This is an archive of all turns and maps in the game Principia Moderni from the year 1540 to 1569. For the current events, see the main game page.


Principia Moderni Map 1540
Principia Moderni Map 1540 Key
  • The Mayans expand their colonies by 15*50 km each. They also continue improving their military. The Mayan state also starts reforming into a federalized constitutional monarchy after demands from the non-Buddhist populations of the Mayab, reclaiming autonomy from the Buddhist-led government.
  • The last act of the shuiskiys was to say that the Ottomans have legitimate claims to northwestern India. soon later the belskiys overtake the government wanting more power. The Belskys set out to build more roads like the shuiskiys. The framework for roads is laid out and they slowly start expanding out of the cities of Sibir, Moscow, Novgorod and Crimea. IT now seems clear that government stability will only return once Ivan is of age (in four years). The roadwork is halted in mid-October because the glinsky boyar family gains control over the council. It is evident that not much will be done in the next years
  • Japan expands farther Tenjikuminato into the Mughal Empire in order to protect Chinese, Imperial Confucian civilization against the Western barbarians, urging the other Far Eastern nations to join them. They focus all of their efforts into expansion, yielding 20*50 sq km of new land
  • Hanthawaddy continues war against the Rajputs. Minerals are mined in Tibet to create more weapons for fighting, bringing a significant population to the town of Tingri. The effects of the war begin to penetrate into the five port cities, as weapon production and propaganda become more common. Dunquk Dung expands by 3x50 sq km west.
  • the name of the colony in colony in minden szentek öbölben is shortened to Öböl. Another expedition is sent there. Meanwhile, Újfundlandi and Labrador expand 14*50 sq km each.
  • The Vijayanagara Army continues to attack the invaders, and with the help of the Ottomans, are being quite invincible. The battle against Maratha and Golcondan armies continue and sea ships reach the Mamluk Sultanate and are preparing for invasion. Vijyanagara Empire expands by 30x50 sq. km.
  • The King of Spain is pleased with the French Emperor, and sends him vast gifts, at the same time, sparks arise between Scotland and Spain, but Spain does not wish to go into war as it has just been established. 1/4th of Columbus' ships have been lost to the Scottish Pirates in the Atlantic Oceans, but successfully makes his way into "India" (West Indies, actually). Columbus is disappointed at the stupidity and underdevelopment of the aborigines, but trades with them and after giving them weapons and armor, sets sail back to Spain with a rich cargo of gold, silver, precious stones, spices and salt.
  • The new Spanish government is overthrown by the old Castilian government in a coup d'état. All overseas troops are recalled and returned to help rebuild Castile. A wave of civil unrest shoots through India beginning with protests to the Rajput War. Due to this unrest, Vijayanagar recalls all of its troops. The Mughal Empire leaves a limited force, still interested in expansion to the north.
  • Due to the recent rumors of Pirates in the area from an unknown origin, France expands her fleet of Galley's for use in the North Sea and Channel areas. Also, rival explorer Baron du Hoc claims that he can establish an African colony much quicker and have it be much more successful than an American colony established by the explorer Bertrand. A rivalry ensues, and du Hoc claims his African colony will be established by sometime next year.
  • Itsaygahi pushes south, to secure the Gulf Coast and solidify their dominion. A shipment of slaves from Africa are brought across to work in the cities and fields of Itsaygahi.
  • The Vietnamese expand their Philippine colony by 16*50 sq km. The Vietnamese officially merge their Borneo colony to their Philippine colony. They send support to Hanthawaddy in the Rajput War.
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  • Now that England is relatively pacified, Brandenburg withdraws its troops. In order to keep control of southern Germany, Brandenburg sends troops into Bavaria.


  • Japan builds more infrastructure in Tenjikuminato, and in Japan, the first mandirs (Hindu temples) and synagogues are popping up in Kyoto, Edo, and Nagasaki. The architectural styles used are generally a fusion of the 'original' style and the Japanese style
  • Hanthwaddy accepts the Mayans' alliance and again requests to allow them free trade in Dayh-klung on Jamaicamon. The Jamaicamon colonial administration expands Dunquk Dung by 300 sq km. Hporubitoi is fully transferred back to Mon rule, although lacking some of the southern territory. Hanthawaddy begins cleaning up after the Pyrrhic Rajput victory, by rebuilding roads through Tibet.
  • I think I can divide by 50 well enough. You don't have to write 14*50 sq km, you can just write 700 sq km. But please don't give me a number like 734 or 22 sq km.
  • another expedition is sent to Öböl, which expands 2*50 sq km. Meanwhile, a system of roads connecting the five largest cities (Buda, Ragusa, Bécs, Kotor and Spalato). Újfundlandi and Labrador expand 16*50 sq km each.
  • The current king dies, and is succeeded by his son, Ehkanakhne II. He continues his father's integration of the empire, and claims as Itsaygahi's western boundary the Mississippi River. The rich soil of the south is settled with Tsalagans and Seminole people, to bring this sparsely populated area under the rule of the king.
  • The French Explorer Baron du Hoc lands with quite a few settlers looking to get rich quick in Africa just 50 miles west of the Akon States. Because of the abundance of Elephants in the area, the colony is named Cote d'Ivoire.
  • Russia once again has a overturn of power. The Shuiskys once again regain control over the boyar council. This time they unanimously agree that the future of Russia lies in Siberia. More soldiers are sent to conquer this territory, whose Russian possession of it grows. Meanwhile, after the "betrayal" of the vijangars, the remaining troops in India are re-stationed in the colony. Shuiskys start more colonial expansion in Africa, expanding it by 32 px
  • China's already powerful military is again upgraded and its defenses are put on high alert. The Chinese demand that the Mughals and Russians stand down
    • Since when did Russia attack or even threaten to attack China?
  • Okay, final exams are over, just in the nick of time too, apparently.
  • The Mayans agree to Hanthawaddy's free trade request. They also expand each of their colonies by 500 km, excepting for the Java colony which expands by only 100 km.
  • Your Java colony can't expand by 500 sq km because expansion is halved in "organized" areas. Java counts as organized because there are existing states*
  • Oh, sorry. Corrected it.
  • Do the Swahili states count as organized? Because I seriously doubt the primitive tribes of east Africa are going to present serious resistance in face of an army with almost-constantly upgrading firearms.
  • Yes. They have armies. Also they have many other ways to make up for their technological disadvantage, like having enough manpower to launch an organized rebellion. Also, don't think the Portuguese had an easy time controlling their colonies this way. Just follow the rules, areas in black are normal expansion, and areas in grey are half expansion.
  • Just so you know for the next map, but my Indonesian colony is on the island of Borneo. It's the large island directly south of the Philippines. I had effectively abandoned Java to the Maya.
  • Brandenburg expands their colony in the Mandinka Empire of West Africa by 200 km.
  • The Vietnamese expand their Philippine colony by 25*50 sq km. French wines imported to Vietnam from Rochefort become immensely popular with Vietnamese nobility. A group of Vietnamese merchants, intent on learning the secrets of wine-making, travel to Europe to study under the greatest vintners in order to properly bring the practice back to Vietnam.


  • Öbol expands by 2*50 sq km. Meanwhile, Újfundlandi and Labrador expand 10*50 sq km.
  • Wait, 2*50 sq km still is valid, right?
  • It's fine, it just doesn't look as cool.
  • The French Explorer Alain Bertrand establishes the colony of Haiti in OTL Hispanola, at OTL Santo Domingo. Although he brings mostly men and and their families who simply want to get rich quick, he also brings several soldiers as well as large military ships as well. He has studied various texts of the islands and knows what he must bring in order to establish a successful colony.
  • Hanthawaddy manages to take full control of Hporubitoi, but as a vassal state rather than a colony. This method of administration makes it difficult for any organized expansion but it allows Hporubitoi to keep its own culture, a mixture of Sinhala and Ahom culture. Hanthawaddy offers to help the Ottomans conquer India and pay three shiploads of spices in return for cession of the Ottomans' Aden colony. Katimon is expanded to the north by 850 sq km.
  • To many people's surprise, the Shuiskis stay in power as regents of Russia. Russian possession of Siberia continues to increase. as the armies advance, infrastructure for roads is laid out for faster transportation of supplies and messages to Moscow. wanting to get rid of the beskis, Shuiskis make Belski governor of Ivanskaya Zemlia (India/Sri Lanka) and make the capital of that region Ivangrad (Manchuria). A period of relative stability enters the Russian domain.
  • The Mamluks begin planning of the invasion of Spain, the Sultan expects heavy losses and therefore begins enlisting and drafting men into the navy and army. They ask the Ottomans for support, proclaiming that the thousands of Muslims who died for the true religion centuries ago had to be avenged and that Al-Andalus would rise once more and to open the door of Europe to Islam.
  • The Vietnamese expand their Philippine colony by 25*50 sq km. The first Vietnamese vineyards are established in the Cham province of Vietnam. Many former Cham flock to these vineyards for employment.
  • King Joachim II of Brandenburg, as a protestant in a Roman Catholic country, officially declares the separation of church and state. This causes an uproar in the south as well as occupied Bavaria.
  • Japan expands its military for a future invasion of the Mughals.


  • Öböl expands 3*50 sq km. Meanwhile, újfundlani and Labrador expand 15*50 sq km each.
  • Mosques are built throughout the country, and they are used as schools to at least give some of the population a modicum of education. Itsaygahans continue to settle along the gulf coast. The Itsaygahans consider offering the French a lease on the land around the Mississippi Delta.
  • The Vietnamese expand their Philippine colony by 25*50 sq km. The Vietnamese Empress sets aside a portion of Cham Province for wine-making. Locally-produced wines have started to replace expensive imported French wine as the nobility's beverage of choice.
  • Due to the debts of the Lord of Dauphin that have been owed since before the French Civil War, France sends its tercios into the small county. For the most part, the count of Dauphin allow the French to unite his territory with theirs, in hopes that he will still hold title. However, at Vienne, a few lesser lords resist. Unfortunately for the French, it is a bloody affair and a Pyrrhic victory is achieved. Even with a few lesser nobles resisting, the French are able to effectively seize the small county of Dauphin by year's end. The count is able to keep his title, since he allowed the French army to march through and because he sent out a call for peace, thus allowing the conflict to end much sooner than expected. The French colony in Haiti expands by 2*50 sq km. (forgive me if I did the colony expansion wrong...)
  • No problem, you can do this "*x50 sq km" style but if you're talking about the expansion maximum size, you can only expand one pixel per turn if you have only one colony. You can also make another colony (see the archives of 1480-1509 to see the rules for expansion) to expand more than one pixel and please, add your country in the External Territories (Principia Moderni) page.
  • Sorry, you must not have seen that I established a colony in Africa a turn before. So wouldn't I be able to expand by 2x50 sq km? Just making sure.
  • So you can expand like this.
  • Hanthawaddy expands its army, placing different divisions in Hanthawaddy's ports. The existing firearm-slingshots begin to be phased out in favor of more advanced muskets. Some of the army is sent to Katimon to aid in expansion. The two settlements expand toward each other at 1000 sq km.
  • China requests that the Ottomans break their alliance with the Mughal Empire. If the Ottomans break the alliance, if China invades the Mughal Empire, the land will be split. Furthermore, China proposes an cooperation with all the Eastern Asian nations. The Asian League is proposed. China's military is expanded.
  • By now there's need to worry about the Mughals. The owner was banned for sockpuppeting, but I left them in the Rajput War for the heck of it.
  • Japan expands its military greatly, and joins the Asian League.
  • Russians continue to expand into Siberia. Meanwhile, Russians set up schools and churches in Orthagi to give the natives a good education and invite the king to send an ambassador to Russia. The Russian schools are considered the finest in America (not much to compare to). Russian Boyars begin to worry about China. An assassination attempt is done by the dostoinski boyar family, but is soon brought down by the shuiskis and the shuiskis execute the head.


