This is an archive of all turns and maps in the game Principia Moderni from the year 1510 to 1539. For the current events, see the main game page.


  • Új Kotor expands 2*576 sq km.
Principia Moderni Map 1510
Principia Moderni Map 1510 Key
  • Japan expands Doitsuchihou along the Dutch Coast by 14*50 sq km.
  • Tsalagan settlers continue to settle in the conquered territories. Culture and art are being pursued in the royal court above matters such as war.
  • Brandenburg expands its African colony by 2*576 sq km. Brandenburg also makes minor forays in Brazil, but since the disastrous earlier expedition the Europeans are loath to advance very far.
  • The Vietnamese expand their East African colony by 14*50 sq km. The Vietnamese have instituted a test for their government officials. It was originally intended to sniff out other potential traitors, but it quickly became a test of the official's honesty. At least a third of all government officials were dismissed due to gross corruption.
  • Naples wants to unify Italy and invades the Papal States but can't capture Rome yet.

The mapmaker or I will add your progress in 1515, but you have to ask the mods if you can add your progress on the 1510 map. and please, make a map in its current resolution.

I apologize for my mistake.

  • Russians make Dimitri Boyasin the governor of Novorossiya. The first permanent Russian church is built in Novomoskovsk city and the IWD realises that rifling works better in the present-day cannons than on muskets.


  • Új Kotor and Újfundlandi expand 3*50 sq km each.
  • Naples fights heavy battles in Rome, and takes the Southern part of the city. Meanwhile, it conquers Southern Sardinia.
  • I changed your post to to the pattern.
  • A team of Tsalagan ambassadors are sent to Cairo, as part of a tour of the great nations of the Old World. A great empire in America is being born. Agriculture and industry have grown with the new-found stability.
  • Japan expands Doitsuchihou across the Dutch coast by 15*50 sq km, capturing the Amstel river, and thus Amsterdam. As Amsterdam is the financial capital of Europe (though its peak of prosperity will be later), Japan has captured a significant engine of wealth, becoming a financial power in Europe. Many institutions are moved from Kionigusuberugo to Amusuterudamu.
  • The Russians commission the construction of 100 rifled cannons, the rifling is added on the mold where the iron muzzle of the cannon was to be cast. Meanwhile, more settlers arrive in Novorossiya and Afrikanskaya zemliya, who both expand by five px to accommodate them.
  • In Brandenburg, the death of co-elector Albert in an "accident" allows his brother Joachim to take full control of the country, expanding the army and conducting a purge of traitorous landholders.
  • The Keltic Union (Scottish) Colony in Newfoundland expands by 10sq km, it also makes plans for a settlement a few miles south-wards in what was Vinland.
  • The Vietnamese expand their East African colony by 16*50 sq km. They build several new forts to defend the expanding colony.
  • The Ottoman Empire expands farther into India.


  • Új Kotor expands 3*50 sq km.
  • The Tsalagan ambassadors arrive in Hungary and observe the capital of Buda. The scale of the city and Hungarian technology boggles the mind of the ambassadors. Back home, a schism is occurring. The lower classes tend to be Muslim, due to the success of Mamluk imams in Tsalagi. But the upper classes remain Ehkasgahian pagans.
  • By the way, at the time, the capital was called Buda. It only would become Budapest in 1873, when it merged with the cities of Obuda and Pest.
  • Sorry, I'm a bit ignorant about that area of the world. But thanks.
  • Ottoman technology skyrockets, thanks to their scientists in Constantinople. Meanwhile, Sultan Selim launches a massive campaign into Northern India, leaving Constantinople under his advisors control. He leads an army 100,000 strong, with over 300 cannon with him. However, the mighty armies of India stand in his way. By December, he is ready to invade.
  • Japan announces future plans to conquer South (at least) China and unite it with Japan as well as Tibet, Tenjikuminato, and the rest of eastern North India (not OTL northeast India, but the eastern provinces of northern India). They announce an alliance with Joseon and the soldiers led by Babur. Immediately, troops and fleets are sent to Shanghai, a growing town of fishers and traders and a strategic location to begin conquest.
  • Tibet has already been captured by China.
  • Russians send missionaries to Tsalagi hearing of the success of theirs in their own colonies was and Mamluk imams. Meanwhile, the Russian army expands, making the musket part of the regular armament as the Tsar commissions the construction of another 300 rifled cannons and 20 more ships to amp up military and navy. By the end of the year, the Russians start a conquest into western China and Siberia
  • Mod Action: An earthquake hits Russia, causing the death of many troops. Russia is not expected to recover fully for 20 years.
    • May I say that there are no earthquake fault lines in Russia (except in the far east. That is not part of this Russia), I would suggest changing earthquake to some other natural disaster to make it more realistic. This is a suggestion because if you want to make this an actual timeline (I presume you want to do this), you have to put things like this into account, to make the timeline make more sense.
    • They already had a famine. Leave it at that.
    • I may ask how long the famine is supposed to last, this will influence my posts to accommodate this feature ... one more thing, the construction of all cannons and naval ships commissioned by Vassili are delayed by five years and expected to be finished in 1520 as a consequence of this event (famine or natural disaster or whatever you decide to put).
    • The famine itself is over, but its effects should last ten years.
  • In the Holy Roman Empire (by the way, this is Brandenburg) Emperor Maximilian ! attempts to conduct the Imperial Reforms. He attempts to centralize the empire. At this point Joachim of Brandenburg declares himself King. Although he keeps the title it has no real meaning as he is not yet independent from the Empire and is not recognized by the Pope.
  • China asks why Japan is invading. They offer the Ottomans a sum of money and claims to India, along with a lasting friendship if they help China. Meanwhile, China offers Joseon the same deal, except Joseon gets claims to some Japanese Islands, should Japan not back down. China's already fierce military is upgraded and is sent to all borders, leaving no weak spots. Cannons are ready to strike at enemy navies. China, however, does not fight yet. Meanwhile, in Western China, the lost territory is retaken.
    • Japan responds by purging its administration of corruption and claiming that the opinion was of one of the ministers and does not reflect the true course of action of Japan. Meanwhile, they reign back their pirates from Shanghai and offer peace
    • China accepts. They keep the navy on high alert in case Japan decides to attack. Thusly, China can focus primarily on expelling Russia from Chinese land, even capturing Russian land if need be.
    • Hearing that the Japanese is backing down, Russia also retreats its troops from Chinese borders, insisting that the only reason they mobilized was to in some way aid their ally: Japan.
  • The Vietnamese expand their East African colony by 16*50 sq km. The Vietnamese strike the first coins featuring the Empress. This action begins the Empress's officially recognized reign.
  • Hanthawaddy decides to interrupt its peaceful development to expand some of its colonies. Piokomon is expanded to take up the whole island, while Katimon is also expanded significantly by 20*50px. Hanthawaddy amps up its military and its borders with China, Japan, and Vietnam, although it does not officially declare a side in the war.


