Principia Moderni Map 1720
Principia Moderni Map 1720 Key

A powerful lord calls a meeting of Ethiopian lords to discuss the possibility of electing an emperor. The lords are appointed to a council and elect Bakaffa, of the Solomonic royal line, as emperor. His male descendants are sent to Wehni, and he is crowned. Meanwhile, the Pahang Kingdom makes a successful break from the Empire of Vietnam. The amount of support is large that most of the cities south of Narathiwat and north of Sumatra declare independence and opt for the protection of Pahang in return for incorporation into the kingdom.

  • Itsaygahi has been expanding south in Florida for many turns now, and since they got that grey portion down there that the Mamluks rule, they now should hold all of Florida, yet the map has not been updated at all for decades despite their expansion through there. Also, maybe Finland should be the color of Armenia, as Russia already has two Vassals (Kazakhstan and Livonia) and Finland would be loser controlled, like Armenia (also, since the Finns are making their own colonies, it would make it easier to distinguish them apart)
  • About Talagi on Florida: I forgot and Finland ain't a puppet state of Russia, like Armenia. Both are united, like the Kalmar Union, and the Kalmar Union had the same colors for all the countries. I asked DK if I could make Finland/Russia the same colors, and he said yes.
  • I guess it would be up to Kogasa in this case.
  • Naples expands Ricasolia 1550 sq km from the eastern part of the island along the southern coast. Meanwhile, the Crusade is declared officially over, with the majority of the Neapolitan forces returning home, although some remain in Jerusalem to calm down the disorderly people there. Meanwhile, the Papal states have begun to improve their infrastructure and economy, although Naples proper is still much more advanced,
  • The French parliament votes for end the war. The king Alphonse dies from an infected arrow, leaving the throne to his adopted son, Jean Bertrand, or Jean III, who is declared King of the French and titular King of Egypt (the Kingdom of Egypt will not be created until the Second Crusade). The Caliphate of Arabia, with capital in Mecca, is declared, and Beyazid I of Algeria becomes its caliph. The duke Pierre of Terre de Feu and Malouinas expands his domains 2300 sq km. The Hajj is celebrated this year between the Algerians, Arabians and Islamic allies. Clandestine missionaries cross the frontiers with the Neapolitan domains and start the conversion and rescue of Sunni Muslims, urging them to fight against the oppressive anti-Sunni government (the rebellions are urged by non-government missionaries). The duke Pierre starts to create trade routes with Tsalagi and Naples.
  • Yemen expands north-west. The sultan is currently in a critical condition. He is very ill, and the medicine is not very improved in the country. He starts researching new types of medicine and asks for other countries to aid them with it. Two months later, the sultan is in a normal condition again, but he states that with medicine, he could heal up faster.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure. Finland also expands their new colony 50 km inward.
  • Persia declares it has conquered its share of the Mamuluk Empire. Persia declares military neutrality and asks its allies (the countries taking part in the Crusades, Russia, China, Hanthawaddy) to sign trade agreements to create an economic bloc.
  • The Greek troops remain on Egypt, although few advance is made by both parties. The provisional government of Egypt is replaced by a "definite" government, with Theodore being crowned King of Egypt, while still being a vassal of Hungary. Some ports on Hungary are reformed, while the army is upgraded. King Géza decides to re-implant a census on the colonies, since the last population information is outdated. In general, infrastructure and economy in Hungary improve. Meanwhile, the already dwindling trade with Venice ends, with Hungary cutting off all economic-diplomatic ties with Venice, although it continues to trade with the Crusader states. Neos Preveza expands 1950 sq km inland and south on the peninsula on the west side of Megalos limni. Uruguay expands 800 sq km north.
  • The Anglo-German Commonwealth finally completes the building of the Palace in Maidenhead, and Frederick I orders his court to move there permanently. This dissatisfies many, who regard Portsmouth as a better capital. Meanwhile, with their new navy, the Commonwealth founds a new colony in Milne Bay, Papua. Finally, the civil service is revised and expanded.
  • Sweden and Scotland develop their militaries. Thorlaand expands 3050 sq km to the east finally linking the two colonies. The are combined into the colony of New Scandinavia.
  • The Vietnamese continue to expand their military for the upcoming Korean War.
  • Spain continues upgrading its military and infrastructure, and sends envoys to the Anglo-German Commonwealth asking for an alliance
  • Russia continues to work on the pan-continental highway. All of Siberia is officially declared Russian rightful Russian territory. Peter agrees to the "highway" project, and proposes economic co-operation between China, Persia and Russia. Peter proposes six year terms for Finnish elections. Of course, this is all up to the first Diet to decide. The New civil services are laid out their duties. Peter Officially names his wife Catherine his successor. Russian America expands 3050 km sq.
  • China expands its Mexican holdings up the Western coast by 1200 sq km.


Marseille in Burgundy is struck by plague destabilizing the nation by 100 points. Meanwhile the Hungarian colony in OTL Boston is hit by smallpox, stopping all colonization.

  • Naples has solidified its control over Jerusalem, and King Biondello and Queen Lucentia, reunited after a long separation in the war, have their first child, who they name Romeo after the founder of the Entori dynasty in Naples. Meanwhile, they improve the infrastructure of Naples a great deal, due to the recent decrease in the quality of the infrastructure of the nation. Ricasolia is expanded by 800 sq km along the southern coast from the east.
  • Persia asks several western countries to adopt war technologies and asks for trade relations. It also asks Russia and China to build a highway with Persia to connect the three countries.
  • The Vietnamese continue on their campaign of military expansion in preparation for the upcoming war. The Vietnamese approach the King of Pahang with an an offer of alliance. The Vietnamese will acknowledge Pahang as a fully independent kingdom in exchange for a non-aggression pact. They also sweeten the pot by offering a very lucrative trade agreement and the traditional gift (throne and crown jewels).
  • Yemen expands north-west and also works on researching new types of weapons, other than spears and bows.
  • Islamic rebellions intensify in Hanthawaddy, with a new set of rebellions among those in Burma who wish to return to the "old Hanthawaddy" rather than the shining new cities of Central Bengal. Only Chauhhpiu escapes the violence. Gaganjit, after the occurrences in Vietnam, hopes to wait out the rebellions, but during the year the rebellions intensify. Under pressure from other members of the royal family, Gaganjit decides to launch an attack on the two major power bases at Bengalla (OTL Dhaka) and Aynwa (OTL Innwa), but they are ineffective. Toeh Ngoa Nyoing expands east 400 sq km from OTL Murmansk, as Toeh Ngoa Nyoing begins to show signs of dissent from the Mon crown.
  • Hungary updates its army. The Greek army is upgraded, along with the navy. Since various parts of territory on the Nile were already taken, the caravels constructed will be useful for a few months when Egypt resumes expansion. However, given the instability of the country, using the armies stationed there to continue expanding is virtually impossible. The first tests are made, with some of them reaching Cairo. However, is stated that only few cannons can be placed, with the consequence of slowing the ship down, and is unknown if they will be efficient on battle. Újfundlandi expands 3050 sq km on its main island.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure. Finland also expands their new colony 50 km inward. The Diet of Finland accepts Russia's proposal, but adds an extra year, having every seven years for Finnish election. There will also be no limit for how many times one can run for Prime Minister in Finland.
  • The Anglo-German Commonwealth expands Wokenland southwards by 1200 sq km. After new sites of gold are discovered in the colony the government tries to take control, sending many ships to bring it back to Europe. One ship, coming into the bay (OTL Humboldt Bay) crashes into some rocks, which causes its shipload of gold to be drowned. This creates a legend of the wreck, and people walking along the bay will find washed up pieces of gold for decades. Meanwhile, the King-Emperor calls the Estates-General, and declares that it cannot be dismissed for more than a year at a time, making it a type of Parliament. Finally, the Spanish alliance is accepted.
  • France builds up its military, waiting a new war to expand the Colonial Empire. The Parliament gives representation to Haiti and Malouinas-Terre de Feu. The Council votes for initiate a new educational system: The school is divided in three periods: Primary (6 to 10 years), High School (10 to 16 years) and Final School (16 to 20 or 22); the education required by the government is divided in three branches: Science: Math and biology; Philosophy: Languages (French, Greek, Latin, Arab and Italian) and ancient philosophy; Law: Basic knowledge of politics, economy and military. In the colonies of Naples, the missionaries start risings against the government, claiming the acceptance of their cult. The caliph travels to Hanthwaddy to convince the rebels to lay down the weapons.
  • Is that elaborate an education system plausible at this time? Not many people (farmers) could afford to send their children to school until 22 (or even 16).
  • In Russia, Peter Continues to fight the corrupt people in power. Peter's "new men" start replacing the old nobility in positions of power, basing their high position on competence, rather than bloodright. More Military expansion occurs. A first prototype of the steam engine is brought to other places in central Russia. Penza rifling becomes quite popular, as it does not wear out easily. Research is done to find a bullet that better uses the rifling to be more accurate.
  • Sweden and Scotland upgrade their militaries. Sweden expands New Sweden by 2750 sq km along the coast to link the two mainland parts.
  • Spain continues upgrading its military and infrastructure.
  • China discovers a more efficient way to produce sniper rifles. The Chinese prepare to use snipers for practical use in the military. Meanwhile, the Mexican colony expands northwards on the eastern shores by 3500 sq km.


Famine hits Arabia weakening the remnants of the Mamluk Empire. Expansion is doubled in the Sultanate, Meanwhile the epidemics in Boston and Marseille cease at the end of the year.

  • Persia begins the road project with Russia and China. The project mostly focuses on the borders of the three nations so that they can be connected. Meanwhile, Persian diplomats go to Sweden and France to ask if they can have territories in the Persian Gulf (A.K.A. Bahrain, Qatar, OTL UAE, eastern borderline of Saudi Arabia that borders the Persian Gulf). It also asks Hanthawaddy to prepare for war against the Mughals.
  • You should ask France too, because the confirmed deal gives OTL UAE to them.
  • The Vietnamese expand their military in preparation for the upcoming Joseon War. Their vassals of Nippon and New Lithuania also make preparations for the coming war.
  • Naples: King Biondello is enraged that any dare to rebel against his rule! He sends the Neapolitan army into Jerusalem and Tunisia, with a mission to annihilate the rebellion within. The generals agree wholeheartedly with Biondello's ideas, and them begin to perpetrate a genocide in the colonies. They begin to torch Sunni Mosques and destroy Sunni villages, killing thousands with a bloodthirstiness rarely seen since the middle ages. Massive amounts of refugees poor into the areas surrounding these colonies, fleeing the Neapolitan destruction. Many Neapolitans have become sickened by this act the government and the Catholic church has done, and convert to Schmittism. They all travel to Istoias, which is expanded by 1550 sq km northward due to the massive amount of new colonists.
  • Yemen continues to expand north west by non-Mamluk territory. Yemen also continues to lay the newly researched road types, which are stronger than dirt-paved roads. Aden seaport is expanding quickly and is currently one of the biggest seaports in Arabia. They send their diplomats to Naples to create a trade route from Aden to their preferred seaport.
  • After hearing of the happenings on Jerusalem and Tunisia, with the excuse of that the government changed, Greece nullifies the non-aggression treaty signed some time ago, and cuts off diplomatic relations with Naples again. The theme of Tripolitania again returns to be a "military theme", with a part of the Greek army in alert there. While the Islamic ethos claims for immediate war. Constantine starts to mobilize the armies. However, he dies shortly after, leaving the throne to his son Michael. He, in turn, nullifies his father's actions, re-establishing diplomatic relations with Naples, but not with the Papal states, and doesn't look forward to re-establish the non-aggression pact, as he assumes that Naples is not open to negotiations. He also prohibits the entering of missionaries on the nation.various Catholics on the nation convert to Orthodoxy, while the Jewish community on the eastern part of the country increases in numbers. Meanwhile, a huge influx of refugees on Tripolitania is seen, and Greece tries to buy some land of the Swedish colony, due to the huge population on a rather small territory. Meanwhile, in Hungary, trying to avoid a war, King Géza pleads to Naples to not attack Tripolitania. Hungary's military continues to be upgraded, as no hope of making relations with Venice better is seen after five years. Instead of that, it only worsened. Egypt still is being rebuilt. Újfundlandi expands 1250 sq km inland on its main island and Uruguay expands 1800 sq km north along the coast.plans of merging Uruguay and Öböl resurface, given the new-found "proximity" of both colonies.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure. Finland also expands their new colony 50 km inward.
  • With Itsaygahi reaching a new height, Florida being entirely absorbed, the Huron becoming a cohesive kingdom sending tribute to the capital, and the Natchez being given the right to claim all land around the drainage basin of the Mixxixxippi west of the Ohayo by the Queen, and a new wave of expansion towards the Great Lakes, a new Golden Age is declared.
  • The king Jean expands the military, and he becomes the Gran Maester of the Order of Saint Robert. Meanwhile, the missionaries are still crossing the frontier and urging rebellions. Some mercenaries and militias, against the will of the Caliph, invade Tunisia, and some Mamluk soldiers, under the orders of the radical heir to the Caliphate, Selim, invade Jerusalem. Rumors of failed assassin trying to invade Rome and kill the Pope start circulate Italy. To fix the civil problem, the archbishop Jean Cardinal Bertrand of Avgnon and the caliph travel to Rome and offer the Pope and the King Biondello to annul the prohibition of the Sunnism. In case of asks its help, France will support Persia. The Caliph travels to Yemen and offers to the sultan the possibility of expand his frontiers invading the neighbor countries.
    • Yemen will not invade any peaceful and friendly countries, but the plans for invading Mrmluk Empire are raising.
  • China accepts the trade proposal with Russia and Persia. Several roads towards the Persian borders are constructed. Meanwhile, the Mexican colony expands northwards along the eastern shore by 3500 sq km.
  • The Emperor of Ethiopia begins drafting men to join its newly formalized military. While certainly still a military that will pose no threat to any major power, the army of Ethiopia will probably pose a challenge to nearby African states. Meanwhile, Ethiopia attempts to start diplomatic relations with Mamluk Egypt and Naples.
    • the Kingdom of Egypt wants to start diplomatic relations with Ethiopia.
  • Mamluk Egypt is in civil disarray, and thereby, has no player controlling it.
  • Sweden and Scotland develop their militaries. New Sweden expands by 2750 sq km. Sweden's brightest minds have finally cracked everything about the steam engines and have produced possible plans to produce them. However all attempts are failures.
  • Spain develops its navy and starts to upgrade its road systems.
  • Peter I Installs the Colegias or Ministries in Russia, many to help Run the Country, His wife Catherine is officially named co-Ruler with him and is named his successor. Peter names the head of the Russian senate the Ober-Procurator, technically making him the head of the government, with the little power it possessed. Russians continue to work on the Pan-Continental highway from Vilnius to Vladivostok. More roadwork occurs connecting Persia and China to Russia.


The Arabian famine ends but the effects linger on...

  • The Vietnamese and their vassals continue on their campaign of military expansion. The Vietnamese launch a naval blockade on mainland Joseon, severing the connection with their colonies. The Joseon Navy, weakened from decades of neglect and with a majority of its ships scrapped, stands little chance of breaking the blockade.
  • Persia: Persia manages to finish the road project within the country and is beginning to connect the highway with the Russians and Chinese. It also asks Hanthawaddy to establish trade relations through sea trade.
  • Yemen sends their diplomats to Persia, offering them a trade agreement: Will sell iron ore for leather. They also expand north-west.
  • Effects of the Neapolitan war continue in Greece. More refugees flee to Tripolitania, and the ensuing overpopulation leads Greece (via Hungary) to ask for buying territories of the neighboring Swedish colony and Tunisia. Meanwhile, the Hungarian King Géza dies, and is succeeded by his son Zoltán, crowned as Zoltán II. Neos Preveza expands 500 sq km inland west. Újfundladn és a Labrador expands 2550 sq km inland on its main island.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure. Finland also expands their new colony 50 km inward.
  • Ethiopia (much to its pleasant surprise) discovers Naples to be an almost fanatical zealous nation. The Emperor sends word to Naples, asking their support in an upcoming invasion of the Islamic nation of Sennar, to Ethiopia's west. They also make the same proposal to the Hungarians (whom they found in control of much of Egypt).
  • The Anglo-German Commonwealth, in an attempt to make their people more literate, decides to copy the French early education system. The schooling is free, but for farmers only goes up to 13 (as by this time children are needed as help in agriculture). City goers become much more educated, however, and their are questions whether ruling by 'Imperial Decree' is the best system.
    • I'm not the one to usually judge, but wasn't free public education for children a response to child labour in industrial factories? -Lx
  • The Russians Give the Secret to the Penza rifling to Finland, and the secret to the steam engine, as part of the Confederation. Peter Orders that each Gubernatorial Capital have at least two secondary schooling institutions. More and more iron mills appear in central Russia and one appears in Vilnius. So far the textile factory in Nizhny Novgorod remains the only one in Russia, let alone the world. Novorossiya expands 3000 km inland towards the great lakes, while Canada only does so 500 px inland. Russia is becoming a refuge for Muslims persecuted in Neapolitan colonies. Most settling in Kazakhstan Armenia or OTL Tatarstan.
  • France offers a cooperative education system to the Commonwealth, in which the both countries will share the new technologies, as expansion of the trade agreement. France will sell to the Commonwealth books and knowledge of the French and Arabs (like military strategies), plus some resources like Haitian sugar-free military training of the Commonwealth's recruits in French and Egyptian Army Schools, in exchange, the Commonwealth will share information and technologies with France. The French empire builds up its military. In the Parliament, Voltaire becomes Prime Minister, increasing the seats and powers of the people in the French policy. France offers to Yemen, Persia, Egypt (Hungary), Jerusalem (Naples) and Ethiopia create an organization to manage the trade and foreign relation in the Arabic Peninsula. The organization also will serve as support for the Islam and a fundamental pillar for the relationships between the Middle East countries. The missionaries are still causing problems to the government, in Tunisia more than anything.
    • Yemen agrees to join the organisation and hereby signs the document of doing so.
  • Rebellions in the south of Hanthawaddy spread along the Irrawaddy River Valley as far south as Pegu near the mouth of the river and as far north as Sagaing. The leader of the rebellion, known simply as U Kyan, writes a manifesto justifying Burmese independence and creation of the Union of Hanthawaddy, criticizing the idea of a multi-ethnic empire, and mobilizing the people. This is also in response to the fact that Mons, for hundreds of years, had begun to be slowly displaced from the South of Burma, and settled in Bengal and other areas of the Empire of Hamthawaddy. Emperor Gaganjit does not receive the manifesto well, and declares full-on war. He attempts to invade Hanthawaddy through the mountains and then the sea, but is pushed back by the sheer force of the Union armies. Kumbasem (near Kulin) expands west along the coast at 1300 sq km.
  • The Chinese Emperor dies without naming an heir. A gigantic funeral, the largest in history as of 1723. Despite his producing of multiple offspring, the family starts bickering over who is the rightful leader of China. While the fighting is bloodless, it creates a scandal of legitimate and illegitimate heirs claiming the crown. In the end, an already successful heir is appointed King by an election among the family. The Chinese infrastructure improves in both mainland China and the overseas colonies.
  • Naples continues to fight the war in the colonies. KIng Biondello refuses the proposal offered to him by Jean and the Caliph, stating that he will not change his policies due to the rebellious and murderous actions of infidels. He refuses to sell any land to Greece. He tells Ethiopia that Naples will support the Ethiopians in the war with Sennar, due to his support of that Christian nation. A trade route between Ethiopia and Naples is supported. The armies in Tunisia and Jerusalem continue the genocidal war.
  • Spain continues upgrading its roads and navy, with the last of the ships being completed. Spain secretly prepares to invade Portugal in 1724, beginning to mobilise its army and navy.
    • Let's hope that this invasion of Portugal doesn't go Eldwolf.
    • Stop comparing him to Eldwolf! Playing as the same nation makes him no more likely to be a troll than someone playing as any other nation. If I were Spain's player, I would be offended that you assume he is a troll because he plays as the same nation a troll did. Stop, seriously!
    • Thank you, whoever said that.
    • I meant that as a joke!
  • ​Sweden and Scotland upgrade their militaries. Sweden expands Asgard by 2750 sq km.


  • Naples: The Neapolitan forces gain more ground against the rebels in Tunisia and Jerusalem, killing thousands of civilians in the process, including a few non-Muslims. However, the constant warfare against the Muslim world has begun to show signs of becoming unpopular among the highly taxed people of Naples. The anti-Muslim frenzy that occurred after the martyrdom of King Angelo has died out by now.
  • Persia: Persia finishes connecting the parts of the highway with Russia and China. It also signs trade agreements with Hanthawaddy and talks about a possible invasion of the Mughals.
  • China already invaded and destroyed the Mughals.
      • But you didn't even divided the territory. That's why it wasn't added on the map. The only clue that I have is Hanthawaddy's territory, but, the Commonwealth should get any territory? If yes, which? and Persia?
    • I am currently drawing the map, though I have been extremely busy lately.
  • The Vietnamese and their vassals continue their campaign of military expansion.
  • The offer for buying territory from Tunisia or the Swedish colony stays up. Eventually, the offer to Sweden is withdrawn because no answer was received. The situation complicates, with the military on Tripolitania claiming for war, and Michael trying to avoid it by all means available. However, popular support for a war is very strong although the equipment is a bit outdated. Jews continue to arrive in Greece from Jerusalem. Meanwhile, in Hungary, already tired of the situation between Naples, Hungary and Greece, King Zoltán declares that his nation holds no responsibility for Greece's decisions, essentially abandoning Greece in case of war, and discouraging Michael even more. Hungary continues upgrading the military. Neos Preveza expands 750 sq km inland, Ufundlandi expands 1400 sq km on its main island, and Dél-Afrika expands 900 sq km.
  • Yemen is very unhappy that, after they sent diplomats to Naples and Persia, to offer trade agreements, these diplomats had to wait over one year, and still didn't receive any response. Therefore, Yemen issues an embargo against Naples and Persia. They also extend their boundaries north-east.
  • The ambitious Swedish king is unable to resist the temptations of the Incan rumors. He marshals the fleets and sails into South America and invades the Incan Empire. The Southern part of the Empire where the invasion occurs reminds Charles of Norway and he declares he shall name the new Swedish dominion Fjordland. Asgard is expanded by 3050 sq km. Scotland continues military development. A part of the Swedish fleet goes off course and lands in Hawaii. The Joseon governor is panicking as the Joseon king has not contacted him for ages. The governor is told the situation and accepts that the Joseon Empire will collapse. He eventually asks to join the Swedish Empire rather than become easy pickings for the Vietnamese or Chinese. Hawaii is incorporated into the colony of Asgard. Meanwhile Swedish blacksmiths are on the verge of a breakthrough with the steam engines...
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure. Finland also expands their new colony 50 km inward.
  • France builds up its military. Voltaire publish a book about the separation between the State and the Church, proposing stop the religious racism and policy in the whole Empire, but respecting all the religions. The Caliph asks the Pope and the King of Naples to be rational. Meanwhile, his heir commands a great horde of Muslims to Tunisia, and send assassins to murder the Pope. The Caliph asks for an alliance with Ethiopia. The Caliph starts new relationships with the foreign Muslim nations, inviting their leaders to the Hajj (this includes Yemen and Persia). Some Schmittists rebels in Haiti invade Ricasolia to support their Muslim brothers in Algeria and Arabia.
    • Naples: The attack on the Pope injured him, but failed to kill him. The Pope excommunicates the king of France until the King tries to stop the anti-Neapolitan rebellions within his empire. King Biondello has all of the Ricasolian Schmittists transported to Istoias, however, once there, the Istoiasan Schmittists are horrified that the Schmittists in the Caribbean were so violent, and have them isolated in a distant part of the colony where they will not be a bad influence. The genocide continues, the assassination attempt against the Pope destroyed whatever chance of peace may have arisen from the calming of the anger over Angelo's death. The Governor of Jerusalem, wanting more forces to fight the Muslims there, begins to encourage Jews from across Europe (other than Greece) to travel to Jerusalem to drive out the occupiers on their Holy Land. Many Jews do begin to travel to Jerusalem, and join in on the genocide to attempt to drive the Muslims away.
      • You do know that the more that you encourage the revolts to occur, the longer and more brutal they will be? I am beginning to doubt that I will be realistically capable of making any situation that doesn't end in almost all of the Sunni Muslims in these two colonies being wiped off the face of the earth.
      • Russia seems not to like this genocide and provides official shelter for the Muslims escaping genocide. The Patriarch of Moscow will willingly accept the King of France and the into Christian Orthodoxy. More and more refugees form the middle east in mass numbers, many fleeing genocide.
      • Why do the Pope excommunicate the King of France, who was always against this act of rebelliousness? Though the King of France and the Caliph will be always allies of Russia and the Russian domains, the king is still Roman and the Pope is being unreasonable. He asks his Aunt Lucentia to reincorporate France, the faithful and eternal ally of Naples and Rome, into the glorious grace of the Church. The prince of Arabia sends word to the Pope and the King of Naples: "I do not wanna start a war between your principality and my father's, and less a war with our protector France and Rome. I only ask the King to be reasonable and stop this ungodly and nonsense genocide, to start again the peace between Rome and Mecca. As Mohammed is relative to Jesus, the Catholicism and Islam can be brothers".
  • Chantuk Raballiyah becomes a leading member of Itsaygahi's military class. He calls for the streamlining of inefficient bureaucratic government, a redrawing in the boundaries of power in Itsaygahan society, and a reduction in the powers of the increasingly autocratic monarchy. The new King Ehkago I does not react well to this, and dismisses the Royal Body, Itsaygahi's Parliament
  • China declares war on, and invades, the Incan Empire with Sweden. They have their eyes on OTL Chile and parts of Argentina, though an ambitious assault on Cuzco is proposed. Several Chinese warships make the trek across the Pacific, reaching and setting up several camps along the East Incan shore.
  • Ethiopia happily accepts Naples' trade proposal, and soon raw resources from Africa are being sent to Naples. And just to win more support from Naples, the Emperor issues an issue decree that all Muslims must leave Ethiopia. Meanwhile, Ethiopia declares war on, and invades Sennar with Naples' support. Sorry-I'm kind unsure of how to do a war- I'm going to start writing it on the Talk page but I'll make some mistakes.
  • Spain declares war on Portugal, launching a diversionary attack in the south east corner of Portugal. This attack reaches the south west corner of the Iberian Peninsula. This causes the Portuguese army to rush south to defend, opening the way for the main Spanish army, led by the Ranger corps, attacking from the north. After much fighting with the disoriented Portuguese army, the coastal city of Oporto is taken. King Phillip orders a reorganisation of tactics to further confuse the Portuguese army.
  • The Hanthawaddy Union gains the favor of the Rajah of Toeh Ngoa Nyoing. Chauhhpiu, long a cultural island, declares independence from Hanthawaddy as the Free City of the White Elephant, writing a constitution that incorporates some elements of European politics. Imperial Hanthawaddy's economy plummets to the point that it is dependent on aid from generally wealthy Ngenkeh. Haklon expands south at 500 sq km.
  • The Russian Tsar Condemns the Genocides made by the Neapolitans. Peter Officially declares Kazakhstan a safe heaven for all Sunni Muslim Refugees. The influx of refugees is already starting, as over one million have already migrated to Kazan and Kazakhstan. The Russians start slowing trade with Naples. The Muscovian Patriarch, head of the Russian Orthodox church, hearing of the injustice done to the king of France, offers him a place in the Orthodox Christian community, along with the entire French nation (note that Russia does not give a rat's ass about what the Pope says, they're orthodox - not Catholic). Russia starts to welcome more African Muslims into the Kazakhstani community. Meanwhile, Canada expands 3500 km towards the Great Lakes via the St Lawrence river. The Iroquois confederation officially declares itself a state with a leader, Hiawatha, Declares himself leader of the five nations of Iroquois, a nodal but present society on the south of the Holy Lake Ontario and Erie and the South St Lawrence Valley.


