This is an archive of all turns and maps in the game Principia Moderni from the year 1600 to 1629. For the current events, see the main game page.


Principia Moderni Map 1600
Principia Moderni Map 1600 Key
  • After another short period of relative quietness, Hanthawaddy launches another major expansion in Katimon and New Hanthawaddy. Katimon expands north 550 sq km. The Dunquk Dung settlement expands west 850 sq km, and a new settlement is created of 600 sq km onto the Guajira Peninsula. The OTL island of La Tortuga is annexed, at 200 sq km.
  • The Vietnamese expand their Guiana colony by 25*50 sq km. The New Lithuanians further solidify their control of their territory in the archipelago. The Vietnamese offer to purchase Joseon's territory in the Philippines for New Lithuania's sake. The New Lithuanians begin expanding their enclave on the OTL island of Borneo. The islanders are given the same rights as the natives of the New Lithuanian archipelago. New Lithuanian merchants establish trading relationships with China, Joseon, Japan and Hanthawaddy. The New Lithuanian construction industry flourishes, as European-styled cities are built all through the Grand Duchy's territory.
  • Labrador expands 1000 sq km west. Meanwhile, the second settlement of Új Zagráb is named as Szent István.
  • France continues to reorganize its overseas territories, and this year focuses mainly on Cote d'Ivoire. The West African Company is given enhanced powers to not only continue the very profitable trade with the tribes of the area, but to also begin to make laws for the colony. Due to the reorganization, the head of the West African Company is given the title Director of Cote d'Ivoire. In Nova Francia, after the conversion of one India chief to Roman Catholicism, he petitions his particular local confederation of chiefs to join this "new religion." By year's end, all of the chiefs of the confederation have converted to Catholicism, and have been convinced that they should join and merge their lands with the colony. As a result, the colony expands by 2000 km sq. However, there is major discontent amongst the younger natives of the newly annexed lands as they still cling to their old religion.
  • The Commonwealth begins to send food to the New Incan Empire (as the region they have settled in isn't exactly great for agriculture). If there isn't enough food, Incans are invited to move to Neue Brandenburg, although the colony will still obviously remain under full Commonwealth jurisdiction. As more rainforest is cleared there, the colony expands by 10*50 sq km. Meanwhile, a group of Catholics in Hamburg set sail for Atlantis. After stopping in Atlantis City, they arrive in OTL Darwin. There they set up the colony of New Jerusalem. This they make into a religious haven, and they are joined by others who want to escape from the idea of "separation of church and state." (Note: this is not a Commonwealth colony. This is simply going to be a "holy city" which may or may not be conquered by another nation later.)
  • If by Atlantis you mean Australia, just use Australia. Australia has been known for a while by Hanthawaddy as Toahataw so it would be really confusing if we used different names for Australia for each country.


  • Hanthawaddy expands Dunquk Dung east along the coast by 1350 sq km, and west along the Guajira peninsula by a total 450 sq km. A new settlement at OTL Araya is created at 50 sq km. Katimon expands north by 450 sq km.
  • The Vietnamese expand their Guiana colony by 25*50 sq km. They request Russian aid in transporting Lithuanian immigrants to their New Lithuanian vassal state. They also send a greater offer to Joseon for the purchase of Joseon's territory in the islands. With the almost constant flow of immigrants, the New Lithuanians solidify control over the southern portion of the archipelago. The New Lithuanians start expanding their territory in OTL Borneo as a result.
    • What's the situation with PitaKang? Is he even playing anymore? Who do I talk to on the issue of Joseon's Philippine territory if the user playing Joseon barely plays this game anymore?
  • Öböl expands 1000 sq km.
    • I am sorry to say that I am quitting this map games and all map games in general. I am tired of all the world leaders making good decisions all the time, and the complete unreality of the whole thing. I had hopes for this map game, but they failed. Everyone is too peaceful and good, while in real life, there were many leaders who did many wrong decisions and mixed up the whole world. My attempt (Emperor Fuiroz) at having a bad leader to add realism backfired as the whole world jumped me. I am sad to say that I am leaving map games. I will still work on my timelines, but best wishes Roguejedi 14:31, July 21, 2011 (UTC)
    • Well, I invaded you, and you ended the war extremely quickly. There was potential for you to negotiate with Hanthawaddy to land troops in Iberia or to actually fight the invading forces, but you just ended the war kinda quickly. Second, many of our leaders have made awful decisions. Thirdly, you can't just base your opinion on our map game when you've played only a few days. If you feel the world is too peaceful, start a war. If you feel monarchs are too gamey, then be the example and discuss it in the talk page. If you think this or any map game can be improved, go to the talk page and let's talk about it, don't just run off! In the end not only do we lose out because any of your opinions are just gone, but you lose out as well because you clearly enjoy map games and you just give up on them so fast. It was nice having another European power, but... good luck! JonAllenMichael
  • The Anglo-German Commonwealth orders another census, as will become customary every 12 years. The Commonwealth's largest cities are now: Potsdam, Atlantis City, London, Portsmouth, and Hamburg. Unfortunately, King-Emperor Joachim II only uses this to bring more taxes on the populace. This makes him very unpopular. A new group comes to power at court, in which calls itself the Council of Nine. It is overwhelmingly pro-German, and becomes very popular with King-Emperor Joachim II, but understandably less so with Crown Prince Sigismund. Finally, New England expands by 25*50 sq km.
    • I am posting what Zagoria had put before because of the reverted edit. Seriously. Check what he had written among the codes.
    • Sorry about that, I didn't notice the codes. I was in kind of a hurry.
  • In the final act of reorganizing the colonies of France, the West Africa Company is given control of French West Africa as well. As a result, the West Africa Company begins to hire mercenaries from both the African Tribesmen and Europe. Through treaties, coercion, and war, they begin to press from Cote d'Ivoire towards the French West African Colony (the former commonwealth colony) along the coast through the Akon States by 600 km sq, in an effort to begin to connect the two colonies together. A new shipyard has been constructed in Marseilles, making it the largest shipyard in France, and should certainly speed up the construction of ships for both the French Navy and the civilian merchant marine.
  • Canadian Colonists discover OTL Prince Eduard Island, naming it Boyasin Island in honor of the first Russian explorer. the colony expands 1250 km on the island (if engulfing it then it continues on the New Brunswick coast south of the island). Boris Godunov is named governor of Canada and by the end of the year a gubernatorial home is constructed near Hochelaga (OTL Montreal) and Stadacone (OTL Quebec). the new Russian tsar approves a flintlock rifle design and it is predicted that both Lithuanian and Russian armies will be completely upgraded to this new technology in 1605. The Lithuanian army is given a similar uniform as the streltsys (red overcoat but instead of gold buttons, blue ones). A "foreigners' Quarter" (nemedskaya sloboda) is constructed in Moscow around the Grand Embassy. Because of Excellent relations between Russia and Anglo-Germany, the word nemets, nemka, nemedskoe and the sort (originally meaning foreign things) become synonymous with German in 1650 (high quantity of German visitors to Russia in future) and by 1750 the word will mean German, although the name of the quarter will not change. The new Tsar offers the King-Emperor Joachim II to accept a London-Moscow and Potsdam-Moscow (with stop in Novgorod for supplies) trade and passenger route through the Baltic Sea.


  • The Vietnamese expand their Guiana colony by 25*50 sq km. The Vietnamese are still trying to get an answer from Joseon on the offer to purchase their Philippine claim. The New Lithuanians expand their territory in Borneo. The New Lithuanians attempt to establish friendly relations with Russia and Anglo-Germany. They naturally have the blessing of the Vietnamese to do so.
  • New Lithuanian expansion counts as colonial expansion unless they declare independence, so unless you give a number it will be counted as 1 pixel or nothing if you exceed your colonial limits.
  • The rules state that Vassal states are NOT bound by the rules of colonial expansion.
  • I apologize, I slipped.
  • Tsar Dmitri declares that Russian expansion into Siberia is inevitable and that it will start this year. Russian Soldiers (already upgraded to flintlock) restart the Siberian endeavor and with more waves of soldiers coming back every year with upgrades the expansion is predicted to be faster. The tsar declares: "the Vietnamese have their assassins, we have our OVVR, and I have nothing to fear from them, if those assassins enter our land we will know first". The tsar enters into more peaceful relations with some ex-Lithuanian nobles in New Lithuania. The OVVR are now as equally feared as the Vietnamese spies in their efficiency to deliver objects about Russian borders and the thing going on in their.(sorry I’m in a hurry, can’t fully post, don’t take any of this too seriously). Canada expands 1250 km

    • The Vietnamese respond to the Russians by promising that the sathu (the official name for the assassins) would not enter Russian borders, especially when the Vietnamese are trying to repair relations with the Russians. The sole purpose of the sathu is to eliminate leaders who endanger the security of Vietnam or her allies. The Vietnamese Emperor reassures Tsar Dimitri that the Vietnamese do not see the Tsar as being a threat to Vietnamese interests or those of their allies.
  • Global stability? What country in 1602 even has a concept of global stability?
  • Again, anything "global" does not work. It needs to be something more local and actually benefit Vietnam, like to maintain Vietnamese power in Asia. This is the 1600s, not globalized modern times.
  • I corrected that mistake.
  • Újfundlandi expands 1150 sq km. Meanwhile, the king appoints a governor to Új Zagráb.
  • The Mughals request permission from Joachim to colonize Tasmania. Large rodents create havoc in Madagascar and the island is abandoned. Continued settlement of formerly Ottoman territories in Western Hindustan continue [since there has been no Ottoman presence for nearly a decade]. The Andaman islands are established as a penal colony for captured Mujawadden. An aerial ballooning exhibition is scheduled in Goa. Russian, French and Commonwealth delegates are invited. Jews from Palestine and Khazar are invited by the Mughals to establish trading relations.
    • The French agree to send a delegate to observe the exhibition.
  • In the Commonwealth court, King-Emperor Joachim II comes farther under the control of the Council of Nine. In response, Crown Prince Sigismund sets up his own court in London and refuses to talk to his father. Joachim gives permission to the Mughals to colonize Tasmania, and sends men to observe the balloon exhibition. He agrees to a shipping route between the Commonwealth and Russia, but wonders if a simple London/Hamburg-Novgorod route might be used as neither Moscow nor Potsdam border the Baltic.
  • In an effort to deter tariff evasion, the King orders the organization of the Royal Customs Ministry. Customs Houses are set up all over France to ensure that tariffs from foreign goods are paid and that nothing illegal is entering or exiting the country. Cote d'Ivoire continues to expand 600 sq km towards French West Africa along the coast.
  • Hanthawaddy continues focus on colonial expansion during the year. The settlements at Araya and Guajira expands west 100 sq km and 500 sq km, respectively. Dunquk Dung expands east 1350 sq km along the coast to. Muslim settlers leave the Jamaican port of Day-klung to the west in hopes of reaching the Mayab. The administration of Katimon expands an existing mission to the north by sending settlers to the area of OTL Coochin Creek at 100 sq km. Diplomatic ties with the Ternate Sultanate continue to deteriorate, causing Hanthawaddy to place laws on Ternate merchants in Hanthawaddy.
  • China expands in former Inca by 700 sq km.


  • Hanthawaddy expands its military in anticipation of war with Ternate. New muskets are added to some military units. This detracts from colonial expansion, which numbers only 100 sq km north in OTL Murmansk, and 1050 sq km east along the coast in Dunquk Dung. Katimon expands south 200 sq km and its new settlement expands by 100 sq km.
  • The Vietnamese expand their Guiana colony by 25*50 sq km. The New Lithuanians expand further into northern Borneo. The New Lithuanians discover large deposits of gold and silver in their territory. These minerals cause their economy to soar, and a deal is made with the the Vietnamese to ship a small portion of the yearly production to Vietnam as a part of the deal between their governments. This causes the Lithuanian immigration to New Lithuania to skyrocket, and a few small communities have chosen to move at once to the new state.
  • you expanded your colony by how much pixels?
  • The king Zoltán decides to create a census, to be realized each ten years, starting in 1603. Mostly because of the decision being made in the middle of the year, the results are only expected to come out in 1604.He also tries to instruct the governors of the colonies to do the same. Meanwhile, Új Zagráb is renamed as Uruguay, as well as the river which passes by the settlement of Szent István, which expanded 500 sq km. Meanwhile, 550 sq km (the whole island) of Heró (OTL El Hierro), as part of the expansion of the Canariae Insulae colony.
  • France finally grants a Coat of Arms to Nova Francia. Things in that particular colony seem to have settled down in regards to the religion of the Native Americans, as the missionaries are for the most part very successful in converting the natives of the area. However, there is still a core of the Native American population that is against both leaving the colony, as well as converting. Messengers are sent to both Vietnam and the Commonwealth to discuss the possibility of another invasion of Spain, this time completely removing all Iberian influence from Spanish politics, as well as freeing Portugal. France is still uneasy about Fuiroz's influence, even if he is dead. Cote d'Ivoire further expands another 600 km sq east towards French West Africa along the coast.
    • The Vietnamese Emperor agrees that he feels uneasy about the current state of Iberia. He fears that the Iberia of Fuiroz did not die with him, but was given cosmetic changes to satisfy the dead Emperor’s enemies. The Vietnamese Emperor has been wondering if the dead Emperor had established a secret cabal in Iberia in case of his death. If it exists this cabal could be manipulating events in Iberia to their advantage, despite Fuiroz’s death in the Iberian Civil War. There is a distinct possibility that the late Emperor’s son Antonio has been using the Cabal to attempt to restore the old Empire.
  • The Commonwealth agrees to the possibility of another invasion, on the condition that the region is simply given independence and no territory is taken. It declares that the best solution would be the complete dismemberment of Spain (ie into Portugal, Catalonia, Basque Country, Navarre, and Castille) to prevent it from becoming too powerful. Gold is discovered in Sudafrica, and the convicts there are ordered to mine it. Sudafrica becomes known as das Land von Gold .Finally, King-Emperor Joachim II starts taking to vodka, making it the national drink. Unfortunately, he takes to it too much, neglecting his lands and leaving government to the council of nine.
  • Russian Soldiers continue advancement into Siberia. Russian OVVR agents in France hear of talk about Emperor Fuioz's son Antonio leading a cabal in Iberia secretly controlling it. OVVR agents are sent to Iberia to confirm this theory of a grave threat to the World. Canada expands 2000 km.


