Principia Moderni Map 1690
Principia Moderni Map 1690 Key
  • Naples uses the funds from the reparations from the Swedish war to repair all damage they received from the war. They use the extra (that would have gone to fix the boats, but Sweden did it for them) to expand their army. They focus on the forces trained to defeat colonial uprisings. Speaking of colonies, Naples expands both of their colonies by 400 sq km. Ricasolia is getting closer and closer to being connected between the two parts, and many think that soon it will be contiguous. Meanwhile, Istoias expands northward along the east coast of Madagascar by 400 sq km.
  • China honors the new deal with Manchuria and increases military presence in Manchuria for the protection of China's new vassal, while recycling the troops in Aztec lands with some troops from China. Lines are resupplied and the Chinese make considerable gains against the Aztecs this year. By the end of this year, the last Aztec Emperor is killed and the Aztec empire surrenders.
  • Checking the third archive. Turns out I had destroyed the Aztecs last algorithm. Check the very bottom. I was just making a new algorithm before I noticed it.
  • In the Commonwealth, new King-Emperor Frederick II is angry that the Swedes refuse to hand over control of the Netherlands, instead offering back territory that already belonged to the AGC. However, he offers to only take Friesland and Groningen, allowing Sweden to keep their major ports. Meanwhile, Atlantis expands by 25*50 sq km, making it officially larger than Neue Brandenburg.
  • Look, you gained East Oldenburg which was meant to be Swedish and also Prussia; a compensation of two million kronars and the free rebuilding of your navy to 1690 standards. Is that not enough??? All I get of you is only Jutland and a bit of Holstein... and check the map!

    Black is territory lost. Pink is gained for the AGC

  • The Vietnamese continue their campaign of military expansion. They request that the Swedes accept the Anglo-German terms, as they are much better than anyone in Sweden's position can expect.
    • Naples states that Sweden should follow what Anglo-Germany wants, they lost the war to Russia and the Commonwealth, so they should be the ones giving territory.
  • Hungary continues to expand its military. Uruguay expands 1100 sq km inland. Újfundlandi és a Labrador's new settlement expands 350 sq km, and in the middle of the year, arrives at OTL Plymouth, Massachusetts, and a settlement is founded there. Dél-Afrika expands 600 sq km northeast and Eszák-Afrika expands 650 sq km south.
  • Swedish king Charles X states enough is enough and rejects the AGC territorial claims. He asks Frederick to recheck his atlas before making false claims. The AGC is already getting the same amount of territory off Sweden to compensate for Jutland and also two million kronars and a complete refitting of their fleet. Sweden asks AGC also not to go into Dutch areas. Sweden and Denmark embark on military expansion. Asgard is expanded by 2300 sq km. The former Japanese colony of Nuretachihou is placed under Danish rule and Sweden knows nothing about it. The Danish spend the year bringing the colony back into civilisation and order from the civil disorder and tribal system that had developed.
  • Russian Tsar continues to improve the military bringing in European Generals to improve training and makes a new, European Style Uniform for the troops, but in green, and sends Cossack forces to capture more of the Siberian steppe, hoping to control it by 1700 (HOPING). More to come
  • Burgundy expand into Argelia 300 km and in Cote d'Ivoire expand 350 km. The peace reign in the Kingdom.
  • James I of France offers again the hand of his daughter Leonore to Karl X. The colony of Malouinas is expanded 2000 sq km. The prince Alphonse offers trade again to Russia and the Commonwealth, and asks their help in the Second Algerian War.
    • Sorry but Charles is married already.
    • France has no problem. It will be ally of Sweden anyway.
  • Venice continues to upgrade its military by building the wall. However, just at the end of the year the original plans are cut down so that the construction can be finished next year while the walls will not be as impregnable as planned they will provide a decent defensive structure.
  • The Incas continue to upgrade their military and expand their homelands. A great Incan general begins to settle the quarreling tribes, by killing their leaders primarily, or by burning their villages. The new leader rules by an Iron fist to regain control of the Incan empire.
  • Natchez expands along the Ohayo River, and Itsaygahi expands north to keep up with them. Hausenosauni unifies into a coherent state under Natchez-Itaygahan explorers, and begins the process of expanding southwest, and becoming an Itsaygahan client kingdom.
  • The Persian government, aiming for a widespread empire, increase the size of their army and prepare an invasion of the Indian States.
  • Katimon expands west along the southern coast at 1000 sq km. Bi Hloa expands east along the south coast at 500 sq km. Hanthawaddy upgrades its economy, repairing the damage over the past several years. A new fleet of merchant ships are built by the government and sold to wealthy nobles, leading to the creation of the first private companies in Hanthawaddy. The new age of art and literature begins to show signs of bringing about a more individualistic and Western outlook on life.


  • Öböl expands 2100 sq km; 1450 sq km inland and 650 sq km south. Uruguay expands 600 sq km inland. Meanwhile, the new colony expands 600 sq km in all directions. Dél-Afrika expands 200 sq km, while Hungary continues to update its military. The new settlement is named Neos Preveza after the city from which the ship with the first colonists sailed, on the southern Hungarian littoral, near the Gulf Of Arta.
  • China sends supplies to the former Mayan and Aztec lands for rebuilding. Most of the military in the area is sent back home, while others decide to volunteer to be part of the growing militia. In China, a party for the military is thrown. The heavy support for the military and a wave of nationalism strikes China, boosting the economy. This boost is what saved China from going into a financial crisis due to the long war.
  • Russian Tsar Peter I Hires European Generals To Train New Russian army in the modern style. Russian Cossacks successfully Capture All land west of Baikal (one of the main reasons being sparse population, and I have been expanding here for a long time). Russian Schools. Russian Tsar Peter Founds Moscow State University (starts building) and Hires Isaac Newton to be a professor in the Russian Academy of Sciences. The Academy is to be a separate institution than the University. Russian Tsar Peter sets out to improve the overall Russian way of life and Bring it up to European standards. Peter Officially removes almost all power from the Boyar Council and Transfers it to The Tsar. Peter Issues a Tax on Beards in the Russian court, and starts enforcing West European Dress in all of his close people. Peter officially allows women to have civil lives, as he believes that a true European court is incomplete without women. This will all come into enforcement in June 1692. All Are Warned more to come.
  • The Venetians finish the smaller wall and upgrade their infantry again by increasing the amount of nobles and therefore the army. Cinque isole gets an influx of settlers and expands 1550 sq km.
    • You aren't allowed to just take over another user's nation like that, without at least bringing it up on the talk page. If Kunarian really did request you take over his nation, you should ask permission on the talk page first.
  • Naples expands their military, creating a whole new force designed for land combat and occupation. As this force is being built, both Istoias and Ricasolia are expanded 400 sq km. When the force is finally done, they assemble outside of the city of Brindsi. Angelo goes to the city and looks over the new force, and he is pleased. He then goes to back to the house of a nobleman nearby. However, as he enters is room, a servant woman pulls out a throwing knife and hurls it at Angelo's neck. The king is killed by the attack, and the assassin leaps from a window. From examining the dead body, the Neapolitan officials realize it was really a man in disguise, and he was of North African descent. A sorrowful and enraged King Carlo VI later announces to his allies that they determined that the man was from Hafsid Tunis. He wrathfully declares that the Muslim Hafsids struck down his father because he was a Christian monarch. Naples declares war upon the Hafsid sultanate, regretfully informing their allies in Algeria that they must concentrate all their forces upon annihilating this nation that dared to strike down their king.
  • Persia declares war against Kashmir and begins to siege the capital. The Kashmiri armies fight off the Persian Army, but outnumbered and outpowered, they fall to Persian forces. In a few months, the Persians take over the capital, along with half of Kashmir. The remaining part holds on against Persia.
  • I wish it was that easy, but we've got an algorithm for war. To add to that, taking an entire nation in one turn is very implausible. I'll plug in an algorithm for you against Kashmir ASAP, though. CrimsonAssassin 22:31, October 19, 2011 (UTC)
  • O.K. I am very sorry. I will revise my move. Thank you. RandomWriterGuy 22:39, October 19, 2011 (UTC)
  • As Minister of War, I help with/do the algorithms and you have annexed 27.7% of Kashmir. If you attack them again in another war within 100 years you will probably be able to overthrow them.Scandinator 12:48, October 20, 2011 (UTC)
  • The king James I of France transform the Algerian territories under his authority in the Sultanate of Algeria, ruled by the sultan Suleiman, who was allowed to rule the vassal state, if in exchange allow the french control, the christian missions and respect the rights of the christian people in the Sultanate (the king of France will do the same with the Arabic people in his realm). The half of the Algerian territory is given to Burgundy. The colony of Malouinas is expanded 2000 sq km. The prince Jeanne convince the king James to send troops to support the Neapolitans against the Hafsids.
  • The Algerians have not been fully conquered as due to Naples leaving. You can only annex 18% therefore the total is 31% which does not meet the required target of 33.3%.
  • Commonwealth King-Emperor Frederick II decides to accept the Swedish terms simply to avoid another round of war with the Swedes. He accepts the French trade agreement but says that he cannot assist in Algeria because his troops are just finishing a war of their own. More settlers begin to move into Prussia as it becomes a part of the nation. Neue Brandenburg expands by 10*50 sq km.
  • Sweden and her vassals send aid and supplies to Persia, France and Naples. Denmark and Sweden continue military expansion. Christian and Charles are unable to settle differences of religion and a crack opens in Swedo-Danish relations. Denmark expands the formerly Japanese colony of Nuretachihou by 50 sq km and renames it New Denmark. Thorlaand is expanded by 2300 sq km. Sweden offers alliance to Persia.
  • The Vietnamese declare war on the Irish after an Irish warship sank a ship containing an important diplomat on his way to Vietnam's local allies. The Irish had continued to kill any shipwrecked Vietnamese sailor found on Irish territory, and this incident was the last straw. With Venice occupied with their own problems, the Vietnamese take the opportunity rid themselves of their Irish issues. The massive army created for the Persian War is deployed to Furansuchou to invade the fanatical theocratic Irish dictatorship.


  • Hungary continues to update its military. The unorganized territory annexed from Galicia in 1685 is made into the régió of Lodomeria. As part of the administrative changes, the comitatus of Felső-Fehér is split between other comitati. The unorganized territory on the Balkans is divided into the newly-formed régió of Serbia and the régió of Albania. The southern settlement on Újfundlandi és a Labrador expands 500 sq km south, and Eszák-Afrika expands 650 sq km south.Dél-Afrika expands 500 sq km north, Uruguay expands 1100 sq km southeast and inland. In Greece, a new port is built in Smyrna.
  • Peter I Starts enforcing his new regulations. Men who wear beards in his court are heavily taxed, along with all who wish to wear traditional Russo-Byzantine dress. Russian Tsar Peter introduces the first women, in European dress into the Russian Court. Peter Sets out to improve Russia's navy next. Peter sends more Cossack forces into Siberia and asks china to purchase the east coast of Manchuria.
  • The Vietnamese army makes landfall in Ireland and begins the invasion of the theocratic dictatorship. The Vietnamese send an ambassador to Persia to try to solve the diplomatic issues gathered over the last 15 years.
  • China will accept the deal in exchange for eastern Kazakhstan. However, they offer a strong economic alliance with Russia. Meanwhile, rebuilding in Dōng guǎngchǎng (Mayan/Aztec colonies) continues.make it West Changitistan and we have a deal. I'll post a map before 5:00 EDST (-4h UTC) ... so 9:00 UTC? I will probably post it...before 5:00 EDST (Eastern Daylight Savings Time)
    • Sounds good. Where do you want the split? OTL borders?
    • Here's a first draft of the map. It's pretty much like OTL. you can change some stuff, and the west part is purely for the convenience of having Kazakhstan and Russia Proper attached by land.
    • Looks great. However, the area touching the Caspian Sea is pretty important. If I give that area up, could you send me some tech when the industrial revolution hits (Beijing in the red area of the industrial revolution spread map)? I'd also like to propose a military and economic alliance.
    • As long as it's only Beijing because of very increased trade and alliances accepted.
    • Deal
      Division of Stuff copy

      please feel free to make borders "rounder" this is just a fast draft

  • France expands Haiti 2000 sq km. The sultan Suleiman and the king James send troops to support Vietnam, and asks the Vietnamese and Hanthwaddian help in Algeria. The sultan Suleiman send ambassadors to Persia, to negotiate a possible alliance. James I declares his intention to start the crusade officially as soon as possible. Though I do not conquer the whole Algerian territory, the territory under my control undergo the changes I previously mentioned.
  • Sweden and her allies attack Ireland in support for Vietnam. Unfortunately a Swedish navigator made a mistake and lands in Scotland which is promptly invaded by part of the Swedish army and its allies. The remainder of the army reaches Ireland and attacks the Irish. Holland expands by 2300 sq km. New Denmark expands by 50 sq km.
    • It's not Scotland, it's Ireland.
  • Before advancing any more throughout Kashmir, the Persian army occupies the conquered area to search and destroy any resistance. To prevent uprisings in the area, the Persian government passes a law that gives religious and racial tolerance to everyone.
  • Start with religious tolerance. Religious equality is unheard of.
  • I am very sorry. Thank you.
  • Hanthawaddy exemplifies a transition into a more individualistic lifestyle as a large number of Mons in cities begin to purchase other buildings as property, submitting many to servitude. Bi Hloa expands east by 1000 sq km, and Katimon north by the same amount. Some people living in Toeh Ngoa Nyoing become concerned with overfishing near some towns, and thus, several laws are enacted governing when commercial fishing can take place.
  • Neapolitan troops seize the Island of Malta from the Hafsids, and use it as a stepping stone as they attack the Hafsid nation itself. They send a naval fleet to begin to bombard Tunis in order to take the seat of the Hafsid government. The Tunisian fleet is weak and easily destroyed by the fleet from Naples. Troops land in Hafsid territory in order to launch a massive land attack and cut Tunis off, but they are unused to the terrain and do not advance very far. They thank Sweden for their aid in the war, and state that they do not fight in this war due to a desire for territory. Therefore, they will not take all of the conquered territory, and will give some to any Christian allies that aid them in the war.


  • The Vietnamese conquer the Irish capital of Dubh Linn, and the remainder of Irish resistance collapses. The Vietnamese put the Irish High Chieftain and the rest of the Irish ruling elite on trial for the numerous crimes that lead to the Irish War. They also find evidence of scores of hideous crimes inflicted upon their own people. All of the people on trial are convicted and sentenced to death by hanging, which is carried out on the anniversary of Venice's disgraceful interference with the rightful outcome of the war. Most of the Irish national government is executed to prevent a potential Venetian-backed coup from taking place. The members spared by Vietnam are the ones who expressed regret for their government's numerous crimes. These people have agreed to exile in any one of the Vietnamese colonies as part of their punishment. Most chose the Vietnamese Caribbean colony due to its tropical temperatures.
  • Naples sends word congratulating Vietnam on stopping the rogue Christian nation of Ireland. Meanwhile, they continue to send forces to Tunisia to avenge the death of their beloved king. King Carlo VI states that the Crusade has already begun, and these wars against Algeria and Tunisia are the battlegrounds. He swears that the Hafsids will fall, even if it requires Naples ending the current war and building up their military for a second war. Unlike the Persians in Kashmir, religious tolerance is no aspect of this crusade, and mosques and Qu'rans are burned by the Neapolitan forces in their rage, with thousands of civilian casualties. They seek to avenge the Muslims' murder of their king upon the religion. Just want to make sure that everyone knows that I am not some crazy anti-Muslim, just the Neapolitans in this game are.
  • Naples can annex all of the Hasfids.
  • The Anglo-German Commonwealth declares its support for the Vietnamese invasion of Ireland, as truthfully the Commonwealth has wanted to do the same thing for a long time. In the North, the Scots become more warlike as their major enemy falls, and in Northumbria there are fears of a Scottish invasion which are luckily unwarranted (for the time being). The Commonwealth military is built up in case of Scottish invasion.
  • Swedish parliamentary officials are horrified when they hear of the accidental diversion of part of the fleet. However as reports arrive on the Swedish victories in Inverness and Loch Ness the tension disappears. In Ireland, Swedish troops land in the north and south. Belfast and Cork fall to Swedish forces. Sweden asks the AGC and France to help take out the rogue state of Scotland. Sweden proposes to split the British Isles in this manner. Sweden is shaken by the sudden unexpected death of Queen Ulrika Eleonora. Sweden however still manages to expand Hodlaand by 2300 sq km and Denmark expands New Denmark by 50 sq km.
    • The Vietnamese give the Swedes a counteroffer. They will recognize the Swedish claim to Scotland in exchange for Swedish recognition of the Irish claim to all of Ireland. ^They offer to purchase the territory Sweden took in Ireland for a very generous price, as they had basically conquered Ireland before Sweden invaded.
    • Deal. Only if you help me take over Scotland. Also the AGC can receive all of England if they help.
  • I've pretty much already conquered Ireland.
  • Hungary continues to update its military in general, including the garrisons on Újfundlandi and India. Meanwhile, Greece also updates its navy and army,fearing a Neapolitan invasion. Neos Preveza expands 650 sq km. Öböl expands 500 sq km, and Ezsák-Afrika expands 1550 sq km south. Meanwhile, Greece severs diplomatic ties with Naples. Protestantism grows on Hungary.
  • Itsaygahi encourages the efforts of Natchez, as it expands along the Mixxixxippi. Itsaygahi itself expands northwards, into OTL Maryland,
  • China amps up its military, setting up a huge army near Khosut upon learning of a final surviving Khanate. Meanwhile, rebuilding efforts in Mayan/Aztec colonies continue.
  • James I of France lead a campaign expanding the colony of Haiti 2000 sq km. The sultan Suleiman sends ambassadors to negotiate with the Pope nad other christian communities a post-war status of tolerance and mutual respect after the crusade. The prince Alphonse asks Vietnam to purchase the territory of Rochefort (he assures the Vietnamese respect the laws that they establish there, and the non-Christian citizens of the territory will be freemen). Also asks to Naples a tiny part of the Hafsid territory for the cooperation of the Sultanate of Algeria (I supported you, but it did not appear in the algorithm), France will pay for the lands that Naples give to Algeria. Is created a parliament, a permanent government conference, which is formed by the House of Peers (nobility), the House of the Faith (clergy) and the House of the Plebeians (elected leaders of people's assemblies and rich people of the cities).
  • I will add you to the algorithm, as this war is far from over
  • The Persian government prevents any more invasions on Kashmir so that the military can be updated. It asks for military aid from Russia and China, and signs a non-aggression pact between the two nations.
  • Am I doing this wrong? Please tell me.
  • Yes. you should dedicate more turns to update your military to then invade and conquer the country successfully.
  • I am very sorry. I will change my previous move.
  • Russia falls into celebration as Ivan IV's daughter, Anna is born. Peter prepares for the trade of territory for an unusual demand for a great tech advancement when it is proven (this came from Chinese astrologers that convinced the emperor to add this to the agreement in exchange for losing control of the Caspian Sea). Peter starts planning for a great incognito voyage to Europe which will later be known as the great embassy. Peter Continues modernizing the Russian army and their weaponry, improving their tactics and hiring more generals to train a conscript-based army. Peter Orders a complete overhaul of the Russian Navy.


