This is an archive of all turns and maps in the game Principia Moderni from the year 1480 to 1509. For the current events, see the main game page.


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Principia Moderni Map 1480
Principia Moderni Map 1480 Key
  • The Maya's colonies expand by 2*576 km each.
  • Hanthawaddy and Bengal continue to clash ferociously along the border. Bengal updates its economy, making the use of the Mon Awettha standard. Bengal expands both of its colonies by 1*576 km.
  • March 10th Yorkist King Edward IV after two weeks of battle of Reading narrowly defeats Lancaster/Scottish Coalition. King James responds by moving to East Anglia and pillaging the countryside.
  • Japan expands each of its colonies by 2*576 sq km.
  • Under Caly Cummohgan the Welsh drive out remaining English Lords, supporting King James. Ireland fractures into native lord ships. The Peace of Northumberland is agreed at the end of the year in London. The U.K will cease to exists. Edward IV will recognize a unified Keltic State that stretches from Cornwall to Scotland, Northumberland and the most notably the City of York is given to the Keltic Kingdom, by accepting such terms Edward IV will remain King and the Lancasters will marry into the Royal Line, therefore ending the English Civil War. In the Treaty Ireland is noted part of the Keltic Kingdom but at the present is engulfed by small time turf struggles.
  • The Venetian-Hungarian War ends.Venice loses Dalmatia and Venetian Albania.
  • The explorer returns to Tsalagi from Mesoamerica, and Queen Umpahasi looks to establish relations with the Aztecs and Mayans. The Queen falls ill, and the two major factions at court begin to compete to fulfill their particular goals.
  • The Vietnamese expand their colonies by 2*576 km each. They also start a colony in Madagascar, which is put under the control of the East Africa colony.
  • France: A blockade of Wales is begun after the French declaration of war is given to the Welsh ruler, and French troops are prepared for an invasion.


  • Bengal manages to capture Chittagong, after a destructive battle. Tensions begin to ease up, but severe antipathy towards Mons occurs in Hanthawaddy. The government of Krungthep defects to Bengal as well. Katimon is expanded by 3*576px as a penal colony for prisoners of war, as well as for Bengali refugees.
  • Hungary starts to build new ships in Ragusa and Zeng.
  • A Malmulk colony appears in OTL Virginia and Florida, although peaceful terms with the Indians are kept at where they are.
  • China's colony continues to mount up its forces. A commonly accepted theory as to why they are doing this is that they want to exterminate certain tribes. However, the most prominent tribe is the Aztec Empire!
  • King James invades Ireland to restore order, he is welcomed by the peasants as a hero against warring lords and the conquest is peaceful.
  • Japanese scientists seek to describe the basics of classical physics and astronomy. There are debates between major schools of thought (corresponding with OTL Cartesian, Newtonian and Leibnizian) as models of mechanics are built (Yes, I know that in OTL this happens about 100 years later, but they could have happened now had there not been religious conflict in Europe)
  • Joseon expands their colony in the Philippines by 2*526 km.
  • The Vietnamese expand their colonies by 2*576 km each. The island of Sumatra is put under the control of the Indonesian colony.
  • France: French troops land in Wales and lay siege to the capital as well as putting troops on the English border to defend its future territory, although the English are notified of the reason.


  • The Bengal Mons attack the Dimasa Kingdom, in hopes of cutting Hanthawaddy off from the Ahom's homeland. Jamaica Mon is expanded by 1*576 sq km.
  • Doitsuchihou is expanded by 3*576 sq km, so it controls much of East Prussia. The Shogun claims the throne of the Margraviate of Brandenburg-Ansbach, merging it under the throne of Japan and renaming it so it is now the Shogunate of Doitsuchihou (Tenjikuminato and Nuretachihou are already merged under the throne)
  • You can't take over countries like that unless it's part of your 3-pixel expansion.
  • It is--perhaps I should clarify that this is a claim, not really complete control yet.
  • Ireland is incorporated into the Keltic union
  • More ships are built in Hungarian ports.
  • Joseon expands Hawaii by three pixels.
  • Umpahasi dies due to her illness. Leaving no heirs, the Ehkas Dynasty comes to an end. Under these monarchs, a kingdom was born. Forged in war under Ehkasgahi and born as a united, prosperous nation under Umpahasi, Tsalagi descends into a civil war. This war is waged between the bellicose warlike aspects of society consisting of the Marcher Lords, many affluent generals and the more traditional chieftains, and the more peaceful aspects consisting of the Royal Court, the priests, the poorer military men, and the merchant class. The civil war is relatively low key, fought mostly through spies and intrigue. On the outside, the Council rules Tsalagi while it awaits a new King to arise. Concerns arise in the slave markets over the lack of slaves coming into the country.
  • The Vietnamese expand their colonies by 2*576 km each.