  • The Vietnamese expand their Guiana colony by 25*50 sq km. The New Lithuanians expand their territory in Borneo further. The New Lithuanian Grand Duchess officially renounces her claim to the throne of Old Lithuania in Europe, as a gift to the Russians.
  • Hanthawaddy continues upgrading its military as relations with Ternate decay. In particular, more troops are moved from the Vietnamese and Rajput borders, as well as Singburi, to the coasts (notably Ayuthaya) and Katimon, where it is perceived an attack may take place. The New Hanthawaddy administration begins splitting from the crown Hanthawaddy, and as a result there is less focus on expansion and more focus on creating a profitable area. New Hanthawaddy invites Vietnam, France, Maya, the Mughals, and Hungary to send merchants to the new port at OTL Araya, which is renamed Kumoeh Hako, or New Pegu. That settlement expands by 850 sq km both to the east and west, and slightly inland. Jamaicamon absorbs the OTL Cayman Islands, at 450 sq km. Katimon's OTL Coochin Creek settlement expands by 200 sq km.
    • French merchants begin arriving at the port midway through the year.
  • Hungary accepts the inviting and also invites Hanthawaddy to send merchants to the Szent András port, in Újfundlandi. Újfundlandi expands by 1200 sq km.
  • France is in agreement with the Commonwealth, that the best way to minimize the risks of another conflict in Iberia. It is suggested that if Vietnam agrees with this as well, that France can send messengers to individual lords of the six regions in order to have stable candidates to take their respective thrones and to spark a civil war in which the other powers can intervene. France that no land will be taken for their own personal use. This is not out of selflessness, but more out of a desire to not have anything at all to do with the Spanish due to the French-Spanish relationship of the previous 100 years. Cote d'Ivoire continues to expand 600 km sq along the coast east.
  • The Commonwealth expands Neue Brandenburg by 25*50 sq km. Its troops are ready to conquer Spain if deemed necessary. Another assassination attempt against Crown Prince Sigismund fails.
  • The Russian OVVR agents in Iberia confirmed the rumors about Antonio leading a cabal in Iberia along with his whereabouts. Messengers are sent out to France and Anglo-Germany to discuss possibly leading and planning six separate coups lead by 6 different OVVR agents along with an assassin (or group of assassins) to kill Antonio and the rest of the Iberian Cabal. The plan is to set up puppet governments in the six Iberian states and slowly give them self-rule (say in 20-50 years to have a smoother transition) and purge most anyone closely involved with the old regime to eliminate Furioz's influence once and for all. Meanwhile, to show their efficiency the OVVR set up a coup in the Uzbeck Khanate. This one goes smoother because of war-torn and weakened (not to mention technologically deprived) Uzbecks and their government heals almost immediately to angry rebels and peasants supplied by Russians. fighting however continues until middle of 1605 when a Kazakh vassal state (puppet government) will be established.
  • A Chinese period of inner prosperity begins. Unfortunately, the prosperity is only for the richer population. The gap between rich and poor widens daily. China, already a center of tourism and culture, plans to create a recreational ship. This is considered to be the first cruise ship. Meanwhile, China decides to focus on expanding in Asia in the not-too-distant future, though Occupied Inca expands by 700 sq km and, for the first time in a while, the Baja colony expands 500 km north.
  • The New Incan Empire: The New Incan Empire (NIE), begins to expand cautiously along the east coast, trying to avoid war with other countries. Thanks is given to the Commonwealth for the food ad a naval base near South America's tip may be created by the Commonwealth if it so wishes. An offer is made to all nations who have colonies in South America to sell them to the the New Incan Empire for any reasonable price so that the nation may expand peacefully without war. The NIE also promises that any country that does sell its territory to the Incas will be allowed to keep a naval and military base along the coast of there former colony and that all citizens in these colonies, if they are sold to the NIE, will be allowed to keep the same rights they exercise under there mother countries laws. The Vast gold and silver possessions of the old Incan Empire were brought from the old Incan Empire to the New, so there is plenty of money to pay for these new colonies.
  • Oh by the way everybody, Im back on the wiki, so if you ave any problems please contact me. DeanSims 21:26, July 24, 2011 (UTC)
  • With the Mughal Empire extending its reach to the southern tip of Hindustan political crisis develops in Delhi. The Mujahaddin force their way into the Council and demand that the captive Joseon Emperor be released from the dungeon in the Red Fort. The true aspect of the imprisoned official remains unknown, however allegedly with this individual's royal seal authorizing the mission an invasion of Joseon is planned. French, Russian and Commonwealth support is requested to aid their mission that is intended to return the Joseon Emperor to his seat of power north of the Imjin River.


Principia Moderni Map 1605
Principia Moderni Map 1605 Key
  • Why are the Russians in the Khanate area? They were expanding in Siberia.
  • They had set up a puppet government in the Uzbeck Khanate.
  • If it's a puppet government but not a vassal, then it shouldn't be coloured blue.-DK
  • A few issues I fixed: 1) Isla la Tortuga belongs to Hanthawaddy, 2) In Cote D'Ivoire, 1px-thick expansion is never acceptable, especially in organized areas, because the original owners would assert control almost immediately, 3) New Lithuanian expansion is on steroids. A vassal state is not a colony or possession, it is a weak state that owes allegiance to a stronger state. New Lithuania is clearly a weak state run by a government-in-exile that is constantly conflicting with native tribes, so there's no excuse for it to be expanding at a rate that's implausible for Vietnam itself, 4) Someone keeps putting Inca Empire back to tribalism. An organized state will generally never go back to tribalism, regardless of how much political strife. If there were 55 warring factions it would not constitute tribalism because that is not the structure of society, it is just the situation. The only way an organized area could go back to tribalism is because of a severe natural disaster (by that I do not mean El niño), and in that case it would be very localized.
  • I thought I had already posted a solution to the tribal problem. I had spelled out that the local tribes get rights equal to those of the European immigrants. And New Lithuania has a nearly constant flow of people from the former nation of Poland-Lithuania. They need more space to house these people. The first thing the New Lithuanians did was to solidify control over at least the major islands in the southern half of the Philippines. The "constantly warring with native tribes" is still DEAD WRONG.
  • 1 - I don't think that you mentioned Isla La Tortuga, but thanks, anyway.

2 - ... 3 - I'm only putting out what he said that was New Lithuania in former posts. 4 - if the Inca moved,then what is that state in the former area of the Inca? 5 - he said that that was a vassal state. 6 - I got the location of the Araya settlement right? I looked up in Wikipedia and they don't even show where it is.

  • 1 - My bad, I could have sworn. 3 - Several problems here. While it is possible for expansion like this to occur with extreme assistance to the under-equipped and untrained Lithuanians from Vietnam (that would definitely detract from colonial expansion), there is still no way to avoid conflict with the natives. First of all, as they are allowed equal rights as Europeans, they are also subject to the same laws which might not be in accordance with Dayak customs. In addition, the natives would not be used to the taxes and having to default to a superior. Second, the issue of slavery. It goes without saying that because slavery was legal basically everywhere in this time period. If you made it illegal in New Lithuania, that means that whites could not touch Dayaks, but also that Dayaks could not continue their tradition of slavery, which is extremely prevalent. Finally, if you decided that whites would inhabit settlements while natives would continue their way of life, there is no way to avoid the locals plundering the settlements, and that is grounds for conflict no matter what. You do realize that the Dayaks measure status based on how many heads they capture, and they wouldn't understand that the Europeans have no such custom unless they were taught so. And I'm going to state the discovering gold and silver doesn't make sense, because while there are some gold reserves, they are not sufficient to fuel an economy, especially when the main focus of the people right now should be creating settlements for survival. If you look at any OTL colony in the 1600s you will realize that life was very hard-scrabble.
  • China also expanded in Baja a bit during these last five years.
  • The Vietnamese expand their Guiana colony by 25*50 sq km. The New Lithuanians expand their territory in Borneo further. The New Lithuanians will take a temporary respite from territorial expansion. The profits from their mineral exports have made the New Lithuanians quite wealthy. They use their wealth to build a series of schools in their cities. The university in New Vilnius would soon rise to Vietnamese standards of education, as the Vietnamese have made massive donations to the New Lithuanians for the purpose of helping the New Lithuanians improve their standard of living. The languages of Polish and Lithuanian are both taught at these schools, as they have become host to a flood of Polish immigrants who dislike Hungary's puppet government. They also hold considerable minorities of the other groups who lived in the old Grand Duchy in Europe. These include the Ukrainians, the Belarussians, and the Tartars. There is a growing community of people who call themselves "Ruthenians", and speak their own unique language. There is a very large community of Jewish descent, as most of Lithuania's Jews left fearing potential Russian anti-semitism.
  • NOTE: The vassal state of New Lithuania controls the southern half of the OTL Philippines up to Joseon's colonies, and a portion of northern Borneo roughly equivalent to Malaysia's OTL territory on the island.
  • China's military is amped up, largely focusing on filling any holes left in the defenses, though these are sparse, and on the Western Offensive. The Baja colony expands northwards by another 700 sq km.
  • Újfundlandi expands by 1250 sq km, and the port of Szent András start to be reformed. Meanwhile, the King of Poland, Gustav, tries to negotiate a strip of land with access to the Baltic with the German Commonwealth.
    • The Russian Tsar sends and emissary to the King of Poland with an offer: a strip of land in Lithuania bordering the Baltic and East Prussia plus free access to Lithuanian ports and free mining and the Urals for 20 years in exchange for Warsaw and lands around it
  • The Anglo-German Commonwealth offers to buy one of Hungary's colonies in return for selling East Prussia to Poland. It is hoped that this will create a stronger alliance between the Commonwealth and Hungary. The Commonwealth offers to send some muskets to the Mughals to assist them in their attempts to restore the Joseon King to power, although they ask that Joseon is not simply annexed (as the Commonwealth remains in alliance with them). Finally, the Commonwealth offers to send an annual supply of food and luxuries to the Incans in return for a limited payment in gold.
  • Hanthawaddy continues upgrading its military. It expands Dunquk Dung east along the coast by 1200 sq km. Katimon's new settlement expands north 300 sq km.
  • Canada expands 2000 km. Russia continues expansion in Siberia. OVVR agents successfully set up a puppet gov. in Uzbecks renaming it Kazakhstan.
  • New Incan Empire: The NEI excepts the Commonwealth's trade agreement. Conscription is introduced and plans for the creation of a National Assembly are put into effect. Incan Explorers "discover" Southern Africa and establish the city of New Cuzco on the site of OTL Cape Town, and even though the colony is little more than a base at this moment, trade begins with the natives in opes of establishing allies in the area. Colonists and explorers begin to prepare for migration to New Cuzco, as the NIE calls the region around the base/colony. New Cuzco is no larger in area than OTL city of Cape Town when it was first established.
  • The Russians already have a colony there.
  • Sorry about the colony. I will fix that. Still, the gold and silver are still mine, the NIE may not have invented the wheel, but we are trading with the rest of the world, we pick up on a few things, especially things like the wheel, sailing and other basics.
  • You can't colonize so soon after being exiled… Also, how do you expect to transfer all that gold? Most of it was on buildings and monuments, and besides, the Incans didn't even invent the wheel."
  • France expands Haiti by 1250 km sq. Diplomats are sent to Vietnam and the Commonwealth on the best course of action to take about Iberia, assassination, a political coup, an outright invasion, or another method of removing the potential threat. Also, discussions are had about whether to divide Iberia into two or six states, with France favoring six. (Check the talk page sometime tomorrow for my response on "1 km sq coastal expansion", mostly because I have questions about what expansion is exactly, anyway.)


  • The Vietnamese focus their assets into increasing New Lithuania's stability and rate of expansion. Vietnamese soldiers and sathu stamp out rebellions among the more violent of the local tribes. The also offer reprieves to more peaceful members of these tribes and to tribes. This causes the tribal unrest against the New Lithuanians to end. The New Lithuanians, free from the attacks, expand at an amazing rate through the southern half of the OTL Philippines. Settlements abandoned after the start of the rebellion are resettled and expanded.
  • There. I've removed the Philippine tribal violence a second time. I want 1605's old map to be the territory for New Lithuania in 1610.
  • The Russian Tsar Passes a law that guarantees no religious persecution by the government in colonies or Grand Duchies (although the Orthodox faith will be greatly encouraged). Russian troops continue expansion into Siberia. Canada expands 2000 km. Kazakh puppet government agrees to a military alliance with Russia. The Tsar is in despair as his wife still bears no children.
  • The negotiations between Poland and the German Commonwealth go well, until the King Gustav suddenly dies. He is succeeded by his son Lech, who cancels the negotiations between Germany and Poland. Meanwhile, Labrador and Újfundlandi are developed, with more villages being created, specially in Labrador. Öböl expands 1200 sq km.
  • China expands northwards in Baja by 1200 sq km.
  • The Anglo-German Commonwealth expands Neue Brandenburg by 25*50 sq km in order to make the colony self-sustainable. As more forest is cleared, more farmland can be created. Some colonists, however, send parties into the jungle to list flora and fauna. After a visit by the Count of Kassel, he becomes a major proponent of keeping the rain forest's natural beauty. Meanwhile, the first recorded Cricket Test Match, between London XI and Portsmouth XI, is played (Portsmouth won by 291 runs).
  • I only just realized, the Commonwealth still controls Jutland, but it's not on the map.
  • When did you annex Denmark to get Jutland?
  • I never annexed Denmark. I annexed Jutland and Skane after defeating Denmark in the war of 1557-58.
  • Okay, but I saw your post and, Copenhagen already was the Danish capital in 1557.
  • In that case just fill me in as ruling northern Jutland and Skane.
  • Hanthawaddy continues expanding its military. Newer muskets are introduced for faster reloading and easier aiming. Hanthawaddy expands Dunquk Dung by 750 sq km east along the coast. Katimon's new settlement expands inland by 250 sq km. Raikmoh expands south by 200 sq km south. OTL Titovka Novaya settlement expands east by 300 sq km east.
  • 1 - Titovka Novaya? are you sure that isn't just Titovka? 2 - "expand south by x sq km south?"
  • 1 It shows up as Novaya Titovka on Google Maps for some reason. 2 My bad, just expand 200 sq km south.
  • New Incan Empire: Internal improvement such as roads, farming, and domestic tranquility continue to be worked on, and New Cuzco becomes the capital of the NIE on the Eastern coast.