  • The Vietnamese send most of the army in Ireland to Scotland, where they provide as much assistance as possible to the Swedes. This is done in recognition of Sweden's assistance in the Irish War. The sole condition of their involvement is that Vietnam gains the territory taken by Sweden in Ireland.
  • Hungary joins the Hafsid War, and try to get some territory on OTL Libya, centered on the city of Tripoli. The plan is give the territory to Greece after the war is over. However, Greece does not joins the war. Instead, updates its navy, still trying to avoid a possible Neapolitan invasion. Most of its warships are placed on the Morean coast. Hungary also sends a message to Vietnam, declaring that it will support it on the war against Ireland, in trade for the Irish colony on the island of Újfundlandi, which is seen as an obstacle on the objective of claiming the whole island to Hungary. Hungary offers an alliance to Denmark. The administrative control of the colony of Neos Preveza is officially given to Greece. Öböl expands 600 sq km west, Uruguay expands 1150 sq km south and north inland, and India expands 1000 sq km inland.
  • Naples: With the Hungarians and Swedes attacking the Libyan portion, and the Franco-Burgunidan-Algerians invading from the west, the Hafsids are forced to divide their forces in order to combat all of these foes. This allows the Neapolitan generals to surround the city of Tunis, and begin the siege of the Hafsid capital.
  • China's military is mobilized to the Khosut/Chinese border, though not sent into Khosut. The Khosuts know practically nothing of this. In September, several hundred cannons are brought to the lines. Meanwhile, rebuilding in the Mayan/Aztec colonies continues.
  • The Sultan of Algeria is focus in end the last rebellions in his territory (I need someone to finish the algorithm) and sends troops to support Persia. James I travel to Rome to talk with the Pope about the invasion to Egypt after the war against the Hafsids and Zyyynids. The prince Alphonse travels to Greece to talk about a possible alliance. The French-Algerian army builds up its military.
  • France can annex all of Algeria.
  • Persia fortifies the eastern border next to Kashmir to prevent suspected Kashmir invasions.
  • Hanthawaddy sets up a settlement at OTL Ishigaki at 50 sq km, which would be a major point on the route to the northeast passage. Hanthawaddy explores the Kuril Islands and the Sea of Okhotsk, giving each of the Kuril Islands Mon names. During the year, the Raja of Toeh Ngoa Nyoing dies of double pneumonia and is succeeded by his son Hkun Maha Doing.
  • After a Russian naval ship encounters the Slaver Hannibal, The Russian navy pursues it and pushes it into an iceberg, because of it not wanting to get caught, and the Russians just wanting to know who or what it was carrying. 300 of the slaves on board were rescued and immediately transported to Novorossiya, and after being well fed, and given proper treatment for whatever injury or decease they had received were given a choice: live in Russia and its colonies (one of them situated in Africa) or be returned from here they came. about 35% of them returned to their homeland, and the others decided to live in protection by the anti-slavery Russians, 50% of those who decided to stay were transported in luxury to Afrikanskaya Zemlya and the others in luxury to Russia proper, where they would later decide where to go. Peter I decrees that only modern Europeans ships may be used in the Russian navy, save the Koch and any ship the Spetsnaz wishes to use. After hearing about the Mon names of the Kurils, the Russian Tsar sends the Mon Emperor a letter with the written declaration of his father's claim to the Kurils and Sakhalin, along with their Russian names. Peter decides to reshape the Russian navy, and starts decommissioning the old ships and replacing them with new ones. Peter orders this: For three hundred and twenty five of the finest galley ships to be made, to the European style, and they should be armed with the newest guns and mortars, with the crews armed with musketoons. Retraining of the army along with Cossacks capturing Siberia continues.
  • Sweden has captured Northern Scotland and the royal family but the nobles in York still resist. Sweden switches tactics and defends currently gained territories. Meanwhile Denmark and Sweden expand their militaries and Thorlaand expands southward - also Hudson Bay by 2300 sq km.


Principia Moderni Map 1695
Principia Moderni Map 1695 Key
  • Naples celebrates the fall of Tunis, for the besieged Hafsids in the city finally have run out of food and were forced to surrender. The Hafsid king and many other government officials are executed for conspiracy to assassinate King Angelo. The victorious King Carlo VI declares that the Hafids have forfeited their right to rule over land. In memory of the martyred Angelo, northern Hafid lands are taken and turned into the Neapolitan puppet-state of Tunisia. The western lands are given to the Sultan of Algeria, Tripoli and the surrounding areas are given to Greece in hopes of easing tensions with that nation, and the eastern areas are given to Sweden.
  • The Anglo-German Commonwealth prepares its military for a possible invasion of southern Scotland. (Sorry I can't write more...Really busy)
  • The French people celebrates the fall of Algeria. The Sultan annex the lands given to him by Naples. The western Algerian lands are given to Burgundy. France continues build up the military technology. One of the sons of King James, Jean, Duke of Noyon, is ordained, and the king asks for his naming as Archbishop of Avignon (enclave of the Papal States in France). The French state, and the Sultanate of Algeria "in apologies for its heresy and cruelty" and "hoping the mutual respect and acceptance between the Catholicism and the Islam" donate huge quantities of money to the Christian Church, and vassalship to the Papal States, and pay annual taxes to the church (at least, a 5% of the total annual gains of the two States).
  • The Vietnamese annex the lands in Ireland formerly occupied by Sweden as payment for their involvement in the Swedo-Scottish War.
    • France insists to Vietnam to sell Rochefort.
    • Hungary will give support to Vietnam in trade for the Irish colony on OTL Newfoundland.
  • Persia agrees to hire cossacks for Russia in part of their invasion of Kashmir. Denmark and Sweden are scared of this, because as long as Russia joins Persia in conquering Kashmir, Sweden feels its interests are threatened.
    • ​You either need one more ally to win. Or you must stop the war and resume it within the next 100 years. Also Sweden will remain in the war even though the Russians are there.
    • Lithuania, Livonia and/or Kazakhstan can give you support- Lx'
  • Sweden surprises the Scottish by re-attacking at the end of the year along with an AGC invasion from the south. The Scottish troops are exhausted and surrender only two months into the Siege of York in the winter. The rest of Scotland falls in a week! Sweden allows Scotland to retain its own government but the state is in essence controlled by Sweden. Sweden and Denmark allow their troops for a well deserved rest during the remainder of the winter. Thorlaand expands southward along Hudson Bay for 2300 sq km and New Denmark is expanded by 50 sq km. Denmark accepts the alliance offer by Hungary.
    • Hungary offers an alliance to Denmark
  • In January, the Hungarian/Greek troops finally arrive to Tripoli, before the fall of Tunis.With most of the armies combating either Neapolitans or Swedes, the Hungarians are met with little to no military resistance. While some of the armies stay on Tripoli to avoid civil unrest, the rest advance until they find Neapolitan soldiers at west and Swedish soldiers in the east. After the fall of Tunis, the territory is given to Greece and turned into the Tripolitanian Theme, with the "ethnos" system (which is the former Ottoman millet system, with only name changed.) being enforced. Eventually, various refugees from Tunisia start to arrive to Tripolitania. However, the territory, on its eastern border, is still occupied by Hungarian soldiers. Meanwhile, Constantine XII accepts the French offer of alliance. Neos Preveza expands 700 sq km west. Eszák-Afrika expands 900 sq km south, Dél-Afrika expands 350 sq km, and Öböl expands 800 sq km southwest.
  • Hanthawaddy conquers the remaining Nicobar Islands. Emperor Chandrajit of Hanthawaddy leads a major pilgrimage to Bodh Gaya during the year, with so much affect on the local population that the area around Bodh Gaya, much of which is under Muslim Mughal control, is annexed to Hanthawaddy. Meanwhile, Katimon's northern settlement expands north by 1000 sq km, and Bi Hloa expands east by 1200 sq km along the south coast.
  • China amps up its military a bit more in final preparations for the assault on the Khosut Khanate.


  • Naples has finally managed to subjugate the conquered Tunisians. They make Christianity the official religion of Tunisia, and begin pressuring the Tunisians to take up the Catholic faith. Meanwhile, King Carlo begins to prepare for the eventual Crusade. He sends word to France that the Mamluks are the only prominent Sunni Muslim nation left, and that the Shia in Persia and Itsaygahi are not a threat. He states that they should work hard for the next decade, preparing their militaries for the invasion of the Mamluk Sultanate. He adds that they appear to no longer be able to rely on Venice to help them in the war, as they have ceased to be active in foreign affairs. The Pope begins to divert money being sent to the church by Algeria to strengthen the division of the Catholic Church in the Crusader state of Jerusalem.
  • Russian Tsar Peter decides to also upgrade the Armenian and Lithuanian army and Lithuanian Navy. Cossacks continue to drive into Siberia, making great gains. Navy continues overhaul. Peter Decides to wander incognito in Europe to learn shipbuilding, leaving Ivan to Rule alone. With a regular army forming, the strelets are growing less happy with their powers taken away. Peter plans to visit incognito Anglo-Germany, France, Poland, Denmark, and Naples in his voyages. Meanwhile, a young man enters the Russian Academy of sciences, a man named Alexandr Ovchenko. He quickly gets interested in steam and the roman empire's work with steam. HE does some research. Isaac Newton quickly becomes his mentor. Afrikanskaya Zemlya expands 3000 km along the coasts.
  • The Vietnamese mount a war of conquest of the Marinid Sultanate in Morocco, which had overthrown the Vietnamese puppet government. The Vietnamese apologize to the French, but respectfully deny the French "request" for Furansuchou.
    • You have a colony in California? I thought that it was Joseon who had one in California. Unless that you annexed it when it went inactive.
    • Where is the colony??? It's not on the external territory page. If it is the one directly south of mine, Denmark was gonna claim it this turn.
    • It's on San Francisco Bay. I founded it as an outpost years, if not centuries, ago. I'm just returning to it because I have another colony to found. And last thing I heard Joseon's colony is in Oregon, and not California.
    • The Commonwealth has the colony in California.
    • The Vietnamese colony or the Joseon colony?
    • Sorry, I'll rephrase that. The Commonwealth has a colony in California. OTL Eureka.
  • Yes but it was just a trading post, not a colony. Creating the colony takes one turn. And it doesn't make sense for a colony to immediately expand 1400 sq km. There is not enough resources yet. -DK
  • France is building up its military, creating new military orders and new technologies. James I sends word to Carlo IV, his brother-in-law, asking three things: 1. For petition of the sultan Suleiman, he asks the respect of the native Tunisian religion under the mentorship of the Sultan of Algeria. 2. The sending of missioners to the non-christian lands of the French colonial empire. 3. The permission to start himself the war against the Mamluks in a decade. Also, the French insist that they weren't annoying with the Vietnamese and they just want the land of Rochefort again, with no aggression, and the king is open to a negative answer and no declare any hostility to Vietnam or its empire. The sultan of Algeria send words to Persia and Itsayghi asking alliances for a new world where the Islam and the Christianity live together in peace and friendship.
    • Naples, which has no problem with Persia and Itsayghi, for it was the Mamluks they fought in Cuba and the Hafsids who struck down their beloved king, somewhat accepts. However, King Carlo VI states that he will let the Tunisians practice the Shia branch of Islam, that of the Persians and Itsgahi, but not the Sunni branch of the Hafsids. He agrees they should prepare for an eventual crusade.
  • More Islamic Tunisians arrive to Tripolitania, following the Neapolitan decision of making Christianity the official religion of Tunisia. While Greece stays on alert, Hungary returns to updating its military. In the start of the year, Géza declares support for Vietnam on its war with Ireland, although the war is mostly over. The garrisons on Újfundlandi invade the Irish colony on the island. Dél-Afrika expands 500 sq km. The southern settlement on Újfundlandi és a Labrador expands 400 sq km, Öböl expands 750 sq km inland, and Eszák-Afrika expands 1050 sq km south and north. Hungary asks for an alliance with Denmark once again;
  • Denmark accepts the Hungarian offer of alliance. Sweden thanks the Neapolitans for their offer of Libyan lands and accepts the proposal. Sweden offers to split the Mamluk Empire with Sweden gaining the Egyptian holdings and the other nations splitting the Arabian Peninsula. Sweden is stuck by a tragedy as King Charles X dies. His son Charles XI succeeds him at the young age of 15. Denmark's ruler Christian V starts to behave suspiciously. Unknown to Sweden, Denmark offers Russia, Naples and the AGC alliances to take down the Swedish domination of the Baltics. Sweden and Denmark develop their militaries and New Scandinavia is expanded northwards along Hudson Bay by 2300 sq km and New Denmark is expanded by 50 sq km.
    • During his visit to Denmark, Peter I of Russia accepts the pact of secrecy
  • China declares war on, and invades, the Khosut Khanate. Unlike the Mayan/Aztec war, this is a war meant to exterminate. Cities are bombarded heavily with cannons and the remains of the cities are scourged and held.
I wouldn't worry. It's mostly just loosely joined nomads.
  • Persia signs a treaty with Lithuania and Livonia to help Persia conquer Kashmir. With the needed forces, Persia trains an army to invade the rest of Kashmir.
  • Hanthawaddy expands Bi Hloa east by 2000 sq km. Hanthawaddy annexes Ishigaki Island by expanding its colony (Isekacoe), east by 300 sq km. Meanwhile, Hanthawaddy seeks to end the strife in the Ryukyus by propping up the local leaders to create a new Ryukyu kingdom.


  • Naples sends more money to the church, as well as large amounts of money from the conquered Hafsids. The Pope accepts some of this money; however, large amounts are redirected to the Catholic Church of Jerusalem. This results in the Church there being the wealthiest and most powerful group in the state, even stronger than the Venetian merchants that dominate the city. They accuse the Venetian nobleman who was given rule over the city of heresy, and he is tried and jailed by the Catholic Inquisition. As Venice is silent, the Catholics ask King Carlo VI of Naples to appoint the next ruler of the Kingdom of Jerusalem, the southernmost Crusader state. Carlo appoints a trusted friend of his, making Jerusalem a puppet state of Naples and an ideal launching point of the Crusade.
  • The Anglo-German Commonwealth is found to be urbanizing (but not nearly to the extent of industrial revolution) in the latest census. Preparations are made to defend the Indian colony after repeated border incursions from the Mughals. Finally, King-Emperor Joachim II is planning to begin building a new Imperial Palace in OTL Maidenhead, which prompts an influx of people hoping to get work.
    • Does the AGC accept Denmark's secret alliance??
    • Yes, The AGC accepts an alliance.
  • Most of the Irish colony is conquered by the garrisons in Újfundlandi. Meanwhile, Greece restarts to update its military. Hungary sends a message to Russia, seeking to confirm their alliance. Öböl expands 750 sq km. Meanwhile in Újfundlandi, the settlement of Mezei nyúl (OTL Smallwood Reservoir) expands 1050 sq km south, towards the littoral. Eszák-Afrika expands 950 sq km.
  • China bombards more cities heavily. While this act would normally be condemned by humanitarians, the Mongolians are generally seen as evil and must be eliminated. The Fifth Mongolian War is highly popular among Chinese citizens.
  • Upgraded persian armies, combined with the efforts of Russian, Lithuanian, and Livonian armies, successfully defeat Kashmirian armies in eastern Kashmir. After this, the Kashmiris are forced to accept Persian rule.
  • The king James of France offers to the king-emperor of the Commonwealth an alliance. The french army is still improving itself. The king of France asks again for the designation of his son, Jean, as Archbishop of Avignon. The Parliament approves the freedom of the Algerian people to practice any religion they want, but the military service is obligatory for at least ten years, except to the Christians and Schmittists (recognized in this realm, not in France, where the military service is obligatory to them). The Sultan accepts this temporary. The Islamic and Schmittists french start to be concentrated in the colonies and the sultanate of Algeria.
    • Jean is appointed Archbishop of Avignon and head of the French branch of the Catholic Church
    • The Commonwealth accepts the French alliance, although to remove confusion if France goes to war with any of the Commonwealth's other allies (Naples, Papal States, Russia, Hungary, China, Denmark) the Commonwealth will remain neutral or side with their older ally.
  • The Russian Tsar Peter I decides to have a portrait done(the one seen on the Russia page) before he starts his journey, the portrait will later be sent to the Anglogerman Emperor-King as a gift. First he visits Hungary, where he re-affirms his alliance. Then it is for to France, where he is visiting incognito. HE spends most of his time in voyages of simple ships, and pops by Venice to learn great shipbuilding skills, which he then sends to Russia's navy shipbuilders. Peter decides to next year visit Anglogermany and Denmark to discuss their pact against Sweden. Meanwhile in Russia, Cossack expansion into Siberia grinds to a halt in preparation for the upcoming. Overhaul of navy continues along with the training of a professional army. Novorossiya expands its borders along the shores of the Atlantic by 1500 km north and south. The Army general mentioned by Venice by the name of Efgeni Davidov meets Ovchenko, who immediately decides to take him in and work with him on his steam project. Ovchenko continues his studies at the academy of sciences. More and more students come to the Moscow university. West European Professors are brought in. Peter Wants the first Russian University to be amongst the best in Europe. Ivan is left to rule for what seems to be a three year trip. More Strelets unsettlement grows with their power receding. more and more Boyars are getting angry about Peter ditching the Russo-byzantine tradition for more European Russia. Some try to conspire with the strelets against Peter. In Peter's Absence, Ivan signs the Law on the Militia. This law states that in wartime, any able-bodied man (not only the 20-30 year old conscript) is eligible to serve in a temporary army or "militsiya", where you are taught to use a firearm, listen to orders, and sent on the field of battle. This means that if enemy is advancing, then Russian People closest will retaliate and arm themselves with flintlocks and fire away as militsiya units! A new Russian Census is scheduled for 1706 by order of Ivan. In late winter Ivan Catches a serious flu, which has many complications due to already his already things and is bedridden until June 1698.
  • Sweden and Denmark continue military development. Denmark's king plots to overthrow the young 16 year old Charles XI. New Danish sailors discover the abandoned Joeson colony in Oregon and incorporate it as part of New Denmark. Thorlaand expands southwards by 2750 sq km as the Swedish colony of Libya is formed.
  • The Vietnamese formally annex the Marinid Sultanate after a crushing victory in the Vietnamese-Moroccan War.
  • I'm doing this because no one is helping me by creating the algorithm.


  • Naples' king Carlo VI sends many Neapolitan Schmittists to Istoias, resulting in the swiftly growing colony having to expand by 650 sq km farther along the southern coast of Madagascar. Many of the banished Schmittists had actually fled to Naples from the rest of Europe, knowing that Naples would take send them to Istoias where they could worship in peace. Meanwhile, he also orders the colony of Ricasolia to expand by 900 sq km in an attempt to connect the two halves of the colony. In Tunisia, there are some Christian and Schmittist converts by the Tunisians, However, the majority of the Tunisians that convert convert to Shia Islam, as it is closer to their native faith of Sunni Islam. Although there is still discrimination against Shias, it is far less than the amount toward Sunnis, and in fact even less than the amount toward Schmittists due to Naples not wanting bad relations with the Itsaygahi or the Persians. Unfortunately, King Carlo VI does not live to see the end of this year, as he falls off of his horse and breaks his neck. He has no son, so his daughter Queen Lucentia is crowned monarch of Naples, Protector of the Papal States and Jerusalem, and Overlady of Tunisia, Ricasolia, and Istoias.
  • You only have two colonies and two vassals. The 1550 sq km is the maximum of expansion for all the colonies (the expansion of all the colonies, in total, may get up to 1550 sq km), not for each colony.
  • I have three colonies actually, but I forgot that Jerusalem was a puppet state and not a real colony so I will change that when I have time
  • I am trying to say that your total expansion amounted to 62 px (3100 sq km), and this only would be possible if you had 8 colonies/vassals.your minimal number with four colonies/vassals would be 1550 sq km, but it an't 1550 for each colony.1550 is the total to be reached by the expansion of all the colonies, as I said before.
  • I knew that, I had counted Jerusalem and then put a three instead of a two in the calculator, resulting in 1550 being half of the number
  • James of France congratulates his niece the Queen Lucentia and the entire family (King James, Archbishop Jean, Prince Alphonse and princess Leonore) travels to Italy to see her coronation. With relatives of himself ruling in Naples and Burgundy, the king starts to feeling in confidence to ask the promotion of Jean to a cardinal. The french army still been improve. King James asks a new alliance and trade-pact to the Tsar. Also, If the Tsar sends Cossacks to teach in the French military schools, France will send knights and Algerians to teach the Europeans and Arabian tactics to the Russian army.
    • The Pope says he must wait for a while to promote the brother to cardinal, perhaps on year 1700, as it is the turn of the century and a symbolic time? Or maybe right before/after the Crusade, so he can lead the faith in that battle?
    • The king thinks it's fine when the crusade starts.
  • Neos Preveza expands 1100 sq km north and west. Öböl expands 600 sq km southwest along the coast. The settlement of Mezei Nyúl expands 1050 sq km north. Greece continues to update its military. The remnants of the Irish colony on Újfundlandi are conquered. After the death of Carlo VI of Naples, Constantine XII, the King of Greece, offers a non-aggression pact to Queen Lucentia of Naples.
  • Stability points are up. If there are issues or questions please direct them to my talk page under a title of (Your nation) PM. Also please update the numbers of vassals and colonies on the external territories page, it was a pain going though the map searching for tiny specks... Scandinator
  • Peter I continues his voyages. After completing his job in Denmark (nearly completing, I should say) He receives news of a Strelets Uprising in Moscow. Peter Quickly rushes to Quell it but it is already been quelled by the time he got there by his generals. In June Peter's Brother and Co-Tsar Ivan Tragically passes away due to complications of his flu. Peter Declares 10 days of mourning in All Russia and Lithuania. Peter Is hit hard by the Death of his beloved half-brother, and officially lowers the strelets to a sub-category of the Russian Army. Legend has it, that Peter even cut the heads off of some strelets whom rose up against him. Peter IS proclaimed supreme Ruler of All the Russias. Peter Sends the portrait as a gift to the King-Emperor of Anglo-Germany. Peter plans to have an in-cogneto conference with the leaders of Anglogermany and Denmark (perhaps Hungary if they are interested?) on the fact of the matter on reducing Swedish dominance of the Baltic Sea, by war if necessary (Great Northern War Please, then Russian Empire!. Peter's Navy is overhauled completely and Peter creates the four Russian Fleets. The Baltic, Pacific, Black Sea and Northern Fleet (although this one is mainly consisting of Koches, very very useful). IN December, Together with Evgeni, Alexandr Ovchenko has a great Eureka! He inadvertantly invents the Piston! He thinks about how to integrate Piston technology with steam for the next year or so. more to come.
  • As the troops in the Khosut Khanate are recycled with more Chinese troops, the lines are resupplied. Meanwhile, more cities are built in the Mayan/Aztec colonies.
  • Bad weather and dissent throughout Hanthawaddy hurts the growth of the Mon economy and military. Katimon expands west along the south coast at 400 sq km. Bi Hloa expands east 1900 sq km.
  • Persia signs a treaty to the Northern Indian states that establishes diplomatic relationships and economic, trading, and military ties. Persia also changes its name to the Tehran Caliphate.
  • The Vietnamese found an colony on the site of OTL Augusta, Maine, which the founders name New Vietnam.
  • Sweden and Denmark continue military expansion. The Joseon colony is annexed into New Denmark and New Scandinavia expands 2750 sq km northwards along Hudson Bay towards Thorlaand.