Brandenburg offers Kalmar Union a military alliance.

  • France: Wales capital falls to French troops, and the country is annexed by the French Empire.


  • Bengal succeeds in capturing the south part of Dimasa, while the Ahoms in Hanthawaddy claim the northern part. The Ahoms federate Tingri and Drakchi, giving them status as provinces.
  • As the Margraviate of Brandenburg is still existent, it declares war with Japan and its claims to the Mark. Japan sends troops to expand into Brandenburg and hope to control it in a decade. As Brandenburg is still a small, weak state at this point, few think that it will win.
  • King James rebuilds Edinburgh and make it his capital.
  • Joseon expands their Hawaii colony by 3*576 km, believing that later, Hawaii would be a valuable asset in the future. They continue to expand their navy and army.
  • Hungary continues to build ships, and asks for a alliance with the Ottoman Empire again.
  • The Ottoman Empire agrees to an alliance with Hungary.
  • The Vietnamese expand their colonies by 2*576 km each. They offer to mediate negotiations to bring the Bengal-Hanthawaddy conflict to an end.
  • France: Enters a period of self isolation which won't be broken until 1503.


  • King James claims to have found the Holy Grail, great celebrations commence, he is dubbed as "Arthur's heir to the Britains, Lord of all only second to the Christ All Mighty, may it yet that the Saxons leave our shores forever, at last the slaves are free!?
  • Taking advantage of Nepal's temporary weakness due to its division into three kingdoms two years earlier, Bengal quickly annexes the three kingdoms, declaring itself an empire, while King Dhammazedi declares himself Emperor of Bengal. In Hanthawaddy, the Ahoms begin to face crisis as family members pose a threat in a scramble for government. They call upon Vietnam to recognize them as the legitimate rulers of Hanthawaddy and Singburi, rather than the Wareru Mons, who rule from Bengal.
  • The Vietnamese expand their colonies by 2*576 km each. The Vietnamese Emperor recognizes the Warerus as the legitimate leaders of Hanthawaddy and offer military and economic support to Bengal to help them regain their control of Hanthawaddy.
  • As far as both me and the Vietnamese are concerned, the Warerus are greedy usurpers, and that the Ahoms are the proper leaders of Hanthawaddy. Did you not read an attempt for the Vietnamese to stop the war? And anyway, who willingly induces a civil war in his own nation?
  • The Ahoms did when they invaded Hanthawaddy from the north and usurped the throne. Yes, I read about Vietnamese attempts, but there isn't much fighting at the moment so hold on. And BTW, both the Ahoms and Mons are equally greedy. But it's okay, it would make the war more interesting this way. I put the civil war in there to make it more interesting and realistic and as a model for other players.
  • I didn't know that. I just saw Bengal's aggressive expansion and assumed they were the usurpers. I'll alter my post accordingly.
  • Brandenburg offers the Kalmar Union an alliance: Brandenburg will support Kalmar in its foreign policy in exchange for use of ports on the North Sea. Brandenburg asks for immediate help from King James against the Japanese Empire in order to prevent further extension of Japanese power in the Baltic Sea.
  • User:Baconton, User:Destroyanator and User:BoredMatt should probably be contacted if you want an alliance, although they've all been inactive. Destroyanator is effectively dead, though.
  • Hungary declares war against the lands of the Bohemian crown.
  • Denmark accepts the alliance and also declares war on the Japanese~
  • The two factions come to an accord, and the Council elects a new king, from amongst the generals. A small expansion to the coast is permitted. This pleases the merchants who have been given grants of land as well as the Marcher Lords who will hold suzerainty over the lands. The priesthood and other more peaceful factions are more disappointed, but they agree to go to war. The army is geared up for conflict. The new King is Chanrak, a general who fought with Ehkasgahi. He brings in a flag as a rallying point for the nation.
  • King James accepts the alliance in an emotion of Christian Brotherhood.
  • The Ottoman Empire annexes the rest of the unoccupied land in Arabia.
  • Japan sends a fleet to the Baltic sea and sends its troops to invade Potsdam. Japan also asks for help from Joseon and Hanthawaddy.