  • A flood happens in the Bristol channel, resulting in destruction of large amount of farmland and livestock, along with a large number of victims.
  • A malaria outbreak throughout South America spreads rapidly and overtakes the continent. All expansion in South America is halved until 1650.
  • The Vietnamese garrison most major communities in New Lithuania with experienced soldiers. They establish a military academy for the training of the New Lithuanian army. Sathu target the most troublesome of the native chieftains for assassination. They lead an effort to get the local Dayak tribes to abandon their long-held tradition of slavery.
  • When do you think is the soonest the Dayak would become subdued. Somehow I doubt they are going to take as long as the Maori did.
  • Probably never. They will resist colonial rule until they are wiped out or gain independence. But seeing you're destroying the foundations of their society, it's possible they might blend in with the immigrants like the Maori. And it's way too early to ban slavery in general, but it's okay to ban the Dayaks from their own type of slavery/headhunting. I can see your efforts to be as liberal and politically correct as possible but it's too early, wait a few decades.
  • Öböl expands by 650 sq km.
  • Due to the malaria outbreak, I halved this from 1300 to 650 sq km.
  • Sweden continues modernizing its military and economy. Sweden seeks an alliance with any major Western European power and Japan.
  • Japan is inactive.However, Hungary wants an alliance with Sweden.
  • The Mon army continues to be upgraded, with military instructors being hired from Germany, Hungary, the Ottoman Empire, and the Inca Empire. New Hanthawaddy experiences a malaria outbreak, and as a result, expansion comes to a slowdown. A small number of local Mons decide to move off the mainland, settling Isla la Tortuga (200 sq km) and creating a new settlement on Isla de la Margarita at OTL El Morro, at 150 sq km. However, most choose to migrate to the Three Jewels Islands or Camaika. Hanthawaddy annexes Bear Island for Toeh Ngoa Nyoing, at 450 sq km. The authorities hope it will be useful as a stop-off point for travel to the OTL Spitsbergen. Katimon's main bulk expands north by 200 sq km along the coast.
  • Sorry, but I can't find a map of La Tortuga Island anywhere, and the region in which it is localized (Federal dependencies of Venezuela) is not in the map.
  • The Anglo-German Commonwealth offers an alliance to Sweden, and gives them free passage through the Straits of Jutland if they accept. They are forced to halt shipments of food to the Incans in order to send back to England. Neue Brandenburg is hit hard by the outbreak of malaria, with nearly 40% of colonists dying over the next five years. More colonists must be sent to prevent the colony being conquered by the natives, resulting in more deaths from disease. The final break between King-Emperor Joachim and Crown Prince Sigismund occurs when the council of nine declares that no German money can be spent on England. Sigismund takes full control of aiding the population of the West Midlands and Wales. He lifts the ban on peasants leaving their farms, leading to an influx of refugees into London. Unfortunately, farmland is destroyed and there is no one to farm in Neue Brandenburg (the main agricultural colony), so thousands starve that winter. Many see this as a sign that God doesn't exist, leading to more and more people adopting a form of atheism.
  • The Russians continue to expand into Siberia. Further control of Kazakhstan is established when the Kazakhs and the Russians formalised an agreement making the kazakhs a vassal state of Russia. Meanwhile, Canada and Novorossiya expand 1000 km respectively. Many Chiefs of the Mohawk confederation have since adopted orthodoxy and it has become a big religion of Mohawks. Mohawks also develop their Mongal traditional-orthodox religion.
  • New Incan Empire: Internal Improvement continues, and the Incan Prince asks Sweden for permission to marry the Swedish Crown Princess, and that she becomes the New Incan Empress while the Incan Prince becomes the Incan Emperor.
  • Amsud03
  • Few comments: The Inca is not occupied by China, it's occupied by a warring faction of the royal family. Also, you missed Cuzco entirely in your claims and snagged a bunch of unproductive land. And you probably shouldn't expand so fast, especially on so little resources and given the climate and ferocity of the Mapundunguns.


  • Sweden accepts the alliances with the Anglo-German Commonwealth and Hungary. Sweden politely declines the Incan offer. Sweden having modernized its military invades Central and Southern Norway. Initial battles are highly successful with a strip of land 4000 sq km annexed by Sweden in Central Norway. This cuts Norway in half. Further battles take part of Southern Norway increasing Sweden by a farther 1000 sq km.
  • Matter of fact, you are declaring war on Denmark.
  • Thank you, I have edited my post but have not added more territory
  • The Vietnamese seal their Guiana colony's borders. Vietnamese officials in Guiana research new and innovative ways to stay self-sufficient while the Malaria outbreak rages. Guiana still suffers the effects of this deadly disease, but this self-imposed isolation allows them to weather the outbreak relatively unscathed. The disease costs the colony the lives of approximately 15-20% of the colony's population. The Vietnamese Emperor offers the Incan Prince his youngest daughter's hand in marriage, as well as an alliance. The Vietnamese do this out of an increasing sense of distrust towards the Chinese, which only grows stronger after the Vietnamese Ambassador hears stories of China's more distasteful actions in the Incan Empire's former territory.
  • There is no self-imposed isolation. These are mosquitoes. Besides, given the slow shipping times of the early 17th century, there wouldn't be time to find out about the outbreak in other colonies before it was too late. Seriously, if a merchant ship came from New Pegu talking about a malaria outbreak, that ship probably carries mosquitoes, anyway.
  • expansion at Öböl and Uruguay basically stops, with Uruguay losing approximately 25% of its population. The king resolves to send more expeditions to repopulate Uruguay. Újfundlandi expands 1400 sq km. Meanwhile, another separate expedition launched in the previous year arrive in the OTL city of Narsaq, Greenland. A settlement is built there and named Narsák (Hungarian adaptation of the Greenlandic word for the area).
  • Rodney, the new Mughal Emperor, welcomes the alliance with Joachim and gratefully accepts any and all muskets, ordnance and slave women. The latter may not have specifically been Joachim's intention, but that is a very long and unnecessary tale to relate. As for the Joseon Emperor, he turned out to be an impostor, and most likely a spy sent to investigate the disappearance of the French archaeologists. In any case, the whereabouts of the Joseon Emperor remain obscure, but if he does turn up around Delhi we will be prompt in returning him to his seat of power. In the meantime, the Mughals occupy Cheju-do in preparation for an invasion of the southern Joseon peninsula. Rodney states unequivocally: 'If the Joseon Emperor wants his island back, then he should reveal his presence.' The Ottomans too appear to be away from their post. Chaos hates a vacuum.
  • Several things. 1. It was definitely not my intention to give the Mughals slave women. 2. When did the disappearance of French archaeologists happen? 3. Who on earth was Emperor Rodney (the OTL successor of Ackbar was Jahangir). 4. Since when has the Emperor of Joseon disappeared? 5. The so-called "imposter" was a spy of which country? Finally, 6. We are thinking of withdrawing our support for the invasion unless your reasoning is clarified. -Zagoria
  • The Ottoman Empire, after a period of no expansion decides to invade Ethiopia. 50,000 Ottoman troops land on the coast of Somalia, and plan to move northward towards Ethiopia. A second army of 40,000 marches through Egypt to attack the Ethiopians through their northern borders.
  • You have too many colonies. Drop some first.
  • The sudden death of King-Emperor Joachim II throws the Commonwealth into turmoil. Crown Prince Sigismund is currently organizing aid work in England. At the death of Joachim the Council of Nine immediately sends an assassin (a retired Vietnamese assassin) to kill Sigismund. The attempt fails due to him being discovered by a local child and Sigismund is informed. The assassin is executed and Sigismund returns to Germany. Although there are fears of more civil war most people in Germany hated Joachim and the Council of Nine are defeated in the battle of Leipzig. Seven surrender and are sent into exile, one is executed, and one flees to Russia where his body is later found frozen in the winter. Sigismund, victorious, crowns himself King-Emperor John II (in honor of his grandfather). He purposely holds a small coronation, however, in order to assist people near the Bristol Channel. He sets up his court is Portsmouth.
  • Russia expands frther into Siberia. A great cloud of sadness and despair covers Russia however when the Young Tsar Dies of Malaria after visiting his Indian Colony. As the Tsar Died without children, ending the centuries-old rurikid Dynasty, he is buried in moscow. Debate raged in the zemski sobor (noble council) and it was decided that Vassili Shuiski (a descendant of the rurikids) would take the throne. He too, to date, has no children. Vassili is crowned in December Vassili IV Shuiski, Tsar of all Russia and Lithuania, Prince of Warszava, Co-sovereign of the northern Kola, Ruler of Siberia and all their possessions. The Russian OVVR find the fleeing member of the council of nine dead after investigating a reported border crossing. he was found in the kola peninsula near the Mon settlements. by a local who reported it to the autorities. The body is buiried after three days(according to Russian Tradition) and a messenger is sent to Sigismund to tell him of this matter. Dimitri's death however did not stop colonial expansion in africa where the expansion was 1550 km and in Canada where it was 750 km towards Gaspesie.
  • Hanthawaddy delivers a slow response to the malaria outbreak by sending medical experts from Pegu to Dayh-klung by the end of the year. Without worry of impending war, military updates come to a slowdown, but Hanthawaddy is still on guard in case Ternate decides to be aggressive again. New Pegu expands east 300 sq km along the coast, by the remaining Mons who are interested in creating a grand port of trade in the Americas. Raikmoh expands east 150 sq km along the coast. The OTL Ostrovnoy settlement of Toeh Ngoa Nyoing expands 100 sq km inland, while the OTL Titovka expands south by 300 sq km, meeting up with the Murmansk settlement, and 500 sq km west along the coast, due to a renewed interest in whaling amd walrus hunting found with the annexation of Bear Island and malaria outbreak. In Katimon, religious matters again become more prevalent due to a series of small revivals, and many Mon colonists take an interest in the many Buddhist missions forming throughout the western Australian continent. As a result, two new settlements to the south are created at 100 sq km each, at OTL Sanctuary Point and OTL Bateman's Bay.


  • The harsh winters of Scandinavia cause the Norweigians in the cut off North to surrender instead of starve. Northern Norway is annexed by Sweden. In the South the Norweigian resistance is crushed adding Southern Norway to Sweden. Central Norway continues resistance but fall back by 50 to 300 km on the front. Copenhagen is desvastated by huge fires caused by ships laden with gunpowder hitting the port and forts. Swedish troops land in Northern mainland Denmark, North Jutlandic Island, Mors, Western Zealand and several smaller islands. The sieges of Olso and Copenhagen begin.
  • I know its not on the map, but northern Jutland is in fact under Commonwealth control (ie, your ally.) However, I will gladly grant you free passage to invade Denmark.
  • I thought I would let you know Norway has a small exclave which you can see on the map arount OTL Oldenburg and in parts of the Netherlands.
  • Other expeditions are sent to Narsák, which expands 550 sq km east along the coast. Újfundlandi expands 1800 sq km west inland, creating a second passage between the wester and the Eastern parts of the colony.
  • The first half of the year presents a productive whaling season, leading to major expansion in Toeh Ngoa Nyoing. The OTL Titovka settlement expands west by 500 sq km. OTL Ostrovnoy expands west 200 sq km. OTL Longyearbyen expands east 100 sq km. A new settlement of Mons is created in communication with Icelandic whalers on the tip of the peninsula in the easter part of OTL Norður-Þingeyjarsýsla County. The settlement was created by two whaling families in Camaikamon who fled the malaria outbreak, and although the Mons blend in with the village of Skálar, it constitutes the first Mon presence in the area. The two new Katimon settlements expand 50 sq km south each. Hanthawaddy, upset with the Chinese dominance of East Asia and growing influence in South America and fearing that Mahayana Buddhism would overtake the traditional Theravada Buddhism, secretly moves its troops close to the borders of OTL Yunnan and OTL Sichuan. Meanwhile, a naval front stations outside Hainan. On 13 October 1609, the forces attack, demanding China hand over the OTL divisions of Yunnan, Sichuan, Guangxi, greater Guangdong, Guizhou, Hainan, and Chongqing. Hanthawaddy's troops promise local villagers that it will grant them better rice turnout using its technology, and that it would build new canals and roads, gaining a degree of support. Hanthawaddy requests the aid of Vietnam, the Mughals, the Incas, Joseon, and Hungary in ridding East Asia of Chinese power.
  • I thought Hanthawaddy was allied with China.
  • Hearing that the Chinese are being attacked on one front already, Vassili IV takes the opportunity to Invade China. Troops in Siberia are stationed once again on the Chinese border and invade western China. The Russians promise to make China a grand Duchy, therefore granting it freedom concerning religion. The Russian and Kazakh forces, now much more technologically advanced than the Chinese quickly overwhelm and occupy large parts of western China by the end of 1610. The Shuisky Tsar quickly demonises the Chinese state and brings conscription back.
  • China's pretty advanced in technology, considering the fact that before the invasions, China was going through a prosperous era.
  • Chinese forces suffer crushing in the southern parts of China until November, though Western Forces are able to quickly expell Russian forces from Western China. The Chinese offer peace to New Inca and send a sizeable amount of gold to show sincerity. Meanwhile, China asks its allies, Vietnam, Japan, the Mughals, and the Ottomans, for assistance. The powerful Chinese navy responds to Hanthawaddy's invasion of China by setting up an intricate defense grid along Eastern Chinese cities and retaking key ports along Southern Chinese cities. Though China is not allied with Europe, they do feel that Europe could be of assistance. They openly criticize Russia's leader for being an opportunistic weasel that attacked when China was relatively distracted. All European nations are offered rewards if they offer assistance to China. They especially try to ask for help from the Commonwealth, saying that China will not expand in Inca any more and may even give away their power in South America in time. During this time, East Asian Christianity expands majorly, especially along Vietnam's border.
    • Since China is back can somebody please make an algorithm- One of the reasons i joined this war is so there could be more conflict...
    • I request that the Chinese withdraw their forces from the Incan Empire's territory. Otherwise I shall consider our alliance null and void.
    • I sent a message to just about everyone in the game. I am planning to cease expansion in Peru and maybe sell my colony to New Inca later on.
  • The Vietnamese honor their alliance with China. They send soldiers to the Kingdom of Singburri and annex it, as their agreement with Hanthawaddy was nullified by Hanthawaddy's attack on China. They also occupy Hanthawaddy's Krung Thep enclave. The Vietnamese assassinate prominent Hanthawaddy commanders, and follow up these assassinations with a fullscale invasion of Hanthawaddy. The Vietnamese have a far simpler solution to Russia. They send an elite sathu unit to Moscow. The Tsar is dead within a week of their arrival.
    • The Sathu is caught soon later in Nizhny novgorod by the OVVR and is executed on the spot without trial. The Zemsky Sobor, after much debate, chooses Mihail Romanov as Tsar (as Vasili had no children)- Romanov was a relative to Ivan IV's first wife Anastasia Romanova, Starting the New Romanov Dynasty. The New Tsar Declares Status Quo Ante bellum with China and Quickly demonizes the picture of Shuisky. The New Romanov Tsar Agrees to PAy for Damages caused by his predecessor's arrogance.
      • Vietnamese agents still in Russia report that the sáthủ captured by the Russians had not been executed. He had swallowed a dose of the Aconite all sáthủ carry to either eliminate targets or to keep themselves out of enemy hands.
  • The Anglo-German Commonwealth declares their suppport for the Chinese. They declare that Russia and Hanthawaddy are the aggressors, and the Commonwealth-Russian alliance is over. They call upon France, Sweden, and the Mughals to join the Commonwealth, Vietnam, and China in a war. As is understandable, judging from the distances, the Commonwealth can only assist in a limited fashion. However, troops are sent from New England and are placed at the Chinese Emperor's disposal. It is announced that Russian ships will be refused access through the Jutland straights, which greatly reduces their naval power by 50%.