Noble Inssurection

Light Yellow - In Rebellion.Dark Yellow - Loyal

  • Naples: Queen Lucentia orders Ricasolia to be expanded 1000 sq km, and Istoias expanded 550 sq km. However, all of the money that has been used to do these expansions came from the nobility, and the ultra-conservatives are against a woman ruling over them. Duke Biondello di Sicilia, the nephew of Mario di Sicilia, the queen's grandfather's brother-in-law (he is nephew by blood, not marriage) is seen by many as the real power behind the monarchy, and his political enemies unite with the conservatives and the money-strapped nobles. Many nobles revolt, led by brothers Roberto and Marco Fuzzoli. However, others stay loyal to the crown, resulting in a civil war called the Insurrezione Nobile,
  • You can send aid to either side in this war if you want, but know that I will control the outcome of the conflict, as it is a civil war.
  • The Vietnamese expand New Vietnam by 28*50 sq km. The Vietnamese declare support for Queen Lucentia in what is swiftly turning into the Neapolitan Civil War. They do this because they feel that Lucentia is the true heir to Carlo VI, given that she is his own flesh and blood and not a power-hungry nephew. They also give their support because one of the greatest rulers of Vietnam was the Empress Hồ Kim Anh, who had also faced a sexist insurrection against her authority. The Vietnamese Emperor Tôn Thành declares that they will supply whatever Lucentia needs to stay in power.
  • The Anglo-German Coommonwealth sends more settlers to Wolkenland. The national cricket championship is held, with newly acquired Hamburg being the champion. More coconuts are brought back from Neue Brandenburg, as their juice becomes a delecacy. Construction of the Maidenhead Palace continues. The Army is increased in size.
  • Alexandr Ovchenko invents the first piston steam engine in late June. Or at least design it, what is left to do is construct it to prove that it works and show it to the Tsar. More Urban Booming occurs in Moscow. During his trip up north into the Baltics, Peter orders to stop and contemplates the view of the place where the Neva river meets up with the baltic. He thinks about building a city there, a new Capital for Russia. With a final gush of wind blowing in hi face, he decides on one thing, and orders that a great city built in that spot, a great pot city, a great new capital. A capital by the name of St. Petersburg. Russian Military expands as it is trained more efficiently. Strelets corps continue to not be as powerful. Peter I Seeks a chance to prove his new and modern navy. Meanwhile, to Accommodate New Mon settlers, the colony of Canada And Novorosiya expand each by 1500 km. Peter Decides to stop using the old byzantine Calendar and start using the Julian Calendar, thus making the Russian 1699 the shortest year in Russian History, spanning only from september to January, when it is planned to have new Year celebrations for the year of 1700, the turn of the new Century.
  • The French royal army is expanded with the new corps of local police in the coloneis and an autonomous branch in Algeria. To protect the Pope, the King of France invites him to come to Avignon, while the Prince Alphonse travels to Naples to fight the rebel menace. He attempts, above all, to secure and retake the islasnds of Corsica and Sardinia and the Papal States. Also, French troops of the police colonial corps are sended to the neapolitan colonies to avoid any attempt to join the rebellion from local leaders. Meanwhile, the Sultan Suleiman send troops also to support the neapolitans in Sicilia and the southern peninsula.
  • The Indian States agrees with the plan from Persia and form with Persia into a new country- Persia-India.
  • It is totally unrealisitc for all remaining Indian states to all join a foreign nation at once. If you want to slowly absorb them through means other than conquest, you can have maybe one join every several years until after a couple decades you get them all (The Mughals should take longer than the rest, as they are more powerful). But no claiming an entire subcontinent in a single year
  • Persia establishes trade and economic relations with the Indian States.
  • You cannot take multiple nations in one turn! Take one every five years or so. Also, what Arab states are you talking about?.
  • Much better. After several years, you may be able to turn them into vassals. Like I said, maybe five years for each one, that could be enough time (although taking breaks would always be good).
  • Hanthawaddy faces rebellion and crop failure during the year. Many Mons choose to migrate to the Russian possessions in North America and Katimon, where the lifestyle remains intact. More Mons settle in Bodhivati, because of a new interest in the lifestyles of the islanders, which although simple and apparently primitive, appeal to the desire of Mons for greater happiness. A Basque settlement is created on Bodhivati, created by those fleeing Turmoil in Spain. Thus, Bodhivati expands north 700 sq km. Bi Hloa expands east 1200 sq km, despite less demand for slaves than usual.
  • Stockholm is surprise attacked by the Danish forces. Danish shipbuilders attach cannons onto the Danish submarines which will eventually sink the sub but not after doing tremedous damage. The harbourside palace is destroyed and Charles XI escapes but is injured in the attack. Many ships are destroyed in the harbour and hundreds are dead in the resulting chaos and fires. Meanwhile, Danish troops besiege Malmö. Sweden sends pleas for help to their allies. Denmark requests Russian, AGC and Hungarian help. Meanwhile, New Scandinavia had still been expanding and finishes the year with 2750 sq km expansion.
    • Russia will support Denmark, even If I think that I shoud invade I am asking you if we should maybe start The Great Northern War (not Wars)? I am asking you if you are OK with a Full scale invasion of Sweden. If you are it shall start next year.
    • Go ahead and invade.
  • Neos Preveza expands 650 sq km north. Újfundlandi és a Labrador expands 1200 sq km, 800 sq km inland on the central part, near OTL Ungava Bay, 400 sq km on its southern settlement, and Dél-Afrika expands 700 sq km north and west. Meanwhile, because of its alliance with both countries, Hungary stays neutral on the Danish-Swedish War. However, unofficially, gives more support to Denmark. Hungary also gives support for the loyalists in Naples. Greece stays neutral and continues to update its military.
  • China offers help to the Hanthawaddian disaster. In December, the Century Celebration occurs in Beijing. Thousands of people flock from Eastern Asia to attend this event. Inventions are shown off, culture is shared, and the largest firework display of the time occurs at the end.


Principia Moderni Map 1700
Principia Moderni Map 1700 Key

From this year onwards the stability points will come into effect. Bonus algorithm points are also in effect. You can view them and the rules for them on the Talk Page. I will update the table every Wednesday at 4:00 pm (AEST) and Sunday at 3:00 pm (AEST). AEST stands for Australian Eastern Standard Time.

A mega-quake strikes in the Cascade Mountain range devastating the colony of New Denmark. Tsunamis destroy most of the colony and hit Hawaii, Japan, Kamchatka and the Swedish colony of Asgard. Expansion in these areas is halted for three years as reconstruction occurs and expansion for New Denmark is halted for 15 years.

  • Persia declares war on Armenia. The Persian Army, as well as its Northern Indian and Arab allies attack the Armenian border.
    • You may not realise that Armenia is a puppet of mine, war on them, war on me (notice I have 40 bonus algorithm points, as you only have 15). Sincerely, Russia. (Sorry, Denmark, I have to deal with Persia first. I'll send you lots and lots of units and aid.)
    • You may be able to get what you want in Armenia via Diplomacy with Russia you know. -Lx(aka Russia)
    • Fine I am sorry, I will reverse my move.
  • Persia declares war on Shahrzur. Persian armies, with their Russian allies, invade the Shahrzur border. Diplomats from both countries come to Naples to see if Persia and Russia can gain some help from them.
  • Queen Lucentia of Naples states that she finds the Persians to be much superior to the Arabic Shahrzur. However, she is currently putting down of rebellion within her own nation. They are winning though, so it should not be long until they are reuinited, and are able to help Persia. Naples proposes that the two nations begin trading, as it will help both of them.
  • Sorry to keep correcting you, but currently Shahrzur lies between Persia and Kurdistan. They are the same strength, so conquering Shahrzur should be just as easy. If the war lasts for a while, you may get Naples' help defeating Shahrzur as well.
  • I am sorry, I will recorrect my move.
  • What bonus points?
  • Stability Bonus points
  • The Vietnamese expand New Vietnam by 28*50 sq km. The Vietnamese declare support for the Swedes, and will give them all the support they can give and still maintain official neutrality.
  • The Civil War in Naples continues to occur. However, with the help of their allies, Queen Lucentia and Duke Biondello manage to fight the Fuzzoli brothers, restricting their mainland territory to the Eastern Papal States and Salento. The Neapolitan national forces begin to march into Salento, and Count Roberto flees to his brother Marco in the eastern Papal states. Duke Mercutio of Sardinia is still at large. They send word to Persia, telling them that they will bring the Crusade to that nation if they continue to fight the Christian nation of Armenia.
  • Hanthawaddy's economy levels after two years of weather and riots. However, many farmers continue to face hardship and famine. The rice crop is more successful than the previous year, but other farmers attempt to grow wheat in the region. Bi Hloa expands east along the coast at 1500 sq km. Toeh Ngoa Nyoing expands east along the coast from OTL Murmansk at 700 sq km.
  • James I of France dies, and Alphonse I is crowned king of France and colonies. The son of princess Leonore (she gave birth to him two months after the die of his fiancé in the Second Algerian War), Jean, is recognised by the new king as a member of the Bertrand family and heir to the throne. Meanwhile, Malouinas colony is expanded 2000 sq km. France continues sending aid to the loyalist party in Naples, and offers its protection to the Papal States until the end of the war. The duke Samuel of Brittany and the sultan of Algeria continue invading, respectively, the Papal States and southern Sicilia to secure the Neapolitan territory. In Paris is created the Royal Council, formed by the King of France (currently Alphonse), the sultan of Algeria (currently Suleiman), the Archbishop of Avignon (currently Jean Bertrand), the duke of Brittany (currently Samuel Boissieu) and the president of the Parliament (currently Guillaume Dubois); this council administrates and coordiantes the policies of the Kingdom of France, its colonies and the vassals (currently, the Sultanate of Algeria).
    • Sweden asks for help against Denmark.
    • French troops are sended to support Sweden. They invade the country by the sea and send troops to the colonies to insure the colonial loyalty to the Swedish crown.
  • Hungary and Greece update their militaries. Meanwhile, ports on the littoranean region start to be built or reformed. The ones in Durazzo and Vlora (OTL Durrës and Vlorë, Albania) are completely rebuilt. Neos Preveza expands 800 sq km, Újfundlandi expands 650 sq km, Öböl expands 600 sq km and Ezsák-Afrika expands 700 sq km south.
  • Russian Student Alexandr Ovchenko Invents the first piston steam engine and presents it to the Tsar. Peter takes immediate interest in the topic and more urban booming occurs. Peter orders People to think of ways that this new invention can be employed to better Russia. Subsequently, St Petersburg continues. Peter sees a great opportunity to prove his new army and navy. Peter Declares War on Sweden, jouning Denmark's side of the Conflict. Russia hopes that The Anglogermans and the french will do the same (OK, if scandinator wants to do an algorithm it's his choice, and if he wants to dictate the outcome of this conflict he is free to do so without an algorithm, it is his Dano-Swedish war after All, or should I say the Great Northern War!). More to come.
  • The Chinese emperor works on the urbanization of China. This massive project will result in the expansion of Beijing, Shanghai, and several urban areas. It will affect not only mainland China, but also the colonies in Central America. During this period of economic expansion, the GDP rises sharply and a wave of nationalism and pride sweeps the nation, as opposed to the incident that ended the Ming Dynasty.
  • Burgundy expand in the north of Cote d?Ivoir 1500 km.
  • Sweden counter-attacks heavily against Denmark with Norwegian and Swedish army groups. The Norwegian branch of the navy destroys the Danish one in the naval battle of Malmö. The Danish troops there lose their supply link and surrender. The Swedish navy attacks Copenhagen harbour but encounter no resistance. The ships sail straight in and discover the Danish king died at the end of the previous year after starting the war. With the chaos of war an heir couldn't be easily found and without a king the resistance to Swedish attack was not able to be organised. The Swedish take advantage of this and launch a full scale invasion of Jutland at the end of the year. Documents relating to the location of New Denmark are found and ships leave to conquer or destroy it. Asgard is rebuilt and Thorlaand expands 3050 sq km south. Sweden asks for Napolitian, AGC and Chinese support against Russia stating that they are the aggressor in this conflict and have broken the Treaty of Tallin!
    • China announces support for Russia, its ally, though some question the moral motives behind Russia's attack. CrimsonAssassin 22:40, October 28, 2011 (UTC)
    • So I don't get it, Are you going to make an algorithm or dictate the war? Either way I only invaded because you said you were fine with it and basically allowed me to do it. Anyway, I want to know if you want to set a result yourself without making an algorithm or make the algorithm. Now that Russia is involved the result will mabe change?LxCaucassus
    • Yes, I'll make an algorithm but the outcome is decided for Denmark. Also Sweden remainds China it was they who helped China against Hanthawaddy in their time of crisis.Scandinator
    • Well, I am only aiding Denmark.LxCaucassus
    • Denmark was to be annexed by Sweden at the end of a Swedo-Danish War which was meant to take place in 1690 but then Russia attacked Sweden as Sweden take to control Northern Europe. Denmark is to be annexed and no longer play a part in this waras they were unable to place a new heir on the throne, but as the Treaty of Tallin was been broken Sweden will inevitabily fight Russia again on the battlefield, (also a possible reason for this is Sweden is the closest resource area to St Petersburg).Scandinator
  • Naples cannot help Sweden, as they are having a civil war.
  • Russia Continued: the Russians send land support to Denmark, and Peter Himself with his generals take command of the scattered danish forces. The Russian Navy is tested for the first time and its outcomes are higher than expected, winning the first naval battle of the Russian Tsarist (soon-to-be imperial) navy, the battle of the finnish Gulf.


  • In Naples, the civil war has come to a close. With the help of their allies, the Neapolitan royalist forces easily occupy the island of Sardinia. Duke Mercutio attempts to flee on a ship to Spain, but his vessel crashes and the rogue duke is killed. Meanwhile, the Fuzzoli brothers have almost been defeated, and are driven to a small corner of the Papal States near Venice. However, right before the Neapolitan forces attack, Marco Fuzzoli does something totally unexpected: he offers to sell his
    Noble Inssurection Finish

    Yellow all goes back to Naples, while the grey part on the east becomes the independent state of Fuzzolia

    brother, Roberto, to the Neapolitans in exchange for his portion of Italy becoming free. Duke Biondello laughs at this offer, asking why Naples would trade away territory for a single man. Marco then reveals the bombshell: Roberto Fuzzoli had let the Hafsid assassin that murdered King Angelo into the nation, hoping that the Mamluks would aid the Hafsids, resulting in the Neapolitan government falling and letting him take Naples as its new king. However, when the Mamluks stayed still and the Hafsids fell, Roberto had to rely on a clusmy rebellion as an attempt to gain power. Marco then tells Duke Biondello that if they don't let him take that small part of the Papal States, he will let his brother escape into Venice, where he will never be brought to justice. Knowing that they must catch this horrible traitor to bring justice for the martyred Angelo, Queen Lucentia agrees to this request, creating the small independent nation of Fuzzolia but capturing Roberto Fuzzoli, who is excecuted for his horrendous crimes. The name of Fuzzoli has become a curse in Naples, and other members of the Fuzzoli family chane their last name to disassociate themselves with their most hated kinsman.
    • Can Naples help? Russia broke the treaty of Tallin.
    • How exactly did Russia break the Treaty?
    • Sweden had complied to all the reaty stipulations. Sweden was dealing with an unprovoked Danish attack until Russia launched and invasion of Finland.
  • Greece and Hungary update their militaries. The reforms on the ports of Vlora and Durazzo are completed. Öböl expands 350 sq km. Uruguay expands 800 sq km northwest, Újfundlandi expands 750 sq km, Neos Preveza expands 450 sq km and Dél-Afrika expands 400 sq km.
  • Sweden defeats the remaining Danish troops in the Battle of Aarus. Meanwhile, Finnish and Estonian naval groups blockade the Gulf of Finland and cut supplies to the Russian troops in Denmark. Many surrender to the Swedish army but small groups fight on. By the end of the year all Russians in Denmark are either captured or dead. Meanwhile, the Finnish border holds but there are rumors of a possible Swedish invasion. New Denmark is found in a state of chaos due to the recent tsunami and the colony begs for Swedish help, it becomes the 7th colony of Sweden. The Swedish King Charles XI at the youang age of 19, reconfigures all of Sweden's tactics and prepares to hold the long Finnish border. However, Estonia decides to attack and manages to bombard the construction sites of St Petersburg. This triggers Charles XI to configure his plans and launch a full scale attack on the Gulf of Finland islands. A wise strategist, Charles remarks how strong the Hanthawaddians are and offers peace to the Kola colony and the continuation of the treaty should Sweden win. New Scandinavia is expanded by 3050 sq km with war refugees - most notably the Danish royal family who are exiled to the colony for eternity.
  • The Vietnamese expand their New Vietnam colony by 28*50 sq km. The Vietnamese look upon the Russian betrayal of Sweden with disgust, as they had willingly broken a treaty they had signed themselves. Most Vietnamese experts determine that the best that Russia can get is the restoration of the status quo, and the best Sweden can get is a tiny fragment of Russian territory.
  • The Persian government signs trade and economic pacts with Russia and China. Russia and China promise to help modernize the technology of Persia and help improve its armies. Meanwhile, Persia manages to eliminate Shahrzur armies at the capital.
  • You can't say what China and Russia do and do not agree to.
  • The swedish supporting troops, named the name of the Legion of the King Henri, under the command of the duke of Brittany are sent to support the attack to St. Petersburg. Alphonse I asks Naples to don't join the Russian side, but support the swedish side. The sultan of Algeria declares support to Sweden and asks help to Persia-India (if the Persians declare war to Russia, we will win, and you'll can annex Armenia as you wished for).
  • Don't false promise him that. I doubt you would win by enough to conquer enough territory to take all of Armenia.
  • You're right. Anyway, it's a possiblity. I apologize with RWG.
  • I will not participate with Russia in its war against Sweden nor participate in it. All I want is to conquer land my allies (Russia and China) did not conquer. And that is that. (I don't want to go through any more confusion or criticism)
  • I don't know Russian/Persian politics, but I do know that China does not have an alliance with Persia. BTW: China is helping Russia because of a deal (strong economic and military alliance), if anyone is questioning their motives.
  • An insurrection in Hanthawaddy is tied to a group of Bengal Muslims, who wish to fight the oppression of the upper-class of Mons. While the insurrection is quickly crushed, some of the royal family begin to speculate that the Hanthawaddy-Bengal union will not last much longer. Bi Hloa expands east along the coast at 1600 sq km, and Katimon expands north at 700 sq km.
  • Burgundy expand in the north of Cote d'Ivoire 1500 km. The burgundians observed the European situation and now were absence of the politics of Europe.
  • Naples announces that they will not be joining the Great Northern War on either side.
  • The urbanization of China continues. The economy rises steadily as cities continue to flow outward, into the country-side. During this year, Chinese artists that had come from rural areas make their presence known to nobles by creating beautiful works of art. An elusive artist known only as Huàjiāis one such artist. He creates elaborate paintings in the homes of nobles before being hired by the Emperor to paint a tapestry in the Forbidden City. Unfortunately, Huàjiāis killed on his way to the Forbidden City by a jealous artist. However, his less than one year of fame makes an incredible impact on Chinese art. Historians generally agree that this is the beginning of the Great Eastern Enlightenment, a period in which several artists and philosophers are greatly recognized for their work.
  • The Anglo-German Commonwealth declares their support for the Russians and Danes, honoring their alliance. They place their armies at the disposal of the Russians. In preparation for war, they build up their military once again. The young King-Emperor Frederick II becomes the first Commonwealth ruler in years to be able to lead from the front. He commisions a new road-building program to allow for troops movement.


A famine hits India and weakens the states and colonies there. No expansion can occur on those colonies for the duration of the famine - three years and algorithm scores are decreased by 10% due to malnutrition and low morale. In North America a smallpox epidemic hits, halting expansion for Itsaygahi and all areas in Quebec and Ontario. Newfoundland is unaffected.