Principia Moderni Map 1725
Principia Moderni Map 1725 Key
Bout the map...Lake Ontario's the other lake, the one you put the Iroquois is Lake Erie...-Lx
  • Naples: The old Pope dies from complications of his wounds, and the new Pope undoes the excommunication of the king of France, claiming the old Pope was too old and irrational to think clearly. Meanwhile, the horrible acts of genocide in Jerusalem have resulted in so many Sunni Muslims being dead or having fled the nation that there is not a large enough population to successfully revolt against the government. However, the new Pope is a much more liberal man, and convinces the Neapolitan governor to help the Sunni leave Jerusalem, instead of just killing them. In Tunisia the genocide was less effective, and many Sunnis still revolt. However, the governor ends the genocide on the condition that the revolts stop as well Vast new swaths of land are open in Jerusalem, and many non-Greek Jews continue emigrating to that area to live on the newly open land. Queen Lucentia sends word to Sweden that she will send the forces currently in Tunisia and Jerusalem to help against the Incas, due to the genocide having been ended and the violence having stopped. She states that Naples will take whatever territory is leftover to take.
  • Persia: Persia begins to open trade routes to the west and allows western arts and architecture to be adopted in the country. Also, it invites Russian leaders to ask them about the Ottoman Empire and asks whether they should destroy them or not.
    • I'm pretty sure the Ottomans are either dead or somebody's vassal. However, I would fancy some land in the new warlord states...but I can't agree to war alone anymore, Finland has to consent.
    • Currently, they were toppled and replaced with Turan. Persia doesn't have any borders with the Turans. However, maybe they should concentrate on Shahrzur (in which one more war should take them out) instead.
  • France builds up its military. The king joins the war against the Incas. The prince Selim becomes Caliph and declares that all Muslims who are still in revolt are heretics, lessen the rebellions in Tunisia. The king also decides it is time to expand the Empire in Africa, and declares war on New Shongay to annex it. The king and the caliph are really sorry because of the previous Neapolitan issues, and donate several quantities of money and resources to the Church. Meanwhile, Voltaire becomes Schmittist, and the duke Pierre dies, leaving his title as Duke of Malounias and Terre de Feu to the heir of the throne: Robert.
    • The new Pope wishes to meet with the Caliph Selim to bring an end to the Muslim vs. Christian violence.
    • The Caliph accords a meeting with the Pope to end the "war" He also starts to plan the Second Crusade for the next decade.
  • The crisis continues Parts of the army stationed on Tripolitania start to plan an attack on Naples without permission of the King. The plan is discovered, but virtually no action is taken initially. Already trying to avoid a war, Zoltán intervenes on Greece, basically making Michael a figurehead while he makes the actual decisions. With the problems on Tripolitania, he, discovering the plan, exonerates all the military involved in this, including soldiers. Most are exiled to Ezsák-Afrika, while transporting the Muslims fleeing from Naples to Egypt via Tripolitania becomes the standard procedure. Relations with the Papal states are re-established. Meanwhile, on Hungary, inspired on the French parliament, Zoltán creates the Council of Nobles, to function as the French parliament, but totally subordinated to the king. Initially, only the higher nobles can be part of the Council. Neos Preveza expands 1500 sq km inland and along the coast, and Ezsák-Afrika, due to the influx of "settlers", expands 550 sq km. Dél-Afrika expands 1000 sq km.
  • Yemen expands north-east and does not sign cooperation treaty with France. Therefore, they establish new villages in their newly taken territories.
  • The Vietnamese and their vassals continue their campaign of military expansion leading to the upcoming war.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure. Finland also expands their new colony 50 km inward.
  • The King's attempt to enforce his will on the vassals leads to war. He does not have the organisational ability to run the entire realm in times of war, and summons the Royal Body again. The military group demands that the vassals have seats in the Royal Body, so the Body is dismissed again.
  • Ethiopia thanks Naples for sending its support in the war with Sennar, and asks for a formal alliance with Naples. Much to Ethiopia's pleasant surprise, Sweden, the Netherlands, Scotland, and Estonia have al sent support. Ethiopia sends formal requests to establish trade routes with those nations as well as Russia and Hungary.
  • The Russians agree to attempt to trade with Ethiopia, but are worried due to Ethiopia's lack of sea border. Peter I of Russia, during one of his sea voyages that he loves so much, viewing much of the Baltic, spots a shipwreck. He orders his crew to search for survivors. The crew obey their "Kapitan" (Peter was famous for asking not to be called emperor while he was on a ship, but simply captain, or sir.). Peter was not excluded from the action. Peter, seeing a sailor stranded in the water, leaps out of his lifeboat, into the freezing waters of the Baltic to save him. Upon his return to St Petersburg, he falls ill. He falls ill of a sore flu that is worse than anything that he ever had to overcome before, and it got the better of him. Peter dies. Upon his deathbed, he is famous for his words while naming a final successor, while lying there. Feeling the end is near, he orders his secretary to fetch a pen and paper and write what he says: "leave everything to..." and falls into a sleep from which he will never awaken. Soon after, Catherine, his wife, will crown herself empress of all the Russias by right of next of kin, as she was proclaimed co-ruler along with Peter. Thus starts the century of women. Meanwhile, ten days of mourning are proclaimed. Novorossiyais expanded 3000 km inland, and Canada 500 km towards the Great Lakes. Meanwhile, the first Steel plant opens up in Minsk, Riga, Irkutsk, and Nicolaevsk. People are thinking about bringing the steam engine to Novorossiya and Canada and Novaya Kamchatka.
  • The Spanish navy sails around to the port of Oporto, to pick up troops and the Ranger corps for the assault on Lisbon. when the Spanish army arrives in Lisbon, they find it largely undefended, due to the confusion in the Portuguese army, caused by the multiple attacks from Spain. They take the city within a week, deposing the government, and causing the King of Portugal to send messengers to the army commanders, telling them to surrender, as the capital has fallen, and Portugal becomes part of Spain. However, there is still some resistance from some cities and guerrilla warfare from underground movements, and it is expected to take at least two more years to remove all these movements.
  • The Hanthawaddy Union request an alliance to Anglo-Germany, hoping the technology of the area will benefit the new government. Hpasem is renamed U Kyan City. Imperial Hanthawaddy expands its economy, hoping to increase the Union's dependence on it. It also offers incentives for Mons to move to the Brahmaputra River valley and protect Mon culture.
  • China takes more Incan land, focusing on surrounding Cuzco and starving it of resources. In the meantime, the Chinese infrastructure drastically improves.
  • Sweden sends some military aid to Spain with Scotland and Estonia and Netherlands give supplies. Sweden crushes a disorganized portion of the Incan Army. By now the Incan coastline and Southern areas have fallen. Sweden launches a daring attack on Cuzco with its elite Norwegian Mountain Rangers. These troops are trained in the harshest winter mountain conditions in Norway. They infiltrate the city and allow it to fall from within. The panicked Incan King evacuates to Quito. Sweden produces its first steam engine and the king is joyous. New Sweden is expanded by 3050 sq km as the seized Incan lands form the seventh Swedish colony of Southlaand. Sweden encourages Spain or Hanthawaddy to join the war to gain OTL Ecuador and Northern Peru.
  • The Governor of New Hanthawaddy states it will offer minor support, asking Sweden to hold onto the territory until the situation in Burma improves. Hanthawaddy will allow Sweden to retain all rights, including that to mine gold in the territory including and to the north of OTL Chiclayo, with no limit on how far inland, until Hanthawaddy can afford to take it over.


  • Neapolitan forces assail the south-eastern part of the Incan Empire, attacking OTL southern Chile. Meanwhile, Queen Lucentia begins to increase the volume of trade with foreign nations, resulting in a growing merchant class. The anti-Islamic feelings in Naples have died down, and in fact the exposure to the Muslim world has resulted in many Arabic-style art movements beginning to become very popular within Naples. Jerusalem and Tunisia have pretty much settled down by this time. Many Jews continue to arrive in Jerusalem, and now make up 40% of the population.
  • Persia: Persia once again declares war against Shahzrur. It manages to catch troops by surprise and begin invading towns and villages nearby.
  • The Vietnamese and their vassals continue their campaign of military expansion to prepare for the upcoming war with Joseon.
    • A messenger arrives with a warning "Ireland may have fallen and so has Jerusalem but Joseon shall not, we warn you the northern confederacy and the Crusaders will smite your forces and crush your people. Their blood will be spilt in return for your actions." Back in Venice, Milan and the Crusader States Vietnamese and those accused of being so are publicly executed in violent manners, the most popular is having their jaw ripped off and then slowly being dissected while under a strong natural painkiller.
    • The Vietnamese respond by cutting off trade with the Italian states and their Crusader puppets. They also deport any Venetian merchants in Vietnam they can find. In revenge of the innocent Vietnamese citizens slaughtered by meddling Venetians, they execute any Venetian merchant who resists deportation by taking a page out of Wallachia's infamous Vlad the Impaler. Unlike the Venetian mob killings, they do so without any form of painkillers.
    • The Vietnamese receive a letter detailing that "Vietnamese blood will spill beyond the Venetian borders ... that no Vietnamese will feel safe as long as they continue to occupy European land."
    • Why is it that the Italian states cannot keep their noses out of Vietnamese business?
    • It began as a religious and political feud and now has developed into something more after the Vietnamese invasion of Ireland and the subsequent thumbed noses at Venice.
    • I assume that Neapolitan and Papalini trade was not cut off and Neapolitan & Papalini merchants were not killed, because Naples (and its vassal Papal States and puppet Jerusalem) are still good allies of Vietnam and never interfered with Vietnam's affairs at all.
    • The Vietnamese have ceased their expansion in Europe. The Venetians need to stop thinking of themselves as "Team Venice: Europe Police". Clearly you have learned nothing from your earlier banning. Let me make myself clear. You are not the master of this game. You do not get to dictate what people do in it. You are taking the fun out of his game with your temper tantrums.
    • Heh. You are currently the only one throwing a temper tantrum. I am playing out Venice, you made yourself their enemy and now have to deal with it. Venetians and North Italians alike hate the Vietnamese and now the new government uses this to bring order again. Pointing the finger at an easy suspect, Vietnam. Also its "Venice: Europe Liberation Force, GO!" Plus Venetian traders are unlikely to be in Vietnam, trade ended a long time ago, Vietnamese however could easily be in Venice considering how easy it is to get there and the fact that trade with Ireland never ended until now.
    • Naples sends word to Venice that they should not fight Vietnam, the Vietnamese are fellow Christians, the Koreans are not. Naples was planning to send aid to Vietnam, but is unsure due to the Vietnamese apparently thinking Naples is their enemy...
      • The Vietnamese Emperor sends apologies to Naples, as the Neapolitan executions had been done by Vietnamese citizens angered by the murders of their friends and relatives in Venice, which has begun to be referred to by the Vietnamese as " ", or "City of Blood" in Vietnamese. The Vietnamese Emperor personally sends letters to the relatives of the Neapolitans killed, along with gifts of valuable heirlooms as peace offerings.
      • Naples calms back down, but states that they are afraid that they will be unable to send supplies for the war in Korea due to too many other wars.
    • The Koreans can be reasoned with replies Venice. Venice also notes that Ireland was a jewel of the Christian faith with little straying but a tad away from it, Vietnam essentially ended that and now Venice shall have to make up for the loss of faith in Catholicism. They also point out that Korea can be influenced and Venice was plunged into chaos before it had a chance, Naples should think carefully before regarding the Vietnamese as true Christians.
    • Naples' ambassadors state that Joseon itself is not threatened, only their colonies are threatened. Sweden took the Korean colony of Hawaii, yet Venice is not challenging them. Therefore, Venice should stay out of the war in the east as long as Vietnam does not attack Joseon itself.
  • The Council of Nobles is reorganized into a Low and a High Chamber, with the Low Chamber being reserved for the low-ranking nobles, the Zemans, and the High Chamber for the high-ranking nobles, which already were on the original Nobles' Council. Each noble family has right to one representative on the council. Hungary updates its military, including the one on the garrisons of Öböl. Meanwhile, in Greece, Zoltán once again asks Naples for a more complex non-aggression pact, on the objective of avoiding a war with Naples. Back in Egypt, the situation begins to stabilize, both Uruguay and Öböl expands 800 sq km towards each other. Neos Preveza expands 1450 sq km.
    • Naples agrees to sign the pact, although they don't know why the Greeks are always so scared of a nation that never threatened them at all
  • Yemen expands north-east and continues to prepare their army for invasion of rival tribes in Arabia.
  • After 35 months of fighting in Sennar, Ethiopia makes an uneasy peace agreement with Sennar, and takes the easternmost tenth of Sennar's territory. The Nobles, and wealthy landlords who ruled this area are Christianized and sent to seize the area around OTL Assab in the name of Ethiopia. Emperor Bakaffa has plans to build a new capitol city on the coast there.
    • Yemen sends Ethiopia a military aid of 1'000 spearmen to help them in their expansion.
    • Ethiopia responds by requesting a trade agreement.
    • Yemen accepts the offer and establishes the trade route between Aden and their city.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure. Finland also expands their new colony 50 km inward.
  • The troops of the Duke Robert of Terre de Feu and Voltaire start to invade the southern Inca Empire. Meanwhile, the Order of Saint Robert, led by Jean III invades New Songhay and starts to bombard the ports and assault the strongholds, while the missionaries are beginning to convert he native population to Catholicism and Schmittism and the new-caliphal Islam. France builds up its military adding to its armies new siege weapons and thousands of recruits of the whole empire. Some troops of Arabia and Algeria are sent to Persia to help it against the Shahzur.
    • Songhay is landlocked, you cannot attack it as there is no way your troops can get to it. Do you mean New Songhay? Check the labelled map on the talk page, the African kingdoms part is not out of date. Plus, it is already Muslim, so you cannot convert them to Islam.
    • Corrected.
  • "FOR VENICE, FOR THE TRUE DOGE, FOR GOD!" screams the last Furioso heir. "The times of Venice being ruled by a criminal are over, Now begins the reign of the Ombreggia family!" Venice has been tossing and turning for the last 30 years over the events of the Furioso take over and now they are dead murdered by another Family, the Ombreggia. The recent fighting in the last years was brutal and now rumours of Family take overs have been spread to the other northern states. Venice meanwhile arms itself, with new weapons and tactics, also they begin construction of a new navy. Venice is back and with new management
    • Naples is glad that Venice has recovered. The Pope apologizes, stating that the nobleman controlling the Crusader state of Jerusalem had turned against the Church, and that he was replaced and now Jerusalem is under the control of the Papal states and Naples. However, he notes that a large chunk of the Papal states that borders Venice broke away to form the nation of Fuzolia, and that Countess Giovanna Fuzolia would gladly make her nation a vassal under Venetian rule, similar to how Milan is in relation to Venice.
    • The Doge receives Naples well and accepts the joining of Fuzolia into the confederacy. They are angered about the death of the Nobleman and demands that his body is returned to Venice, so he may have a burial as a warrior and hero of Venice.
      • The Nobleman was not executed and allowed to return to Venice, but it appears that he might have crashed and died on the way if Venice never received him.
    • The King Jean III of France and Egypt is just delighted with the return of the Venetian order: "The French people has miss its faithful and supportive ally, and we hope start the alliance, trade and friendship between our countries again". The caliph Selim I of Algeria travels to Venice to ask the new doge his position about the religious discrimination between Catholics and Muslims.
    • The Doge replies inclined, saying that France can expect Venice to be able to assist it and that Egypt will now have a large trade route now applied to it. They also add that the Catholics and the Muslims are treated equally in trade. However, now that the new Church of Venice (Catholic based) has been made, Venetian citizens who are Venetian Class have to adopt the religion however Italian Class, Citizen Class and Resident Class citizens do not have to.
  • The King of Itsaygahi calls the Royal Body again, agreeing to accept Vassal's seats in the Body. However, the demands of the Body are unpalatable, and the mobs growing in the major cities of Itsaygahi are particularly worrying, so he takes the feudal loyalist lords in the Body and sets up a new Body in the solidly loyal Seminole areas. Itsaygahi is one the verge of civil war.
    • Who is fighting who here, BTW?
    • On one side is the vassals, the military officer class, the Marcher Lords and the merchant trading class of the Charter Port Cities. On the other is the King, the nobility, the Church, the Seminole majority areas, and many of the older towns.
  • Tensions between Imperial Hanthawaddy and the Hanthawaddy Union subside, although there are still minor naval conflicts. Hanthawaddy updates its economy, and Haklon expands south at 1400 sq km.
  • Spain: After having defeated Portugal, King Phillip orders the rangers back to their fiefs, except for two, who he sends with the army to the New Incan Empire, to assist the nations fighting there.
  • Sweden secures Cuzco and the Incan Empire is on the verge of defeat. The Norwegian Mountain Ranger troops prepare an attack on the mountain fortress of Quito and the other Swedish troops have along with the Neapolitan, Spanish, French and Chinese; secured the entire Incan Empire up to Southern Peru. Sweden starts to create more steam engines and based on previous successful designs, make four more over the year. Sweden expands New Sweden by 3050 sq km.
  • As a gift to China, the Empress of Russia gives China a steam engine, its designs, and how to work it, so they can reproduce for work in its capital. Seeing that there are more genocides centering out of the Italian peninsula, the Russian Empress frowns upon this in anger, and updates the military for possible action. Novorossiya expands 3000 km inland. Meanwhile, the Iroquois expand their territory of influence farther south. The first factories are made in Lithuania, and in Kazakhstan's capital already three mills have been built.
  • China thanks Russia. Work on the steam engine begins immediately, though many scholars scorn the use of the steam engine. Nevertheless, ideas for use of the steam engine flood in. The most daring idea: a vehicle powered by the steam engine!


Disaster strikes Persia as the ground under Tabriz buckles and breaks swallowing buildings whole. The entire city is left in ruins and estimates state there are at least 80,000 dead. In further news, England is hit by a famine. Both these events reduce the two nations stability by 50 points. In further news, Burgundy's stability hits 97 resulting in the nation collapsing. Flanders resumes independence and Algeria erupts into civil disorder. Burgundy proper is still whole but the nation is in major decline. The colony of Ivory Coast becomes de facto independent, and becomes dependent on trade with locals.