Principia Moderni Map 1610
Principia Moderni Map 1610 Key
  • During the current war among Russia, Hanthawaddy ,China and others, the King trie to be as as neutral as possible, since the country has some materials which have to be imported from China, but Hanthawaddy and Russia are Hungary's allies, as well as the Commonwealth, making the decision even more difficult, seeing that if Hungary supported one of them, the other would invade Poland immediately, if not Hungary itself. Meanwhile, the nobles basically divided themselves between these two groups, and also try to press the king into going to war with either side. Meanwhile, Újfundlandi expands 950 sq km inland. Narsák also expands, by 550 sq km inland. Most of the expansion is halted by the winter, and the lands across the limits of the colony (those which can't be permanently settled) are called "Jégföld".soon this becomes the name for the whole colony.Labrador also expands 600 sq km.
  • Sweden defeats the last pockets of resistance in Norway. Sweden offers Anglo-Germany a quarter of a million pounds for the bottom bit of Scandinavia. Sweden expresses support for China and calls for Hungary to support China. Sweden also condemns Russia's sneak attack on China and lowliness of hitting an enemy when their back is turned. Sweden therefore fortifies Little Belt, Great Belt and Øresund Strait, thus allowing Sweden to monitor every ship entering or leaving the Baltic Sea. Sweden bans all Russian shipping; civilian or military; from passing until Russia pays China one million yuan and joins forces with China against Hanthawaddy. With the loss of Norway, Iceland is unable to supply itself and asks Sweden for annexation to which Sweden agrees.
  • I have to say that this may be quite excessive
  • Really do you think so?? I'll change it if you believe it is unrealistic.
  • There, changed it.
  • The Russians finally crown the new Romanov Tsar Mihail I Tsar and Grand Duke of All Russias and Lithuania, Prince of Warzsava, Ruler of Siberia and all their Possessions. The New Tsar, himself, goes to Beijing To discuss an immediate end to hostility caused by the "Arrogance, anger and selfishness of the Unrightful Shuisky Tsar that killed his own brother because a fortune teller said that he will be succeeded by someone named Mihail, he bcame an insane man deluded with power." The New Tsar discusses a 100 year pact of non-aggression between the Chinese and the Russians along with a new trading agreement. Mihail hopes to greatly improve relations that were not so good in China to start with. The Image of Vassili Shuisky is quickly demonized and the word shuisky comes to be synonomous with "Strong, angry and arrogant fool". The Tsar seeks 100 km DMZ for the next 20-30 years to make sure that his successors don't attack China unprovoked. The Tsar offers his soldiers tohelp rebuild towns that were destroyed in western China.
  • Emperor Pimpisara II of Hanthawaddy responds with a message dispatched to all involved countries. While partially satisfied with the Chinese resolution in South America, he proclaims he is unhappy with Chinese domination of the area he calls "Nanchao" and demands China to cease and desist in oppressing the area. He lists injustices committed by the emperor and politicians to the people of China and announces that many of the Chinese people support his annexation. He notes that the Ming officials have lost the Mandate of Heaven by spending excessively on destroying the Inca Empire as well as making strange cultural policies and should be replaced at the will of the people. He calls upon Russia to join the war against Sweden, because Sweden has in fact infringed on the Treaty of the Kola Poluostrov by invading the area. Hanthawaddy notes the importance of the Mon settlements as a vital link to the open ocean should, as occurs now, the Baltic Sea, and possibly the Black Sea, become inaccessible. Hanthawaddy pushes back into Vietnamese territory, seizing most of Singburi, Ayutaya exclave, and Laos, as well as annexing some of the former Mon homeland on the northern Malay Peninsula. In addition, Hanthawaddy, fearing the rapid expansion of Sweden, launches an offensive into the northern coast of Sweden in former Norway, persuading the international community that Sweden, having already violated several treaties through expanding uncontrollably, now also poses a threat to Russia and Hanthawaddy. Hanthawaddy's colonial administration focuses on arming the colonies of Toeh Ngoa Nyoing, and in order to launch a successful invasion of Sweden, it expands the OTL Titovka settlement 1300 sq km west along the coast so as to provide a strip of territory from Toeh Ngoa Nyoing's principal city, Purongcham at OTL Murmansk.
  • A high number of Chinese citizens feel happy with the empire and do not feel opressed. The Hanthawaddy invasion, however, has put events in motion that will eventually lead to the end to the Era of Gold. China retakes its territories in South China and invades northern Hanthawaddy. On June 12, the Chinese Navy launches the biggest naval attack to that date, devastating Hanthawaddy's navy. They praise Sweden for helping in the war and offer to start more trade routes with them when the war is over.
  • Hanthawaddy's army and navy fight the battles with difficulty but although claiming victory in the naval battles of the East China Sea, Hanthawaddy loses a vital battle near Drakchi, causing Hanthawaddy to wish to open up diplomatic lines and compromise through a partition of Tibet, in which China would be favored.
  • New Incan Empire: The NIE declares its support of China in hopes of regaining all of the Old Incan Empire and begins to send 30,000 of the Incan Empires best soldiers trained in the way of western waeponry and warfare, whic are headede for Siberia and the Bering Sea coast as to start another front and draw Russian troops from the Chinese border, which will then allow Cina's other Allies to get more troops to the main front. This causes the Incan Empire to declare war on Hanthawaddy, and 20,000 Incan troops land north of OTL Cape Town, which is Russian, and easily size the city, which is renamed New Cuzco. The NIE offers Chjina an alliance as well as sending as much aid to China as possible. In response to the Vietnamese offer of marrying between the Incan Crown Prince and the Vietnamese Emperor's youngest daughter, it is accepted, and the two are married in the capital of the NIE, with the daugter becoming the Empress of the NIE and the Crown Prince becoming the Emperor. This cements a personal alliance between Vietnam and the NIE.
  • The Mughals remain unsure of the nature and aspirations of the contestants. In any case, they urge France to declare...and commmit their forces entirely to their ally, Joachim. China never paid us any mind and I guess this is what happens! On the other hand, the Mughals await China's actions...if their arguments are compelling, the war should be deferred.
  • The Commonwealth declares that, regrettably, it will not sell Sweden the southern coast of Scandinavia. However, it does send troops to assist its ally against the Hanthawaddy invasion. More troops are stationed in Commonwealth Sudafrica, as it has the largest reserves of gold in the world and they are worried an oppurtunistic nation might try to take advantage.As Vietnam appears to be in a bad position, the Commonweath navy is put at their disposal.


  • Sweden is happy with the Russia offer and allows Russian trade again (though still imposing the 5% tax on the cargo value). Also Sweden will double the original offer to the Anglo Germans and add in free trade through into the Baltics.
  • Expansion in Öböl resumes, with the colony expanding 350 sq km. Újfundlandi expands 600 sq km, and Labrador expands 1350 sq km. Hungary and Poland declare neutrality, but both are slightly pending for Hanthawaddy's side.
  • Hanthawaddy, despite its defeat in China, manages to deliver harsh blows on the Vietnamese and Swedish fronts. Mon troops capture Singburi and most of Siam and parts of Laos, as well as most of Norway and all of Iceland. Hanthawaddy, deciding to value economic privileges over territory, sends emissaries to the two countries to discuss possible treaties. WIthout a response from the Chinese emperor, the severely weakened troops on Hanthawaddy's Chinese front continue fighting although the fighting has fallen to the level of a border conflict. Hanthawaddy works during the year repairing its economy, and rebuilding its ports that were damaged by Chinese, Swedish and Vietnamese bombardment. Katimon expands north 100 sq km.
  • The Commonwealth once again declares that under no circumstances will it surrender southern Scandinavia (it generates huge profits due to its value as controlling shipping through the Baltic. It also calls upon its ally Sweden to slightly halt its exhorbitant rate of expansion. Meanwhile, Commonwealth troops land in Russia, but are quickly forced back. Public opinion in the Commonwealth, alone of many of the nations in the war, is still high, as there is no blockade of their coasts and casualties are relatively light.
  • Russia says that Sweden by invading the Kola, is in violation of the Kola Poluostrov Treaty. The Tsar Reminds the King of Sweden that The Kola Poluostrov is under co-sovreignty of Russia and Hanthawady, and that Russian law still reigns supreme. The Russian army for this reason helps the Mons Push back the Swedish form the Kola and demands that like in China, Swedish troops help rebuild the destruction they have the settlements to attempt to improve relations. The Russians propose to amend the 4th article (militarization) in the Kola treaty by removing the civilian:military ratio, so that the Mons can have as much military presence as thay want, as long as it is equal to the Russian presance to help defence, and also add that the treaty should be resigned approximately every 60 years to make room for changes that may occur sociologically, militarily, economically and so on (although the base will be the same). The next signing is presumed for 1660. The Russian soldiers celebrate peace and victory as the wars are announced over in Russia and Russia officially pulls out of any conflict. The Tsar sends a messenger to the Commonwealth hoping that the commonwealth could end hostility and open diplomatic relations as the tsar is having to cope with the consequences of a "madman's short rule". The OVVR agents that executed the Vietnamese Sathu without trial are exiled to India and apologies are sent to vietnam along with files and testamonies from higher OVVR confirming that the Sathu that killed the tsar was working with the OVVR in an attempt to depose him as he was "getting more terrifying that Ivan Grozniy!". The assassination was in fact a revolt, and the fortune teller told of the truth, Vassili really did get succeeded by a mihail before his death, just the wrong one that he thought, further proving his insanity. Although the information about the information about the Sathu working with the OVVR is only desclosed between the emperor of Vietnam and the OVVR (this means NOBODY finds out about this unless Vietnam tells them).


