1500 Scenario
Colonies 1500

This page exists to explain the situation in 1500, of the Iberian Wedding Timeline.

New Powers Emerge

While Spain emerged in the late 1400s, other European Nations rose up above the top. France, ridding the mainland of the English in the Hundred Years War, began a series of wars against Burgundy to take "Rightful French Land". When the King of Burgundy died without an heir the country split- French land ceded to France, while Flanders, Luxembourg and East Burgundy were ceded to Austria, the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. England slowly gains land in its war of Ireland, while Sweden has received independence from Denmark, who has been holding the country back. On the other side of Europe, the hordes broken off from the Mongol Empire were slowly being eaten by Muscovy(later Russia) and the new Ottoman Empire which has been reeking havoc on the Balkans and Middle East. Poland-Lithuania has destroyed the Teutonic Order, now setting eye on Hungary, who unlike in OTL is not protected by Austria. The Byzantine Empire is dead, Constantinople falling to the Turks. Ancient Countries like Egypt no longer exist, and the world is going through a new phase with the discovery of the New World.

Spanish Colonies

Columbus Lands in Hispaniola instead of the Bahamas. Expeditions north to Florida took place, however no interest was taken due to lack of tradable goods. Instead, the Explorers moved south west, colonizing the coasts of Jamaica and Cuba. The second expedition brought the explorers to the Yucatan Peninsula, where first contacts with the Aztec Empire took place. The Merchant Guilds had yet to exploit and monopolize the trade, however once it was up and running the Trade Company would bring great wealth to the future Spanish Empire.

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