Balance Point



1516- The Sultanate of Malacca reforms, the first organized nation in south-east Asia since the shift. It is a military regime, with the Sultan controlling everything that happens in the country. The Sultan Phini is a very unstable and expansionistic man who is able to rally his country to become great.

1519- The Ming Dynasty issues the Rebuilding of China mandate, due to the major destruction from tidal waves along the coast of the country.. Each person in China is required to work for two years on the rebuilding of China along the coasts, and criminals are sent to work camps along the coast, rebuilding roads, walls, and towns. All this is taxing on the Chinese economy greatly.

1521- The Khmer empire and Champa reform, each as a monarchial government with limited rights for the people.

1523- The Great Khanate attacks Manchuria with small amounts of forces. The Mongols take advantage of the distraction of the Chinese and, after a few skirmishes, the northern area of Manchuria is placed under Mongol control.

1527- Much to the dislike of the Sultanate of Malacca, many princes run away and form the country of Srivijaya, a reformation of the once powerful nation. The Sultan Phini orders that the princes are to be chased down and killed for their insubordination. None of the princes are caught, but the Malaccan military is mobilized.

1529- The Sultanate of Malacca declares war of Srivijaya, and invades with large amounts of forces, declaring that Srivijaya is rightfully under the control of Malacca. The Srivijayan's, although outnumbered, are able to hold the Malaccans to a slow advance.

1532- The turning point in the Srivijaya war for independence occurs with the naval battle of Lingga. The Malaccan fleet is almost totally destroyed and is unable to supply the Malaccan ground forces.

1534- The Siberian Khanate, hoping to gain some importance, campaigns against the Yakut in OTL northern Russia. The attacks go very well, and the Yakut are absorbed into the Siberian Khanate.

1536- The Srivijayan war for independence is won by Srivijaya. A national holiday is declared and people all around Srivijaya are joyful

1538- The Vijanagara empire starts to disintegrate, with a new tax on imported items seeming "unacceptable" to the people of the empire
MongolEmpire 5

Asia after the Southeast Asia reformation

1540- The fourth Mongol-Ming war yeald no results

1547- The people of Srivijayan Empire stage a wide-scale coup. They set up their own government, the Bhāratan Rebublic, modeled after (now destroyed) European countries

1555- China (called Zhōngguó from now on) establishes a government in Tibet. They are dependent upon Zhōngguóan rule and use many of the same customs as the Zhōngguó.

1562- Khmer and Champa sign a historic agreement, called the Two Nations Alliance, one of the world's first free-trade agreements

1564- Malacca tries to ruin the Srivijayan government by lowering trade taxes nationwide. Many countries buy from Malacca instead of Srivijaya.

1567- Srivijaya joins the Two Nations Alliance (now the Three Nations Alliance), causing trade to rebound

1582- The Bhāratan Republic claims middle India, securing two-thirds of the subcontinent.

1593- The Great Khanate demands funds from the Chagatai Khanate and the Great Horde, wanting to create another invasion army. The Great Horde refuses.

1595- The Great Khanate, the Chagatai Khanate, and the Siberian Khanate all go to war against the Great Horde. The Great Horde is demolished within one year and the territory is divided between the nations.


1530- The Norwegian tribes unite under King Astolf, the first organized nation in Europe since the shift.

1534- Danish and Frankish tribes have multiple small wars, with the Franks generally coming out on top.

1536- King Astolf leads Norway to multiple victories against scattered Swedish tribes.

1538- Muscovy and Novgorod reform in the far east. they are in generally good shape, with the shift happening far from the area.

1541- The Frankish tribes battle the Spanish tribes. The Frankish again come out on top.

1543- Muscovy annexes a large area of land to the south, displacing many tribes from the area and creating many enemies.

1547- Danish tribes unite to reform Denmark.

1550- King Astolf invades Denmark, using cunning tactics to secure many victories.
European reformation

Europe after the reformation

1553- The Swedish and Finnish tribes start to band together in larger groups.

1559- Muscovy signs an alliance with Novgorod, optimistically setting up how they will divide Europe. Both countries enlist armies of warriors.

1560- Persia reforms, under the control of former Ottoman Turks. They claim land up to the coast of the Holy Land.

1563- Many nations form in northern Europe and Russia.

1565- Muscovy and Novgorod invade using massive armies. Kurv Novinskov of Muscovy leads brilliant campaigns against the un-allied tribes in the south, and Novgorod expands northwards.

1568- Muscovy and Novgorod finish their conquests for now, and wait to rebuild and unify their conquests.

1571- King Astolf leads a final campaign against the Swedes, containing them in far southern Norway. King Astolf dies and leaves the throne to his son, Klenark.

1573- All of Ireland is either under Desmond, Mayo or United Ireland control.

1578- France, Normandy, Spain, Portugal, and England form in a mass unifying effort.

1579- Muscovy initiates the Military Reform Act, creating a minimal service time in the military.

1582- Novgorod enacts a similar act as Muscovy, the Legion Act. BBB Both countries form a free-trade
European reformation 2

Europe after the second reformation


1589- King Klenark of Norway invades northern Scandinavia and Sweden, expanding the Empire greatly. The Swedish tribes unite under multiple banners and all the countries form an alliance.

1593- Tribes in Southern Europe start to unite, although none of them are actual nations yet.

1596- Norway begins to colonize Iceland.

1598- Hungary, the Byzantine Empire and Burgundy form.

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