  • Jégföld expands 550 sq km and Labrador expands 1000 sq km. Hungary ends up sending a battle ship to be used by Hanthawaddy, unaware of the fact that the war between Sweden and Hanthawaddy already ended.
  • Sweden agrees to the Hanthawaddian treaty but on one condition: That Sweden and Handthawaddy jointly rule Iceland as Sweden is the only nation amongst the two that has the Arctic technology to supply such a large island. Sweden begins a period of rapid modernization in its economy and military. Sweden introduces a baby bonus where 75% of a child's food and health needs are paid for by the king himself. This prompts a threefold increase in births in Swedish controlled areas.
  • Hanthawaddy states that in setting up a new hluttaw for Iceland based on its extant Alþingi, Hanthawaddy will permit that of the 49 seats, five are reserved for Swedish envoys. In return Hanthawaddy asks that Mons are allowed to take part in the governments of Norway and Sweden.
  • The long period of stagnation and isolation in Itsaygahi comes to an end, as a new King rises, and begins a new revolution from above. New provinces and duchies are created, private armies are banned, and more power is centralised into the hands of the monarch. The neglected colony at the mouth of the Mixxixxippi is expanded.
  • Russia starts to stabilize its economy, updating it and making it more modern. The New Tsar successfully signs a treaty of non-aggression and a free trade agreement with China. Trade routes are updated and new roads are built connecting Russia and the rest of asia. The Russians discover the Novaya Zemlya islands and claim them as rightful Russian land. The Russian Tsar is happy that Sweden will help rebuild the Northern Kola, as it also falls into co-sovereign territory with Russia.The Tsar Draws a plan to conquer Siberia and plans to start implementing it soon. (I'm going camping for the week. please have mercy and don't attack because I won't be able to defend myself until next Monday).
  • Hanthawaddy, having made progress in diplomatic talks with Sweden, begins assimilating its newly-gained territories. Iceland is calqued into Mon as Toa Daik Kuloh (contracted to Todikoh), while Finnmark is simply Monicized as Phinmaw. Hanthawaddy does not wish to impose its own culture early-on for fear of rebellion, and as a result sends 20 cultural specialists from Pegu to study the ways of the Saami and Icelandic peoples. Hanthawaddy sets up a hluttaw in each of the new territories, mainly composed of Mons but permitting local inhabitants as well. Mons who are interested in whaling are encouraged to flock to Toeh Ngoa Nyoing's new territories, although immigration is constrained to the islands off the coast of Norway. The OTL Murmansk settlement expands east 550 sq km west as a result of this new immigration, although it is believed that Hanthawaddy will not be able to sustain colonial expansion in the area due to the overbearing necessity of assimilating the new populations. Katimon's two settlements to the south each expand inland totaling 300 sq km. The success of whaling in Toeh Ngoa Nyoing also attracts settlers to Raikmoh, where a settlement of 50 sq km is created on the east coast at OTL Mutra. Despite the progress made on Hanthawaddy's colonial empire, Hanthawaddy itself remains a mess. Chinese and Vietnamese nationals in Hanthawaddy promote and end to the war and engage in violent rebellions. Hanthawaddy's infrastructure and military have been severely damaged. Funds are sent from Bengalla, one of the few cities not harmed by the war, and besides that the main funds are from the spice trade and whaling in Toeh Ngoa Nyoing. Hanthawaddy requests aid from Hungary in rebuilding its cities.
  • The Anglo-German Commonwealth officially agrees to sign a peace treaty with Russia and Hanthawaddy. The end of the war is greeted with celebration in Portsmouth. As a sign of goodwill, the Commonwealth offers to help pay for the rebulding in Hanthawaddy and Russia, as well as its allies Vietnam, China, and Sweden. It is hoped that the Commonwealth-Chinese entente might be retained after the war. New England and New Lancaster expand by 10*50 sq km each.
  • The Vietnamese reluctantly agree to sign the Hanthawaddian treaty. The recent war has severely damaged relations between Vietnam and Hanthawaddy. Most citizens look upon Hanthawaddy with distrust, as the war was started by Hanthawaddy's seemingly unprovoked action against their Chinese allies. Most members in the Vietnamese Quốc Hội (National Assembly, or Vietnamese Parliament) don't have enough faith that the Hanthawaddians wouldn't turn on them like the did the Chinese. As such they refuse to restart the trade agreements with Hanthawaddy. It soon becomes taboo to trade with Hanthawaddy. Though this taboo isn't officially enforced, most Vietnamese merchants do not trade in Hanthawaddian ports. Goods once destined for Hanthawaddy's ports instead are sent to Vietnam's artime allies China, the AGC, Sweden and the New Incan Empire.
  • Just because I have to sign the treaty doesn't mean Vietnam has to like it.
  • China agrees to a peace treaty with Hanthawaddy and Russia. The Russian Non-Aggression Pact is agreed to, along with trade routes to Russia. Furthermore, China plans to open more trade routes to Europe, especially to those that helped China. China's military is upgraded and expanded, especially along Hanthawaddy borders. An embargo on all Hanthawaddy goods for a decade is proposed. Meanwhile, East Asian Christianity becomes more popular in China.


  • Sweden sends troops to help Hanthawaddy to quell the rebellion and discontent in their home territory. Sweden lands their first colonists in the New World after becoming the first nation to enter OTL Hudson Bay. The new colony is called Thorlaand (the double A is intentional) and is located on the part of land jutting out into Hudson bay in the south west. Further military and economic expansion occurs in Sweden with morale buoyed by the colony. The baby bonus scheme is extremely effective increasing the fertility rate from four to ten (however, infant and child mortality rates are still very high with 25% dying before the age of 15). Sweden also lowers the tax on Baltic shipping through the solely Swedish controlled Great Belt causing almost all shipping to travel away from the partly Anglo German controlled Little Belt and Øresund. This drops the revenue gained for the Anglo Germans to barely 2% of the original gatherings.
  • Hungary accepts to help rebuild the Mon cities. Meanhwile, Újfundlandi expands 1200 sq km.Labrador expands 800 sq km in OTL Akpatok Island, and other settlement to the west of the island is created.
  • Emperor Pimpisara II of Hanthawaddy, affected by the loss of his allies, declares that having lost both China and Vietnam as allies, he will take steps to Indianize the Empire. He begins a plan to build a capital city at OTL Haflong which he calls Viharapura. He keeps Pegu as a winter capital, as well as a secondary capital. Hanthawaddy offers the Mughal royal family marriage with princess Mwe Chantha. Hanthawaddy ceases to recognize the New Inca Empire as the legitimate rulers over Cuzco, instead favouring the dynasty in power. Katimon's southern edge expands 250 sq km inland. Raikmoh's new eastern settlement expands south 200 sq km. Piokomon expands north by 50 sq km. Hanthawaddy thanks Hungary and Russia for their support and continues repairing its ports.
  • You wouldn't have lost China and Vietnam as allies if you hadn't stabbed China in the back. What was your motivation to turn on an ally so violently? You understand that the recent war will go down in history as the "War of Hanthawaddian Treachery"? There was no provocation as far as I'm concerned, and no warning of increasing tensions between Hanthawaddy and China. The regime currently in power in Cuzco is not the legitmate leaders of the Inca. They are a puppet regime created by China following their invasion, and will soon fold now that China has given their support to the real government in New Inca. And why the hell did you have to bring Sweden into the fight? All in all I expected much better from you DK.
  • Just about Sweden, in fact, the Swedish attacked first.
  • I did not know that.
  • I attacked in support of China and if I had not entered Handthawaddy had a chance of heavily damaging the balance of power in Asia.
  • Don't freak out at DK. From my viewpoint, all he was doing was trying to start a war and make things more reaistic.
  • How is it better when he started the blasted war by attacking an ally? That move alone is highly despicable.
  • The Vietnamese expand their East African colony by 25*50 sq km. They use their Sathu to great effect, ruthlessly killing the Chieftains and advisors of every hostile African tribe they meet. The Vietnamese Emperor dies of a sudden illness, and his son takes the throne. He send his hopes to Hanthawaddy for repairing relations soured by the war. He wishes to move past the hard feelings caused by the war. The Vietnamese offer to restart the trade agreements with Hanthawaddy if the new Hanthawaddian government is receptive.
  • China, though mournful that it lost a long time partner in East Asia, declares that any rebellion in Hanthawaddy is the result of Hanthawaddy's betrayal of East Asia. China has announced that Hanthawaddy 'May as well not be there' for ten years. All direct contact will cease until 1622, or when China is happy with the new Hanthawaddy government. Meanwhile, the Baja Colony expands by 1200 sq km northwards.
  • Just curious to know when China is going to cede control of the Old Incan territory to the New Incan Empire? I don't know about you, but Hanthawaddy's announcement is all the more reason to support the NIE.
  • Ah man, I forgot to mention that! I'll add something about that next year.
  • The Anglo-German Commonwealth calls upon Sweden, as an ally of the Commonwealth, to decrease its attempts to remove one of the principle sources of income from them. As an ally of the Mughals, the Commonwealth urges them to begin a boycott of Hanthawaddian goods. Shipments of food to the Incans are resumed.


  • A major avalanche in Iceland slams through a village near Reykjavik, killing 50.
  • A famine on the Anatolian peninsula breaks out, bringing trouble to Ottoman authorities.
  • Labrador expands 1450 sq km and Jégföld expands 550 sq km.
  • Thorlaand expands by 50 sq km. Swedens baby bonus is extraordinarily successful. Sweden continues military and economic expansion. Envoys are sent to Vietnam and the NIE offering alliance. Sweden lands more colonists in Thorlaand swelling the population to 700. Iceland is swarmed with Swedish peoples as they clamour to help their brothers in need. The islands population almost doubles and many settle in Reykjavik. Sweden offers the Ottoman Empire food shipments in return for alliance.
  • The Ottomans ask China if they would be willing to take the Ottoman colony of Aden in return for allowing Shia Muslim Imams safe passage to preach in China.
  • Hanthawaddy gets word of the avalanche in Iceland, and proceeds to send more whaling ships with aid. The avalanche causes many Icelanders to express doubt in Christianity because the avalanche took place on an island of devout Lutherans. Mon missionaries take the opportunity to preach Buddhism, explaining the cause of suffering. The avalanche also brings up the question of a new capital for Iceland. The Mons are not suited to use the Þingvellir as the capital city as it is merely a field. Instead the local Mons decided to create a palace at OTL Grundarhverfi. The main transportation system is composed of several ships who serve as messengers between OTL Norður-Þingeyjarsýsla, the landing point for Mons, and Grundarhveri. The glaciers of Iceland are a point of inspiration for a form of poetry that spreads throughout Toeh Ngoa Nyoing. Meanwhile, Hanthawaddy continues rebuilding its ports. City hospitals are fitted running water, an unbelievably expensive project but meant as a way to ensure the sanitation of the patients, many of whom are veterans of the war with China. Hanthawaddy condemns China's refusal to communicate diplomatically, and takes the opportunity to naturalize many Chinese merchants who are unable to return to their country. The merchants are sent to Katimon to provide high-quality silk and pottery to the population. Dunquk Dung builds its first hospital to treat patients with malaria, instead of having to send them to Camaikamon. Raikmoh's main settlement expands southeast 200 sq km.
    • The new Vietnamese Emperor requests that Vietnamese-Hanthawaddian relations return to status quo ant bellum. The Vietnamese Emperor expresses a need to "allow the mistakes of the past remain in the past". Desipite China's outright refusal to communicate diplomatically, the Vietnamese are all too happy to return to things as they were before the war. Many Vietnamese citizens only wish to be able to forget the horrors of war.
  • China thinks about taking Ottomans up on the offer, though the descision will take a little while. China sends money and aid to Iceland in response to the earthquake, and East Asian Christianity spreads more. Meanwhile, China works on rebuilding cities and towns damaged by war. China opens up temporary communications with Hanthawaddy, stating that if Chinese merchants and prisoners are not released by 1622, China will continue its embargo and may take violent measures to free the Chinese citizens. In Inca, China sells some occupied land to NIE and announces plans to abandon the colony by 1630.


Principia Moderni Map 1615
Principia Moderni Map 1615 Key
  • This is a rough cut of the map, especially in the regions that Hanthawaddy gained. I had the finished work, but somebody deleted it and I had to make this remembering of what the borders looked like, and as soon as possible.
  • Handthawaddy only took Finmark and Iceland is jointly ruled by Hanthawaddy and Sweden.
  • no, they took more than 9,000 px of territory (almost all OTL Norway) and not only Hanthawaddy had to accept the offer, or Sweden should have accepted the Hanthawaddian counter-proposal
  • Russia gave back China's territory and China took some Hanthawaddy territory too. Ther also expanded a bit in Baja.
  • Matter of fact, borders revert to status quo ante bellum, as specified in the treaty.and, i added your expansion in OTL Baja California.However, i will correct the Russia/China part.
  • Sweden continues military expansion. Thorlaand expands by 50 sq km.
  • Labrador expands 2800 sq km. Meanwhile, villages start to be developed in northern Öböl.
  • Hanthawaddy continues assimilating its Icelandic and Finnmark territory. During the year, two rebellions take place in Iceland against Mon rule. This is partially a result of a Mon settler's claim over a few acres of land that were previously owned by an Icelandic native. However, organized resistance is made extremely difficult by the sparse population. The small strip of land connecting Finmark to OTL Titovka expands south 300 sq km. Raikmoh expands 1200 sq km, connecting the two settlements on the island by the south coast. Through intensive proselytization, about 20% of the population has converted to Buddhism. Hanthawaddy continues rebuilding its ports, creating several new docks during the year. Additionally, large structures are created to serve as lighthouses. Emperor Pimpisara II, accepts the Vietnamese offer with caution, accepting a return diplomatically to the status quo only on the condition that all sathu entering Hanthawaddy must clearly identify themselves. Hanthawaddy references the fact that only a few years ago, Hanthawaddy was taboo in Vietnam. Hanthawaddy states to China that it has no intention of having Chinese living in Katimon return to China unless a permanent diplomatic channel is arranged, and China apologizes for its trading ban. Mon whalers discover the Lord Howe Island chain, and a few whalers decide to settle on Ball's Pyramid or Lord Howe Island. The island is particularly useful for catching sperm whales and southern right whales.
  • should I add the island to the map? it has 56 sq km (roughly 1 px), and it's difficult to locate.'
  • I don't think it's necessary.
  • Note to China: Pimpisara II is a bit delusional, so just wait it out I guess.
  • The Mughals apologize for recent inactivity. Large scale revolution has broken out in numerous colonized territories throughout Hindoostan. 'Why should we choose peaceful commerce above legitimate rule?' rumble the satiated kings of the region. In secret, many have joined with the Mujahadden efforts to overthrow Mughal rule. In recognition of the abysmal conditions that lurk at the gates of the Red Fort, Rodney [who has since changed his name to El-Waszur-Rubicozo] BEGS the Commonwealth to intervene. In a heartfelt and monumental speech, he berates his own fate and calls upon the Germanic-English alliance to send all necessary naval forces and to share in the spoils of the Mughal decline [either as pillagers or allies in suppression]. Rodney lays the future of the Mughal Empire at the blessedly large feet of Joachim's successor.
  • The Anglo-German Commonwealth orders troops from Sudafrica (which expands by 25*50 sq km) to assist the Mughals in the region. Mujahideen held areas are blockaded. The King-Emperor, John II, orders supplies sent to aid Iceland, as even though it is ruled by Hanthawaddy it is still populated by fellow Europeans. Finally, he declares that unless Sweden gives in to his demands about the Baltic Straight, he will break off their alliance.


  • Sweden gives in to the Anglo Germans levelling their tax rate with the Anglo Germans. Sweden continues military expansion and economic growth. Thorlaand expands by 50 sq km.
  • Újfundlandi expands 150 px and Labrador expands 2600 sq km, 1200 sq km along the OTL Smallwood reservoir, and 1400 sq km with the settlement located at the western coast of the OTL Ungava Bay.
  • Hanthawaddy completes Viharajaya, which will serve as the new capital. A palace known as Kanbawzathadi Palace is constructed. However, at the last moment, Emperor Pimpisara II decides instead that Viharajaya should become the winter capital, due to the large amount of rain and heat during the summer monsoon season. Pegu is to remain the summer capital. Ports continue to be updated, with new floating markets along rivers. About 3,000 Mons settle in Toeh Ngoa Nyoing during the year, a record high due to the interest in whaling. In order to deal with growing population, Emperor Pimpisara II appoints Hkun Pun as the Raja of Iceland, Finnmark, Kola, and the Islands of the North Star (Raja Todikoh, Phinmah, Kola, ko Koh Hnong Tang). This allows Toeh Ngoa Nyoing a degree of autonomy not found in the other colonies. Raikmoh annexes the rest of the island, while Dunquk Dung expands south along its west coast by 50 sq km.
  • The Vietnamese asist the New Lithuanians in expanding their territory in their archipalego. The Vietnamese give the Hathawaddians another throne for their new Palace as a peace offering. The Hanthawaddy trade taboo was caused by the hotheaded former Emperor's rage at Hanthawaddy's seemingly two-faced actions. The new Emperor promises to not allow past mistakes to cloud his judgment of future events. Until the resentment at Hanthawaddy ceases Vietnamese soldiers guard the Hanthawaddian Embassy to prevent an hate crimes being comitted on the staff.