  • Persia: Persia immediately sends rescue aids to Tabriz and find anyone that is still alive. The war in Shahzrur is canceled once more to help the people in the city. The refugees settle in Tehran, where the government is planning to rebuil Tabriz western style.
    • Venice sends architects to assist Persia along with a diplomat who proposes a defensive alliance, in favour of Persia. They also bring a huge Venetian ship of the line as a gift.
  • Ethiopia: Slaves from Ethiopian-controlled Sennar are forced to build basic new roads connected Gondar, Axum, the Southern tip of Ethiopia, and the site of the new capitol. Small amounts of production have started on the Capitol (though mass building of building there won't start until next year. The city is to be modeled after Naples or St. Petersburg. The city will be named Gänana Anorä, but in colonial slang will soon be called just Gananora.
    • Queen Lucentia of Naples sends Ethiopia Neapolitan city plans to help them build Gananora.
    • Venetian architects arrive in Ethiopia and plan to assist Ethiopia's construction of its new capitol.
  • Naples is making large amounts of profit from its colonies, and it expands Ricasolia 1000 sq km, and expands Istoias 550 sq km. The profits are used to improve the economy of Naples. King Biondello decides to go help the Neapolitan forces in South America. He says goodbye to his wife Lucentia and his sons Romeo and Benvolio and daughter Maria. He then sets sail toward South America. He arrives at the Neapolitan areas, and then takes control of the Neapolitan army. The army moves through the Incan territory easily, and soon most of Patagonia has been conquered. Alas, for the army became too overstretched, and they are surrounded. Biondello and his forces fight valiantly, but they are all killed. The Neapolitan forces are forced back down to the coastal areas of eastern Patagonia, crushed by this great loss of a great leader.
  • Yemen expands north-east. But no major changes in government happen.
  • After hearing of the change of government in Venice, King Zoltán tries to re-establish diplomatic relations with them, which had been so bad that it was on the verge of war, on the previous ten years. Hungary updates its military, along with Greece, where trade with Naples resumes. Egypt also updates its military, and the supported faction of the warring Mamluk factions also receives Egyptian weapons, as a preparation for taking what is left of the Mamluks on Egypt. Neos Preveza expands 2000 sq km on its settlement west of Megalos limni. However, the settlement already reaches another lake. Dél-Afrika expands 1050 sq km.
    • Venice responds inclined, asking Hungary if it would renew a defensive pact and a military co-operation pact, so that they once again secure their position. They also offer interest into taking the mamluks out of Egypt.
  • In China, a vehicle using a steam engine continues to be thought of, among other ideas. Aid is sent to Persia as military units are sent to Inca to seize more land.
  • The Vietnamese and their vassals continue to expand their military in preparation for the upcoming Korean War. The Vietnamese Emperor personally makes a pledge that that "no Vietnamese sodiers shall do battle in or otherwise occupy" the Korean peninsula. The upcoming war is to be fought mostly on the seas and in the various Korean colonies.
    • The Venetians warn that should free Japan be touched, Venice will fight, it will not lay still as the devils of the east calling themselves Christian destroy another nation.
    • Your definition of "free" is "interesting" to say the least.
    • The Vietnamese respond by stating that they "will not easily bow to the rabid murderous thugs of the west calling themselves Christian."
  • Venice continues to demoralise the Vietnamese of Europe after Privateers begin to cut off a majority of trade ships, those that are captured are dealt with brutally. The hero of Jerusalem returns to Venice alive and declares his son the new ruler of the north holy land. Fuzoli impressed by Venice and their offer however wanting to remain slightly independent, joins the confederacy in a manner similar to Milan. Venice manufactures a huge war fleet of the greatest new ship in the navy, the Venetian ship of the line, this continues to greatly improves their military standing. Venice also has a religious surge into the Church of Venice, the ideal being about conversion of others. There is also huge economic improvement, bringing the people great happiness as the Venetian Arsenal is extended father out into the waters.
    • The Vietnamese respond to Venetian piracy by placing cannonry on the trade ships bound for the Mediterranean. They also provide warship escorts and soldiers for the most important cargo.
  • Empress Catherine I of Russia tragically dies in her sleep, but not before naming her successor her grandson, Peter Alexeevich II. Menshikov promptly secures the title of vremenshik, the one who truly runs the nation under a weak or young tsar, similar to a regent. The Supreme Privy council is established alongside the senate. Peter starts to severely dislike Menshikov, due to his meddling in his affairs. After Menshikov planned to marry Peter and His daughter, he says his words: "we will see who is emperor, you or I!". soon later he arrests him, the man about whom was said by an English ambassador "not even Peter was so feared or obeyed". Peter officialy declares his support for Vietnam against the "arrogant, meddling and insane venitians". Every privy councilor and Imperial guard (gvardya) member swears an oath of allegiance to Peter II Romanov, Emperor and Autocrat of all Russias, Tsar of Lithuania, Grand Duke of Finland, Dominator of Livonia, Ruler of Siberia and all their possessions. Penza rifling is given to the Finnish army as a part of the army of the Russo-Finnic confederation. The techninque is still held in secret by the tsar an the privy council. more to add...
  • France is a great nation now: The citzens of the continental France and Algeria, and even Haiti and Malouinas have access to fresh water, food, and a new State health plan. The colony of Malouinas is expanded 2300 sq km. The French king offers share its educational and medical advances with the Commonwealth, Yemen and Persia in exchange for alliances and some technologies. The French architects travel to Ethiopia to help the Ethiopians in the urbanization of the country. The last slave in Egypt is set free, and many ex-slaves from the conquered land in New Songhay and the Inca Empire have join the autonomous armies of Terre de Feu and Algeria. Voltaire starts a new campaign to send all the French Jews to Jerusalem and the Kingdom of Egypt (Hungary). He attempts to do the same in Algeria, Arabia and the colonies, but the local governors don't allow him to do it. The king starts bringing near to Hungary and Russia now their governments are more "parliamentary".
    • State Health Plans in the 18th Century? That is unrealistic to the uttermax.
    • Primitive, off course: Sanitary development, "charity" in the church orders (plans to distribute food, fresh waters and professional doctors in the villiages, all of that financed by the State), control of plagues and diseases..
    • Egypt accepts the French offer.
  • Incan Empire: The Incan Empire, after decades of isolation, begins to expand once more and begins looking for allies around te world. Pleas with te nations of the world to stop attacking the Inca and to withdraw from the Empire are sent out to every nation that will take notice.
    • Currently the Incan Empire is mostly in disarray and being massively invaded, the only part you could control would be the tiny light gray part in OTL Peru. You could probably expand it some through the dark grey parts, but not enough to unite the empire in time to stop the invasion
    • Ethiopia attempts to convince some of the nations that are invading the Inca so stop, but does not put any real diplomatic, economic or military pressure on anyone.
  • All out war breaks out between the King and the Royal Body of Itsaygahi. The Kingdom is split, roughly East-West. The King has the most immediate upper hand, controlling the capital and some of the most established areas of the country as opposed to the frontier nature of much of the land under the Royal Body. However, the Marcher Lords, the Vassals and the Military class have more troops to draw upon and can wage war more effectively compared to the King's more antiquated ceremonial troops.
  • Hanthawaddy experiences another year of relative calm, as Imperial Hanthawaddy begins to prepare for an invasion to re-take Pegu. Hanthawaddy also begins to assimilate its newly gained Indian territory, installing universities that teach Mon culture rather then Mughal culture. Haklon expands south at 1600 sq km.
  • Sweden continues the assault on the Northern reaches of the Incan Empire. With their backs to a corner the Incans fight to the last man and the Swedes make little progress throughout the year. New Sweden is expanded by 3050 sq km. Scotland upgrades its military and more steam engines are made in Stockholm, Olso and Tallinn also start steam engine production. They are used to achieve superhuman feats of energy and help lift the final blocks of the Stockholm Cathedral which is completed at last. The chatedral rivals the one in Moscow and towers over all but the lighthouse. The Netherlands lays claim to Northern Flanders and attempts to persuade the ruler to join the Netherlands. Another option is to split it with France...
  • Spain updates its military and requests the ruler of Burgundian Algeria to join the Spanish Empire. The ruler is offered vast tracts of Spanish land and a small palace to live out his years. He agrees and part of the military is sent to quell the civil disorder and establish control over Burgunian Algeria. The Spanish king plans to grant Portugal vassalage.


The famine in England takes a turn for the worse during the winter before finally subsiding at the end of the year. The AGC still loses 50 more stability points.

  • Persia: Persia begins to rebuild Tabriz destroyed by the earthquake years ago. New settlements and cities are being built all over Persia, complete with markets, schools, libraries, museums, churches, fountains, parks, gardens, squares, and so on. Modernizing of the country begins to continue.
  • Yemen expands north-east by the coastline. They begin working on their taxation system and forms a new law, that everyone who has land bigger than 2ha, will have to pay 50YER (Yemeni rial) monthly for the government. And everyone has has no land or land less than 0.5ha, will receive 5YER weekly.
  • Egypt updates its military. Due to re-establishment of diplomatic relations with Venice, the only military campaign for which Hungary had been preparing ended. However, since Egypt shows an interest of taking the rest of Mamluk Egypt, preparations for this campaign start. The project with caravels and carracks, previously stopped, returns. Egypt by this point is more stable.ports start to be built on the coastline. Neos Preveza expands 3050 sq km, 1500 on the part on the west side of Megalos Limni and 1550 on the eastern side of Megalos limni, towards the western part. The first expeditions to navigate the coastline of the lakes.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure. Finland also expands their new colony 50 km inward.
  • The Vietnamese and their vassals continue to expand their military in preparation for the upcoming war.
  • Incan Empire; The Incan Empire launches an all out assault on the Swedish lines and break through after several disastrous attacks. Sweden is offered a deal in which Sweden gains the below territory from the Incan Empire and five tons of gold and silver.
    Incan proposal.

    Blue territory will go to Sweden.

    Knowing that eventually the Swedes will take out the Inca completely as did the Chinese so long ago, the Swedes are promised as many resources and gold and silver as well as a good portion of the Incan Empire if they stop attacking the Inca.
    • It's not just Sweden attacking the Inca, China, Naples, and France are all attacking the Incas as well.
    • Check the algorithm. Your post is implausible and Sweden's coalition has trumped your empire. If you had turned up every turn and not sprouted implausibility then the Empire might have survived. It's too late, the coalition will take everything.
    • Sweden rejects any offer by the Incan Empire.
  • Gananora is fully built, as a modern city in Italian style (modeled after Naples, Venice, and other European cities) with 'Public' Healthcare and schools (only the richest 20% of Ethiopian society receive these 'Public' things. Many citizens are promised Public Healthcare and Public Schools if they settle new lands South of Ethiopia. The program is a success, and Ethiopia's southern border expands 1000 km south (though the immigrants will still have to wait for those things).
    • OK...Public healthcare, public schooling and many government social security programs were made because of the Industrial Revolution, Ethiopia's not even close to that! It was beyond peoples wildest dreams to have free schools and medical expenses, now you're just pushing the limits of plausibility! I will post the same thing on the talk page
    • As I explained, these programs were public only in name. They were actually only available to the richest people. Real public Healthcare and Public Schools will probably only arrive in the 20th century (at least in Ethiopia).
  • France asks Egypt an alliance to join its project to a final war against the Mamluks. In new Songhay, the prince-duke Robert invades the main cities and starts to recruit militias and set free slaves. In the incan empire, the mainly schitimittist and christian troops invade the southern Patagonia and strt to sign alliances with local tribes. Haiti is expanded 2300 sq km. As descendant of the king of Burgundy, the king Jean III offers a deal to Spain: The French will recognise the spanish conquest of the burgundian Algeria if Spain supports the French claims on the throne of Flanders and its war against New Songhay. France also will give technologies and weapons to Spain.
  • Naples continues its war against the Incas, attacking the many Incan cities. The primitive south Americans are no match for the Europeans, yet the Neapolitans are demoralized and are unable to fight as well as they would otherwise.
  • Inca Diplomacy: The Inca beg for the nations of the world to stop invading them asking China and other nations to remember the Inca's aid in the war against the aggressive Hathawady, in which China itself was invaded and asked for the Inca's help, and that France and Naples were both on China's side during the Hathawady-Chinese Coalition War (i cant remember the actual name of that war), and that sicne they were on China's side, they were on the Inca's side as well.
    • Naples has never fought on the side of the Incan Empire in any war. They demand territory, at least the size of OTL Ecuador, to create a Christian land within South America.
    • France asks the Inca government to give it the eastern coast (not all of it, just a half or quarter in the south) and recognise its rights on Terre de Feu and Malouinas. If the Inca Empire does it, France and its vassals will abandond their intentions to going to war and will be friend and allies (economical and military) of the Inca Empire and successors.
    • Division of inca

      division of inca as set forth by the incan empire red=naples green=france

      Incan Diplomacy: The Inca agree to the Frech and Naples requests, and thanks them for calling off there war of conquests which would have ended in the Inca's destruction. Seeing that the end is inevitable, the Incan Empire divides itself between Naples and France in return for fair rule. The below map will become the fate of the Incan Empire:
    • IncaDivision2

      Purple-Sweden; Green-China; Yellow-Naples;Dark Grey that borders purple-Inca; Blue-France

      The Neapolitans send their own plan for the division of the Empire, which was agreed upon by Sweden and China as well:
    • Incan Diplomacy: Seeing that the Inca will still be alive, millions of Incan soldiers, civilians and ordinary people take nothing but there most prized possessions and migrate to the reaminder of the Incan Empire. As much gold and silver as possible is taken to the Inca remainder, or about 78% of all of the gold and silver thanks to huge casts pulled by lamas and horses. The Inca grudgingly agree to the border offer but agree that at least the Inca still exist. 89% of all the Incan People moved to the remainder of the the free Incan Empire while the rest are heald prisoner by the Europeans. The Incan Emperor asks that the remaining 11% of the people be able to migrate to the remaining piece of the Incan Empire. When the Inca people reach their new home, they begin to vigorously move into the uninhabited woods and jungles surrounding the Incan State, expanding the Empire to the west and north, as the free state that is all that remains of the once great empire is to small, forcing the people to expand into the surrounding jungles and forests. Angry at the Emperor and the Incan gods for having them being colonated twice, the emperor is killed and the Incan Republic proclaimed from the new Incan capital of Quito, and the old religous order is destroyed with Orthodox Chistianity being embraced as the new Incan Reilgion.
    • By the Inca people leaving, do you mean all people who dwelt in those lands, or only ethnic Incas?
    • Everyone, because all are terrified of the Europeans.
  • There is a sudden change in Venetian foreign policy, the Doge looses power to his growing rival the Capo of the Venetian Merchant guild. There is no change of governance but the Capo essentially takes control. The Capo sends a public note of apology to the Vietnamese telling them that "the Doge lives in the past, being 40 years of age he still remembers the conflicts of times past." but also adds "However, your insults to our people will not be forgotten should you try anything against the central wishes of Venice." He also attempts to calm the Venetian aggression towards the Vietnamese and instead manages to redirect it at several other primitive eastern nations. The Capo upgrades the military continuing up the Doges improvements with a new rifle for the Infantry called the Lungo Rifle, it is highly accurate at ranges of 50 m however trails off afterwards. There are four Arsenals built in the crusader states, while small they hugely improve the economy. Then expands the colony of Nouvo Venetia by 2000 sq km with an influx of people.
  • The Natchez raise an army of the horsemen of the Plains, while the Charter Port Princes convert their trade barges into warships. The allies of the Royal Body are quickly gaining an upper hand over the feudal monarchy and their scions. However, the Grand Army of the Seminole once assembled will be one of the most fearsome military forces on the continent and will be utterly at the King's disposal. The Orthodox Christians declare independence completely and look to place themselves within Russia's sphere.
    • and Russia will gladly accept.
  • China ignores the cries for mercy, though they purposefully do not harm citizens during conquests. In December, the emperor has a change of heart. They request that the Incans are given Peru. Meanwhile, work on the first steam powered vehicle results in tragedy; an inventor attempts to create a 'horseless carriage'. The vehicle goes out of control and crashes into a house in a town near Beijing, where the inventor is from. The vehicle explodes on impact, killing the driver and everyone in the house. The area will later be named 'The Industrial Folly'. Success is reached on more practical use in Beijing though. Textile production increases by nearly 50% in the capital city.
  • The governor of New Hanthawady is pleased to reopen diplomacy with the Inca Empire. He offers special rights to the Incan Empire in the trade of spices in return for ability to settle the Chincha Islands, which are explored during the year, and the harbor at OTL Paita. Fighting reopens in Hanthawaddy as Hamthawaddy invades Pegu, with a large naval attack, retaking the city.
  • Sweden's Norwegian Mountain Rangers launch a successful surprise attack on Quito. The Incan Emperor is captured in the attack and the remnants of the Incan Empire fall to the coalition's hands. The land north of the Swedish claim is split between New Hanthawaddy and Spain. The Incan Empire is no more. Meanwhile steam engines a being made in Estonia, Sweden and Norway. They ulitize coal at a frightening speed and smoke billows out. Charles banishes the steam engines from all regional capitals: Stockholm, Olso and Tallinn. Scotland upgrades its military. Netherlands propses to split Flanders between France and itself. Sweden requests to by Iceland and Finnmark from the Hanthawaddian colony yet again as those are traditionally Nordic lands. In return Hanthawaddy is promised half a ton of gold and half a ton of silver as well as unrestricted Mon use of Norwegian ports. Asgard expands by 3050 sq km. Sweden constructs a new road system across the nation to allow faster travel. Sweden also offers Russia an alliance. Sweden offers to sell Hilo (the largest Hawaiian island) to China in return for a similar slab of land from the Chinese Andean claim on the Incas.
  • Sweden can't do that, the Inca accepted the Coalition's terms and thus the war ended, so can someone cross his post out? DeanSims 23:30, November 25, 2011 (UTC)
    • Sorry DeanSims, but Spain and Hanthawaddy joined in at the last moment, and with their extra help that last area of the Incas fell as well. It looks like you'll have to get a new nation. You could get Onguayal, that country just to the east of the Incas, and it comes with a vassal already (Manoa) or you could get that new country that formed in Brazil if you want to keep playing in South America. If not, many African nations are open (although I would advise against playing as New Songhay or Sennar), and there are various other independent nations scattered around that you could also get. Hopefully, you will be more active on your next nation so it will be stronger and with more allies.
  • Spain accepts most terms of the French deal and immediately send supplies to aid the French in New Songhay, but King Phillip refuses to support the French claim to Flanders as it will force Spain to go against Sweden. Spain gladly accepts its land in the Incan Empire and plans to send off a colony ship from Cadiz. Spain upgrades its military and improves some infrastructure.
  • Incan Empire: Seeing the oncoming Swedish troops, the of the people of the Incan Empire migrate once more, in fear of the horrors of what the Europeans may do to them, to OTL Venezuela and Colombia, where Orthodox Christianity is the main faith and the Colombian Republic is proclaimed. Russia is asked to help the new Colombia stay free, since both Colombia and Russia are both Orthodox Christian Nations.
  • 232px-Incan proposal

    Colombian Republic

    Russian tsar Peter II gladly agrees to help the Nation of columbia if they try to spread the glory of orthodox christianity throughout south America via missions to native kingdoms. Russia gladly accepts the orthodox Itsahagian nation into its sphere of influence. Peter tries to update the military. Peter decrees that he will above all else support Finland in some way for whatever conflict and on whatever side they will be on, in grattitude of agreeing to join confederation. Meanwhile. Afrikanskaya Zemlya expands 3000 km along the coast of South Africa.


  • The Vietnamese and their vassals continue to expand their military in preparation for the coming war. The Vietnamese recognize the new Venetian government of Capo Mario Rossi, and re-establish trade and diplomatic contact with the Venetians. The Vietnamese politely request that the Venetians use proper diplomatic channels the next time Vietnam violates their interests. The Vietnamese also give diplomatic recognition to the newly founded Colombian Republic, and effectively re-establish the trade agreements given to the Colombian predecessor state of the Incan Empire (later Incan Republic). The Vietnamese send aid to the Colombian Republic via the Vietnamese colony in South America.
    • The Capo is glad for this reopening of trade and diplomacy.
  • The French Order of Saint Robert, led by Jean III is quickly "setting free" New Songhay, even though the opposition of the high classes and the aristocracy, who are still fighting. Jean III clarifies the king of Spain that he's claiming the Burgundian Flanders, a kingdom separated of Burgundy. He is the grand-grandson of the king Robert I of the Burgundians (Robert III of France), so, he has birth right in that land. He will never defy his allied Sweden, a country which was always loyal to its alliances with France. The minister Voltaire follows his previous anti-Jewish policies. He travels to China and offers a trade agreement to the Emperor. Voltaire starts to learn about Chinese culture. The Jewish refuges in the colonies have managed to expand the colonies of Haiti and New France, each one 1150 sq km.
  • Ethiopia attempts to broaden its economic base, and sends Trade agreement requests to Sweden, Hungary, Persia, Russia, China, and Hanthawaddy. It also proposes to establish formal alliances with Naples and Sweden.
    • Hungary will wait until the Mamluks on Egypt are finished before making a trade agreement, especially because there are almost no trade routes between Egypt and Ethiopia.
    • Persia agrees to this.
    • Sweden will agree to an alliance and as a gesture of goodwill will conquer Adal for Ethiopia to establish a port and trade routes to other nations.
    • Russia would like trade but is concerned by the lack of Ethiopian seaports.
  • Yemen continues to expand north-east.
  • Egypt continues to amp up its military.Greece does the same. Troops of both countries are sent to Egypt, and the supported faction also continues to receive weapons from the allied Egyptian government. Hungary sends an offer to Venice, to buy some territory on the Adriatic coast. Újfundlandi és a Labrador expands 1700 sq km inland on its main island, and Uruguay expands 1300 sq km north along the coast.
    • Venice asks how much it would like and asks that Venice receives something more in return than money.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure. Finland also expands their new colony 50 km inward.
  • The Capo begins plans to colonise land in the East Indies, to open eastern trade routes and to give extra resources to the Venetian forces, an esteemed merchant asks whether he may lead the expedition, the Capo agrees knowing that a merchant would be best to build heavy infrastructure. In Venice and surrounding areas the third largest population is Irish, after their fleeing from Ireland during and after the war with Vietnam. Venice also gives support to the Incan Remnants, sending them Lungo Rifles as a sign of goodwill. The Venetian military continues to expand rapidly, with a flood of volunteers, particularly from these Irish areas. The Irish are also utilised in miniature Arsenals being built across northern Italy, greatly improving the confederate economy. Nouvo Venetia also continues to expand, growing by 1250 sq km, Cinque Isole also grows by 750 sq km prospering greatly from the Capos leadership.
  • Orthagi graciously accepts Russian protection (This is essentially a Russian colony now, so Russia can do with it as it wills). The King of Itsaygahi is more than willing to let loose an otherwise difficult tributary. The core of Itsaygahi around OTL Georgia and the Carolinas are under siege from land and sea as the powerful Body fleet blockades the King's ports and a powerful army marches into old Tsalagi. However the King is fighting in a fearfully effective way, burning land so the Royal Body can gain no benefit from advance. But it is only a matter of time, as the King's treasury grows smaller and smaller...
    • Venice, wanting security in its trade partners, offers to lend large amounts of money to both sides (so that they can recover quickly and rebuild lands), they can pay back when the land is secure.
  • Incan-Colombian Republic: Improvements on the surrounding countryside continue to be built and an alliance is proposed between Russia and the Republic. Orthodox Christianity becomes the State Religion.
  • Persia: Tabriz is finally finished rebuilding. But before war can be declared on Shahzrur, they tried to get Naples, China, and Russia to help them.
  • The Hanthawaddy Union defeats Imperial Hanthawaddy at Pegu, safely holding up the city. The Empire then begins a series attacks along the Irrwaddy. Burmans living in Imperial Hanthawaddy are persecuted and sent to Tibet. To make matters worse, Gaganjit dies of cholera in December, without a male heir. His daughter Toyohara Parvati assumes power during the year. Toeh Ngoa Nyoing expands east 1600 sq km near OTL Murmansk.
  • The Burgundian King is death. Therefore, the Burgundian parliament decided after watching the dynastic tree of the pretender, legal, is again the King of France.
    • The king Jean III of the French and I of the Burgundians accepts the Burgundian throne, and promises that Burgundy will keep its independence and own laws. With Burgundian help, the conquest of New Songhay is finished. Burgundy recognises the rights of Spain on West Algeria, but the throne of Flanders is still claimed.
  • Sweden constructs more steam engine and starts to use them in 'factories' were goods are made at an astonishing pace. The road system is improved and links between major cities are all fully paved. Some mountain passes to Western Norway are also paved. Sweden expands its military and sends many of its top surveyors to the Andes. Fjordland expands 3050 sq km towards Manoa.
    • It's only 1730! How can you already have industrial factories?
    • According to the thing, Sweden can develop small factories, but the cottage industry system still will dominate until 1770, with the industrialization on a small scale
    • Notice he put "factories" in quotations, meaning basically it like the military steel plants/penza rifle fabrikas and scattered textile factories of Russia-Lx
    • Notice the inverted commas. It's 'factories' not factories. They are tiny compared to modern standards.
    • Thats what I meant by my comment-Lx
  • Spain develops its military and upgrades infrastructure. After landing in OTL Adelaide, the colony ship sets sail for Cadiz and New Spain is expanded by 50 sq km.
  • Russian Tsar Peter II decrees that for the next 100 years, Russia will protect the Incan peoples from foreign invasion so long as they remain orthodox christian. Novorossiya expands 2000 km inwards, as Canada expands 1500 km inwards. The Orthagian Nation officially becomes a protectorate of Russia, and Russia offers to buy the northern Itsahagina land to attempt to connect Novorossiya and Ortagi for a handsome sum of money and increased trade, along with promising the side that wins the civil war 1000 Penza rifles. Meanwhile, the IWD (institute for Weapons development) or "Institut dlya razrobotky orudiy" (or IRO in Russian acronym), start thinking about cone-shaped ammo better utilizing the rifling in the barrels, especially since now they are much more durable and reliable(note that because of the early adoption of rifling this is very well plausible).
  • China amps up its military. Several diamond mines are built in Eastern China, producing wealth for the nation.


Principia Moderni Map 1730
Principia Moderni Map 1730 Key
{C}A massive rebellion, years in the planning, under Leung Yau Man (Liang Yaowen), erupts around Canton in January. The ideology is centered around a strong, centralized state as set down from Confucian ideology. The rebellion spreads very quickly, encompassing the provinces of Guangdong, Guangxi, Fujian, Zhejiang, Anhui, Guizhou, Sichuan, and Chongqing. The rebel leaders quickly overwhelm provincial governments, and attack key facilities. Those found to be disloyal to the new government are quickly executed. Zhu Jingxian, one of Leung's former generals, seizes control of the province of Anhui and begins to massacre the inhabitants, leaving only two-thirds of the original population by the end of the year.

Yellow Fever strikes in Cadiz, Spain. Meanwhile an earthquake levels Valparaiso, Chile. at least 15,000 are dead. Near the end of the year Beijing is hit by another earthquake and causes widespread devastation. At least 1,000 are dead in this disaster.