Apologies to everyone. I tried to calculate trade routes via a current world map at around midnight on Thursday night and ended up horribly confusing everything. I redid it with a Principia Moderni map which I printed and it turns out I missed heaps of trade routes... Every nation except Itsaygahi got at least one more and most had at least three I missed. I promise I was not biased in any way and if there are questions, feel free to ask on either the PM talk page or my talk page, also I added the fact that several nations have set up shop on the African side of the Med.Scandinator

  • Persia signs economic and trading agreements with China, hoping to establish an alliance. Meanwhile, with the capital of Shahzrur captured, all the Persian army needs to do is upgrade its troops to take down the rest of the country.
    • Russia agrees to economic arangements after Russia is done wiht the war with Sweden. Russian Tsar Peter asks for help against Sweden in the war. Russia reminds them that Russia helped Persia destroy Kashmir and Shahzur.
  • Újfundlandi expands 600 sq km south. Hungary starts to update their navy, while Greece continues to update its military. Meanwhile, A part of Greek troops is moved to Pontus, fearing that Persian expansion will reach Greek Anatolia. Constantine XII, King of Greece, offers a non-aggression pact to Naples again, with his previous offer having no reply. Meanwhile, an offer of economic alliance is sent to Jerusalem. The Greek ports of Sinope and Trebizond, on the Black Sea, start to be reformed. Uruguay expands 1000 sq km inland south, Dél-Afrika expands 800 sq km north and Ezsák-Afrika expands 350 sq km north.
    • Note: Újfundlandi is affected by smallpox. You can only expand on Newfoundland.
    • I'm already referring to expansion on the island. I usually use "southern settlement" or "central part" to refer to expansion in former Labrador, combined with Újfundlandi és a Labrador.
    • Russia asks for Hungarian aid in the northern war.
  • China opens some trade routes with Persia, though they are somewhat limited, given that they are a rebellion from a former Chinese ally. In the meantime, the Great Eastern Enlightenment continues to open the hearts and minds of the creative citizens amongst the Chinese. Another wave of exploration is planned for the purpose of updating the somewhat outdated, though commonly used, Chinese World Maps.
  • Russia asks all its allies to join in war with Sweden. Russian Armies, blinded by a blizzard suffer a devastating loss at Vybrog aking to OTL's Narva. The Lithuanian Armies are turned to for Sweden's conquest, allowing Peter to recuperate his forces. Lithuania begins fighting. Peter Uses his new galley fleet to blockade Lithuanian Coast. Russia asks Hungarian Assistance in the War.
  • Riots intensify in Hanthawaddy due to the famine. Chandrajit responds as usual with force, but also begins to see benefits to diplomacy with the rioters. Chandrajit sends emissaries to help set up a Mon-allied Ryukyu kingdom, to help solidify Hanthawaddy's power in East Asia. Hanthawaddy upgrades its economy and road system to improve communication and figuratively remove the divide between Burman cultures and Bengal cultures. Bi Hloa expands south at 2000 sq km. The Mon colonialists view OTL Yos Sudarso Island as unnecessary strategically or economically because it is just one huge marsh, so instead the colonists annex land on both sides of the Salat Muli, which separates the island from the mainland. In order to adapt to local settlement patterns in the mangrove swamps, extensive work is done to create a new style of ship that can navigate the marshes easily. Also, new styles of architecture are mastered, with wood bridges between different buildings in a village.
  • France expands Malouinas colony 2000 sq km. The Haitian local council of government offers trade to China, Hanthwaddy and Itsyaghi. The Sultan of Algeria offers, again, an alliance to Persia and a trade route. France is trying to reactivate the old pacts and trade with Vietnam.
  • Mon merchants accept trade with Haiti and are interested in the resources and strategic value of the Malouinas.
  • The Vietnamese expand their New Vietnam colony by 28*50 sq km. The Vietnamese offer to negotiate the return of the traditional trade aggreements between Vietnam and France.
    • France accept this and the algerian government also asks the same pacts.
  • Naples continues rebuilding after their civil war.
  • Swedish troops capitalize on the Russian loss at Vybrog and invade Lithuania. Charles develops new tactics for the Swedes that result in major victories against the Livonian, Danish and Lithuanian armies. Thorlaand expands southward by 3050 sq km.


This year is a year of devastation. The famine worsens in India causing the southern states to enter civil disorder. Smallpox cases in North America however slowly ease but expansion is still halted. Twin earthquakes hit the Papal States in L'Aqualia causing 15,000 deaths in the region. Kanto, Japan is devastated by and earthquake and tsunami with 5,000 deaths and to wrap it all up; Netherlands is hit by a storm surge with 5,000 deaths.

  • Naples has totally recovered from their civil war by now, as the actual damage to Neapolitan infrastructure was thankfully slim. Queen Lucentia wishes for her kingdom to be the perfect Catholic nation, so all of the Jews are sent to Jerusalem and the Schmittists are sent to Istoias, which is expanded by 1550 sq km. Meanwhile, Duke Biondello wishes to reduce the number of Sunni states that could help the Mamluk Empire to a minimum, so he orders Neapolitan forces to sail to Persia to aid them in conquering Shahrzur.
  • The Vietnamese expand their New Vietnam colony by 28*50 sq km. The Vietnamese government responds that, as Algeria is a French vassal state, they are automatically included in any deals with the French. The Vietnamese, with their forces returned from the Second Northern War, declar war on Shahzur as part of their efforts to leave the tensions with Persia behind them.
  • Peter is able to rebuild his army and launches an attack on Sweden, while they are occupied primarily with the Lithuaninas, the Strelets Corps sitting around in moscow are once again put into active duty and are permitted to keep their beards and clothes. Peter creates various ranks for his Army (not strelets). Peter intensifies the building of St Petersburg so Russia can have a fortress on the mouth of the Neva river More of a city is being built near the Petropavlov fortress. More people die building it as it is on a swamp. He uses Swedish POWs to buld it too. Peter plans to move the capital there soon and make Petersburg the Versailles of Russia. Peter is able to make segnificant advances into places, but not many. The Lithuanian army, however suffers as Riga is lost, but Russia makes gains in Finland. Peter Thinks of reinforcing the Lithuanians. The Danish armies under Peter's control are nearly defeated in the long siege of Copenhagen, but with Anglogerman aid, are able to keep the Swedish away, but at a high price of nearly 60% of them dying. It is predicted that the Danish will not survive another siege. Peter divides Russia into ten governates, and gets rid of the old Duchy system, with the uesd being the subdivision of the guberia (governate) and Peter abolishes the Boyars, putting in place the dvorianis as the Russian nobles. Meanwhile, the people not fighting in the war move to cities. The uses of the steam engine. A steelsmith in Russia named Dubrovski decides to utilize the steam engine to easier smelt his things, many more follow in the same path.
  • The Anglo-German Commonwealth finds itself engaged in yet another war with Sweden, as its troops are battling alongside Russia's in northern Denmark. A naval blockade of southern Sweden is enacted, while it is decided that for the duration of the war, military governors will control the northern provinces in place of feudal leaders.
  • France builds up its military. Algeria sends aid to Persia. In Paris, is build a well to provide water to the entire city. The life conditions in France and Algeria are improved. The slavery is practically ended, the obligatory military service just is applied to the Sunni Muslims, and last five years, the Schittimists are majority in Malouinas and New France.
  • Sweden crushs the Russian military in an ambush in Finland. The Danish army is destroyed in a bombardment of Copenhagen and the city falls. Estonian troops occupy Riga and the main Swedish army rushes down through Lithuania. The Swedish craftsmen who rebuilt the AGC navy were able to sabotage many ships to sink easily under canon fire and the new AGC navy is sunk. Lithuania's navy surrenders as they find themselves cut off from any friendly ports. Charles orders the Scottish nobles to help the Netherlands in their flood crisis. Charles reconfigures his tactics yet again to confuse the Russian generals. Sweden asks for Burgundy, Naples, the Vietmanese vassal states and Persia to help in the Great Northern War
  • I think maybe we should make a rule that if a country is losing or barely winning a war, they shouldn't be able to just make up enourmous military victories. Sweden is 'losing' the war, albeit by only one, and yet in one year they destroyed the fleets of both the Commonwealth and Lithuania as well as conquering Riga.
  • I should be winning but I'm not allowed to edit the algorithm due to Lx's interference and Lordganon's ruling...Scandinator
  • Greece and Hungary continues to update their militaries. Meanwhile, under economic interests, Hungary officially revokes their laws that expelled Jews from the country, in 1349 and 1360. Slowly, the Jews start to resettle in régiók more south of Lodomeria, in which the edicts of expulsion were not enforced, allowing Polish jews to settle in the area after the conquest of the Polish part of Poland-Lithuania. Újfundlandi expands 2750 sq km inland on its main island. Hungary and Greece support Russia on its war against Sweden, as it is seen as a continuation of the Danish war.
  • China's infrastructure continues to improve, along with the GDP. The Great Asian Enlightenment has inspired voyagers to paint their ships with elaborate designs. One such ship is discovered to have a leak and is, instead, used as decoration in a restaurant that the Emperor frequently visits.
  • Itsaygahi comes out of the years of stagnation under their old senile king, and new Queen Akrim sets out a plan for recovery. Many cities are abolished, their dense population seen as to blame, and many new towns are established.
  • The Great Northern War puts Persia between a rock and a hard place. Both the Russians and Swedes helped Persia's ambitions. Because of this, Persia would not attack either nation. They demand both nations come to an emergency meeting in Tehran to discuss the issue. Meanwhile, from their port at Bombay, the Persians built massive military and trading navies inspired from designs from Russia.
  • When I said the third sentence, I am dead serious. Both Sweden and Russia come here to renegotiate. Russia helped me conquer Kashmir and Shahzrur, and Sweden helped me conquer Kashmir and prevented Vietnam from attacking me. You have driven me crazy because you are my allies and I can not fight either of you. Please, reconsider your actions and take part of this meeting. (I can not put this in the talk page since someone banned me from there).
  • When in doubt, wait it out.
  • No one banned you from the talk page. They simply said that you were to use the talk page for out-of-game stuff, like calculating wars and changing rules, not for in-game stuff like asking for trade routes. You can ask them to come to negotiate, but you can't demand them to. The war is being planned to last until about 1710 anyway, because I think that was how long the real northern war lasted.
  • When did you take over Bombay?
  • You know what, I'm going to get rid of that Bombay stuff. It has caused so much confusion so far.


The smallpox epidemic ends but the famine continues in India. Refugees surge into the European colonies, Persia and Hanthawaddy in search of food and a stable place to live.

  • Russian Troops, regaining conciousness from past defeats, reinforce Lithuanians, and in a Rush retake Riga in a month-long siege. The Russian forces, along wiht Cossacks and Strelets, using new orders, and learning from past mistakes drive into Estland, wining a large string of Battles, the Russian Forces successfuly push all Swedish troops out of Russia, St Petersburg is half complete. Magnus Stenbock is captured as a POW and is sent to a Russian POW camp in Siberia. The Russian Navy bombards Stockholm, and copenhagen is once again put under siege. It is unknown how long the city will last.
  • Naples is joyous, for Duke Biondello di Sicilia has married Queen Lucentia Entori and is now King Biondello Sicilia-Entori, although Lucentia is still technically the head of the nation. King Biondello orders that the military be strengthened, in preparation for the coming crusade against the Mamluks. He sends word to France, Burgundy, Hungary, Sweden, and the other nations involved in the Crusade, stating that as soon as the northern war is completed, they should attack the Mamluks. Meanwhile, Queen Lucentia continues her policy of sending the Jews to Jerusalem and the Schmittists to Istoias. However, Jerusalem cannot expand as the Mamluks are in the way (another reason for the Crusade) and Istoias does not expand due to a conflict with a native tribe of Madagascar. Ricasolia is expanded 800 sq km to try to connect the two halves, however.
  • The Vietnamese expand their New Vietnam colony by 28*50 sq km. The Vietnamese cease all trade with Russia and their vassals for the duration of the Second Northern War. The Vietnamese reasoning is that Russia caused the war by interfering in Sweden's private matters, and the Vietnamese do not want to associate themselves with these warmongers.
  • France and Algeria are seriously considerating abandon the war or change their side. Alphonse asks Vietnam, again, to sell Rochefort to France (you can choose a price to pay, and I'll see if I pay it). Malouians is expanded 2000 sq km. The archbishop Jean asks to be named cardinal. Alphonse visits China to talk with the emperor and initiate diplomatic relations with his country.
    • Jean is named Cardinal by the Pope.
    • Are you taking about the Great Northern War???
    • Yes, I am.
  • The Anglo-German Commonwealth's remaining ships return to England, and the navy is mostly rebuilt as English shipyards have been hardly touched. The Commonwealth sends supplies to its colony in India, as well as increasing its military presence for a possible invasion of the Netherlands (with Russian support). Finally, the road building program continues.
  • Sweden smashes apart the Russian and Lithuanian armies in Estonia and lays siege to St Petersburg yet again. Meanwhile forces in Lithuania ravage the garrisons there and seize the majority of Lithuania. Charles XI reconfigures the Swedish military tactics and blasts the AGC and Russians out of Denmark. As AGC is still a Swedish ally Sweden promises their king not to invade Germany proper if they do not continue assalts on Denmark. Thorlaand expands 3050 sq km southwards to New Scandinavia. Swedish diplomats in Tehran wait for the Russians who never arrive, showing the Russian reluctance to accept the peace process.
  • Under pressure from a Swedish diplomat in Hungary, Géza officially declares neutrality on the Northern War. However, Greece stays on Russia's side. However, no armies are sent, since they will have use in the future. Both countries (Hungary and Greece) update their navies. The reforms at the ports of Sinope and Trebizond are finished. Hungary sends resources to India, and újfundlandi és a Labrador expands 2750 sq km inland on is main island. Meanwhile, the administrative structure of Újfundlandi és a Labrador is reorganized, with the colony being divided into 31 comitati (inspired on the Hungarian comitati, not related in any way with those).
  • China donates weapons and troops to the Russian front. The explorations of the world begin. Expected to end sometime next year, the exploration will update the world map. Meanwhile, the rebuilding of the Mayan/Aztec colonies enter the final stage.
  • Persian troops finally destroy the last Shahzrur armies, forcing the region to come to Persian control. Meanwhile, its newly-bult modern trading navy declares trade with Hanthawaddy.
    • Naples is happy to have helped defeat the Sunni Shahrzur, and tells Persia that they will be glad to trade with the Persians as well


Principia Moderni Map 1705
Principia Moderni Map 1705 Key
{C}The famine in India finally disappears. However, thousands of displaced peoples swamp the European colonies, Persia and Hanthawaddy. The Indian states will remain 10% weaker on algorithms due to widespread malnutrition for the next ten years.
  • Persia establishes trade relations with Naples. This causes more ships to be built. Meanwhile, the Persians squash troops in several battles in Shahzrur.
  • Naples uses the money from the extra trade to increase their military, in preparation for the upcoming Crusade against the Mamluks. They send word to France, that as the leader of the Crusade, they should pull out of the conflict between the northern nations and focus on eliminating the greatest threat to Christianity. Meanwhile, Ricasolia is expanded by another 800 sq km, as many of the natives are converted to Catholicism. Schmittism and Islam both have slight pulls there, but Catholicism soon overwhelms the native religions.
  • Alphonse I of France builds up the military technology of the kingdom. Both, Algeria and France, abandoned the Northern War and asks the countries for peace. Haiti and Algeria obtain representation in the Parliament, and New France and Malouinas are able to appoint their governors by referendum.
    • King Biondello sends a message to France, asking what year to begin the Crusade. He suggests perhaps five years, in 1710.
    • King Alphonse is agree. He asks the northern countries to fin a peaceful solution to the problem before that year.
    • The Pope calls on all Christians in the war to turn away from the violence against fellow Christians, for it is against God to fight others who believe in Jesus. He calls on them to heed Persia's call for peace.
    • Question: Are you still sending Sweden aid, supplies. etc? Please do as the war is nearly over and Sweden is winning. You do not have to always send troops.
  • The Anglo-German Commonwealth offers an alliance with Persia. They open up the possibility of the European and Asian nations with Indian territory attempting a joint invasion of the Mughals to divide it between themselves (when the current troubles end.) Public opinion in the Commonwealth is still anti-Mughal, and the King-Emperor does not believe Persia could completely conquer it on their own (due to a low stability score). Meanwhile, the road building program is concluded. Finally, once again the once all-powerful Commonwealth Navy is smashed by the Swedes, meaning that it is now necessary to rebuild once again.
  • Hanthawaddy upgrades its economy, while at the same time battling Indian refugees. Many are Hindu or Muslim, forcing Emperor Chandrajit to be lax on the non-Buddhist taxation. Hanthawaddy creates a settlement at around 61.167 N,172.509 E, on Natali Bay at 100 sq km, to be governed from Ishigaki. Chandrajit hopes it will become a major stop-off on the Northeast Passage during the summer. Bi Hloa expands south along the south coast at 3000 sq km. Hanthawaddy supports an invasion of the Mughal Empire to destroy Muslim influence in the region. Hanthawaddy plans to annex much of the area historically sacred to Buddhism.
    • China declares 100% support for an invasion of the Mughal empire and 'may join in on the fun'.
  • The Vietnamese expand their New Vietnam colony by 76*50 sq km. The Vietnamese once again announce that they are cutting off all Vietnamese trade to Russia until the Second Northern War is over. The Vietnamese send hundreds of thousands of Yen in aid to Nippon in face of the recent tsunami. The Nipponese take the opportunity to replace the destroyed traditional paper housing with much more durable structures based of designs from Vietnam and even Europe. Most of the European-styled houses are where the descendants of the mostly French, Hungarian and Russian merchants who decided to settle down in Nippon.
  • Sweden launches a mass invasion of Russia from Finland and take territory up to 210 km (31 px) from the Swedish border at the widest point in the north but they only advance 35 km (5 px in the south). St Petersburg falls to a victorious Swedish army and the ruler of Lithuania surrenders to Charles XI after the devastating blow Sweden struck in the Battle of Lithuania. Troops seize Russia's Crimean holdings and secure the Gulf of Finland. Charles offers to start peace talks directly with Peter in the city of St Petersburg where the new builders are constructing the city to the Russian design with one change - Russian POW's. Sweden secures the new borders and heavily fortifies them. Thorlaand is expanded 3050 sq km. Meanwhile in Stockholm a decision is made to improve the road system across the nation to improve accessibility for merchants and troops alike.
    • That is way too much territory to take in one year. The war is set to last for another 5 years, so you could take all of that territory over the course of several years, but taking out all of Lithuania, taking out St. Petersburg, taking Crimea, and still managing to secure these borders and expand your colony simply couldn't happen in one year at this time, the armies wouldn't be able to move fast enough.
  • Hungary continues to update its military. Meanwhile, small-scale rural exodus start to happen. It is mostly seen on Ultraylvania, where the cities of Kolozsvár and Temesvár grow. Uruguay expands 2750 km inland north. Meanwhile, at the request of the Greek king, Hungarian military presence on the Tripolitanian theme increases, in case that the Swedish troops on the neighbouring colony will invade Tripolitania.with heavy military presence of Greeks and Hungarians, the Tripolitanian theme start to become coloquially known outside of it as "stratiotikós theme". Meanwhile, gold is discovered on Öböl. By the third time, Greece asks Naples for a non-aggression pact.

Stability is updated. Hungary is the most powerful nation on the planet and has achieved stability of 1500!! China is the second most powerful nation followed by Vietnam.Scandinator

  • Peter, using scorched earth tactics is able to nearly starve the Swedish army in Lithuania, and decides to take the helm in an all-out counterattack on Sweden, He first attacks his beloved St Petersburg, crushing the sitting Swedish force that is living there. Charles is forced to flee as Peter proclaims that he will not take such insulting demands, and will not give away any Russia, White, Little or Great. Peter is able to once again control the city and his generals lead the way in retaking Kiev Crimea. Russian forces afvance upon Poltava, where there will be a glorious battle. Peter launches a naval offensive on Riga and brings every one of his Russian fleets to the Baltic sea. Peter attacks stockholm while swedish troops were there and bombards all roadwork he sees. Russian forces push Charles nearly to Poltava.
  • As the Chinese infrastructure continues to improve, the ships return and the cartographers put together the information from the world maps. The new map will become standard on all Chinese vessels by 1710. Meanwhile, China's army mobilizes in preparation to lead an assault against the Mughal and Rajput empires.
  • The villagers of Yemen unite to form a similar-minded people, aiming to receive independence of the nearby empires. Many diplomants are sent around the world, asking if any of the countries would agree to form a geographical independence of Yemen, ruled by Prharmha Al-Yousif.
    • Russia promises to aid in exchange for support in the northern war.
    • Yemen approves this agreement. On the midnight of May 1st-May 2nd, 1705, the independence of Yemen is declared and approved by Russia.
    • Yemen Diplomacy: Yemen send a diplomat to Russia, offering a Formal Alliance.
    • Sweden promises to aid in exchange for support in the Great Northern War.
    • Naples sends word to Yemen, urging them not to support the Mamluks in the crusade.
    • Russia makes the alliance official. Russia has most every substance known to man under its control.
  • Yemen begins a massive unit recruitment aiming to assist Russia in the northern war.
    • ​In which case, Russia offers clean water and trade in exchange for support, and support the bettering of the way of life of Yemenis, by exporting designs and hospital systems and school system help set up (oh ya, and I can make you industrial by 1775 or 1750 if it's allowed by kenny instead of your predetermined 1800). not to mention Russia basicaly has every substance known to man in its control!
  • The townification of Itsaygahi continues, as large cities devolve into smaller, multitudinous towns. This actually increases the population and economy, as it replicates the successful system of the Charter Ports. The northern border of Itsaygahi is fixed to the Ohayo River, for now.