  • The Vietnamese assist the New Lithuanians in expanding their territory in their archipelago. The Vietnamese Empero travels to London to meet with the Anglo-German Emperor to discuss various issues concerning the aftermath of the recent war. While in London he watches a play by the late WIlliam Shakespeare. He becomes fascinated by his plays, and so funds the creation of a definitive collection of the Bard's plays which he calls the "First Folio". When he leaves for Viet Nam he brings some of the members of Shakespeare's playing company back to Vietnam with him. They are to serve as teachers in the arts college in Hue, teaching the arts of "Shakespearean" acting to local Vietnamese actors. Their positions provide a level of luxury and stability that they have not known in their entire lives.
  • Sweden continues military expansion. Thorlaand expands by 50 sq km.
  • In the Anglo-German Commonwealth King-Emperor John II begins a "grand tour of the nation." He visits Bavaria, and relaxes the large military presence which has been in place there since the Commonwealth Civil War. The Commonwealth, like Vietnam, wants to put its differences with Hanthawaddy behind it, and so urges China to reconsider its position related to the trade boycott. John plans to visit New England next year.The first national cricket championship is held, with Middlesex winning.
  • Hanthawaddy, with similar caution, accepts renewed relations with the Commonwealth. Hanthawaddy asks to open up trade routes between Toeh Ngoa Nyoing and England. Emperor Pimpisara, upon seeing a Commonwealth cricket game, decides it may be an entertaining sport for the royal family as opposed to non-competitive Chinlone.
  • Labrador expands 1150 sq km in the western part of the OTL Ungava Bay, and 1250 south in the westernmost part of the colony.Újfundlandi expands 350 sq km. Meanwhile, more harbours are built in Canariae Insulae, especially in the western part of the colony.
  • While happy with the Vietnamese emperor's resolution, Emperor Pimpisara II remains on the lookout. Hanthawaddy accepts and carefully inspects the throne for Viharajaya, to ensure it is not a trojan horse of any sort. Hanthawaddy responds by shipping a large statue of a dragon and a swan (representing Vietnam and Hanthawaddy) signaling Mon-Vietnamese relations using metals mined in former Singburi. Despite not having fully recovered, the Emperor is eager to usher in an era of growth that could be attributed to him in future generations. The ports of Pegu and Chauhhpiu expand to include more of the city. The Emperor wishes to get more of the city involved in the bustling markets on the coast and rivers, where international merchants may be involved. Pimpisara II reduces the power of the Supreme Buddhist Patriarch in favor of the traditional Burmese setup in which he, the emperor would be in charge of religion. Katimon expands by 200 sq km, which connects the two southern mission settlements. In addition, the growing population of Toeh Ngoa Nyoing calls for a road between Purongcham and Phinmaw, so the thin strip of land between the OTL Murmansk settlement and Finnmark expands inland 450 sq km. OTL Murmansk expands west 200 sq km. The Emperor sends a notice to the Russian Tsar saying that its cession of Hporubitoi to Russia has disrupted Hanthawaddy's traditionally vibrant trade with Ceylon and if Russia refuses to put effort into its Sri Lankan colonies, Hanthawaddy will have no choice but to seize them.
  • Would Hanthawaddy wish to advance toward stable relations now that the Commonwealth has affirmed support? Anyone care to carve up Joseon? Thousands of Muhahadden are exiled to Sentinel Island in the Andamans. Shall we divvy up the Ottomans, while we're at it? Nature abhors a vacuum.
  • Emperor Pimpisara accepts the Sultan's request to restore relations but does not share an interest in the Joseon Peninsula, or a declaration of war against the Ottomans or Joseon.
  • Vietnam has repeatedly asked to purchase Joseon's territory in the Philippines. These offers have been repeatedly ignored because PitaKang hasn't played in about a century! We need a break-off point. A point at which inactive users are removed from the game. After all, It aggravates me to no end when users expect to be treated as active hen they barely play the game at all!
  • I respect that he is going to take a break from Althist during the summer, we should probably learn from him lol. I wasn't going to let him have assumed colonial expansion every turn, though, like he asked. Treat this as a period of isolation. Also, I happen to know someone who knows Pita so don't worry, it's under control. And you probably shouldn't hate on inactive users, they're not getting the benefits of expansion or anything.
  • If he's on break, he's on break, but I think there should be a limit as to how long your break can go before your country is opened up for other players to play as. Did he say when he was coming back?
  • That's what I said. There should be a limit for how long a player can be "on break" before people realize that said user is likely not coming back. It's irritating having to deal with these players, as their inactivity makes dealing with them like talking to a brick wall. If you lack the interest to play at least somewhat regularly, you sholdn't play at all.
    • By the way, should I remove the Kelts off the map?


  • Újfundlandi expands 700 sq km.Öböl expands 300 sq km. and Labrador expands 1700 sq km.
  • Don't forget to include the name of your country.
  • Emperor Pimpisara, unhappy with the results of his proposed era of peace, decides to temporarily withdraw Hanthawaddy into diplomatic isolation, although economic matters will continue as long as foreign merchants continue to enter Pegu. Instead of ports, the focus of the year is to promote infrastructure growth. Katimon expands north 400 sq km along the coast, coming closer to connecting with the northern settlement.
  • The Vietnamese asist the New Lithuanians in expanding their territory in their archipelago. The first Shakespearean theatres are built in Vietnam. Their productions are a roaring success, as most Vietnamese citizens know of the Emperor's fascination of the plays. They are such a success that Vietnamese playwrights write Shakespearean-styled plays of their own. Many of these plays also have limited releases back in Anglo-Germany, where they enjoy moderate success.
  • The Commonwealth offers for extended trade relations with Vietnam, to help them completely recover from the war. King-Emperor John II embarks upon a trip to New England, which expands by 25*50 sq km. He visits Atlantis, which is now the third biggest city in the nation, which has a vibrant culture. It has become a major center of theatre, and Vietnamese playwrights are invited for an exchange of knowledge. The first international cricket Test is played between members of the Hanthawaddy and Commonwealth courts. It is a suprisingly close match, with the latter winning by 24 runs.
  • Sweden expands its military further. The baby bonus scheme is way too successful and Sweden's cities are barely coping and overcrowded. Several ships are sent to Thorlaand which expands by 50sq km. A vast convoy is also seen headed for North America.
  • The Russian Economy has finally recovered from all wars and an empty treasury. With a decent amount of money, the Russian Tsar starts to implement the Siberian Domination Plan (expanding farther into Siberia). The New Tsar increases the importance of Ivanskaya Zemla in exports, making new roads and an official sea route from Ivandgrad to Indesky Slavograd (Indian Slavgrad-now become the largest city in Sri Lanka).


  • Labrador expands 2700 sq km: 600 along the coast of the OTL Smallwood reservoir, 1000 along the eastern littoral and an additional 1100 in the eastern part of the OTL Ungava Bay. Meanwhile, the Újfundlandi settlements at the OTL Magdalene Islands are abandoned.
  • A storm blows the vast convoy off course. For months the ships are adrift until the currents finally take them to land. They establish a colony at OTL Anchorage not knowing they are the first people to land in Alaska. News of the colony soon reaches Sweden and the colonialist spirit grows. Thorlaand is swamped by colonists and expands by 1200 sq km. Sweden starts to modernise its weaponry.
  • Itsaygahi expands along the Gulf Coast, with the intention of reaching the Mixxixxippi Delta. Troops and money are lent to local chiefs along the Itsaygahan border, in an effort to construct a network of Itsaygahan tributary kingdoms.
  • The Ottomans began to build forts along their borders with the Mamluk Sultanate, thanks to rogue armies no longer loyal to the Mamluk Sultan launching raids into Ottoman territory. The Ottoman Sultan gives the Mamluks until the year 1621 to find and destroy these rogue armies, or the Ottomans will move into Mamluk territory to wipe them out.
    • Russia expresses support to the Ottomans and promises military support if necessary.
  • The Vietnamese asist the New Lithuanians in expanding their territory in their archipalego. They once again send an offer to the Koreans (aka Joseon), this time to purchase the Korean territory in the New Lithuanian archipalego and the Korean colony on Taiwan. They have they intention to merge the Korean colony with New Lithuania and create an independant Taiwanese state. They offer the Koreans a lucrative trade agreement and a massive amount of gold and money.
    • I do believe I worked hard enough to have solidified New Lithuania's control over the southern half of the Philippines.
  • China expands its colony in Baja by 1200 sq km. They offer to open up a small trade route with Hanthawadddy, though normal trade will not begin until 1622. Meanwhile, A historian plans to gather multiple compilations of historical writings and compile them into the first world history text, including a world map, a timeline and detailed text.
  • The Russian Tsar Expands the military and trains new Spetsnaz. The Russian Armies continue to expand into Siberia. Canada expands 2000 km on Boyasin Island (OTL Prince Edward island).


Principia Moderni Map 1620
Principia Moderni Map 1620 Key
  • Really? Five years of solid expansion can't completely absorb the southern part of the Philippines. Especially when New Lithuania isn't limited by the rules of colonial expansion.
  • The Vietnamese asist the New Lithuanians in expanding their territory in their archipalego. This allows the last territory in the southern half of the archipalego to fall into New Lithuanian hands. The Vietnamese offer to asist the Mughals destroy the rogue armies in their territory. Vietnamese sathu root out the disloyal Hindustani Kings and assassinate them one by one. The disorder caused by the assassinations allows a covert group of Vietnamese soldiers to capture the ringleaders of the Mujahideen movement. They hope that their actions defuse the tensions between the Ottomans and the Mughals.
  • The Commonwealth expands New England by 25*50 sq km. Meanwhile, troops landing near OTL Calcutta meet with Vietnamese soldiers and congratulate them on their victory.
  • Outstanding! The disruption of the external Mujahaddin worked just swell. Rodney the Mughal Emperor whose name Seems Unsuitable graciously thanks Vietnam and England/Germanyland. Greetings to the Mons in all of their Hanthawaddic Glory. Rodney declares that he just wants to 'talk' with the Ottomans ... we'd like to expand farther north past Calikut on the West Coast of Hindoostan but do not wish to incur on formally held Ottoman turf. Notice I said formally, and not formerly. Anyway, more importantly, Rodney declares the institution of the Ranji Trophy and invites all nations to send their greatest cricketers for a series of friendlies upon our excellent pitch.
  • Uruguay expands 250 sq km, Öböl expands 300 sq km inland, and Labrador expands 2200 sq km along the littoral.
  • Sweden sees the potential in the Anchorage colony with its abundance of fine furs. Huge numbers of colonists are sent to Asgard and it expands by 800 sq km. Thorlaand expands by 450 sq km. Sweden invents the first underwater submarine which is powered by 12 oarsmen and can stay submerged for several hours. (Before you cross this it is TRUE research it). The navy starts to mass produce these craft. Whilst the blueprints are kept completely secret. However the Anglo-Germans and Russians see some of these craft in the Baltics.
  • Asgard is the name of the Anchorage colony?
  • Yes, it is named Asgard due to the mountainous terrian and freezing temperatures in winter. The colonists thought that they had arrived near Asgard itself and almost expected Frost Giants to appear. It is a bit of FLUFF I am yet to add to the colony's page
  • Well, at least mention in your post that the colony is named Asgard.
  • New Incan Empire: The NIE asks that due to its help in the past war that at least half of the Old Incan Empire be returned to the present Incan Government. The NIE begins to industrialize its economy.
  • The Russians continue their expansion into Siberia. The Russians, Seeing the Submarines are emmidiately Get interested. The Tsar sees the opportunity to test the OVVR. The Russian tsar orders the OVVR to sieze some plans for the submarine boats. A Naval Jack is created for Russia that is a blue St Andrew's cross on a white field and an imperial standard which is the double eagle coat of arms centered on a yellow field. Meanwhile, the OVVR agents sent to Sweden successfuly retrieve the plans but at a cost - three of the five agents got compromised but died in interogation before they could reveal that they were OVVR. The Russian Tsar orders a reproduction of the plans and the building of a shipyard in Arkhangelsk to construct the submarines (as not to raise further suspicion form Sweden as the only nation-state that has access to the White Sea is Russia and Hanthawady to some extent). Russian Spetsnaz adopt the idea of Tactical Insertion (although it is still unknown why they didn't do that earlier) and plan to implement Submarines as a useful way to slip behind enemy lines unnoticed and strike from behind using surprise as their weapon.