  • Japan invades the Rhineland, expanding Doitsuchihou by 12*50 sq km.
  • With Mayan permission, the Vietnamese launch an expedition to explore the coast of South America. They found an outpost in OTL French Guiana.
  • With DK's permission, I'd like to expand this outpost into a new colony, to make up for the loss of my Indonesian colony (which I merged with my Philippine colony).
  • That is fine. However, I ask that you please refrain from abandoning colonies excessively just to get another colony. Also, where exactly is your Borneo colony. Would you like me to cede your Java colony to the Mayans or simply abandon it?
  • My Borneo colony is on the northernmost tip of Borneo. I didn't abandon it, I merely merged it to my Philippine colony. Yes, cede Java to the Maya.
  • Grand Prince Ivan IV finally reached the age of 14. By Russian law he is now old enough to rule on his own. He likes the idea of heading into Siberia, so continues to set up roads and roadwork for the region. Meanwhile, Ivan is getting tired of the boyars that treated him "like scum" in their regency. Ivan updates the military structure, by updating the years-old rank system. Ivan want confirmations on whether or not his alliances with Japan Joeson and the Ottomans still stand also stating that the interests of the boyars during regency do not in any way, shape or form manifest the views of the prince.
    • Japan offers to send over a group of monks to the Grand Prince
  • The King Cristopher I declares Hungarian the official language of Hungary, along with Latin. Meanwhile, Öböl, Újfundlandi and Labrador expand 100 (2*50 sq km), 800 (16*50 sq km) and 500 km (10*50 sq km), respectively.
  • The King of Itsaygahi visits the King of Orthagi, and normalises relations between the two countries. Though Orthagi is little more than a city-state, it has grown wealthy from trade with Russia. Itsaygahi approaches the French explorer on Haiti about accepting a lease around the Mississippi River, which would allow French settlers into the area, on condition that they would have to pay certain taxes to Itsaygahi.
    • The French Explorer Alain Bertrand kindly denies the offer from the Itsaygahi King and suggests that this may be an offer that will be accepted in the future at some point, but instead offers to send a new explorer from France to explore the area in and around Itsaygahi for an exchange of gold coins.
  • France ramps up its military, specifically with the addition of the Demi-Cannon, capable of being used not only in siege warfare, but on the battlefield as well.
  • Brandenburg succeeds in taking control of Bavaria again. This time Bavaria is simply annexed to the Kingdom of Brandenburg. King Joachim II decrees that each province should be allowed to choose their preferred official religion. In order to prevent war with any nation in their fragile state, Brandenburg offers a treaty of non-aggression with Hungary and Spain in addition to an offer of a Treaty of Alliance with France.
    • Hungary accepts
    • The Ottomans break their alliance with the Muhgals and offers to split India with China. Sultan Suleiman also agrees to the Mamluk's plan to invade Spain. He tells the Mamluk Sultan " For the glory of Islam, Shia and Sunni will become brothers once again, and only together we can crush the infidel. I suggest an alliance called the Alliance of the Crescent. We Muslims will always help each other. You Mamluks can have Spain for it is an Arabs territory, and not a Turk's. However, if you conquer Spain, then may my empire annex the Levant?"
    • Most of the Spanish Muslims during Al-Andalus were Moors-Berbers, not Arabs.
    • France accepts.
  • The Mayan government continues improving its army, importing more modern weaponry from Europe and East Asia. They expand each of their colonies by 150 px.
  • The Mamluks begin to consider the concession the Ottoman terms and the army is soon set up in marked departure points and the navy as well. Rafts are also crafted with up to fifty to be placed on a naval vessel. Each raft would hold up to 120 men each although the considered weight means that some cargo would need to be disposed of. Plans for further expansion into France are abandoned due to the fear of retaliation by other Catholic nations.
  • Hanthawaddy again asks the Ottomans if they will accept help in conquering India in return for their Aden colony. Hanthawaddy continues to work on recovery, improving road systems in the northern part of the country. Katimon is expanded by 700 sq km to the south.
  • PitaKang will be gone until August, so until then, I'm just amping my military, then expanding my colonies. For example, this term, I'm amping my military, but next turn, expand my Kamchatkan colony, and so forth.
  • What I can do is keep your country from becoming inactive. But this is a realistic game. Just like people take wikibreaks countries may also experience periods of relative inactivity. It is assumed the first ten years will be marked by slow growth, and then your country will fall into civil disarray. Again, this is all just to simulate realism, and so people don't say, "I don't feel like posting. Every year for next 100 turns, write 'Britain expands India by 3400 sq km.'" Note that during civil disarray, you will have greater resistance to invasion, but no major expansion will take place. -DK


Principia Moderni Map 1545
Principia Moderni Map 1545 Key
  • Vietnam expands their South American colony by 25*50 sq km. They build a port for merchant ships on their way to the Mayan and Aztec Empires.
    • Has anyone noticed that Russia is not on the map key? and could anyone add Russia either on the next key or on an update to this one?
    • 'Whoah, didn't even realize it. I or someone else can add it on within the next day.
  • Russians willingly accept Japanese monks as honorable visitors to Mother Russia. Meanwhile, Russian troops continue the expansion into Siberia. Russians ask the East Asian countries id they will be so kind and let Russia set an outpost in the Far east by the year 1551. Russian colonial settlers expand Afrikanskaya Zemlya by 16 px. Russians openly invite ambassadors from Itsahagi, China, Japan, Joeson, Brandenburg, France, Orthagi, Maya, Ottoman and Mamluk to come to Moscow into the Grand Embassy established even by his grandfather Prince Ivan III
    • France accepts and sends an ambassador, along with a small sum of gold as a token of French good will.
  • Hanthawaddy offers Russia to cede the colony of Hporubitoi (eastern Sri Lanka) to Russia as a base in the East, giving full access to the Russians to Sri Lanka, as long as the interests of all Mons and Ahoms (mainly Mons) in the area are maintained. In return, however, Russia would recognize Hanthawaddy's claim to the Kola Peninsula (although Hanthawaddy would assume control slowly). Hanthawaddy assures it will use the peninsula solely for peaceful purposes, and asks for an alliance with Russia. Meanwhile, Hanthawaddy continues to update its military technology, assembling a group of aboriginal natives to fight for Hanthawaddy in Katimon. By taking aboriginal villages by surprise, these forces overwhelm 2000 sq km of territory in southern Katimon, to the north and south.
    • The Kola Peninsula is fully controlled by the Russians, and is settled along most of the river coasts and is part of Russia proper (under Novgorod lands), this would mean giving away a large part of territory part of Russia proper, which is were the question is: where did the Hathawadans get any sort of claims to territory that has been Russian for about 150 years? As for the alliance, Russians accept as long as they explain the apparent claims to kola.
    • Smim Htaw declares Hanthawaddy has only recently claimed the peninsula simply wants a base for whaling, and will likely limit itself to the northern coast. Hanthawaddy assures that ethnic Mons will not overpower the local populations, because most Mons are used to a tropical climate.
    • Russians will allow the Mons to make small Fishing settlements on the coast of the White Sea as lying as the whalers function under the parameters of Russian law and use Russian as a language of business (as they will have to learn it anyway if they wish to live in the area) with people outside their community.
  • Hungary declares war against Montenegro. Meanwhile, Öbol, Újfundlandi and Labrador expand 2*50 sq km, 16*50 sq km and 9*50 sq km, respectively;
  • Brandenburg expands their Brazilian colony by 4*50 sq km. However, all Brazilian expansion is on the coast, as relations with the natives are unsatisfactory.
  • Itsaygahi accepts the Russian offer and prepare a ship to transport them and the Orthagan ambassadors over the long journey to Russia.
  • France continues to ramp up its army. Due to the lessons learned in the invasion of Dauphin, the army is reformed. Abandoning the Tercio style of combat, the French adopt a formation with a mix of about one-third pikemen, and the rest of the men armed with the arquebus. They marched forward in five ranks, and the front line would discharge a volley, and then march to the rear, and while reloading the next line would fire their volley. The pikemen marched behind them, where the arquebusiers could retreat behind to find relative safety from cavalry formations. Haiti expands 25*50 sq km.
    • 25*50 px? You only have two colonies!
    • On the contrary, that is the exact maximum. "… Continues to ramp up its army" counts as a minor turn.
    • Yeah, I figured since I hadn't really expanded France or my colonies that much at all, that I could take the maximum at least just once and get away with it.
  • Japan expands its army.


  • Hungary invades Montenegro, advancing 12*50 sq km. Meanwhile, Öböl expands 3*50 sq km, Újfundlandi expands 15 *50 sq km and Labrador expands 13*50 sq km.
  • Due to continued banditry since the French Civil War, the French monarch establishes a somewhat (for the time) centralized court system. The courts are given the authority to delegate a sheriff for whatever town they have jurisdiction in, and as a result banditry begins to decline, while stability increases. Cote d'Ivoire expands 4*50 sq km and Haiti expands 6*50 sq km.
  • Brandenburg establishes a colony in the OTL Western Cape province of South Africa.
  • Japan pierces 20*50 sq km into the Rhineland
  • Hanthawaddy sets up a trading post at OTL Murmansk, establishing contact with Russians and existing Saami people. Smim Htaw understands he is taking a gamble, but hopes the post's remoteness will allow it to be well defended. Maori people are recruited from OTL New Zealand because it is believed they will take the weather better. The economy grows slightly, and ports are updated more.
  • The Vietnamese expand their South American colony by 25*50 sq km. They use the new colony as a shipping point for goods coming from the Mayan Empire. Mayan chocolate becomes incredibly popular in Vietnam, especially after the addition of locally-grown sugar.
  • Russians continue to expand the possessions in Siberia. Russian colony in India expands 10px into Sri Lankan Territory. The Russian Grand Prince is growing tired of the boyars and is looking firmly at the hat of monamakh (reserved for the first "emperor" of Russia, as it was a gift from an imperial family). Ivan Issues the Mon fishers a whaling permit somewhat akin to a modern work visa.


  • The Vietnamese expand their Guiana colony by 25*50 sq km. This year also is the start of a fad in Vietnam of wearing Mayan or Aztec-inspired jewelry. Commonly these pieces are made in Vietnam, and have little resemblance to pieces made in either the Aztec or Mayan Empire. Mayan an Aztec texts are imported to Vietnam as another sign of the growing Vietnamese fascination in their cultures.
  • On January 16th, Ivan IV crowns himself with the Hat of Monamah, assuming the Title of Tsar i velikiy knyaz vsiya rusi (Tsar and Grand Prince of all Russias), and officially renaming the Union of Greater Russia(or Grand Principality of Rus') into Tsarstvo Russkoye (Tsardom of Russia). The soldiers conquering Siberia are called back to witness the coronation. Dimitry Boyasin's son Vassili Dimitrievich Boyasin, who succeeded his father as Governor of Novorossiya was also invited beforehand to come to moscow for a special event. as were all the Governors of colonies, the foreign ambassadors got front spots during the ceremony. Ivan's first act as tsar was to abolish the Veche and reduce the power of the Boyar council, renamed sovetsky soviet. The Tsar turns his attention to another, more powerful enemy than the Siberians: those who control Pskov-Sweden.
  • Japan expands Doitsuchihou by 18*50 sq km.
    • The Tsar also welcomes the monks from Japan to stay in Russia as official visitors and learn of Russian customs and culture. The Russians also ask if they could do the same in five years with their own people (cultural exchange). The last time anyone from the Russian lands visited Japan was half a century ago during the reign of his grandfather Ivan III.
  • Hanthawaddy expands Katimon by 1400 sq km, and expands the size of the new Kola Peninsula colony, which is renamed Toeh Ngoa Nyoing (Land of Peaceful Sun), to attract settlers, to 150 sq km. Hanthawaddy continues upgrading its ports.
    • May I remind you that Kola is fully part of Russian land, and expanding it would be expanding into Russian territory, you are allowed to settle the coastal regions for the purposes of fishing and whaling, as long as you work within the boundries set by Russian law and your whaling permits (25% of all seal fur or 10 rubles per whale go to Russia as payment for permission).
    • Hanthawaddy has no problem with that. Settlements won't expand past 500 sq km, but given the geography and population it doesn't even make a difference.
  • Hungary advances 14*50 sq km in Montenegrian territory. Meanwhile, Újfundlandi expands 16*50 sq km;
  • Comedy becomes a popular form of entertainment in China, especially Beijing. Chinese comedians tour China and Asia, sparking many laughs and boosting China's relations with other Asian countries. One comedian writes his act down on scrolls. These scrolls are kept in the Emperor's Palace, in libraries, and on Chinese ships (which boosts the morale among sailors). The French Civil War becomes the butt of many jokes.
    • Sorry, my wording might have been confusing, but the French Civil War has been over for a while. The banditry I talked about in the previous turn was just something that hasn't been dealt with, that occurred during the French Civil War. Sorry if I was confusing.
    • Comedy is okay, it could definitely be a common form of entertainment by people who are poor wandering entertainers or to entertain government leaders or the rich. But it shouldn't become a gigantic industry.
    • Oh, it won't be a gigantic industry. It will just be something else China is known for. Kind of like OTL British humor!
  • Itsaygahan politicians decide to try to raise funds for their expansion and modernisation programs by hiring out a couple of legions of Janissaries out as mercenaries. They hope the spoils of pillaging and conquest as well as payment from foreign powers will swell their coffers with treasure.
  • The Ottomans found a colony in OTL Sri Lanka.
  • The French expand Cote d'Ivoire by 10*50 sq km, and have decided not to expand the colony any further, since it is being used primarily for economic gain with the surrounding tribesmen. France establishes the West African Trading Company, and decides to attempt to monopolize the trade of coffee and ivory coming from the region.


  • Hungary advances 12*50 sq km in Montenegrian territory. Meanwhile, Labrador and Újfundlandi expand 14*50 sq km each.
  • Japan starts growing coffee in Tenjikuminato, which has grown by 10*50 sq km.
  • France decides to offer to its locals the opportunity to have free transport to Haiti in order to live on the island. As a result, most of those who want to go Cote d'Ivoire instead go to Haiti. Also, many explorers arrive in Haiti and begin claiming the land in the name of the King. The colony of Haiti expands by 10*50 sq km. French culture during this time is beginning to have a touch of Vietnamese influence, to the extent that the new castle built by the Duke of Dauphin is done in an almost complete Vietnamese architectural design.
  • Hanthawaddy expands Toeh Ngoa Nyoing to a total of 450 sq km, and proceeds to create port facilities. Katimon's southern colony expands 1250 sq km directly due north into the Toakow. Hanthawaddy continues upgrading its port facilities.
  • Wait, Lx, if you mean to say that this is only economic privileges, it needs to be whaling privileges for all of Russia, mining privileges for all yet-to-be conquered areas of Russia plus the Kola Peninsula, and private control of all of the northern Kola coast up to 20 km inland and 20km around the trading post. Hporubitoi is an important strategic colony so it has to be a fair deal. Also, note that Russians inhabited the southern part of the Peninsula at the time, Murmansk was not founded until 1915.
  • Sounds reasonable, but I can't give mining privileges if I don't have the land. but feel free to mine in the Urals/Russian land up to 100 km off the coast. Remember: the language of business must stay Russian, and laws regarding the administration of the region will be outlined in the Treaty of the Kola Poluostrov . The settlement is allowed to grow on the northern peninsula and Russian officials may not intervene in the migration of peoples and may get full Russian citizenship if they live there for 20 years and then live in Russia proper.
  • Okay that works. I guess I will take mining privileges for everything east of the Urals.
  • The mining privileges will be outlined in the Treaty that you must sign. If you want to propose changes message me on my talk page
  • Due to worsening harvests each year in Brandenburg, the people are encouraged to emigrate to the colonies. This leads to an increase in population in all colonies, especially sunny Brazil.
  • The Vietnamese expand their Guiana colony by 25*50 sq km. The Vietnamese Empress, thrilled at Vietnam's cultural influence in France, offers France a deal. They will build Vietnamese-styled universities, bath houses and Hospitals in exchange for a more cohesive alliance
  • Russia amps up its military and Tsar sends members of the IWD (institurte of weapons development) to France to learn of the art of the demi-canon (polupushka), they gain minor design plans and go back to start building.