  • The Russians recognize Brandenburg as independent (mostly to contradict whatever the pope says). The Russians decide to focus less on expansion and more on reconstructing its military, re-inforce its economy and upgrade medical technology as well as recover from disasters such as famine etc... for the next couple of years. Meanwhile, another drought hits Russia after four years of agricultural semi-prosperity (before that was a two year famine), and Russians focus this turn on recovering from that by importing much food and other things needed to feed the population and keep drought from becoming famine.
  • China demands that Russia pay for all damages done by their invasion in Western China. Meanwhile, the military is balanced and upgraded. China sends more troops to help in the war against the Incan Civilization. The war effort in Incan lands goes well, with the Incans in full retreat from China in the north and trying to survive a nasty wave of smallpox in other areas.
    • Russia asks How much the damages are and agrees to pay them if they are reasonable and the circumstances in Russia proper are favorable(no drought or famine).
  • Új Kotor expands by 5*50 sq km. Meanwhile, Hungary continues to build ships in Szent András, Újfundlandi.
  • The Ottoman Empire's campaign in India starts off with success. Sultan Selim defeats an enemy army near Punjab with ease, thanks to his cannon and matchlock muskets. He builds a massive fort as a base for his campaign. However, the local warlords are beginning to adopt gunpowder into their arsenals...
  • The nobility also begins to fracture religiously in Tsalagi, with the lords adopting Orthodoxy, and the priests and the church lands remaining Ehkasgahian. The common population begins to adopt a mongrel Islam-Orthodoxy. Elsewhere, the king tries to distract the population from the growing divide between the people and their rulers, by gathering an army and marching south, aiming to conquer the Seminole people of OTL South Carolina, Georgia and Florida. This is a ridiculously massive conquest objective, but only a great expansion is deemed to be adequate to distract the population.
  • Hanthawaddy establishes a second settlement as part of Katimon near OTL Gold Coast, Queensland, which is 4x50 sq km by the end of the year. It improves its navy, in case of conflict with nearby Asian nations, but focuses on recovery from the earlier war.
  • Brandenburg expands it Brazilian colony by 2*576 sq km.
  • Joseon expands into Russia more, usually welcomed by the natives due to their lax taxes and rather humane soldiers. An alliance is offered to Russia, as Joseon needs a major power in Europe as an ally. Meanwhile, the military is amped up.
    • Russia accepts alliance. note: If I am not mistaken you wrote that you were expanding into Russia, you should change that to Kamchatka (as I control "Russia", and believe you meant Kamchatka, not UGR)
    • Yeah, you should always clarify OTL. Many locations in ATL are not even named in your language, so you have to specify.
  • The Vietnamese offer an extensive and lucrative trading deal to the cash-strapped English government in exchange for the right to purchase the English enclave around the commune of Rochefort. They plan to move the extensive population of their Corsica colony to this new enclave. Among the residents planning to move is the already half-Vietnamese Bonaparte family.


  • Hanthawaddy decides to funnel medical technology to the Incas in exchange for an alliance. Having found a way to decrease probability of death from smallpox through inoculation, and having used it on Arawak slaves to prevent property damage, they allow the royal family and nobles to inoculate themselves. Both parts of Katimon are expanded by 10x50 sq km each. Jamaicamon is also expanded by the same amount. Hanthawaddy plans an exploration to the outback, which they call Toakow, dry earth.
  • Japan improves its military and technology, building better ships and rifles.
  • Russians Upgrade the Economy, Bringing in a new currency system akin to that of the English, and trying to make trade more city(industry, such as timber)-oriented and less agricultural-oriented in the colonies. meanwhile, Novorossiya expands by 10px.
  • The Ottomans continue to capture territory in Northern India, but are met with much stronger resistance.
  • The Vietnamese complete the move of the population of the former Corsica outpost to the new French enclave. They dub it "Furansuchou" in recognition of the similar Japanese colony in Germany, though the population (including the Vietnamese) continue to refer to it as Rochefort.
  • Furansuchou is more or less a European Hong Kong or Macau. That is until the next turn, when another 50-year period starts. Then it will become a Vietnamese Doitsuchou.
  • That is really, really funny.
  • China takes more Incan land. The capital, Cuzco, is taken over. The conquest is expected to end by 1520, unless the Incan civilization capitulates.
    • Implausible. This is colonial expansion, are you aware?
    • How is it implausible? The Spanish did it to the Aztecs and Incans. China has the military for it.
    • You realize how insanely lucky the Spanish got? Regardless, you don't have the smallpox edge, which will probably prevent the from going into civil war. What makes you think you can do stuff the other players can't? China has the military, but not the need.
  • The war with the Seminole begins to break down, as they put up a tough resistance. But Mamluk mercenaries have been hired and pushed to the front, where they excel compared to the Tsalagan troops. The Janissary Corps is founded to build an elite corps of Tsalagan troops.
  • What the heck!? The Janissary Corps are for the Ottomans! I already founded them.
  • Yeah, but the Tsalagans are a bit ignorant about that. They sort of blur westerners together. And this Janissary Corps is based on the Ottoman Janissaries.
  • Okay, but please don't imitate everything from my true Jannisaries. Put some unique Tsalagan stuff for them.
  • Újfundlandi expands 10*50 sq km.


Principia Moderni Map 1515
Principia Moderni Map 1515 Key
  • France enters civil disarray, as Castille manages to gain independence by cutting off supplies from France, but leading to an open conflict between the two nations. Meanwhile, in the Neo-Songhai Empire, the former rulers of Mali launch a similar rebellion, starting a civil war.
  • Hanthawaddy launches exploration into the bush of Australia, hoping to map the outback later. There they trade with some of the natives and in attempts to "civilize" them, provide Mon-style clothing. Many aboriginals report sickness upon being shown the clothing. Others simply change the subject. However, a small settlement a few km north of Katimon is built on the Colo River, and named Teaq Dagon (New Dagon), in order to attract settlers. A Buddhist temple is built there by the end of the year. The settlement reaches about 4*50 km by the end of the year, while the northern settlement of Australia (know known as Dungchong, burning country because of a wildfire which occurred) expands by 27 px in a major bout of expansion resulting from interest in Toakow. Back in Hanthawaddy, economic prosperity continues, with construction of a small new settlement in Gajapati-controlled land, which they call Rumsayngkreng, the voice of the small river. Seemingly the founders had become amused with Chinese poetry and decided to give the city a poetic name. However, by the end of the year, the nickname has corrupted into Laskrang.
  • Japan expands Doitsuchihou by 14*50 sq km into the Netherlands. They aim to conquer the Rhine soon.
  • Új Kotor expands by 4*50 dq km.
  • China expands more into Incan territory.
  • I will add your expansion later. Anyway, anybody are seeing the page history placeholder below the title of the page disappear suddenly? Because when I updated the page, it disappeared in my computer, and all the pages within the Principia Moderni category have this problem too, as I have sen recently.
  • Changes in 1515 do not go on the 1515 map. The 1515 map is for the beginning of the year, and covers 1510-1514.
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  • The foundation of the Janissary Corps and their highly skilled warcraft enables Tsalagan forces to advance upon the Seminole peoples. However, the war is increasingly unpopular as losses are more than expected. It must be reiterated that the Janissary Corps are merely based on the Ottoman Janissaries.
  • The Vietnamese, taking advantage of the chaotic situation in France, expand Furansuchou by 16*50 km. Most French citizens welcome the Vietnamese, as their rule brings order to their lands.
  • Russians upgrade their army, introducing a new cavalry troop, called konnitsa, who are armed with a musket, pistol and sword


  • New rule: for expanding in grey areas on the map (organized states), each pixel counts as 2x50 sq km. Black areas are 1x50 sq km.
  • I doubt there is anything "organized" about France right about now.
  • And Germany is made of many comically small states ruled by comically weak rulers (for the most part)
  • Unorganized means literally tribes and nomads. France still has a large organized militia, and so does Germany. This is opposed to tribes where there/nomads is no organized military.
  • The Vietnamese expand their Furansuchou colony by 16*50 sq km. They build a traditional Vietnamese Castle in Rochefort, which is the residence of the colonial governor.
  • Japan expands Doitsuchihou by 16*50 sq km farther along the Netherlands. A Japanese-style castle is built in Amusuterudamu
  • Russians set up an institute to research medical advances, as well as import research from western Europe. Meanwhile, the Russians send More settlers to colonies in Africa and America, which in consequence expands by 25 px (10px for America, 15px for Africa)
  • Brandenburg comes into conflict with Bavaria, but its troops are withdrawn to quell a Peasant's Revolt began because of a famine in the north of Germany.
  • Új Kotor expands 6*50 sq km. a castle is built in Szent András, Újfundlandi, which will be the seat of the colonial government.
  • China takes more Incan territory.
  • The Ottomans reach Delhi, and lay siege.
  • Hanthawaddy continues to expand into the Toakow, expanding about 30x50 sq km throughout the year. Back in Hanthawaddy, a slight expansion occurs around the newly constructed port. The infrastructure becomes close to completion. Hanthawaddy continues to upgrade its economy, trying to replace bartering with a money economy.