  • Sweden surprises the world by unveiling the submarines in action. Hundreds of submarines land on the coast of the Netherlands and other colonies of Japan in Europe. Troops pour into these territories. Asgard expands by 50 sq km and Thorlaand expands by 50 sq km.
  • How can you do this within a year of inventing the submarine?
  • They were very small wooden constructs powered by oars and encased with waterproofed leather. They only hold around 20 men. As they are that small compared to modernday subs it is feasable that a few hundred can be made if all shipbuilding efforts are placed on this project. At this time in Constantinople the Sultan managed to rebuild a fleet of over 100 full sized ships in less than one year.
  • Újfundlandi expands 2750 sq km.
  • Itsaygahi continues its expansion along the gulf coast. The colony at the mouth of the Mixxixxippi is abandoned, and the population brought back to help in the settlement of the gulf coast. The border chieftains bgin to solidify into tributary kingdoms.
  • The Anglo-German Commonwealth increases the size of New England by 25*50 sq km. They decline to enter the "Rajit Trophy" but offer that Mughal noblemen can come learn the game in the Commonwealth. Sport becomes a large part of having noble blood. After a Swedish submarine in the first wave is accosted by a Commonwealth warship while coming up for air, it is sent to Hamburg at gunpoint. Once it is established that it was not engaged in a betrayel of the nation, it is released, but only after builders have made drawings of the vessel. One is reproduced immediately. The Commonwealth decides to enter the war against Japan, in return for control of parts of Holland.
  • Russia expands further into Siberia. Mihail makes the addressing of Russian monarchs and family HTH (His/Her Tsarist Highness). Northern Islands are captured and claimed for Russia. The Northern Duchy is created. The Romanovs. the Russians build more submarines and they become a common sight in the white sea but are ordered to be submerged if commercial or passenger ships are spotted. The Wite sea fleet is formed-based in Arkhangelsk. If submarines are spotted by foreigners the official excuse is that the whale population has increased dramatically and the tsar orders all whaling operations in the White sea to Stop (there was not much activity in the first place) to save the subs from whalers.Russia builds another shipyard in Novgorod, Increasing naval ship building.
  • The Vietnamese asist the New Lithuanians in expanding their territory in their archipelago. The Vietnamese acquire the blueprints to the Russian submarine, and constuct an experimental model. However, the submarine is seen as a curiosity with no strategic value, and is thus not put into mass production. The Vietnamese send massive amounts of economic aid to their New Incan allies. The main purpose of this aid is to asist the Incans in developing a modern economy. They offer an extremely lucrative trade agreement to the New Incans in exchange for the aid. They hope to bring the two nations closer diplomatically.


  • Újfundlandi expands 1750 sq km, and Labrador expands 950 sq km. Meanwhile, Poland considers entering in the war against Japan for access to the Baltic.
  • China prepares to defend Japan from invaders since Japan is an ally. Meanwhile, China opens up full diplomatic negotiations with Hanthawaddy. Forgiving the nation for the most part, China offers 'To go back to the way things were', opening up trade relations immediately and proposing an alliance.
  • The Vietnamese asist the New Lithuanians in expanding their territory in their archipalego. The Vietnamese warn the Anglo-Germans that they will enter the war on Japan's side as Japan is an ally. They give this warning to the Anglo-Germans as a result of The Vietnamese Emperor being unable to fight another ally so soon after the War of Hanthawaddian Aggression.
  • Sweden asserts that the war against Japan aims only to gain Japan's colonies in Europe. Swedish troops in the Neatherlands are reinforced by fresh ones. Thorlaand and Asgard expand by 50 sq km each. Also Japan has been inactive since the 1400s and the page of Japan has remained unupdated since 1440. The Swedish King travels to an undisclosed location in his Kingdom to coordinate the invasion without interruption. The only people that know of this location are there with him and are extremely loyal. A search for any Sathu in Sweden is started and if any are found they will be locked up until the end of the war with Japan. The Anglo Germans are promised the area of the Neatherlands that extends into OTL Germany with Sweden getting everything west of the OTL German border. The troops move inland by 50 km meeting little resistance.
    • The Vietnamese repond by stating that the Japanese have owned Doitsuchou for around two centuries, and as such have a greater claim to the territory than Sweden. The Vietnamese Emperor warns that he will not tolerate the theft of an ally's territory, and will fight Sweden to defend it. He send s the Sathu on missions of assassination and sabotage in Sweden itself. He also offers a reward to any third party assassin who manages to kill the King of Sweden.
  • The Anglo-German Commonwealth declares that since the majority of the population of Gelderland and Overijsell speak German and Japan is inactive, their alliance with Japan is now void. They declare that those two aforesaid provinces should be under their control to Sweden (since none of Doitsuchou is east of the German border anyway). They call upon the Mughals, and Russia, to assist them.
    • Sweden is also attacking the grey area around Doitsuchou. Sweden wants everything in the grey area and Doitsuchou that is west of the OTL Dutch-German border. All the German speaking Dutch in the area Sweden wish to control will be granted Anglo--German citizenships and the right to move to OTL Germany with all their possessions with the help of the Swedish army. Also the area near Korigsbergwill be given to the Germans.
    • The Commonwealth agrees to this division.
  • HTH Mihail of Russia asks the anglogermans for alliance after many years of being appart. the Russian Tsar states "let the past be the past, and the acts of a dynastless tsar be forgotten". Then years is enough time for proof that the new tsar's attitiude is different. The Tsar promises to provide some naval help if the alliance is accepted. Meanwhile, the black sea fleet and the baltic sea flee get more ships and modern weaponry. the Russians for the moment declare newutrality in conflict; with the tsar's personal opinion: Europe for the Europeans(although it is not disclosed publicly), but also acknowledges colonial rights and gains through war are legitimate. Canada expands by 2000 km sq.


  • Újfundlandi expands 2700 sq km.
  • The Anglo-German Commonwealth accepts the Russian alliance. (By the way, I'm not doing this to betray anyone. I just think shifting alliances and more wars is more realistic). Troops are sent into Japanese held territories in Europe. The navy is built up until it is the largest navy in the world (I think I deserve this considering I have been building mine up more than anyone else and didn't lose much in the recent wars) and blockades ports of Japanese Europe. King-Emperor John II refuses outright to take precaution against assassination, saying that the Vietnamese can murder him in cold blood if they whish to do so. Meanwhile, they begin to research the process of developing a single uniform for all troops.
  • The Vietnamese asist the New Lithuanians in expanding their territory in the archipelago. Cooler heads prevail in Vietnam, as most citizens do not want to fight a war so soon after the War of Hanthawaddian Aggression. The Vietnamese Emperor revokes the bounty on the Swedish King's head, and apologizes to Sweden on their rash descision. The Sathu in Sweden are brought back to Vietnam. The Vietnamese offer reparations for the damages caused by the Sathu camaign of sabotage (they had not started assassinating people at the time of their leaving Sweden).
  • Sweden thanks Vietnam for the discision and asks whether Vietnam wishes to refresh their alliance with Sweden. Asgard expands by 1200 sq km and holds a monopoly on the fur trade. More reinforcments arrive in Doitsuchou and troops move into the proximity of Amsterdam starting a two year long siege.
  • The Russians ewxpand Novorossiya by 2000 km. The Tsar gives naval help to the Anglogermans and Lithuania declares war on Livonia and Mazovia, nearly crushing the two small states. They are occupied within six months and are annexed by the end of the year. The Russian Army (not the same as Lithuania) continues expanding into Siberia.


  • The Vietnamese expand their East African colony by 25*50 sq km. The Vietnamese refocus their atention on their East African colony, as New Lithuania has absorbed the entire southern half of their archipelago. They resume their old tactic of using Sathu to soften tribal resistance before sending in the soldiers. As before, the tactic is a resounding success.
  • Could you please include the rest of the southern Philippines?
  • Which islands in Philippines are part of the Southern Philippines?
  • Sweden expands Asgard to the south west by 1250 sq km. The siege of Amsterdam continues.
  • Quick question - have we got Doitsuchou yet??
  • No. Judging by your posts, you just sent troops there and didn't advance into its territory. and, which section of Doitschou?.
  • All of it.
  • Uruguay expands 350 sq km east along the coast in its northern part, Öböl expands 450 sq km, and Labrador expands 1950 sq km around the OTL Smallwood reservoir and inland. Meanwhile, despite Hungary refusing to take part in the Japanese-Swedish War, Poland declares war against Japan.
  • Emperor Jahangir emerges as the new Mughal ruler. His name means 'ruler of the world', but he will bide his time in that regard. He offers full alliance with the Anglo-Germans and seeks accord with the Russians. Jahangir wonders what it was that the Japanese may have done to deserve attack so soon after the Chinese 'para-war'...since 'fake war' has already been used, I believe. From Mughal held territories along the south of Joseon [see prior posts, please], the Mughals offer haven and port to English, German and/or Russian vessels. Japanese rectors are subsequently expelled from the Delhi College and a metallurgical institute is established in the hope of developing improved ordnance.
  • Itsaygahi continues its campaign of expansion alon the Gulf of Mexico. In irder to speed up the process, a charter is written up that gives any towns with a population above 900 self-government. They would become known as the Charter Ports, and increased immigration to the area massively. At the same time, there is an overhaul of the outdated navy and army. They invite Swedish and German advisers to come and train, and help, re-develop their armed forces. It is discovered that cash crops like cotton, tobacco and sugar can be cultivated efficiently, and plantations begin to grow in number.
  • The Anglo-German Commonwealth quickly takes most of Doitsuchou east of the Rhine by the end of the year, but are held back in the remaining fortresses.They send advisers to Itsayghi and offer to make an alliance. In thi year in a surprise attack Celtic alliance troops (that's just Ireland at this point) invade Scotland. By the terms of their Scottish alliance, the Commonwealth are drawn into the war.
  • Just to know, what happened with the Keltic Union and Scotland in the last years? I mean, in the fact that Scotland is not part of the Kelts no more.
  • In 1586 they separated.
  • China asks the Mughals why they refer to the Hanthawadian War of Aggression as the Chinese Para-War. Furthermore, they scold the leader for his egotictical attitude. Meanwhile, the Chinese navy is amped up in response to the Anglo-German claim to the largest navy in the world. State of the art ships are produced rapidly, but has a long-term side effect on the ship builders. Workplace fatalities reach unprecedented numbers. Fortunately, the peacetime production of navy vessels also reaches an unprecedented level. In addition to hundreds, if not thousands of ships being produced this year, the Emperor calls for grander, elaborate ships. Captains spend free time carving intricate designs into hulls and masts. One admiral is alleged to have plated the cannons with gold, though this ship has never been seen before. Like an exclaimation mark on the end of a busy year, the navy is tested out when pirates off the coast of southern Baja become a problem. Privateer licences are handed out and pirate hunting becomes as much of a pass-time as hull carving! Chinese mercenaries are offered to other countries to help with pirate problems with a modest fee.
  • When did Sweden claim that???
  • Meant to say Anglo-German. I'm kind of scatterbrained today...
  • The NIE: The New Incan Empire once again requests that China withdraw from the Old Incan Empire and that it be returned to the NIE as the NIE helped China in the recent war.
  • D'oh! I forgot again! I'll give it to ya in 1625. Sorry about that!
  • Sweden sends to the Anglogerman Emperor and the Vietnamese Emperor two fine fur cloaks each from Asgard as a symbol of our alliances. These cloaks were made from the best pelts of the year by the best tailors in Sweden. Swedish army advisers arrive in Itsayghi to help with the training of the new troops and offer an alliance.
  • Emperor Pimpisara II of Hanthawaddy declares an end to the period of self-imposed isolation. It sends emissaries to its allies Joseon, Anglo-Germany, the Urupampa Inkas, Maya, Japan, Hungary, Russia, Ternate, Vietnam, and the Mughals offering new terms for treaties that will allow merchants more rights in Hanthawady's ports in exchange for allowing Mons to settle in said countries. Hanthawaddy also restarts colonial expansion, totalling 300 sq km inland along Katimon's southernmost tip, and 250 sq km inland a little bit west of Dunquk Dung in Camaikamon. A small expansion of 100 sq km takes place south of OTL Caracas, and 400 sq km west on the Guajira Peninsula, both inland and along the coast, but not to the south. The expansion is limited to the areas of thorny scrub and desert, because any expansion into forests and wet areas would cause malaria to take a severe toll.
  • The Russian Army advances farther into Siberia, taking territory halfway between Russia and Lake Baikal. The colonies in Sri Lanka and Novorossiya expand 1000 km respectively. Russia builds a golden border sign and places it over the main road to China:on the Russian side is a Chinese dragon forming an arc over the road symbolizing entering to China, and on the Chinese side, two black bears leaning on trees that connect over the road to make an arc (as doing the coat of arms eagle would be too dificult and a bear has been a symbol of Russia since the Phony War) meaning the entrance into Russia.


Principia Moderni Map 1625
Principia Moderni Map 1625 Key
  • The Russians expand further into siberia. Novorossiya and Africanskaya Zemlya expand 1000 km respectively. The Kazakhs declare war on the Chagatai Khanate. It makes large moves and its forces rush to the capital taking the city by surprise. After seven months and fierce siege and with Russian help, the city falls and the Khan flees east. Although the zone is not formally annexed, save for the westernmost part, it is under light occupation. Later, the Changataians return with a counterattack, sending the Kazakhs back into their annexation. Fighting draws to a stalemate by December leaving the capital of Changatai burned and utterly destroyed.
  • Poland advances 400 sq km in territory of Doitsuchihou. Meanwhile, Labrador expands 2300 sq km.
  • Swedish troops are swarming all over the territories of Doitsuchou all three sections are under Swedish and Anglo-German occupation. The last major resistance point in the OTL Netherlands sector - Amsterdam; falls into Swedish hands. Asgard expands by 450 sq km.
  • King Ehkanankne VI thanks the Anglo-Germans, and agrees to an alliance. But they stae that they cannot become involved in a war with Japan due to their alliance. Expansion along the Gulf Coast continues. It is hoped that they will reach Mixxixxippi in 1633.
  • Victory over Japan is celebrated in Portsmouth, and the territories east of the OTL Dutch-German border are amalgated into the Commonwealth. They are allowed to keep their own culture but must obey Commonwealth laws. In the battle of Scone the Celtic troops are defeated by the Commonwealth-Scottish army. In return for their intervention, the generals demand that Scotland become a Commonwealth vassal state. Military adviors are sent to Itsayghi. Meanwhile, it is announced that all troops should adopt a dark blue colored uniform by 1630. Also, as we obviously can't compete with China in terms of natural resourses for ship-building, the Commonwealth attempts to make their navy the best-trained navy in the world.
  • China announces a war on all Khanates. They attack Chagati as well, hoping to strengthen China's relationship with Russia. They offer gold and an elaborate ship to each empire that helps with the 'Asian Crusade'. The Chinese advance heavily in Khanate territory. Meanwhile, more ships are built, though production is slowed for safer standards. Finally, in December, China announces plans to colonize all of Baja and western Mexico by 1670.
    • Russia and Kazakhstan are able to take advantage of the Khanates splitting their forces and advance farther into their territory.
  • The Vietnamese expand their East African colony by 25*50 sq km. The Vietnamese send their traditional gift of a throne and a set of crown jewels to Sweden, along with a letter from the Emperor thanking the for the generous gift. The Vietnamese respond the Chinese call to arms, as they will not ever refuse the chance to fight alongside one of their greatest allies. The shipments of Vietnamese soldiers started almost immediately after the news of the Asian Crusade came to Vietnam.
  • Hanthawaddy annexes the rest of the island of OTL Socotra for Raikmoh at 1400 sq km. Buddhist missionaries are sent to Raikmoh to keep the population quelled. However, the economic advantage of the islands are beginning to dwindle as the land is not fit for harvesting of most crops. Hanthawaddy sends ships north to the Sultanate of Fartak, with which the incense trade is established. Residents of Toeh Ngoa Nyoing experience a productive whaling season, and the raja of Toe Ngoa Nyoing asks Russia whether it would be interested in an expedition to carve a northeast passage through the Arctic Ocean which would reduce shipping times between Hanthawaddy and Toeh Ngoa Nyoing by months. In addition, an insurgence in the north of Hanthawaddy led by Ngawang Namgyal begins gaining ground in Kachari Province. Hanthawaddy's armies are sent there, preventing it from taking part in the Japanese-Swedish War. Namgyal declares the Kingdom of Bhutan later that year.
    • The Russian Knyaz with the approval of the Tsar agrees to attempt to carve out a northwest pasage or northern trade route.