  • Hungary advances more in Montenenegran territory. Meanwhile, Labrador expand 8*50 sq km.
  • China expands in Southern Asia.
  • Hanthawaddy hikes expansion in Katimon by 1900 sq km during the year. Katimon is on the way to becoming Hanthawaddy's most settled colonies, overtaking Jamaicamon. Hporubitoi is formally transferred to Russia. Hanthawaddy continues work on its port facilities.
  • The Vietnamese expand their Guiana colony by 25*50 sq km. The Vietnamese begin to develop various deposits of gold found on their territory. The first gold mined is used to make two sets of identical Crown Jewels. One set is used by the Vietnamese Empress, the other is sent to Matteo I of France as a gift. Much of the gold mined is used to pad the treasury of Vietnam. Vietnam issues a series of gold and silver coins as currency. They call this currency the "đồng", which comes from a Vietnamese term meaning "money".
    • The French accept this gift, and send the finest coffee from Cote d'Ivoire to the Vietnamese, as well as a state letter wishing to continue their alliance and to have a much closer relationship.
  • Japan expands 16*50 sq km into the Rhine
  • Russia continues to expands its military, the IWD constructs its firs Polu-Pushka (demi-cannon) prototype, after many tries to reproduce, they finally make it work in october(work started in March), the Russians also add a rifling improvement to their model of the Polupushka (demi-cannon). Tsar orders as many demi-cannons built as humanly possible by June 1550 (the amount will be around 30 Polupushkas built and rifled well by June 1550)
  • King Matteo I decides to officially launch his "Quest pour le Nouveau Monde." He commissions many explorers to head out into the New World and contact as many advanced civilizations as possible, as well as map out and discover the surrounding land on the main continent. He sends many of his so called "conquérants" to the colony of Haiti, in order to pacify the surrounding natives of the island and to expand it as quickly as possible. Haiti further expands 10*50 sq km.
  • The Mughal Empire offers to serve as a tributary of Hanthawaddy in exchange for commercial access to the Dacca port.
  • Hanthawaddy accepts, setting aside an island in the Meghna River for Mughal trade.


Principia Moderni Map 1550
Principia Moderni Map 1550 Key
  • See Rules Page to familiarize yourself with the new rules.
  • I thought we had enough rules before. When is it going to end?
  • Once we have a quality timeline, which is our goal here. I'm not going to be super-picky about the rules, I just want to see a good timeline. Btw map won't be up for two days.
  • The Vietnamese expand their Guiana colony by 25*50 sq km. They send the first cargo shipment to France, specially discounted in light of the new Franco-Vietnamese alliance. The Vietnamese develop a new flag for Furansuchou. It is a tricolour with visible French influence.
  • Hanthawaddy continues to update its ports. Katimon again expands significantly by 1400 sq km, while Toeh Ngoa Nyoing expands by 50 sq km.
  • the Hungarian armies advance more in Montenegro. Meanwhile, Öböl expands 100 sq km.
  • King Ehkanankne II invites a few of the French Conquerants to Equagadahu, central hub and birthplace of Itsaygahi. The King hopes to modernise and improve his country with foreign investment and foreign professionals.
    • Several French Conquerants begin to make their way towards Equagadahu, with Arquebuses and Horses.
  • Brandenburg offers a treaty of alliance with the Mughal Empire.
  • Due to the influx of trade beginning to come from Vietnam, as wel as the other French Colonies, an extremely large open air marketplace is erected in Paris. Haiti expands by 10*50 sq km.
  • Japan reminds Brandenburg of their alliance, and warns them to cease and desist diplomacy with the Mughals. Meanwhile, Japan officially subscribes to the heliocentric model, and the basic laws of physics are being investigated.
  • The Wazir of the Mughals ceremoniously extends the olive branch of peace to the formidable leaders of European Russia and Brandenburg; and graciously accepts and enters wholeheartedly into treaty with the latter. Envoys are dispatched to inform Hathawaddy of the Mughal's peaceful intentions and of their efforts to establish commercial relations that will further solidify and strengthen the region against potential aggression from the East.
  • Russians upgrade and expand their military. The Tsar comissions the construction of more regular, rifled cannons and polupushkas. It is now evident that he will wage war to a powerfull enemy, but it is not as evident which.
  • Why is the Mughal Empire so big? Right now, it's being conquered by Sher Shah and Islam Shah. Indeed, Humayun is hiding in Kandahar right now.


  • Hungary advances more in Montenegrian territory. Újfundlandi expands 10*50 sq km.
  • Equagadahu is decorated and prepared for a great celebration and the greatest nobles in the land assemble in all their finery to meet and greet the latest visitors from Europe. Elsewhere, a new class of bureaucrats have emerged, who run the kings personal territories and ensure the smooth running of the economy and the unity of whole realm.
  • Hanthawaddy expands Katimon by 1300 sq km inland, and Dunquk Dung by 200 km to the south. Hanthawaddy upgrades the facilities in Dayh-Klung, Chauhhpiu, Laskreng, and Bengalla. Also, Smim Htaw begins to consider launching a campaign to standardize weights and measures.
  • France expands her navy, and introduces ships similar to the OTL Venetian Galleas for her fleet in the Mediterranean. Haiti expands by 10*50 sq km.
  • Russians continue to expand their military by constructing more supplies. By the end of the year, Russians have 200 polupushkas, 500 regular cannons and every single one of them is rifled. But the Russians still wait for attack.
  • The Vietnamese expnad their Guiana colony by 25*50 sq km. Vietnamese artists become reknowned as some of the finest in the world. Vietamese art is sought by collectors all over Europe and Asia.
  • Japan expands Doitsuchihou by 12*50 sq km.


Small question--do you think we liked Temudjin (or Qingghis Khan)?

  • Sweden, Norway, and Denmark dissolve the Kalmar Union.
  • The Vietnamese expand Guiana 25*50 sq km. The Vietnamese Empress offers Japan an official alliance. An offer to Joseon is scrapped, as Joseon has gone into a period of self-imposed isolation (similar to one imposed by Japan in OTL).
    • Japan accepts the alliance with Vietnam
  • Brandenburg officially declares that their alliance with Japan still stands, and declares neutrality in any conflict between the latter and the Mughal Empire (sorry Mughals).
  • Hungary advances more in Montenegran territory. Meanwhile, Újfundlandi expands 7*50 sq km.
  • Estonia declares independance. Alliance to anyone is open.
    • The Russian Tsar accepts.
    • Estonia asks for support in independence war.
  • In France, Due to the influx of art from Vietnam and his desire to cement a lasting memory of his reign, on his deathbed Matteo I declares that an elaborate Art Museum is to be built in Marseille. Finished by the end of the year, the Museum currently only portrays mostly Vietnamese and French art. "Scouts" are sent throughout the world to find and collect more art from other cultures to be able to put in this collection. Matteo I somehow survives the year. Haiti is further expanded 10*50 sq km.
  • Hanthawaddy continues upgrading its port facilities. A trade route is set up between Hanthawaddy and Katimon. Wheat production becomes increasingly common in Katimon, and about 1200 sq km of new land in Katimon is converted into wheat fields. Meanwhile, another shipment of settlers is sent to Toeh Ngoa Nyoing.
  • Russia, after years of preparation declare war on Sweden. The Russians Troops with their newly acquired weaponry charge into Swedish territory and the Russian navy sees its first action. Russia's goal is to retake Pskov and give the Estonian (Estlandian) land independence. (PS, does this count as a "war" (i.e. decided with points) or is Sweden fair game due to inactivity?)
    • Sweden is fair game.
  • The Mughals regard the abrupt rise of conflict in Europe and the unprovoked animosity of the 'Great Empire' of Japan with dismay. Seeking to preclude the provocation of hostile neighbors, the Quazi-ul-Quazat instead proposes the establishment of harmonious relations throughout the region under the auspicious leadership of Hanthawaddy. Thus, the Mughals humbly extend greetings and treaty offers both to Japan and Vietnam; and the Wazir sends gracious entreaties for peaceful recognition of Mughal political integrity, including the common right shared by all solvent nations to enter into treaties with ANY nation of their choosing. The Wazir issues the following edict: "We are the descendants of Genghis Khan and this experience assures us that all nations in the region should live in peace under the commercial sphere of eternal Hanthawaddy. The justness of their actions in contrast to the howling of rabble dwarfs [a precise translation is not practicable] belies any further opposition from the lesser regional entities." Also, a proposal comprising an offer of full treaty relations with Estonia was extended soon thereafter.
  • Oh China will be maaaaaaaaaad!
  • Estonia accepts the proposal, and a comitee has been sent to dicuss terms.
  • Japan proposes to send merchants, monks, and scholars to the Mughals to explain the Shinto-Confucian-Buddhist schools of thought prevalant in Japan and erect schools to teach such philosophies inside the Mughal Empire. Meanwhile in Japan, mathematics is a popular topic. One particular mathematician has deduced what is in OTL called the Cartesian Coordinate System. A debate between philosophers has also broken out as to how best approach the world--through empirical observation or through logical deduction. (I know most of this is OTL 17th Century - is it all right?)
  • The Wazir of the Mughals determines after heated discussion with his ministers that Japan's veiled [though not very well] threat of invasion requires a response. An emissary is dispatched to seek the advice of Hanthawaddy. Meanwhile, the Japanese are reminded that only a foolish warrior allows himself to be exposed to enemies on both sides. An act of ceremonial sepuku on the part of the Japanese emperor is recommended as an alternative to subjecting his forces to certain annihilation. And he is further reminded that the religion of the Mughal ancestors predates the imposed and almost comic belief systems of Japan by many millennia. So, remarks the Wazir: 'Thanks, but no thanks.' And he adds: 'Cartesian dualism? Are you serious
  • Gah--not dualism, the co-ordinate systems! Also, how does he know of Descartes? And why would the Emperor commit ritual suicide? And Confucianism predates Islam ... and right now, you are trying to regain India after Sher Shah and Islam Shah have taken much territory. Furthermore, I was not threatening invasion.
  • China amps up its military.