  • Japan expands Tenjikuminato by 16*50 sq km. They call for a partition plan with the Ottoman Empire and Hanthawaddy of India (though they will not actively control those areas immediately, they will still lay claim....)
  • Vietnam expands Furansuchou by 16*50 sq km. They start reshaping Rochefort to fit Vietnamese architectural standards. The city becomes a fusion of Asian and European architecture.
  • Hanthawaddy's emperor, Binnya Ran II launches a religious revival by ordering a massive pilgrimage of over eighty thousand to the holy site of Bodh Gaya, site of the Buddha's enlightenment in Delhi. At the border, he is hassled by a group of Muslim officials and says, "I could conquer you and the rest of India but I do not wish. I only wish to worship before the Bodhi tree." Hanthawaddy expands all of its colonies by 10*50 sq km equally, hoping to gain an edge in world trade. Kati is fitted with new port facilities direct from Hanthawaddy.
  • Új Kotor is expanded 7*50 sq the middle of the year, the colony is renamed as Labrador, after a Portuguese explorer which named the sea bordering the colony.
  • China conquers more Incan territory.
  • Russians Continue to develop medical procedures. Meanwhile, the Russian gov. decides to hire Oleg Arkadin, Dimitri Boyasin's first mate to lead an expedition to circumnavigate the world. He leaves in the spring.


  • Vietnam expands their Furansuchou colony by 16*50 sq km. The Vietnamese start attempting to organize a French state in southern France, as the chaos has started to affect Furansuchou.
  • No news is heard From Arkadin. Meanwhile, the Russians upgrade the military, most of the ships and cannons are ready for battle, but some remain to be constructed. The Russians send a military force to the colonies, who then in turn expand the colony by 15 px and African colony by ten px. The two million people that died in the famine ten years before have mostly regenerated themselves and the lack of famines make the people believe in their ruler again, thinking that god has not fully damned him, and has forgiven his sins.
  • Japan expands Doitsuchihou by 16*50 sq km.


  • Vietnam expands Furansuchou by 16*50 sq km. The Vietnamese army goes on a campaign subduing warlord states in the north for the benefit of the young French state.
  • The Russian explorer returns home with only two of his original five ships. He explains that one of them was lost at sea over OTL cape Horn, and that while sailing up the coast of South America, he noticed two great civilizations teetering on destruction (Inca and Aztec) because of the Chinese, they had much gold and he was very interested in their architecture especially the city on the lake. He spent three-quarters of a year exploring them. Then, while heading east, he noticed a weak force and a devastated people on the coast of a peninsula, which in OTL India, wanting to inquire about the people, and needing to return safely to the great Vassili to report, he leaves two ships full of men in the southern Indian subcontinent, creating in turn a colony for Russia, later temporarily called Zemlya kuri i spetsii (land of curry and other spices)
    • Need to be more specific.
    • The southernmost tip of India,
    • I'll accept that for now but I would appreciate the name of the ATL country and OTL city or co-ordinates.
  • Expansionist King Johann I of Brandenburg declares war on Saxony, which has sided with his enemies in a dispute with the Holy Roman Empire. The war quickly is fought to a standstill, however, when winter arrives.
  • Hanthawaddy continues expansion in Piokomon, establishing control of the whole island. Otherwise, the year is uneventful.
  • Újfundlandi expands 10*50 sq km.
  • The King of Tsalagi is unseated due to the poor running of the war. Despite the arrival of the Janissary Corps, the Seminole used undercover tactics. The nobles elect a new King. Peace is made with the Seminole. But Tsalagi has expanded into OTL South Carolina and northern Georgia. The remaining Seminole people are united into a state in opposition to the Tsalagans.
  • Japan expands Tenjikuminato by 16*50 sq km.
  • The Ottomans are willing to help the Tsalagans defeat the Seminoles under these conditions.

1) The Tsalagi give the Ottomans access to the natural resources of Florida, and a colony in OTL Miami.

2) The Tsalagi enter an economic and militaristic alliance.

3) The Ottomans will give the Tsalagi 2500 fully assembled muskets, and 40 cannon in return that they will introduce Shia Islam to their commoners.


Principia Moderni Map 1520
Principia Moderni Map 1515 Key
  • Vietnam expands their Furansuchou colony by 16*50 px. The traditional French dish of escargot is imported back to Vietnam, and becomes quite popular with the younger generation.
  • Újfundlandi is expanded by 7*50 sq km.
  • Tsalagi accepts the Ottoman offer, and prepare for war with the Seminole once again. There is serious issues from the common population, and the government dually uses harsh force and religious concessions to hold them down. More mosques are constructed throughout the country, and Shia Islam is encouraged.
  • Japan expands Tenjikuminato by 16*50 sq km.
  • Hanthawaddy reorganizes its army according to region, segregating the military according to ethnic background. Military research continues to advance. Katimon expands 30x50 sq km.
  • Russians Expand their Indian Colony by 32x50 km. Meanwhile, the missionaries in Tsalagi preach that one must not choose ones fate on the whim of the ruler, but in the heart of oneself. Vassilii IIIs order for cannons and naval ships is finally completed. Other than that the year is uneventful.


  • The Vietnamese expand their Furansuchou colony by 16*50 sq km. Clothes of a stylized European cut become all the rage in Vietnam.
  • Why hasn't DK posted a map yet?
  • Sorry, I was busy this weekend.
  • Why isn't Furansuchou on the map?
  • The north part of Corsica?
  • I've abandoned that post. This colony is on the west coast of France proper. Get the irony?
  • Okay, you got your irony. BTW I updated the country map so it is a rough reflection of the new names of the country. Overall world borders didn't change much though.
  • Also, what about the expansion of Tenjikuminato?
  • Sorry for not updating a map, I was busy too.
  • It's on the west coast, not on the south coast. And by now it's about 52 px in size.
  • OK. But you forgot, this is a "civilized" (I hate that word) area, meaning your expansion is cut in half. I gave you slack on the day I made that rule, but since then I expect you to follow the rules. Actually, you're good because you have four colonies, but I want to see more than the usual "x expands by eleven pixels."
  • After a lengthy war, King Johann of Brandenburg succeeds in pacifying the Saxon opposition. He forces the Margrave to renounce his ties to the Holy Roman Emperor, pay huge reparations to Brandenburg, loose his title (and replace it with the more submissive "Duke", and agree to marry off his daughter to the Brandenburgian Crown Prince. This gives Brandenburg hegemony over most of the German States (not including Austria and Bavaria).
  • King Binnya Ran II orders that the Jamaicamon contain the entire island as soon as possible, annexing 30*50 sq km during the year. Katimon is expanded by 50 sq km Economic growth in the cities of Laskreng, Bengalla and Pegu rises due to the increase in the spice trade.
  • Japan expands Doitsuchihou by 16*50 sq km, and is taking an interest in the Rhine area, as well as North France. They search for a European bride to marry into the Royal Family in order to cement a presence in Europe
  • Hungary offers Elisabeth Corvinus, 25 years old, daughter of the King John Corvinus.
  • Japan accepts
  • Labrador expands 10*50 sq km.
  • Tsalagi accepts the surrender of the Seminole kings, and in an effort to restore peace and order, make them nobles of Tsalagi. In the north, a rebellion starts, stirred up by the Orthodox faith and dissatisfaction with their bellicose kings. The Tsalagan monarch recognises Mamluk claims to the Floridian Peninsula.


  • A strong el niño' off the Inca coast brings a ferocious typhoon season devastates Asia's east coast. The areas hit hardest are are Shanghai, Xiamen, Saigon, the Vietnamese Philippines, Edo, and Nagasaki. Excessive rain washes away buildings, and the storm surge results in massive floods. Many of the fleet of China, Vietnam, and Japan are destroyed, especially colonial ships, as well as goods in transit. Other damaged cities include Busan on the Korean coast and the coast near Nara in Japan. Heavy rains affect the crop season in Hanthawaddy and Maya Java, destroying crops and forcing many inhabitants to relocate.
  • Heian-kyō sends out aid to rebuild its cities. Thankfully, there are still a few ships to inform the colonies, though not nearly as much as there were prior to the tragedy, and the Hungarian consort has arrived safely. Japan focuses on rebuilding, and expects to be able to revive (perhaps not at the same level, but at least functional) within a few years.
  • Újfundlandi expands by 10*50 sq km.
  • Hanthawaddy responds to the disaster by constructing many new naval ships. Flash floods in Katimon slow progress, but nevertheless, it expands by 5x50 sq km. Jamaicamon expands by 10x50 sq km in order to accommodate loss of spices on the seas.
  • The Orthodox rebellion breaks out into all out civil war in Tsalagi. The nobility, looking to retain their power, turn against the priesthood, and align themselves with their primary patrons the Muslim Ottomans and Mamluks, supporting the Muslims against the Christians.
  • Joseon amps up their military, especially in their navy. Joseon begins heavy construction on the port of Pusan and Inchon, in the hopes that trade increase would bring new technologies and weapons to Joseon. Joseon also offers aid to all nations devastated by the tsunamis and flooding, especially to China and Japan, which were hit the hardest.
  • Russians Amp up their military and warn the Tsalagans that if any Russian Citizen or priest is killed, harmed or imprisoned on basis of religion, it will be considered as an official declaration of war. Russians improve on their design of the rifled musket (improvement happened in Europe at about this time in OTL) making it a bit more practical.