  • Vietnam expands their colonies by 2*576 km each. Vietnam sends soldiers to Bengal to assist in the recapturing of Ahom-occupied Hanthawaddy. They build a series of forts and a defensive wall on the border to Hanthawaddy. They also send troops to Singburri to temporarily occupy it while the Bengal and Hanthawaddy are fighting.
Principia Moderni Map 1485
  • Hanthawaddy expands its Hporubitoi colony by 3*576 sq km. The Ahoms are enraged at Vietnam's refusal to recognize them as the legitimate rulers of Hanthawaddy and Singburi. Toungoo, a kingdom long locked in by Hanthawaddy, shows sympathies to Bengal, leading to a harsh crackdown by the Ahoms, who invade the area. Bengal manages to cut through Singburi and establish a base in the southern part, in conjunction with Vietnam.
  • Tenjikuminato and Nuretachihou are expanded by 2*576 sq km each. Meanwhile, Japanese soldiers, armed with the latest arqebi, defend their presence in Europe (note that I am not deciding an end to the conflict)
  • Joseon expands their Philippines colony by 3*576 kms. They also send troops to Europe, to help the Japanese. They also request to all European nations to set up trade posts in their nations.
  • Margrave Albert III of Brandenburg moves his court to the old capital of Brandenburg an der Havel.
  • the Bohemian armies attack Pozsony.However, the Hungarian armies repel the invasion.
  • In the city of Timbuktu, a man by the name of Askia begins to stir up a rebellion, hoping to overthrow the city's Mamluk rulers. Hundreds of men join his cause, and together, they throw out their Mamluk foe, and create their own independent city state. Askia calls his new kingdom the Neo-Songhai Empire.
  • The Malmulks take there revenge by pillaging and burning every town they pass during their retreat, while Malmulk sea vessels do the same with ports while also stealing/destroying any ship in harbor. The Sultan tells Asika that betraying the Malmulk Empire always results in flames and that the Malmulks would one day return and place conditions onto its people so harsh that there will be no mercy. (I love it when I turn one peaceful nation into one that manifests on destruction, although not every ship or town they passed by got burned). In OTL Gulf of Mexico, preparation for incoming settlers are made, food reserves are piled up and new houses are established.
  • Ooky, let me use the algorithm to see who wins the war.


  • As tensions begin to cool down, Bengal updates its military bases and its military technology, while Hanthawaddy is busy dealing with the Toungoos. Bengal begins importing slaves from Arawak chiefs near Jamaica Mon, thereby expanding said colony by 1*576 sq km. However, the Arawaks face difficulty with smallpox. Bengal begins experimenting with the Chinese practice of inoculation, in order to solve this problem. Bengal sets up a medical research facility in Bengala as a temporarily replacement for the one captured by the Ahoms in Pegu. However, at the moment it has fewer than a dozen physicians.
  • The Japanese continue to defend their presence in Europe. It appears that they have agreed to cede 2*576 sq km. They proposes to have a member of the House of Brandenburg (Hohenzollern) marry into the House of Japan.
  • The Vietnamese refrain from colonial expansion until the conflict in Hanthawaddy is over. Vietnamese soldiers are sent to Singburri to protect the small states neutrality in the conflict, as the Vietnamese refuse to allow either side in the conflict to occupy Singburri. Which would effectively split the mainland territories of Vietnam.
  • Hungary asks Bohemia for a ceasefire.
  • Brandenburg's Margrave Albert III agrees to the offer of marriage between his son Siegmund, Margrave of Bayreuth, into Japanese Imperial Family. Shortly afterward, Albert III dies, and after a brief dispute over the throne his son Johann is made Margrave.
  • The Mayans expand their colonies by 2*576 km each. They also find the Mamluk explorers in the Gulf of Mexico, and try to establish relationships with them. The Mayans also try to establish relationships with Vietnam.
  • In the Keltic Union King James begins construction of a new Cathedral in Edinburgh.
  • Joseon sets up trade posts next to the Japanese ones, and offers alliances to all European nations.