  • Naples prospers in this time, fully recovered from the civil war. Queen Lucentia believes this fast recovery to be due to the Neapolitan colonial empire. She has many more settlers sent to the island of Cuba, bringing slaves with them. This massive influx of new population results in Ricasolia expanding by another 1550 sq km. Naples signs the non-aggression pact with Greece, confused as to why Greece became so afraid of them all of a sudden. Jerusalem, which feels threatened by the Muslim nations surrounding it, agrees to the alliance with Greece.
  • Russian cities continue to be populated by more and more people wanting to use the Steam engine. one of the largest places this is happening is Moscow, Kiev, Penza, and Archangel. Certain people looking for newer and more eficient way to make fabrics seek to improve the textile business. More steelsmiths start using the steam engine to make their work easier.(insert war stuff here)
  • The Vietnamese expand their New Vietnam colony by 76*50 sq km. The Vietnamese turn the once backwater town of New Hanoi into the grand capital of the colony. Russia continues to be extremely unpopular with the Vietnamese, as Vietnamese citizens burn effegies of the warmongering Czar Peter for his tyrannical policies. The trade once bound for Russia is rerouted for Sweden, as most traders are sympathetic with Sweden's cause. This is accompanied with an increase of the flow of arms and soldiers bound for Sweden to help defeat the land-hungry Russians.
  • Yemenese people are currently discussing if they should support Sweden or Russia. They decided that they will support the nation which will show most of peaceful characteristics, and will support Yemen more. Also, Yemen has finished the recruitment of 25'000 troops, and this is the current army of Yemen. Yemen has now begun building lots of roads, connecting main villages and cities of Yemen. Some people are protesting against the alliance with Russia, therefore, Yemen demands Russia to stop all the wars against European nations. Yemen also begins working on the urbanization, founding of the new cities.
  • Due to its support on the war against Sweden, Greek trade with Russia increases. Hungary continues to pdate its navy, while the road system starts to be reformed. Öböl expands 2750 sq km towards the littoral, from the inland.
  • Sweden retakes St Petersburg in a brilliant manover where the troops lured the Russians to of the city and into an ambush. Sweden engages Russia in the largest battle in the history of the world - to be recorded as the Battle of Poltava. The entire Russian army is destroyed and survivors scatter in all directions. However the victory came at a heavy cost, the Swedish army is on its last legs after achieving the pyrrhic victory. Charles orders a retreat and all Swedish troops leave Lithuania. Sweden however maintains a foothold on Livonia, the Estonian Islands, St Petersburg and much of OTL Eastern Finland. Sweden sends the offer of peace yet again and offers to only take Livonia, Estonian Islands and OTL Eastern Finland with joint Swedo-Russian war over the area around St Petersburg. Swedish diplomats attempt to establish an alliance with the Yemenis and send supplies of fresh water and a magnificant fur cloak to the Sultan should he ever wish to visit Sweden and her Northern European territories. Sweden heavily fortifies its border with Russia and offers to go into peace talks with Russia in neutral Naples or Hanthawaddy. Thorlaand is expanded 3050 sq km eastwards towards New Scandinavia.
    • Yemenese sultan accepts Swedish offer, and hereby leaves the alliance of Russo-Yemen, joining the Swedish Alliance. Yemen also thanks Sweden for the fresh water and the fur cloak and sends a trade offer: Wheat for Fur. Yemen will stay out of the war for now, but promises to declare a war on whoever declares war on Sweden from this point.
    • Russia can offer much more than Sweden. I can even conquer one of your neighbors for free then give the territory I gained to you to get rid of Peter III in 1763! If you support me You will have industrialization by 1760 instead of 1800, if not you will have it only on 1800.
    • Yemen refuses the offer from Russia, but promises the world to stay neutral until attacked.
    • Naples and the Papal States support the idea of peace talks, whether they be in Naples or in Hanthawaddy or some other nation
  • Your post is contradictory and the current algorithm states you are losing
  • You got chance wrong, buddy, and me losing depends greatly on whether or not to count Hungary.
  • You are being ridiculously implausible. The best you can do is either a stalemate or a very minor victory. Your fortunes are too dire for you to kick out Sweden out of Finland. I thought you learned your lesson about plausibility, but it seems I was wrong.
  • I kicked Sweden out of Russian Karelia and push them to the border. I didn't take Finland not at all, you're mixing up two different things. I didn't kick anybody out of any nation. -Lx
  • And remember how the two fronts in the war: the St Peterburg front and the Poltava front. Russia, with its Peterburg troops can push into Finland, but I'll change it so that Sweden temporarily still controls Livonia.
  • Russia War: The Russian miliary takes part in the largest battle in history; Poltava. The Russian Generals manage to break the Swedish spirit and victory is proclaimed for Mother Russia as the Russians chase the Swedes out. The heroic words of Peter: When you fight, remember, It is not for Peter that you are fighting, but for the country given to Peter. Peter Is able to scatter the Russian army in order to ambush the Swedes on their retreat. Poltava is marked as the greatest victory in Russian history, and Peter lead the charge, being shot three times, once on his horse, once on this hat, knocking it off, and once more, the bullet stopped by the metal he wore over his heart. This story spread far and wide, making people believe that God himself has shown favor to Peter, and that he is more than likely to win. The Swedes are ambushed at Minsk on their retreat and nearly obliterated, the Spetsnaz setting off many black powder bombs along the way. Karl only narrowly escapes with his shot leg. In St Petersburg, the builders go on a rampage, killing every Swede they see, and the Russian army is summoned and pushes the Ewedes into Estland. Peter refuses to accept Karl's humiliating terms, St Petersburg is finally finished after the senate house has been built, although it still needs work, It is acceptable for a capital. Peter proclaims his new city the capital of Russia. The Russians and Cossacks manage to push the Swedes out of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Karelia by the end of the year.
  • China promises the unoccupied parts of Tibet prosperity and peace, should they become vassals of China. Meanwhile, the Chinese infrastructure continues to improve.
  • Persia declares war on the Indian State of Multan. Due to the poor state of the country after three years of famine, in a matter of months, Multan falls to Persian forces. In Shahzrur, the Persians squash armies in several villages and towns.
    • In gratitude for aid, Peter sends a division of his crack spetsnaz to aid Persia in conquering India with their techniques of mass usage of black powder.


An earthquake devastates Hoei in Southern Japan.

  • Persia attacks the Swedish colony in India with their new modern navy. They manage to blockade the colony from contact with Sweden. Within a matter of many months, the colony falls to Persian hands. Meanwhile, Persia declares a temporary cease-fire with Shahzrur so that the army and navy can be expanded and improved.
    • You need an algorithm for the attack on the colony.
    • I have changed my mind about this decision. First of all, when I checked the site, I realized that Russia lost and Sweden is now attacking and slowly defeating me. The reason I invaded Swedish India is for a strategic attack on Sweden, but the war ended just when that move was made. I did not know about this until I realized the war was over and that I am being invaded. I decided to eliminate and cancel my move. (This will also be said in the talk page).
    • Persia declares a cease-fire with Shahzrur so that I can focus its invasion in India. Persia also recognizes Russia's defeat in the war.
  • Naples wishes to be a stronger nation, and Queen Lucentia rules that to be a strong nation, they must have a vast colonial empire. She orders Ricasolia expanded by another 1550 sq km to try to unite the two halves of the colony. Some slaves are taken from Tunisia, from the Sunnis that refused to convert either to Catholicism or Shia Islam. Most by now have converted to Shia, with some becoming Catholic. The slaves that are taken are sent primarily to Ricasolia, to work on the Sugar Plantations. There is talk of taking slaves from Madagascar, but the Schmittists are opposed.
  • The Vietnamese expand their New Vietnam colony by 76*50 sq km. The Vietnamese continue to supply the Swedes with arms and soldiers for the ongoing Second Northern War. There is enough anti-Russian sentiment to supply an almost endless supply of Vietnamese volunteers for Sweden, but not enough to actually get Vietnamese involvement in the war. The Vietnamese continue to send aid for the seemingly endless disasters striking Nippon. Most Vietnamese and Nipponese authorities wonder what they have done to solicit such punishment.
  • Russian Troops push the Swedes out of Lithuania and Livonia. The Russians agree to peace talks in Naples. St Petersburg is declared the capital and Russia is declared the Russian Empire. Russia asks Sweden to sign a one-year temporary ceasefire to discuss in Naples.
    • A bit hard to declare a city your capital when it is in the middle of a warzone?
  • The Anglo-German Commonwealth offers an alliance to Yemen, as an ally of Russia. King-Emperor Frederick II decides to raise a larger army in England to fight on the continent. However, negotiations begin with Sweden (negotiations which are obviously going nowhere).
    • Yemen is not an ally of Russia anymore.
  • Sweden agrees to the ceasefire in the North but reacts to the Persian invasion of Swedish India. The Scottish and Dutcch navies land in Bombay and destroy the Persian fleets. Swedish troops on those ships directly attack the Persian coastline and then invade. Sweden's terms for peace are the Estonian Island, Livonia, Karelia, OTL Finland and parts of Northern Lithuania. (total around 2% of Russia). Thorlaand expands eastwards by 3050 sq km with thousands fleeing the new frontlines. Diplomatic talks are held in Rome to discuss the future of Livonia, Estonia, Finland, Lithuania and western Russia.
  • Yemen has finished building the infrastructure at their main cities. They also form an agreement with Hanthawaddy: They will receive special rights for the ports and incense trade. Yemen also agrees to allow Mons in Aden to practice Buddhism, and a possible marriage of the royal family of Chandrajit and the Yemeni royal family. Yemen has started massive recruitment for the Yemenese I Army and begins building a port at Al Ghaydah, which is planned to be the biggest port of Yemen.
    • Can Yemen support Sweden in the current war? We will send a lot more water and other resources like copper, iron. etc
    • Yemen agrees to support Sweden in their war, sending lots of troops to them. They shall be moved back to Yemen when war is finished.
  • After Yemen's announce of support for Sweden, discussions if Greece should enter on war against Yemen run for months, until the King decides against it, since it can be an ally on the upcoming war against the Mamluks (which still is kept secret by the Greek government). A port is built in Tripoli, while the navy is expanded. Hungary updates its army, while relations with the new Venetian government deteriorate. Öböl expands 2750 sq km inland and southwest.
  • China condemns Sweden for their invasion of Persia. Meanwhile, the urbanization of China continues, as does the deployment of the military along the Sino/Persian border, ready to restore the Persian state should it fall into Swedish hands.
    • You should know by now the Swedo-Persian War has been canceled. Your move should be change.
  • Hanthawaddy expands into the famine-affected regions of Bihar. More slaves are exported from Australia. Bi Hloa expands 1900 sq km east along the south coast. Chandrajit sends emissaries fron Aden to make cotact with Yemen.


A famine hits Prussia starving thousands. Refugees from the war also sap the remaining Prussian food resources and now flee into Germany straining the AGC food stocks. Due to the continuing war between Russia and Sweden, and their failure to reach a compromise, revolts occur across Finland, as the Finns rise up against their Swedish and Russian oppressors.' Due to the fact that the Russians and Swedes have been arguing over the result of the war for so long, they are unable to stop these revolts from becoming successful. As a result, both are forced to peace with the Treaty of Rome

  • Naples expands their colony of Ricasolia by another 1550 sq km to attempt to connect the two halves of the colony. Meanwhile, the Neapolitans recognize the new Finnish state as being legitimate, and hope that Russia and Sweden will not attack it. By now, almost all Neapolitan Schmittists are in Istoias, and almost all Neapolitan Jews are in Jerusalem.
  • The Anglo-German Commonwealth finds itself a largely defeated nation in 1708. The Commonwealth is both defeated by their eternal enemies the Swedes, and disappointed with their failure to hold their own. It becomes necessary to attempt to modernize the army quickly. It is hoped that with an economy geared for the military, no new colonies, and no new wars, the armed forces can successfully equal that of the powers around them by 1718.
  • Due to near economic collapse, Peter is disappointed in how this turned out, although he is relieved that Swedish forces will have to cross finland to reach the imperial capital of St Petersburg, he is not happy about the revolts. he feels like the AGC the need to modernize Russia more. more steam engines are used in Moscow, as more people migrate to cities, the population augments to a predicted record. many soldiers are able to fend off the finns from St Petersburg but have lost territory en masse and are not happy. Denmark capitulates and agrees to be annexed by Sweden. However, the house of Holstein-Gottorp maries into the Russian Royal family as Peter I's son Alexi (they will soon have a son, future Tsar Peter II). Peter changes the laws of succession and puts the tsar in charge of whom he wants as his successor. Peter, after the death of his first wife marries first crowned empress of Russia Catherine. Sweden and Russia become bitter rivals, enemies even, as each blames the other in the creation of the Finnish state that they both resent. (I suggest that nobody fully capture Finland before 1809 and nobody touch Finland until 1759 to fully implement the punishment) It is considered a miracle that Russia got to keep Archangel.
  • The Finnic uprising has raised questions about Charles XI's leadership. The nobles are greatly unimpressed and demand an immediate attack on the Finns. However, Charles manages to stall them. Sweden starts to retrain its battered forces and recruit new men. Thorlaand is expanded by 3050 sq km. Certain strange contraptions (steam engines) found during the war are brought back to Stockholm and are studied.
    • Russian Soldiers manage to take control of the major ports IGA, but not many and most of the land they hold is bordering the sea. and military and naval bases in these aresa, although the final condition of them is not certain. Peter,reinforces the Russo-Finnish border in case of attack. (Now that is a better way of saying you found steam engines, I mean, St Petersburg was just built and could not have them).
    • What is IGA?
    • I think that he forgot the "R" in "Riga"
    • Naples states that they will go to war to defend Finland from the overly expansionist Swedes
  • The Peace Conference will happen in the next year. It is organized by Yemen. Russian and Swedish leaders are invited to be present, to confer the peace conditions. Yemen has started to connect their city roads with village roads, and begins to plan on the new immigration ideas.
    • It is already happening in Rome.
    • Ah. Haven't noticed that. All right.
  • Hungary recoginzes the new Finnish state, while, since Denmark surrendered, Greece withdraws its support on the war, as the war already ended. After the siginign of the non-aggression pact with Naples, trade with this nation and Jerulaem increase, as relations with Naples are established again. The Hungarian navy is upgraded. The 1708 census reveals that after the Hungarian defeat against Venice and the loss of most of the coastline, thousands of Croatians that lived on the littoral fled to the inland, and most settled on the regions of Croatia and Sclavonia, especially on Zagráb. More than fifty years later, Zagráb is the seventh biggest city on Hungary, according to the census.Újfunflandi és a Labrador expands 900 sq km on its southestern settlement, Neos Preveza expands 950 sq km, and Öböl expands 900 sq km south.
  • Persia declares war on Sindh Kingdom of India. Like the invasion of Multan before, the famine weakens the army, causing the kingdom to be conquered in a matter of months.
  • The Vietnamese expand their New Vietnam colony by 76*50 sq km, The Vietnamese also reluctantly recognize the newly independent republic of Finland. They recognize Finland's potential as a buffer state, as they have become fed up with the constant feuds between Russia and Sweden. The Vietnamese help to set up the Finnish Republican Army, as the newly founded state needs protection from its hostile neighbors. Vietnamese financial aid is sent to Finland to create new schools, banks and any other resources needed for the groundwork of a permanent Finn nation to be established.
  • After months of offensive political actions against Yemen and Sweden, it has been decided, by them, to leave the Swedish alliance. People of Yemen are confused with the alliance-hopping, but the sultan doesn't do anything with it. The roads are still being built to connect the cities with towns and villages. Many yemenese people have died already from the hard work, and the sultan has personally visited some of their relatives.
  • Hanthawaddy begins modernizing its port facilities, especially Chauhhpiu. The city grows by several hundred people during the year, and has become a popular tourism destination due to its distinct style of architecture that combines Indian, Chinese, Mon, and Rakhine architecture. The wealthy owners of much property in the city are able to afford horse-drawn coaches throughout the city. A great work of literature is written during the year known as "The Tale of Nai Lo" describing the life of a nobleman in Chauhhpiu. Bi Hloa crosses the Torres Strait, annexing the islands in the strait, and continuing on the the Australian mainland for a total of 2000 sq km. The Mons see the Torres Strait as necessary to control Pacific trade, especially en route to South America.
  • Several Tibeten colonies become vassal states of China. Roads and towns are constructed, along with trade routes with Hanthawaddy and Vietnam. Meanwhile, more trade routes are proposed with Persia.
  • Countries don't "join" other countries as vassals. Countries "join" confederations where they are guaranteed maximal sovereignty. Beside, Tibet is several kingdoms, not a single state. You can vassalize a few of them but it has to be coercive in some way or other. Politics isn't a clean process.
  • France expands its military. The king Alphonse and the sultan of Algeria are disposed to pay a part of the war spending if Russia helps them in their industrialization process. The sultan of Algeria asks Persia and Yemen for alliances and to not help the mamluk in the uncoming crusade. Also Algeria will help them both in the industrialization process. Again, France asks Vietnam to sell Rochefort. The schittimists are now 1/8 of the total french population in the empire. Muslims are emmigratin into France and Haiti, and several quantities of non-christian are joining the army. The obligatory military service is abolished and France recognises the right of the muslims to practice bigamy marriages in the colonies (not in the continental french territory). Sorry, my computer didn't let me edit before.
    • The Vietnamese set up negotiations for the sale of Furansuchou, as the colony is officially called. The Vietnamese delegates hope to create a solution to suit both the French and the Vietnamese. They insist, however, that any deal made must be followed to the letter or the deal is scrapped.
    • Yemen accepts french alliance offer. Formal Alliance is now formed.


The famine worsens in Prussia and thousands are dying due to hunger. Anger spreads due to the AGC's lack of care for them.