  • Still no Furansuchou. It's getting quite irritating. Search up '''Rochefort, France''' on Wikipedia if you really need to know where it is based.
  • That area is part of Britain.
  • Wrong. It is not in Brittany. The map clearly says it is further south. Either way, England has been long inactive, and thus it is fair game.
  • You are correct about it being fair game. However, it is in Poitou which is currently part of England. Rewrite your posts to mention Britain and I'll fix it.
  • I have corrected it. Will you fix the map now?
  • Done. Since you own most of British Poitou, I just erased it and ceded the inland part to France From now on you are expanding in France.
  • Furansuchou is 52 px in size. In other words, it should be about as big as Doitsuchou.
  • Joseon continues to amp up their military, this time focusing on their army. Soldiers are issued new breech-loading rifles, imported and reverse engineered from Burgundy, where they were invented. An alliance is offered to the Tsalagi, Russia, and England.
  • Russia accepts the alliance but asks whose side Joeson will be on if war breaks out between Tsalagi and Russia.
  • Neutral.
  • The Vietnamese scour Europe for the best scientific journals, in the hopes of making their universities the finest in all of East Asia. This sparks a golden age of scientific discovery. The modern scientific theory is first used in Vietnam. The Vietnamese offer their Japanese friends aid in exchange for a closer relationship.
  • The Tension with Tsalagi Increases. Vassili III commissions the building of ten more naval ships with rifled cannon armament (will be finished at end of next year) and decides to first introduce the rifled musket in the elite troops. Meanwhile, India is first used as a penal colony, in virtue expanding 10px
  • Japan also seizes onto the scientific theory in its universities. Meanwhile, Nagasaki is on the way to recovery, while Nara is fully recovered.
    • Okay you can't just rebound that quickly. Give it a few more years.
    • Got it.
  • Hanthawaddy expands Piokomon 5x50 sq km onto the African mainland. Jamaicamon expands by 20x50 sq km, while Katimon expands 6x50 sq km. Economic progress continues in Hanthawaddy, as they begin to feel the effects of Vietnam's transition into a scientific age.
  • Labrador expands 7*50 sq km.
  • Tsalagi accepts the alliance with Joseon. The nobility secures the support of the Seminole dukes, in return for the acceptance of a Seminole candidate as King of Tsalagi. The priesthood are ejected from political power in mostly Muslim Tsalagi, and churchlands are significantly reduced in size. With the threats from Russia, The nobles and their new king consider giving the north independence, rather than risk war with a technologically superior nation.
  • China puts effort into rebuilding towns and rebuilding damaged ships and replacing sunken ships.
  • Brandenburg, after quelling revolts to a deteriorating feudal system, offers an alliance to Joseon and Russia, along with assurances of taking Russia's side in a conflict against Tsalagi, in exchange for support (or at least neutrality) in a conflict against any of Brandenburg's external enemies.
    • Russia accepts, and tells Brandenburg that if they ever get invaded by an enemy nation that it is not allied to, for example, Holy Roman Empire. It will be on its side, but however, if it is an ally, it will depend on circumstances


  • Japan continues the reconstruction of Edo and Nagasaki. Shipbuilding has started to pick up again, though the ports are still not completely rebuilt yet.
  • Újfundlandi expands 10*50 sq km.
  • The Vietnamese, ashamed that they have been left behind in the firearms race, found a specialized research laboratory solely dedicated to weapons research. They import firearms from every country that produces them to study. They also experiment with the rifling process developed by the Russians.
  • The Orthodox north of Tsalagi is given autonomy as what westerners call, 'The Orthodox Pale". Orthodoxy is made the official religion of this area and Orthodox nobles are made to govern the area. However, in return for the monarchs beneficence, they have to pay higher taxes, and are virtually cut off from Tsalagi proper. The Orthodox Pale is opened up to Russian settlement. Islam becomes the official religion of Tsalagi.
  • The Ottomans capture Delhi. Sultan Selim dies, and Sultan Suleiman takes the throne. Suleiman works on modernizing the economy, whic is easy thanks to their access to the riches of Northern India. Suleiman looks west, and founds a colony in OTL Miami, as the Tsalagi agreed to this in their deal. He also gives Barbarossa the title of Grand Admiral of the Ottoman Navy. The Navy consists of over 400 warships, with fleets in Indian Ocean, The Mediterranean, and the Caribbean.
  • You can't capture Delhi that quickly. You haven't worked much on your military and your border is tiny and on your outskirts. It would take more turns.
  • Also, how does your administration function so smoothly? I want to learn.
  • Hanthawaddy expands Jamaicamon by 31x50 sq km. Colonial administration hopes to use the colony to set up settlements along the coast of the Caribbean Sea. Hanthawaddy continues economic expansion.
  • Joseon continues to amp up her military, aiming to be the strongest military in the Far East, and to deter an attack that might be made by any nation, whether for colonization by European nations, or an attack by Japan or China.
  • China expands its military and infrastructure.
  • The Kelts expand the Newfoundland colony by 20 km.
  • Russians send more people to India into exile, Expanding it by 10 px, and more settlers to America which then expands by 6 px, Settlers are encouraged to have large families. Russia announces its intentions of conquering Siberia, and retaking the city of Kiev, Pskov, even if it means paying gold for the land, or going to war.


Principia Moderni Map 1525
Principia Moderni Map 1515 Key
  • The Vietnamese expand Furansuchou by 16*50 sq km. They appoint the patriarch of the prominent Bonaparte family as the Vietnamese governor of Furansuchou.
  • By this point, Nagasaki and Edo are rebuilt, and trade has recommenced, though slower. Financial aid is brought from Amusuterudamu.
  • Well, I don't mind if you recover quickly, but you can't just move on like it never happened. -DK
  • All right, all right. I didn't think it would be interpreted like that, but I've edited it.
  • Residents of Jamaicamon launch a celebration that the entire island has been brought under Mon control. Hanthawaddy decides to pull a throttle on colonization in order to focus more on its ports. Katimon's two parts each expand 3x50 sq km towards each other. In addition to Pahkarkayn, Laskreng, Pegu, and Bengalla, a third port is planned along the Arakan coast, at the superb harbour of OTL Kyaukpyu. It is named Chauhhpiu. Bengalla adapts the Mon name of Penghkla, and is expanded.
  • Brandenburg's military scientists, after many attempts, fail to successfully copy the method of rifling. After it comes into use among select units of the Hapsburg Army, Brandenburg is forced to ask Russia for help in the matter in order to cement their alliance.
    • Russians Give Brandenburg a choice: Send Russian Official Supplying Weaponsmiths to Brandenburg to teach Brandenburgians to make their own riles, or have the rifles sold from Russia.
  • Labrador expands 10*50 sq km.
  • Joseon upgrades their military, and begins to improve their already clandestine navy.
  • Russians Amp up their military, sending another expedition circumnavigating the world, then send an ambassador (Boyar Godunov) to Tsalagi to represent "Rossiya'"s interests (first use of the word Rossiya, or Russia instead of Rus' in Foreign relations)


