog continues to be updated. Meanwhile, on Crete, Hungarian-Greek experiments regarding use of steam engines on boats start, though the first results are unsuccessful. Meanwhile, Newfoundland (Újfundlandi as it will be referred to from now) expands 2100 sq km to connect the southern and central parts. Magyar Dél-Amerikabán expands 1150 sq km, and Dél-Afrika expands 1900 sq km north.
  • Itsaygahi agrees to allow France to place trade outposts on Itsaygahan land, so long as it is restricted to the Atlantic coastal Provinces. The army is reformed and enhanced, with regimental command structure being devolved to the Provinces.
  • Nippon continues to colonize by expanding its Satotochi colony expanding by 800 sq km, and Karafuto by 750 sq km. Also bandit attacks have significantly declined since the introduction of the Imperial Armed Forces Act of 1764 and the gun law shake up in 1763; this pleases the peasants greatly as now they longer live in fear of bandit attacks.
  • A postal service (albeit an expensive one) starts being run by the UAA. This is possible to the increasingly good infrastucture of the country, although large parts of the UAA aren't connected.
  • Many Bruneians move to the Bali colony which is expanded to compensate. Brunei begins to aggressively expan west with the help of the "civilised" Dayak tribes.
  • ICR: Expansion continues. The world is asked to stay at peace, as the ICR will try to stay at peace from now on as much as possible with other nations.
  • Nouvelle France is expanded 3500 sq km. King Charles III asures Naples that he will impose order in the anarchical confederation. Meanwhile, the French armies invade the lombard territory. France asks a trade pact to China, among with the right to establish French trade posts in the coasts of China. The same offer is made to the UAA. Rousseau, meanwhile, foments the industrialzation, asking the chancellor of Sweden to export technology to France.
  • Russia expands it military, Russian America expands by 3000 km. THe world's first passenger railroad is built from St Petersburg to Novgorod. Catherine authorizes the Siberian plan, which effectively moves the families of convicts of the most sinister crimes to Siberia. This plan supports a plan to populate all unclaimed Siberia in less than ten years, starting with Kamchatka (NOBODY $)(@#)$)!@$ INTERFERE THIS TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
  • Sweden sends more steam engines to France and expands its military. The Swedish colony of New Sweden expands 3050 sq km along the coast northward.


  • Tunisia Division

    Blue/Yellow lines join French Algeria or Swedish Libya (you two decide) and brown/yellow join Tripoli if the offers are taken

    Naples makes an offer to France/Sweden and Hungary/Greece: Due to the large amounts of Neapolitan immigration to Tunisia, the northern part of the colony wishes to join with Naples proper. However, the rest is still Arab-dominated. So, Naples will give France/Sweden a large chunk of Tunisia in return for the much smaller French India and the small southern area of Swedish India (the part south of the border with the small Indian nation). They can divide the chunk of Tunisia between each other. Meanwhile, a smaller part of Tunisia will be given to Tripolia if Hungary gives Naples an equal sized portion of the Hungarian Indian colony. Naples gives small amounts of gold and other valuables in addition to the territory.
  • The Vietnamese continue to expand their New Vietnam colony southward by 76*50 sq km. The New Lithuanians continue to expand their territory in Papua New Guinea. The Taiwanese continue to expand their territory on Luzon, and offer to open negotiations with the Nipponese on the border between their claims on the island.
    • New Lithuania is a colony or a vassal?
    • Vassal, and that is the reason why the expansion is not numbered.
    • Nippon asks to see a Taiwanese/Vietnamese proposal for how they would like to divide Luzon between them.
      Divided Philippines borders (PM)

      Nippon's proposal for the dividing of Luzon

    • The thing is that I can't really draw. Can you make the map?
    • Nippon proposes these borders on the island of Luzon:
    • I like the map, but there needs to be a border between Taiwan's section and New Lithuania's, as they are two separate vassal states.
    • There is no way to draw a border in the sea.
    • If you would look at the map closely you will see that New Lithuania controls the portion of Luzon that was formerly Joseon's colony.
    • Does Vietnam agree to the Nipponese proposal? (Also maybe use different colours for your vassal states so you can tell them apart?)
  • Turan expands its colony in Greenland by another 800 km2. Unrest in the Bulgarian Provinces. There has been some stand-offs between Bulgarian and Turkish troops.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure. Finland also expands Hyvinkää 250 km inward and expands Kōshi by 250 km. Shintō continues to spread in Finland and Finnish colonies, and few more Finns convert to it and more Shintō shrines are also built; Nipponese language and culture continues to rise in Finland.
  • The Napolitan offer is stalled, as they still need to measure the size of the territory proposed in both Tunisia and India. This should take two years. Meanwhile, Hungary is planning to support France on its war against the Lombard Confederation to re-establish Verona, but need Naples' approval first. Hungary's economy improves. Crown Prince Lájos completes 21 years, and assumes the throne officially, as Louis II. Meanwhile, Mehmet, Sultan of Eypt, dies, and is succeeded by his son, Muhammad. Oroszlán expands 3050 sq km.
  • Nippon holds off expanding her Satotochi colony while talks are held about the dividing of Luzon between Nippon and Taiwan/Vietnam. Kamchatka is turned into sort of penal colony, as criminals are forced to relocate to Kamchatka colony, which causes the colony to expand by 800 sq km. Elsewhere more of the natives in Karafuto are convinced to join the Karafuto colony, and this causes Karafuto to expand by 750 sq km.
  • China continues to industrialize. The steam-powered ship prototype cruises from China to a port in Nippon, and back again. A similar trip, this time going from China to Taiwan and back, occurs in October. However, many skeptics are quick to shoot this idea down. New ways to harvest rice are also developed, along with more textile mills moving to urban areas.
  • France continues in industrialization. The Emperor asks Russia to foment the trade between the two empires. Meanwhile the armies, led by the prince August-Harold, cotninue advancing in the lombard territory. Through the Parliament, the king of Burgundy asks for tukish support in the war against the Lombard Confederations. In exchange Burgundy and Edessa-Antioch will support Turan against Bulgaria. The Caliph accepts the neapolitan offer and the Parliament votes to give Naples the colony in India. He asks anyway right to establish some trade post in the west coast of India. The Caliph also travels to Egypt to visit his relative, Mehmet II. Nouvelle France expands 3050 sq km.
    • Naples will allow free trade by the French and all nations they control now with Tamilia.
    • Sweden refuses to lose their colonial capital so they only hand over the inland regions.
  • Itsaygahi modernises their roads. Huron makes even more money by using water mills along the Great Lakes to grind corn being grown in warmer climes into corn. It is soon discovered that water mills can be utilised to provide more power in cotton spinning, lending more economic strength to Itsaygahi but at the same time strengthening the institution of slavery.
  • ICR agrees to the Turksih Central Anatolia deal. ICR begins to colonise Brazil.
    • You are in Brazil, how can you colonize it?
  • Sweden expands its military and also expands New Sweden southward along the coastline by 3050 sq km.
  • Forced settlement of Siberia contineues. Russia updates military.


​Famine strikes in Bengal as food supplies dwindle. Hundreds are starving to death.