    • Never mind, problem fixed.
    • Americans: keep in mind that the new turn will occur at 7 EST rather than 8 EST due to Daylight Saving Time.
  • The Vietnamese expand their New Vietnam colony by 76*50 sq km. The Vietnamese continue to supply the Finns with resources in exchange for a trade agreement. This has the potential to be the start of a very profitable relationship between the Finns and the Vietnamese.
  • Naples expands their military, in preparation for the Crusade that is planned to begin next year. King Biondello travels to the Neapolitan Puppet state of Jerusalem and begins to bring soliders there. He will personally lead the Neapolitan soldiers in the war. Believing that it is injust to wage war for territory's sake, he states that he will only expand Jerusalem's territory, not conquer vast new tracts of land. He will not stand in the way of others doing so, however. Ricasolia is expanded by 400 sq km to try to connect the two halves, while Istoias is also expanded by 400 sq km. They also send aid to Finland in helping the Finns set up their own nation and protect themselves from Swedish and Russian expansion.
  • The Anglo-German Commonwealth continues the program of building up the armed forces to a modern level. Huge amount of resources are devoted to this, making the famine-stricken populace angry. The Commonwealth recognizes Finland, but declares that their historic alliance with Russia remains intact. They urge other nations not to ally with the deceitful Swedes, who have betrayed them twice before. (By the way, this is just a propagandistic channeling of public anger away from the government. Don't take this as a resumption of hostilities).
  • Sweden blockades the rogue Finnish state. Sweden and Scotland expand their militaries. Sweden aids convoys of food to Prussia and but only manages to relieves the famine only a little, however a major boost in the Prussian public opinion is seen. Thorlaand expands eastwards by 3050 sq km. The strange machines are worked on by Sweden's best minds but no breakthroughs are made.
    • The Vietnamese declare that a trading relationship has begun between Vietnam and Finland. The Vietnamese request that Vietnamese trading vessels sent to Finland not be interfered with. Regardless, many merchant ships are now accompanied by military escort. The Vietnamese Emperor states that the situation in Finland wouldn't have happened if "Sweden and Russia settled their issues diplomatically instead of squabbling like spoiled children".
    • Persia stops its military campaigns so it could be able to strengthen, modernize, and develop the army. It has asked Russia to give it modern military technologies.
  • Yemen has finished constructing dirt-paved roads connecting their cities with villages and towns and they now begin a massive recruitment process for the Yemenese II Army and Yemen State Protection Unit, for internal protection of their citizens(AKA Police, but not yet modernized, and not well-trained).
  • Finland begins to build up their military so that they are remain independent and to better protect themselves. Finland also asks for an alliance with Vietnam.
    • Queen Lucentia of Naples sends a proposal for an alliance with Finland.
    • Finland gladly accepts Naples' offer of alliance.
  • Hungary sends help to Prussia, although it is not enough to relieve the famine there. More roads are built, while the small-scale rural exodus continues, spreading to other regions of the country. Neos Preveza expands 2750 sq km. While in Greece, relations with Naples gradually get better, Hungary's army is upgraded. Meanwhile, Hungary resolves to establish diplomatic relations with Yemen and the Crusader states, although relations with Venice are still damaged.
  • Russia sadly accepts the fact that they lost control of Finland, but still aknowledges that they can take it ovefr in a year-long campaign due to its population. Russia sees a great purpose in Finland, and asks Finland if they can have an alliance. Russia sends a Candidate for the Tsar of Finland from one of their old Karelian Boyars and negotiate keep the lands of the Ladoga Lake and parts of karelia to help connect Muramansk and Russia. propoer blockaded by Finns. Russia offers a very lucious bribe of 150,000-300,000 rubles to Finland for these areas if they accept.PEter begins another one of his reforms establishing the senate instead of the Boyar Duma. Russia manages to sieze all of Courland, filling in the holes left behind by the swedes. Russia also manages to annex Pskov back (the little part of Russia that estland has). nobody occupies the Estonian island so nobody is sure which nation owns them.
    • Finland refuses to gives up its lands, but will allow Russia to pass through Finland freely in order to get to Murmansk or they can just simply sail there without going through land at all. Finland though accepts Russian alliance, but only if Russia does not try to take over Finland or anything of that sort.
    • In which case I have another proposal I wish to discuss in private, but not now. -Lx
  • Itsaygahi vassal Natchez continues to expand north, aiming to reach the Great Lakes. For now, they continue to follow the course of the Mixxixxippi River, though a few settle the Ohayo River. Elsewhere, the deconstruction of the large cities is completed. Bizarrely this turns political development backwards, with noblemen and princelings gaining more power at the expense of the former city-burghers.
  • This year, Hanthawaddy officially combines the colonies of Bi Hloa and Katimon into the colony of Ngainkeh, from ngenkep meaning "heart" in the Erub dialect of the Mer language spoken on the OTL Torres Strait Island of Darnley. The new settlement on the north peninsula of Australia is renamed Incinao, and expands south at 1800 sq km. Hanthawaddy continues facing rebellion, but nevertheless Hanthawaddy manages to expand further into the southern part of the Mughal Empire, taking some of the major towns. Many Mons begin migrating to the area from the northern regions in order to find better land.
  • China continues to urbanize and expand its military. They announce plans to combine their Baja colonies with the Mayan/Aztec colonies sometime in the next few decades, though they also want to capture more land in Asia as well.
  • Alphonse I creates more schools and medical centers in France and Algeria. He builds up the country's military. Beyazid I, sultan of Algeria until this year, after his father's death during a campaign against the berber barbarians, starts to introduce changes in the Algerian cult of Islam, like more freedom to women and non-muslims. The schittimists in Malouinas are starting to create new institutions to the religion, and are introducing in their own cult rituals of the Islam and the Christiandom. The uncoming crusade now is a retake of the holy land (Mecca and Medinah) to the muslims, who will name his Sultan as Caliph of the Islam. If Yemen helps France in the crusade, the Sultan of that country will be named Amir al-Mu'minin (Emir of the Faithful), the second title in importance in the islamic religion after the Caliph.
  • Sorry if it seems China is expanding a little to quickly in Asia. They did have a period of doing this in OTL and I also wanted to change China's shape from the same old shape it's been for most of the map game.
  • THANK YOU! I hated that strange shape with the giant panhandle, it looked awkward.
  • You wanna finally take over Tibet according to our treaty from hundreds of years ago?
  • Yes please. And yeah, my friends kept saying it looked... phallic.


Principia Moderni Map 1710
Principia Moderni Map 1710 Key

The famine worsens in Prussia. Thousands are dead and refugees flee into Germany. Around 30% of the Prussian population is dead and mass public unrest develops in the region as the AGC government has done nothing to help.

Stockholm is hit by a plague outbreak.

  • Naples and the Papal States send aid up north to Anglo-Germany, to help them deal with the horrible famine. Meanwhile, the Pope declares this to be the year of the Crusade, and places the king of France as the leader of the Holy Crusade. More Neapolitan troops travel to Jerusalem, where King Biondello waits for the French leaders to begin the attack. Meanwhile, the people of Istoias have been having many children, and the population is rising. This results in Istoias expanding 800 sq km.
  • Persia declares war on the Rajputs. Just like Multan and Sindh, the Rajputs have been weakened my the famine. Persia, like always, easily wins the war against the Rajputs, annexing them into the Persian empire.
  • The Russians once again ask the Finns to purchase the lands surrounding Lake LAdoga to protect the Imperial Capital of St Petersburg (it's not that I don't trust you, it's just that I recently had a person (Yemen*cough*cough) that signed an alliance with me then stabbed me in the back and decided to attack me...). Peter Modernizes his army. More and more steelsmiths and other workers begin to use the Steam engine for faster and more efficient stuff. A weaponsmith in Penza discovers a way to make very good and efficiant rifling in mass quantaties using this slightly modified engine. his name is Alexi Gritsai. The technique is shown to the Tsar and he immediately falls in love with it and labels it top secret. The reliability of this method, named Penzovskoe (or Gritsaiskoe) nareznoe oruzhenie [in English Penza (or Gritsai) Rifling]. Gritsai is charged with producing enough to farnish the spetsnaz with rifles. Peter and his consort Catherine are crowned as Emperor and Empress consort of all the Russias. Peter changes the style of address to H/HEr Imperial Highness and posseses now the title Emperor and Autocrat of All the Russias, tsar of Lithuania.
    • Naples's diplomats to Russia and Finland suggest that showing the Finns a map would help negotciate what they ought to buy.
    • here it is, feel free to change the proposal if you deem it not to be fair and tell me what you think
      Proposal 2 copy

      or this plus tremendous amounts of cash

      Proposal 1 copy

      its this + lots of $$$

    • Finland wants to keep Viipuri, though other-wise Finland accepts the 1st proposal (the one that has the file-name: Proposal_1_copy.png)

  • The king Alphonse I of France declares the war to the Mamluk Empire and sends his troops to invade the Sinai and the northern Egypt. The muslims french allies (mostly Algerians) go to fight for recover the Holy Land in the name of the self-proclaimed Caliph Beyazid, who goes to war in company of the duke of Brittany and the Archbishop of Avignon himself, who creates the Order of the King Robert III (he asks the Poepe to declare Robert III a Saint). The schttimists, who rule in the colonies of America also send aid and troops to the invasion, while other troops conquer 2000 sq km in Malouinas for the French Empire. Alphonse asks for help to his second cousin, the Queen Lucentia, and Biondello in the invasion of Arabia. Ambassadors in Constantinople asks greek help in the invasion of Alxandria. France also asks swedish and burgundian help in the war. The Caliph asks for help to Yemen (in exchange, he will declare the Sultan of Yemen Emir of the Faithful) and Persia to defeat the "usurpers of the Holy Land".
    • King Biondello leads the army of Israel across the Jordan river as they begin the Crusade against the Mamluk Empire. Meanwhile, Queen Lucentia orders the navy to sail around Africa and attack the Mamluks from the south. They pick up many of the people of Schmittist Istoias to help in the fight. Meanwhile, the Pope has both King Robert of France and the martyred King Angelo of Naples declared saints.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and begins to build and improve some infrastructure.
  • Sweden declares war on the Mamluks and a Libyan army surges into Mamluk territory. Stockholm is quarantined and the king is safe in Malmö. Sweden continues the blockade of the Finnish coast and stops all Finnish boats from leaving the ports. Charles XI offers to grant forgiveness to the Finns if they agree to return to the Swedish Empire in a union or merely as a puppet state; otherwise Charles notes the nobles will force an invasion of Finland to return it to the Swedes. Scotland develops its military and Thorlaand expands eastward by 3050 sq km. The mystery of the steam engine is cracked but the next problem is to find out how to manufacture and use it. Swedish spies are sent into Russia to discover the answer.
    • Finland strongly refuses to join with Sweden again, as the Finns see Sweden as a threat. Though Finland is a nation of peace and also refuses to fight a war, but one things assured that they will not give up their sovereignty/independence!
    • Russia agrees to support Finland in Case of Attack and allows Finland to have free use of the northeast passage. RUssia proposes three candidates for kingship of Finland.
    • Naples will back Finnland in any conflict, and demands that Sweden cease to stop Neapolitan trade ships from reaching Finland.
    • In case of conflict, France will support Sweden as always. The king Alphonse asks both, Finaland and Sweden to try a peaceful solution.
    • Naples asks why France would support a conquering nation that is trying to occupy and destroy other Christian nations over a peaceful Christian nation that is simply trying to be independent.
    • Sweden is an old ally of France, and the king will be always faithful to Sweden. He prays for the peaceful solution to the problem. Anyway, France will not support the Swedish in a massacre against an independent Christian people.
  • Greece declares war against the Mamluks. From Rhodes and Tripoli, the ships attack some coastal cities. The first disembarks are made in OTL Sidi Barrani and Benghazi, which are captured. Only later on the year, Alexandria is attacked. Eventually, the Hungarian navy is called for help. Meanwhile, the king Géza considers adapting the Greek "éthnos" system for Hungary. The roads from Buda to other big cities on Ultraylvania and Croatia are upgraded, along with those from the littoral to Nandorfehérvar. The military is upgraded. Neos Preveza expands 2750 sq km northwest inland.
  • The Vietnamese expand their New Vietnam colony by 76*50 sq km. The Vietnamese offer to mediate the territorial negotiations between the Russians and the Finns. The Vietnamese hope to iron out any future disputes between the two nations before they arise. The Vietnamese continue to scold the Swedes, as they are adamant that the sooner they start "playing nice" with the Finns, the better for everyone. The Vietnamese decide to reroute trade from Sweden until the Swedes officially recognize the Finns, which is usnderstood to not be happening any time soon.
  • Yemen continues massive recruitment of their army and massive modernisation of their architecture of Reneseanse.
  • Itsaygahi begins a modernisation of the army, calling on the Chinese to help in this. A modernisation of industry also begins, with mills appearing along the length of the Mixxixxippi, increasing the wealth of the Natchez.
  • China amps up its military and urbanization. They give scrolls dealing with making a better infrastructure to Isaygahi. Meanwhile, a massive fire at a military barrack damages several firearms, causing a gunpowder mill to explode, and kills hundreds of horses in their stables. Miraculously, no Chinese soldier was killed.
  • Spain spends the year returning to an organised monarchal system after spending hundreds of years in civil disorder. The king of Spain seeks an alliance with France.
  • Spain had a brief bout of activity under Eldwolf. Do NOT be another Eldwolf please.
  • Who is Eldwolf? I'm a new player, so what did Eldwolf do that I shouldn't?
  • Eldwolf was a quite hotheaded user who threw a temper tantrum when we told him he couldn't annex more of Portugal, despite the fancy war result algorithm telling him he would get only a tiny percentage. He later went on a rampage after the head honchos decided to temorarily ban him. He anonomously vandalized the talkpages of the TSPTF and this map game, and replaced the map game page with his own hateful ranting. He ended up get banned pretty much permanently for that tantrum. In short it was a case of "good riddance to bad rubbish".
  • Oh. Ok.
  • I'm confused! This isn't the 1990's! At this time no nation would put on a major aid program, especially an area which still has a relatively low population, like Prussia! This is before industrialization, so the transport of food and supplies on a huge scale would be extremely difficult!
  • The Anglo-German Commonwealth sends troops to crush a popular uprising in Prussia, which is still only minor. The Swedes are warned not to attempt to coerce revolution into the Prussians. An alliance is asked between the Commonwealth and the Finns, in case of invasion. Finally, full scale developement of the army is continuing.


  • Naples' Queen Lucentia urges Sweden to cease blockading the Finns. She states that they should focus their resources on the Mamluk war, as well as expanding their colonies to convert more heathens to the true religion. Speaking of the Mamluk War, the Mamluks in OTL Jordan are putting up a staunch resistance, yet Biondello's forces make several victories due to their greater numbers and the division of the Mamluks. Meanwhile, Istoias is expanded by 800 sq km as the Schmittists continue to raise in population and convert natives. Queen Lucentia sends a message to Spain, asking for alliance and trade between the two Catholic nations.
  • The Vietnamese expand their New Vietnam colony by 76*50 sq km. The Vietnamese announce that they will continue their support for the poor opressed Finns denied peace by their greedy Swedish brethren. This comes on the heels of an announcement made by Vietnamese stating that until Sweden treats the truly independent Finns respectully, no Vietnamese merchant will trade in Sweden unless absolutely necessary. The Vietnamese will cease all diplomatic contact with Sweden outside of negotiations on the extent of Finland's territory.
  • France accepts the alliance with Spain and urges it to support the French war against the Mamluks. France asks Sweden to accept the independency of Finland and concentrate the efforts in the Mamluk War. In the colonies, the Schittimists are leaded by a nobleman named Jean, Lord of Malouinas, who expands it territory 2000 sq km. In the Mamluk War, the Muslim volunteers advance to the south, and inicate bombardings in the coasts of the Red Sea. The Caliph himself, among the Order of Saint Robert, guide by Peter of Brittany and the prince Jean Bertrand take the northern Sinai peninsula, and are managing the invasion in the deep Arab Peninsula. Meanwhile, Jewish and Schittimist recruits are attacking the dominions of Jordan to support Naples.
  • Russia officialy embargos Sweden until they cese the blockade of Finland, withch BTW also is blocking Russian Trade. Peter encourages others to do the same. Peter agrees to finland's proposal (if I'm not wrong just the same as proposal 1 but with small parts of the Finnish Gulf down until Vybrog still Finnish), although he would like his second proposal. Russia allows Finland free usage of the Northeast passage so long as Russia and Finland are allies. Russian OVVR discover Swedish spies trying to learn the secret behind the steam engine. They are brought before Peter who orders their public execution, two in both Riga and Pskov, with their leader Beheaded in St Petersburg. These executions are meant to be a message to swedish spies in Russia. Peter offers all colonial powers in America (excluding Sweden until they recognize Finland) to attend a conference in St Peterburg to partition North America amongst themselves to avoid colonial dispute. Peter also invites Finland, as he has a deal to discuss. The Russians improve their military and Naval tactics. Spetsnaz training remains secretive. More people move to cities in hopes for a better life. The Results form another All-Russias census is in. The population has reached a staggering 35 million inhabitants! Almost twice the past census! Most of this is due to more urbanizing and more people having larger families as they do not need to provide for younger people. A young man named Nikita Parskov thinks of a way to mechanically make different fabrics. He searches for investors in his new idea, most of it is only paper, all he needs to do now is build.
  • Persia once again stops its military activities to increase and modernize their army. It also sends diplomats to France to tell the country that they should have a piece of the Mamuluk Empire to invade.
    • France asks Persia to invade the Mamulk Empire and, in exchange, they will receive lands and cash, and the Sah will be named Emir of the Faithful.
    • Persia agrees, but tells them they have to conquer two more Indian kingdoms and they will come.
  • Finland accepts Anglo-German Commonwealth's offer of alliance. Finland continues to build up their military and continues to build and improve some infrastructure.
  • Yemen begins a massive research of new road types.
  • Spain accepts Queen Lucentia's offer of trade and alliance between Spain and Naples. Spain joins the war against the Mamluk Empire and urges Sweden to concentrate their efforts on the war against the Mamluk Empire, rather than blockading Finland.
  • Sweden stops the Finnish blockade but taxes the Finnish ships heavily as they leave the North Sea. With Sweden occupied in the Middle East, Charles is able to put off the bloodthristy nobles who are begging the king to invade Finland. The remaining Swedish spies sent to discover information about the steam engines return. Their information is incomplete with the death of the second in command but it greatly allows Sweden to increase knowledge of the machines. Thorlaand expands 3050 sq km to the east. Sweden requests Spain for an alliance. Sweden asks Hanthawaddy to possibly return Iceland and Finnmark in exchange for Swedish India and free Mon use of all Norweign ports to conduct whaling.
    • I think you mean to say Toeh Ngoa Nyoing, as Finland is not owned by Hanthawaddy, therefore they cannot give it to Sweden. You do know that Finland has a player controlling it now?
    • Finnmark is part of Hanthawaddy; it is known as Hpinmah.
    • Rajah of Toeh Ngoa Nyoing Hkun Maha Doing declines the offer, calling a cession of such a large expanse of territory "ludicrous" for what was offered.
  • King Géza sends the crown prince Zoltán to reaffirm the agreement made years ago about Labrador and Novorossyia, and resolve possible problems. Since Neos Preveza is administered by Greece, Constantine XII himself travels to Russia. Hungary sends some armies to Mamluke territory, and upgrade the armies remaining on Hungarian territory. Greece advances inland from Alexandria, but it loses Benghazi and OTL Sidi Barrani. Seeing the failures of both campaigns, all efforts are put into advancing on the land already taken. Neos Preveza expands 2750 sq km. The possibility of merging Öböl and Uruguay starts to be considered, although the colonies are too far from each other to proper communication be made, and this would require that the capital of Öböl, currently Öbölbenváros, be moved more south, where the only settlement that can house the capital of the colony is Janúár folyó.
  • China declares war on and invades the Rajput Empire. Hundreds of Chinese troops move into the area, burning Rajput settlements.
  • I just invaded Rajputs. That can not me plausible.
  • You are sure that you didn't confused it with the Mughals, or something? you don't even has a border with the Rajputs.
  • No. The Mughals have a rather large territory and I do not have a border with them. I do have a border with the Rajput empire. It is right above the Mughal empire.
  • Oh, I always thought that that area was a separate country (Nepal, maybe?), so, I think that you both can declare war on the Rajputs. This piece of territory is like a Rajput exclave, so is basically the same country, so, if you don't want to conquer the Indian portion, you both can invade and conquer the country, without one invasion overlapping the other.
  • Just did the algorithm. I took over enough to capture it. If you want, Persia, we can split it and you can claim your territory now, rather than waiting for a few years to capture it.
  • Fine. We'll split it. You should have read the timeline though. That got me confused the moment I found about it.
Katimon Administrative Divisions
  • Hanthawaddy expands Haklon south along the OTL Gulf of Carpenteria at 2400 sq km. Hanthawaddy offers to delineate borders with China, ceding much of Tibet to China but taking the Chinese colony. Additionally, Chandrajit grants official charter to specific companies in Toeh Ngoa Nyoing to own specific parts of the territory for the purpose of expansion. Despite large opinion in Hanthawaddy in support of expelling the Finns and re-establishing trade solely with Russia, Chandrajit grants special rights to Finnish people in Toeh Ngoa Nyoing and wishes to support the new state.
    • Russia is Supporting Finland, it is Sweden who is opposed to it.


