Jalaludin's Coup

Jalaludin was the brother of Ibrahim Lodi, the sultan of Delhi. He led a noble-supported coup against Lodi and became sultan of Delhi in 1517.

Collapse of Delhi

However, in 1520, victories from the Rajputs eventually led to the collapse of the sultanate. The Rajputs had to stop Babur, shah of Kabul, from invading India. He was stopped.


India fell into anarchy in this period. A Sikh Confederation eventually grew and fought against Kabul. It was victorious and gained parts of it.

Hemu Vikramaditya's Reunification

Samrat Hemu Vikramaditya rose to the throne of Delhi on 7 October 1556. This new "Hindustani Empire" rose up and conquered the Bengal Sultanate, the Sikh Confederacy, and annexed the Rajput kingdoms peacefully.

Deccan Sultanates

Samrat Hemu then declared war on the Deccan Sultanates in 1565. Vijayanagar, the Tamil empire to the south of Hindustan, also declared war on the Deccan Sultanates. By 1575, the entirety of the Deccan was divided amongst Vijayanagar and Hindustan. The Hindu League was established.

Akbar's Expansions

Meanwhile, Kabul was getting rich. Shah Akbar, the grandson of Babur, declared war on the Uzbeks to his north in 1556. He did this to mimic the great conqueror Timur, who himself conquered to mimic the Mongols. Samarkand fell to Akbar by 1575. This is considered the foundation of the Second Timurid Empire.

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