  • Estonia successfully gained independance and freedom. The Eesti nobles council has unanimously picked 'Rihard Verner I', a young brilliant strategist, as their absoulute ruler. Plans have been made to start to colonize as quickly as possible to gain a more diverse stock of materials and food to prepare Eesti for their North-Western campaign. A successful alliance has been made with the Tsar of Russia. (Is this too much because first time on map game ... I think its ok compared to some people ...)
  • Yes, this is much, because for colonization you're gonna need a navy, which you obviously doesn't have yet. That's why Hungary is trying to help you with it
  • Colonization isn't something that can just happen. It requires a lot of capital to invest, and a stable economy. You may colonize once your political and economic situation is stable. You could attempt to colonize now but the colony would quickly fail, because the home country is unsuitable.
  • France sends a delegation to Hungary to establish trade relations. Matteo I somehow recovers his health, and lives through the year. Haiti expands by 10*50 sq km. (sorry my posts have been boring, I've been doing a lot of traveling!!)
  • Hungary advances in Montenegran territory. Meanwhile, the King Cristopher Corvinus offers to help the Estonians in their intent to colonization. Újfundlandi and Labrador expand 12*50 sq km both.
  • Estonia accepts and appoves of Hungary's offer, and a negotiating commitee has been dipatched for Hungary to discuss the alliance.
  • The Mughal Empire welcomes Japan's offer of peace and recommends that they apply to Hanthawaddy to acknowledge their tutelage. Also, the Wazir reasserts his desire for peace in the region and extends greetings to China and other powers of Asia. Lastly, he remarks offhandedly that Descartes is as well-known in our territory as he is in Japan. And he quotes the sage, Wikitubu: "When Babur first founded the Empire, he did not emphasize his religion, but rather his Turkic and Persian heritage." Mughal culture extends to the earliest civilizations known to mankind."
    • No, no - the thing is, Descartes wasn't born until 1590. This is simply talking about someone else coming up with the coordinate system much earlier
    • Not sure if you're aware of the fact that 'Cartesian' derives from Descartes. So, since Japan was the one who mentioned this 'new development' of theirs, we cannot be held accountable for their abuse of time/geography.
    • The point is, I understand that. Developments can occur somewhat before their era in ATLs, as well as by different people. So, no--the Cartesian coordinate system (as it's known in OTL) is created by a different person in a slightly earlier era (Descartes created it in OTL at age 11, putting it at 1601) in this ATL. So in ATL it does not rely on Descartes. It won't be called the Cartesian coordinate system--that's just for reference
    • It's just like how refrencing the OTL name for a location doesn't mean that that is the name of that location in this TL.
  • Hanthawaddy states it will provide aid to any Mughal attempts to reach the Bay of Bengal provided they are not through Hanthawaddy's or Japan's tettirory. Hanthawaddy expands Dunquk Dung by 650 sq km, and Katimon's northern settlement by 1150 sq km to the south along the coast. Hanthawaddy uses spices to preserve whales caught in Toeh Ngoa Nyoing, but it is nearly impossible to preserve them on the long trip to Hanthawaddy. Thus, Hanthawaddy seizes the uninhabited island of OTL Jan Mayen and sets up a small dock for distributing the whale meat to European nations, especially the Estonia, England, Japan, France, and Vietnam.
  • Russian Streltsy troops and cavalry annex Pskov, with many people rejopicing to the return of the Russian/slavic rule after a century of otherwise. With that goal complete, the army then helps its neighbor Estland(Estonia) by pushing back Swedish forces from the borders and sends an ambassador to the Eesti capital of Reval, they do the same to Brandenburg, Japan, Munghal, Joeson, Vietnam and Itsahagi. Russians also send an Emissary to Sweden to negotiate peace terms.
  • Brandenburg offers an alliance to Estonia as well as a tenuous one to the Mughal Empire (which will no longer stand if the latter stir up trouble in Asia and/or antagonize Japan.) (Oh, and by the way did I misunderstand that you recommended that Japan become a subordinate ally of Hanthawaddy?)
  • Japan expands Doitsuchihou farther into the Rhineland by 500 sq km. At this point, they are bordering Bern.
  • The Mughal Wazir suggests that Brandenburg get its house in order. A ruler divided cannot stand. Japan is expanding in your direction despite their peaceable assertions. Their lords and daimyos are hungry for territory and China will soon feel their insolence. (So, yes, better it would be for all mankind if Japan were to draw under the wide hem of Hanthawaddy's beneficence.) You too, Brandenburgian, would better have aligned yourself with the rising star of the Mughal and Hanthawaddy. In recognition of the avowed support of the latter, the Wazir now orders an advance of 500 km through Patna toward the Bay of Bengal. In sh'allah!
    • I control Patna, and I'm a military power
    • Delhi controlled Patna before the Mughals. Also, you don't control any of the Rhineland. On the map I've been expanding in that direction the whole time but you can't expect me to make a straight 1px-wide line directly to Bern. -DK
  • After nearly a year, Estonia has set up a alliance of arms with the Mughals, which means if one nation is dragged to war, the other must support it.


  • Joachim II of Brandenburg marries his son Prince Johann George to English Princess Emma. King Richard IV of England makes Johann his heir, which will likely unite Brandenburg and England in a personal union.
    • Since Joachim seems powerless to rule strategically, then it is only fitting that he should arrange for his son to bear the mantle of familial manhood.
    • Wait, what?
    • You heard me, Jack. All quiet on the Western front. Like a shining pearl set in the shimmering sea.
  • Japan modernizes their military, hiring the Swiss Guard to serve in all branches of the Japanese military. Outraged at the arrogance of Humayun, who seems to delegate everything to his Wazir, Japan wishes to speak with Hanthawaddy about the upstart Mughals. Meanwhile, as the Wazir has decided to try to lie to Joachim II, Japan assures Brandenburg that there are no hostile intentions towards them and that Japan only has their sights set on the Rhineland.
    • For Japan to 'only' set its sights on the Rhineland is like an ant who only sets his sights on the Moon.
    • It might be plausible if the Japanese start expanding up the Rhine. After all, they do control the mouth of the Rhine in the Netherlands.
  • Hungary advances more in Montenegran territory. Meanwhile, Öböl expands 4*50 sq km.
  • Itsaygahi greets the Russian embassy graciously, though they are confused as to what purpose the ambassador has arrived. They suggest the construction of a permanent embassy in the capital. Elsewhere, Itsaygahan mercenaries offer their services to the Japanese and their allies.
    • Its just the Tsar's way of seeing if permanent ambassadorial presence is usefull
  • The Vietnamese expand their Philippine colony by 25*50 sq km. Vietnamese vintners give samples of their wares for expert French vintners to judge their quality. They come in either sturdy barrels or elaborately decorated glass bottles.
    • French vintners are baffled by the Vietnamese wine. Not only is it on par with French standards, but a few samples are actually superior in quality. A friendly rivalry ensues, and the French begin to focus on creating more exquisite wines.
  • Matteo I dies after declining health and his son, Mathys I takes the throne. He orders a French fleet to Haiti in order to protect it from any potential threats from pirates. Even though colonization has temporarily paused due to Matteo's death, Mathys insists that it shall continue soon and has pressured his vassals to continue to influence and finance explorers and colonists.
  • Hanthawaddy creates a second settlement for Toeh Ngoa Nyoing at OTL Novaya Titovka, which is 150 sq km by the end of the year. Up to 500 Mons by now are settled in the area. They continue experimenting with the effects of spices on whale meat. Katimon's northern settlement expands by 1050 sq km directly south along the coast, despite conflict with the natives. Meanwhile, port upgrading begins to slow in Hanthawadd. Smim Htaw decides to reorganize the transportation system, adding over 3,000 new jobs as messengers, and expanding roads. Roads are also built connecting to the Mughals. An envoy is set to Ternate to discuss trade deals for spices and other commodities.
  • Russians continue their war effort and set up guard posts on the borders of Sweden and Estonia. Meanwhile, a boat is secretly sent to Hanthawady through the White Sea to give the first Viceroy and newly appointed kniaz of Northern Kola a chance to meet. The ship will arrive in early autumn in Hanthawady, and go back to Russia in early summer.
  • The Mughals continue to incorporate territories to the east ultimately absorbing much of the land of the Bengals and establishing a provincial capital, Dhaka. The expansion is purposeful on several levels; most implicitly, construction of the road towards Bago begins. The Wazir declares an oath to avenge Toungoo and the treachery of Tabinshwehti. Consolidation of military forces for purely defensive purposes is recommended by the Wazir via messengers sent to Bago. Forty thousand Mughal troops are dispatched to secure the northern regions of the newly acquired areas from roaming dwarf pirate barbarians from the northeast.


Principia Moderni Map 1555
Principia Moderni Map 1555 Key
  • France affirms that any aggression on its allies of Vietnam or Brandenburg will be considered an aggression on itself. France therefore ramps up its army. Colonization begins again, and Haiti expands 10*50 km sq. (I'm getting home tonight from my travels, so I'll be updating my page to include recent history and adding my colonies to the wiki.)
  • Vietnam expands their East African colony by 25*50 sq km. The Vietnamese Empress, outraged at the Mugal's insolense and treacherous lies, offers to asist any effort against them.
    • The Mughals chortle with glee at the massive disinformation campaign that has been raised against them. 'It proves that we are valid and our domain is solvent,' he comments to one of his harem. 'All that we have done is to offer peace and everywhere but in Bago we have been met with disdain. Meanwhile, savages scour the seas and only Hanthawaddy charts a course towards civilized development. What else can we do? Are we to ally ourselves with men who have no vision except conquest?'
  • Brandenburg offers an alliance to Estonia (as an ally of Russia) as well as Vietnam. In addition, Brandenburg breaks off relations with the Mughals, stating that although the latter seem to desire a global conflict Brandenburg will not declare war unless the Mughals attempt to start one themselves. The Mughals are also warned that thinly veiled insults towards the King and other attempts at promoting disorder will not be seen favorably by Brandenburg, Japan, Vietnam, or any of the civilized governments of the world. Finally, Hanthawaddy is warned that further cooperation with the Mughals in their subversive and treacherous ways may result in a conflict (although Brandenburg restates that we do not want war, especially not with Hanthawaddy).
    • It is remarkable, is it not? Peaceful relations including commercial trade agreements were ceremoniously offered in turn to Japan, Vietnam and Brandenburg...and each has maintained most vigorously that the Wazir is striving to initiate a global conflict. But the harem girl is already asleep and remains incognizant of the irony.
  • Smim Htaw issues envoys to Brandenburg, Japan, Russia, Estonia, and the Mughals stating its position in the growing tension. Hanthawaddy's original alliance with the Mughals was meant only to be economic. Hanthawaddy's support of an expansion to the Bay of Bengal was meant only to allow Mughals to have their own port rather than depending on Hanthawaddy and possibly posing a threat in the city of Bengalla. Hanthawaddy apologizes to Japan for having ignored requests for division of the Indian subcontinent, because it was not interested in expanding in India, nor claiming territory in India, but reserved the right should it be necessary. Hanthawaddy wishes to continue its existing military alliances with Brandenburg, Japan, and Russia. Hanthawaddy expands the remaining 950 sq km in OTL Jan Mayen, fully capturing the island. The island is named Cayng Ngawum Koh, whale fishing island. Hanthawaddy manages to contact Basque whale fishermen to gain insight on how to properly transport and store whale meat. This whaling process causes many to believe whaling goes against Buddhist law. The Supreme Patriarch of Hanthawaddy states that it is allowed as long as all parts of the whale are used. Whalers spread whaling techniques to Katimon. Mon officials believe this hunting will be much more profitable than in Europe, as baleen and whale oil can be transported to mainland Hanthawaddy. Katimon's southern settlement expands north 500 sq km to accommodate new waters for whale hunting. Most commonly hunted are right whales. Whaling is also unsuccessfully launched in Hanthawaddy, as an attempt by the government to gain a profit from selling whale meat.
    • 'Here's another one, Abhishekjoshi. But you just sleep. This babbling is hardly worth taking notice of. They obscure their indictment in layers of whale blubber.' The Wazir awakes suddenly from uncomfortable dreams and orders a council. Envoys are sent to Russia, Hanthawaddy, and China with the following brief message: 'Please be so kind as to watch how these matters are progressing. We have conquered no territory of unwilling inhabitants. Many have good reason to join under the Mughal banner since we offer cultural advancement and the peace of law. We have no eye on achieving anything but sound relations with our neighbors...and all we have done is to seek peace. '
    • Why do you feel the need to put the private conversations of your leader on the page? You speak of a disinformation campaign, and yet you are attempting to turn peaceful nations against each other.
    • The literal metaphor has long remained a primary means of communication among our people. No affront was intended by this stylistic device. But for GOODNESS SAKE, can someone please tell me how it is that we are 'attempting to turn peaceful nations against each other' by seeking peace treaties with many nations for the purposes of expanding our trade base? Surely, this is a basic question that none of the Wazir's detractors seem prepared to respond to. Is global peace not a worthy mission? If so, then where is the perfidy in extending offers of good relations with nations that may otherwise be in 'as yet undetected' conflict with each other? Please think for a moment...
  • You say that you are seeking "global peace"? Isn't the mid 16th Century a little early for such altruistic motives? No, I think your interests are a lot less noble. You say that you are a nation of Saints. You know what I see? A nation of dishonest (and obnoxious) snakes with delusions of self-righteousness. Save the propagandistic nonsense. I know you are lying. The Vietnamese are not, and shall never be allies with the Mughals.
    • No need to shout! As for 'altruistic motives' being a function of some particular epoch or other, one recommends a rereading of the historical literature on ths subject. For instance, our new Bengali citizens unreservedly remark upon our beneficence. How could one doubt such glorious deeds? Perhaps there is rampant cynicism that should be rooted out via the prodigious acumen of your nation's ancient heritage. If I said: 'Eat crap world' and still acted with kindness, would you respect us more? Peace at any cost.
  • Hungary advances more in Montenegro. Meanwhile, Újfunfdlandi, Labrador and Öböl expand 16*50, 14*50 and 4*50 sq km, respectively.
  • China amps up its military.
  • The Mughals extend formal greetings and treaty relations to China and France.
  • Are you really so uncreative that you can only write one sentance? Did see the huge turn DK took?
  • I did see it. Sometimes, people want to make their turns short and to the point.
  • Japan professionalizes its military by creating multiple levels within the Imperial Guard in order to keep them highly trained and not over-bloated.