  • Due to the economic power of Japan after conquest of Amusuterudamu decades earlier (although there was a decline following the el ninho of 1523, immigration started earlier and the economy is still large), there has been a large incidence of immigration to Japan by Europeans, mainly Ashkenazi Jews which are seeking protection. However, Christians have followed, and so in order to prevent conflict between religions inside Japan (as well as conflict with European nations), Japan restricts practice of Christianity to the European colonies, as well as Sakhalin, where they are to undergo a "deradicalization" and "Japanization" process in order to disconnect them from European institutions and integrate them into society. However, Judaism is freely permitted in Japan.
    • Whoah. Amsterdam is practically useless until you can get the population to show loyalty to the Emperor. You can't say it saved Japan's economy.
    • Good point. How would I indicate that? I'm sure it would have happened some time ago, maybe 1520, when many cultural and financial institutions moved from Kionigusuberugo to Amusuterudamu, but if this won't work, please tell me. Though even without the conquest of Amusuterudamu, Japan's economy would have been at least somewhat lucrative.
    • Well, tell me: why did Islam and Hindiusm never interdiffuse in India? Why did Spain give up on trying to convert China? Religious irreconcilability. Islam and Hinduism are the opposite, and the Chinese apparently "could not handle" Catholicism. Without some ingenious teaching method, the people will not be loyal for several decades. You could definitely be trading posts, but I wouldn't call that lucrative.
    • All right, but if it's good enough for trade, I'm sure there would have been some migration, though not too large. Thanks, though. I'll set the date as 1566, but does this still work?
  • The Vietnamese, having been less affected by the El Niño than their neighbors, continue to supply aid to their neighbors (and allies) Japan, Joseon and China. They are able to keep the development of Furansuchou at a stable rate. The arms laboratory supplies its first major upgrade to Vietnamese muskets. A few experimental rifles are supplied to a Vietnamese army unit to test.
  • You were hit about the same as your neighbours, but it was mostly heavy rain, not typhoons.
  • But it's needless to say that heavy rain isn't as destructive as a typhoon.
  • Hanthawaddy continues to upgrade its military. A group of settlers is sent to OTL Montego Bay, which is named Dayh-klung, canoe water due to its fair weather. The port is expected to become the main port of the island, and Hanthawaddy offers the Mayans free trade through that port. Hanthawaddy's new port of Chauhhpiu is also developed significantly, doubling in size during the year. Pakarkayn experiences an expansion of the port facilities. Hanthawaddy's five ports become highly sought after by European traders.
  • Labrador expands 10*50 sq km.
  • A modicum of stability returns to Tsalagi after the Religious War. Islam is now predominant, though there is a deep undercurrent of Ehkasgahianism beneaththe surface, and there is a greater focus on Muhammed's warrior credentials, linking him to the first king of Tsalagi, Ehkasgahi. The new Seminole Dynasty set about consolidating the country, and Tsalagi/Tsalagan move from being an ethnic term to being a nationality.
  • Russians(especialy Royalty, nobility and Gov. Dimitri boyasin of Novorossiya and America) openly declare and say (in a somewhat insulting way) that the connections made between Tsalagan kings and Mohamed are ridiculous, saying that the Tsalagans haved been cut off from the old world and the Holy land, wher Islam began, and kings are pureblood seminol/Tsalagans. Russians demand an equal representation from the Orthodox Pale in the Tsalagan Government and a candidate for the kingship of Tsalagai, like was done with the Seminoles, and Orthodoxy made co-official religion.
  • China expands their military and continues to rebuild coastal areas.


  • Doitsuchihou is expanded deeper into the Netherlands by 15*50 sq km. When asked what is happening, Japanese soldiers state that they are freeing the locals from Habsburg oppression, as is the standard response, codified by the bureaucracy dealing with foreign affairs.
Hanthawaddy National Road System

Map showing Hanthawaddy's five ports and roads

  • Hanthawaddy focuses on its economy and improving port facilities. All five ports are outfitted with a new hospital. In addition, roads are build connecting the five ports. Laskreng and Chauhhpiu are both significantly expanded during the year.
  • Hungary declares war against Austria. Meanwhile, Labrador expands by 5*50 sq km.
  • Unwilling to return Tsalagi to an age of chaos and destruction, the government refuses to back down to the Russians, claiming that since the Orthodox Pale is self-governing there is little reason for representation in government. The Janissary Corps is enlarged, and cavalry soldiers become more widepspread. Mamluk and Ottoman technologies are utilised to improve the army in case of Russian attack.
  • In France, Duke Matteo I is finally becoming the dominant despot in the North and is beginning to quell the chaos that has been in the region for years. Using his Castilian heritage to his advantage, as well as having one of the few organized French armies, organized in Tercios, he has slowly subjucated and pacified a good portion of the area. Many nobles in the area have submitted to his will, but chaos still reigns in Northern France.
  • Russians send troops to Austria to aid Brandenburg, And sell rifled muskets to Brandenburg for as many as they would buy, then they will send one of Rossiya's their finest gunsmiths to teach the art of rifling.
  • Vietnam sends an Ambassador to Duke Matteo congratulating him on his victory. The Vietnamese promise to cease expansion of Furansuchou immediately. They will refocus their attention on their Swahili colony in East Africa. They offer the French leader an exclusive trade deal in exchange for continued ownership of Furansuchou.


  • Japan expands Doitsuchihou further in the Netherlands so that it borders Lille and Duesseldorf (16*50)
  • Hungary amp up ts army. Meanwhile, the Hungarian troops advance in Austrian territory (8*50 sq km).
  • Hanthawaddy's king Binnya Ran II dies at the beginning of the year. Members of the royal family, not wishing Takuyutpi to ascend the throne due to his weakness, secretly conspirate to kill him. This is accomplished, and Smim Htaw is named Emperor of Hanthawaddy. He decides to change the agenda from port enlargement to military expansion in the north of Hanthawaddy. An area around Laskreng is annexed, and Piokomon and Katimon are each expanded by 50 sq km.
  • Brandenburg takes the opportunity of Russian support to declare war on Austria. They hope that with allies and with Japan invading the Netherlands, they can finally break Austrian power.
  • After the defeat of the largest "rebel" army by Matteo I at Orleans earlier in the year, and with the ever encroaching presence of Japanese and Vietnamese settlements, the Lords of Northern France convene and in short order decide that peace will be the only thing to save the French. Convening at one of the few Royal Palaces standing in the land, Matteo I is hailed as the King of France, and the old order Feudal System is re-established. It is decided that by the end of the year, the troops will march south in order to curtail the chaos that continues to reign in the South.
  • Tsalagi gives the Pale independence as Orthagi. They hope that they can avoid war in this way. The king hopes to consolidate and protect the Seminole provinces of Tsalagi by expanding along the Gulf Coast in the south, rather than expand in the north.
  • The Russian Explorer Returns home after two years circumnavigating and mapping much of the west coast of the new world and the east coast of South America. He says that the peoples being battered by the chinese are now weaker but so is China. Meanwhile, the Russians start negotiations to peacefully retake Kiev from Poland. Poland agrees for a heafty price of 500 kg of gold (is this enough or should it be more?)
  • The Vietnamese expand their Swahili (East African) colony by 16*50 sq km. Colonists once destined for Furansuchou are rerouted to the East African colony.


  • Hungary continues to advance into Austrian teritory. (10*50 sq km). Meanwhile, the settlers of Újfundlandi make an alliance with some local Beothuk tribes.
  • Brandenburg (with the support of Russia and with Japan threatening the Netherlands) drives deep into Austria but is forced to stop for the winter. The campaign of 1530 is expected to end with a Brandenburgian victory, however.
  • Lol, you don't even border Austria, and it doesn't have a coast.
  • I have been consolidating hold over the south German states for decades now, so to reach Austria I am going through mostly vassal states (or at least allies). And what does a coast have to do with it?
    France begins its long march southwards with its patchwork of armies under the newly appointed King Matteo I. Quite a few Lords seeing Matteo's presence ally with him in the hopes of peace (and newly refilled coffers.) A decisive battle takes place near Lyon, and the French "rebels" meet the tercios of the French Monarchy in their recently adopted Vietnamese style of combat. Unfortunately, due to the Monarchy having overwhelming numbers, the rebels are broken and Matteo I begins his sweep even further southward.
  • In Hanthawaddy, it is a year of expansion and consolidation, as declared by Emperor Smim Htaw. More of the area around Laskreng is annexed, with a new layer of reinforcements along the western border with Gondwana, Tenjikuminato, and the Gajpatis. Hanthawaddy also expands into Tibet, establishing a border with the Rajputs. Piokomon expands by 10x50 sq km southwest along the African coast.
  • The Vietnamese expand their East African colony by 16*50 sq km. They build new theatres in all their colonies. Traditional Vietnamese plays are soon enjoyed in three continents. A small group of people who see the plays in Furansuchou return to their nations intent on introducing Vietnamese theatre to their home countries.
  • Japan further pierces into the Netherlands, and 16*50 sq km are captured.
  • Russians send settlers to Africa, expanding it 16 px