  • Turan works on its military.
  • The Vietnamese continue to expand their New Vietnam colony southward by 76*50 sq km.
  • Chancellor Petruchio dies in Naples. Meanwhile, Tunisia is incorporated into Naples proper, with the part promised to France going to it, and the part offered to Hungary still a colony, but about to be sold away. Istoias is expanded by 2000 sq km.
  • Brunei continues to expand along the western coastline of Borneo. A Hindu monk from Bali makes a pilgrimage across Brunei coverting hundreds if not thousands.
    Swedish India 2

    Yellow to Naples, I kept the coast coz my colonial capital is there

  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure. Finland also expands Hyvinkää 250 km inward and expands Kōshi by 250 km. Shintō continues to spread in Finland and Finnish colonies, and few more Finns convert to it and more Shintō shrines are also built; Nipponese language and culture continues to rise in Finland.
  • Hungary continues to industrialize. the first experiments with steam-powered ships are made, in a voyage from Chania to Kythera, and from there, back to Chania. A new voyage is planned, from Sitia to Rhodes, but since Sitia is practically abandoned, the start point is moved to Ierapetra, with the voyage set to start in 1770, but it is delayed once again, as the distance from Heraklion to Euboea would be lesser than the one from Ierapetra to Rhodes. Meanwhile, in Hungary, Herczog continues to update his model of steam engine. Meanwhile, Hungary resolves to give support to France in its war against the Lombard Confederation, but no armies are sent, for the time. Newfoundland expands on the central part of Labrador to connect the OTL Smallwood Reservoir cities better with the rest of the country. Oroszlán expands 3050 sq km.
  • Nippon asks Vietnam if they are happy with those borders and agree to them. The Nipponese settlers in Satotochi begin to colonize the east coast of Luzon, expanding the colony by 500 sq km after hearing news of the border talks. Also the Karafuto colony expands by 750 sq km, and the Kamchatka colony expands by 300 sq km.
    • The Vietnamese respond by approving the Nipponese proposal. The Taiwanese also approve, as it give vital space to an otherwise cramped country.
  • Itsaygahi considers an expansion into the Great Plains, hoping to take control of more grain-producing areas to fuel a growing baking industry.
  • A stronger military alliance is offered to Nippon. Meanwhile, China donates aid to Hanthawaddy in the wake of the Bengali famine. In other news, the captain of the first steam-powered ship announces plans to make the shortest recorded travel across the Pacific. In other news, the urbanization of China continues.
    • Nippon accepts, and forms a military alliance with China (also just for the record we didn't have an alliance beforehand, just a trade deal :P)
  • The french war of Lombardy continues. The Emperor support the industrialization campaign of Rousseau, of fomenting trade with the industrialized countries like Russia or China. The ambassador in Russia makes sure that the princess is still Catholic. Nouvelle France expands 3050 sq km.
    • Sorry, Russian law states that the wife of the emperor or future emperor on the day of marriage has to be Orthodox Christian ...
  • ICR conducts an official survey. It is said that 40,000 people live in ICR. Three-quarters of which are Turkish.
    • Where did Saamwiil say 30,000 (a sizable portion) of his people immigrated to the ICR?
    • It's okay ... They never immigrated. ICR is composed of the Central Outlet. Those are the people who decided to stay ...
  • In Joseon, King Yi-Geum declares himself the Emperor, and Joseon is renamed to the Greater Korean Empire. The new Emperor begins making radical changes to the nation, first by modernizing their army, and also replacing corrupt officials with loyal ones. (I am rejoining this game, guys :)
    • China offers help to the Greater Korean Empire get on its feet. (Welcome back, Pita!)
    • Nippon offers a trade deal to the Greater Korean Empire
    • The Vietnamese offer to resume the trade agreements ended by Korea's fall into isolation. They also offer enormous financial reparations to compensate for Vietnam's seizure of the former Korean colonial empire.
  • Russian officials continue the settlement of Siberia. the first permanent settlements are made on the Kamchatka coast. Empress Elizabeth modernizes the army and orders the expansion of the navy as well. the steam engine is becoming known as one of the most useful contraptions ever invented. there are proposals now to unite Helsinki and St Petersburg by a rail line. the Russian Railroad Company or the RZhK (Russkaya Zhileznodorozhnaya Kompania) is founded and given a government grant to build rail lines to connect great cities.
  • Sweden develops its military and improves the road system. Plans to connect Stockholm to Olso and Bergen via rail are forwarded. New Sweden is expanded by 3050 sq km southward along the coast.


Principia Moderni Map 1770
Principia Moderni Map 1770 Key

The famine in Bengal worsens as another breaks out across Germany. Thousands die in both. The plague strikes Russia killing hundreds.

It looks like it was added after this turn began, but Sweden sold some of the land of their colony to Naples as well (see the map above)
Also, the gains Shahrzur made on Persia were not added
  • The Greater Korean Empire continues to expand their military, while accepting the reparations from Vietnam for their colonies. However, they do request Taiwan back from Vietnam, and Oregon back from France-Sweden. Meanwhile, the interior is improved even more. Rumors of the steam engine hit the Korean courts, and the Emperor shows his interest. They also accept all trade offers, and offer a military alliance to Nippon.
    • Sweden does not know what Korea is talking about as the Swedish had taken Oregon from Denmark.
    • Nippon accepts an alliance with Korea
  • The Vietnamese continue expanding their New Vietnam colony southward by 76*50 sq km. The Vietnamese respond that they cannot give back Taiwan, as it is a key vassal state founded to replace Nippon in the structure of the Empire. They offer to "purchase" Taiwan by giving their East African colony to the Koreans for free.
    • The Greater Korea Empire would like to request Taiwan back from Vietnam.
  • Naples sends an envoy to the Greater Korean Empire, to contact the nation, as the Neapolitans know little of the Koreans. Of particular interest is the religion of the nation. Meanwhile, Naples focuses on increasing trade by removing the export tax, allowing merchants to export more and more products to other nations. They also increase the export of resources from Tamilia. Istoias is expanded by 1500 sq km. Naples is fine with the Swedish deal, as the coastal areas would be much more "Swedified" now.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure. Finland also expands Hyvinkää 250 km inward and expands Kōshi by 250 km. Shintō continues to spread in Finland and Finnish colonies, and few more Finns convert to it and more Shintō shrines are also built; Nipponese language and culture continues to rise in Finland.
  • Persia begins to build a series of careful and modern irrigation systems, canals, and artificial reserviors. They hope this can help farmers avoid drought if possible. The colony of New Tehran expands by 5x4 sq mi.
  • Brunei begins construction on a fort on the coast of Bali to protect their new territorial holdings in the north of the island. More warships are built and a trade deal is sent to Korea.
  • Noticing that the territory required will cut off the communications between Calicut and Goa, and the colony hasn't been giving profits for years, Hungary accepts the Napolitan offer, and stops settling India, although it still maintains nominal control over it. Meanwhile, both of the trips between Ierapetra-Rhodes and Heraklion-Euboea are successful, although what preoccupies the engineers is that bigger ships have to be made to avoid that the ship sinks with the weight of the engine, as this almost happeened on all of the voyages. Meanwhile, weapons start to be produced on some "factories", to compete with the Russian ones. Dél-Afrika expands 2750 sq km.
  • Sweden expands its military and starts construction on a rail network that will have steam engines powering a "train" of carriages. Tragedy strikes as the leader of the nobles dies naming a little known minor noble as a "heir." The new leader is not even Swedish but is a Saami. Little is known about his foreign policies except that he is a francophile and germanophile. The new Swedish leader sends aid to Germany. New Sweden is expanded by 8100 sq km inland and 350 along the coast all southward.
  • Nippon expands Karafuto by 750 sq km, Kamchatka expands by 300 sq km and Satotochi expands 500 sq km along the eastern coastline of Luzon. Furthermore, Empress Go-Sakuramachi abdicates in favour of her nephew; and Emperor Go-Momozono assends to the Imperial Nipponese throne.
  • The north continues to develop, arguably faster than the south. Seeing that Anglo-Germany is suffering quite badly from famine, Itsaygahi offers to export bread and other food at reduced tariffs in the interest of stopping the famine before it gets out of hand.
  • The Emperor likes the new minor noble leader in Sweden and decides to name him Chancellor of the Swedish States. Meanwhile Rousseau sends supplies to Russia, among the Order of Saint Robert to help the infected people. The main supplies are sended to St Petersburg, where the princess Joan is, and Finland. Nouvelle France expands 3050 sq km. The war against Milan continues. The Emperor offers a tradeagreement and a military alliance to Brunei.
  • Brunei agrees to the trade deal but thinks a full military alliance will give up to much Bruneian atonomy so refuses.
  • Extreme precautions are made to ensure that plague does not spread. More to add.
  • Turan works on its military.