  • With all his goals accomplished, Tsar Ivan IV signs a peace treaty with Sweden, giving them free access through the baltic sea and ensuring Estland (Estonia)'s freedom from Swedish rule. A small rebellion occurs in Astrakhan, all Russian troops are recalled to quell it's traveling by the volga). The rebellion is destroyed and the Tsar strengthens his rule. The tsar later oppens the white sea port of Arkhangelsk to foreigner trade, notably East asian nations and England(Brandenburg). Russia invites many foreign cartoraphers and nobility to come to northern Russia and Moscow, saying "I am inviting all to visit the land of Great innovation, great beuty, power and wisdom, this, is Russia, this, I want to share with the world."
  • The sudden death of King Richard IV of England makes the eldest son of the King of Brandenburg, Crown Prince Johann George, as King John II of England (by the way, England and Brandenburg won't technically be united for the next 20 years, that is, the death of Joachim II of Brandenburg. Just for clarification. ) In addition, Brandenburg announces that it will not in any way seek war with Hanthawaddy, but tensions with the Mughals remain high.
  • The Wazir laughs loudly and offers England a treaty! Construction of a trade fleet begins. Having for centuries been denied access to the Bay of Bengal, a national day of celebration is announced to pay tribute to the goodwill of Hanthawaddy. 800 carts of grain are dispatched along the newly completed highway to Bago as a token of esteem. The Wazir sends greetings to Russia: 'Sounds like a great time. Wish we could be there!' These new nations can be so problematic, he remarks silently to himself.
  • The countries of Brandenburg and England are in personal union. That means that the leaders of both countries are the same perosn. So if you have bad relations with one you have no chance with the other.
    • The Wazir dispatches messengers to Brandenburg and England with the following: 'Any nation that favors a path of warlike acquisition in opposition to peaceful discourse with its neighbors is clearly beyond the scope of our entreaties. We wish you the best of luck in your various pursuits.'
  • In April, Hungary conquers the last pocket of resisistance in Montenegro. Two months later, the King dies, and is succeeded by his son, Stephen, crowned as Stephen VI three months later.another expedition is sent to find a place to establish a outpost, due to the time spent in the expeditions to all the three colonies being too long, in his definition. The expedition finds the island of Achinet (OTL Tenerife) in December. Meanwhile, Újfundlandi, Labrador and Öböl expand 700, 500 and 50 sq km, respectively.
  • Itsaygahi constructs a colony at the mouth of the Mississippi, named Ehkanankhagahu. (OTL New Orleans). King Ehkanankne II requests engineers from Holland and Venice to help in the construction of flood defenses.
  • China amps up its military.
  • Japan creates better rifles, which the Imperial Guard is armed with. Meanwhile, generals are thinking about using a relativley new and experimental concept of conscription.
  • The western part of Toeh Ngoa Nyoing is expanded by 100 sq km. Katimon's southerb settlement expands by 1850 sq km, mostly directly north along the coast. Hanthawaddy's economy grows during the year. Smim Htaw's envoys accept the trip to Russia, and there learn about Russian military technology whoch they wish to apply to their own military.
  • Estonia is doing well after a couple of years. Farms have sprung from once desolate prairies, Villages have a growing economy, and a Estonian National Guard Force has been set up, (ENGF,) in order to stabilize the new nation. A treaty has been made with the Tsardom of Russia, and two others are to be negotiated. Plans for a stronger combative army have been brought up, along with a navy. No actions regarding have taken place yet, however.
  • The Mughals embark upon a 5 year development plan that includes establishment of numerous academic and cultural institutions based upon the precepts of Fatawa-e-Alamgiri. Total political autonomy is extended throughout Bengal and law courts are established along traditional Bengali lines. Slavery is outlawed throughout the territories controlled by the Mughals. Perhaps most importantly, a process is engineered to transform the bounteous hemp plantations that occur naturally throughout Bengal, southern Kashmir and elsewhere in the Mughal Empire into a very inexpensive form of charcoal for local heating and cooking purposes. Samples of the product are sent to Hanthawaddy as tribute for their continued patronage.
  • France agrees to establish diplomatic relations with the Mughals, but states that it will go no further, since the Mughals have offended France's ally, Vietnam. Many vineyards are planted in France around this time, and there is a rise in the import of coffee from Cote d'Ivoire. A philosopher calling himself Charlemagne publishes a work discussing the idea of a "Greater France" that envisions Savoy, Burgundy, and Brittany united with France proper, very similar to the old Frankish Kingdom. It has piqued the interest of the lords of France, but has not yet reached any of the upper nobility. Haiti expands 10*50 sq km.
    • With only the exception of Hanthawaddy, no nation has previously seen fit to acknowledge our diplomatic entreaties. During a singular historic event, both Humayun and Akbar preside over national festivities marking the inscribing of the new leadership. Humayun in a final statement expresses warm greetings and appreciation to France. And he assures this great power of the West that no nation in Asia is the enemy of the Mughals. Enmity requires mutuality or within the scope of years it will surely disintegrate.


  • Steel mills are created to manufacture wootz steel throughout Japanese-ruled territories, which are exported to Brandenburg, Hanthawaddy, China, Itsayaghii, Estonia, Hungary, Russia and Vietnam as an act of friendship
    • Too early to start manufacturing let alone having steel mills, let along exporting it. Maybe it could be for something akin to a bunga mas, but not for exporting for profit.
    • Not this kind of steel. It was developed in India in circa 300 BC. So, with Japan colonizing India, it would be plausible for them to discover the secret and to use it.
    • It's fine for you to use it. What I have a problem with is the words "manufacturing" and "steel mills." This isn't the Industrial Revolution.
  • When Brandenburg finds that the Danes are restricting their rights to trade with England, the former invade Jutland. Unfortunately, the Danish Navy resists strongly as Brandenburg has no real warships (or at least not as many as Denmark). The conquest of Jutland is expected to be completed next year. (This is going to be my last expansion for a while. Joachim II is just an expansionist ruler.)
  • Hungary:Another expedition is sent to the place where the last expedition arrived.precisely, they land in a small kingdom called Anaga. They offer an alliance to the local mencey, who accepts. Meanwhile, Labrador and Újfundlandi expand 650 and 750 sq km.
  • Itsaygahi thanks the Japanese for their gift, and requests that engineers of Amsateradamu be sent to Ehkankhagahu to help in the construction of flood defenses. The king promises another legion of Janissaries if they do this.
    • Japan accepts the request and sends the engineers
  • The philosophies Charlemagne have reached the Mathys I, and he has now taken an interest in Savoy, Burgundy, and Brittany. Some have even spoken of uniting Furansuchou back to France, but King Mathys I disagrees, as this clearly would violate their allliance with Vietnam. Mathys I asks Japan for a trade agreement to open up official trading relations between Amsateradamu and France. Haiti expands by 10*50 sq km.
  • The Vietnamese expand their East African colony by 25*50 sq km. The Vietnamese Empress promises an eventual returning of Furansuchou to France. The Vietnamese gratefully accepts Japan's generous gift. Vietnamese arms manufacturers begin using it to create swords and firearms out of it. Out of respect to the Japanese, the blades are intentionally designed to imitate the katana.
  • The Mon colony of Katimon's northern settlement expands south 2000 sq km along the coast, coming close to reaching the southern settlement. Minor economic progress takes place around Pegu. Whaling continues as a trademark industry in all Mon colonies, with the exception of Jamaicamon.
  • Russian tensions with Poland Rise. Ivan's second son, Feodor is born. Russians take some samples of Wootz steel for testing and try to improve them. Meanwhile, Russia sends 1000 troops to Novorossiya because the natives are revolting against the "holopstvo" (slavery) imposed by them by Vassili Boyasin. The Soldiers are accompanied by Daniil Arkadiy, the man who will be replacing the young Boyasin as Governor until such a time that he had learned his lesson. Vassili had disobeyed the will of the Russian church and the majority of Russian people. The Tsar and Metropolitan of Moscow publicly criticized Vassili for putting slaves in his household. The Tsar orders all the kholops freed and left to mind their own families and lives, and to serve the church. Ivan outlaws conquestial kholops (slavery because Russia conquered territory), but leaves kholops as a method of repaying debt of an individual (forced service of you don't pay your debt to a person), but limits the Term to a maximum of two generations (if person in debt is over 50 years or dies before term is finished). Slavery is effectively outlawed in Russia because not many people get loans far more than they can pay back.
  • The Mamluks expand there colony in Florida and Cuba 25*50 sq km, with more plans being made to map the recently discovered (OTL) Mississippi River. Expansion into Spain, after intense disscusion, is scrapped with the sultan instead sending more ships over to the New World to help recognize the spread of Islam.
  • An Afghani insurrection is instigated upon the succession of Akbar. The collective Mughal leadership temporarily eschew its oaths of cotermination. Further development in Bengal is ceased although there is scant effect from the withdrawal of Mughal prominence. Meanwhile explorations begin to the southern Indian peninsula and advance scouts reconnoiter strategic positions as far as Goa.


  • The Hungarians continue to ally with the menceys of Achinet, this time allying with the menceys of Abona and Güimar. An outpost is built in Anaga. Meanwhile, Újfundlandi and Labrador expand 500 and 800 sq km.
  • With Belgo-Japanese engineers now helping them, King Ehkanankne II's plans move into place. Unfortunately, he would never live to see it come to fruition. He died in September from a burst blood vessel. His son, Chanrak, took power and continued his father's work. Explorers were sent up the Mixxixxippi River to communicate with the tribes who lived along it. Chanrak II's plan, like his fathers, was ultimately to create a network of friendly principalities along the river, all paying tribute to Itsaygahi and all contributing to the future empire's greatness.
  • France declares that any assault on Brittany, Burgundy, or Savoy would be an assault on France itself, even though those particular nations seem to dislike the idea of France meddling in their affairs. Mathys I declares that any family that moves to Haiti in order to colonize it will get 100 acres of land absolutely free. Haiti expands by 10*50 sq km.
  • Although in this year's campaign Brandenburg fails to gain a foothold in Denmark, the Danes realize by winter that they cannot hold out another year because of the sheer number of Brandenburgian troops that have advanced upon them. Joachim II had been trying out a limited form of conscription, as opposed to the feudal system that had held sway before. This allowed him to bring large amounts of troops from the northern districts directly into conflict with Denmark. In return for their independence being recognized, Denmark cedes Copenhagen (not yet the capital), Roskilde, Fredricksborg, and the Danish controlled Swedish Province of Skane. Brandenburg institutes a policy of ending the toll which had been in place for ships leaving or entering the Baltic sea, as most of the nations using that passage (England, Russia, Japan, and Estonia) are allies of Brandenburg. Finally, the Brandenburgians begin to look into the idea of a professional standing army.
  • Hanthawaddy expands its Katimon colony by 1200 sq km so that the two settlements barely touch. A road is constructed from the north to the south. The settlements' population of aboriginals begins to decrease. In Hanthawaddy, economic growth continues. Mon traders import potatoes to be grown in Tibet, and begin testing this during the year. This leads to the rise of a military training camp in Tingri, the first of its kind, mainly for those guarding the Mughal and Chinese borders.
    • The Mughal troops stationed near Hanthawaddy territory are withdrawn. They are maintained in nearby camps, however, to await diplomatic efforts being undertaken by the Wazir to consolidate these units into the Hanthawaddy border forces in recognition of the former's status as a tributee of the latter. Also, diplomatic envoys are sent to China in an effort to establish official communications.
  • China's military is improved. Meanwhile, the annexation of former Inca resumes. 10x50 sq km is annexed.
  • The Keltic Union declares war on Saxon-Bradenburg England, King Gweenwed after buying new cannons from European Powers, the Newfoundland Colony expands by 10 km in response to a new wave of migration.
    • In response to this aggression, France honors its alliance with Brandenburg and declares war on the Keltic Union, and begins mobilizing as well as preparing its navy for war.
  • After hearing this (declaration of war), the Russian Tsar abolishes all diplomatic relations and trade with the Keltic union, and, honoring his alliance to Brandenburg and declares war on the Celts. 30 Russian naval ships are sent to aid Brandenburg to lead a direct assault on Glasgow (or whatever capital is if it is coastal). Russia sends its army of 100 000 troops (cavalry (about 10-15%) +infantry), 200 cannons and 100 polupushkas. Russia then makes military training academies to train the streltsys and send in a law that in wartime, every family in Russia must send one male over the age of 20 to serve in the military for 5 years, or until war is over. If all goes well, the Tsar feels that he can send another 100 000 infantry to aid in the war effort. Russia wants included in the peace treaty, if Brandenburg, Russia and France(and other allies if they join efforts) win the war, that the Celts will pay as tribute to the Russian Tsar 10% of production (total, paid by government, overseen by (Russian and Brandenburgian emissaries will check accuracy jointly, and Brandenburg will receive an additional 2% of production, so essentially, the Celts will pay 12% in tribute)) every year for 100 years. Meanwhile, The Tsar Pressures the IWD (Institute for Weapons Development) to develop an improvement to the years old matclock/wheel lock design (used in the streltsy forces at the time) musket. Because of more funding due to war, the researchers at the IWD develop by the middle of 1559 an early prototype of the Snaphaunce musket, which will be an effective replacement for the musket. It is predicted that all testing of this new technology will be done by winter 1559 and production as a replacement will begin in 1560.
  • Once again, the Mayans arise from a long period of isolationism, spreading their Antioquia colony by 500 sq km, mostly inward. The Mayan government decides to begin opening its nation out to foreign influences, and establishes diplomatic relationships with the Mamluks and France. Mayan officials also launch a violent offensive upon what once was the Aztec Empire, now in civil disarray, breaking the several treaties bounding the two nations together. 100 sq km of it is conquered.
    • The French welcome the Mayans to their colony in Haiti, and send fine wines to their nobility.
  • The Vietnamese expand their East African colony by 25*50 sq km. The Vietnamese honor their alliance with Brandenburg and declares war on the Keltic Union.
  • Japan expands its military.