  • The Vietnamese offer to mediate negotiations for the cessation of hostilities between Bengal and Hanthawaddy. Meanwhile, the Vietnamese experiment with the use of concrete after Vietnamese traders visit Rome. This visit also sparks a fad of using Roman-styled features (specifically columns) in Vietnamese architecture. Within a few years it fades, though the practice of building Roman-style columns persists. These columns slowly gain a uniquely Vietnamese appearance over time.
  • Japan decides to promote trade with European nations to export Japanese culture. They plan to subdue East Prussia within the century, though they do not act upon it immediately as they rebuild their military.
    • Lol pay attention to rebuilding your own country and colony. Your colony is 30% of the way to being destroyed.
    • Okay: Japan also rebuilds infrastructure and encourages colonists to have large families in order to keep the colony well staffed.
  • Hanthawaddy's emperor Supimphaa begins an aggressive backlash against Bengal's expansion. He plunders Bengal's cities, including Bengalla. King Dhamazedi divides Bengal figuratively into two regions. One would be dedicated to military defence in the east, while in the west and in Krungthep, Mon-Bengali culture would be preserved at all cost. Both sides welcome Vietnamese offer, but are unwilling to stop fighting until a fair settlement is reached. In Bengal's cultural region, Dhamazedi establishes a port which he names Pahkarkayn, after the Bengali name for the region of OTL Bakarganj.
  • Joseon expands their colony in the Philippines by one pixel, and their Kamchatkan one by one pixel, and their Californian one by 1 pixel.
  • Askia continues his war against the Mamluks. He sets up Timbuktu as a military base, and begins to liberate villages under control of the Mamluks.
  • China's American Colony expands.
  • King James of the Kingdom of the Keltic Union proposes Alliance to the Kalmar Union.


  • In order to prevent a total loss of Doitsuchihou, (*cough cough*), Japan re-militarizes it, improving the arquebus and having generals plan out possible wars if war ever breaks out.
    • You realize you just negated your turn as a military turn and it is now an expansion turn.
    • Okay, I'll negate the expansion and make it a military turn again.
    • I went ahead and erased the expansion for him.
  • Vietnam offers a deal to Joseon. They divide the Philippines into two zones of influence, with Joseon getting the northern half and Vietnam getting the southern half.
  • This arrangement makes more sense considering our other colonies.
  • You need to be more specific.
  • See the talk page. I'll post a map.
  • Hanthawaddy and Bengal agree to a treaty to a ceasefire, restoring the borders as they were in 1485. Bengal continues to expand Katimon by 1*576 sq km, because the surrounding land is useful for growing wheat.
  • Hungary and Bohemia agree to a ceasefire.
  • Tsalagi attacks tribes to the west, looking to acquisition land and power. They begin a march to the coast, slaughtering whole villages, carrying away families into slavery. Only the Tuscarora and the Catawba have the strength to stand against them. Meanwhile, a group of diplomats are sent to the Mayan court.
  • Joseon accepts the Vietnamese proposal. They amp up their military.