The famines in Bengal and Germany become much more severe. In Bengal almost one million are dead and in Germany numbers are in the tens of thousands. Meanwhile thousands more are dying in Russia as the plague spreads across the Russian Heartland. To make matters worse a tsunami nearly wipes Okinawa off the map with 15,000 dead.

  • Persia continues to develop a modern irrigation system. It asks Russia to buy Russian Kazakhstan for ten billion rubles. They propose Hungary a system of roads to connect the two countries. The colony of New Tehran expands by 10x20 sq mi. The king offers the Chinese emperor's daughter a marriage, hoping to gain a successor.
    • How would a system of roads connect Hungary and Persia? They do not border each other! Also, try as I might, I can't discover where New Tehran is. Can you add it to the external territories page?
    • He said that it is located in Cayenne, but OTL Cayenne is occupied by the Vietnamese colony.
    • Do you actually think you can afford that much gold? Best case scenario its one billion pounds of gold you know that right
    • I'd buy it for my whole treasury. I have political incentive (Pan-Turkism). Offer from Turan.
  • The Vietnamese continue to expand their New Vietnam colony southwards by 76*50 sq km. The Taiwanese expand their territory on Urbonas Island. The New Lithuanians, infuriated by Vietnam's handing over New Lithuanian-claimed territory to the Taiwanese, officially declare independence as the Grand Duchy of New Lithuania. The New Lithuanians officially crown Princess Kristina Jagiellon as the first independent Grand Duchess of New Lithuania. However, despite hard feelings about the territory issue, cooler heads prevail as most members of the New Lithuanian Seimas vote to continue diplomatic relations with Vietnam and Taiwan.
    • The UAA offers a large sum of money to Vietnam for its East African colony.
  • Nippon appeals for aid from its allies to help with rebuilding the destruction caused by the tsunami. The Shogun sends aid to Okinawa and rebuilds/forms the army and navy of Nansei prefecture after a lot of the soldiers died in the Tsunami and a lot of the ships were destroyed. The army and navy help rebuild Okinawa by distributing aid and helping to clear away rubble to build new buildings built with brick, concrete and stone rather than wood, so that the buildings could withstand future tsunamis better. A local native warlord in Karafuto is also defeated, and his 400 sq km of territory is annexed into Karafuto. New Lithuania is also offered a trade deal following its recent independence (would a mod RNG this or something?).
    • Yankovic can still control New Lithuania
  • The UAA limits slavery (which has been going on for centuries) to anyone who willingly becomes a slave (Of which there are quite a few, mostly poor people with too many debts who have no other option though) and a foreigner captured in battle. Because of the new rules, 40% of the UAA's slave population is freed. Many of the Upper class soon need more labor, and in attempts to get workers to work for them, the standard of living for most of the working class is raised. The Joint Yemense-UAA Somalian colony triples its tiny size eastwards towards fertile coasts.
  • Naples builds up the military of the nation, specifically the military bases on Ricasolia, which expands by 1500 sq km. Naples' food stocks were drained by their recent famine, but they send what little surplus they have to Germany.
  • Industrialization continues. Herczog continues to update his model of steam engine, while the armament "industry" grows. Hungary updates its military, and Magyar Dél-Amerikabán expands 2750 sq km. Meanwhile, a expedition is sent to map the lands beyond the Hanthawaddian colony in OTL Papua New Guinea.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure. Finland also expands Hyvinkää 250 km inward and expands Kōshi by 250 km. Shintō continues to spread in Finland and Finnish colonies, and few more Finns convert to it and more Shintō shrines are also built; Nipponese language and culture continues to rise in Finland. Finland also sends aid to Japan to help with cleaning up from the disaster.
  • Sweden continues designing and planning a railway between Stockholm and Bergen. The military is upgraded and New Sweden expands by 8100 sq km inland and 1050 on the coast. Sweden and all her vassals and puppets send supplies to aid Germany with its famine and France with its campaign.
  • Nouvelle France expands 3050 sq km. Meanwhile the campaign in Lombard territory continues (please make an algorithm). The ambassador in Russia offers refuge to the Imperial Family and the Princess Joan in Paris. He travels to Finland also and offers the same to its current leaders. The Emperor continues the industrialization and Rousseau continues his propaganda and immigration campaign in Akon. The caliph offers an alliance to Persia in exchange for the right to establish French trade outposts in the coasts of Persia. The Caliph also asks for an alliance to Yemen. He travels to the East to preach the word of God and present himself to the eastern Muslims.
  • More things are done to prevent the plague. More quarantine zones are set up and more people start willingly moving to Siberia to escape the populated cities, causing the settlement plan to cut about 1-2 years of forced settlement. Moscow is home to a riot because of the new measures put in place that greatly restrict the families of the dead movement. Catherine sends past lover Grigori Orlov to take care of Moscow. Moscow and Saint Petersburg are declared governates of their own. Local authorities react and many are jailed. The plague starts to dwindle down at the end of the year. luckily, due to extreme precautions (most like the ones in OTL). The Russian royalty has suffered no losses, and the French princess has also not been harmed by this ruthless killer. Russian borders are more closed than ever until the plague dies down. In Moscow alone about 25-30 thousand people die each month. but a relief comes when in November only 7 000 people die in Moscow, in December, nearly only 1 000. Catherine declares the plague in Moscow over, although deaths are still occurring. special measures are taken to make sure that this does not spread beyond Moscow, and the outskirts and Mahor city centers effected. a full death toll is reached. it is estimated that at least 500 000 people died in this industrialized city alone. The Russians thank the French for their offer, but say that it is too risky at the moment and every precaution is being made to make sure the plague does not spread to archangel, Novgorod and St Petersburg, but, if any member of the Russian royalty and high nobility feels safer to travel to France, they may do so. A total death count is made at the end of the year. about 1-3 million victims have been claimed by this rapidly growing nation. The last signs of the plague are looking to vanish soon. the trade with the colonies is strictly restrained as they do not want goods to be infected and spread around the world. This plague takes a toll on the economy, because of reduced trade almost exclusively restricted to the White Sea (making Archangel surprisingly prosper), but most economists predict that by the end of 1774, all the damage will be gone. More factories are closed due to the workers well ... dying - but mostly in Moscow, the second largest industrial center in Russia, Archangel, is blooming as its population reaches half a million.
  • ICR helps expand the colony in Turan by 800 sq km. ICR re-offers the unification pact.
    • It's called the Greenlandish(ic) colony. Turan will consider the offer.
  • The Greater Korean Empire offers aid to Japan to help rebuild from the tsunami. Meanwhile, the interior is stabilized.
  • Turan works on its military.


The famines continue and so does the plague resulting in millions of death though the plague is subsiding in many areas.

