This timeline explores the possibility of the Mongol Empire pushing further into Siberia, and then colonizing America Via Siberia.

Point of Divergence

In 1550, Altan Khan lays siege to Beijing as he does OTL. However, this time, he does not force the Emperor to sign any treaties, he straight up overthrows the Emperor and the Yuan Dynasty is back in power. Realizing that conquering many lands would be impossible due to the current situation, he decides to conquer an unclaimed land: Siberia

Differences From OTL

  • The most obvious difference is that the inhabitants of what we now call Canada and part of the United States is that it is inhabited by Mongols, who speak Mongolian, mixed with many Indigenous Tribes.
  • Cities are much fewer. The Mongol cities in America were built originally as outposts for war with the natives, having expanding into settlements for civilians.
  • Rural folk live in tents. Due to the fact war has stopped, the mongols no longer live a nomadic lifestyle, however, they retain living in tents, for a number of reasons.
  • Technology is not as advanced. Due to the fact that the Yuan Dynasty and the Golden Horde and other Khanates were in a constant state of war with European powers, technological progress has slowed down a good bit. Current military technology includes breech loading rifles, repeating rifles, and cannon. Cavalry is still in use, although the Mongol Empire has replaced their obsolete recurve composite bows with repeating carbines.

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