  • Naples: Queen Lucentia orders Ricasolia expanded by 800 sq km, as she wishes to convert as many natives as possible. Meanwhile, Istoias expands 750 sq km along the eastern coast of Madagascar, as the Schmittists convert many natives to their religion. In the Middle East, Jerusalem forces led by King Biondello fight a great battle at Bayir. There are many Neapolitan casualties, but their greater numbers allow them to defeat the Mamluks there. Many more Neapolitans arrive at Jerusalem to join the army.
  • Peter Once agian asks others to come to St Petesburg to a colonial conferance regarding North America. All colonial powers in North America are invited. Russian traders, namely some guy named Bering get lost while going through the northeast passage and land in Alaska. Bering decides to map the strait and sees a beutiful white seal fur that he said in his diary to be the most valuable he ever set his eyes upon. HE proclaims this Russian America due to its beautiful resemblance to Siberia. HE goes back to Petersburg to tell Peter about this and Peter orders a company to be set up, the Russian American Company (or RAK) to manage this which he names a valuable asset to Russia in the upcoming conference scheduled in 1713. A small outpost is made in OTL new Archangel (if not already occupied) and named as such.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continues to build and improve some infrastructure.
    • Naples proposes a trade route with the Finns, to help both nations become stronger
  • The Vietnamese expand their new Vietnam colony by 76*50 sq km. The Vietnamese send enoys to the Tsar's congress on North America, where they are determined to establish a border between their colony and the Russian colony.
  • The Anglo-German Commonwealth declares their full support for Naples, Hanthawaddy, Russia, and Finland in case of Swedish aggression. Delegates are sent to the Tsar's congress on North America, although the Commonwealth's main concerns at this time colony-wise are the expansion of Neue Brandenburg and the gold-mining in Sudafrica. Finally, the military is expanded in technology and power once again.
  • Yemen has researched new road types, with a new chemical technique. The roads are researched which will be more stoned and this will allow Yemen to build bridges in their country, which they couldn't build yet because of their bad technology. Now, the factories will begin to produce such material, which will be layed on the city streets and the bridges will be started to be built. Citizens are celebrating. Yemen also offers Anglo-Germans a Formal Alliance.
  • Hungary updates its military, while Greece advances through Mamluk territory. After taking Cairo in a major victory, the Greek army starts to advance east. Other parts of the army advance south, along the Nile. Meanwhile, Neos Preveza expands 2750 sq km.
  • China mobilizes its military to fight the Mughal empire. They announce their dissenting opinion over Sweden's aggression. In the meantime, diamonds are discovered in Eastern China.
  • Persia declares war on the Gujrats. While the capital does fall, the other half is still not conuqered. Meanwhile, Persian diplomats meet with Hanthawaddy and Chinese governments on conquering the Mughals and dividing it for themselves.
  • The french troops still invading the arabic lands of the Mamluk Empire. The duke of Brittany has taken the northern coast of Egypt, where the reinforcements will arrive. The sultan-caliph Beyazid besieges Medinah, while his walies ctoninue bombarding the coasts and invading the land to the south of Jerusalem. The Archbishop Jean of Avignon has been sent to the St. Petersburg Convention to fix the borders of Nouvelle France. The colony of Malouinas is expanded 2000 sq km. The french asks Vietnam and the Commonwealth to support them in the invasion of the Mamluk Empire. The duke of Orléans, Adolphe, is sended as ambassador to Finland, and proposes and alliance to this country. France can help the finnis to find a pacific colution to the swedish problems. France asks China for a trade pact.
    • Finland accepts France's offer for alliance.
  • The Swedish king attempts to quell a noble revolt. Satisfied that it is under control, Charles leaves for Benghazi to led the Swedish army. While passing between Tunisia and Sicily; an assassin strikes and paralyzes the king with a posioned barb. The assassin takes the king onto a waiting boat and rows away. This throws the Swedish Empire into chaos - what the nobles have been waiting for. The nobles quickly seize power and pretend to search of the missing king. However the nobles undergo military expansion and plan to pull the Swedish troops out from the Mamluk war.
    • Alphonse of France advises to the swedish nobility that, if they pull out the armies of the Crusade, he will claim the swedish throne (He has blood right by the Queen Christina) and take the part promised to Sweden in the Mamluk Empire for himself and the allies of Persia and Yemen. Also France will stop supporting Sweden as did in the last decades (This is just if Sweden abandon the war). Meanwhile, the caliph Beyazid send troops to find the missing king and return him to the throne in Stockholm; the assassin who captured him will be killed, and any government which support this offence will be enemy of France and its allies.
    • I don't think you are supposed to know that they are planning to pull out of the crusade...-Lx (leave me a message)
    • Naples: Alas, for how many more good Christian kings will die by the hands of the Sunni Muslims? For how long can Europe last, as this great evil exists, threatening all of their lands? The time has come now, the time to end this threat, once and for all! Destruction of the Sunni world is the only option at this time! Let them convert, to Christianity, Buddhism, even the Shia version of their faith! Let them convert, or let them burn!
    • You are changing your government and the noblemen were in rebellion, I'm just advising you with not knowledge of their plans. Beyazid of Algeria and Alphonse I asks Naples to not attack the whole sunnism because of the action of some barbarians who practice that faith. When Beyazid be caliph the sunnism will be a peaceful religion, and the Muslims will be allies of the christian nations.
      • The Neapolitans are crazy racist, remember (as were most people at this time)
  • The Anglo-German Commonwealth declares that they are open to joining China and Persia in an invasion of the Mughals in return for a piece when the empire is divided (I believe I called for an invasion of the Mughals before. Meanwhile, the complete overhaul of the armed forces continues.
  • Hanthawaddy upgrades its military during the year. The dominant company in Raikmoh, the Adain Company, agrees to sell Aden to Yemen in return for control of incense trade routes on the land and sea, which would bring valuable currency to the company. Toeh Ngoa Nyoing expands west from OTL Murmansk at 1150 sq km along the coast. Kumbasem (New Bassein) expands east from Kulin at 800 sq km.
  • Spain continues to send aid and military support to the Mamluk Crusade, while at the same time building up its military. King Philip orders the founding of the Ranger corps (details in Spain's article). Spain accepts Sweden's offer of an alliance, and sends envoys to Scotland and the AGC aking for an alliance. Spain sends envoys to France, asking for the most recent version of the world map.


  • Naples: The Mamluk war continues to drag on, with no clear victory in sight. The massive expansion of Jerusalem into Mamluk territory has slowed, and King Biondello fears that it will be long before the Mamluks are defeated. Meanwhile, his wife Queen Lucentia begins sending trade ships to Finland, and condemns the Swedes for attempting to tax Finnish ships. She offers to buy all of the Finnish trade vessels, but loan them to Finland, therefore making it so Sweden cannot tax them without taxing all Neapolitan ships. Meanwhile, Istoias expands 1550 sq km north along the eastern coast of Madagascar due to the continued rise of population of the colonists and the conversion of many natives.
    • Finland accepts this offer.
  • France expands Malouinas 2000 sq km. France asks Itsayghai to join the war against the Mamluks, and they will receive the Mamluk colonies in America. France sends aid to Persia in the indian wars. In Egypt, the outskirts of Alexandria are safe, but the siege in Medinah and the French advances in Arabia are stagnant. The Caliph asks Naples permission to send missionaries to predicate the "peaceful Islam" in Tunisia and Jerusalem, and asks permission also to the pilgrimage of Algerian Sunnis to Jerusalem. France send the maps to Spain, and is pleased to be ally of such great nation.
    • Naples refuses to allow such an event to occur. They have been greatly merciful already, to allow non-Sunni sects to exist, when they could have outlawed all of Islam. They shall give no further ground in their holy mission! Please don't think I am some sort of crazy racist, I am just trying to make it realistic.
    • To where will you expand? the whole of the OTL Falklands were conquered with just 950 sq km.
    • I will expand it to Tierra del Fuego, Is that the same colony or a new one?
    • No. since both are a bit next to each other, it will be the same.
  • The Vietnamese expand their New Vietnam colony by 76*50 sq km. Vietnamese meerchants continue to refuse trade with Sweden for any reason, as they are sick of Sweden's heavy-handed attempts at controlling the fully sovereign nation of Finland.
    • Naples is also refusing to trade with Sweden as well.
  • Finland continues to build up their military and build and improve on some infrastructure.
  • Yemen continues upgrading their infrastructure and architecture.
  • The search for the Swedish king is unsuccessful but many rumors all indicate that some Neopolitian, Greek, Finn and Russians were involved. Trackers and spies manage to figure out that Charles was transported through Tunisia to Tripoli. There a Greek ship sent him to Jerusalem and a Finnish vessel took him to the Crimea. The Swedish nobilty reject the French idea and pull out many Swedish troops in Egypt keeping the *troops that had occupied Cyrencia in place. Thorlaand is expanded by 3050 sq km and Sweden and Scotland develop their militaries.
  • Alphonse I advises Swedish Nobility to send again the troops to the Crusade or Sweden will lose its only faithful ally. He start to suspect the noblemen as authors of the kindnapping, and French spies are sent to Denmark, and all the swedish vassals and colonies. France offers a military alliance to Finland and Russia.
    • French spies in Denmark discover that the Swedish nobilty had organized the kidnapping and find Russian, Neopolitian, Greek and Finnish (wanting a return to Sweden) elements were helping. The spies also discover plans to invade Finland and Russia in the castle of the leader of the nobles, but are caught it the act of removing them. Most of the group escapes but two are executed.
    • When the survivors inform the king about the occured in Denmark, Alphonse starts to planing a manner to solve the conflicts and avoid the noble control in Sweden. He propose to the noblemen of Sweden elect his nephew, Pierre (son of Leonore, twin of Jean), as provisional king until discover the location of the missing king Charles. In that way, Sweden will keep its autonomy and the noblemen still having control in the government, but the king of France can avoid any attempt of the nobility to take the government and invade the good Christian nation of Russia and Finalnd (at least, until the end of the crusade).
  • Hungary continues to update its military. More ships are built, while Greek/Hungarian troops advance in Mamluk territory. The advance south stops, and the Greek armies advance west. Additional forts are built on the Tripolitanian theme, since the Greek government trust the new Swedish government even less than its predecessor. Neos Preveza continues to expand 2750 sq km inland.
  • China declares war on and invades the Mughal empire. Several hundred thousand Chinese troops swarm into the Mughal lands, though they do not have their 'burn everything' attitude as the last few wars. Meanwhile, the infrastructure in Chinese lands continues to improve.
  • Russian Tsar Peter is happy with the progress unfolding in St Petersburg, this opportunity gives him the chance to show off his beloved city on the Neva. The Power of Novgorod Begins to Decline. Peter conducts a Russian language reform, bringing in the Civil Font, basicaly getting rid of many unneeded letters in the cyrilic alphabet. Peter also orders the developement of a new cursive Russian script to be used in official letters. The first fabric machine is built to be water powered. It is used for the first time and he sets up a shoppe on the River Volga near Nizhni Novgood. Many people start looking at his invention in pride of mother Russia. The governor of Penza visits his shoppe, and is amazed on how fast his machine can produce textiles. he orders him to mass produce as many army uniforms as he can in the space of one week to demonstrate to the Tsar. despite his propultion being dependant on water, he manages to make around 250 uniforms worth of fabric and with help from his wife and her friends is able to make them into actual uniforms another week later.
  • Hanthawaddy during the year falls victim to more riots. The riots spur new architecture and art which adopts Austronesian elements, into what is known as the Chauhhpiu Period, after the port which the movement was centered at. Folk and court songs are recorded using modified European musical notation, and a standard set of elements are applied. OTL Guajira expands west along the north coast at 400 sq km, and Haklon (formerly Bi Hloa) expands east in Papua New Guinea at 400 px. OTL Kumbasem expands east at 3000 sq km.
  • Spain continues to build up its military.
  • Persia declares war on the Gujrats again. This time, the Gujarats fall, allowing Persia to annex the Gujrat empire.


  • The Vietnamese expand their New Vietnam colony by 76*50 sq km. The Vietnamese call for their allies to follow in the footsteps of Vietnam and Naples by forsaking trade with Sweden until they stop their incessant meddling with Finn affairs.
  • Naples continues to fight the Mamluks, and they have more luck this year than the next, driving the Mamluks further back, fighting all the way to Baghdad. However, they overextend, and by the end of the year, have been forced back into the Israel-Jordan area. Meanwhile, Istoias is expanded by 1550 sq km up the east coast of the island.
  • Finland continues to build up their military and continues to build and improve some infrastructure.
  • The Anglo-German Commonwealth sends troops to assist the Chinese-Hanthawaddy invasion of the Mughal Empire. Meanwhile, a complete overhaul of the armed forces continues with hopes to bring the Commonwealth on par with Sweden, Hungary, and Russia by 1718.
  • Russian military is improved a lot. A trade route is offered to Yemen. More Russians move to cities. Peter officially wraps up the convention in St Petersburg and by all attendants' concent makes the colonial divisions forementioned official. more tactics are brought forth to train the military to use. Russian Academy of sciences grows. A uiversity is planned in St Petersburg. The Russian Army takes great interest in the sturdieness, reliability and accurace that came form Penza/Gritsai Rifling. Peter orders the complete rearming of the Russian army, after a successful demonstration by the spetsnaz with Penza Rifles. Peter Revives the Old IWD(Institute for weapons developement) as a part of the academy of sciences. Meanwhile Russian America expands by 3000 due to influx of more fur trade. Russia, with the approval of the Finnish Governement join in confederation(for proof of this check the talk pages of me and kogassa). The Autonomous Grand Duchy of Finland is formed, and a Diet is ordered to be constructed in Helsinki. A Finnish noble wites up a valtiosääntöor constitution for finland, giving the supreme diet of Helsinki essentialy absolute power, keeping de facto finnish socreignty but having the Russian Tsar the Grand Prince/Duke of finland simply as a figurehead. This was the condition of confederation.
    • Yemen accepts the trade offer.
    • The Conference isn't over yet, there are still debates over what territory should be divided.
  • The Swedish king is found!! He apparantly remembers nothing from the ordeal but found himself in Russia. He escaped to Buda and contacted the Swedish envoy there. As soon as that news reaches the Swedish nobility and panic. The nobility closes Swedish borders and invades Finland. Charles XI attempts to stop the invasion but the Swedish nobility refuse to reallow Charles into the country. Charles then manages to take over the Swedish colony in Libya. He honors his French relations and alliance and continues the Mamluk crusade with elements of Swedish states.
    • Why do Russia and Sweden keep going to war war!!!!!!!!!! over 80% of all PvP algorithms are Sweden vs Russia in four wars in the past 100 years!!!!!!! (seriously ... it's annoying!)-Lx (leave me a message)
  • Both Greece and Hungary declare support for the Swedish king, and severe ties with the new Swedish government. Hungary continues to update its military, while Greece advances on OTL Egypt. by December, with help of the navy, most of the coastline is controlled by the Greeks. After that, Greece plans continue its campaigns inland. In Hungary, the roads between the major ports are improved. Neos Preveza expands 3500 sq km inland.
  • Yemen invades the settlements to their north-west, expanding by 20*50 sq km.
  • Terre de Feu (an extension of Malouinas) is expanded 2000 sq km, and his new duke, Pierre Jordaens, is anmed by the king. The king Alphonse asks the king Charles XI to stay in the french court until his restoration in the throne. The Sinai is under crusader control, and the french troops have taken the city of Riyadh, becoming themselves allies of the local arab rebels to the mamluk domain. In secret, Alphonse sends spies again to kill the swedish noble leaders. The caliph asks Yemen to help him to form an alliance with Russia (secretly). The prince Jean and the caliph contibute with mercenaries to the cause of Charles of Sweden.
  • In a swathe of reforms, roads are modernised, the Chinese scrolls are put to good use, and the Tome of Order is written. The Tome is intended to establish a new order in Itsaygahi, devoid of corruption and inefficiency. Nobles, bureaucrats, imams, and officials are to be held to account in Chinese-style courts. Conquest of Florida continues, and the Seminole peoples of the area strengthen the Seminole flavour of prevailing Itsaygahan culture. Natchez expands north, though it also broadens along the Gulf Coast.
  • Persia's player RandomWriterGuy officially quits the game and has handed control of Persia to China. RandomWriterGuy 17:13, November 11, 2011 (UTC)
  • Persia's player RandomWriterGuy officially rejoins the game.
  • Persia declares war on Malwa. Persia armies manage to beat Malwa. Because it was weakened by the famine, it is defeated easily.
  • Emperor Chandrajit dies after his right hand is amputated and subsequently becomes infected. He is succeeded by his son Gaganjit, who is 14 years of age. He begins to implement a new taxation system, hoping to bring Hanthawadddy to a new era of prosperity. Haklon expands south along the OTL Gulf of Carpenteria at 1400 sq km, and OTL Ostrovnoy expands west at 600 sq km.
  • In January, Manchuria requests that it become a Chinese province, being annexed into the empire. This ordeal is fought over by government officials until October, when the word is finally given that Manchuria is to become a new province in the Chinese empire. More roads into the area are built and Manchuria sees newfound prosperity as a Chinese province. In December, a similar proposal is sent to China; the vassalization of the Persian empire. This is debated well into the following year.


Principia Moderni Map 1715
Principia Moderni Map 1715 Key

A powerful new ruler comes to power in the Incan Empire. He unites most of the area around his home town of Wanuku (Huánuco). The Ottoman Empire falls to a nationalist Turkish state known as Turan. Manoa falls into civil disarray due to overspending, while Onguayal vassalizes it, expanding as far as the Manoan border.

  • Obviously this map have at least one error, since i didn't understand this last sentence, and I didn't know if I added European progress on Mamluk territory.
  • How is it hard to understand? Onguayal expands a great deal, and vassalizes the disarrayed Manoa.
  • But, expanding to which Manoan border?the western, so both countries touch themselves or other border. The problem, is that the phrase somewhat makes it look like Onguayal annexed Manoa. And finally, somebody can explain me how do I show that one state is vassal of another when both are NPC's?
  • Onguayal expanded in the direction of Manoa until they shared a large border, and then added it as a vassalized it. I don't know how to show an NPC as a vassal, had any nations with vassals gone inactive in this game?
  • Russia and Finland formed a confederation (like the Kalmar Union in its day) to protect against Swedish attacks, I'm editing on iPhone again and I won't be home until later today, so I guess I'll take this opportunity to declare war on the Swedish nobles to restore Charles XI on the throne. This is a war against the nobles that invaded Finland as it is now in confederation with Russia.
  • The Vietnamese expand their New Vietnam colony by 76*50 sq km. It would be the last colonial expansion the Vietnamese make until 1731. The Vietnamese, offended by a series of diplomatic snubs made by the extremely condescending Emperor of Joseon, the Vietnamese begin the processes of military expansion needed for a successful war. The Vietnamese are confident of victory as the current Joseon military is but a pathetic pale shadow of the formidable force it once was. Former Vietnamese merchants living in Joseon report that Joseon had not performed any meaningful expansion since they went into isolation, and much of Joseon's military equipment is either broken or severely rickety. They report that most of Joseon's cannonry is more likely to kill the soldiers firing it due to catastrophic failure, rather than any Vietnamese target.
  • China plans to buy Taiwaan from Korea, though they don't want a war with them, seeing as how they share a border with China. In the meantime, more roads and towns around the newly annexed areas of China are built.
  • Hungary continues to update its military. Meanwhile, the Greek army slowly advances south, mostly around the Nile. Since the Greek navy is out of action now that there is expansion inland, the battleships return to Greece. Although there is the plan of using the ships to sail through the Nile and help the soldiers, Constantine XII disapproves the plan, as he thinks that is impossible to sail a battleship through a river. The coastal area of the Mamluk territory starts to be rebuilt. Neos Preveza expands 3300 sq km inland, and the settlers reach the shores of the OTL Lake Ontario. Slowly, settlements are established on the shore. Ezsák-Afrika comes back to expansion, expanding 200 sq km south.
  • Yemen expands 20*50 sq km to the northwest.
  • Naples increases the size and power of their military, afraid that someone may try to attack them while they battle the Mamluks. The Neapolitans in the Middle-East control the area of Israel and Jordan, but cannot take anywhere else. Istoias is expanded by 800 sq km along the eastern coast of the island.
  • The Anglo-German Commonwealth declares their support for Finland (Russia can control my armies if they enter the war because I will be gone for the next three days.)
  • Finland continues to build up their military and continues to build and improve some infrastructure. Some Finns also begin to capture some Swedish nobles and deport them back to Sweden as peacefully as they can and without declaring war, as the Finns do not want to fight a war at all. Finland also sends a ship in preparation to hopefully set up a colony somewhere on OTL East Timor.
    • Naples supports Finland in any conflict with Sweden
  • The french advances in the Mamluk empire are lessen, then they asks Finland to support them in the war against the Mamluks. Alphonse I also says that he will support Finland in the war against the swedish government under the nobility (this is secret, I am officially an ally of Sweden). The duke Pierre is expanding his domain quickly in Terre de Feu, annexing 2000 sq km and becoming part of the Royal Council. Alphonse I is still offering mercenaries to the Swedish king. The Caliph travels to Naples to negotiate a possible pact to stop the Neapolitan aggression to the Sunni Islam.
    • Finland would like to help support, but would have to wait for Russia's response and see if it's okay with them.
    • Persia declares war on the Mamluks and invades Mesopotamia.
    • If Finland gets some territory it can count as their first "colony", but I mean the Finns are preoccupied with defending from Sweden, but if they think its feasible they can send support to the crusade, and Russia can and will have to send some support, too (it's kind of a "Catch" if you will, if Finland decides to do military action, Russia has to support it in some way and if Russia does military stuff then Finland has to support in some way). how about giving FInland the Persian Gulf coast of the Mamluk empire for their aid?
    • Mmmm ... What do you think about the colonies of the Mamluk Empire in America? They are three, in Tsalagi, Florida and Delaware. Then, your expansion rate will be 1550 sq km by turn.
    • Oh yeah, that one colony on Florida is Mamluk. Maybe we can get Itsagahi to join in the war to try to take it?
    • Finland says that One of the Mamluk colony is blocked, and plus the continent is undergoing proposal of being divided by certain nations. So Finland can't have any of those colonies. Anyway, Finland will send some aid then.
  • Emperor Gaganjit of Hanthawaddy moves the capital city from Viharapura to Sylhet, about 200 km away. Haklon expands further south in Australia at 1200 sq km. Kumbasem expands west at 1200 sq km. Todikoh-born Chinese Mon, Sinnavau Hingcham (Xu Haizhang), composes a piphat symphony, establishing a new form of Mon music as an art.
  • Russian Emperor severs all trade with the Swedish Government and Declares Karl XI the rightful king of Sweden and the nobility an unlawful coalition of power-hungry conspirators that ordered the attempted assassination of Karl. The first Textile factory is opened in Nizhni Novgorod. Many people migrate there to search for a new type of job. Peter, seeing the smoke coming from the steam engines(even if there were practically none), he orders that no industrial mass-production in a 50 km radius from st Petersburg city limits to "not ruin the beauty of the Imperial Capital. Meanwhile, the construction of A Diet in Helsinki I finished. A man named Vecheslav Gapich discovers a way to pump water using the steam engine to continuously refill it. However, his invention is ignored by most of the population.
  • The Swedish nobles smash into Finland with the Swedish army. Charles visits Peter in St Petersburg to discuss the Swedo-Finnic War and the Swedish demands on North America. Charles currently controls only Libya but plans to secretly enter Sweden the following year. Thorlaand is expanded by 3050 sq km and Scotland upgrades its military.
  • Persia declares war on the Mauluks by invading the Mesopotamian region.