  • There is a problem here. i highly doubt that Valparaiso exists in this TL.and even if existed, it would be a small village. not enough to have 15000 dead.
  • There are some problems with the map, as far as Ethiopia goes. The area are OTL Assab has been colonized, Adal is now part of Ethiopia, and Ethiopia's border expanded southward a little. Read the previous turns for Ethiopia.
  • I read. Although I forgot to add the first and third, you didn't declare war against Adal, never invaded it, didn't annex it, nor even mentioned it before now to claim it.
  • I guess Adal will have to go on the next map (it was actually Sweden who said they would invade Adal to give it to Ethiopia).
  • Especially because their army is occupied with the Incas, given territory to be taken, terrain and numbers, Adal would take two to four years to be conquered. At best. i suggest that you help Sweden to make Adal's conquering faster.
  • Yes, that's what I planning on doing.
  • @The rebellion in China, is this like a White Lotus Rebellion with Confucian ideals?
  • Ethiopia: With the nation being nearly doubled in the last five years (which actually isn't saying much considering how small Ethiopia was), two new alliance, and a newly crowned Emperor Iyasu, military parades are thrown in Gananora. The new Emperor throws military parades in Sweden (for help in Adal) and Naples (for help in Sennar)'s honor. The New Emperor is also more tolerable to Muslims (though they are still excluded from much of society.
  • The Vietnamese mount an invasion of many of Joseon's colonial territories, heralding the official start of the Korean War. The Vietnamese vassals of New Lithuania and Nippon asist in the war, invading the nearby Korean colonies. The Nipponese invasion of Korean Japan succeeds without Nipponese casulties, as the local Japanese population had harbored increasing resistance to the Korean colonial regime. The Korean colonial regime had grown increasingly harsh in the fifty years since the homeland went into isolation, and had begun to develop a racial caste system with the Korean minority ruling over the Japanese population.
    • I don't mean to speak for Finland, but they did want to have some parts of Japan as a colonial possession (just look at our talk pages), so how about it, in exchange for support in the war, mabe some northern Japan to the Finno-Russian (Russo-Finnic) confederation?
    • I am pretty sure that the whole point of the war was to unite all of Japan under one nation.
    • VENICE INVADES AND WINS THROUGH LASERS! now for the serious post: Venice offers a trade route from newly acquired Venetian india to the Vietnamese so that good. relations are cemented.
    • The Vietnamese, having lost interest in territory in India, offer the Venetians control over Vietnamese territory in India as part of their efforts to warm relations with Venice.
  • Naples is still having a great deal of trouble with their new colony, Vicia, formed out of the Incan territory. They realize that they might have gotten a new colony after not waiting long enough to absorb the last colony, as the recommended period is no more than two per 50 years. Therefore, they are now in a small war in the colony. They will be unable to collect any expansion bonus, stability bonus, nor any other effect of gaining a colony, until they are able to stop the rebellion after 50 years have passed since Istoias was founded. Meanwhile, following the tragic death of her husband, Queen Lucentia's health has begun to decline....
  • Yemen continues to expand north-east by the coastline, remaining neutral in the current conflicts of the World.
  • Finishing its rearmament, Egypt declares war on what is left of Mamluk Egypt. Hungary and Greece offer support, while Zoltán travels to the Papal states to talk with the pope about reconigzing the Egyptian-Mamluk War as a Second Mamluk Crusade. The supported faction starts the attacks, along with the Egyptian army. Greece also asks for Swedish and French support. Despite the fact that Egypt leads the attacks, the command officially is given to Hungary. Meanwhile, expansion on India resumes. despite the sell of most of inland territory to Venice in trade for some Adriatic coastal area, including Ragusa, focus becomes the island of Taprobana (OTL Sri lanka), and the settlement off the coast of the island. With more settlers, the settlement expands 1000 sq km. At the Adriatic, some nobles who had moved inland after the conquering of Ragusa and surrounding areas come back to the city, and the area bought by Hungary. Öböl expands 1000 sq km south, and Ezsák-Afrika expands 1000 sq km north.
  • France supports the Second Crusade, sending the Order of Saint Robert and the Royal armies of Arabia, Algeria, Burgundy and France itself to conquest the promised land in Arabia. The king is disposed to give up his claims in Egypt, in exchange, the Arabian peninsula (promised to France) must be give to the French Caliphate of Arabia. France expands 2300 sq km the domain of Algeria. Arabia offers support to Ethiopia in its war to conquest its neighboors.
    • Are you making a proposal to me?
    • No, I am giving you support.
    • But what you meant with "give up his claims on Egypt in exchange..."?
    • Oh, that ... Yes, Before, I had intention to claim some land in Egypt and create a kingdom there. You can get the entire mamluk Egypt if I can get the Arabic land promised to me.
    • Okay.
  • Persia: The chaos in China forces Persia to find another ally in the war. They ask Russia and Naples to help them conquer Shahzrur. The modernization, Christianization, and economic and military growth all continue. It also asks China to make reforms to appease there.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure. Finland also expands their new colony 50 km inward. Finland also supports Vietnam in the Vietnamese-Korean War, and sends some military ships to help Vietnam fight against Joseon's colonies.
  • China swiftly acts upon these rebels. Several thousand Chinese troops pour into the areas caught in the rebellion. The Emperor makes an announcement: "We have been prosperous and kind to our people. The only thing bringing this nation down are the rebels." This statement causes several to calm down. By the time October rolls around, the rebellion is put down, the rebel leaders executed. Then the earthquake happens. Rebuilding of the city commences, as does a search party for survivors. While most of the city is okay, some buildings to the north are damaged or at least in need or reinforcement. Like an exclaimation mark on a very bad year, a fire breaks out during a rebuilding effort, destroying several buildings, though it is not enough to put the recovery effort back too far.
    • As the new algorithm says, it will not be a swift crushing of the rebels.
    • The new algorithm is being debated.
    • You should not say that you won until the debate is over.
    • I never said I won.
    • Voltaire offers to the Emperor of China help to destroy the rebellions, sending re-inforcements of the whole kingdoms and its vassals to help him against the rebels. In exchange, China must sign an alliance and trade agreements with France.
  • The Royal Body accepts Venetian funds, and manages to prevent similar funds from reaching the King. With resources desperately low, the King fails to pay his struggling soldiers. The common soldiery rise against their noble officers and engage in horrific slaughter. With the Body's numbers bolstered by rebelling soldiers, by years end the King is in flight and the land is fully under the dominion of the Royal Body. The King is killed while trying to flee into Orthagi. Raballiyah, leader of the Royal Body, proclaims that the hereditary office of the King has no legitimacy and that greatness is achieved by electing great leaders like Ehkanankne and Chanrak, the Founders of the Old Kingdom of Tsalagi. With Venetian money filling Itsaygahan coffers, the Union of Itsaygahi is proclaimed. The vassals become autonomous provinces of Itsaygahi and old feudal territories are divided between military officers and the age of the Janissary-Lord begins.
    • Funds were Venetian, BTW. Venice welcomes this new stability in its trading partner.
  • Incan-Colombian Republic: The stabilization of the Republic continues, but due to the tightly packed population, the ICR people begin to push out of the present ICR without government intervention to claim their own farms and land. Can someone add the ICR to the map, it is on the unclaimed Brazillian coast and about 50 milies deep from the coast.
    • Venice offers to help fund the Incan reminants with free trade and money. They offer large amounts of money that may be paid back at a later date, they ask that a good amount is spent on industry so that they may secure the investment.
    • France makes the same offer.
    • Ethiopia sends well wishes to the ICR.
  • It's on the map, by the coast, it's dark blue and really small.
  • Venice is starting to regain its economic power, the first official Bank of Venice opens, helping to greatly organise venetian assets. Venice continues to expand its military and looks into building a network of forts across venetian territories along with this a new idea of the "Ven-Rossi Company" a new implementation which helps the economy to become more organised. The land of Nouvo Venetia also expands by 2300 sq km due to demand for larger farms.
  • The governor of New Hanthawaddy assumes control of the northern part of the Incan Empire, and establishes a power base at Kashamarka, which is renamed New Laskreng. The Hanthawaddy Union follows up its victory in Pegu with an invasion of Mergui. Toeh Ngoa Nyoing experiences a famine, due to a shortage of fish.
  • Due to the Yellow fever in Cadiz, King Phillip orders the town to be quarantined until the plague has passed. Spain continues to upgrade its military and infrastructure, and the New Spain colony is expanded by 50 sq km. King Phillip grants Portugal vassalage.
  • Actually, you already have a colony on Tangiers, I think, combined with this colony and your two vassals, you have right to expand up to 2000 sq km in a half turn.
  • Russian Tsar Peter avoids getting Smallpox for the moment, and marries Catherine Dolgorukova. Peter Decides to support the Chinese governement in the war against the rebels, nearly declaring war on them himself. Peter Becomes more of a dictator than his father, limiting more of the senate's powers to just an advisory body, angering many nobles, meanwhile, Novaya Kamchatka expands by 3500 km on the north Island.
  • Sweden and her allies launch a full scale invasion of Adal with the forces freed from the Incan Empire. They crush the small nation easily by the end of the year. Sweden expands Fjordland 3050 sq km Sweden continues upgrading the road system and builds more 'factories'. There are around twenty of them scattered across the Scandinavian Peninsula by the end of the year.
  • Like I said before, one year is insufficient. Your forces, for starters, don't know the terrain. Would be more suiting that the war endured two to four years now that Ethiopia is helping, but defeating the forces of a small-medium nation with out knowing the terrain, with tired troops is impossible in one year, even with the forementioned nation fighting a two-front war. Oh, and the algorithm just said that Ethiopia has right to 13,5% of Adalian territory.
  • One - there will be resistance. Two - Sweden attacked Adal and led the war.
  • Sorry Sweden, but we should probably say something like this: Despite massive victories by Swedish and Ethiopian forces, it takes another two years for a peace agreement to end the war with Adal.


  • Naples continues to try to occupy the newly taken Incan territories, but it will take some time to do so. The forces stationed there travel up north to the island of Ricasolia, and there conquer 1550 sq km of the native tribal areas on the southern area of the colony. Back in Naples, Queen Lucentia dies, her health having collapsed since the death of her beloved husband Biondello. Sickly Romeo II is crowned as king of Naples, barely ten years old. The elderly Cardinal Baptista of Naples will help the young king manage the control of Naples.
  • Persia, which has become Christian when the Shah was converted to Christianity, declares war on the Mamluks and invades Northern Mesopotamia.
  • Hungary and Egypt advance through inland Mamluk Egypt. The supported faction also gains territory slowly. Infrastructure on Cairo and Alexandria is improved, but only there. In Greece, a new port is built in Tripoli. Meanwhile, Zoltán starts to lead the Hungarian armies personally. Neos Prevexa expands 750 sq km, India expands 1500 sq km in Taprobana, and Dél-Afrika expands 800 sq km.
  • Yemen continues to expand north-east and north-west, fighting against local tribes, and finally reaches the border of Mamluks and France. Yemen begins preparations for the war against Mamluks. (What the hell are you talking about, while talking about me and Somalia? What Yemen has to do with Somalia?)
  • Somalia?
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure. Finland also expands their new colony 50 km inward. Finland also continues to send some more military ships to help Vietnam in the Vietnamese-Korean War. Meanwhile, the Finns also help by fighting the Koreans at sea, near their colonies.
  • Ethiopia: As war in Adal goes calm, Ethiopia's northern border expands 1000 km, giving it more coastland.
  • The Vietnamese continue their war against the corrupted rulers of the de-facto Joseon colonial empire. The Vietnamese asist the New Lithuanians in conquering the Joseon colony in the New Lithuanian archipalego.
  • Spain continues to upgrade its military, and beins researching the steam engine, pleading for help from its allies. New Spain expands by 1250 Sq Km. (New Spain is in OTL Adelaide, Australia, in case anyone didn't know. The colony below Gibraltar is just called Tangiers.)
  • The Bank of Venice puts money into the Ven-Rossi Company, helping the expansion of industry to areas where members of the Ven-Rossi Company are governers (mainly the crusader states and venetian india). Small arsenals are constructed along the coasts of these areas bringing the economy up and local and foreign trade up. The military is boosted too by this infrastructural upgrade, allowing local venetian aligned militaries to start using Venice standard weapons and equipment. Nouvo Venetia expands by 1000 sq km again due to agricultural demands. Venetian India expands by 1300 sq km due to tribes joining what they see as a rich, powerful nation.
  • Russia sends supplies to Vietnam. More and more steel plants start popping up in most every major city in Russia, although the largest remain in the Nizhnigorod/Penza Governate. People start using cars on rails powered by horses (the first primitive trains) to transport goods to steel workshops. Peter sets up a labor camp next to a mine. A primitive Katorga if you will, so that exiles can work in metalurgy to produce more refined metals for Russia's industrial needs. Meanwhile, the first prototype of a "cone Bullet" is thought up of in the IRO and held top secret. It is presumed that it will expand due to pressure building up and fit more snugly against the rifling (like OTL minébullet), hearby drasticaly increasing the rance of the weapon, and using the very reliable penza rifling technique, the Russians will have, in fact, created the first "sniper rifle"(with the earlier adoption of rifling, this is plausible). Until a proven Bullet is made and shot, the Institute wishes it to remain a secret that only the tsar should know.
  • Sweden deals with Adalian resistance over the course of the year and manages to put most of it down. The lands are gifted to Ethiopia providing them ports to establish trade routes. New Sweden expands 3050 sq km.


  • The Vietnamese, with asistance from their vassals, are able to occupy the Korean colonies in Kamchatka and Formosa. The Korean War is over and a peace treaty is signed with Joseon, who are mostly glad that the expense of maintaining the colonies is off their shoulders. The Vietnamese promise the Chinese that they will had over control of Formosa when the recent rebellion has been dealt with. They officially absorb the Kamchatkan and Japanese colonies into Nippon, and absorb Joseon's Philippine colony into New Lithuania.
  • Persia manages to capture parts of Northern Mesopotamia, and are currently moving southward. The Christianization and modernization of the country continue. Also, Persia asks China to make reforms to make the rebels happy.
  • Naples' young King Romeo II hopes that the Neapolitanc colony from the Incas will be secured soon, as he doesn't like war, it stresses the unhealthy child king out. Archbishop Baptista makes a series of reforms within Naples and other port cities, to increase the amount of trade with all foreign nations that Naples has trade routes with.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure. Finland also expands their new colony 50 km inward.
  • Egypt expands in Mamluk territory. After hearing of the existance of a seaport in Ethiopia, A proposal is made to establish a trade route between them. Meanwhile, at Ezsák-Afrika, wine starts to be exported. Neos Preveza expands 1500 sq km on the part east of Megalos limni, towards the western part. India expands 1500 sq km on Taprobana.
  • Yemen continues to fight against local tribes, while expanding north-east. Many supplies are donated for military, while many markets are closed for two months.
  • Ethiopia : Large numbers of people move to Ganananora to seek opportunity, and the city becomes the largest in Africa. Culture and research flourish there, and most of Ethiopia's future improvements will be developed in the capitol first.Collie, can you please update the map to show the previous things that I asked you about (Ganananora (OTL Assab), and an increased southern border?
  • Keep in mind that 20 px in a nation with your dimensions can hardly be noticed. and I can't update it. i update the map each turn to avoid spending time editing and uploading the map when the time comes. This way, I can upload the map when is still 4:50 on the morning instead of ending up uploading it later than 5:00 at the morning. right now, the map is updated with the turns of 1730-1731 and the unfinished one of 1732. I will get you a preview of what Ethiopia looks like
  • Thank you! It's just that the changes took place in 1725-1729 so I thought they would go on the 1730 map. Oh well........
  • China, afraid of losing more people to the rebellion, comes to a compromise with the rebels; the leaders get control of a few provinces and a sum of money in return for loyalty to China and the end of the rebellion. The rebels accept.
  • Itsaygahi repairs itself after the war, using Venetian money to rebuild cities, renovate ports and modernise the army. It isn't lon before the Union Body (New name for the Royal Body) runs out of money. They ask Venice for more money in return for giving them Most Favoured Nation status.
    • Venice accepts and the Bank of Venice sends large funds to Itsaygahi along with an offer, that the Ven-Rossi Company go and set up several small arsenals along the coast so that Itsaygahi will have an advanced industry owned by the Company but working and payed for by Itsaygahi. Along with this they will give the Itsaygahi Leadership major shareholder status (10% of Ven-Rossi).
  • The archbishop Jean of Avignon dies in battle against the Mamluks. The king Jean III decides to install his second son, Alexander, as puppet king of Burgundy to keep the independence of that nation and stop the conflicts between the two parliaments. The colony of Haiti is expanded 3500 sq km. The caliph annexes huges lands in the Arab peninsula to the domains of the caliphate. Voltaire starts anti-Jewish and anti-Catholic campaigns, starting conflict between the representantives of the Schmittists colonies of Haiti, Terre de Feu, Malouinas, Patagonie and Nouvelle France in tha parliament and the representatives of the Catholic France, Brgundy and Guinée, and the Islamic Algeria, Arabia and Songhaï. Anyway, the good relationships between the caliph, the king and the prince-duke are keeping the civil order, and the plans to give water and food to the common people are working well. The king orders that the quechua languae and culture (including the religion) must be respected.
  • Venice continues to develop at a great rate making up for the 30 years of civil disruption in no time. The military continues to be upgraded and across the empire is becoming fully standardised and in line with homeland regulations, the Ven-Rossi Company throws the economy into overdrive and Venice begins large exports again for the first time in over seventy years. This is further boosted after they manage to negotiate a deal to build arsenals in Joseon, However needing a way to give investors incentive they invent the idea of shares, which show how much of the company someone owns. They give the Joseon government major shareholder status (10%). Meanwhile the territory of Nouvo Venetia expands by 2300 sq km after a local governer orders the borders tribes to be culled after an incident which ended up with a Venetian boy being killed.
  • Spain continues to upgrade its military and infrastructure. The New Spain colony expands by 1550 Sq Km.
  • Sweden upgrades its military and infrastructure. Fjordland expands 3050 sq km toward Manoa.
  • The Russian Regal title is officialy changed. Peter now uses Peter II, Emperor and Autocrat of all the Russias, Tsar of Lithuania, Grand Duke of Finland, Great Protector of the Baltics, Kazakhstan, the Iroquois and Orthagians, Ruler and supreme Dominator of Siberia and all his posesions. Peter becomes obsessed with following in his grandfather's footsteps. Peter Looks at the new rifle design, and gives them the name "petrine rifles" in honor of his grandfather. Now, these primitive "snipers" are given to the elite groops of the army, the Finnish and Russian Spetsnaz, to use and train with. Peter hearby officialy standardizes the caliber and quality of rifling in the standing army, so that everybody can have the same rifles, as military rifles will now be completely the state's responsibility to furnish. Canada expands 3000 km inland towards Great Lakes and Novorossiya 500.


thumb|180px|link=Due to the new contact with the West African kingdoms due to the French invasion of New Songhay, communications between Africa and the rest of the world have been restored. Across the globe, mapmakers change their maps to reflect the new border changes that occurred during the long period of no communication with the depths of Africa.

  • Russia asks to buy from the Itsahagian Royal body the permission to purchase the northern portion of the nation that is bordering the coast to connect the Orthodox pale with the other North American Russian Possessions. The Russians promise financial as well as military stuff, including 1000 Penza rifles, the "most reliable in the world". More to add...
  • Persia manages to secure all of northern Mesopotamia under its control. The modernization, Christianization, economic growth, and military growth all continue.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure. Finland also expands their new colony 50 km inward.
  • Early on the year, the Hungarian/Egyptian/Greek troops are combating and advancing on Egypt. In one battle in February, King Zoltán is seriously wounded. It is decided to take him to Cairo, but he dies before reaching the city. Since Zoltán had no offspring, and no brothers, the Nobles' Council elects his judged-to-be-nearest relative, Mihály Hunyadi, or Michael X of Greece. Michael only rules until April, when he abdicates, citing difficulties of ruling both Hungary and Greece. Michael, despite his abdication, gives advice to the Nobles' Council. Meanwhile, another relative is found: Béla, son of Béla VII, son of Béla VI who supported him on the Hungarian Civil War and lost, eventually fleeing to Wallachia. However, few weeks after being elected, Béla, who is already ill, dies, at age 73, with no descendants known. The House of Hunyadi is eventually declared extinct, although it stays ruling on Greece, under the name Corvin, which was already used by the Hunyadi rulers. In July, the Nobles' Council has no option but to choose a ruler from a different dynasty. Count Lazsló, from the House of Erdődy, is elected in July by the High Chamber, and the decision is ratified by the Low Chamber weeks later. In December, he is crowned as Ladislaus VI. In Ezsák-Afrika, some islands, south of Canaria Insulae are invaded, and 650 sq km are conquered. Of the islands conquered, the bigger island is called Szent Antál, and the minor islands is called Szent Lúcia (the smallest of them), and Szent Vince (bigger than Szent Lucia and smaller than Szent Antál). The islands, collectively, become known as "Zöld-foki-szigetek", name taken from a cape located on the African kingdom of Sine, which is the nearest mainland point to the islands. India expands 1400 sq km on Taprobana. Dél-Afrika expands 1000 sq km north.
  • Yemen continues fighting against local rival tribes while expanding north-east.
  • The French colony of Haiti is expanded 3500 sq km. The king Jean, the prince-duke Robert and other nobles manage to take the Arab Peninsula. The Caliph wants to renew his alliance with Yemen. The king Alexander I of Burgundy annuls the slavery. The prince Robert does the same in Patagonia.
    • Yemen accepts the alliance.
  • The Vietnamese, eager to return to colonial expansion, expand their South American colony by 76*50 sq km. They continue to expand to the northwest, intent on linking the South America colony to Puerto Rico's enclave on the continent.
  • Naples continues to solidify their control of the Incan territories. Trade is good, and there is a great improvement in the economy. Many merchants buy large amounts of land in Cuba in order to create plantations to grow crops there and sell them, resulting in 1000 new sq km of the island coming under the control of Naples. Istoias expands by 550 sq km as well. The young King Romeo II is very religious due to his fear of death (as he is often sick) so he begins to build up the Neapolitan puppet-state of Jerusalem. The religion of Jerusalem is now 45% Jewish, 15% Roman Catholic, 10% Eastern Orthodox, 20% Shi'a Islam, 5% Sunni Islam and 5% Druze.
  • China begins rebuilding from the recent rebellion. In June, the rebellion is officially declared over. The rebel group, for the most part, dissolves. Some rebels begin fighting for the new position of their former allies in arms. At the permission of the rebels and the Emperor, the small leftover group of rebels are found and shot. In other news, cannabis and other mind-degrading herbs are made illegal to the general public. These herbs saw a heyday in the time of artistic rebirth and prosperity in China. Nobles and the emperor, however, may still use these herbs. The outlaw of these 'drugs' allows for the popularization of the cultivation of tobacco in substitute for the now illegal herbs.
  • The Venetian economy expands greatly, the military continues to expand. Nouvo Venetia grows by 2300 sq km. Not much inspiration at this time.
    • You do know that Nouvo Venetia is expanding into territory that is claimed by the Russians during the St. Petersburg conference? If it expands enough, it would be expanding into territory claimed by Itsaygahi as well.
    • Hey that's right!
    • Venice was not invited nor informed of this.
    • Technically all nations with colonies in the Americas were invited, except Venice couldn't come because you were banned.
    • So how were Venetian interests dealt with?
    • They were given a tiny part of South America, and no one claimed any of the Bahamas, but other than that they were mostly ignored by the powers, all eager for more land for themselves and ignoring weaker nations
    • I'm glad so much that Venice is considered "weak" despite the fact that it has never lost a war.
    • It was on the losing side of the second Russo-Swedish war (or was it the third?) At the time, it was having severe leadership problems for the last couple and thus its international influence and power were extremely low.
    • We never lost ground in that war and neither did we ever end it really as Venice never signed the peace treaty. Besides the motive for that war was itchy and had it not been allowed to go, it would have been a draw or something worse for Russia.
    • You were on the side that recognized defeat, just because you were too proud to sign the peace treaty that everyone else on your side did does not mean you didn't lose, it just means your nation pretended that it did not. But that is beside the point, your nation was unable to organize itself and thus was left out of the treaties that divided North and South America.
    • 'OK, how about this, you show me what you want in North America, and We decide if it is reasonable, it's kind of sad to think about this, but if Nuovo Venicia wasn't so god damn close to Novorossiya. if it were in the Gulf of Mexico, I wouldn't have much of a problem (notice I said much) giving up some land. So how does it sound? reasonable (just note that Russia will not give up their outlet to the great lakes just like that)'-Lx
    • You could always sell it in exchange for some Russian colony that they don't use much more.
  • Spain continues to expand its military, including expanding the Ranger corps. King Phillip orders the cessation of research into the steam engine due to massive casualties when experimenting. Meanwhile scientists begin experimenting with magnets and magnetism. New Spain expands by 1550 sq km.
  • Sweden expands its military and improves infrastructure. Fjordland is expanded 3050 sq km towards Manoa.