  • The Vietnamese continue to expand their New Vietnam colony southward by 76*50 sq km. The Taiwanese continue the expansion of their Nánhǎi Prefecture on Luzon. The freshly independent country of New Lithuania continues to expand their territory on New Guinea by settling it with citizens displaced when the territory on Borneo was abandoned to Brunei. The New Lithuanians choose the newly-founded city of New Vilnius as their capital. The Grand Duchess takes residence in the newly completed Baltas Palace, named for the colour of the marble purchased from the Lombard Confederation. The New Lithuanians intend to commison Lombard stonecutters for the marble needed to build other important government buildings, including the Seimas Building and the Supreme Court. The marble's quality, exuded by New Lithuanian government officials, causes all the nobility and wealthy traders to use it to build their homes. It becomes the material of choice to build the nation's new churches and cathedrals. This new marble trade is set to make many in the Lombard Confederation very wealthy, strengthening the new nation against its enemies.
    • Once again the UAA offers money and resources to Vietnam in exchange for their East Africa colony.
  • The Okinawa clean-up operation continues with more food aid being sent to Okinawa from Honshu, and more new residential buildings being made, after all of the government and military buildings were rebuilt, but the vast majority of the clean up has been completed by now. The Nipponese colony of Kamchatka is formally renamed Kamochatoka colony, and the colony expands by 800 sq km too. Another native warlord is defeated as Karafuto expands, this year 400 sq km are added into the colony.
  • Turkish relations with Bulgaria reach a boiling point. Turan keeps working on its military.
  • Persia expands the New Tehran colony by 50x50 sq km (It now sits at what is know Belem, Brazil, hopefully this ends the controversy!). Persia asks Turan to open relationships. They continue to work on the irrigation system and expand its military to conquer Gurat in southern India. They ask Korea and Japan for an alliance.
    • I am afraid Gurat no longer exists.
    • Nippon agree to an alliance with Persia and also ask for a trade deal with Persia too.
  • Naples sends warnings to Turan that they will not tolerate further Islamic expansion into the European continent. They expand their military presence in the Mediterranean sea.
  • Sweden expands its military and sends more aid to Germany. The rail system is planned and surveyors are sent out to scout the routes. New Sweden expands by 8100 sq km inland and 350 sq km right along the coast
  • Industrialization continues. A new version of the ship used on the early voyage experiments on Crete, built in Trebizond, manages to do another successful voyage, this time from Trebizond to Constantinople. The experiments continue, with the objective of making a ship that can travel from Albania to Achinet successfully. This objectve is dismissed by some as unrealistic, as the most distant voyage that the model ever performed only would be sufficient to travel from Crete to Tunis, according to the distance measures. In Hungary, the armament industry grows, and Neos Preveza expands 2750 sq km. Newfoundland continues expanding to connect the central part of the country with the OTL Smallwood Reservoir cities.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure. Finland also expands Hyvinkää 250 km inward and expands Kōshi by 250 km. Shintō continues to spread in Finland and Finnish colonies, and few more Finns convert to it and more Shintō shrines are also built; Nipponese language and culture continues to rise in Finland. Finland continues to send aid to Nippon to help.
    • Nippon thank Finland for all their help in dealing with the Okinawa Tsunami clean-up
  • Another wave of Hindu conversions occurs in Brunei this time several nobles are converted. In other news a Brunei colony is set up on the island of Bangka as a waypoint between the markets in Java and Bali and Brunei proper.
  • ICR continues to industrialise.
    • According to the Industrialization map, your nation ain't set to industrialize until the 20th century
  • Itsaygahi commissions construction of five more cities to increase the economic productivity of the nation. The army is modernised and re-equipped. To increase the economic security of the nation, a charter for a colony in Africa is written to create a steady source of slaves.
  • China gives aid to Hanthawaddy in the wake of the famine in Bengal. In August, a tribe of natives attacks the Mexican colony. This begins the Era of Tears, an era in which all Native North American Tribes must pledge alleigance to China or be destroyed. Several tribes along the Gulf Coast join China out of fear. In November, a particlarly vicious tribe is wiped out completely, the warriors, women, children, and elders are killed. There is much rejoicing.
  • The last remnants of the plague disappear from Moscow, although it is still present in some parts, although teh death toll per month is waninng considerably, from a record 40 000 dead peaking in june 1771, the death toll has gone down, although in June, due to people feeling more relaxed, the death toll goes up to 5000 again, but this time it stays away from the central Russia zone, and focuses more on the Crimea region and Ukraine. In October, with only 50 deaths of the plague are reported (from last month's 350) Catherine declares the epidemic officialy over and decrees that trade can resume as normal, November-10 deaths only, in December, none. The past epidemic has made research of medicine a hot topic in Moscow, although it was a speedbump in industrialization in some areas, it was a speedboost in others, where people flee and sped up the colonization of siberia. Canada expands 9000 km due to the extreme influx of visitors along the gaspe.


A minor famine hits Sweden during the year whilst the one the Germany subsides. Trouble brewing as discontent with the Brandenburgs causes minor uprisings in Southern Germany. The famine in Bengal continues and nearly nine million people have died. The Indians are unhappy with the Hanthawaddian monarchy for their inactivity and unrest breaks out in several cities ... The Russian plague disappears ...

You would think they would protest against Persia and/or China instead, as those two nations both have a greater cultural difference than the Hanthawaddians, as Detectivekenny stated he was taking areas that were close culturally the older areas of the Empire and he put in a bunch of stuff about cultural assimilation, which RandomWriterGuy and China didn't. (and the colonies, although Neapolitan Tamilia was made from micronationalist southern Indians joining them over the northern Indians)
In fact, now that I think about it, targetting just one player for the revolts is sort of unfair, especially because he wasn't breaking any rules. I'll change it to simply all foreign nations with Indian territory
NO! The famine was ONLY in Bengal which is Hanthawaddian controlled.
And, remember that in OTL, the famine was caused mainly by policy failures combined with weather conditions. Maybe Hanthawaddy made similar failures to cause the famine.
  • The Vietnamese continue expanding their New Vietnam colony southward by 76*50 sq km. The New Lithuanians continue to expand their territory on the north coast of New Guinea. The Taiwanese continue to expand their Nansei Prefecture on Luzon. The Vietnamese anknowlege Lombardy's right to their territory, as they have not shown the war-like and xenophobic qualities of their Venetian forebears. They condemn any nation seeking to make war against them, as the expansion of Lombardy has been more peacefull than the Venetians.
  • Concerned about the unrest in its Indian provinces, Persia allows them to have semi-autonomous governments. They also prepare to invade the last independent Indian states. New Tehran expands by 75x50 sq km.
    • Do you want to make a map, so that the borders of the semi-autonomous states can be depicted?
  • Naples is worried by the potential unrest in Tamilia. Knowing racism and fears of the northern Indians was the primary factor in their loyalty, they build up the military of Tamilia, sending messages of defense from the northern nation of Bharat, to make the people more willing to be loyal to Naples. Meanwhile, Ricasolia is expanded by 2300 sq km.
  • Despite political weakness, Hamsatoyo of Hanthawaddy decides to maintain full control of its Indian territory, using materials mined in Ngenkeh to fund a new program of road building, to accurately distribute resources. Hamsatoyo models his grain distribution on the idea that the purpose of government is to avert famine. Communication has been extremely scant with Toeh Ngoa Nyoing in the past decade, leading the colony to unilaterally declare independence from Hanthawaddy. Hamsatoyo states that he does not wish to start a war over "a hunk of whale blubber," and makes the decision to accept its independence. The Rajah of Toeh Ngoa Nyoing, Hkun Hpa, sets up a Declaration of Independence modeled after that of recent developments in Ujfunlandi, and calls the newfound republic Naundesa, a creole word for the region. Skilled Mon merchants, especially from Bengali ports, emigrate to Chauhhpiu, helping create a thriving trade network throughout the Indian Ocean as far as Ethiopia. The small Republic of Chauhhpiu also begins to gain economic leverage on Ngenkeh by accumulating shares in their companies.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure. Finland also expands Hyvinkää 250 km inward and expands Kōshi by 250 km. Shintō continues to spread in Finland and Finnish colonies, and few more Finns convert to it and more Shintō shrines are also built; Nipponese language and culture continues to rise in Finland.
    • A Neapolitan government official sends a message to Finland, asking for the religious statistics of the nation.
    • Finland wonders why Naples would want to know this, as Finland sees this as suspicion.
    • The Vietnamese respond by stating that the Neapolitans are likely creating a map depicting the religions of the world. The Vietnamese respond to the Neapolitans by stating that the Vietnamese are 80% East Asian, 10% Catholic, 7% Buddhist and 3% Muslim.
    • Finland has doubt about the map idea. And Finland has no data statistics of any kind either as it is impossible to ask every single person and there is too many too count. However, Finland gives that Shintō is some less than Orthodox, but Shintō is still rising, and it will be expected to surpass Orthodox by around 1800 or more. However, Finland will be sure to keep Orthodox churches unharmed and will be sure to have some Finns remain Orthodox.
      • Actually, Russia can organize the census for Finland. We are, after all, technicaly in the same country ([extremely loose]russio-finnic confederation). Russia can be able to orgonize a full census of the people and their religions and native tongues in say 1780 (or earlier if Naples wishes)
    • I don't think that's what he's getting at but I must say…Why not Buddhist or Muslim? Wouldn't that make more sense based on geography and history? Those are the dominant religions of your neighbors, China, Malaysia, and Hanthawaddy after all.
    • Because earlier in the game Christian missionaries were quite successful in converting many people, and when the East Asian Church broke away from the Catholic one, it became the official religion. And what I wanted was for more of an update on what Finland was doing, it was boring every single turn reading the same exact sentance about Finns converting, and thought it would be more interesting to see how the progress was going.
  • Yemen accepts French alliance offer and continues to colonize Somalia, expanding by 800 sq km.
  • The armament "industry" continues to grow. Herczog continues to update his model of steam engine, and enters in a partnership with Matyás Apor to commercialize his engine. Meanwhile, Dél-Afrika expands 3050 sq km.
  • Sweden improves its military and buys food from France and imports from Fjordland and survives the famine. New Sweden expands 8100 sq km inland and 350 sq km along the coast all southward.
  • China does a poll similar to Vietnam. About 40% are Buddhist, 30% are East Asian Christian, 20% are Confucian, 4% are Taoist, and 3% are Roman Catholic, and 3% belong to other religions. Meanwhile, rebellions in India are swiftly put down. Leaders of the rebellions in China are quickly captured and shot in Beijing. The Emperor makes it clear that the Indian possessions are, and will remain, part of mainland China. Meanwhile, industrialisation continues to pick up in urban areas.
  • Nippon begins a "Nipponization campaign" in her Satotochi colony, where colonists try to get native tribes on Luzon island to convert to Shinto and join Nipponese society by having their territories join into Satotochi colony. This is fairly successful, and causes Satotochi to expand by 800 sq km. Karafuto expands by 750 sq km too. In Kamochatoka, a new city is founded on the southern tip of the peninsula called Kamochin, which is designated as the new colonial capital of Kamochatoka. Also the tsunami clean-up in Okinawa is finished, and Nippon thanks Finland and the Greater Korean Empire for the aid they sent to help clean-up Okinawa.
    • Finland says 'your welcome' and vows to help, aid, and protect Nippon at any time, in any situation.
    • Russia apologizes for not being able to help with Okinawa because of needing to deal with a plague at home ...
    • No worries Russia, Nippon understands. Nippon also apologize to all of the nations which had been affected by plagues and famines for not helping, but we had our own problems.
  • The Greater Korean Empire continues to modernize their military, as well as their civilian and government infrastructure. They also continue sending aid to Nippon to help with the tsunami.
  • The Settlement of Siberia continues, with many people wanting ot move to Sahalin. the first Russian settlement on the island is named Sahalinsk (please correct me if I'm wrong but I think that the distance is small enough for Sahalin not be considered a colony). Meanwhile, a man named Emilian Pugaches surges inear orenburg and starts up a little rebellion, claiming to be the late husband of Catherine-Peter III. This cossack's revolt gains lots of support amongst the poorer people and Holops (indentured workers). He takes Penza in late December, and begins to march on Kazan. Meanwhile, preparations for the wedding of Paul and Princess Jean of France continue (if France wants this to continue, their princess must convert to Orthodoxy. It's the Russian law ... sorry).
  • The colony in Bangka is expanded and many Bruneian Hindus immigrate to the area. The Bruneian military grows after a propaganda program is implemented. Brunei begins to send secret support to anti-colonial movements in India.