  • The Researchers at the IWD develop a prototype for the snaphaunce rifle in mid-May. Testing goes on for half a year and the weapon is deemed functioning and a good replacement for the muskets used currently in early December. Meanwhile, with the new enlistment law, Russia is able to provide 100 000 more troops to support Brandenburg in the War with the Celts. Along with the troops, a golden version of a Russian cannon is sen to Brandenburg as tribute for letting the Russians cross the Batic untaxed.
  • King Gwenned of the Kelts has become increaingly paranoid and psychopathic mudering his best generals and the Kelti's most distingushed religious leaders, top nobles in the country capture and kill the King. They crown the King's Nephew Adam carring on the Fryd Dynasty. The Nephew lifts the siege of York and sues for peace with England-Bradenburg, to excuse the actions of a mad-and disturbed man.
  • the Hungarians send another expedition. 'Tis time, to invade the menceyato of Tegueste. Most of its territory is conquered by December, partly due to the help of Güimar and Anaga. They also ally with the nearby mencey of Tacoronte. Meanwhile, Újfundlandi, Labrador and Öböl expand 700, 650 and 100 sq km, respectively.
  • Brandenburg accepts the golden cannon and thanks Russia, England (obviously), Vietnam, and France for their war efforts. Many members of the court want to annex Scotland and add it to the future Anglo-Brandenburgian Kingdom. However, King Joachim II declares that this act could anger the Kelts and reignite the war in the near future. Instead, each of Brandenburg's allies can demand war reparations as they see fit, while Brandenburg will simply demand that a 20-year treaty of alliance be signed between them and the Kelts in which the latter should not undertake any war without Brandenburg's backing. In return Brandenburg should protect the Kelts from foreign invasion. Finally, an annual tribute should be paid to Russia and any other ally that demands it. However, Brandenburg suggests that paying 12% of the Keltic economy every year could ruin it, so Russia may need to decrease the tribute amount slightly.
    • France agrees to peace, but it will demand that the Keltic Union pay for France's mobilization costs, and must sign a non-aggression treaty with France that is binding unless coming to the aid of an ally against the other party.
    • Russia agrees to lower the tribute level to 5% (+2% to brandenburg=7% total) but only for 20 years (the treaty of peace/alliance length) because of the apparent paranoia and psycotic tendancies of the old Keltic King (starting in 1560). Russian military ceases fire and and start to move back home after a naval ship did a round trip to moscow to notify the Tsar, who then sigs the official order to what was stated above.
  • France demobilizes its military due to the recent peace signed by Brandenburg and the Keltic Union. There has been a renewed interest in the South of France with the new "Protestant" religion, although the monarchy is currently tolerating other religious activities. However, because of the previous preparation of war, Haiti doesn't expand this year.
  • The Vietnamese expand their East African colony by 25*50 sq km. The Vietnamese Christian Church, once a proper Catholic Church, has become so heavily influenced by local Vietnamese culture that it is almost unrecognizable. Vietnamese Bishops declare the formation of the East Asian Church. They declare the Bishop of Nha Trang the first Archbishop of the new religion. Construction begins on a massive new cathedral and the Archbishop's official residence. Missionaries of this new church are sent to China, Joseon and Japan. They are particularly successful in Joseon, as many citizens are unsatisfied with their Confucian faith. Especially the merchants, as the Confucian religion had labelled them as "parasites". The Vietnamese Empress accepts the Chinese Alliance, so as to "bridge the gap that had separated our nations over the years".
  • The Grand Wazir is arrested and summarily executed as a result of 'backlash' from flippant and racist comments uttered publicly both in relation to the Japanese and the Brandenburg-English Empire. Formal apologies are sent by regal emissary. Meanwhile, the first maritime fleet in Mughal history is assembled in Dakha with the assistance of Bengali workmen and crews. A trade mission is subsequently sent to Father Dom Goncalo da Silveira in Goa. The Akbar expresses satisfaction that the Western conflict appears to be concluding and promises to provide Western nations with deferential trade conditions. He reiterates that this offer in no sense constitutes an effort to disturb the ripening peace in Europe, but in fact represents a sincere offer to establish harmonious relations.
  • China's hold on former Inca tightens even more, annexing 200 sq mi. Agriculture in the colony grows. Potatos are grown to feed the colony and to export to Vietnam, Japan, and Hanthawaddy. Armor and weapons of former Incan soldiers are smelted and turned into jewelry, decorations, gun parts, armor, and ship plating. Meanwhile, a prototype ship is tested. A Junk is plated with copper and armed with swivelling turrets. These ships will soon be revealed to the public and will be integrated into the navy. Meanwhile, the Eastern Asian Church begins to pick up in southern areas of China, though it is, for the most part, highly unpopular among the upper class.
    • Much better. -DK
  • The Mayans expand much farther into Aztec lands, capturing 300 sq km into Aztec territory. The Mayan economy booms with the new precious metals that have been gotten from Aztec cities. Some of the captured fine jewlery is sent to France.
    • France accepts this jewelry, which becomes fashionable almost immediately amongst the French Courtiers. France promises a trade agreement in the near future.
  • Hanthawaddy expands its Katimon port by going all out, expanding by 2000 sq km. Smim Htaw's excellent leadership helps the economy of Katimon continue relatively prosperously. As Hanthawaddy does not have necessity for rainforest products and minerals, the most important products have become citrus fruits, grapes, olives, and wheat. Katimon's cuisine becomes increasingly diversified as a result. Hanthawaddy's economy grows moderately.
  • Japan accepts the potatoes graciously, thanking China for the gift.


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Principia Moderni Map 1560
Principia Moderni Map 1560 Key
  • The Vietnamese expand their Guiana colony by 25*50 sq km. The Vietnamese show the Chinese plans for an experimental armoured battleship clad in iron instead of copper. It has six revolving guns and is powered by a steam engine in the hold. The vessel is propelled by two armored paddle wheels, which prevents the ships disabling by destroying the sails. The ship is capable of being powered by either coal or pressed wood. The Vietnamese will build one of these vessels for the Chinese in exchange for access to China's considerable deposits of iron.
    • I know I'm not a mod but I don't think it's plausible to have a steam powered ship with paddles before the simple single piston stem engine was actually invented. No base technology to build this. I don't think the technology can spontaneously arise from nowhere(300 years early too-19th century OTL) and be used in a sophisticated piece of equipment like the Ironclad.-Lx
    • There have been designs for steam engines created since ancient times. And for all we know someone in China or Vietnam thought up one. Technology is not the same as OTL.
  • Taking advantage of the current war among the various menceys of Achinet, Hungary expands its Anaga settlement by 5*50 sq km, sending its first expedition with settlers. Meanwhile, Újfundlandi, Labrador and Öböl expands 1000, 900 and 250 sq km, respectively.
  • Brandenburg, after quelling a revolution by the Bavarians in the south, enters a decade of peace and prosperity. Its Mandinka colony (Neue Brandenburg), and its South African colony (Sudafrica) expand by 500 sq km each, as they fill with settlers because of their position in the essential East Asia-Europe trade route.
  • Tragedy struck France, due to the fact that Mathys I fell off his horse while hunting for boar, and was impaled by stick right through the heart. His son, who has a twin, is crowned Matteo II at only 9 months of age. Because of his death, the Catholic Church in France does little to check the heresies in the South, and they grow larger.
  • China decides to accept the Ironclad offer. China sends 5% of its iron processed to Vietnam, which is a substantial amount of iron. The Chinese replicate the ironclads and test its capabilities on a coastal tribe in California. Meanwhile, more of former Inca is annexed by China. In China, The Eastern Asian Church picks up popularity.
  • Japan expands Doitsuchihou farther in the direction of the Rhine by 500 sq km. Meanwhile, Japanese engineers attempt to reverse-engineer the Ironclad with wootz steel, to various degrees of success. The Eastern Asian Church, however, gains little to no popularity. However, flurries of Ashkenazi Jews are fleeing to Japan to escape persecution in much of Europe, leading to the construction of many synagogues.
  • Mamluk territory in Northern Virginia expands by 1000 sq km and the Cuban colony by at least 500 sq km. They offer an colonial pact with China, in order to help ensure that no violence erupts over territory in the New World, if it be present or future.
  • Road construction is begun into Golconda as the Mughals begin to systematically incorporate territories to the south. Elephant preserves are established.
  • Russia finally receives all its troops back from Brandenburg. The Snaphaunce Rifle is finally given the go ahead and are now part of the Standard issue for Streltsy troops. The Weaponsmiths in Russia are given orders to craft as many Snaphaunce rifles as possible for all troops. It is predicted that the weapon will be fully upgraded, with every soldier having a Snaphaunce in his possession by 1563.


  • The Vietnamese expand their Philipine colony by 25*50 sq km. They build special facilities in the port of Da Nang, all dedicated to the creation of the new iron-plated combat vessels.
  • Hanthawaddy uses the year to expand Katimon inland by 1400 sq km. Colonists at Toeh Ngoa Nyoing begin exploring Spitsbergen, in attempt to set up a base for exploring for a possible Northern Sea Passage which would significantly decrease the time it would take to sail around the tip of Africa. A small trading post is created at OTL Longyearbyen. In Hanthawaddy, Australian aboriginals are imported alongside Arawaks for work in rice fields among upper classes as indentured servants. Africans are believed to be too rebellious for such work, and are not imported. Piokomon is meant to remain only a small trading post for ivory and other items of trade. This system of indentured servitude as permitted by Smim Htaw has become closer to bordering slavery than it was originally, although it is meant to be in accordance with Buddhist principles. Australian aboriginals imported from northern Australia bring the didgeridoo and other instruments to entertain those in Hanthawaddy.
  • Anaga is expanded 500 sq this point,almost half of the island of Achinet is taken. The menceys af Güimar and Abona abandon its alliance with Hungary. Újfundlandi, Labrador and Öböl expand 1500, 1000 and 350 sq km, respectively. Meanwhile, the administrative divisions of the kingdom are re-organized, with the creation of the "régiók" (region), which are in a smaller number than the comitatus and incorporate some of them, even though the comitatus still are existing as subdivisions of the régiók.
  • China integrates more of former Inca into its empire. Tribes along the Californian coasts are raided. Valuables are taken, the villages are burned, and the survivors are used as slaves. Ironclad production increases. In late November, the weather is particularly cold. When the Emperor requests that more fireplaces are installed, a servant accidentally sets part of the palace on fire. The fire is put out, but much of the palace is damaged. The Emperor survives, but has inhaled a lot of smoke.
  • Japan sends materials for palace construction, as well as architects, to China in order to help them rebuild the palace. Meanwhile, the Ironclad has been reverse-engineered and is mass produced.
  • Could someone do me a huge favor and add China's colonization of former Inca to the map?
  • I have already added. it's just that the red border lines are too small and you are not noticing it and please, and next time, add pixels to that "annexes more of the former inca" to avoid further confusion.
  • Itsaygahi and its Mixxixxippi colony expand toward each other, as a renewed period of expansionism begins. More land is either conquered from tribes or peacefully integrated. This means more slaves for the otherwise stagnating slave markets.
  • Tragedy strikes France again as Matteo II dies of tuberculosis. His twin brother Nathan I rises to the throne. Disorder begins to slowly spread in France as a weakened monarchy can do little to counteract the growing protestant movement in the south.
  • The Russians have the first wave of replacement muskets delivered to the elete troops and cavalry. Some of the old Rifled Muskets are sold off to peasants and private citizens as a defense product. The Remainder of the Rifled Muskets produced are going to remote training facilities for new troops(t oget used to new not old weaponry) and to the Newly Founded Royal Guard. Due to the Tsar's slight Paranoia and his Hatred of Boyars He founds the first Russian Secret Police: the Oprichnina to "watch over" the people.


  • The Vietnamese expand their Philipine colony by 25*50 sq km. Vietnam's first iron-plated warship, the Hanoi, is launched with great ceremony. The ship is designed to serve as an armed merchant vessel during peacetime. The Vietnamese firearms workshop starts research on samples of snaphaunce rifles obtained from Russia. The Vietnamese offer the French their condolances for the death of the French king. However they will not get officially involved with the French religious strife, as it is a purely internal matter. Unofficially many citizens of Furansuchou have lent their support to French Protestants. Most of these citizens are members of the East Asian Church who feel sympathy for the opressed protestants.
  • Japan spends this year devoting their efforts entirely towards moving into the Rhineland by 20*50 sq km
  • Hungary expands 1050 sq km in Achinet. Újfundlandi, Labrador and Öböl expand 1250, 1000 and 400 sq km, respectively.
  • In France, Count Richard of Aquitaine is finally chosen as Regent near the end of the year. He is considered impartial to French politics since he is of English descent, and has no real claims on any throne besides his own in Europe. Missionaries and clergy are sent to Southern France to see if an amicable deal can be established between the Protestants and the Catholics. Colonization is still on hold due to the royal crisis.
  • King Joachim II of Brandenburg offers to act as mediator between the protestants and catholics of France. For several years, Brandenburg and England have adopted a "separation of church and state policy", in which all forms of Christianity, Judaism, and some forms of Buddhism, Daoism, Shintoism, and Confucianism are tolerated. Even Islam is a major religion in Bavaria. The power of the Church has declined considerably and many of their lands have been taken over by the nobles. A major breakthrough occurs when the King finally orders every church to be taxed. Because of their reputation as a non-religious nation Brandenburg believes it can be a successful mediator in the conflict. Finally, both Brandenburg and England declare that they will support France in the case of any invasion by a foreign power, but they will not intervene should a full-fledged civil war break out.
    • France agrees to allow King Joachim II to intermediate between the Protestants and Catholics, citing pressure from the Protestant minority in the South and of their fear of rebellion. However, they contend that they must allow a Papal Diet led by Cardinal Rossi from Rome to be set up in Toulouse so that both sides can debate on this particular matter. The French Regent offers a date of January 3rd of the following year to be the start of the diet. As suggested by Cardinal Rossi, King Joachim II will moderate, while Cardinal Rossi will be the head for the Catholic side which will include various French lords, and on the Protestant side will be headed by Archbishop Nguyen and various other Protestant leaders.
    • Archbishop Nguyen accepts the invitation. He extends hopes of a quick solution relatively free of conflict. He also states that any attempt of the Catholic government to stamp out or opress the Protestant minority will result in damaged relations between France and Vietnam.
  • Hanthawaddy expands Katimon by 1000 sq km inland into the Toakow. Hanthawaddy also begins expanding its second settlement of Northern Kola, by 200 sq km. Emperor Smim Htaw launches a religious revival, sending missionaries throughout the empire to combat the growth of Islam along the western and southern borders. Mon language instruction is also provided by these missionaries. Many officials beleve it would be a good idea to apply these missionaries overseas.
  • China expands its hold on former Inca by 1000 sq km. Meanwhile, flowers and potatoes are brought from the New World to be sold to Chinese citizens and to be exported to China's allies. To make commerce easy, China proposes more roads between the eastern Asian countries. Explorers scout the Himilayans. In China, Eastern Asian Christianity spreads.
  • The Muscovian Metropolitain fully accepts the East Asian Church into the Greater Orthodox Faith(because of most aspects same, except for minor differences in services). Meanwhile, the second wave of muskets is being brought to Russian troops. Most of the Army is Upgraded to the new system. Meanwhile, die to increasong colonial family numbers, Russian America expands 32px. Fear of the Oprichnina in the people spreads.
  • Russian America? this colony don't exist yet.
  • Sorry, I meant Novorossiya (Russian Lands in America)


