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1633-1699 (Mughal Glory)

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Prince Aurangzeb is killed by a war elephant.


Emperor Shah Jahan dies of a heart attack. Dara Shikoh, given the title of Bahadur Shah, becomes the emperor of Hindustan. He is forced by Shah Jahan to follow what his military advisors say.


Military advisors begin campaigns against the Safavids. All of them end in a stalemate.


Expansion stalls as Hindustan sign peace treaties with all of their neighbours. Leadership proves to be incompetent in expansion. However, architectural and cultural projects reach a peak.


Deccan sultanates fall under Hindustani influence.


Company War begins.


Company War ends. Hindustani victory.


Bahadur Shah dies. He was, and is, thought of as a horrible emperor who stalled Hindustani glory.

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