  • The unrest in Bengal subsides but minor uprisings against the Brandenburgs continue especially in Munich. The Swedish famine finishes win a few thousand deaths. Whilst the Bengali famine results in 11 million dying as it reaches its end. Meanwhile, the state formed on the territory of Gao expands.
  • The Vietnamese continue to expand their New Vietnam colony southward by 76*50 sq km. The successor to the first Taiwanese leader, who led the country like a virtual dictator like his predecessor, is deposed and executed in a coup mounted by the supporters of a truly democratic Taiwanese government. The first democratically elected Premier is a former Taipei University professor named Bo Hao. Premier Hao is sworn in as Premier on the steps of the Federal Mansion in Taipei.
  • Persia continues to build up their army for an invasion of the last independent Indian states. New Tehran is expanded by 75x50 sq mi. Persia asks Russia for industrial technologies for modernizing its economy. They also ask an alliance from the ACC.
    • Zagoria is taking a perhaps permanent break, save for perhaps an occasional post now and then he said. The AGC isn't going to be able to respond.
  • Naples continues to send massive quantities of aid to the Anglo-German Commonwealth in order to maintain that nation's existence, for they fear if it breaks apart the Hussites and Waldensians may break out of the Swiss and Czech minorities and dominate Germany. Meanwhile, Naples continues to ship slaves to Ricasolia, expanding the colony by 3000 sq km.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure. Finland also expands Hyvinkää 250 km inward and expands Kōshi by 250 km. A Finnish artist decides to paint a black/dark brown hair, dark red eyes, red and white dress, red bow tied to her hair, and has a gohei. That painting becomes popular in Finland, and many Finns enjoyed it.
  • While the steam-powered ship continues to developed in Constantinople, the armament "industry" continues growing in Hungary, and the military is updated. Meanwhile, Newfoundland expands on its central part. Oroszlán expands 2750 sq km.
  • I had to put my post back here, because when Von Glusenberg (or Yankovic) tried to take the posts regarding Japan mistaking Koshi for Kochi, he (I'm pretty sure that it was by accident), erased my post as well.
  • Sweden sends aid to Germany as instability may cause unrest in Denmark or Flanders. Sweden upgrades its military and expands New Sweden by 3050 sq km right along the coast.
  • China expands their Mexican holdings along Baja northwards 3800 sq km.
  • Nippon expands her Karafuto colony by by 800 sq km as another warlord in Karafuto is defeated, and his territory is annexed. The Nipponese military is amped up too, and Nippon also asks Russia not to colonize Karafuto/Sakhalin island.
    • mabe we can cut out a north/south deal?
    • Nippon wants all of Karafuto since it used to be part of the Nipponese home islands until 1629 when the nation fell into disarray. Nippon are simply trying to rebuild their nation to the glory days before 1629.
  • People in the more egalitarian cities of the Gulf Coast cities begin to consider philosophy and it is here that true democratic ideas begin to emerge. A few call for a drastic reform to the Union Body's government that introduces a universal vote for all above 21. Most simply call for an abolition of the stranglehold that the military holds on government.
  • Brunei expands its Bangka colony and its land forces. The Bruneian military begins to expand the nation south into central Borneo assimilating native tribes along the way forcing them to convert to Hinduism or Islam most choose Hinduism as it is similar to their tribal religions.
  • Pugachev's little revolt gets put down after he captures kazan and catherine, in fear of pugachev, catherine even orders a ship in the ports of st petersburg to take her to france at a moments notice. but however, her best general, Suvorov manages to capture him in a manner aking to OTL. this revolt prompts catheine to officialy ban the ownership of holops/slaves, and start enforcing it. Novorossiya expands 9000 km.


Principia Moderni Map 1775
Principia Moderni Map 1775 Key

Rioting in several major Southern AGC cities begin as communication is lost with the royal familiy in Portsmouth. This is due to a flu epidemic sweeping across England. Officals in Northern Germany manage to contain the flu strain as it has arrived in some ships. The state formed on the territory of Gao expands. Meanwhile, a state, known as Argungu, forms in former Hausa territory.