  • Vietnam expands their Guiana colony by 25*50 sq km. Archbishop Nguyen arrives at the meeting in Toulouse. The Archbishop is cheered by the local citizens when he arrives in a humble, yet gorgeous, Vietnamese-styled carriage.
  • Anaga expands more 1050 sq km, at which point, the whole island of Achinet is conquered. The mencey of Anaga, which helped the Hungarians, is appointed as governor of Achinet, the new name of the colony, which suits it, since the whole island is in Hungarian hands.from the initial outpost, more expeditions are sent, specially for Öböl, which expands 450 sq km. Újfundlandi and Labrador expand 1250 and 1150 sq m, respectively.
  • Joachim II, in an attempt to overawe the people of France with the power and riches of the Brandenburgian king, comes in a golden carriage adorned with huge paintings on its sides and swords and bayonets protruding from its roof. This has an entirely different effect, however, as the people of Toulouse (who are tired of war, and the poverty it causes) think he is rubbing peace and prosperity in their faces. At one point in his journey his carraige is pelted by moldy fruits and rocks. His diplomats assume responsibility, and apologize to the French regent. Meanwhile, Brandenburg expands its Brazilian colony (Neue Brandenburg) by 25*50 sq km.
    • (sorry I changed Vietnam and Brandenburg's post since the diet is supposed to be in Toulouse. If you guys were still intending to head to Paris, feel free to change it back, sorry for the confusion.)
    • The French Regent laughs with Joachim II after the Brandenburgian diplomats approached in apology. He explains that Southern France was hit the worst by the Civil War 33 years ago, and it is mostly the older peasants who still cringe at the thought of war, and both France's economy and military have largely recovered from the affair. He offers his apology, and will order the Lord of Toulouse to make an example of the peasants. In truth, he is extremely envious and flabbergasted himself of Joachim's riches.
  • The Diet of Toulouse begins in France. The Catholics have two strategies. First, they will attempt to standardize the two sides viewpoints, although they know that this is probably impossible as it has been tried before. Secondly, they will attempt to continue to keep the peace in France and try to check the growing Protestant faith as well as ensuring that the Catholic faith is the predominant religious viewpoint in France. (I figured we could discuss what goes on at the Diet of Toulouse on the talk page, since this could go back and forth)
  • China's hold on former Inca expands by 1200 sq km. Reconstruction of the palace begins.
  • With assistance from the Portuguese colonial representatives in Diu and Daman on the western coast, these ports are fitted for ship construction. The Mughals continue to expand their trade fleet capacity and establish preliminary trading relations with the Portuguese. Piracy becomes increasingly apparent and a joint policing force is developed. The province of Ahmadnagar is absorbed as expansion continues to the south.
  • You can't expand like that. I mean, Ahmadnagar is praticaly on the opposite coast to your littoral. If you really want to get to Ahmadnagar, "expansion to the west" would be more accurate. Because if you are expanding south, you would have to annex all the minor states in India to get there and it is a bit unthinkable to achieve this in only four years. Anyway, if you expands west, you would have to conquer two states in order to get to Ahmadnagar.
  • Also, Daman and Diu isn't a colony. Diu is Ottoman, though.
    • Well, the entire region of Deccan was absorbed within the space of 70 years. I'm not sure why a 100 km expansion 'south' from our westernmost territories in two years would be difficult to rationalize. I will defer if that is required, but from Gujarat to Ahmadnagar is the natural course of progression in order to attain trade with Europe. Also, Daman and Diu were Portuguese colonies since shortly after 1510. We have no intention of doing more than establishing trade relations with these Portuguese colonies.
  • The Russian Army is finally all upgraded to Snaphaunce rifles. The Tsar commissions the building of what will be known as the St Basil Cathedral on Red Square in Moscow. It is predicted the Job will be done by 1565 (ten years after OTL because of wars, military things etc ...). Meanwhile, Novorossiya Colony and Indian colony (Sri Lanka) expand by 16 px each due to large families in farmers


  • Brandenburg expands Neue Brandenburg by 25*50 sq km. This colony is slowly becoming a major part of the Brandenburgian Empire. In this year the King himself undertakes the journey to Neue Brandenburg. He is welcomed by sunny skies and a joyous populace, but must soon return home next year to deal with the Toulouse negotiations (during this time negotiations were being carried out by his son the King of England). Meanwhile, English explorers land in OTL Fremantle, Australia, which had been previously sighted by ships along the Japan-Brandenburg trade route. As one of the sailors is a reader of Plato, the land is called Atlantis. The next year they plan to form a permanent settlement, which will be known as John Town (after the King).
  • Tea plants are identified in Dispur and samples are sent to to Delhi and Hanthawaddy. The Mughals extend formal apologies to Japan, Vietnam and Brandenburg in relation to the deceased Grand Wazir's hyperbole. A trade mission is sent to Ceylon and the Andaman Islands are visited by Mahaj Ahmoued during a hunting expedition.
    • Brandenburg cautiously accepts apology.
    • Japan accepts the apology.
    • The Vietnamese Empress grudgingly accepts the Mughal apology. However, she warns that the Vietnamese would not look kindly upon any further Mughal arrogance.
    • The Mughal Emperor, Akbar, who is only 15 years old gratefully and graciously acknowledges the expressions of forgiveness and promises that arrogance is farthest from his intentions. He notes with slight dismay, however, that the unfortunate former Wazir's comments had all been issued subsequent to Japan's threats to Brandenburg in relation to the latter's preliminary extension of treaty relations with the Mughals. Since this misunderstanding has clearly been 'played out', Akbar directs messages of good will to Brandenburg, Japan and Vietnam in the hope that the issue has been resolved.
  • Hungary:other expeditions with setlers are sent for each colony. Újfundlandi expands 1500 sq km, Labrador expands 1250, and Öböl expands 550 sq km. Öböl's population starts to rise, possibiliting a bigger expansion. Meanwhile, in Achinet, A port is built in the western-central part of the island. Achinet at this point became a outpost, rather than a colony. Already knowing that there are other islands surrounding Achinet, resolves to keep Achinet as a outpost and turn the surrounding islands into colonies.
  • At the Diet of Toulouse in France, there is a stalemate after the first six months of negotiations, due to the fact that the Catholics want to unite and remove all foreign influences of the East Asian Church while the East Asian Church wants to remain sovereign. During a two month interregnum, the Regent and the Lords of France discuss with Cardinal Rossi if he would seek peace with the protestants and then later on showering them with a "Crusade of Charity" in an attempt to win them over. Cardinal Rossi agrees, and after further debate, the sides come to a conclusion: Not only will France and Vietnam not persecute Catholics or Protestants, any Catholic that is seeking safe haven from religious persecution may find sanctuary in Vietnam and any Eastern Asian Protestant that is facing religious persecution may find sanctuary in France. Catholicism remains the state church of France, however, and is the only religious group to attain state support and avoid taxation. Although relations with Vietnam were certainly strained during negotiations, it is hoped that the current agreement will draw Vietnam and France closer even closer together. Eastern Asian Protestants decide to go to Haiti in droves after their religious guarantees, and Haiti expands by 1250 km.
  • Hanthawaddy continues its religious revival, trying to keep a unified Buddhist state. Toeh Ngoa Nyoing (OTL Murmansk settlement) and Dunquk Dung each expands by 350 sq km, while the Spitsbergen settlement expands by 50 sq km. Katimon expands 1150 sq km inland. Hanthawaddy begins communicating with inland tribes, and many Mons begin to study the aboriginal way of life. Hanthawaddy finds success in its Buddhist missions and sets up more along the coast. The number of settlers in Katimon has reached 20,000, most of whom live in the area around the port of Kati.
  • Where is Dunquk Dung? I mean, i need the location because i am gonna make the 1565 map and you didn't put any info about the location in the External territories page.
  • It's the mainland for Jamaica, mon, on the Paranaguá Peninsula of Venezuela.
  • Japan, with the settlers absorbing Japanese culture while keeping their own, decides to study the West and so sends several intellectuals to Rome, as it seems to be the "China of the West", as unwittingly uttered by an intellectual
  • The Vietnamese expand their Guiana colony by 25*50 sq km. Vietnamese Archbishop Nguyen accepts the French proposal. The Vietnamese announces that they would give away parcels of land to Catholic settlers in Vietnamese colonies and sparsely populated areas of the mainland. These settlers interact well with the local Vietnamese, as a portion of local Vietnamese christians have remained Catholics despite the establishment of the East Asian Church.
  • The Keltic Union sends 300 settlers to OTL Outer Banks, building a village on Roanoke Island, it is named Nera Eriea.
  • Itsaygahan expansion reaches a new high, and a new construction of roads and canals begins.
  • China expands its hold on former Inca. The Emperor's Palace is rebuilt and measures are taken to prevent another fire. Meanwhile, Chinese cartographers meet with other cartographers to create a world map. The map is redrawn and traded to other seafaring nations. The World Map is expected to become standard on most military and exploration vessels by 1570.


Principia Moderni Map 1565
Principia Moderni Map 1565 Key
  • Brandenburg's King Joachim II suffers a major health scare in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. He appears to have had a heart attack. The ship sailed straight to the Mandinka colony in order to get him on dry land. Luckily he begins to recover and it becomes apparent he will survive the year. The Mandinka colony is expanded by 10*50 sq km. Meanwhile, the settlers of John Town form another settlement to the south, in OTL Perth. This becomes known as Atlantis City. The entire island is claimed for England (although obviously only two settlements are controlled, and the colonists have no idea how big it is) and is incorporated into the nation as the colony of New England.
  • Hungary starts its expansion to Tamarán (OTL Gran Canaria). 750 sq km are conquered until December.all of these in the littoral of the island. Meanwhile, Újfundlandi, Labrador and Öböl expand 1250, 1200 and 650 sq km, respectively.
  • The French expand their Navy, and introduce the galleon to their fleets. They begin replacing all caravels with these beasts, which are armed completely with demi-cannon.
  • Japan builds Tenjikuminato Daigaku, a university in India, which allows applicants from outside Japan to attend it.
    • Akbar expresses a substantial interest in renewing the former Japanese offer of establishing learning institutions in Mughal territory. Would such an institution located in Delhi be feasible? And might it not also serve as a global center of learning, perhaps with the co-operation of interested European nations?
  • The Vietnamese expand their Guiana colony by 25*50 sq km. When the Vietnamese Empress makes an official visit to the Mamluk Sultanate, she visits the ancient Egyptian ruins at Giza and Abu Simbal. She becomes fascinated by the exotic culture of the extinct empire. This fascination with Egyptian culture starts a trend of Egyptian-styled jewelry and architecture. It becomes common for some nobles to wear Egyptian-styled kohl eyeliner. The Vietnamese government works out a deal with the Mamluks on the study of Egyptian ruins.
  • The Russian Oprichnina officers did not tell the Tsar all of their doings, so the leader and high ranking officers were banished to Siberia. the leaders, not wanting to staynobody, tried to revive the Khan of Sibir, but was quickly disposed of and executed along wth the only pretenders to the Siberian Monarchy, ironicaly, by officers that were part of the actual oprichnina, disguised as fellow men sent away by the Tsar. Meanwhile, The Tsar is starting to get weary about the expansion of the Mughals, and their references to the Gengis Khan ...