  • In Naples, a hundred years ago this year, the great leader Benvolio II came to power, the second leader of the Entori dynasty and one of the greatest kings in the history of Naples. Sadly, this year is much less successful for Naples, as the young king Romeo II dies in the spring, barely having reigned three years. He is succeeded by his younger brother Benvolio III, who is but 9 years of age (although much healthier than his older brother). Cardinal Baptista will continue to help run things in Naples for the second young king in Naples. The Cardinal dislikes Venice due to their conflicts with the church, and he states that if Russia and Itsaygahi wish to oppose them due to the Venetian expansion into lands claimed by those two nations, Naples will come to their aid.
  • The Vietnamese continue to expand their South American colony northwards to the Puerto Rico colony by 76*50 sq km.
  • Persia continues its modernization, economic growth, military growth, and Christianization plans. It begins to secure a foothold of northern Mesopotamia and begins to claim its final remnants.
  • Despite his coronation, which mean that he is officially king of Hungary, king Ladislaus is relatively more unknown than his predecessors, aside of the fact of he was an important noble. Then starts a propaganda campaign to boost his popularity.Advance on Egypt resumes, with the coalition making more gains throughout the year. Meanwhile, more islands of Zöld-foki are conquered, totalizing 600 sq km of expansion. The bigger island of those conquered is called Szent Miklós. Meanwhile, at Szent Antál and Szent Vince, sugarcane starts to be cultived, while it slowly loses space to wine on Canariae Insulae.Öböl expands 1150 sq km south. India expands 1300 sq km on the mainland, inland.
  • Yemen continues fighting against local tribes, while expanding north-east. Formely known to be divided into two subdivisions, Yemen now has 4 subdivisions: "Gstad (north-western)", "Gostot (southern)", "Bayernsot (northern)", "Baghstat(north-eastern)". Many changes in law are made. Every man, from the age of 18, must serve two years in army.
  • With a new peace treaty forced on Adal, Ethiopia takes (13.5%) all of Adal's coast. The Emperor begins making a more regulated and efficient tax system, that will be used on all of Ethiopia's territories. Meanwhile, the tribal chiefs around OTL Djibouti swear alliegance to the Ethiopian crown.
  • Rebuilding in China continues. Violence due to the rebellion is officially over. China is quiet once again. Plans to expand its colonies in North America are announced.
  • Reorganisation of the internal structure of Itsaygahi continues, and the treasury slowly fills with money made from trade and economic expansion, not simply draining off Venice. The Union does not feel strong enough to challenge Venetian expansion, and so ignores their colonies. With the need to expand the economy in a largely agricultural country, the Union Body asks France for a trade deal to take slaves from New Songhay to the farms of Itsaygahi
  • France buildsup its military. The king of France decides to put more efforts in the Mamluk war, helpin the advances of other nations and advancing himself to the arabic lands. Meanwhile, Voltaire accepts the Union Body's offer. France asks Russia and Itsaygahi a new congress to fix the claims of Venice in North America. The king is very sorry for the dead of his relatives, the kings of Naples, and he asks the Cardinal Baptista to declare him Fidei Defensor during the minority of the king Benvolio III. Voltaire feels strong hate against the jewish, and his confrontations with the crown are increasing.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure. Finland also expands their new colony 50 km inward.
  • Spain continues upgrading its military and infrastructure. The New spain colony expands by 1550 sq km.
  • Mons living on OTL Kangaroo Island visit the Spanish colony at OTL Adelaide, and ask to open up trade. The Empress of Hanthawaddy wishes to make peace with the Hanthawaddy Union, but meetings are canceled after an issue with Buddhist monks. The colonies become increasingly commercial, bringing much-needed money to defend against rebellions into the Mon economy. Toeh Ngoa Nyoing expands east along the coast by 2700 sq km at OTL Murmansk.
  • Venice asks for negotiation on the north american borders. Meanwhile their military continues expanding, their economy continues to grow expotentially and the colony of Nouvo Venetia expands by 2300 sq km.
    • Expanding the military counts as one whole turn, so you cannot expand the colony by that much, you have to either expand it by 1550 sq km or not update the military as well. Currently, I think waiting until the next map for the negotiations to begin to determine whether you will just be negotiating with Russia or also with Itsaygahi and/or Hungary.
    • I can do that, I have two turns do I not, I haven't expanded under the terms in the rules and shown in war algorithms. I am spending 0.5 turns on military, 0.5 on economy and 1 on colonisation, I think I can do what I have stated.
    • Military is 1 turn, economy is 0.5 (unless it is massive). I forgot about the +0.5, but I thought that applied to colonial expansion as well (if not then I have been massively underexpanding)
    • Continued military expansion is 0.5 starting up military expansion is one turn.
    • I think they might have a +0.5 turn for personal union or whatever.
  • Russian military upgrades quite a bit. The Russian Governor in Novorossiya once agian asks the Itsahaginas to purchase land to connect Orthodox Itsahagi and Novorossiya. Russian America expands by 3000 km and PEter decides to implement the same taxation system in RUssia and in Lithuania. Russia officialy signs a treaty with the Iroquois, technicaly making them vassals of the Russian Emperor.
  • Sweden's miitary expands and infarstructure improves. Fjordland expands 3050 sq km north towards Manoa.


Principia Moderni Map 1735
Principia Moderni Map 1735 Key
  • Hungary, Egypt and Greece continue advancing on this point, the coalition controls much of Mamluk Egypt. The smaller carrack made for combat on the Nile finally see action, but not working as was expected. Ezsák-Afrika expands 900 sq km in Zöld-foki, taking more three islands, but ony the bigger one receives a name: Jó kilatás.Öböl expands 2150 sq km south,
  • Yemen: Many coastal defences and cannons are being produced. Industrialisation is also being improved. They expand north-east.
  • Rebuilding in China continues. Meanwhile, a breakthrough on a smaller, yet equally efficient steam engine is occurs. This is shared with Russia.
  • Hungry for more cash to improve the economy and modernise the extraordinarily backwards economy of Itsaygahi, the Union Body signs the deal with Voltaire and agrees to sell the Russians land sufficient to connect Orthagi and Novo Rossiya. The slaves give their name to the slave class (regardless of race) during this time, Noovelongahans. Its a corruption of Nouvelle Songayans.
  • Livonia is annexed into Lithuania. The Governement thanks the Itsahagians for their generosity, and give them 1000 penza rifles in greatitude, and money to help them improve their economy. The Iroquois now control(or have influence on) the territory of basicaly the entire east coast of the Lake Ontario and Lake Erie, whih is, after its discovery by the Russians, named "lake Hiwahita" in honor of the legendary Hiwahita I of the Iroquois. who mcreated the confederation. and the lake Ontario is named "lake Skanadario", the traditional Iroquois name for the lake they lived on the coasts of for so long. The St lawrence river, however is named Simeonov river, in honor of Yuri Yakovich Simeonov, the first Russian Governor to sign a treaty with the Iroquois people. The Iroquois finally discover, after a Hungarian fort is constructed at the point where the Lake Skanadario (Lake Ontario) turns into the St Lawrence River, they very much dislike that, and desperately ask the Russians to check the St Petersburg treaty to check the colony's territorial legitamacy. Peter II of Russia decdes to travel to America for an official meet with the Grand Chieftain of the Iroquois confederation, Thesetaraniu, the son of Hiwahita II, and member of the Mohawk Nation. This diplomatic voyage is the first of this kind, as it was not ever atempted before, as no Russian monarch has ever visited America, even for diplomatic trips. Peter leaves right when the Baltic sea permits him to, leaving his wife Catherine in charge for a while, and sets sail for america, arriving in June in Novomoskovsk. He then, with Iroquois guides travels to meet the chief, and signs a treaty with him, giving him, to ovoid any wars with other naions, permission to expand the Iroquois influence and power in all domains guaranteed to Russia by the Treaty of St Petersburg. As the meet comes to a close, the temperature plunges, making him wait until next year to travel back. Peter stays in the Gubernatorial residences in Hochelaga-Mont-Rayal, Stadakona-Kvebek, and spends a while in Noviy Vladimir. He is happy with what he ses in these cities, with theri standards of living much the same as the ones in RUssia proper, if not better.
  • I checked the map of the treaty, and I really broke into your territory. How we fix this?
  • I assume that this is Lx talking. If it is, I suppose that you could offer to give them the territory which was to be theirs, and in return they could sign some treaty giving Russia large amounts of money and maybe an agreement that they will help them in the war.
  • No, this is Collie, talking to Lx.
  • The king of France, Jean III sends more troops to Egypt, occuping the southern arab peninsula, while France are building up its military. The French parliament decides to declare war on Wolof, to expand Songhaï. Alexander I of Burgundy, Selim of Arabia and Algeria and the prince-duke of Terre de Feu join the war.
    • Terre de Feu at counts as a colony I believe
    • Yes, it is a colony, it's anyway "independent", because it has its own armies and laws. Is just in-game data, Terre de Feu msut not be counted as vassal.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure. Finland also expands their new colony 50 km inward.
  • Hanthawaddy, for the first time, begins to allow private companies to operate in Ngenkeh. This is immediately followed up with the creation of the Mon Ngainkeh Company by some wealthy middle class. The "Mons Resist Burmese Rule" movement encourages Mons living in the Hanthawaddy Union to settle Bengal and Ngenkeh. Over 12,000 new settlers land in Ngainkeh, the largest number ever recorded. OTL Darwin in Haklon expands in all directions by 1300 sq km. Kumbasem (near Kulin) expands west along the coast by 1600 sq km.
  • The Vietnamese expand their New Vietnam colony by 76*50 sq km. The Vietnamese merge their Puerto Rico colony into their South American colony of Nam Mỹ. The Nipponese continue to expand into the last remnants of the former Japanese Empire. The Vietnamese send an envoy to Hanthawaddy to discuss a solution to the status of the island of Karafuto. The New Lithuanians continue to expand their territory into the unclaimed lands of their archipalego.
  • Ganananora begins to develope a high merchant class with traders from European nations coming in to purchase and trade goods. Ships begin regularly traveling across the sea to Yemen. A 700 page volume on the History of Ethiopia is completed and named after the current Emeperor.
  • Persia finally conquers all of Northern mesopotamia. They decide to build a fleet to cross the Persian Gulf and invade the lands there.
  • Sweden's military continues expansion. The scottish troops and Libyan (belonging to Sweden) units seize parts of the Arabian Peninsula and defeat the last remnants of the Mamluk army in the Battle of Qatar. The Mamluk Empire is on the verge of total collapse. Meanwhile New Sweden is expanded 3050 sq km.


  • The Vietnamese expand their New Vietnam colony by 76*50 sq km. The Nipponese, having secured the island chains once possessed by Japan, begin the processes of reclaiming the island of Karafuto. The Vietnamese and their Nipponese vassals send envoys to Hanthawaddy to work out a deal on how the island is to be divided. The New Lithuanians continue settling the unclaimed lands of their archipalego. The New Lithuanians announce that they will allow any supporters of the failed rebellion in China to settle on New Lithuanian lands. These perspective settlers must swear an oath of loyalty to New Lithuania in exchange for a homestead in either the New Lithuanian archipalego or Borneo.
  • Persia has finsihed the fleet and had landed troops in Bahrain and the OTL area of UAE. Troops captured many towns along the way, securing most of the region.
  • UAE and Bahrain are designed to be annexed by Arabia.unless that you and France (or even Sweden) have a treaty, but I checked in your talk page and there is nothing to say that you have a treaty about land.
  • Bahrain is meant to be Swedish and UAE split between Sweden and France.
  • Hungary and its vassals continue gaining territory on Egypt. Northern Egypt is finally secured, with the remaining factions surrendering. Some of the troops stay there and others reinforce the troops on the south. There, the troops advance, taking terrirtory along the border with the state of Makuria.Conquering of the Zöld-foki islands continues, and one island is conquered at 1000 sq km. It is later called Szent Jakab. Neos Preveza expands 500 sq km, and India expands 1500 sq km north on the mainland. In the end of the year, the proposal to merge Öböl and Uruguay is approved. The colony is renamed "Magyar Dél-Amerikában". With the war near its end (for the Hungarians), some of the troops start to return, except for those designed to maintain order, and those responsible for annexing what is left of Mamluk territory. Military updating resumes.
  • Yemen finishes attacking local tribes, and begins heavily researching new forms of medicine and infrastructure. They offer a trade agreement with Hungary, whereby Yemen sends iron and receives 0.5(of the Iron we send) of steel.
    • Hungary accepts.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure. Finland also expands their new colony 50 km inward.
  • Itsaygahi thanks Russia for the rifles and money. The Penza Rifles become the property of the northern Marcher Lords, the only aristocracy which emerged from the old order more powerful than before. They use the advanced weaponry to balance the poorer north against the richer, more urbanised south.
  • Naples increases the size of their defensive military and improves their economy from all of the new trade due to increased trade amounts as merchants gain more power. Meanwhile, the rather eccentric count Corsica, by the name of Petruchio Bergia, has taken a great interest in the motions of the stars and planets, and he has a huge tower built on the highest point of the island to he can observe the stars from his telescope.
  • A Large Ethiopian military base is built in OTL Arba Minch, to secure Ethiopia's southern boundries from attack. Large numbers of military personal are trained there, and the army is improved.
  • The French army advances to the coast of Wolof, setting free the slaves and bombarding the ports. The king Alexander I of Burgundy asks the king of Hungary to help him against Wolof. In exchange, he will give him a land in the OTL Cap-Vert. Meanwhile, the Algerian territory expands 3500 sq km.
    • France's great social progressivism is sort of unrealistic for this time period.
    • It is not that unrealistic. The ideas of the abolition of the slavery, the liberalist economy and others start in this period, but no nation of the era used it. I do, and is not implausible.
  • Incan Colombian Republic: Expansion begins due to the huge population in such a small area, and it will continue for at least five years.
    • I don't see how a tiny nation founded by scattered, disorganized refugees would have such a large population.
  • Imperial Hanthawaddy makes a treaty with the Hanthawaddy Union, ending the Hanthawaddy Civil War. The Union is entitled to terrirory north of the Ye River, and in Burma with the exception of OTL Arakan State and Chin State. Haklon expands south at 1200 sq km, and New Bassein expands east by 1700 sq km.
  • Can you send me a map of this division?
  • Sweden finishes of the final resistance in the mamluk Sultanate. The infrastructure back home is improved and Scotland converts to Orthodox Christianity. New Sweden expands 3050 sq km.
  • Spain improves infrastructure and military. New Spain expands 1550 sq km.
  • Venice restarts military expansion and expands Nouvo Venetia by 2300 sq km.
  • Itsaygahi sold enough territory to connect Novorossyia and their turned-into-colony Orthodox Pale. This should encompass our colony, so you wouldn't have room for expansion, unless that you want to declare war against Russia
  • They didn't you can't change the map have another look at it and you'll see that I have plenty of room, give a map if you want to prove anything.
  • excerpt from Itsaygahi's 1735 turn;"agrees to sell the Russians land sufficient to connect Orthagi and Novo Rossiya." and both can't be connected (at least by land) without passing through the western border of your colony
  • thank you.
  • How about in exchange for your american colony I give you my Sri Lankan/Indian one? population 200 000?-Lx
  • Expand it a bit then its a deal, make it so it at least covers a third of sri lanka.
  • While some supporters of the rebellion go to New Lithuania, the vast majority stay in China or go to the colonies in Mexico and South America. This allows the Mexican colony to expand up the eastern coast by 3000 sq km this year.
    • Why would they stay with the government they rebelled against? It makes no sense!


An earthquake kills 2,000 people in Kamchatka.

  • The Egyptian/Greek troops keep advancing over Mamluk territory. With the last factions remaining already weakened, it is relatively easy to defeat them.By November, all Mamluk Egypt (except for the French portions) is owned by the Kingdom of Egypt. In June, Michael X of Greece dies without issue, and is suceeded by his nephew, Alexios, later crowned as Alexios VI of Greece. Meanwhile, in Hungary, King Ladislaus announces support for France in its war against Wolof. Economic improvement starts. Ezsák-Afrika expands 550 sq km on Zöld-foki, conquering the rest of the islands. Sugarcane continues to lose space to wine on Canariae Insulae, both in exports and presence on the plantations. However, sugarcane is widely cultivated on Zöld-foki. India expands 2500 sq km north on the mainland.
  • Naples: Cardinal Baptista continues the economic improvement of Naples. He states that as the key to the improvement of Naples is the trade from the colony of Ricasolia, he has that colony expanded by 2300 sq km along the southern coast of the island. Meanwhile, Count Petruchio publishes a paper, detailing the discoveries he has made about the heavens (nothing major thus far). This sparks a great interest in astronomy across Naples (and possibly across the world), and interest in the other sciences rises as well. Unfortunately, at the end of the year the elderly Cardinal Baptista dies, leaving the child-king Benvolio III without a good regent.
  • Yemen begins massive constructions of theatres and art galleries. They offer 50'000 YEM to buy some low-class paintings, from Hungary, so yemenese people could use it as a draft and begin creating their own paintings.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure. Finland also expands their new colony 50 km inward.
  • Ethiopia requests Naples and Sweden to be able to use their currencies, and make one of them the national currency of Ethiopia as well.
  • The Vietnamese expand their New Vietnam colony by 76*50 sq km.
  • Persia continues to build up the army and navy. It also asks Frnce and Sweden to have some land south of the Persian Gulf.
    • Sweden's King Charles initially agrees as all the land is desert and wasteland, but his head astrologist tells him that the lands will bring Sweden great riches so the King is forced to decline the request.
  • The French war against the Mamluks is marching good. The entire French portion of the peninsula is now under caliphal control. The caliph sends forces to help Yemen in its expansion into the Mamluk Empire. The prince-duke and Voltaire are putting more efforts to improve the schmittist colonies and exile the jews to Arabia and Algeria. The caliph expands his algerian domain inland 3500 sq km. The order of Saint Robert invades the main cities of Wolof, forcing the conquered peoploes to swear loyalty to the French Crown, Parliament and the Caliphate of Arabia. The king Jean III offers to the neapolitan government to be himself the regent of his relative, the king Benvolio III.
  • Spain continues upgrading its military and infrastructure. New Spain expands by 1550 sq km, and agrees to set up trade with the Mons on OTL Kangaroo island.
  • Sweden consolidates their rule over the Arabian Peninsula. The future of the Arabian Peninsula is decided by Charles and he decrees it to become a puppet state of Sweden. Estonia asks to buy the two Estonian Islands from Russia in return for the allowance of Russian trade through Estonian ports and the removal of tariffs on the Estonian border. Sweden expands its military and improves infrastructure. New Sweden is expanded by 3050 sq km.
  • Peter II returns and brings many items back from america. in the time after, he contracts smallpox that was spreading from Itsahagi and dies soonafter. HE is buiried in Moscow as nobody wants to bring him back to st Petersburg. Catherine, his wife, assumes the throne as the Empress of Russia as indicated in her husband's will.


Disaster strikes the African Continent! The whole of West Africa is a partched wasteland as the crops fail across a third of the African continent. The Morocan Sultanate expands southwards by 5 px in search of food supplies. Borgu expands southward to gain a trading port for food while Ashanti is invaded by Gao for their food supplies. Meanwhile a major outbreak of the plague spreads rapidly across the Balkans via the merchantile trade. By the end of the year the plague has spread into Venice, Turkey and Egypt leaving thousands dead. Itsaygahi is slammed by an outbreak of smallpox leaving hundreds dead and thousands disfigured for life.

  • The Vietnamese expand their New Vietnam colony by 76*50 sq km. The Vietnamese, still quite angry at Venice for butchering the nation's Vietnamese population, usese the plague outbreak as an excuse to cut off all contact to the Venetians. The Nipponese continue to the territory of the island of Karafuto, as they make a deal with the Hanthawaddians to leave them a thin strip of territory connecting the the two eastern peninuslas
  • Incan-Colombia Republic:Begins to send colonist to begin building settlements and expanding their nation.
  • Chinese colonists help those affected by smallpox. Meanwhile, the colony in Mexico expands by 3000 sq km on its eastern border.
  • Young King Benvolio III of Naples is encouraged by many of his advisors to send aid to Venice, as that is the Christian thing to do. However, this causes a slight outbreak of the plague in Naples and the Papal states. Although no where near as bad as that of the Balkans or even Venice, it still causes alarm. General Carlo Abrias declares that the Entori dynasty brought this great trouble upon Naples, and he stages a coup, exiling the young King Benvolio III to the island of Malta and crowning himself King Carlo VII. Pope Paul VI attempts to use his power of the Papal States and the church to defeat Carlo VII, but Paul VI dies before he can organize a resistance, and the new pope, Leo XIII, supports Carlo, giving Carlo VII the power over Naples.
  • The King acts quickly about the plague spreading across southern Hungary, closing the régiók of Serbia, Bosnia, Diocleia and Albania, since the plague is more concentrated there. He also temporarily closes all maritime trade, and trade with Wallachia, Venice and Moldavia. However, this causes the economic progress recently experienced to stop. However, in Greece, the response the same, but is slower, causing Peloponnesus and the region around Constantinople, which are the only regions in which the plague did not entered) to be pratically isolated from the rest of the country.Adding to the war in Egypt having recently ended, King Theodore dies of plague, without descendants, leaving the country pratically without a government. On the southern part of the country, the former factions who had just surrended come back to fighting, but in a smaller scale than in the Mamluk War. The King of Hungary warns Sweden to not interfere on Egypt. While territorial expansion on Ezsák-Afrika stagnates, the economy on the colony, and overall, in the other colonies too, improves, since the taxes cannot be sent to the main country. On Magyar Dél-Amerikában and Újfundlandi és a Labrador, this will make the power of the local elite greater. The king of Kandy, Vira Narendra, sends an ultimatum to the Hungarian settlements in the country, and expansion stops, since the garrisons are not prepared for a war. India expands 1400 sq km inland on the mainland. Dél-Afrika resumes expanding, expanding 1650 sq km north.
  • Yemen begins an in invasion of the tribes again, expanding to the north-east.
  • Persia officially declares Shia Christianity its official religion, combining Christianity and Shia Islam. Persia decides that since Sweden rejected the request, they decide to move to Oman. They begin building up their fleet and their army.
  • Seriously? Actually it's okay but just don't expect your entire country to convert. In fact, it would probably cause a huge amount of controversy.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure. Finland also expands their new colony 50 km inward.
  • Itsaygahi get to work trying to root out the disease by quarantining the sick in 'Plague Towns', where a military garrison and imams trained to deal with the disease are maintained. Food and other resources are left at a safe distance from the town by other villages. This food is then picked up by the imams who distribute it. The soldiers ensure the Plague Town remains a closed community, until the Town is completely cleansed of plague. The drought in Africa means the supply of slaves dries up. Itsaygahi proposes an alliance with China and Russia and a renewal of the alliance with Vietnam.
  • The French army is advacing in its war against Wolof, bombarding the last ports and destroying the rebel towns. Meanwhile, the king Jean offers refuge to the exiled king of Naples. Anyway, he do not want any conflict with Naples and the Papal States, so he offers an alliance to the king Carlo VII, asuring him that France have no intention to attack the usurper of the throne.
    • Benvolio III is currently trapped upon the island of Malta, but there he is safe, for Carlo VII does not wish to kill the child king. Carlo himself states that Naples will continue to trade peacefully with France
  • Venice is brought under order with a huge quarantine ordered and funded by the Capo, this quarantine allows people to continue working however slows the spread of disease and unfortunately trade. Those who are shown to be infected are killed and then burned or are given to Venetian doctors who are paid hefty sums to solve the plague, however they think that a full study may take years. The Venetian colonies are currently unaffected by the plague however they take precautions anyway. Meanwhile most residential Italians and Venetians move to the colonies making the homeland and colony population roughly similar in the ratio of Italians to Natives. Colonial military increases meanwhile and Nouvo Venetia expands by 2300 sq km to compensate for lack of food supplies due to infection.
    • Didn't you read what Lx posted above? You can't expand Nouvo Venetia, he expanded around it, cutting it off. Expand the South American one or Bahamas one or something instead.
    • Sorry bout that kun... I mean, right now, you need as much help as you can get and I will promise if you sell me your colony I will gift you money and resources to deal with plague outbreak ...
    • Please point me in the direction of this post, as far as I am concerned I can still expand.
  • After an Ethiopian Muslim from Sennar begins preaching the Qur'an to the Ethiopian people, the government announces that Sennar has violated their treaty and declares war on Sennar.
  • Hanthawaddy updates its milutary, introducing new technology and artillery. New ways of metalworking are added to the works in Sylhet, which has become a new cultural center since Gaganjit declared it as the capital. Kumbasem expands east by 2000 sq km,
  • Sweden supports both France and Ethiopia in their respective conflicts. Scotland sends troops and Sweden, Estonia, Netherlands and Arabia send supplies. Sweden's King Charles dies in his sleep causing great mourning. The current dynasty of the House of Palatinate-Zweibrucken ends and no heirs are found. Tracing of the family tree brings no results. The Swedish people grow concerned as no ruler is elected and the priests want to go pro-Russia while the Swedish nobility are pro-French. The parliament erupts into conflict as fists are thrown. Sweden is on the brink of civil war. New Sweden expands 3050 sq km.
  • Empress Catherine II is a bit quieter than her predecessor. She is very much now scared of smallpox as her husband has contracted it. She orders that Russia finds a cure or way to inoculate the population of smallpox out of fear. Russian towns and villages continue to become more industrial-based, now with each major city in Russia having either a Textile factory or a steel plant. One person proposes using steam power to as a motive for trains that are usualy at this stage man-powered or horse powered and used to deliver minerals to processing plants ... his dream is to have cities full of rails leading all over the world. His name is Pavel Droboevski, thus begin the rise of his hometown in the Urals, a town by the name of Nizhni Tagil...