The Area Naples bought from Sweden still hasn't been added to the map.
  • Naples continues to send as much aid as they can to the AGC, and asks all nations they are allied with to do so as well. Meanwhile, Naples' colony of Ricasolia expands by 3000 sq km. Ricasolia now is 80% slave, 20% free. The slaves are primarily Miscuglios, a race made from a mixture of European, African, Arab, and Native. The free citizens are Catholic, but the slaves worship the religion of Jabran, a religion made from combining Islamic, Christian, Native Religions, and African religions.
  • The Vietnamese continue expanding their New Vietnam colony southwards by 76*50 sq km. The Vietnamese have finished their last colonial expansion for the forseeable future. The Vietnamese and their Taiwanese vassals start expanding their military in preparation for a future war with a as of yet unspecified nation.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure. Finland also expands Hyvinkää 250 km inward and expands Kōshi by 250 km. Finland tries industrialisation, but it fails massively, as the Finns don't know what to do, so its abandoned. Meanwhile, the same artist gets an idea and draws the black/dark brown hair, dark red eyes, red and white dress, red bow tied, gohei-wielding lady fighting off against a metal witch (which is supposed to be represent industrialisation). That painting also becomes popular, and the Finnish government sees it and decides to adopt the gohei-wielding lady as a national personification of Finland, in which the Finnish artist is honoured.
  • New Tehran is expanded by 50x50 sq mi. Persia continues to build and modernize its army to invade the remaining Indian states. The Persian fleet contacts Brunei, and asks them for an alliance and trade agreemnets. They also contact Finland, and also ask them for an alliance and trade agreements.
  • Persia invading Persian states?
  • Oops. I meant Indian states.
  • You only border one state, you can only attack that one. Look at the map.
  • Hungary sends aid to Brandenburg, to avoid unrest in areas close to the Brandenburgian border. Industrialization continues, and slowly, Herczog's steam engine start to be used in the Pozsony area. Meanwhile, the steam-powered boat continues to be built in Constantinople, but no great advances are made. Meanwhile, Newfoundland continues expanding, and Namib expands 2750 sq km.
  • Sweden stops aid to the AGC as Sweden views it as a lost cause and also as the famine has ended. They instead help the Northern German authorities to contain the flu epidemic and help them stop any English ships from arriving in continental Europe to contain the epidemic. The military is expanded and New Sweden expands 9150 sq km inland in a southern direction.
    • The Pope tells Sweden that they should start helping the Catholic government of the AGC in order to stop unrest among the Protestant and Schmittist minorities. He tells them so very forcefully.
  • Nippon tells Russia that they don't want to divide Karafuto, as until 1629 it was part of the Nipponese nation, and Nippon wants control over areas with majority Nipponese ethnic groups. In exchange for Russia relinquishing all claims to Karafuto/Sakhalin Island, Nippon offers Russia an alliance (which if you are ever at war Nippon will send you military aid unless it is against another Nipponese ally then Nippon shall remain neutral and offer no help to either side), trade deal, and trading post in Niigata. Nippon expands Karafuto by 800 sq km, and expands Kamochatoka by 750 sq km as well this year.
  • The colony in west africa expands. Itsaygahi's radical philosophers split into Racialist and Classist. The Racialists believe the Africans to be inferior and wish to subordinate class divisions to an extension of control over the unfortunate slaves. The Classists regard slavery as repugnant, but are less popular amongst the political class due to their wish to level society and make it serve all.
  • China expands 3800 sq km along the Gulf Coast of Mexico. More tribes are subjugated and the warriors are shot.
  • Brunei expands the Bangka island colony by 350 sq km and continues to push into Central Borneo
  • Siberia settlement continues.


Rioting continues in the German States and spreads outward. Minorites attempt to declare independence as word reaches Germany that majority of the Royal familiy has died. The cause is yet unknown. The flu epidemic subsides but thousands have died. Meanwhile, Onguayal has nearly doubled in size, expanding in all directions (except towards Manoa). The other large nation in the South American continent, the Ge Empire, also expands in all directions somewhat.

  • Naples sends massive amounts of aid to Germany, under the promise that the commonwealth with Britain is kept. The Pope calls upon all Catholics to send aid to maintaining the Catholic Commonwealth, saying Catholic nations who do not send aid are false Christians. As even more slaves arrive, Ricasolia expands by 3000 sq km. Meanwhile, a man named Cambio di Pablo, who was visiting the Neapolitan ally of Hungary, copies down many notes regarding the strange steaming contraptions found there.
  • The Vietnamese and Taiwanese continue to expand their military in prepaaration for the top-secret war. The Vietnamese begin funding nationalist movements in parts of Anglo-Germany, as the Vietnamese are dismayed and disgusted at the Anglo-German government's inaction in face of the recent flu epidemic. The Vietnamese set up nationalist movements in Bavaria, Prussia, Austria, Bohemia and Wales. The reason being is that these regions have disliked Portsmouth's domination over their affairs. The Welsh in particular want to mirror their Scottish brethren in declaring a republic, as they have become sick to death of the oppressive and unattentive Anglo-German monarchy.
  • New Tehran expands by 50x50 sq mi. The resources and military used for the invasion of India is redirected to an invasion of Shahzrur, as they decide to postpone the invasion for a while. THey ask Russia to sell Kazakhstan to Persia for ten billion rubles.
    • Yeah ... no. You have nowhere near enough colonies to expand 2500 sq mi in one turn. Also, there's no way you could afford that much money, at least not without destroying your nation's entire economy. This is your last warning, next time I see any implausibility, I'll vote for your next ban to be much, much longer.
  • Nipponese forces in Karafuto defeat another warlord and expand the colony by 800 sq km. Kamochatoka expands by 750 sq km, too, as a large number of poor villagers move to Kamochatoka to start a new life for themselves. The Imperial Nipponese Navy also reach the Mariana Islands and make contact with the local Chamorro people on the islands. After some negotiations with a local chieftain, the chieftain agrees to become an ally of Nippon and has his Chiefdom become a vassal of Nippon; thus creating the Nipponese Vassal State of Chamoru. Nippon supplies Chamoru with weapons so that they may go and annex the rest of the Mariana Islands into Chamoru.
  • Sweden sends aid to Northern Germany as the civil order in the AGC starts to break down. The Swedish military is expanded and so is Asgard by 9150 sq km. An alliance is offered to Nippon as Finnish traders talk of the amazing treasures of the land and the abundance of trade available.
    • Nippon accepts the Swedish alliance.
  • The armament "industry" continues growing. Meanwhile, in India, certain groups start to claim for more autonomy from the Hungarian crown. Meanwhile, Hungary keeps sending aid to Brandenburg. In the end of the year, the King Louis falls very ill. Oroszlán expands 2750 sq km and Newfoundland continues expanding.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure. Finland also expands Hyvinkää 250 km inward and expands Kōshi by 250 km. Meanwhile, the Karelians in the Karelia province of Finland try industrialisation, and becomes a success. The rest of Finland becomes horrified by this, but then they decide to accept it and praise the Karelians for helping. Then, the Finnish government decide to call/name their recently adopted national personification (the gohei-wielding lady), Suomi-neito [Finnish Maiden].
  • A Marcher Lord, traditionally given a fairly loose hand and practically mercenaries anyway, travels with his Legion to Wales. He had become enamoured with the Classist ideals of Itsaygahan Republicanism. As soon as he landed in Wales, he vowed that he and his army would not rest until he had established a free Republic. He is nicknamed Madoc the Indian after the Welsh King who travelled to America. The Itsaygahan government officially repudiates Madoc and declare him to be a renegade. This does not stop radicals in Itsaygahi from declaring him to be an ideological hero.
  • Mainland China industrializes and works on its infrastructure this year.
  • Persia's colony in New Tehran expands by 50x50 sq mi. They continue to build and modernize its military needed for invading Shahzrur. They ask Hungary to cooperate in a project that will cut the Sinai Peninsula and help ships sace time trying to reach Asia.
    • What the heck?! You only get one post per turn, what are you doing?
    • Oh oops. My bad. I thought this was the next year. Please forgive me.
  • Brunei agrees to the Persian deals and once again expands their Bangka colony. More trade outposts are set up in Bali and Java the islands become even more lucrative after the Bruneians discover how well coffee, rice, and fruit grow in the rich volcanic soil.
  • The United African Allies sends aid to the Anglo-German Commonwealth, and sends troops their (to test out new weapons), and to keep order and stability. Makuria joins the United Africa Allies.\
  • A royal wedding takes place in Russia, Tesarevich Paul and ORTHODOX Princess Jeane of France are wed. a large celebration of peace between the two nations. The newlyweds are given the title Duke and Duchess of Holstein. THe RZhK fails to create a railroad system, and another, competing rail company is started called RZhD. RZhD Starts building its first rail line between Riga and Villnus, as they are closish and further from the Petersburg-Novgorod RZhK line. The two capitals now have rail systems. THe idea of the two-piston engine is adopted by many factories across Russia and it speeds up production quite a bit. Catherine makes it mandatory for every soldier to get vaccinated from Smallpox so that the enemy cant battle with biological warfare against the Russians.