Principia Moderni Map 1530
Principia Moderni Map 1530 Key
  • Wait, what is Labrador? Is that another name for Új Kotór?
  • See the section 1517.Új Kotor was renamed as Labrador due to its expansion.Új Kotor is the first settlement and "capital" of the colony.
  • Okay. I'll fix the map. Btw for non-colonial expansion (i.e. into Austria), there really isn't a limit except plausibility.
  • Hungary continues to advance in Austrian territory (7*50 sq km). Meanwhile, Labrador expands by 5*50 sq km.
  • Brandenburg's King, Joachim I, inexplicably dies of pneumonia after making a long speech to his troops. His successor, Joachim II, orders his troops back to Brandenburg to settle some internal disputes (the new King is a Protestant, which is threatening to spark a possible Civil War).
  • The new Tsalagan order consolidates their power, expanding the nobility and marrying into old Tsalagan noble families. Settlers are sent south to the Gulf, as a slow and steady expansion to the Mississippi is planned.
  • At the Diet of Marseilles, the defeated French Lords sign the Articles of Restoration, which did two things: First it took some of the power away from the feudal Lords, slightly weakening them to hopefully ensure that they would not attempt rebellion again, and secondly and perhaps more importantly it restored peace to France, reuniting the land under King Matteo I.
  • Russia withdraws all its troops back to the homeland for 2 reasons: 1. Brandenburg retreated from austria and most importantly, 2. After many failed attempts, and two wives, Grand Prince Vassili III finally has a son, and an heir to the throne, Celebration sweeps Russia. He is named Ivan in the name of his grandfather. The Indian settlement was soonafter named Ivanograd (city of Ivan) in his honor, and the colony, Ivanskaya Zemlya (land of Ivan). Vassili also build the church of assention to commemerate Ivan's birth
  • Joseon expands Manchuria, crushing the un-united tribes which rule past Joseon. They also offers an alliance to France and Hungary. Meanwhile, diplomatic relations with Europe strengthens, with much trading happening.
  • I'd like to remind you that you asked for an alliance with me before, and I accepted.
  • By Manchuria I think he means his vassal state that would expand into what is today the Russian Far East.
  • Japan expands 10*50 sq km into the Netherlands


  • the Hungarian armies advance 12*50 sq km into Austrian territory. Meanwhile, Labrador and Újfundlandi expand 6*50 sq km each.
  • China's economy and military expands. The infrastructure is improved.
  • After Brandenburg finally succeeds in restoring internal order, bad news comes from the colonies. One of the trade ships that annually reaches the Brazilian settlement comes back with reports of the colony in ruins and its settlers gone. Most Europeans suspect the local natives, although they deny responsibility.
  • France now formally accepts both the Vietnamese and Joseon diplomatic offers. However, it does state to Vietnam that it will not allow any proselytizing into its borders. The expansion of the French Tercios begin.
  • Hanthawaddy continues to improve its infrastructure on its road systems. Hanthawaddy annexes Navassa Island as part of Jamaicamon. Infrastructure in Katimon is also improved. A new settlement further inland expands Katimon by 2x50 sq km.
  • Joseon expands more into the Russian Far East, taking control of much land, due to the ununited natives. However, they encounter one particular tribe that offers much more resistance than others. They are forced to wipe it out, encurring the anger of neighboring tribes. Slowly, the tribes of the Russian Far East begin to unite against Joseon.
  • I will be unable to log in after this friday for about a week. (Finals week, so this is really important). Please do not attack China. Have mercy on its inner stability too, mods!
  • Russians living in India "discover" curry. This is brought back by Dosinsky (the explorer) and is an immediate delecasy. More people migrate to India for this reason, making it grow by 32x50 km. Dosinsky also maps most of the Indian, African, South American, and certain parts of the East Asian coast in his travels. these maps will be used by Russia in years to come.
  • Japan expands both Doitsuchihou and Tenjikuminato by 16*50 sq km


  • Joseon amps up their military, to be prepared for any attack on their Homeland. Joseon patriots begin calling Joseon the "Homeland", a name that sticks and is used in many speeches, as "My Fellow Americans" or "Motherland", "Fatherland" will be used in the future.
  • France continues expanding its military and orders the training of the French Knight class into ever more powerful soldiers, and also injects laws which force any noble that is a baronet and below to be fit to fight as an armed knight at a moment's notice.
  • Hey guys! I am going to be out of town until Monday, and I'm not sure if I'll have internet or not ... I promise that I haven't given up on you guys if I don't!! Mods and everyone else, be nice to France if I don't post something tomorrow!
  • Hanthawaddy continues to update its economy. It hopes that the Awettha will be the envy of the world due to its value. King Smim Htaw orders that Jamaicamon set up a small trading post at OTL Punto Fijo, Venezuela, which they call Dunquk Dung (cook-rooster country) after experiencing a small heat wave leading to the death of their only remaining rooster. The size is expanded to 50 sq km by the end of the year. Katimon and Piokomon are expanded by the same amount. Hanthawaddy expands around Laskreng, and begins to fortify the border with Tibet.
  • Hungary continues to advance. By October, the Hungarian armies arrived to Vienna, which is besieged. Meanwhile, Labrador and Újfundlandi are expanded 4*50 sq km and 10*50 sq km, respectively.
  • Brandenburg re-establishes their Brazilian colony farther north (around OTL Natal), hoping that this time the natives will be more friendly. Coconuts become a delecasy back in Brandenburg.
  • The Ottoman Sultan Suleiman begans to build up the armies of the empire. He increases trade with the Tsalagi.
  • Russians amp up their military by making it more organized. Grand Prince Vassili III strengthens power in Sibir by introducing the Russian currency and building more Orthodox churches and starts the "union" (annexation) process to make Sibir and Rossiya one and the same.
  • After a long period of inactivity, a new, more open Mayan king arises. He expands both of the Mayan colonies 5*50 km. The new Mayan king also starts attempting to establish diplomatic relationships with Hanthawaddy.
  • Malmulk colonies in the Americas continue to advance.
  • Japan expands both Tenjikuminato and Doitsuchihou by 16*50 sq km. Doitsuchihou has reached the Rhine.


  • Vienna falls in March. The Hungarian troops keep advancing (7*50 sq km) in Austrian territory. Meanwhile, Labrador and Újfundlandi expand 10*50 sq km each.
  • Tsalagi ceases conquest as it sets out to consolidate its current territories an repair the damage from the previous wars. The capital is moved into OTL Georgia, as the locus of Tsalagan power moves from Equagadahu to Semnogahu under the Seminole Dynasty. New towns and docks are constructed along the coast, and a move away from a purely "Cherokee" tribal identity to a new national identity begins. The age of Tsalagan piracy begins.
  • When hunting in the woods around Volkolamsk, Vassili felt pain in his hip as a result of an abscess, he asked to be brought to Moscow knowing his time was short. No doctors could stop the infection. He died later that year leaving his empire to his three-year old son Ivan IV and his mother-regent Elena Glinskaya. The new regent decides to focus more on strengthening the economy and medicine. She starts with medecine. She passes a decree that the head of the boyars will assume office if anything were to happen to her before Ivan came of age (sorry it's long, I tried to stay as true as possible to OTL).
  • Sorry, but I corrected some grammar errors.
  • Portugal revolts and becomes independent from Castille after three months of protests and guerrilla-style action.
  • Three months?
  • Matteo I decides to further increase his military might in order to avoid any potential revolts like the previous one that France just was able to recover from. He orders the construction of several cast iron cannons which will be used during sieges.
  • The Mayans continue expanding both of their colonies by 10*50 each. They also continue expanding their army.
  • Japan expands farther into the Netherlands (16*50 sq km).