The plague thankfully disappears near the start of the year but pops up here and there throughout the year in Italy, Egypt, Turkey and the Balkans. The West African famine contines and Ashanti is destroyed by the Gao who seize their food supplies and take over the Ashanti Empire. The Morrocans expand south 10px (the entire border like last time, if I have not made it clear) in search of food. Borgu manages to establish a port and starts to receive supplies from the rest of the world, they take the black area south and west of them up to Akon and New Songhai. The Nupe-Igala Union is vassalized by Benin in return for food.

  • Carlo VII of Naples, who styles himself after the emperors of Rome of old, gives great amounts of money to artists and architects who are neo-Classical in their form. Meanwhile, he begins building up the power of the church, a decision which is fairly unpopular among the people of Naples, who believe that the Church should use its resources to convert the pagan colonial people, and feel insulted that the church thinks they are such sinners they must be supervised more. Meanwhile, Count Petruchio of Corsica has become very interested in the book of the Separation of Church and state written by Voltaire, and he asks the Frenchman if he has written anything else that he can send to Petruchio for Petruchio to read. Ricasolia is expanded by 2000 sq km, and Istoias is expanded by 300 sq km.
  • The royal palace of Sennar is burned to the ground as Ethiopian forces march into Sennar's capitol. The entire royal family of Sennar is killed. With no one in control, the nation falls into chaos as no one is in charge. An Ethiopian noble, Atse Hezqeyas, who previously claimed the throne of Ethiopia is sent with an Ethiopian army to claim to title of Lord of Sennar. When he finally manages order, Sennar becomes a vassal state of Ethiopia. Settlements in Dijbouti are completed (so the hole in Ethiopian territory is filled).
  • Persia begins an invasion of Oman. They manage to take many coastal towns and cities, but are restricted to the coast for now.
  • The Vietnamese expand their New Vietnam colony by 76*50 sq km.
  • Yemen continues to expand to the north-east on Arabian peninsula.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure. Finland also expands their new colony 50 km inward.
  • some of the ports are reopened, as in Dioclea and in northern Albania and Serbia, the plague subsided, but still is going on on southern Serbia and southern Albania. However, trade is still reduced. In Greece, the plague recedes to Thessalia and inland of Anataolia, and Crete does not register cases by June. In Hungary, at knowing that the King of Naples was overthrown, the King condenms the coup, but does not do anything more than that. The garrisons of India are updated, and parts of the navy and army are ent there.and in Egypt, while some factions, especially on the south, come back to fighting, in Cairo, a provisional government is created, and the fighting factions on the south are attacked again.Öböl (now a subdivision of Magyar Dél-Amerikabán) expands 3050 sq km inland.
  • Venetian doctors are no closer to a cure however they find that rodents hold the disease, after this discovery they send several shipments secretly to Mainland Russia, the plague spreads. While infections are almost all but gone, the Capo keeps the heavy regulations in place, allowing him to retain good control over what happens in Mainland Italy. The military continues to grow while Nuovo Venetia grows by 2300 sq km.
  • Spain: King Phillip V dies and is replaced by his son, Phillip VI. The new king immediately orders the navy to be expanded and new ships designed. The military is also expanded, and new roads are researched. The New Spain colony expands 1550 sq km.
  • The French king Jean III sends more troops to Wolof. Meanwhile, Voltaire send copies of all his books and books of his interest to the king Carlo VII, asking him to support his ideas against the conservative king Jean. The caliph Selim Idies, and his son, Murad I, offers support to the new egyptian government to control de fighting faction and restore the government under a monarch. The third son of Jean III, Charles, is offered as possible king (Egypt will be still under Hungarian control). The colony of Haiti expands 3500 sq km.
  • Sniff Sniff Yank... you betrayed me :( Flag of South Korea PitaKang- (Talk|Contribs) 00:42, December 7, 2011 (UTC)
  • I'm sorry Pita, but I've been eying your colonies (especially the Philippine colony) for centuries. I had made several offers for your Philippine colony, all of which were totally ignored. Your recent "retirement" made your colonies too tempting a prize. It's nothing personal, and I would be glad to resume our friendship when you are back.
  • I tried to protect them but Russia, Vietnam and a few other nations ganged up on me :( oh well Venice is more peaceful now and is happy to help Joseon get back on its feet.
  • Don't look at me. I didn't invade Korea. I bought Manchuria, though.
  • And Russia Just helped because of a mutual agreement with Finland (I'm NOT saying that is a bad thing).
  • Russian Chrimean Tradeports refuse to accept Venetian ships into their ports due to no news of the plague disappearing. Catherine of Russia is overwhelmed with her new powers as empress of Russia, and leaves most of the ruling of the nation to the Governing senate and the Privy council. The Senate is starting to take advantage of Russia's youngest Empress.
  • Sweden tetters on the brink of civil war. Pro Russian clergy attempt to seize power but are prevented by the pro French nobility. Sweden is still without a king. Asgard expands 3800 sq km southwards with people fleeing a potential civil war.


Principia Moderni Map 1740
Principia Moderni Map 1740 Key
{C}The Famine in West Africa continues to cause massive political instability in the region. Gao, destabilized by their massive expansion, loses control of the north-east of the nation as the new Kingdom of Sosso. Northern Timbuktu breaks away as Tuareg, and Takrur splits between Takrur in the east and Tambacounda, to the west. The Moroccans expand 5 px along the entire border southwards.
  • Two Tuaregs?
  • Sorry, meant to say Tambacounda
  • The Vietnamese expand their New Vietnam colony by 76*50 sq km. The capital city of New Hanoi has become the most important port in the region. The Vietnamese recognize Hungarian and Russian as additonal official languages of the colony, which is understandable given the number of Hungarians and Russians immigrating from the nearby colonies. The Vietnamese officially begin plans to restore the rightful Neapolitan King Benvolio III to the throne at some point in the future. The Vietnamese dislike Carlo VII's dictatorship, as believe that the tyrant is treating his nation like his own personal playground.
  • Naples is ironically improving due to the misrule of Carlo VII. Even though he is heinously corrupt and selfish, he has donated greatly to the Classical arts (to make himself seem like a Roman Emperor) and created many theaters and music halls (to entertain him). However, in the colony of Tunisia, he restarts some of the anti-Muslim discrimination that had languished after the revolts ended. He also is very distrustful of Count Petruchio, who is spreading the "Enlightened" ideas of Voltaire around Naples. However, Carlo doubts such ideas will ever become popular...
  • Persia begins to invite Western scholars, artists, achitects, and philosophers to the capital. They begin building new cities Western and Islamic style. They begin advancing through Omar, though this is slow though.
  • Yemen increases the taxation for markets, whereby 2,5% of the product cost must be payed for the government. They also expand north-east.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure. Finland also expands their new colony 50 km inward.
    • You already thought in making another colony? If your goal is taking all of Timor, another colony would make the process faster
  • The plague finally subsides on all of Greece and Hungary. The ports are reopened, however, the borders with Russia are closed to prevent an outbreak again. At Egypt, the provisional government continues to fight against the factions. However, Ladislaus accept the offer of France, with only one change;that the King be from the Algerian or Arabian royal family, as he is worried due to the fact that all of the provisional government is made of Mamluks (their country ceased to exist, but they still hold power). With trade increased, the Hungarian economy begins to grow again. Given the period of isolation, and the fact that the economy was prejudiced from that, discussions start on the Council Of Nobles on whether to raise taxes or not, on the colonies, to recover from the losses of the previous two years, aside of the spending on the Mamluk War. India comes back to expanding in Kandy, expanding 400 sq km. Some ships are sent to Wolof, to help on the conquest of the country by the French. On the mainland, the colony of India expands 1800 sq km. Dél-Afrika expands 850 sq km north.
  • The king Jean III is still fighting against the wolofians, bombarding the ports and sending troops to besiege the cities. The Order of Saint Robert, led by the prince-duke Robert, is still fighting in Egypt to conquest the rest of the peninsula, with help of the caliph-sultan. Haiti expands 3500 sq km. The king offers protection to Borgu and Gao agains the politicla instability in the whole region (if these states accept, then both of them will become puppets of France, as Burgundy). The king Alexander I of Burgundy dies, and his son Alexander II becomes king. Voltaire and his faction offers support to the Count Petruchio to expand the ideology in Naples and the whole Europe and its colonial domains. The caliph offers his second son, Mehmed, as possible Sultan of Egypt. He proposes the creation of a Council of Plebeians like the French one, to give representation to all the groups based in their number and influence in the society.
    • What is the name of the royal house of Arabia? i need this info for putting on the Basic Information of Egypt
    • It's a branch of the Zyyynids Dynasty of the old Algeria.
  • As Itsaygahi emerges from the smallpox plague, the improvement of the infrastructure of the nation has just about brought the state up to speed. The military is also improving, not surprisingly as the state is to a certain extent a military dictatorship. Itsaygahi reiterates its wish to ally with China, Russia, Vietnam and France.
  • The New ruler of Sennar renames the country the 'Kingdom of Nubia' and Nubia becomes a vassal of Ethiopia. Western-style Libraries and Opera Houses are built Gannanora, and soon these will spring up in other maajor cities.
  • Hanthawaddy sees a year of relative growth from demand for spices. Toeh Ngoa Nyoing expands east from Murmansk at 600 sq km. Kumbasem expands west at 1400 sq km. Haklon expands south by 400 sq km. The Empress orders new road byilt to Sylhet, notably from Tibet.
  • Venice Continues to grow in military power while Nouvo Venetia grows 2300 sq km. Venice begins composing a proposal to Russia about North America.
  • Sweden continues to tetter on the brink of civil war. Fjordland expands 3050 sq km northward towards Manoa.


Almost in response to the new, less religious, secular Enlightenment views, a counter-motion arises throughout Europe, called the Great Awakening. Many priests, angered at the overly political role of the Papal States for the past century, break away to form various other small denominations, and other tiny protestant groups, such as the Hussites and Waldensians, begin small revivals.(Remember therewas no reformation in this TL, so no protestant groups would be very large, and only ones formed prior to this map game would exist). The famine in Africa continues.

  • Persia manages to take northern oman and have slowly advanced south. They ask Russia, Hanthawaddy, Vietnam, and China to from an alliance called the Asian Alliance.
    • The Vietnamese politely refuse, as they have decided to take a respite from the constant cycle of warring.
  • Ethiopia developes its new currency, called the Gweza. They have both coins, and paper money. The Royal Bank of Ethiopia is established in Ganananora.Schmittism spreads to Ethiopia as trade with both Asian countries and European ones grows. Many people of the lower classes start converting to the religion. Ethiopia's southern border expands 4000 km south.
  • Naples' colony of Ricasolia is expanded by 1150 sq km, while Istoias is also expanded by that amount. Count Petruchio begins a motion for a senate, such as that of Rome of old. Due to the new neo-Classical phase, this idea becomes very popular. The King first attempts to stop the movement, but his ego wins out, for he wishes to be like the Roman Emperors. Therefore a senate is created, although it is nearly powerless, and Carlo VII controls who gets onto it so most members agree with him. Istoias adopts a real elected government (other than the Royal Governor) for their fellow Schmittist Voltaire has greatly influence them. Due to Petruchio's innovations in astronomy, many new sciences have become popular, Carlo attempts to nationalize the sciences but fails. A man named Mario Tasselino is excecuted due to spreading heretical, deist beliefs.
    • Itsaygahi respectfully offers an alliance.
  • The Vietnamese expand their New Vietnam colony by 76*50 sq km. The Vietnamese, most of whom are enthusiatic opponents of the Roman Catholic Church, begin funding the expansion of the numerous "Protestant" Christian factions. The Hussites gain the majority of the funds, with the Waldensians getting the rest. The funds are used to build churchs, the largest being the Cathedral of Saint Jan in the Hussites birthplace of Husinec. The funds are also used to finance missionary activity across the European continent.
    • Itsaygahi respectfully offers an alliance.
    • The Vietnamese respectfully accepts Itsagahi's offer of alliance.
  • Yemen funds the most popular yemenese musicians with 50YEM for each, and offers them free sail to any Arabic or European country they wish, to spread the yemenese culture. Yemen also expands north-east.
  • Sweden tetters on the brink of civil war. The pro-Russian clergy wish to become a Russian vassal or puppet state but are opposed by the pro-French clergy who want to be ruled over by the French Monarch. The neutral faction desperately searches through the family lines but all relatives of the late King are all long dead. Thorlaand expands 3800 sq km.
  • Ladislaus accepts the Arabian/French offer. Mehmed arrives at Damietta in January, but only takes the throne in June, after the provisional government accepted his terms. Mehmed abolishes the Kingdom of Egypt, and declares the Sultanate of Egypt. The currency is changed, from the Greek Hyperpyron, used provisionally until then, to the Piastre. A flag and a coat of arms for Egypt are also made. After heering of the ultimatum of 1739, the governor of India, with authorization of the King of Hungary, sents a fleet stationed in Kalikut to the settlement on the coast of Kandy, in case of Kandy declares war after expansion of the colony. The settlements expand only 300 sq km. By December, the Kandyan ruler tries to make a treaty with Hungary. Meanwhile, Greece fully recovers from the plague, and communications between the provinces are re-established. The borders with Russia are reopened, and the King plans to visit Russia to reinforce the trade agreements. Újfundlandi expands 2800 sq km on its main island. At Neos Preveza, one island off the coast of the city of Neos Preveza starts to be settled, and the settlement expands 250 sq km.
  • France is still invading the areas of Arabia and Wolof. Meanwhile, the king Jean III feels upright to be considered as possible king fo Sweden. But, the king Alexander II of Brgundy knows that, when Jean III dies, the throne will pass to the schmittist voltairist duke Robert, so he offers his brother, Philippe, as possible candidate to the swedish throne. Nouvelle France expands 3500 sq km. Voltaire anyway offers huges quantities of money to the swedish nobility to crown Jean III or the prince-duke Robert. In Algeria and Arabia, and the mostly Islamic colony of Songhaï the religion under the caliph addopts some aspects of the ibadism and the judaism. The monarchy of Algeria will be still hereditary, but now forward, the caliph will be elected by the entire Ummah, and any fiathful can be elected.
    • The Swedish nobility agree to have Jean III as king. Sweden will thus become a puppet of France but with special admistrative powers, allowing Swedish dication of foreign policy, infrastructure and military development. Sweden retains all territories and puppets states but the French have a level of control over them. The pro-Russian clergy declare this invalid and rebel taking most of Northern and Western Scandinavia. A map will be posted soon...
    • The king Jean agrees with the terms of the swedish noblemen. He sends his troops to crush the rebellions. Voltaire asks the swedish states to send nobles and representatives to the Parliament.
    • Itsaygahi respectfully offers an alliance to France.
    • The king accepts the offer, bying glad about be ally of such glorious nation.
    • The king asks his chancellors in the swedish principalities to join the war against Wolof. Sweden will receive a part of the conquested land.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure. Finland also expands their new colony 50 km inward. Finland sends a ship in preparation to hopefully establish another colony on OTL Paramushir island.
  • Itsaygahi continue modernising the army, refitting the navy and completely scuttling a few of the older ships. Mining starts to grow in the Appalachee mountains, and the Autonomous Provinces are becoming the breadbasket of the nation. Trade is growing in the coastal cities on the Gulf and much of the damage caused by the war has been fixed.
    • By the way, there are a few discrepancies with Itsaygahi on the map. The Ohio River is now the northern border, the Autonomous Provinces are no longer puppets but part of Itsaygahi, land has been sold to the Russians to connect their colonies, and we have an Autonomous Province of the Huron people, which is the only part north of the Ohio.
    • And I asked you how an autonomous province should be depicted, and you never responded (no borders, or with borders?)
    • I apologise, I didn't notice a reply. It should be shown with borders.
  • China expands its holdings in Mexico by 3000 sq km to the north. Meanwhile, towns in the colonies see prosperity due to an increasing influx of people in the New World.
  • Russian Empress proposes the duke of Holstein-Gottorp as King of Sweden as a way to preserve the Orthodox faith in Sweden as the Dukes have already converted because of the child of Peter I being married to the Holstien-Gotorps. The court physitians finally propose an imunization for smallpox. everyone in th Russian Court is ordered to take it. Catherine is growing tired of power. She seriously considers abdicating. She decides to take the imunization last, and it is successful. Catherine takes the side of the Swedish Clergy, Elizabeth, the daughter of Peter I is seen as an influential figure in Catherine's life in this year. Russia updates her military.
    • Voltaire offers a possible solution to avoid a succession war between France and Russia: A daughter of the House of Holstein-Gottorp can get married with the prince-duke Robert, and the both countries will share the vassalship of Sweden, using it as conector between the western and eastern Christian worlds, and both of them sill give birth a child who will eventually be the king of an independent Sweden.
    • Ethiopia offers to act as a mediator for the two sides, as it was an ally of Sweden.
    • but then again, that can come up to bite us as the French can later claim the throne, we need assurance that this will not happen. -Russia


The Hussites have risen to great prominence in the place where the Austrian, German and Hungarian borders all come together, and move outward into those three nations. The Waldensians likewise are strongest where the Venetian, German, and Burgundian borders meet, and they spread outward from there. The famine in Africa continues, Morocco expands 10px southward along the entire border.

  • The region of which you speak was known as the Kingdom of Bohemia. At around this time OTL it was increasingly falling under Austrian dominion, but it has retained a local dynasty TTL due to Austria's annexation into Anglo-Germany.
  • Matter of fact, Bohemia was annexed by Brandenburg, and Hungary got a part of its territory in trade for Austria. Then, revolts happened, and Hungary had to accept the independence of the province.
  • Well, that's where the Czechs are, and their land was where Hussitism began
  • Naples accepts the alliance with Itsaygahi, proposing more trade, and they expand the Colony of Ricasolia from the farthest west point westward by 2300 sq km. The Pope decrees that there are three great heretics to the Church in Europe: The Schmittists, the Secularists, and the Protestants. All three are gaining influence.
  • The Vietnamese expand their New Vietnam colony by 76*50 sq km. The Vietnamese look upon the chaos in Sweden with a mix of disgust and horror. The Vietnamese government begins to work on establishing a new locally-lead Swedish government. The Vietnamese Emperor declares that he would rather "work with a Swedish republic than a French puppet kingdom." Rather than continuing the increasingly fruitless search for an heir to the throne, Vietnamese agents working in Stockholm begin organizing a local Republican government to counter-act the feuding nobles and clergy. They establish an official "Swedish Republican Army", and supply it with arms and training to allow it to become a force to contend with in the Swedish Civil War. They recruit the Chancellor and Federal Council from the massive group of Swedish citizens who refuse to bow down to a foreign born monarch. The Pope's speech, rather than discouraging the Vietnamese from funding the Protestants, instead encourages them to donate more money to further undermine the authority of what is seen as a thuggish tyrannical church in Vietnam.
    • Ethiopian agents in Stockholm begin supporting the Republicans.
    • The Venetians tell the Vietnamese that they should prepare for proper resistance to their aggression and that should Vietnamese try to force a republic on a Christian nation then they can expect nothing but contempt or aggression or both.
  • Persia slowly advances through Southern Oman. They begin to send expeditions to what is now Guyana. They manage to create temporary settlements, and the government is wondering whether to establish colonie s or not.
    • Most of Guyana is under Vietnamese control. If you want a colony roughly on the same place, it will be located in OTL State of Amapá, Brazil.
  • France builds up its military. The invasion of Wolof and Arabia are producing results. The king Jean III asks the vietnamese to strop their attempts to usurp the independent kingdom of Sweden and domains. To solve the problem, the king calls for a referendum in the disputed territories. The options to vote are the fllowing: 1.- Keep the French Monarch in the throne. 2.- Give the throne to the Russian Monarch. 3.- Give the throne to a prince of the house of Betrand (the royal French house). 4.- Give the throne to a prince of the house of Holstein-Gottorp. 5.- Accept the Ethipian offer. 6.- Establish a republic. 7.- Elect a new king of one of the Swedish noble houses. The king says that, if he is elected, Sweden and the principalities will keep their independence and own institutions, and the cultures, lenguages and religions of all of them will be not only respect, but promoved. The referendum result will be applied the next year. Meanwhile, the French monarch delegate the power to local nobility councils and chancellors. The caliph offers a pact to the Persian government: If Persia supports the French invasion to Wolof and the African states, France and its vassals will support any war of Persia to expand its territory.
    • The Vietnamese coldly responds that they view the French as the usurpers, and point to to the fact that nothing the Vietnamese government has done in Sweden has been done to take control. They have done what they have done to protect the sovereignty of Sweden from foreign pretenders, and insists that neither France nor Russia have the slightest right to Sweden's throne. The Vietnamese insist that if Jean is chosen as Swedish King he must renounce all claim to the French throne, and have Swedish interests at heart instead of French interests. The Vietnamese would prefer for either a native Swedish heir (of which there are few) to take the throne, or for the Swedish Republic they helped found take control over Sweden.
    • Ethiopia, saying that it is increasingly taking the Vietnamese view, withdraws its previous offer from the possibilites.
    • The Venetians respond to the Vicious slandering by the Vietnamese. stating that they are hypocrits who are willing to throw aside faith and good reasoning to have a chance to destablise other nations. They also state that Venice and France where the allies of Sweden and Vietnam was an enemy who, seeing a chance to cut up the Swedish pie, has supported a minority of people who are proved to be a combination of devil worshipers and criminals. They also ask why a foreign nation like Vietnam feels it has a better grasp of the sovereign rights in Europe when the clergy and people would rather support either a French or Russian rule not a Vietnamese puppet government and demands that they tell the world why they think they can order another nation's ruler, who has done far greater for its people and its allies, to abdicate his throne.
    • The Vietnamese reply that the Venetians are themselves hypocrites, as their charges of "devil-worship" on the part of the republicans is the very definition of slander. The Vietnamese, who were hoping the Capo would be better than the mad Doge, are disappointed at Capo Rossi's rude and confrontational behavior. They remind the Capo that the Vietnamese are officially neutral in this conflict, and that all Vietnamese soldiers fighting in Sweden are independantly supplied and financed volunteers serving under the Nationalists. They also remind Venice that since the Venetians effectively condoned the massacre of Vietnamese citizens on Venetian territory the Vietnamese have lost all patience for Venice's meddling.
    • Russian Empress Catherine II falls very ill. She is finally completely overwhelmed by the power asociated with being empress, and abdicates, and due to her illness is unable to name a successor. This creates chaos. The Senate are conspitating to kill Catherine before she gets well so they themselves can take power. For a brief moment, Russia was about to ascend into a tyranical dictatorship of the Uber-Procuror, oligarchy of the Senate, or worse, Anarchy. Elizabeth, Daughter of Peter the Great acts. Elizabeth prays to God and promises not to execute anyone for the remainder of her reign if she gets the throne. The next day she stages a coup. Elizabeth was supported by many an Imperial guard and army regiments, as charismatic as she was. Elizabeth succeeds, and is proclaimed Empress of all the Russias and Tsarina of Lithuania. Uber-Procuror Afanasief, who asumed the role just before is relieved of duty as senator, along with the rest, and Afanasief is sentenced to life in Katorga or labor camp. Two weeks later Catherine recuperates. She annpounces to all of Russia that she would rather have no person be her successor than Elizabeth. Elizabeth is subsequently crowned "Elizabeta I Petrovna Romanova, Empress and Autocrat of All the Russias, Tsarina of Lithuania, Grand Duchess of Finland and Livonia, Protector of the Baltics, Advisor to the Iroquois, Sovereign of the Caucassus, Siberia and all their possessions". Thus begins a long time of prosperity. Russia continues to update military. Newly crowned Empress Elizabeth Declares the King of France's Claims to the Swedish throne illegitimate and false, stating that "if anyone should be at the Swedish Crown it should not be a man folowing the directions of the Pope! But a man or woman of Swedish Blood independent from comands of a church! Holstein-Gottorp has that". Elizabeth officialy recognizes the house of holstein-gottorp the ony true claimants to the Swedish throne and should be treated as such. More to follow concerning Sweden and France...
    • Jean III states that the Swedish nobility have already elected him, and the people will elect the government they want. He wants not to iniciate hostilities with Vietnam or Russia, principalities that always were allies and faithful friends of France. Voltaire says to the Tsarina that the majority in the Parliament is secularist, and it have representatives of the people, the nobility and the clergy of all the religions in the empire (Catholics of France, Schmittists of the colonies, Sunnis and ibadies of Arabia and Algeria and even protestant immigrants of Germany, Flanders and Vietnam). If Sweden is agree to enter, the people and nobility of that country will be represented too, and the clergy of Sweden will have the same representation as the rest of them.
  • Yemen expands north-east, and fortifies their seaports.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure. Finland also expands their new colony 50 km inward. The Finnish ship reaches and lands on OTL Paramushir island and begins setting up the colony/post.
  • The King visits Russia to reinforce the trade agreements. In the end of the negotiations, he offers to buy one steam engine from Russia. Meanwhile, at Hungary, the Hussite movement spreads from Moravia to Upper Hungary. It is not combated for not being considered enough of a menace by the local Church. In India, after long talks of a treaty, the Kandyan monarch signs an alliance with Hungary, in trade for the Hungarian settlements on the coast being disbanded. This is made, and the colonists are moved to mainland India. However, this does not avoid that the Hungarians start to interfer on Kandy's external policies, specially with other countries who have colonies on the Indian subcontinent, practically making Kandy a puppet state. The proposal to raise taxes on the colonies is approved by the King and the Council of Nobles.Újfundlandi expands 2400 sq km inland on its main island. Meanwhile, at Ezsák-AAfrika the last island of the Canariae Insulae still not annexed is invaded.650 sq km are conquered on the first year.
  • War of the Swedish Succession