The Anglo-German Commonwealth sees a major revolt in England with mass civil revolts and riots across England and Wales. The royal familly flees to Hamburg by ship where it is revealed that a group blew up one of their castles in England during the flu epidemic in anger; killing most of the royal family. Only a few minor royals and the Emperor's son survived. England splits from the AGC and the Helvetic Confederation also declares independence from the AGC. AGC troops are ambushed on the way south by a large group Saxonian nationalists.

  • Naples, tired of sending aid to Germany, ends the aid to that nation with great sorrow. The Tamilians, fearing Persia, manage to convince Benvolio III to send military aid to Shahrzur in order to halt further Persian expansion. Ricasolia is expanded by 2000 more sq km, with all the new resources being sent back to Naples, improving the economy. Meanwhile, Cambio di Pablo has made a steam engine of his own, although currently it is just an odd curiosity.
  • The Shogun vows to the Emperor of Nippon, that he will return Nippon to the glory days before the great rioting revolution in 1629. Shogun Tokugawa Ieharu declares war on all of the feuding warlords of Karafuto, and declares all of Karafuto will all be part of the Nipponese nation once again. The Shogun appoints Tanuma Okitsugu as Commander of the Karafuto invasion force, and he begins to wage war against the warlords. The first year of the campaign succeeds in gaining 2000 sq km of territory for Nipponese Karafuto. Elsewhere Chamoru expands using the supplied Nipponese weaponry to defeat rival tribes in the Mariana Islands.
    • You do know Karafuto is close enough to not be a colony, right? So you could probably expand more than just colonial expansion, in fact, you could just say the Nipponese there chose to rejoin their homeland and take it all in one turn. I don't know if the Kamchatka settlement is too far away to be part of the main nation, but it doesn't seem that far away, especially if you own the islands in between you could probably expand that (plausibly) without the colonial rules as well.
    • The plan was to colonize Karafuto and then let the colony join Nippon proper. But if I can expand quicker when Karafuto isn't a colony then I'll do that. I'll join the colony to the home nation next turn. But I'm not sure about Kamchatka just yet, I'm using it as a sort of penal colony but maybe it'll join the nation too eventually. Thanks for the heads up :) -VG
  • Hungary's economy continues growing. Meanwhile, the steam-powered boat project is ended, as the ships, at best, only can navigate inside the Mediterranean, and the remaining ones are used on navigation through the Greek islands. Meanwhile, after Ethiopia's annexing of Makuria, Egypt updates its military, and puts its troops in alert, fearing a Ethiopian invasion. Meanwhile, King Louis dies, but since his son, Károly, is only seven years of age, Louis, older sister, Mária Teréz, assumes the throne as regent, until Károly becomes 21 years old, in 1791. With the death of Louis, the Council of Nobles proposes to stop sending aid to Brandenburg, as various European nations sent aid, and since it did nothing, reportedly, there is no point on sending aid other than military. The Queen regent agrees. Neos Preveza expands 2750 sq km.
  • Sweden sends aid to Northern Germany, in particular funding the Prussians to overthrow the AGC. The Swedish military expands. Construction of the BOS railink begins at Stockholm. Asgrad expands by 9150 sq km.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure. Finland also expands Hyvinkää 250 km inward and expands Kōshi by 250 km. The Karelians from the Karelia Province begins to help other provinces in Finland and teaches them about industrialisation, and also helps them get industrialised too. Soon, some Finns get the hang of it. The Finnish artist paints Seppo Ilmarinen teaching the Suomi-neito about the metals, with a factory in the distance. It becomes popular quickly, and helps convince a few more Finns to also join in.
  • Madoc the Indian travels across southern Wales, raising an army of Wels peasant militias to march alongside his Janissaries. He holds an election in Cardiff, and Owain Gruffydd, one of Madoc's soldiers is proclaimed Princeps of Cambria. Madoc is annointed the Lord General and leads the Cambrian Republic's soldiers. Madoc aims to make Wales an independent republic. The Union Body continues to condemn Madoc, though the Marcher Lords mutter about bringing Wales into Itsaygahi as a Marcher Province all but independent of Itsaygahi but within it anyway. Elsewhere, the colony in Africa is expanded.
  • The Vietnamese and Taiwanese continue to expand their military in preparation for their upcoming war. The Vietnamese continue their funding of the various independence movements in the AGC, as the see the nation's dissolution as inevitable. The Vietnamese send envoys to the various separatist nations in hopes of gaining good relations when they are fully independent. The focus attention on the Welsh, and some are hoping to turn Welsh into a client state of Vietnam.
  • Turan works on its military.
  • Brunei annexes more territory in central Borneo and begins preparing their navy for war and expanding their ground forces.
  • Settlement of Siberia continues. Russian military is upgraded and industrial buildup speeds up all across Russia at an exponential rate. RzhD is half finished its first rail line as train stations and locomotives finish construction in both riga and Villnus. Vladivostok and Nikolaevsk start competing in the shipbuilding industry. Gold and precious gems are struck in the chukotka by early pioneers. the Tsarina, hearing of this orders the construction of of a city named Ukrainevsk (note the name "Ukraine" actually comes from the old Russian-Slavic word for "frontier" or "borderland"). this city is where now many of the settlers will be headed to work in the mining industry. A Katorga (work camp) is also ordered to be constructed alongside the city. Nicolaevsk is the closest Port city to Ukrainevsk. this expands Russia's Pacific Coast holdings, and not its east-west holdings (Ukrainevsk is more inland to be closer to mines). A collaborative groop of Nicolaevan people decide to conglomerate and form a rail company, using metal from the Ukrainevan mines to construct. The company's planned name is RTOZhD (Russkaya Tiho-Okeanskie Zhileznye Dorogi: Russian Pacific Rail).
  • Restrictions on the size of Makuria and Bale, in the United African Allies are placed, again to prevent any one state from becoming more powerful. Roads are built through new areas as people from the state of Ethiopia migrate to less populated states in the UAA (such as Bale). UAA troops in the Anglo-German Commonwealth start facing massive difficulties and many troops are pulled from the territory.
  • Persia's colony in New Tehran expands by 5x5 sq mi. They continue to build and modernize its military needed for invading Shahzrur. They ask Hungary to co-operate in a project that will cut the Sinai Peninsula and help ships sace time trying to reach Asia.
    Bale and makuria

    The UAA as of 1778


The AGC swiftly strikes down on the independence movements in central and western Germany. Austria follows the example of the Helvetic Confederation and declares independence as the AGC is occupied in the Saxonian movement which they consider as the largest and therefore the most dangerous. Wales manages to gain a shaky independence due to the chaos in the rest of the AGC, although English troops still fight them.

