The Haudenosaunee

1715-1717 1750-1763 1770-1775


For the last 33 years Leonez has been pretty stable in the east. Disputes between the Haudenois and Leonians in the inner part of the continent have come and the Lahkota Federation is still on a border race west with Louisiana. Nueva España has expanded very far into the northern California region and the Texas border is always being pushed by the Spaniards.

Britain has taken a hard beating in Leonez and soon they lose interest in it, Newfoundland will be let go eventually and The Empire will pay more attention to elsewhere in the world. “India is asking for a pounding” they think (similar timing for OTL)

France already has a head start on Britain, West Indy settlements and trading posts are being set up. France has also won a few small campaigns against Spain in Tifransisco, the French Guinea colonies are established and a few of the Caribbean islands are conquered from the natives. Western Hispanolia was also bought by the French and named Haiti.

The Leonian government, having failed the people so phenomenally, is starting to slip. Economic growth is falling and civil strife is beginning to form. Some speculate a civil war before the century’s end. Spain’s empire continues to slowly decay, Texas territory and the Californian Colonies have been granted dominion much like Mezico was in 1654.

NA 1750north

NA 1750south


The Seven Years War. Britain had a greater number of troops because of fewer Leonez holdings requiring them (although their total number of soldiers was also lower because there was less territory needing them). France had not as many more soldiers than OTL because they were not missing as much territory compared to OTL than Britain. Because of virtually no British presence on continental Leonez, and little hostility from the Haudenois, France did not feel the need to seek out buyers for the Louisiana Territories. BUT, since Britain had more troops available in Europe the amphibious attack on Rochefort and other amphibious raids on France had greater success and therefore there were more than in OTL. France did not bother planning an invasion of Britain while dealing with these. France lost the Battle of Villinghausen a bit worse than OTL (France’s attacks on Lippstadt were halted faster). In the Caribbean, Britain captured Guadeloupe, Martinique, and Dominica(Dominica was not captured not OTL). France was removed from India.

In the Treaty of Paris: France’s Saint Pierre and Miquelon islands near Nova Scotia were surrendered to the Haudenois; France lost Granada and St. Thomas to Britain; European borders were returned to ‘status quo ante bellum’. All in all, the war had little effect on the world. As one historian called it, “Beyond the inevitable adjustments in the way diplomats would think of Prussia as a player in European politics, six years of heroic expenditure and savage bloodshed had accomplished exactly nothing” France’s political position and stability was not all that greatly influenced, but it was influenced in a negative way.

1715-1717 1750-1763 1770-1775

The Haudenosaunee

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