    Red is Vietnamese faction Purple is the French faction Green is the Russian faction

    Sweden is in civil war. The Pro-French nobility attack the Vietnamese-supported Republican forces but are repulsed out of the Stockholm area. The Pro-Russian clergy seize Oslo from the nobles and execute the third in command of the nobility. The Netherlands, Estonia and Arabia support the nobles but Scotland is pulled into the war.
    • In response to this chaos, the king sends his troops to Stavanger and orders them to march to Bohuslän an conquest the entire south coast of Sweden. Finished the conquest of Arabia, the troops of the Order of Saint Robert are moved along the arabian-swedish troops to Flanders and invade the eastern Scotland. Voltaire says that "Only the French will keep the culture and freedom of the Swedish, so any ally of Sweden which has an intention to keep the Swedish sovereignty have to support France". The king asks for help to the king of Naples and Hungary, and to the Pope and the Sultan of Egypt. As neither Russia or Vietnam have sent troops yet, the king asks them to no invade Sweden.
    • The recent French announcement is universally greeted with varied levels of disgust and bitter amusement. Most Vietnamese citizens see that the recent invasion of Sweden makes a mockery of French claims of "keeping the culture and sovereignty of Sweden". Record amounts of Vietnamese citizens form volunteer regiments and officially enlist in the Swedish Republican Army. The Vietnamese government officially declares their non-involvement in these regiments, as they are funded by the donations of private citizens alone. Most of these volunteer regiments (later armies) have formed alliances with traders who supply them with a flow of arms, supplies and further volunteers. The arrogant statements made by the French galvanize the Vietnamese public, and while not enough to get them to join the war fully it is enough for the volunteer armies to secure a near-infinite supply of volunteers.
    • The Venetians eager to assist their allies and once agian prove they are still a strong military nation they send troops to secure Sweden under the assisted rule of the French.
  • A new emphasis on education in China begins. Demands for higher education result in the construction of several schools in the New World and the planned construction of the University of Beijing. Meanwhile, several people arrive in the New World.
  • The Union Body enacts a series of reforms devolving powers to the Direct Provinces of Itsaygahi so they're about the same as Autonomous Provinces. The new Provinces (shown on the map) are Tanasi (Carolinas and Virginia area), Senasi (Georgia, Florida, Alabama), Ohayo (South of Ohio River), and Mixxixxasi (Louisiana and Mississippi area).
  • An Ethiopian Merchant ship, lands on Madagascar near OTL Antsiranana. They establish a port city, and it becomes Ethiopia's first colony, named Gwe Tanna. Ethiopia's entire northern border expands until all of OTL Eritrea is under Ethiopian control. The Emperor declares to the people of Ethiopia that war is immenent. A massive military buildup starts, and now Ethiopia has the largest army and navy in Africa.
    • Venice offers Ethiopia a militaristic and trade alliance.
    • King Carlo VII of Naples demands that the Ethiopians cease to colonize what he declares to be his island. He tells them they should take a sum of money he is offering and give it to Naples, and use the money to buy a colony somewhere else.
    • Venice asks Naples to step down and to allow Ethiopia to colonise land that it currently has more of a claim to.
    • How does Ethiopia have more of a claim to the land? I have been settling that island for more than 50 years, they just established a colony.
    • The land they have colonised already and could colonise before you catch up. That land they have more claim to, other than that, Madagascar is yours. We should talk in talk.
  • Venice grows in military power, with a new arrangement of ships being run out called gunships, they are the
    Nouvo Venetia

    Proposed borders of the colony.

    most cannon heavy ship to date and bring a huge amount of firepower to the Venetian navy. Across the seas Venetian India expands (1000 sq km) along with Nouvo Venetia (1300 sq km) and a proposal is made on the status of Nouvo Venetia.


The famine in Africa continues. The Morocans expand 10px southward along the entire border in search of food supplies. A bomb explodes during the meeting of several key members of the Vietmanese-supported faction in Sweden killing them all. The Hussites and Waldensians continue to grow in size and prominence, and spread across Europe.

  • The Swedish nobility crush the Republican forces in the Battle of Uppasala. The Republican forces in Sweden capitulate to the nobilty. The clergy seize the noble stronghold of Narvik and the exclave in the north collapses. The nobility beseige Olso. Thousands of refugees move to Asgard which expands by 3800px. A rebellion against the clergy starts in Northern Sweden. The Vietmanese supported faction seize most of scotland in the Battle of York.
    War of the Swedish Succession 1743
  • Seriously? We're not even trying to create an algoritym for this conflict?
  • We will. The movements are not impacting it yet.
  • Naples expands their military by a great deal. King Carlo VII tells Ethiopia they should accept his money and give Naples the Madagascar Ethiopian colony and use the money to found another colony. Meanwhile, Istoias, the Neapolitan Madagascar colony, expands by 500 sq km, and the colony of Ricasolia expands by 500 sq km as well. Naples confirms they will join the war on the Republican Side, and their troops sail to Scotland, although they don't arrive until the very end of the year.
  • France builds up its military. The famine kills the king Jean III during his visit to the conquested land of Songhaï. The new king Robert IV reorganizes the parliament, eliminating too many secularists, and declares himself head of the French Schmittist Church, introducing Christian, Jewish and Islamic doctrines into it. Voltaire is unhappy, and the king Alexander II of Burgundy is now glad with the coronation of his relative. He decides to support the French in Sweden, as the Caliph. The conquest of Wolof is proposed, but the conquested land is in the coastland, and a part is given to Hungary as the king promised. The army travels to destroy the pro-russian remnants in the southern coast of Sweden, and to secure Estonia.
  • Ethiopia will accept Neoplotan ownership of Gwet Tanna on the condition that it be an independent city-state (under Neopolition protection). Ethiopia uses the money to take more coast north of Ethiopia. The (now aging) Emperor Iyasu takes some of the rest of the money Naples offers, and devotes and portion of it to Naval production. The Navy begins moving towards Arabia, as well as Scotland. Ethiopia sends an ultimatum warning France that if it does not cease to meddle in Sweden's affairs, Ethiopia may take measures against France's colonies. The city of Gwet Tanna (in the northern tip of Madagascar) expands south 1000 km.
    Greater Ethiopia

    1)Ethiopia's Border Expansion over the last few turns 2)Sennar renamed Nubia, a vassal of Ethiopia 3)Gwet Tanna, the colony we're preparing to give away.

    • Naples gives the money to Ethiopia, and incorporates Gwet Tanna into the colony of Istoias.
    • Voltaire sends letter to the emperor: "Ethiopia just refuses to understand. We aren't meddling in the Sweden's affairs. Sweden's people and novility have already elected the French king as their king. Is Ethiopia which is invading Sweden to overthrow the legitimate king and declare a fake democracy, not like the French one. If Ethiopia really is an ally of Sweden (that is now the same that France) then the Ethiopians should support the Franco-Swedish against the usurpers, instead support them against the will of the swedish people. And I love the glorious Ethiopian people, but the new king is not so compasionate as the last one, and if Ethiopia attempts to declare war on him, your people will suffer. Attentively, François Marie Arouet, Prime Minister and Chancellor of France and President of the Represenatives".
  • Kurdistan: Kurdistan builds up its military and overthrows the Monarchy and establishes a new Government Ruled by Trade Unions.
  • Russian Empress Elizabeth officially declares her personal nephew as son of her sister Anna and the Grand-nephew of Karl XI of Sweden, "King of Sweden and All its possessions". He is crowned in Stockholm by the Russian Patriarch after Russian forces land in the city. The Spetsnaz are released upon the French. The Russian navy bombards the coastal settlements of the Swedes. Russian forces are now a major player in the now dubbed "the war of Swedish succession". Elizabeth declares that "if either France or Russia's monarch wishes to become sovereign of Sweden, then they must renounce all claims to the Russian and French thrones, or may the Swedish sovereign claim the throne of Russia and France." The Entire Russian army is equipped with Penza rifles and half of them with a limited capacity of factory-made musketballs. The Estonian forces join with the Russians to fight the Shimittist king of France. More and more businesses start running in industrial environments, creating the first mass of non-farm child workers in Moscow. More factories are being set up across the nation.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure. Finland also expands their new colony 250 km inward and Finland also expands their second new colony 250 km inward.
  • After receiving France's proposal, Hungary refuses to enter in the war, since both France and Sweden are their allies, and enter in one side would be perceived as a declaration of war by the another. Meanwhile, the recent cession of territory in former Mamluk Egypt by France to Egypt is completed. Egypt updates its military. One of the first acts enforced in American colonies (specifically, Magyar Dél-Amerikabán and Újfundlandi és a Labrador), "Vámok Amerikai telepek törvény 1743" (Duties in American colonies Act 1743) is passed in June. The act is not enforced in Neos Preveza, since that colony is under Greek administration.Give n the lack of response of the Queen about the steam engine, Ladislaus buys one in Russia. However, it is very expensive, and it finds difficulties to be transported to Hungary. Magyár Dél-Amerikabán expands 1950 sq km north on is southern portion (Uruguay), and 800 south on its northern portion.
  • Yemen funds lots of money on army, to extend north-eastwest and defeat the rival tribes.
    • You already conquered Fartak
    • Ah. The map didn't show that. All right. Fixed.
  • The Vietnamese expand their New Vietnam colony by 76*50 sq km. Most of the Vietnamese volunteers, and the arms shipments, are re-routed to Scotland to help the Republicans hold on to their biggest stronghold.
  • Venice continues to grows militaristically. Venetian colonial troops secure Swedish India and Swedish Africa and begin to fortify the territories, should the Republicans try to take power there. Venetian troops transports carrying large amounts of volunteers who are mainly descended from the refugees of the Vietnamese invasion of Ireland, they storm into scotland and begin to take ground. They advise the French to use their colonial troops in south america to secure the swedish land there. The Venetian colonies expand: Venetian India expands by 1300 sq km and Nouvo Venetia expands by 1000 sq km.
    • The Swedish nobilty have full control of all Swedish colonies. Only Sweden proper and Scotland are divided.
    • understood.


  • Hanthawaddy expands Haklon south at 800 sq km, and Kumbasem expands west by 1000 sq km. A small settlement is built on OTL Barranyi Island, known as New Sylhet, and 100 sq km in size. The residents are mainly BBengals from near Sylhet who were encouraged to leave and find more freedom, in order to protect political control of Sylhet. The Muslims begin constructing a mosque.
  • The Vietnamese expand their New Vietnam colony by 76*50 sq km. The Vietnamese continue to supply the Swedish Republicans in Scotland, and discuss the possibility of establishing a Scottish Republic with the Republican leaders. The Nipponese and New Lithuanians also begin suppling volunteers for the Republicans.
  • Kurdistan: Kurdistan opens trade routes, many Poor beggers are imprisoned and force to labor, Kurdistan builds roads to major cities in Kurdistan and starts making Super-Markets in Kurd Cities.
  • Super-Markets?
  • Neapolitan forces arrive in Scotland to help the Republican forces. They ask Ethiopia and Vietnam to turn their support into military aid. Istoias grows by 1000 sq km.
    • The Swedish nobility plea for the Vietnamese, Neapolitians and Ethiopians to join the noble cause.
      • Part of Vietnam's support is military. The Republicans in Scotland are host to a nearly infinite supply of Vietnamese volunteers as well as the other forms of support.
      • So would Vietnam & Nippon be militarily aiding the republicans (for the algorithm)?
      • Yes. The Vietnamese are giving the Republicans all they can give them without
  • The Neapolitans give this offer to the Swedish nobility: give the Republicans Scotland, and then they will stop fighting the Nobility, and Naples will aid them instead.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure. Finland also expands their new colony 250 km inward and Finland also expands their second new colony 250 km inward.
  • France builds up its military. Meanwhile, the king Robert IV offers to the republicans the following: "Scotland will become independent under a republican regime, and, in exchange, the republicans and their allies will help the nobility to win the civil war against the clergy. " Meanwhile, the French forces start to invade the main possessions of Sweden in Scandinavia.
    • The Vietnamese accept the French offer. The Republic of Scotland is officially declared, and it's forces immediately side with the French-backed nobles against the pro-Russian clergy.
    • The Neapolitan forces divide, half going to help build up the Scottish Republic, the other half go to aid the French-backed Nobles
    • After hearing this treat with the Republicans the Venetians and their allies leave the war, calling it "A waste of time, troops and most importantly money."
  • Russian forces invade mainland Scandinavia, and the Russian navy blockades the Jutland Strait and the Russian forces, alongside Finnish (This is there because of confederation deal and Russia acted alongside Finland in War of Vietnam-Joeson), Armenian and Kazakh forces. The Iroquois Confederation decide to Send a division of their finest warriors to aid Russia in defeating France. They are transported via Russian Naval vessel. They ask the Mons to join the war. The Empress Elizabeth Sends many Russian riches to Hanthawaddy. Fur coats, gold statues, and ornamental jewlery are sent via trade boats, as the Mons are asked to honor their age-old alliance with Russia. The Duchy of Holstein-Gottorp declares support for Russia after Charles Peter Ulrich's declaration as king of Sweden, much of Denmark soon follows its turn, as many Danes want to see a Dane on the Swedish Throne, many of them not happy with being annexed as a result of the Great Northern War. THe Russians ask the Chinese for aid, and in return promise to send the Chinese a plan of the Textile factories, textile machinery, and steel plants so th chinese can use them to aidustrialization. Elizabeth declares that "the French deny the rightful claim to the throne that my nephew poseses to the throne of Sweden as Grand Nephew of Charles XI!".
    • After the Venetians left the war on the French side they offer to join it on the Russian side along with their allies, as long as they agree to wipe out the Republicans.
    • Agreed.
  • The hussite movement slowly spreads through Upper Hungary. Meanwhile, the steam engine bought in Russia arrives in Hungary, but instead of being transported to Buda, it is left on Lwów. Later, it is transported to Buda. The King invites the greatest minds of the country to figure out how to make one of those engines, and how to make it work. Meanwhile, the 1743 act meets with resistance. Especially in Újfundlandi és a Labrador. The heavy resistance to the act, even by Hungarian merchants and manufacturers, leads the Council of Nobles, with the King's approval, to repeal the Act in November, as a matter of expedience, but the King affirms the Council's power to legislate for the colonies "in all cases whatsoever”. Neos Preveza expands 2750 sq km, 300 sq km in one island off the Iroquois coast, 200 on the island off the coast of the city of Neos Preveza, and 2250 on the settlements in OTL Michigan.
    • The caliph asks his son, Mehmet I of Egypt, to help him against Russia in the Swedish Succession War.
  • The Swedish nobility win the Battle of Oslo and soundly defeat the clergy in Narvik. They destroy the Russian naval fleets in a massive naval battle. The Estonian forces are bolstered by the Republican supporters and launch an invasion of Russia and Finland. more to come...
  • Yemen expands north-west.
  • China says they will aid Russia. Several weapons and troops are sent to Russia. Meanwhile, the Central American colony expands northward by 3000 sq km.
  • Ethiopia excepts the deal offered by the French, and continues giving supplies to the Republicans.
  • The Doge steps in on Venetian politics after being ousted by the Capo and begins to question the war in sweden. The Capo manages to silence the Doge but pulls out troops from the war and begins to rebuild military power. Many Venetians find this war an embarrassing failure of the Capo's skill in politics and he is forced to step down by the other leading merchants. A new Capo steps up and begins to preach a colonial strategy to the other merchants. Although most troops pull out, the Keltic forces still in Scotland eager to re-establish a free land for themselves, join the Republicans and make up the majority of their forces. Their leader is co-operative and asks Vietnam, France and Naples if he may lead the new Republic of Scotland. In Venice proper the growing number of waldesians (who now make up 39% of the religions) are combated by the Church of Venice.
    • The Neapolitans send much aid to the Republic of Scotland as they set up their new nation. The non-Scottish republicans have all gone to help the French, so now all Republicans of Scotland are Keltic Scots. The new republic of Scotland will be a republic (presumably just the wealthy white male landowners would be able to vote though), but the Keltic leader can run. Naples states that Scotland should be totally indepdendent, and not a puppet state of Vietnam, Venice, France, Naples, Sweden, or any other nation
    • Venice agrees to this but is worried about the other candidates wishing to become President, some of whom are pro-Vietnamese, pro-French and even some who believe in establishing a new Keltic union. However they are confident in the popularity of the General and his skills as a politician as well as a soldier. They note that it would be hard to make this general submit to anothers will as he is fiercely pro-Keltic when needing to be.


Principia Moderni Map 1745
Principia Moderni Map 1745 Key
{C}The Waldensians now make up a vast majority in Asli (including the king) and about 50% of the population of western Venice and Burgundy, and the Hussites now dominate the Czech lands and have made great gains throughout Northern Hungary, South-Eastern Germany, Austria, and Poland (hate to take control of other peoples' areas, but you didn't address the mod events occuring in your nation, leaving it up to me)
  • The Vietnamese expand their New Vietnam colony by 76*50 sq km. The Vietnamese continue to give support to the newly-independant Republic of Scotland, and have pledged support for the Pro-French Swedish faction. The Vietnamese Emperor announces that his nation will recognize French King Robert as the rightful King of Sweden if the Swedes agree to recognize Scottish independance.
  • Kurdistan: Kurdistan would like to open a trade agreement with Persia, The Trade Unions vote on Open Trade with all nations to increase their Econmy.
    • Persia's user is having an admin-enforced vacation for the next two weeks
    • Ah but why? ~~Conwarlord96~~
    • Something to do with harassing an admin. Ask Nuclearvaccum for more info
  • Naples has stabilized the Scottish republic. They announce that all attempts by any nation to attempt to invade, vassalize, or otherwise undermine the Scottish republics complete sovereignty will be met by war with Naples. Their troops land in Denmark and drive back the Russian forces, soon managing to force the straights back open for the French-backed nobles.
  • Ethiopian navy troops move into Hodland and Thorland, and establish order there. They raise both the Swedish and Scottish flags on the territories, prepared to keep them out of foreigin hands, and to give the territories back to either Scotland or Sweden. The Ethiopian army establishes order in these territories and in Swedish Afrika, and they make sure that they are temporarily governored by the Governors of these territories.
  • France builds up its military. The king Robert IV says: "The venetian betrayal is still unbelieveble to me. I really allowed myself to believe that Venice was a true ally of France and Sweden, but now I realize that I was just a puppet in the selfish and sinister Venetian web of alliances. If the Venetians can't just accept Vietnam as a free country, recognise the sovereignty of the Scottish people in their own country and the right of France and Sweden to chose their own allies, so I will prove them the strength and faith of the Franco-Swedish crown, and, before the end of the war, Venice will kneel down to me asking my forgiveness. And, remember, Capo, as you proved today, you don't have true allies, and the whole Venice will be regretful for your actions." Meanwhile, the French troops invade the northern swedish coast. Thea caliph asks his son, Mehmet I of Egypt, to help him against Russia. Meanwhile, the hussites are growing in Burgundy, organizing movements to obtian representation in the Parliament. The king Alexander II accepts two hussite soccers in his court, but no more.
    • Venice refutes Frances claims saying that it is insulted for Frances belief that Venice was not important enough for inclusion within negotiations. They also view Frances threats as idle and say that while they will apologise as France has proven a good ally in the far past they can not ignore the recent events such as the support of the invasion of Venice which have distanced them from each other. The old Capo responsible for the change in policy will arrive in France soon and will address the King.
    • What negotiations are you talking about? There have been no negotiations since your unbanment in which Venice was excluded from that they were really involved in (and don't say the Swedish war, as the head of the Side was France, they could decide to do with their own territory, they don't need Venice to approve of actions which only affect their territory)
    • This is another reason you are getting on our collective nerves. You allways slant everything to make yourself look like an innocent victim, and make us look like jerks for insulting you. Playing with you is not fun, Kunarian. It's extremely aggravating playing with someone so vindictive and fickle. You have been on thin ice for a while, and it's a wonder DK hasn't re-banned you yet.
    • You know this is exactly what I expected. This is a roleplaying game, one that you are taking too seriously and becoming too personally involved in. That up there was role play, I am playing the role of Venice not Kunarian. This is a game, and I will repeat that you are the ones who are taking it too seriously and ARE being jerks for throwing insults around at the first sign of conflict. I repeat the post is done in roleplay like the majority of my posts and does not exhibit any of my beliefs or feelings.
    • Can the argument between you two be paused (again), so that my question can be answered? I still don't know whether you (Kunarian) are talking about the colonial negotiations of North America, the negotiations with the republican Scots or something else -LurkerLordB
  • Egypt accepts the Arabian offer of supporting France on the Swedish War, but since the main focus is unite the nation to avoid that the civil disarray period come back again, it can send only a limited quantity of supplies. Meanwhile, the Council Of Nobles, with app roval of the King, passes the "negyedeléses törvény", which ordered the local governments of the American colonies to provide housing and provisions for Hungarian soldiers. Eventually it will become a source of tension between the inhabitants of Újfundlandi and the government in Buda. Neos Preveza expands 1600 sq km on the settlments of OTL Michigan. The southern portion of Magyar Dél-Amerikabán expands 1150 sq km north.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure. Finland also expands their new colony 250 km inward and Finland also expands their second new colony 250 km inward.
  • Venice tears apart due to internal struggle. The mainland breaks into the pro-naples west, the pro-

    The Division of Venice

    Hungarian east and the Empire of Milan. The colony of Nouvo Venetia applies to join the Russian territory to protect itself, the colonies of Cinque Isole and Terra de Calore form the new nations of Isolaque and Calora (from the local slang for the colonies) and the Indian territory reverts back to Hungarian ownership. The Crusader states meanwhile ask for Frances protection as they were the most against the change in loyalty during in the war. All the territories agree to not fight a civil war however it is up to their new leaders to decide.
    • The king Robert IV of France accepts and declares his cousin, Peter, as King of the United Kingdom of Edessa and Antioch (a new puppet state of France, like Burgundy). I know it will make me lose my vassal state, but I really think you must not go. Is just a game, and you must not be so overrreactive.
    • The Neapolitans cannot control the western areas, due to the western areas being primarily Waldensian by this point, with Naples being primarily Catholic. This results in those areas instead splitting away and joining Asli, as an officially Waldensian nation. Also, Fuzzolia would probably just become independent, not get absorbed into Hungary.
  • Yemen expands north-west.
  • Russian Foces start loosing ground in Sweden. However, denmark is secured by Charles Peter's forces. Russians expand Canada by 3000 km.


Due to the collapse of the Church of Venice with the Venetian nation, the Waldensians now dominate the vastly-expanded Asli, Fuzolia and the vastly-expanded Milan in addition to the Swiss and parts of Burgundy. The Hussites now dominate Czech and Slovak lands, and following the conversion of the King of Poland they now cover Poland as well, and are gaining in Austria. However, in the cities secular, deist, Enlightenment ideals continue to grow, creating a divided Europe.