  • Japan expands into the OTL Baltic states--Doitsuchihou expands by 2*576 sq km. Tenjikuminato expands westwards, into the Delhi Sultanate (OTL U.P.) by 2*576 sq km.
  • Joseon expands their Hawaiian colony by 3*576 km. Joseon also offers an alliance to England.
  • The Malmulks leave Western Africa taking or burning anything they can, while in North/Middle America small colonies are set up across the coast of Florida and Norfolk, Virginia and with this more military sea vessels are sent to the gulf in order to ensure all threats are subdued.
  • The Vietnamese expand their colonies by 1*728 km each. They start paying more attention to their East African colony.
  • Hanthawaddy and Bengal both work on repairing their economies and infrastructures after the war. The hospitals in Pegu and Bengalla are both expanded.
  • Hungary continues to build ships in its ports.some of already-built are sent in a expedition.By the end of the year, some of the ships arrive to OTL Newfoundland.
  • Brandenburg asks Japan if they can by some of their arquebuses in order to revamp their military.
  • The Tsalagan armies continue to power forward, and by the end of the year are in Tuscarora territory, where they have got bogged down. Meanwhile, Tsalagan stonemasons set about the design of forts to hold down the newly conquered territories.
  • King James I of the Keltic Union Dies, his son Robert IV is crowned King.


  • Hanthawaddy and Bengal continue upgrading their economies. Bengal resumes medical research to return it to the golden ages of medicine in Hanthawaddy. They expand their hospital. They also send more settlers to Jamaica Mon.
Principia Moderni Map 1490
Principia Moderni Map 1490 Key
  • Joseon continues to amp up their military. They send more settlers to Hawaii, effectively making the entire island Korean.
  • Japan sends arquebi to Brandenburg, as promised. Meanwhile, Doitsuchihou is expanded to reach Königsberg, which they rename Kionigusuberugo and choose as the provincial capital of Doitsuchihou.
    • Okay, why doesn't the map show Japan as controlling East Prussia? It's a sizable plot of land!
    • I'm only going by pixellage.
    • I updated that now.
  • Vietnam expands their East African colony by 1,726 km.
  • Hungary starts to upgrade its economy. Another expedition is sent to OTL Newfoundland, and by the end of the year, a settlement called Újfundlandi is established.
  • France declares its independence from Castilla and begins to force out the Castillians.


  • Vietnam expands their East Africa colony by 1,726 km.
  • Joseon expands their Kamchatkan colony by 3*576 km.
    • You have to wait until 50 years after your second Hawaii colony, which is in 1515. And why does everyone want a Southern California colony? It's basically desert…
  • As Hanthawaddy and Bengal compete for economic and medical dominance of the region, they each build up their facilities. Both also reinforce their militaries.
  • The last vestiges of resistance are crushed and a program of fort construction begins, to hold down the conquered population. Meanwhile, Tsalagan outriders discover the Mamluk colony in OTL Virginia, and a team of envoys are sent to the settlement.
  • King Robert recruits John Cabot to explore the West, On November of this year John Cabot leaves with three Carracks.
  • Hungary expands its Újfundlandi colony by 1,576 km. Meanwhile, a port is built in Durazzo.
  • Japan captures Vancouver Island for Nuretachihou
  • France: All Castillian troops are forced from northern France.


  • Supimphaa finally manages to gain full control over Hanthawaddy, and establishes a new currency tied to the Awettha. Bengal makes significant economic progress during the course of the year.
  • The Vietnamese expand their East Africa colony by 2*304 km.
  • Hungary starts to build a new port in Kotor, while sending more people to the settlement in Újfundlandi.
  • Kionigusuberugo-jo~ is renovated to include some Japanese architectural features and is thus fortified, ready for future conquest of OTL Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia.
  • The Ottoman Empire invades Greece. Meanwhile, an elite group of soldiers called the Janisarries is formed.
  • In the Keltic Union Cabot has returned with tales of lands rich with vinyards and fish, King Robert sends 100 colonits to this New World.
  • The Grand Duchy of Muscovy and Novgorod start negotiations of reunion after many years of separation**Woah! You can't just unite two nations! You only control one!
  • The only reason they were separated in the first place is that the Muscovy was a vassal state of the golden horde and the Novgorod is free, since that is no longer the case, there is no need for separation, they were two names for the same nation...plausible no? its more of a dynastic union now anyway (UNION of Greater Russia). full union
  • Muscovy starts unity of all Russian states.
  • France: All of France is finally freed of Castillian troops and the French troops prepare to invade Castilla itself and reverse what Castilla did to it, preparations begin.