Trade Route are up find them on Trade routes (Principia Moderni)


Rebellion in Malaysia and Riau among lower-class Muslims. They are discontent with the rulers of Vietnam, and declare the Kingdom of Pahang.

Ge peoples in OTL Brazil start to urbanize from a tribal to a nodal level. Near the end of the year a leader appears and unites many of the Ge. A map of the new Ge Empire is below.

  • this concept of Malaysia extends to where, approximately? the part of Malay Peninsula that belongs to Malaysia, or that Vietnamese/New Lithuanian possession on OTL Malaysia?
  • I'm perfectly fine with OTL Peninsular Malaya leaving Vietnam.
  • Persia manages to capture the city of Baghdad and sends diplomats to the European countries involved (or will be involved) in the Crusade in the Mamuluk Empire. The diplomats ask them to support them in their invasion of the Mamuluk Empire.
  • Slowly, the Greek army advances through the Nile. Hungary updates its military. The settlement on the shore of OTL Lake Ontario expands north 1700 sq km, Ezsák-Afrika expands 150 sq km, and Öböl expands 900 sq km south.
  • The Finnish Ship reaches and lands where OTL Díli, East Timor would be and begins setting up the colony/post. Finland also continues to build up their military, and improves a few infrastructure. Meanwhile, some Finns try to continue to capture the Swedish nobles and peacefully deport them back to Sweden, but with the Swedish Military smashing through Finland, it is becoming just to much for the Finns to handle, but the Finns still continue to deal with this peacefully as the Finns can and without declaring war; though this method is failing fast. Finland asks for more help from other nations if possible to help against the angry Swedish nobles.
    • Hungary will give only supplies. Its army is either being updated or fighting the Mamluks.
  • Yemen begins building the ships for colonization. The current plans of ships are not very promising, but they are good for travelling and colonizing the lands, not battles. Yemen expands 20*50 km to the north-west.
  • Itsaygahi continues its march into Florida. Society continues to be reordered, much to the chagrin of the Feudal lords and the clerical remnant class. The yeoman farming class, the Charter Port Cities and bureaucrats of the realm stand to benefit, while the old orders will lose much of their old traditional power. Ultimately the Queen will gain more power. Itsaygahi is shifting out of its Feudal past into the world of absolute monarchy.
  • Again, the king of France asks itsataghian support in the invasion of the Mamluk Empire. The french army secretly supports Finland in the war against the sweidhs nobility. The spies of the king still attempting to0 kill the noble leaders. The duke Pierre expoands Terre de Feu 2000 sq km.
  • Naples sends word to Itsaygahi, saying that the last Mamluk colony in Florida will be given to the Itsaygahi should they aid the Crusaders. Meanwhile, the Neapolitan navy sails up north to Copenhagen, and attempts to force through the Danish straights to be able to aid Finland. Their ground-based navy is still fighting in the Middle-East, however. They send word to Scotland, Estonia, and Denmark, and tell the Swedish vassal states that the government of Sweden has betrayed their king, and they should support the royalists and Finland, not the traitor nobility.
  • The Russian Tsar, seeing that this will only lead to war, Sends more troops to reinforce the swedo-Finnic border, if worst comes to worst, this will all lead to war, as Peter believes to already have happened. Peter Calls Karl of Sweden to take command of his army, to push himself to the helm and defeat the powerhungry council of Nobles. Starting with Denmark Perhaps? Russian Emperor Declares that in their invasion of Finland, they declared war on Mother Russia herself, and that the nobility should be caught and exiled. A swedish noble is found on a swedish ship attempting to use the Northeast Pasage and is aprehended by a Russian Koch Vessel fleet, and after a short fight, is sent to St Petersburg, and sentanced by Peter Himself to life in exile in siberia. The Russian Miliary Launches a full-on Assault on Sweden, Pushing the forces Back from all Finnish lands. Spetsnaz unit is sent into stockholm to assassinate the nobles and generals of Sweden. The Russians start planning for a full out assault into Sweden via the Torne Valley, the only entrance into Sweden proper from Finland and Russia. The Kingdom of Lithuania, the nation of South Armenia (declares support), and Kazakhstan all declare war on Sweden, in support of Sweden's rightful king Karl, despite their past hatred for the swedes, they deem the Nobility an even greater threat and are willing to reconsile with Sweden to get rid of them. Meanwhile, in Canada, after giving the Iroquois firearms to destroy the Hurons, the Governor is able to gain the trust of the Iroquois Confederation, who pledge allegiance to the nation of Russia after converting to Orthodox Christianity. Thus, vassalizing the Iroquois.
  • Spain withdraws its troops from the Mamluk crusade, pleading the reason that those troops are needed to retain stability and order. However, Spain continues to send supplies to the crusade, with sicerest apologies for the withdrawal of its troops. Spain continues to upgrade its military. King Phillip V orders the shipwrights to research new designs of battleships, expecting the designs within the year, and the addition of fifty of these new ships to the navy, within five years. The shipwrights work quickly, and the plans are finished in six months. King Phillip orders the ships be started building immediately, however the ships will not be ready for at least three years.
  • China upgrades its infrastructure in order to distribute wealth throughout the empire. Meanwhile, a law enforcement effort in Japan uses the native Shiba Inu dogs to discover a criminal hiding from Chinese justice. The breed becomes popular with several wealthy citizens, though they are unpopular among military members due to their very unthreatening looks.
  • The Vietnamese continue to expand their military to prepare for the upcoming war with Joseon. The Vietnamese agree to establish a Malay state in the southernmost part of the peninsula. The Emperor has the new Malay King promise him that they will do nothing to harm the other peoples on Pahang's territory for any reason. One of the conditions for Pahang independance is that the Sultan of Pahang accept a constitution protecting the rights of non-Islamic residents to worship freely.
  • Sweden continues invading Finland. Charles tries unsuccesfully to infiltrate Denmark. Thorlaand expands3050 sq km to the east.


​A combined tidal and storm surge devastates the entire coastline of Eastern England, Flanders, Netherlands, Western AGC and Denmark. There are over 20,000 deaths and the damage is horrific especially in the Netherlands.

  • Naples continues to win victories against the Mamluks. They send word to Itsaygahi, urging the Tsalagi to attack the Mamluk colony in Florida, as that will be enough of a distration to the Arabs to give the Europeans victory. Meanwhile, Queen Lucentia has Istoias expanded by 1550 sq km north along the eastern coast of Madagascar, due to her deporting all of the Schmittists in Ricasolia there.
  • Persia begins to invade Southern Mesopotamia and begin to push the Mamuluks out every battle. They manage to conquer most of it and are now sieging Basra. Meanwhile, the Persia government tells the countries involved in the crusade that it is participating. Also, the government also asks them for new military technologies to increase and strengthen the Persian armies and navies.
  • The Vietnamese continue to expand their military for the upcoming Vietnamese-Joseon War. The Vietnamese reluctantly establish diplomatic relations with the new Kingdom of Phanang, as they do not want to mirror what Sweden is doing to Finland.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and improves a few infrastructure. Some Finns continue to try to deport the noble Swedes back to Sweden peacefully at least. Meanwhile, Finland expands their new colony (located where OTL Díli, East Timor would have been located) 50 km inward.
  • Relations with the Venetian government deteriorate even more.despite the nobles' (expecially the croatian ones, since most are resentful of the Hungarian defeat on the previous war.) opnion being of outright declare war and reconquer the regions lost on the previous war, sometimes referred to as "Neizvršen Mađarska", the king resolves to wait to see if either the relations are established, or there is nothing more to do. The navy is upgraded. Meanwhile, given the amount of territory conquered of the Mamluks, the King Constantine comes to the conclusion that it cannot be efficiently ruled by Greece, especially with the instability on the region. Eventually, he installs his son Theodore on the command of a provisional Egyptian government, and the command of the troops on the Nile is given to his other son, Michael. Expansion inland continues following the course of the Nile, while Theodore gains the support of one of the warring factions. Neos Preveza expands 650 sq km northwest. Meanwhile, a settlement across the OTL Lake Ontario is founded. The lake becomes known as μεγάλος λίμνη (Megalos Limni). A settlement is founded across the lake, in OTL Ontario. Öböl expands 2050 sq km south.
  • Charles XI and Peter manage to somehow find enough in come to strike a friendship. Charles announces to the astonished Peter in the middle of a heated religious debate that he has decided to change to Orthodox. Later in the year, Charles with AGC help manaages to sneak into Denmark during the chaos of the floods. Charles stages a coup against the nobles and Denmark falls. His reappearance forces the rest of Sweden's vassals and colonies to resume loyalty to Charles. Panicked, the nobles scatter but many are captured and executed for high treason. Charles changes the religion of Sweden to Orthodox and orders all churches to be redesigned. New Scandinavia expands 3050 sq km north and then west along the coast. Charles seizes the nobles assets and gifts 250,000 kronar to Finland as conpensation. He will give a further 250,000 kronar if the Finns give Sweden a strip of land 100 km wide (14 px) next to the Hanthawaddian colony to Russia.
    • Finland accepts and gives them the land as well.
  • Yemen expands north-west by 50*50=2500 sq km and begins researching new types of income, sending many men to explore the lands of Arabia. They also offer Finland a trade route from Aden to their prefered seaport.
    • Finland accepts the offer.
    • And what would be their prefered seaport?
    • Uusikaupunki, if its okay. Or if not then Helsinki.
  • The french king again strikes the Mamluks, taking Medinah and besiegin Mecca. The Schttimists expand the colony in Terre de Feu 2000 sq km. The king asks the Russian to help him in the crusade against the Mamluks.
  • Itsaygahi agrees to the Neapolitan idea and declares war on the Mamluks, their newly trained Janissaries attacking the Mamluk colony in Florida. The soldiers are promised land in Florida and in the north, if they win the war. The Queen calls for an alliance with the other members of the alliance against the Mamluks. The growth of the importance of the military, the decay of the feudal classes, and the close connection of the growing mercantile class to the military slowly create a new militaristic upper class to replace the decadent descendants of the original Tsalagan conquerors. Elsewhere, the vestigial distrust of Orthodox Christianity leads the Marcher Lords (still based on military aptitude, and so unaffected by the changes) in the north of the nation to agree to protect the remnants of the Hurons fleeing Russo-Iroquois extermination. A protectorate is established over the Huron, now based south of the Michigan Peninsular.
  • Hanthawaddy expands Haklon south at 1000 sq km. Gaganjit establishes a trading post on the island of Sakhalin, at the "Eastern prong" of the southern end of the Island. However, he begins to grow unpopular for hid reforms at taxation based on European models.
  • Chatgani becomes a vassal of the Chinese empire upon request. The nation, which had been ailing as an enclave surrounded by China, could no longer sustain itself. Though it had asked to join China or become a vassal, China has refused due to unstated reasons.
  • IN St Petersburg, Peter is completely astonished at the fact that Karl decided to become an Orthodox Christian. The Patriarch in Moscow, to allow easier conversion of the Catholics in Sweden, decides to allow them to be "Latin rite" Orthodox (like Eastern Rite Catholics (ex Ukrainian Catholics) are like Orthodox). after the return of Karl to Denmark, Russia is able to capture many nobles, and hold them as POWs. Russian troops, with the help of many people now going back to Karl's side in the war, are able to push the nobles into their last true stronghold in Oslo, whith whatever puny force they had left, after a day of advance to oslo, they capitulate and return all power to Karl. Russians are able to capture the second-in comand of the nobles, and ask Karl that instead of execution, they could simply send him into exile into siberia and hard labor. Canada Expands 3050 km towards the Great Lakes along the St Lawrence, Breaking past Montreal. The settlement/capital is renamed Kvebek-Stadakona (Kvebek (or Quebec is native for "there where the river becomes less wide") and Hochelaga is officialy renamed "Hochelaga-Mon-Rayal" (Hochlaga Mount Royal/Hochelaga-Montreal). A new city is formed via conglomeration of settlers near OTL trois rivieres and the river is named the krasnoyarskaya river and the city is officialy granted city status as "Alexigrad" after Peter's son. However, three months after this happens, rumors are starting to emerge about him, and how he might have supported a group that was to kill Peter, a groop aligned with the swedish nobility. The 2IC is taken in for questioning and is promised back to Sweden if they so desire after they get the information they need. Peter Brings in the Table of Ranks, making new court positions and three main branches of service: Military, civil and court.
  • Spain contines to upgrade its military and navy.


  • The Neapolitans are joyous, for the northern war is over. They suggest Sweden sign a treaty with Finland, allowing trade with Finland to pass freely through the Danish straights, if this has not been passed already. Meanwhile, in the Middle-East Biondello works to secure the borders of Greater Jerusalem. He has seized what territory he deemed was necessary to protect the Holy Land, so he is now focussing on just that land, and none other. Meanwhile, Naples begins to increase trade with Itsaygahi, and asks if they will allow Roman Catholic missionairies into their lands. Ricasolia is expanded 1550 sq km west to make trade easier with the Tsalagi. Queen Lucentia tells Hungary that Naples will fight with them in the war to take back the territory Venice took from Hungary, but that no expansion into Italian land other than the former Hungarian portion shall be permitted.
  • France will support the hungarian-venetian war too. In Arabia and Egypt the war is adcaning, and the caliphal toops have taken Mecca. The french army is improved with new mamluk mercenaries and arabic warriors in the militias. The french state donates huges quantities of money to the church. France asks for an alliance to Tsalagi and the Commonwealth.
    • ​Commonwealth accepts the French alliance, in return for assistance in the devastating floods.
  • Persian troops manage to capture Basra and control all of Southern and Central Mesopotamia. Persian armies begin to move north, capturing towns and villages along the way.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure. Finland also expands their new colony 50 km inward.
  • Advance by Greek troops stops, since the Greek troops on Egypt are guarding the territory and others are aiding the supported faction. Smaller battleships inspired by caravels are made by Greece, after the inefficiency of the then-used carracks for sailing through rivers. The new settlement of Neos Preveza expands 600 sq km inland and along the coast, while expansion on Újfundlandi és a Labrador resumes, with the southern settlement expanding 700 sq km and the central part expanding 750 sq km south. Ezsák-Afrika expands 700 sq km.
  • Kunarian has been banned for a month. He returns in a few days. At least wait, we promised.
  • The Vietnamese continue to expand their military strength in preparation for the upcoming Korean War. The Vietnamese, relieved that the Swedes are now officially recognizing the Finns, slowly return to trading with the Swedes.
  • Yemen expands more to the north-west.
  • China continues to expand its infrastructure, especially in the colonies. It announces the Emperor's Deal: free passage to America and a medium plot of land to all veterans of the military. This plan brings many experienced, retired veterans to the colonies. Since most veterans that move to the colonies are younger than forty, they usually arrive in the colonies with children in their families. This later paves the way for the militia in the colonies.
  • Spain contines to upgrade its military and beins updating infrastructure.
  • Peter further expands the military, and establishes requirements for hereditary, personal and possessive nobleness. Peter officially abolishes the Boyar title, for ever. Peter officialy declares Siberia a Russian Possession, and the Iroquois are given more guns to arm themselves and kill of the rest of the Hurons, ending their numbers to 1000 refugies. Peter officially allows the Russian colonies to have their own industries, making them independent economicaly from the will of the Tsar. Peter makes ceveral new military orders, and awards at least a thousand himself for efforts done by soldiers during the Great Northern and Finnish Sovereignty wars. Russian America grows by 3050 sq km. Many more people migrate to cities, a more efficient prototype of the steam engine is made. The textile factory in Penza becomes very good at producing profit. Peter institutes a "head tax", a fixed amount of money for each male living in a certain place. A fuller census of population is to be conducted every 20 years.
  • The Swedes rejoices at the end of the war. Their military is pieced back together after the chaos of the war against Finland. The Scottish nobles begin to search for potenial colony sites and amp up their military. The Swedes decide to build the largest Orthodox chapel in the world in Malmö. Thorlaand is expanded 3050 sq km east.


  • Naples continues to secure the land of Greater Jerusalem, driving away all Mamluks who resist. King Biondello allows most Muslims to remain, particularly the lower class ones that are not Mamluk. Many begin to convert to the Shia branch of their religion to escape from persecution. Naples expands Ricasolia 1550 sq km along the southernmost coast of the island from the eastern part of the colony.
  • Finland continues to build up their military, and continue to build and improve some infrastructure. Finland also expands their new colony 50 km inward.
  • Yemen expands more to the northwest.
  • The Greek armies left on Egypt secure the territory, while supporting the faction allied with them, which helps them to gain more territory inland, away from the Nile. A Egyptian government is established, as a vassal of Hungary. Hungary continues to update its navy. After recently receiving news of the defeat of the nobles of Sweden, although the nobles were defeated two years ago, King Géza sends his sincerest apologies for not receiving notice of this earlier, and resumes trade and diplomatic relations with Sweden. The new settlement of Neos Preveza expands 800 sq km inland. The part of Neos Preveza on the eastern side of Megalos limni expands 900 sq km along the coast. Öböl expands 1050 sq km south.
  • France secures the coasts of the Red Sea. The caliph Beyazid declares the sultan of Yemen as Emir of the Faithful. The king builds up the french military. The parliament approves a project to improve the sanitation and availability of technologies in the whole empire.
  • The Vietnamese continue to expand their military in preparation for the upcoming Korean War.
  • Itsaygahi accepts the alliances with Naples and France. The last remains of Mamluk Florida are demolished, and a conventional southwards continues.
  • More and more veterans move to the Chinese colonies in America. More roads and towns are built. Former Tenochtitlan prospers with new trade.
  • Persian troops finally manage to secure northern Mesopotamia under their control. Persia now declares military neutrality, as it wants to focus on stabilizing and modernizing the country.
  • Spain continues to improve its military and some infrastructure.
  • Hanthawaddy establishes a settlement at Sakhalin's "East Prong" at 50 sq km. Haklon expands south at 1600 sq km. Hanthawaddy discovers ruins at OTL Darwin of an ancient "holy city" from a few hundred years before. Hanthawaddy occupies the city, at 50 sq km. A major rebellion of lower class Muslims influenced by that of Malaysia appears in Burma, and although small it begins to gain ground. It protests the dominance of Bengal in the Hanthawaddy-Bengal Union.
  • Russian Soldiers continue to be trained. Strelets Corps continue to be dissolved into the regular forces. Peter orders the construction of a Pan-Continental Road stretching from Vilnius to Nicolaevsk. A new city is founded, and is designated a naval port in the Pacific. Its name is Vladivostok (lord of the east). Russia sends aid to the new Finns as to help set up their colonies, as Russia has had some since 1501. Population in the Russian colonies in America reaches 100,000. Astonishing for the amount of area they encompass. Second comes Africa, censused to 60,000 and of course, India, 200,000, and Novaya Kamchatka (New Zealand), 50,000. Totaling 410,000 colonial residents. Peter Wants to get that number up to one million in America. The first Urban Boom happens in Novomoskovsk and Stadakona-Mon-Rayal. The Peter Wants to visit the Cathedral in Sweden when it is done. He sees much future in it. Meanwhile, it is made known that Peter's son Alexi was in a plot to kill him, revealed by one of Sweden's ex-nobles. Peter is outraged, after questioning, the senate unanimously rules to execute him after his confession, and Peter receives news of his death during the Pacific-Siberia Day celebrations. Luckily, Peter's Grandson, Peter Alexeevich, is still alive along with Peter's wife. Peter Changes the rules of succession to the Tsar may choose whom he wants on the throne, and is not suitable to any laws, unless no successor is named, then, it gets complex. After an autopsy, it is revealed that he was poisoned by cyanide before the execution. The suspect was the Noble of Sweden, and even if Alexi was executed, the Swedish noble is found guilty of high treason against Russia and executed.
    • Note that this Vladivostok is not the same as the real-life one, as Joseon owns that land. However, since the name Vladivostok could be for any city on the east coast of Russia, you could just say it was another city that doesn't exist in real life.
  • Sweden and Scotland build up their militaries. Thorlaand expands 3050 sq km to the east.