  • Naples incorporates the Papal States into the main kingdom when Pope Leo XIII almost dies in the January of 1746 and cedes all power over the Papal States to the main kingdom of Naples (although the Vatican remains technically independent, it is too small to function as a full on state). Later that year, Siena joins Naples as a vassal due to a desire for protection against the Waldensians who they fear could threaten their Catholic religion. This results in Florence now being surrounded by Neapolitan territory. Fearing for their life, the people of Florence vassalize themselves under Carlo VIII due to the fact he threatened to invade and destroy them if they refused. Istoias expands by 500 sq km, as does Ricasolia.
  • For quite a while now, Muslims and Schmittists have been persecuted under Ethiopia. The Islamic population is largely converting to Schmittism, as is much of the Christian population. Now, around 45% of the population is Schmittist. The Emperor (in a fit of madness, unheard of for such a formerly benevolent Emperor) demands all Schmittists be either exiled, forced into servitude, or killed. An Ethiopian Schmittist Priest leads a revolt. The Revolt starts around the hugely urbanized city of Ganananora. Brutality never before heard of in Ethiopia is used to squash the revolt. Ethiopian troops in Sweden's former colonies have to come home, and those colonies collapse into anarchy again. The Priest is killed and the rebellion squashed. Most of the rebels return to there homes, and life goes normal again. But the lower classes now have a simmering hatred of Emperor Iyasu.
    • The Primarily Schmittist Madagascar colony of Naples, Ricasolia, accepts any Ethiopian Schmittist refugees.
  • The Vietnamese expand their East African colony by 38*50 sq km.
  • Yemen expands north-west.
  • Now France is a greatempire, including the swedish territories. The king Robert IV re-crowns himself as "Emperor of France, Sweden and Denmark; King of Flanders, and Estonia; Prince of Terre de Feu and Haiti; Protector of Burgundy, Arabia, Algeria, Damascus, Edessa and Antioch". The special status of autonomy is kept in Sweden, but the territory is reorganised: The swedish Arabia is calles "Kingdom of Damascus", and the Caliph crowns his brtoher Mohammad as King. The Netherlands are re-called Flanders to backup the claims of the Emperor on the southern kingdom of Flanders. Denmark becomes independent and absorbes Domintia. Every kingdom, province, colony and protectorate sends representatives, nobles and clerigymen to the Parliament, but France, Sweden, Arabia, Algeria, Burgundy, Edessa-Antiosh and Estonia are the most represented countries. The hussites and waldesians, majority in Burgundy, are tolerated and representated, but the king Alexander II dislikes them. The Catholicism is the main religion in France, Nouvelle France and Edessa-Antioch, followed by the Judaism. Voltaire is, by the way, dead; he was murdered during a meeting in Jewish territory, in the southern Sinai. The Islam Sunni-ibadi is the main religion of Songhaï, Arabia, Damascus and Algeria, followed again by the judaism. A few orthodox communities are founded in the Sinai and the rench land around Furanchesou, and even the colonies which have trade with Russia and Vietnam, but they are so little that the Parliament doesn't have their representatives. In Terre de Feu-Patagonie-Malocuinas and Haiti the Schmittism is the main religion. Great schmittist groups are founded in Haiti. The emperor wants to make peace with Russia, so he invites the Tsar to sign a trade alliance in Stockholm. He also builds up the French military. I think in the next map Sweden must be colorated blue to represent the union between our two countries, the same as Russia and Finland.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure. Finland also expands their new colony 250 km inward and Finland also expands their second new colony 250 km inward.
  • Empress of Hanthawaddy Toyohara Parvati accepts trade with Ethiopia, asking for trade privileges. Kumbasem expands west at 2400 sq km in a thin strip along the coast. Hanthawaddy improves its economy slightly with some new construction, which has become almost constant in the cities, especially rapidly-growing Sylhet. Chauhhpiu (OTL Kyaukpyu) declares itself an independent republic, but is limited to a city state modelled after the city state of Ragusa, fueled in part by migration from Venice, Hungary, and other countries to Chauhhpiu. The European name of Chauhhpiu, Geobia, appears for the first time in English, replacing earlier attempts at Romanization. It is derived from Hungarian Gyóbjusz, from Chinese Gau-Biu.
    • The Emperor of Ethiopia gives Hanthawaddy certain privelages (the same ones it also gives to Naples, and until a year ago Sweden), and Hanthwaddan (Is that how you spell it?) influence in Ethiopia grows. Though the Emperor accepted the deal for purerly economic reasons, many more Ethiopians come into contact with eastern religions and Schmittism grows (though now its influenced a little more by Buddhism making the Schmittists temporarily more peaceful).
  • taking advantage from the division, Hungary annexes the rest of the territory lost on the Second Venetian-Hungarian War, but does not advance to Venice proper or Fuzzolia, leaving both independent. Meanwhile, the Enlightment ideals spread through the bigger cities of Hungary.After the reannexing of the rest of the Neizvršen Mađarska, the régiók on the area are reorganized, with the creation fo the régiók of Carniola and Istria. The islands on the Aegean Sea that pertained to Venice are annexed by Greece, along with the rest of Crete.Greece asks France to buy the territory of Armenian Cilicia, or part of it. Meanwhile, a series of laws, proposed by Duke Mihály Zapólya are passed by the Council Of Nobles, and approved by The King, with the purpose of raising revenue in the colonies to pay the salaries of governors and judges so that they would be independent of colonial rule, to create a more effective means of enforcing compliance with trade regulations, to punish the province of Szent András for failing to comply with the 1745 Negyedeléses Törvény, and to establish the precedent that the Council of Nobles has the right to tax the colonies.Újfundlandi expands 1750 sq km on its southern and central parts, towards one another.(the sum of expansion of both gives 1750 sq km). Dél-Afrika expands 1000 sq km.
  • China reacts with the Venitian Crisis with indifference, though trade is disrupted for a time. In the meantime, Enlightenment ideals make their way to China. Though it wasn't frowned upon before, more and more Chinese scientists share their ideas with the world. The colony in Mexico is expanded by 3000 sq km.
  • Kurdistan: Kurdistan would like to open trade Agreements with China, Spain, France and Anglo-Germany. The Government raises taxes in the land to increase income flow.
    • Ethiopia offers Kurdistan a trade agreement, though they are a little worried by the fact that Kurdistan doesn't have a coastline.
    • Kurdistan: Kurdistan accepts Ethiopia's trade agreement and starts making routes to Ethiopia.
    • France offers a trading pact to Kurdistan. Edessa and Antioch will give them the right to trade through the French ports in the Holy Land. Tha caliph also asks Kurdistan to confirm its loyalty to him as religious leader of Islam.
    • I believe that Kurdistan already borders The Crusader states, only the landlocked one. It is the skinny nation, next to Turan, with a small border to the north with Greece and a large border to the Crusader states and to Shahrzur (the nation to the east that borders Persia) and to the south with the small grey nation of Assyria.
    • Corrected. Thank you.
    • Kurdistan: Kurdistan agrees for France to have a trade post in Kurdistan and recognizes the Caliph as the Religous leader of Islam.
  • Spain continues upgrading its military. new roads are researched, and the the nacy is also upgraded.
  • Empress Elizabeth of Russia goes to Stockholm for negotiations. She asks that her nephew remain the sovereign of Denmark, now crowned King Peter of Denmark and pronounced heir presumptive of Russia, and that the Swedish People are to be able to practivce the Orthodox faith in peace, if not it will henceforth be considered an act of war against Russia. Charles Peter Ulrich is crowned "Peter I, King of Denmark and Doitmania" Elizabeth's forces manage to secure Estonia at the end of the year, and propose negotiations in a neutral territory.
  • Sweden's nobles land in Estonia and retake Denmark with French help. The last rebels are rounded up and taken away. Contrary to rumors, Denmark remains a part of Sweden and Estonia remains a vassal. Thorlaand expands 3050 sq km.
    • End of the year mans I have it when 1746 ends you can take it back next year but not this year!


  • Naples now is divided into two regions: the Islands, where the Enlightenment ideals of Count Petruchio, who keeps the ideas of Voltaire alive, flourish. The other is the peninsula, where the harsh Catholic religion and the rather crazed King Carlo VII dominate. Tensions between the two escalate. Meanwhile, the realm of Jerusalem votes to rename itself Israel, in order to differentiate itself from the City. The religion of Israel is now 50% Jewish, 30% Catholic, 10% Druze, and 10% Shia Muslim. Ricasolia is expanded by 1150 sq km, and Istoias expands by 1150 sq km. Many slaves have been taken to Ricasolia, and some are now going to Vicia in South America (a colony which now has been primarily Christianized). Naples is wealthy from the gold taken from the Incas in Vicia.
  • The Empress of Russia finally gives the Senate the power to create and amend laws. She proposes that the number of senators is increased and proportionate to the populations of the gubernias. Meanwhile, a new census is conducted in Russia, revealing that the populaiton has reached 60 million! IT is predicted that the population will reach 100 million by 1800. more to come bout the war in sweden.
  • France builds up its military. The emperor offers a deal to Russia. He will call for a referendum in Denmark to decide if Charles will be his heir, then he may claim the throne when he die. Also the Russian Tsar will become Head of the Swedish Orthodox Church, with right to design the swedish clergymen who will come to the Parliament of the Franco-Swedish Empire and domains. The rest of the kingdoms (Estonia and Flanders) and the Empire of Sweden are unquestionable domains of the House of Bertrand.
  • Yemen builds up the roads on the newly taken lands, as he stops invading the local tribes. All rebels are ordered to be hanged in public.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure. Finland also expands their new colony 250 km inward and Finland also expands their second new colony 250 km inward.
  • After the annexing of the Hungarian littoral, internal struggle in what is left of Venice worsens, and eventually it divides itself in two states: Verona, at north, and more under Hungarian influence than Venice, but not enough to be considered a puppet state.resettling of the reannexed areas resumes. Meanwhile, it is figured out how the steam engine works, and the efforts go to how to make one. Meanwhile, Greece's economy improves. The offer sent to France, to buy Armenian Cilicia or part of it stays up. Meanwhile, Zapólya dies on the start of the year, and does not see his acts being met with resistance on the colonies, prompting the occupation of Új Kotor by Hungarian troops due to unrest. Neos Preveza expands 1200 sq km on the settlements of OTL Michigan. Magyar Dél-Amerikabán expands 1500 sq km, along both coasts of the lake nearby.
  • Itsaygahi is now booming. The Huron construct cities along the coasts of the Great Lakes, and roads thread across the whole Union. It is soon discovered that the lands of the Marcher Lords and the Huron are less suitable to the institution of slavery than the southern provinces. However, this doesn't stop the institution from adapting to the altered conditions. Garlic plantations become rather large in the west of the Huron Province (around Chicago) and a thriving trade amongst the still influential northern aristocracy of indentured servants continues.
  • The Vietnamese expand their East African colony by 38*50 sq km.
  • A Chinese economist makes the term 'Ràng tā chéngwéi' or 'Let it Be' popular. The proposal for a better market tempts the emperor of China. In the meantime, a scientist proposes an idea similar to evolution. He is disgraced by his university and town. Adopting the name "Fāwèn zhě" or 'The Questioner', he travels to Hong Kong and amasses a crew for a proposed voyage to back his beliefs up
  • Turan organizes its empire. She decides build up forces.
    • The Caliph of Arabia asks Turan to recognise him as religious leader of the Islam. It would mean a lot for the caliph, because the old ottomans were caliphs before him. Anyway, tha caliph asks Turan to not invade his ally and islamic nation of Kurdistan. Apart from this, the United Kingdom of Edessa and Antioch offers a trade pact to Turan, that would give the turani the right of import and export in the French seaports, in exchange for a quearter of the economic gains of the products that Turan trade in this ports.
    • Agreed. Can you make the trade agreement page. Then we both sign it.
  • A group of Japanese Daimyo demand greater autonomy for Japan from Vietnam.
  • A group of Ethiopian Bibliophiles write a 2000 page long encyclopedia (though they don't call it that) on Religions and New Enlightenment movements (such as Deism and Atheism). It is one of the first books to attempt to write about religion without bias. It becomes popular in the royal court of Ethiopia, though the sections on Schmittism are removed in all Ethiopian editions. The book also becomes popular in the courts of European Nations (at least the ones that are more religiously tolerant). The 'Book of World Religions' contains many factual errors, but goes quite a long way towards increasing religious tolerance.
  • Kurdistan: Kurdistan adopts an Islamic type laws under the Trade Union. The Trade union makes Islam the main religion of the Country while treating Christans and Jews as welcome brothers and sisters.
  • Spain continues upgrading its military. The New Spain colony expands by 1550 sq km. King Phillip, looking to take advantage of the chaos caused by the African famine, prepares to invade Morocco in 1749, beginning to plan the invasion.
  • Sweden comes out of the civil war at the end of the year with the reclamation of Estonia. The only territory lost during the war was Scotland and the Swedish nobles pool their resources to bribe key Scottish parliamentary members to pass a bill on becoming a Swedish vassal state again. Sweden expands its military and Thorlaand expands by 3050 sq km.
    • We established when it broke away that it was going to be independent, not just be instantly vassalized again. That was the whole point of it breaking away.


The Waldensians now make up a majority in the former Venetian states, and the King of Austria converts to the Hussite Christian religion, resulting in that religion now dominating Austria. Some Hussites begin moving west into Germany, and east into Lithuania.

  • Naples expands the northern part of Istoias bought from the Ethiopians by 2300 sq km, as Schmittist refugees arrive. Meanwhile, King Carlo VII feels increasingly threatened by the Corsicans, as Count Petruchio seems to be the next leader of the Enlightenment after Voltaire. He attempts to get the Duke of Sardinia to remove Petruchio, but the Duke refuses, as he has begun to listen to the Enlightenment ideas. Desperate for a way to stop this threat to his reign, Carlo attempts to get his good ally, Pope Leo XIII, to lead a religious crusade against Petruchio for the Count's perceived Deism. However, Leo XIII dies late in 1748, and the cardinals' debate as to his successor does not end by the end of the year.
  • In Lithuania, The Hussites make up a small minority of 1% in mainly the border regions with Poland. The Polish King partly claimed the Throne of Lithuania with the Hussitization of Lithuania, even with 1%. Contemporary Belarus, Ukraine and East OTL Lithunaia remain Orthodox, and Catholicism being a minority of 13%, orthodoxy being the majority religion of 86%. Russian America expands by 3000 km. Russian military is upgraded as the artillery begins overhaul. More fighting continues in Denmark, which officially declares its independence from Sweden and France, although Russia claims no responsibility. Estonia, however, wants to join Finland as a fellow Finnic nation, linguistically and culturally very similar to Finland. Elizabeth officially increases the amount of senators to 50, proportionally divided amongst the Gubernias.
    • I don't wanna have problems with you but ... I'm winning, What right do you have to declare the independence of Denmark and Estonia, considering that I control them both, and you control a part of Scandinavia. Just Scandinator can say what happens during this civil war.
  • The Vietnamese expand their East African colony by 38*50 sq km.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure. Finland also expands their new colony 250 km inward and Finland also expands their second new colony 250 km inward.
  • Trying to liberate his nation from Hungarian influence, the King of Bulgaria expels the Hungarian ambassadors on Bulgaria and severs diplomatic ties, basically breaking the treaty of alliance signed in 1687. The Hungarian King does not act, as long that Bulgaria is not declaring war. Hungary updates its military. Meanwhile, in Greece, After hearing of the threat that Turan is trying to update their forces, The King tries to establish diplomatic relations with Turan. Greece also updates its military. Újfundlandi és a Labrador expands 2750 sq km on its southern part, in an attempt to connect it to the central part.
  • Yemen sends a request to Vietnam to establish a trade route.
  • The Pro-Nippon Daimyo see more Daimyo join their cause, and they continue to demand greater autonomy for Nippon from Vietnam. Nipponese traders also found a small port and trading post on the bottom of Karafuto island.
    • The Vietnamese make a deal with the pro-independence Daimyo. The Vietnamese will officially declare Nipponese independence in 1750 in exchange for an alliance with the new Nipponese government. The leader of the pro-independence daimyo will become the new Shogun, but the Emperor will remain in power as he is of the Yamato dynasty (the Japanese Imperial family).
  • Empress of Hanthawaddy Toyohara Parvati contracts a serious case of scarlet fever, and does not fully recover. The disease leaves her with partial blindness in both eyes. She appoints her son Hamsatoyo as her successor. Kumbasem expands further west by 2300 sq km in a thin strip along the coast. The New Bassein Company sets up a settlement at the western extent of the colony, calling it New Rangoon. The European name for the city of Dagon is used to attract wealthy Europeans.
  • Schmittist and Republican Rebellions both start up in Ethiopia. At the beginning of the year, the rebels suffer heavy losses. Tesfaye Gabru (the leader of the republicans) and Adam Wubet(the leader of the Schmittists) unite and at the end of the year, it looks as though they may stand a chance at surviving another year or two. Lords from Nubia begin attacking the rebels in an attempt to show support for the Emperor. Meanwhile, Emperor Iyasu, who has been the Emperor since 1723, is aging more and more and stops personally leading military campaigns against the rebels.
  • China expands in Mexico by 3800 sq km. Meanwhile, they request a military alliance with Hanthawaddy. In the South American colonies, the infrastructure and militia is improved.
  • Spain continues updating its military. King Phillip continues planning the invasion, but due to the severity of the famine he postpones it to 1753.
  • Sweden is completed again with Scotland in tow as a puppet state yet again. Sweden is ruled by the French King Jean III. It expands its military. In response to the rebellion by the clergy, the Swedish peoples desert the Orthodox faith and reconvert to Roman Catholicism in droves. Thorlaand expands by 3050 sq km.
  • The Vietnamese aren't going to allow that. One of the conditions of their aid to France was that Sweden stay independent.
  • You're wrong. Your condition was the independence of Scotland. I suppose you confuse it with Sweden. And the king of France is Robert IV. And, Scan, please stop posting in the turns AFTER the end of them.
  • Turan works on military.


  • The Papal Crisis continues. Eventually, Carlo VII grows tired of waiting and attempts to crown his own pope, Altair III. This sparks chaos in the Roman Catholic Church, and numerous anti-popes appear claiming to be the legitimate Pope. One of them, Pope Paul VII, is very liberal and gains much support in Corsica, Sardinia, and Sicily by the Enlightenment followers of Count Petruchio. However, Carlo VII is stronger, and manages to capture and execute Paul, driving the anti-Carlo forces out of Sicily and attacking Sardinia. The Duke of Sardinia is killed in battle, but Count Petruchio takes his place and vows to keep fighting against the tyrant king of Naples. However, without foreign aid he may yet fail...
  • The Vietnamese expand their East African colony by 38*50 sq km. The Vietnamese agree to send aid to the Anti-Carlist faction in Naples. The Vietnamese have refused to accept Carlo as the King of Naples since he overthrew the legitimate King Benvolio III in 1738. Many of the former Vietnamese who fought in the War of Swedish Succession re-volunteer to fight alongside the Anti-Carlist rebels in Naples. One of the conditions of this aid is that the Anti-Carlists re-crown the deposed King Benvolio III as the King of Naples. The Vietnamese accept Yemen's offered trade agreement.
    • Count Petruchio informs the Vietnamese that as soon as they liberate Malta from the Carlists, Benvolio will become the king again, however they do plan to make the position of king a bit weaker by empowering the puppet senate.
    • The Vietnamese agree to the condition, as the more powerful senate may prevent another Carlo from arising.
  • The French Jean-Jacques Rosseau becomes Prime Minister and Chancellor of the Franco-Swedish Empire. He convinces the king to invade Naples to support Petruchio and re-crown his relative Benvolio III. Meanwhile, the Catholic kings Alexander II of Burgundy and Peter I od Edessa-Antioch manage to obtain the parliamentary support for the campaign against Carlo VII, so every the states under the French and Swedish crown must support the invasion of Naples, promising: 1- Crown Benvolio III as king of Naples and 2- Crown as pope the also liberal Archbishop Adolphe of Avignon, who has been educated in the philosophies of Petruchio and Voltaire.
  • Kurdistan: Kurdistan builds its infrastructrue installing public baths and Grand Shopping squares in major Kurd cities. The Military is amped up.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure. Finland also expands their new colony 250 km inward and Finland also expands their second new colony 250 km inward.
  • Greece continues to update its military. Meanwhile, Hungary announces support for the Anti-Carlist faction, with the condition that King Benvolio III is restored on the throne.Greece and Egypt do not join Hungary. Meanwhile, In Új Kotor, A Riot happens, and Hungarian soldiers kill five civilian men, and wound six others. Depictions, reports and propaganda about the event further heighten tensions throughout Újfundlandi. Magyar Dél-Amerikabán expands 2700 sq km. Meanwhile, an expedition is sent to found another colony. The expedition lands Near the state of Benguela, and near an abandoned Portuguese outpost. The colony is officially named as Magyar-Közép-Afrika, and a settlement called Namib is established.
  • Yemen begins massive unit recruitment and ship-building.
  • Hamsatoyo takes the throne of Hamthawaddy with the death of his mother, Toyohara Parvati. His agenda is highly isolationist, as he declares in a speech in Sylhet. He proclaims the end of an era of rebellion, foreign domination, and economic imbalance brought on by corrupt practices by foreigners. Foreigners are expelled from the southern part of the country, with only small installations permitted in Pahkarkayn and Laskreng. Foreign populations in the multiethnic society are expected to be assimilated under the Mon or Bengali language. Many white, Amerindian, and African populations flee to Haklon, Chauhhpiu, and other colonies. Haklon expands south by 1500 sq km, hosting a city named "New Dali" (Kumoeh Dali) inhabited mainly by Chinese and Shans of origin from Nanchau, in China.
  • Itsaygahi improves its infrastructure. Itsaygahan Islam diverges from Shi'ite and Sunni by translating the Qur'an into Tsalagi. This is condemned as heresy but it is argued that the people can not receive the word of Allah if they can't understand it.
    • The Caliph travels to Itsayghai and starts to preach the Word of Allah. He accepts that the nes Coran of the Caliphal religion must be translated to the following languages for the understanding of the common people: Indo-American languages, Songhaï, French, Pashto, Dari, Hindi and Persian. The Caliph asks the government of Itsayghai to adopt his Islam Cult as the State religion.
    • The Sultan of Turan makes a visit to Itsaygahi. The Turkish sect of Islam approves of the translation of the glorious and noble Qur'an, if at the local mosque, there is a version available in Arabic. Sultan Suleyman showers the Itsaygahi with the best Qur'ans in his Ankara palace.
  • The pro-independence Daimyo agree to the Vietnamese deal. However, the current Shogun does not agree with this, and he demands that he remains Shogun. The pro-independence Daimyo, however, sees this current shogun as weak as he never did anything to get Nippon her sovereignty back. The pro-independence Daimyo hires ninjas to kill the current Shogun, and the current shogun is killed. The pro-independence Daimyo have their leader Tokugawa Ieshige from the prestigious Tokugawa clan is declared Shogun, thus starting the "Edo/Tokugawa period" and ending the "Vietnamese Vasal period". Tokugawa Ieshige begins to negotiate with Vietnam so Nippon gets Kamchatka, Karafuto (Sakhalin), and the Chishima (Kuril) islands, since these are Nipponese majority territories.
    • The Vietnamese agree to Shogun Tokugawa's territory requests, as the Vietnamese had already planned to give them to Nippon before the independance movement started.
    • Shogun Tokugawa thanks Vietnam for agreeing to his requests, and for Vietnam's help to get Nippon back on its feet after the lawless period of civil disarray and anarchy. Tokugawa hopes that the two nations shall remain good friends and allies for many years to come.
  • The Great Turkish Nation of Turan has improved the military.
  • Adam Wubet, the Ethiopian Schmittist rebel leader dies, and many of the Schmittists leave the rebellion. However, the Republican rebellion is maintaining its forces. Emperor Iyasu creates a penal colony near OTL Cabinda to move prisoners and to get raw materials.
  • Sweden and all her dominions follow France to war. Sweden continues military expansion and Thorlaand expands 3050 sq km.
  • Empress Elizabeth of Russia looks at the papal crisis with apathy, as Russia isn't Catholic, it isn't any of their concern. Peter I of Denmark leaves to Russia, and becomes heir presumptive, officially marrying Sophie Frederike Auguste, after much deliberation and such, although they were engaged for about eight years. She is baptized and takes the Orthodox name of Catherine. She quickly learned the Russian language and her pronunciations are now flawless. She is a notorious Russophile as opposed to her Prussophile husband. Russia works on its military. More and more factories are popping up in Russia. more textile mills and new mechanized lumber mills are starting to evolve.
    • Prussophile? I thought that Prussia had ceased to be independent some years ago.