  • Japan invades Lithuania.
  • Bengal continues to expand its economy. They begin exploring the idea of factories which house many workers. Hanthawaddy follows suit. Small quantities of Arawak and aboriginal slaves are transported to Pakharkayn, to work manual labour, but are released after ten years. Katimon and Jamaicamon are expanded by 1*576 sq km each.
  • Malmulk colonies in Cuba expand.
  • Hungary starts to import Portuguese/Castillian technology in making of caravels.
  • China's North American colony expands.
  • The Vietnamese expand their colonies by 2*304 km each.
  • Joseon helps Japan invade Lithuania, sending over 300,000 troops overseas. They also ask for an alliance with the Mamluks, as well as Hungary.
  • Hungary accepts.
  • As do the Malmulks.
  • With their new arquebuses, the Brandenburg army invades the Duchy of Pomerania.**I control Pomerania!
  • (Sorry about that...Brandenburg does not invade Pomerania)
  • Grand duchy of Muscovy and Novgorod unite and form the Union of Greater Russia, abolishing themselves and creating this new sovereign state- dynastic union(OTL 1478)


  • Japan has now conquered Lithuania. On the Western front, they conquer the small states directly south of Jutland and march to the Rhine
    • What do you not understand about the rules??????
    • You understand that Lithuania ain't the same that one of the OTL and you're now at war with Poland-Lithuania, don't you?
    • Oops. I'll restart--but I didn't think Poland-Lithuania was created until later...
    • Well, in 1494 it didn't existed officially, but Lithuania and Poland already were at personal union. In practice, would be like being at war with Poland-Lithuania .this is a map for Poland-Lithuania at 1466, I think.
  • Union of greater Russia drives expansion into the Caucasus, Crimea region and into the Urals, because local populations are submissive and some join without a fight because of promises of equal status and citizenship and guns (much like native Americans), and because of vast uninhabited North-Asian lands the empire quickly expands into Siberia and by 1500 has taken control of small portions of the Pacific coast
    • This is so ridiculous I'm actually going to immediately invalidate it. -DK
  • Hungary continues to import Portuguese-Castillian technology. Meanwhile, other expedition, is sent to Újfundlandi. By the end of the year, it expands in 3,576 km.
  • Joseon sets up small trade posts in conquered Lithuania, demanding trade rights due to their help to the Japanese. Meanwhile, an alliance is offered to the Portuguese and the Russians.
  • No.
  • What do you mean, no?
  • Wait... I forgot about the wars algorithm. Sorry.
  • Russians accept the allianace
  • No one controls Portugal. It was conquered by Castille a while ago, and even though that player is inactive, we retain Castille's possessions.
  • The colony has barely survived but has braved NewfoundLand nevertheless, the colony is named New Aryshire.
  • Tsalagan forts in the newly conquered territories grow into settlements, Loyal Tsalagans are settled in the new territories. Any rebels are enslaved. Envoys approach the Mamluks again, offering an alliance.
  • The Vietnamese expand their Indonesian colony by 2*304 km.
  • Japan slowly invades Lithuania, expanding by 2*576 sq km.
  • Union of Greater Russia starts expansion into the Urals, Caucassus and Crimea (North easternmost part of old Novgorod bordered North Ural Mtns).