  • Joachim II of Brandenburg, always interested in new articles of war, asks if he can buy a few of the galleons from the French. Meanwhile, he orders his grandson (the Prince of Wales) to attend the new Japanese school in India in order to attain a higher knowledge of the world. The king suffers another health scare and is sent to southern England to recuperate.
    • France agrees to sell its ally 3 Galleons. However, it won't be until 1568 before they can be delivered to Brandenburg, as France needs another year to consolidate her own fleet, and it will take about a year to build the three for Brandenburg.
    • Japan welcomes the Prince of Wales into their academy.
  • Hungary expands another 500 sq km in the littoral of Tamarán, which, by the end of the year, is already conquered. Öböl, Újfundlandi and Labrador expand 700, 1250 and 1250 sq km, respectively. Meanwhile, the name of the colony of Achinet is changed to "Canariae Insulae", since the colony is not restricted to Achinet no more, and, because the island of Tamarán, known in Latin as Insula Canaria, is almost conquered.
  • In France, Catholic resentment towards the East Asian Church has grown. In order to appease the Catholics and to continue the peace in the realm, the regent declares that while still honoring the Diet of Toulouse, there will now be a tax imposed on all Non-Catholic churches. France offers to subsidize anyone in the East Asian Church wishing to move to Haiti as a way for them to evade the tax. As a result, Haiti expands by 500 sq km.
  • After years of peace and tranquility, Estonia has upgraded to a powerful nation, as colonization has begun on northern Madagascar, and the longly anticipated northern campaign has begun as they begin their voyage to take back what was theirs in Sweden...
  • The Vietnamese expand their East Africa colony by 25*50 sq km. The Vietnamese promptly impose a similar tax on non-East Asian churches. The tax has the additional benefit of converting many Vietnamese Buddhist and Hindu worshippers to East Asian Christianity. They bring many new concepts and practices to the new sect. Which include meditation, yoga, and karma among many others. Quite a few East Asians plan to travel to China to study alongside the legendary Shaolin monks. This makes the East Asian Church a completely different sect, distinct from its Catholic roots. The Archbishop designs a new version of the cross symbol to show the East Asian Church's distinction from the Catholic and Protestant Churches. It, like the church itself, is heavily influenced by the local culture of Southeast Asia.
  • The Russian Tsar orders more intensive militarization of Ivanskaya zemlya. the Russian Tsar is getting more and more weary of the Mughal Expansion and the links they are giving to TImujin, a person not particularly admired in Russia because of the Tatar yoke. The Russian Tsar and Russian People start viewing openly the Chinese and Mughal empires as succesors to the Golden Horde and Mongol Empires that so opressed the Russians. The Tsar gains some interest in the New Galleons, but will wait until the design is proven to be good to take further actions on this. (PS - I don't know the next time I will have internet because I will be travelling. Mods, please don't make my country inactive ... and I want all deaths/births associated with Russia along with a small expansion in India or Siberia if I don't post - if it is possible).
    • I think we are all in agreement that Genghis Khan wasn't the easiest of dudes to get along with. Nonetheless, these and other Mughal forbearers largely vied for territories held dear by the current Tsar. Perhaps that is really what is at issue? After all, Timujin lived long ago and we have all had our share of tyrant rulers in the meantime. Curious that their comments mix the Golden Horde with the seizure of territory in a distant continent. Why would Russia be issued Indian territory upon demand? Akbar reiterates his request to China for a foundational alliance.
  • The Chinese openly critisizes the Russian Tsar for calling China the mongol's successors. The Chinese fought back against the Mongols and exterminated the Golden Horde, sparing Russia and the world from the evils of the Mongols for a while. If anything, China is the exterminator of Mongolia. Meanwhile, China's military is amped up and Chinese influence in Former Inca expands by 1200 sq km.
  • Hanthawaddy expands Katimon farther by 1500 sq km, inland along its entirety, not just along its Toakow settlement. Dunquk Dung expands by 300 sq km south, taking over nearly the entire peninsula. Religious revival continues, although missionaries find difficulty in converting entire Islamic communities.
  • Responding to the Mughals' offer, Japan agrees to create institutions of learning in Delhi. However, they claim that, though it will be global, it will still be run by the Japanese. Meanwhile, controversy erupts in Japan as several monks, looking through Roman records and Western texts, argue over their theological status.
    • This was indeed the expectation. Without Japan's leadership, the project could not possibly be effected. Perhaps more critically, however, it becomes increasingly apparent that Japan, Hanthadwaddy and other regional powers, i.e., the Mughals, Vietnam, China, etc. should best consider consigning our forces to the cause of mutual support in the doubtful (though increasingly less so) likelihood of a Russian invasion of China and/or India.


  • Hanthawaddy continues expanding Katimon by 2000 sq km. Expansion is inland along the entire colony, not just along the inland protrusion. This is in order to ensure some tries from the inland don't attack coastal villages. Hanthawaddy continues its religious revival. The Supreme Patriarch is forced to travel several hundred miles around the country to ensure Buddhism is practiced correctly.
  • the Canariae Insulae colony expands 750 sq km, taking the entire island of Tamarán. The King appoints a governor for the colony, although Achinet still has the former mencey as ruler of that part of the colony. Labrador, Újfundlandi and Öböl expand 1450, 2000 and 750 sq km, respectively.
  • China increases its military and prepares to go on the defense in case Russia invades. More of former Inca is annexed, though only 25*25 px this year due to increased military spending. China asks Hanthawaddy, Japan, the Ottomans, and Vietnam to be vigilant of Russia's antics.
  • The Mughals have begun to wonder if in fact they are regarded as beneath the contempt of the Chinese emperor. [One can only say hello to one's neighbor so many times without a reply before the situation becomes awkward.] The Mughals wish to emphasize the need for regional unity. Commercial organization within our collective political sphere is perhaps of greater benefit, while military consolidation should be a regional issue. It should also be emphasized that the Mughal Empire does not regard itself as comprising the vanguard, in this sense. As one of the lesser military powers in the region, it behooves us to extend entreaties to all Asian nations to convene in Delhi, or elsewhere, in order to consolidate our mutual efforts. The Russian expansion into Mongolia is no surprise: summer bears oft go awandering. Be advised as well, Joachim, that bears can easily lose their way.
  • Japan expands its military.
  • A French Jesuit named Father Martin has been sent to the Catholic Church to go around the world to check on the status of Catholics globally. He has decided to go to Brandenburg for the first year. France has decided to also send missionaries to tribesmen globally as well, in hopes of converting the heathens to the Catholic faith. Haiti expands by 500 sq km.
  • The Vietnamese expand their East Africa colony by 25*50 sq km. A grand pyramid-styled tomb is built after the Vietnamese Empress starts to grow sickly. An area around the tomb is purchased in the northern part of the Khmer Province. This area is to serve as the Vietnamese equivilent to the Giza Plateau in Egypt.
  • Russia expands more into Siberia. Kazan is starting to rize as a large regional city. The Khanate of SIbir and the Tsardom of Russia are officially merged under one banner in the unification act, ratified unanimousely by the Svetsky Soviet. This was done to further Consolidate the Tsar's power and less chance for rebellion. Russian Tsar makes his personal guard wear a more fancy uniform to distinguish them more.
  • Brandenburg issues a proclamation reassuring the Mughals and China that it will not intervene in conflicts in Asia, as it perseves Russia are the aggressors. However, Brandenburg will not rule out joining its ally if they are attacked by another power, as happened in the Keltic-Brandenburgian war. Meanwhile, the King announces the formation of a new "Germanic Confederation", which will unite all of Brandenburg's vassals in Germany into one country. (Note: this requires no changes in the map, as those were added in earlier even though they weren't united yet). Meanwhile, as king of the Germans, as Joachim styles himself, he is the heir to the old Holy Roman Emperors. Finally, the Holy Roman Empire is officially abolished. The Germanic Confederation keeps its claims on Austria, although it assures Hungary that these are negotiable.
    • Oh, good riddle. What dresses like the Holy Roman Emperor but isn't the Holy Roman Emperor. Maybe Joachim kept a small copy of the HRE in Kandor? [That's a bottled city where they keep Superman's parents, assuming that such information is not regarded as declase.]
  • Bohemia is part of the Holy Roman Empire?If it is, then Bohemia is part of this Germanic confederation., so we could trade Austria for Bohemia's eastern part (OTL Moravia)


  • The Vietnamese expand their East African colony by 25*50 sq km. The Vietnamese Empress dies of her illness. There are rumors that she was poisoned, as she had been in the prime of health before her sudden illness struck. However royal doctors disprove the rumors, as all evidence points to the Empress catching malaria from one of her visits to the Mamluk Sultanate. The Empress is buried in her pyramid tomb in the Khmer Province.
  • Öböl expands 850 sq km. Meanwhile, Újfundlandi and Labrador expand 1750 and 1800 sq km, respectively. King Stephen VI sends a offer to Joachim II of Brandenburg to trade the region of Austria with the eastern part of Bohemia (OTL Moravia), assuming that Bohemia is part of the German confederation formed by Brandenburg, which would make the deal possible.
  • France sends quite a few missionaries to Haiti in hopes of converting the natives found on the island. Father Martin arrives in Brandenburg, and takes note that the Catholics are being treated well in the area. He criticizes the freedom of the other religious, however. He hopes to arrive in Hungary the following year. Haiti expands by 500 km sq.
  • Japan upgrades its military. Meanwhile, it seems that after 50 years, the residents of Amusuterudamu, Kionigusuberugo and the rest of Doitsuchihou, accept Japanese rule and culture.
  • The Germanic Confederation agrees to selling Moravia in return for Austria. The King hopes that relations between Germany and Hungary will always remain satisfactory. He offers a treaty of alliance (possibly a marriage alliance) to mark the occasion. In addition, he officially declares himself "King of the Germanic Confederation and Emperor of all the Germans". Now styling himself King-Emperor of Germany he finds that his son is beginning to resent his power. England expands New England by 25*50 sq km. Germany even goes so far as to break off diplomatic relations with England (although the King of England is still heir to the throne of the Germanic Confederation).
  • Hungary accepts the alliance proposal. The King offers Ágnes Corvinus, his younger daughter, as a response to the marriage alliance offer.
  • Hanthawaddy continues its religious revival, which spreads to the Australian continent. Buddhist missionaries set up small missions to the south of Katimon, stretching as far as the Kulin state. Katimon expands inland along its entirety (not just inland from the inland Toakaw settlemet) a full 1250 sq km, creating new farmland for citrus and wheat for the growing population.
  • The Ottoman Empire sends 2500 citizens, soldiers and explorers to South Africa to found a colony.
    • Whoah, you already have your Diu, Aden, Florida, and Sri Lanka, and you haven't done anything with any of them. You haven't even filled out the External Territories page. You may end up losing some of your colonies because I don't know whether the colonies are legal or not, and you haven't reinforced any of them.
  • Akbar extends greetings to the Ottomans. Ceylon is included in seasonal trade missions from Dhaka and commerce in spices increases along the marritime Silk Route. Trafficking in gun powder or other ordnance by Mughal citizens is outlawed.
  • The Russian Tsar sends his heir Ivan Ivanovich to the funeral of the Vietnamese Empress as a sign of respect for one of the world's great leaders. The Russsians amp up their military in the selling Curry and other Indian spices to Southeast (Chinese-Russian Border) as a response to the Chinese militarization. The government increases trade to abroad (mostly old rifles, fur and spices) in hope that it will raise the country from debt. The Tsar declares that the army will not attack unless attacked by foreign forces.


  • The island of Gomera (OTL La Gomera) is invaded. by December, the whole island (10*50 sq km) is conquered. Újfundlandi, Labrador and Öböl expand 1250, 1250 and 700 sq km, respectively.
  • Things in France are beginning to calm down after many years of civil strife. While little to no blood is shed, there was much potential loss to be had and one can only wonder what would have happened if the protestants and catholics fought. A Vietnamese cultural influence begins to spread in Southern France. Father Martin begins to make his was eastward to observe the East Asian Church. Haiti continues to expand by 500 km sq.
  • Hanthawaddy begins finishing up its religious revival by expanding religious buildings in the cities. As a reminder of the revival, Smim Htaw orders a huge monument, temple and garden dedicated to the Buddha to be constructed outside the city of Pahkarkayn. Katimon's entire length from north to south expands by 950 sq km, and Dunquk Dung expands south at 150 sq km.
  • Where is Day-klung?
  • My bad. That was the Montego Bay settlement. Mon names do get confusing.
  • Anyway, I forgot to remind you that I'll make the 1570 map, too.
  • China expands 1200 sq km in former Inca. Meanwhile, world maps become standard on all Chinese military ships. The Chinese tell the Mughals that Russia is being openly hostile to both of them and China is increasing their military might in case Russia invades China.
    • Russian aggression is clearly manifest. The Mughals repeat their call for a pan-regional discussion to be held in Delhi in order to maintain a unilateral deterence. Does anyone concur? I suppose Vietnam may have other prior commitments ... is that true of all Asian powers?
  • The Vietnamese expand their East Africa colony by 25*50 sq km. The new Vietnamese Emperor thanks the Russians for sending their Prince to the Empress's funeral. They send them several barrels of the finest Vietnamese wine, which exceeds French wine in quality. The Vietnamese build more of their iron-plated steamships.
  • The Russians thank the Vietnamese for the wine and send, if the vietnamese will accept, five apprentice winemakers to Vietnam to learn how to make such delicious wine. The Colony in india increases by 32 px to combat the growing Mughals to defend Russia's lands.
  • Ceylon remains controlled by the Mughals via embargo at the request of local merchants who fear Russian encroachment in traditional Indian territory. The Mughals request recognition of the newly acquired province of Golconda, which has been undergoing a state of commercial readiness for several years. The trading ports of the west have not been developed by the Ottomans. With their permission, the Mughals would like to undertake negotiations that would prove mutually beneficial. Also, the Ottomans are beseached to note carefully the Russian expansion in Mongolia, India and elsewhere. The Akbar comments that transport routes from Russia have always proved tediously inadequate and have heretofore prevented their expansion into the Aegean, and other southern maritime venues. The assistance of Joachim is urged in order to countermand, or at least provide a counter-balance, to the wayward Russian bear. If you desist from intervening, the Akbar adds, the inception of global conflict will largely be your responsibility to bear [no pun intended].

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