  • The Vietnamese offer the French an alliance to help bring their nations together. They give an beautiful Vietnamese-styled throne as tribute to French King Matteo I. It is made of Burma Padauk, a red hardwood found in southeast Asia. Its elaborate design features an Iris and a Lotus, which represent French and Vietnamese cooperation.
  • Portugal gives an offer of alliance to France, in hopes it can help stave of the threat of a Castillian attack
  • Hanthawaddy, faced with growing Islamic influence in Tibet attacks the Rajput rulers that were weakened with the fall of the Delhi Sultanate. Buddhist missionaries are sent immediately to the conquered areas, which make up about 1/5 of former Rajput kingdoms.
  • Japan attacks the Rajput kingdoms as well in a "civilizing mission", conquering 40*50 sq km. Very little happens elsewhere in Japan ...
  • Brandenburg invades England and enlists the help of Richard, Baron Rich. Brandenburg succeedes in establishing a base in Kent by the end of the year.
  • Russians make the belskiys the head of boyar council. Sibirians refuse to bow down to an infant and his mother. A small revolt composed mostly by the noble, their famillies and a small number of followers is soon quelled by the streltsys, and the uprisers are executed. The remaining members of the Sibir nobles council is later in the year is integrated with the Russian Boyar Council. Meanwhile, Settlers who live in The colonies have large fammilies and as a cause the colony in america to expand by 16 px along the Atlantic Coast.
  • Hungary advances 8*50 sq km in Austrian territory. Meanwhile, the colonies expand 10*50 sq km each. The King also considers the possibility of reforming the administrative divisions. It also asks for an alliance with Portugal.
  • The Grand Council of Nobles in Tsalagi begin a process of building roads between the four major cities of Tsalagi; Equagadahu, Chanrakagahu, Semngeeha, and Meshpecha. As these roads and rough tributary paths network across the duchies and provinces of the realm, new towns and villages spring up. The population booms, especially amongst the Seminoles and a debate about the name of Tsalagi and weather it represents the people of the kingdom begins.
  • The Mayans continue to expand and improve their army. They also expand their colonies by 10*50 each, and establish a new colony in OTL Baja California Sur.


Principia Moderni Map 1535
Principia Moderni Map 1535 Key
  • Japan further expands Tenjikuminato westwards, by 16*50 sq km. Japanese-style buildings are built in the newly conquered land
  • The Vietnamese expand their East African colony by 16*50 sq km. They begin bulding up Rochefort's port as they use the town as a trade hub for Europe. This expands the community, effectively making it the fastest growing city in Western Europe.
  • Hungary advances 6*50 sq km in Austrian territory. The colonies expand 10*50 sq km each. The king John Corvinus dies, being immediately succeeded by his son Cristopher.
  • Tsalagi continues to build up their infrastructure, and roads intersect the nation. Movement of people creates a united sense of 'Tsalaganess'.
  • Brandenburg continue to conquer England. However, they encounter a major setback when they are defeated at Dover by a group of English lords that band together. Many of the cities are pacified by the end of 1535.
  • The Russian regent appoints the Boyars as heads of the army, as she is "a woman and knows not of military things". the Belskis announce the start of a conquest into siberia and the far east. The army starts mobilizing in June.
  • King Krishnadevaraya establishes the Vijayanagara Empire in South India (Karnataka) and prepares the army for invasion of Maharashtra on May 17, 1535.


  • Hanthawaddy continues fighting the Rajputs. They ask assistance from Vietnam and Japan, to help gain control over India. Meanwhile, the colonial expedition at Dunquk Dung is successful. Cassava is imported from the port to Jamaicamon Island, and then to Hanthawaddy. Mon traders begin a search for a possible legendary strategic island for shipping. Dunquk Dung is expanded by 10x50 sq km. Piokomon and Katimon (the northern settlement) are each expanded 3x50 sq km to the south.
  • Japan expands Tenjikuminato by 16*50 sq km
  • Hungary launches another offensive against the Austrians, advancing 14*50 sq km. Meanwhile, the colonies expand 8*50 sq km each.
  • Tsalagi is reformed and altered into the Kingdom of Itsaygahi, meaning green land. The people are now known as Itsaygahans. This finalises the shift from the old tribal culture to the new national culture.
  • The Vijayanagara Empire changes its plans and will assist the Rajputs in fighting Hanthawaddy. The army of 347,000 soliders, 120 elephants and 25 cannons marches to Rajasthan border to battle Hanthawaddy and prevent them from dominating India, and has also asked help from the Ottoman Empire, France, Russia and Portugal. It is unknown if they will accept but the Mughal Army will act as a reinforcement as Delhi (capital of Mughal Empire) is a bordering state of Rajasthan. Meanwhile, plans to invade Maharashtra are still not down. King Kirshnadevaraya sends 165,000 soldiers, 56 elephants, 60 musketeers and 44 cannons to defeat the Maratha King Shivaji. If the three foreign powers win, North India will be controlled by them.
    • Russians accept alliance and promise support for wars against East Asian countries (except if Japan is involved, or just refuse to attack Japanese troops) and promise neutrality if a war ignites with the Ottomans, as they cover the only Russian enterance to the Mediterranean.
  • Knowing that the Vijayanagara Empire probably be in need of aid to defeat China and Hathawady (with which Russia has semi-hostile to hostile relations), and wanting to continue expanding in that area of the world, the Russians decide to settle people in OTL Sri Lanka, (discovered when the Russians were going to import curry). The colony grows 16px on the northernmost tip of Sri lankan island, named the same because locals called it that, while the colony's name stayed the same: Ivanskaya zemlya. Meanwhile, Russians start expansion into siberia, now they have covered the entirety of the Sibir Khanate with Russia proper. The Belskis declare that they want to REACH the Pacific Coast by the death of Ivan (even if it means having one thin line of land under their control from Russia to the Pacific).
  • The Kelts under King David II settle with 100 colonists in the Chesapeake Peninsula ,
    Russia explained

    mods, this is what I mean by reach the Pacific Coast, even if it means a thin line of control

  • France declines Vijayanagara because it has little interest in that part of the world at the current moment, nor does it have the capacity to even send a fleet, since it has been damaged by a decade of civil war that it has yet to economically recover from. France also declines Portugal, simply because it isn't economically feasible for the newly rebirthed nation to interfere with any nations at the current moment. However, as a measure of goodwill, it sends Baron LaRochelle to the court of Portugal in hopes of mentoring the Portuguese army. After some negotiations, the French accept an alliance from the Vietnamese. France decides to expand her Navy since most of her ships were discarded during the revolts and begins construction of armed Caravel styled ships in Saint-Nazaire.
  • Joseon, honoring their alliance and wanting some more territory, join Hanthawaddy, Japan, and Vietnam in attacking India. The arrival of Korean armies significantly boosts the morale of the invasion troops, and much land is gained.


  • Hungary advances more in Austrian territory, forcing Austria to capitulate.
  • It would be plausible to annex all Austria, or do I annex only the conquered area?
  • You may annex all of Austria.
  • King Ehkanahkne I of Itsaygahi asks Joseon whether their alliance will require Itsaygahi to contribute soldiers to the war in India. He affirms that if he is, he will send a legion of his finest Janissaries on his best ships, but that he cannot afford much more than this. Requests are put out to Itsaygahi's various allies to invest in Itsaygahi's farms and industries.
  • France continues to expand its navy in hopes of spurring economic development as well. A large force of cannon laden barques begins to be built in OTL Le Havre, which subsequently requires the expanding of the port facilities of that particular small town.
  • Vijayanagara Army reaches Rajasthan border and gives a hand in attacking the Hanthawaddians amd wait for the Russian Armies to arrive in support. Meanwhile, the remaining Army reaches Maharashtra border and lays siege on the Maratha Capital, Bombay, and much to their joy, is met with little resistance as the main army has gone on a military campaign to West Bengal. A rebellion breaks out in north Kerala, near the Wayanad District but the Vijayanagara Governor -in-charge of Kerala, Zamondri, crushes it. Meanwhile, King Krishna Deva Raya sends a fleet of 24 ships (16 merchants each) to establish Trading Centers in the Mamluk Sultanate, along with a gift of 100 kg gold, hoping that it would strengthen the empire's relations with Mamluk. He also sails to personally meet the Mamluk Sultan to discuss alliance and trade relations.
  • Hanthawaddy continues invading the Rajputs, but only the kingdoms near the Tibetan side are attacked. Katimon experiences a great expansion to the north and the south, between the two parts of the colony, of 10x50 sq km, and Dunquk Dung is expanded by 5x50 sq km.
  • The Mayans continue to expand their colonies by 10*50 each. They also offer Hanthawaddy an alliance.
  • Joseon sends more troops to assist Hanthawaddy in the conquering of Northern India, starting by funneling troops towards Rajastan and Western Nepal, where help seems to be needed the most.
  • Russians withdraw troops from Siberia for a while and send them to the Crimea to be sent along with artillery and equipment to India via South Africa. Before sending troops off, the Russian Boyars await an answer from Japan to on which side it is on in the Indian conflict. Meanwhile, Ivanskaya Zemlya expands 16 px into Sri Lanka along with South African colony expands to a possible accommodation of soldiers by 16 px.
  • Japan supports Hanthawaddy, but asks to split up North India. They expand Tenjikuminato by 16*50 sq km.


