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1715-1717 (The Haudenosaunee)

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The Haudenosaunee

1670-1715 1715-1717 The Seven Years War

February 4th -1717 March 20th

Oddly, many have wondered why the Haudenois failed to act for either side or for their own purposes throughout the revolution until today. A massive Haudenois task force including all manner of ships from the Haudenois Awntar’o navy move farther along the Kakuwanë Këhôte, until Québec is reached. The three-tiered Haudenois land force moves in all along their eastern border, swallowing up the abandoned Québec-Kakuwanë Këhôte region and continuing to the east coast. Over the next year the frail USL and remaining European colonies near the Haudenois Confederacy are invaded, the expended Marines, British and French soldiers swept aside in a massive onslaught of 300 000 foot warriors attacking day and night almost non-stop. In the bigger battles, the largest bred Tekiya'kö (5 metres high) with heavy, newly developed chain mail armour, carrying a rider and three archers break through enemy lines. Even elitely bred and trained hawks, with soaring wings allowing altitudes of 6km or more fly toward enemy positions to guide the armies. The Leonians cling desperately to ‘their’ land but they cannot match up to the Haudenois discipline and orderly strength of both warrior and beast. By 1717 the British navy around Newfoundland is under heavy attack, France’s Québec is gone, and the USL north of the Pow’attan këhôte has been conquered and is undergoing occupation procedures. Kentucky and Virginia were losing more land every month. Finally the Haudenois have regained the ancestral lands taken away from them almost 130 years before. The Haudenois government starts to see the impacts of the peasant class and start exporting them wherever they can, from Louisiana to Europe. Also in this time, the Haudenois Confederation and the Lahkota Federation sign treaties and documents which generate an unbreakable alliance. Both nations benefit greatly and face the European Empires together when threatened. The Haudenois population is about 4.39 million.

1717 March 23rd

Finally after the long blockade of Newfoundland, the Haudenois sign a peace treaty with Britain. The agreement's two main points are that Newfoundland will be split in half, the west part given to the Haudenois, and British colonial power will not expand past this point. The British protest but under threat of losing Newfoundland’s lucrative fishery industry to which the Haudenois continuously mention “you are lucky that we let you keep this much”, they agree. Crowding is a big problem and towns are forced to be built in the hilly interior of the island, some are able to emigrate to other countries but poverty is rampant. Meanwhile the Haudenois take over the few mines built by the British. The Haudenois see what a hazard British mines are to the environment and spend six years refitting them for safety before they are used or others built. The mines of iron, limestone, silver, asbestos, Gypsum, and Zinc are later dug. Some parts of the Kanöhsésunôtút (the Long Mountains in the Northern Peninsula) are used in the forestry industry, the southern part produces fish and agriculture. The Haudenois are distinctly aware of their environment and it is a permanent part of Haudenois culture; city designs and industrial placements all give nature the benefit of plentiful room, water, sun, air, and nutrients. The industrial revolution is about 50 years away and with the Haudenois’ green society, it will both catch on later and on a smaller scale. By April the Haudenois stop their southern expansion into the USL with about half of Virginia and Kentucky remaining.

NA 1717invasion

1670-1715 1715-1717 The Seven Years War

The Haudenosaunee

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