Saxony is in Central Germany, to the west of Brandenburg too, if they struck it down how could it be the most dangerous? Also, I added the Welsh movement because they were getting so much help.
Ok, thanks for the Welsh movement, I had forgotten in my rush. The AGC are in the process of striking down the Saxonan independence movement as it is the largest and most organized.
  • The Vietnamese and Taiwanese continue to expand their military in preparation for the upcoming war. The Vietnamese, offended by the AGC's brutal response to the crisis, begins funneling a supply of arms to the various breakaway states forming in the remains of Anglo-Germany. Most Vietnamese weapons makers are so angered by Anglo-German brutality that the muskets sold by them are so cheap that they are practically free. They also send small groups of military advisors to aid the rebels in attaining independence. These advisors are experts in the irregular style of combat used against them by the Malays in their war of independence.
  • Nippon's invasion of Karafuto continues, and Shogun Tokugawa Ieharu is pleased with the Karafuto Reclamation war's progress and is very confident of Nipponese victory. So much so, that he has the current Nipponese controlled Karafuto colony join Nippon proper as Karafuto prefecture with Tanuma Okitsugu as its Daimyo. Commander Tanuma Okitsugu thanks the Shogun for giving his clan control over a prefecture and making him a Daimyo; and shows his appreciation by stepping up the rate of Nipponese expansion-annexation of the island.
  • Persia makes contact with Vietnam once again, proposing a rice-wheat trade agreement. Vietnam would export rice to Persia while Persia exports wheat to Vietnam. THey continue modernizing, expanding, and improving their irrigation systems. All kinds of crops are grown with water-saving irrigation methods and new crops allows a variety of foods. New Tehran is expanded by 5x5 sq mi. They continue to build up and expand their military to destroy and conquer Shahzrur. They send peacekeepers to Europe to calm the violent situation down, and asks all the countries involved in the chaos mto work on a peace settlement.
    • It might just be easier to look at the chart and choose numbers there, you have one colony so you can expand 400 sq km, way more than just 25 so you will grow much faster.
    • Sorry, I am very inexperienced in this. I thought if I did it, you'd be raging on me for implausibility.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure. Finland also expands Hyvinkää 250 km inward and expands Kōshi by 250 km. The Karelians continues to help, and the rest of Finland is now undergoing industrialisation, as more Finns get the hang of it and begin to do so. Finnish mythology also is rediscovered and becomes popular again. Meanwhile, some more Finns in colonies convert to Shinto, while a few Finns opt for the Finnish Mythology.
  • Naples continues to improve their economy through importations from the colonial empire, creating an increasingly large middle class. Cambio di Pablo's steam engine has attracted some curious aristocrats, who consider funding an experimental factory. Urbanization begins, with Naples still being the largest city by far, with Palermo the next largest, followed then by Rome and then by Caligari. Speaking of expansion, Ricasolia expands 3000 sq km once again.
  • According to the previous posts, the name of the guy was Cambio, not Carlo.
  • Ah, I must have mistyped.
  • The regent receives the offer from persia, but replies syaing that the Shah's project is unfeasible, as not only the Sinai is territory of Arabia, but making a channel through the Sinai is praticly impossible. Meanwhile, Hungary's economy continues growing. Troops are put on the Brandenburgian borders to avoid unrest on the Hungarian areas which border them. Meanwhile, the groups who try to achieve independence gain support on India, most specifically on Goa. Meanwhile, in the southern part of Magyar Del-Amerikabán, the government of the province of Uruguay signs a treaty with the Charrúa people. Meanwhile, Newfoundland continues expanding. Namib expands 2750 sq km south.
  • China finally reaches stage II of industrialization after nearly 78 years of urbanization and cultural renewal. There is much rejoicing
  • You do not announce industrialization like that. It is too artificial. There are guidlines on the talk page.
  • Sweden strengthens its military and expands Asgard by 9150 sq km. Forces are deployed to the Flander and Danish borders.
  • Can I take over the AGC? DeanSims 16:10, January 14, 2012 (UTC)
  • 1. The AGC is going to be reduced to Brandenburg. 2. Don't you already control the Incan-Columbian Republic?
  • I will drop my control of the ICR if I can take over the AGC. DeanSims 16:28, January 14, 2012 (UTC)
  • The only time that a user switched nations was because he got inactive, and then Brandenburg annexed his nation, and he had to take a new nation when he came back after a long time. I highly doubt that switching nations is allowed out of this.
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  • Russian Settlement of Siberia continues, and the Colony of Canada expands 9000 km on the gaspezie. Russian army is given new weapons, as the cycle of use comes to an end, and the Russians sell those Penza rifles to the AGC to keep the peace. Industrialization starts to rapidly pick up in most cities, now because of urbanization, the population of Moscow reaches 700,000 again after the plague. Industrial centers around the nation are switching to more efficient versions of their materials. Steel mills and sawmills are built around the nation. Quality of life slightly goes up after a strike in Kiev. Many cities followed in its example. This urged better healthcare and wages. THis somewhat succeded. Population census is sceduled to happen in 1780.


The state formed on Gao teritory continues expanding. Another state, called Zanfara, forms next to Argungu. The AGC continues fighting but has lost the HC, Austria, England and Wales.

  • Industrialization continues. Meanwhile, the model of steam engine invented by Herczog gains popularity, in some cites, suplanting the old model. More troops are sent to southern Egypt, because of the Makurian expansion. The military on Egypt is updated. Newfoundland continues expanding and Dél-Afrika expands 2750 sq km.
  • The colony of New Tehran expands by 10x40 sq mi. They begin to send expeditions around New Tehran to establish new colonies. Eventually, they find an island there (where OTL Belem sits), and decide to call the island New Persia. They also send expeditions to the Amazon River to discover what's in store. The Persian military is upgraded and increased to take down Shahzrur. They begin to expand and improve their navy. They also send an expedition to the island of Singapore, where they try to locate a possible pit stop to Asian countries.
  • You can only create one colony at a time and two every 50 years.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure. Industrialisation also continues throughout Finland. Finland also expands Hyvinkää 250 km inward and expands Kōshi by 250 km. Meanwhile, some of Nipponese culture and Finnish culture are starting to undergo 'fusion' as a few Finns decide to keep both. More Shinto shrines are built in the mainland and colonies, and a new Orthodox Church is built somewhere the Ostrobothnia province.
  • Nippon continues to expand into Karafuto as the Karafuto Reclamation war rages on. All this fighting also gives the Nipponese Army some much needed experience and lots of opportunities to test out new tactics; which amps up the military. Chamoru expands, too.
  • The Marcher Lords speak up for Madoc in the Union Body, as do many of the Classist Radicals. This union of divergent interests carries enough weight for Itsaygahi to recognise the efforts of Madoc the Indian. Many of the more minor Marcher Lords as well as poorer Charter Port Princes raise armies and head to Wales to join their brethren. These new armies join together under Lord General Madoc, who is now waging war against the English nation rather than simply the AGC. Madoc and Owain intend to pull as much of England as possible into Wales. Two armies are created, on going into the borders, the other heading into the West Country. Back home, the war in Wales is trumpeted by Radicals and Imperialists alike. Moves begin to be made to strengthen the feudal ties of Marcher Lord to the Union Body and secure Wales as a vassal of Itsaygahi.
  • Improvements to the Neapolitan economy continue as trade picks up, as does urbanization Cambio di Pable builds the first experimental textile factory, but many laugh at the idea of it ever replacing the old cottage system. In order to facilitate more trade, more resources from Ricasolia are needed, so the island colony is expanded 2000 sq km for more land for growing cash crops.
  • Turan works on its military. In an effort to convert the heathen, Turan lands 400,000 bashibazouk in newly independent Wales. The Ottoman Empire and Mesopotamia send their military support.
    • Wales is already on its way to being vassalized by Itsaygahi, you will go to war with them if you attack Wales, and Naples will aid Itsaygahi.
    • I meant not to offend a brother Islamic nation. Turan will switch its conversion efforts to Bulgaria. (War with Bulgaria)
    • Better, and Naples already has given up on helping Bulgaria (and doesn't care as much since they are Orthodox) so they won't help Bulgaria this time.
  • The Vietnamese and Taiwanese continue expanding their military for the upcoming war.
  • Sweden develops its military and expands Asgard by 9150 sq km.
  • Russain industrial levels start slowly rising, as more factories are built and more people feel the need to come to the city to have better wages, but some decide to stay in the country. Mass settlement of Siberia continues, as people travel to planned towns in Chukotka and Kamchatka. More settlements are made along Sahalin, and the Tsarina gives an official copy of Tsar Alexi I's declaration of claim over the island of Sakhalin and the Kurils. Alaska expands by 2000 km, New Zealand, 3000.