  • Japan invades the Rajputs, expanding Tenjikuminato by 16*50 sq km. They offer an alliance to Hanthawaddy at the expense of keeping a small portion of the coast (as well as some of north-central India) to themselves
  • Brandenburg gives an offer of alliance to Japan (I'm not sure if the one ratified in the 1460's is still in effect) as well as reaffirming the one they hold with Russia. There is speculation in the court that this flury of diplomatic activity is due the the king being worried about the rate of Hungarian expansion (especially in Austria, always coveted by Brandenburg) and its possible implications in terms of the loyalty of Brandenburg's South German vassal states.
    • Japan accepts.
    • Russian alliance still stands.
  • Hungary annex Austria. Meanwhile, the colonies expand 7*50 sq km each.
  • The Vijayanagara and Rajputs continue fighting of the armies of Hanthawaddy and the newly arrived Japan, both sides wating for reinforcements, Vijyanagars, Russia and Hanthawaddy, Joseon. Meanwhile, the rest of the army successfully crushes the remaining Maratha Army, and starts conquering it. The Empire expans 10x60 sq km into Maharashtra. One-half of the army is ordered to stop the returning Maratha Army, 1/4 is told to stay there and 1/4 is ordered to assist the Rajputs. Maratha King Shivaji, with his small band of soldiers, starts guerrilla warfare. King Krishna Deva Raya and his fleet successfully arrive in Egypt and is travelling to the Sultan's court. The Mughal Army is currently on its march to assist the Rajputs.
  • Russian regent Elena Glinskaya dies soon after refortifying the walls of Moscow and signing the order to sent 1000 streltry troops, 200 cavalry and 50 cannons to aid Vijayanagarans if they start encouraging Russian orthodoxy in their empire. Her death is taken little notice of as the shuiskys take power as heads of the boyar council. many believe in their greed for power they killed the regent.
  • Vijayanagara promises to honor Russian orthodoxy in the Empire, as well as grant Russia 2 coastal towns, namely Travancore and Kanyakumari so that they can access India legally from Sri Lanka.
  • Itsaygahi tell the Magyars that they will take any troublseome Austrians off their hands, especially former administrators. The king hopes that by enlisting former experts in state management who are potentially neutral, they will be able to advance and better the country. A single Legion of Janissaries are sent to Japan and put at the Emperor's disposal.
  • France flexes its muscles by invading Avignon, claiming that they are simply protecting it from the influx of other religions from the surrounding Japanese and Vietnamese colonies. A secret dispatch is sent to the Vietnamese telling them that this is just an excuse, and not an act of aggression towards them.
  • Hanthawaddy continues war against the Rajputs. In order to deal with funneling of supplies, western Hanthawaddy expands into Tibet. Hanthawaddy also begins negotiating with the Ahom people in former Hporubitoi. They are allowed to return to their homeland as long as they serve in Hanthawaddy's army and help a peaceful cession of Ahom Sri Lanka back to Hanthawaddy. Hanthawaddy agrees to send some Ahom troops to Brandenburg to help with defence. Meanwhile, ports become exceedingly diverse, with the five ports of Laskreng, Pahkarkanj, Bengalla, Pegu, and Kyauhhpiu housing increasing numbers of Arawaks. Most Arawaks are granted freedom within a few years, leading to the formation of Arawak communities. Hanthawaddy declines to cede any portion of its territory to Japan, claiming that if Japan helped Hanthawaddy, they would only be honouring the alliance. However, Hanthawaddy provides that it would send several Arawak labourers to the southern Gajpati coast to assist in the creation of a new port settlement.
  • Joseon sends more troops to help in the fight (sorry, can't post better - no time.)


  • Japan helps Hanthawaddy (note: it was not cession, but mainly laying a claim to unconquered area), and conquers neighboring Rajput states through diplomacy, expanding Tenjikuminato by 16*50 sq km. (Note: Please update this in the map, as it doesn't seem to have changed in the previous map although it should have)
    • I kinda cheaped out on you because you weren't following the rules. Maximum expansion if you have four colonies is 25x50 sq km, or 12x50 sq km for "organized" areas. For a minor turn in main country, that's still only 40x50 sq km and 20x50 sq km, respectively. Also, you don't border any Rajput states. Just Gondwana and the Mughals.
    • Ah, I see. I thought I fit the rules ...
  • The Vietnamese announce their neutrality in what they are calling the "Rajput War", as the Empire of Vietnam has nothing to gain from entering the conflict.
  • After a victory in the Battle of Westminster, Brandenburg has nearly crushed English resistance. At this point, a vassal state is given full power over the country (led by Richard, Baron Rich, now King Richard III (was there a Richard III in the Map Game as well, because I can't find him and it was after the POD) who in OTL was Earl of Warwick) and Brandenburg's forces leave. The new King of England still has trouble with many of the lords, however.
  • The Mughal and Russian armies arrive at the Border and starts attacking it. Mughals, Vijayanagars, Russians, Rajputs vs. Hanthawaddians, Joseonans and Japanese. Meanwhile, Vijyanagara Empire expands 20x50 sq km into Maharashtra, as well as encouraging Russian Orthodoxy. Shivaji's guerrilla warfare comes to a stop and he is captured and hanged. Krishnadevaraya and his troops arrive at the Mamluk Sultanate and is shocked to find the Sultan inactive. Krishnadevaraya breaks his alliance and orders a sea invasion of the Mamluk Sultanate, just to control more territory. The ships will arrive at the Sultanate in a year. The Vijayanagara armies stop the Maratha armies in its tracks and wages war. The King of Golconda assists the Marathas in this Battle. Nevertheless, the Golconda army being quite small (15,000 soldiers, six war elephants and four cannons) and a highly injured Maratha army returning after its defeat from Bengal does not seem to be much of a threat, and plans to invade China after all invasions are over.
  • Whoah, whoah ... China?! That'll take quite a long time, and meanwhile, you're being invaded. As a reference, the Qing state was founded as the Later Jin Dynasty in 1616. It only gained significant power in 1644, and only in 1683, under the Kangxi Emperor, was China considered pacified. Meanwhile, the Ming is still stable, being established relatively recently. Cosman246 02:02, May 21, 2011 (UTC)
  • Both colonies expand 8*50 sq km. Meanwhile, another expedition is sent to find new lands, and they arrive in the OTL Bahia in November. A settlement is established in December, being called "minden szentek öbölben" (Hungarian for All Saints Bay)
  • The Spanish Empire comes into power. The 'Invincible Spanish Armada' is established. The Emperor sends Colombus to discover India. Colombus sets sail with several ships to India. The King introduces Knights in his empire and brings about changes in revenue, military and administrative systems and a new era begins, the Imperial Spanish Empire.
  • Imperial empire? send
  • Scottish Pirates begin to attack a Spanish convoy.
  • The French send an envoy to the Emperor (or is it King? :D) of the Spanish Empire, and congratulate him on his ascension to the throne, and offers a non-aggression pact to Spain. Meanwhile, the explorer Alain Bertrand begins to organize a quest that will perhaps take him to the New World.
  • Shuiskiys decide to build a more complex and sophisticated system of roads in Russia, but before they can go through with the plan, Shuiskys are assassinated by who appears to be one of the Godunov Boyars, who take power soon afterwards. Godunovs decide that expansion into Siberia is necessary, and decide to set up small settlements in the areas of the urals to secure their power. Godunovs give the Indians full control over the division sent to aid in the war. Meanwhile, because of big families, American colony expands by 16 px.
  • A network of fortified towns are built throughout Itsaygahi, after the model of Alfred the Great's burghs. Itsaygahi re-iterates its offer to take troublesome Austrians off the Hungarians' hands. The king commissions a company to explore the continent of Africa.
  • The Ottomans invade Northeren India.
  • No idea where you mean.