The Haudenosaunee

1586-1630 1654-1660 1670-1715


The Mezican States are united into the Dominions of Mezico. It has greater autonomy and native born viceroys are appointed to govern it.

1660 May 28th

The British can hardly stand the stalemate on the Vermont discussions and declares Vermont will be occupied and made part of the British Empire. The Haudenois make a short term pact to fight the French, the British still thinking the Haudenois as a broken savage tribe. In the last 10 years, colonies have been set up by the British on the Bahamas.

1660 June 1st -15th

The British invasion of Vermont begins and the Haudenois invade Québec. After two weeks of fighting, the British have overrun the first few fortifications of the French while the Haudenois take Ottawa, the colony’s capital, and half of Québec (the capital is moved to Québec City). This surprises the British greatly and they are not sure whether to blame the Haudenois success on lucky weather, poor French supplies, or what else. The Haudenois were supposed to be little more than a diversion to draw a few French battalions away, not a major contender in the land-grab. Lightly armoured Haudenois lake sloops called Kaháwaniyúnutak'aa (shallow boat) move quickly down the Kakuwanë Këhôte (big river (the St Lawrence)) bombarding French forts and outposts while gunpowder and sworded battalions follow-up behind to subdue the barraged cities. Unlike British engagements, Haudenois attacks continue on into the night with Kökahkënye's Ka'wëthwahsö battlefield assassins. Huge Tekiya'kö caravans carrying captured civilians are wagonned back to major Haudenois cities for processing.

NA 1660aF&Bcolonywar

1660 June 16th – 23rd

As the fighting drags on, France can see that even defending its coastal forts will be impossible if the British choose to continue invading. The Haudenois constant attacks have doubled the Haudenois advancement against increasingly fatigued French troops but the Aboriginals hold back to avoid extending to a compromising position soon after taking Québec City, the Colony’s capital was moved to Gaspé. Before the Haudenois stop, French control in Québec above the Kakuwanë Këhôte is gone, redistributed back into Haudenois provinces. Newer, improved citadels are built all along the new border with New England and reconstruction becomes the main issue.

Nouvelle France is now in an awkward position, neither aggressor willing to risk a fight with each other, whether in the long or short run, and the French battalions are too few and tired to possibly gain anything back. The British follow the Haudenois’ suite, building up defences, and getting ready for a long, bogged down war, each like two kids on opposite sides of a stream, building their forts while watching each other intently, waiting for the other to make a mistake to take advantage of …slowly building. Impasse.

NA 1660beastcoast

NA 1660bnewspain

1586-1630 1654-1660 1670-1715

The Haudenosaunee

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