  • The Vietnamese establish a colony in western Morocco. They plan to assassinate the Marinid Sultan to destabilize the native government. They send Sathu to the Marinid Sultanate to carry out the assassination. The Sathu succeed in their task, and most manage to escape the Sultanate. One of the Sathu is captured, but commits suicide before the Marinids can get any information out of him.
  • Labrador expands 2300 sq km to the west in its western settlement. Meawhile, Poland loses the 400 sq km of territory that it had gained the previous year after a Japanese counter-offensive.
  • Sweden annexes Amsterdamu renaming it Amsterdam and 600 sq km around. All of the land around Doitsuchou west of the OTL German border is annexed to Sweden. Sweden loses most of Doitsuchou due to a Japanese counter attack. Thorlaand expands by 450 sq km.
  • The Commonwealth establishes a new colony in OTL northern California (around Eureka). They succeed in easily establishing rule over 50 sq km of the surrounding territory as the area is mostly populated by unwarlike peoples. Trading parties are sent out north, where trace amounts of gold are discovered, and south, where many old-growth redwoods are found. In the latest cencus it is found that the population of Atlantis has tripled in the last 20 years, mostly from people wishing to get to warmer climates.
  • China expands more in Chatgani Khanate. Meanwhile, a riot in Beijing is put down, at first by peace and then a second round of riots in a coastal city has to be put down by force due to the incredible danger of that particular riot. Any citizen that surrenders is pardoned. Finally, the Incan colony is completely given to the NIE.
  • The Russian and Kazakh forces advance further into Changatai for the second time taking the capital. The Changatai Khanate is reorganized into Eastern Changatistan and made into a Russian vassal state but will slowly be integrated into Kazakhstan. Canada expands 2000 km
  • Expansion is starting to be a little excessive. Expanding in Siberia is one thing but Central Asia is a whole different animal.
  • This is Kazakhstan's war including the fact that China is also fighting them means that the Russians don't control all of it, China controls East Russia controls (vassal) west. Russia had minimum-moderate involvement.
  • Emperor Pimpisara becomes embroiled in a trade debate with the Sultan of Ternate. Weary of the constant threat of impending war, the Emperor declares a new colony to be created to provide cloves for Hanthawaddy. Known as Bi Hloa (wide river), it is located on the west coast of the ithsmus that connects Bird's Head in New Guinea, at 50 sq km. Explorers are sent around to search for sources of food and spices. Ternate is alarmed by the incursion on Ternate's zone of influence, but nevertheless does not wish to ignite a conflict. Katimon bridges the gap between the main mass and the small southern settlement by expanding 200 sq km. Hanthawaddy's OTL Spitsbergen settlement does not experience growth by area but nevertheless many new settlers appear and others begin exploring the outer reaches of the Svalbard Archipelago. Similarly, many Mons from Raikmoh come ashore to learn the customs of the Fartaks. Some inhabit the city of Qishn. The Bhutanese rebellion occupies most of the focus that is not placed on the issues with Ternate. As a symbol of friendship, Ternate supplies some of the funding for fighting the rebellion. While the rebellion only has a small following, response is difficult due to the altitude.


  • The Changatai people raise up in revolt to Russian vassalization. The Army makes modest gains in siberia and is then braught to Changatistan to help quell rebellion (note: this will be a nominal vassal state until 1630 when all rebellions and revolts will be quelled, then it will turn into a real vassal state). Afrikanskaya Zemlya expands 1500 km sq. Russia Creates the foreign and razradniy prikazes (ministries). This centralises more things to Moscow.
  • The Vietnamese expand their Morocco colony by 25*50 sq km. The Vietnamese send soldiers to Changatistan to help their Russian allies quell the revolt. They inflitrate agents into the Changai population, and spread leaflets explaining that becoming a Russian vassal state is the only way for the Changai people to remain independant, as China is intent on outright annexing all remnants of Ghengish Khan's empire they can find. Vietnamese soldiers make great headway against the backwards army forwarded by the Khosut Khanate. They had mostly failed to upgrade their soldiers weapons, as most of their army didn't even have firearms. The few that did were armed with obsolete castoffs of other armies, and were low in amunition. Plus they lacked people skilled enough to repair the muskets when they broke.
  • Sweden develops its military. Thorlaand expands by 450 sq km.
  • Labrador espands 2300 sq km in its western settlement. Meanwhile, after being definitely expelled from Doitschihou territory, Poland signs an armistice in the end of the year, effectively ending the war.
  • The death of King-Emperor John II (and the accession of his less able son George) forces the nation to withdraw from the war against Japan after forcing the Japanese to renew their alliance and pay war reparations. George officially moves the capital permanently to Portsmouth (which, although smaller than London, is far more prosperous as a port city). By the way, although I was switching around the dates because of civil wars for a while there, I am now back to the Margraves of Brandenburg as King-Emperor's of the Anglo-German Commonwealth.
  • The Bhutanese insurgence in Kachari is successful in breaking from Hanthawaddy, becoming among the first movements to do so. Ngawang Namgyal is appointed as king, and the kingdom composes all of former Kachari Province. Most Mons in the area accept the new rule, although many believe Namgyal is incompetent as a ruler. Meanwhile, OTL Ostrovnoy expands west 200 sq km, as does OTL Longyearbyen. The new Irian Jaya colony expands by 100 sq km. While the Mons were unable to find cloves, some make an attempt to grow cloves locally. New Hanthawaddy expands south along the Guajira Peninsula at 200 sq km. Katimon's northern settlement expands south 800 sq km, while the main settlement expands south 100 sq km. Whalers from Katimon discover New Caledonia and claim it for Katimon, despite not actually settling nor colonizing the settlement. Instead they send a request for permission to colonize New Caledonia to the Emperor. Hanthawaddy spends the year upgrading its navy, employing newer forms of artillery.
  • Itsaygahi continues to expand towards the Mixxixxippi. Contact is made with the Natchez people, who are also civilised and have towns and agriculture. Itsaygahan advisors arrive in various villages, hoping to forge these people into a vassal kingdom of Itsaygahi. Elsewhere, the first Charter Port is inaugurated, and sets up the Aztec Trading Company, hoping to import chocolate, maize and gold into the country while exporting slaves, timber and arms to the Aztecs.
  • Joseon expands their Philippines colony to the max, while politely declining the (ancient) offer from Vietnam to buy their colonies. Joseon plans to become a major nation in the stage of politics, and offers an alliance to England.
  • China starts a new colony in Northern Baja, where Baja meets the rest of Mexico. It is called Gǎngkǒu xīwàng, or Port of Hope. The place is expected to be a major port of the Chinese American colonies by 1650. Meanwhile, expeditions into OTL Mexico discover spices. The Chinese offer to sell spices to its allies. One of the spices is deemed one of the hottest in the world (OTL Habenero). It is called Lóng huõ or 'Dragon's Fire'. Spicy foods become the latest craze in Ming China.
  • Chinese almost never name things after people. Chinese naming taboo. Also, nice use of classical Chinese for the translation of "dragon's fire," but you should probably restrict words to two syllables, which means you could omit the zhí. Sorry about my OCD-ness. -DK"
  • Fixed.


  • East Changitai Rebellions are less but just as prevelant. Some pop up from time to time just to disappear and pop up again. Less Revolts are happening so the Russians can concentrate some more forces to siberia. by the end of the year, nearlyno more radicals and layalists want to bring back the Changatai Khan as he mysteriously dies of "scarlet flu" along with his entire family. Canada expands 2000 sq km. (the next two years will be the Lone Rebels in Changatai that don't like Russians, so it can count as vassal state now). Will add more later.
  • The Vietnamese expand their Morocco colony by 25*50 sq km. The Vietnamese are shocked and confused. They were going to assassinate the Chagatai Khan, but someone beat them to it. The prevalent theory amongst the Vietnamese court is that agents of the Russian Spetznaz assassinated him.
  • Expansion in grey areas is half. -DK
  • We have decided to speed up colonization rates, as this is around the time colonization really started to pick up OTL. Thus empty spaces are double previous rates, and expansion in organized states is doubled as well. To stay plausible we need to pick up the pace. Do you even read the talkpage anymore?
  • He, in fact, reads; proving that he put this in the section "observations";"2) Expansion is not going to pick up in the 1600s, because this is still the time when countries are basically colonizing coastlines for trading purposes, not creating entire new societies. I will consider raising expansion in the 1700s, and then in the 1850s, but for now, be patient. The thirteen colonies are still barely taking form, and we perceive it as slow because it is not a fast process like conquering territory, but rather it is mainly an economic deal."
  • Emperor Pimpisara II of Hanthawaddy acknoweledges the claims in New Caledonia and New Guinea but only sends colonization to the latter. As a result, the colony expands 150 sq km south. Katimon's northern settlement expands north 1900 sq km along the coast in a new surge of colonial activity. Meanwhile, small reforms to the military in the colonies are made. In Bhutan, a large monastery is completed in Thimphu.
  • Labrador expands 3050 sq km.
  • China expands in Baja with both of their colonies expanding in the direction of each other by 700 sq km each.
  • Itsaygahi expreiences a population boom, as new technologies and foodstuffs filter down to the everyday level. causing a boost in numbers. This speeds up the colonisation process, and it is predicted that by 1632, the country will have gone past the Mixxixxippi. More wealth is traded alon the Gulf of Mexico, and it is proposed that they purchase the colony from the waning Aztec Empire.
  • Joseon sends explorers into OTL Oregon, to prospect and explore the possibilities of a future colony. Meanwhile, they suggest to Japan and China to create an organization which would allow the three to have free trade. They also invite Hanthawaddy and Vietnam into the organization.
  • Utilizing new technology Sweden expands Asgard by 2500 sq km.


  • Japan collapses again into a feudal system with samurai being the dominant class. Japanese colonies enjoy de facto independence as a result.
  • China decides to pick up the pieces of Japan, making Yamato a vassal. Meanwhile, China accepts Joseon trading deals. Finally, the colonies in Baja expand towards each other by 700 sq km each.
  • For one, you have to declare war; the power-hungry Shoguns aren't just going to hand themselves over to you. Secondly, Japan is not divided; all the Shoguns still have loyalty to the Emperor. Third, you can't just expect to get the most powerful factions first.
  • The Mughals tire of independence and seek vassalhood beneath all-powerful China. Shah Jahan, alas, is dead. No leader aspires to fill his inestimable shoes. Woe is upon the dynasty; the dynasty is dead. The Mughals once more favor a regional sphere of protection extending from Joseon to Hanthawaddy.
  • The Vietnamese invade the Moroccan Sultanate. They offer the Iberians a greater portion of territory in exchange for assistance. They ruthlessly use the Sathu to destroy the Moroccan military command. Soldiers with experience from the recent Asian Crusade or the disastrous Hanthawaddian War are sent to the Sultanate to take part in the war. Thus, the Vietnamese involvement in the Asian Crusade is reduced to a token force.
  • Jégföld expands 750 sq km, and Labrador expands 2300 sq km.
  • Sweden expands Thorlaand by 1500 sq km. Asgard is expanded by 1000 sq km.
  • That is excessive. -DK
  • It totals 2500 sq km - that is the current colonizing limit for two colonies
  • See the discussion in the turn 1628. The maximum limit that you have for expansion with two colonies is 2000 sq km.
  • A productive whaling season takes place in Toeh Ngoa Nyoing. OTL Longyearbyen expands west 200 sq km. The bridge between Finnmark and OTL Murmansk expands inland 400 sq km along its entirety. Meanwhile, more and more deep-sea whalers in Katimon begin exploring the oceans. Many make regular trips to the coasts of OTL New Caledonia, which is named Bodhivati, or Land of Enlightenment. A settlement at OTL Nouméa is created at 100 sq km, as part of Katimon. Katimon's northern settlement expands north by 800 sq km along the coast, and the main settlement expands south 950 sq km along the coast. Hanthawaddy upgrades its hospitals slightly. In Bhutan, Ngawang Namgyal fixes up some of the roads on the way to Thimphu.
  • Joseon claims and sets up a new colony in Oregon, determined to spread their influence to 신대륙, or New World. Also, now with the trade deal set with China, Joseon merchents begin mass trade with China, and encourage other nations to enter the deal.
  • Russian IWD begins to experiment with "icebreakers" and making them more reliable (these did exist and the Slavs did invent a boat that could break ice look it up). The Russian Army is forced to quell small regional rebellions but they quickly dissipate and by June none are happening. Russian Army advances further into Siberia. The Russian naval power increases as more ships are built. Canada expands 2750 km and Ivanskaya zemlya expands 150 km into Sri Lanka.
  • Hanthawaddy wishes to consolidate Mon knowledge of Arctic transport with that of the Russians to assist in the quest for a Northeast Passage.

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