  • The Vietnamese expand their Indonesian colony by 2*304 km. They offer to sell their Philippine colony to Joseon.
Principia Moderni Map 1495
Principia Moderni Map 1495 Key
  • It would really be nice if we used 576, because it corresponds to one pixel.
  • Joseon agrees.
  • Japan expands into inland Poland: 2*576 sq km.
  • Brandenburg is too far to the east.
  • Brandenburg sends ships down the west coast of Africa to explore for new countries to trade for salt and other products (Margrave Johann wants Brandenburg to become a sea power eventually) (By the way, I agree that Brandenburg is too far to the east on the map)
  • Okay. Feel free to fix any mistakes you see on the map, it's yours not mine. As long as it isn't implausible, and make sure you maintain the resolution. Also I would prefer, for now, if I did colonization myself.
  • The Union of Greater Russia continues expansion, and Ivan III establishes institute for weapons development (which is now developing military technology)
  • Two expeditions are sent: one with more settlers to Újfundlandi, and other in the same purpose, which after a detour, lands in OTL Cartwright, in the OTL Labrador peninsula. Meanwhile, Újfundlandi expands 1*576.
  • The maximum is one pixel since this is your first colony.
  • China expands in North America and Asia.
  • Hanthawaddy and Bengal continue to focus on their economies, and exploring new styles of architecture such as Chinese architecture. Bengal under king Dhamazedi begins minor expansion along the Bengal coast. Hanthawaddy expands to the north, into Tibet. King Supimphaa of Hanthawaddy begins to show signs of ailing.
  • Excuse me, but I liked the map that had colonies big enough to see without a microscope! Japan and China have been extensively expanding their colonies, and yet the map makes absolutely no mention of them. Also I'm starting to think that LxCaucassus has absolutely no idea on how to make a plausible addition to this map game.
  • All I did was count the pixellage…
  • I (LxCAucassus) am basing the land I own on HISTORIC maps of Russia Tsardom and Grand Duchy of Muscovy around 1500-1505. The remark about Pacific was made with no real knowledge of time (it took 60 years instead of 6)
  • That's not why I reverted your edits in regards to the map. 1) you are supposed to upload maps onto the original file, not create a new file and 2) you screwed up the resolution. Also, each turn is 1 year, so if you're already posting stuff about 1500, I don't want to hear it.
  • That was not my point, what I meant by that is that the historical map I used is from that time period(AROUND 1500 (1495 fits into that category), not the year. And the other Russian "duchys were all loyal and subservient to Moscow (the Grand Prince of Moscow was the "1st among equals". (This idea had dies with the rise of Ivan III who started cementing the autocratic power of moscow)), The Grand Prince of Moscow was the real ruler of all the Russian lands; he was called the Grand Prince of All Russia, and used the title Tsar in diplomatic relations, duchys no longer exist which became Tsardom in 1547, and what I did to the map is save the Map you posted, then edited my lands onto it on photoshop, then posted it on here, so it is kind of uploading in onto the file. It is the same in every way, except it has my lands, and I kept the same resolution of the map, nothing has changed.
  • …No idea what you're talking about. I have nothing against your current border, but you uploaded wrong… The map was uploaded as a NEW FILE. What you're supposed to do is go to File:Principia_Moderni_Map_1495.png. Click on UPLOAD A NEW VERSION OF THIS FILE, and upload it there. Not spam up the site with this "Mapgame1495.png." The map was originally 1,408×628, and you made it 830 × 370. Furthermore, you edited the Japanese colonies for some unknown reason… It's not rocket science. Don't edit other peoples' borders, upload to the correct resolution, and upload a new version of the original file. I'll add you to the next map.
  • When I downloaded the file I only added my territory. Somebody must have added Japan before I downloaded it, I had nothing to do with Japan
  • Joseon amps up their military (Sorry I can't post better, but I have no time)
  • Tsalagan warriors seize land in the conquered territories and bring their families with them, the enterprising ones becoming wealthy farmers. A new middle class begins to be born.
  • The Malmulk accept the Tsalagi offer while also expanding its Colonies in Cuba and Florida.


  • Hanthawaddy and Bengal begin to trade with each other on uneasy terms. They become increasingly intertwined as Bengal sends some merchants to Pegu, and Hanthawaddy sends some to Pahkarkayn. Jamaica Mon is expanded by 3*576 sq km due to the increasing need for Arawak slaves to work in Pahkarkayn.
  • Japan expands Doitsuchihou by 3*576 sq km (capturing Warsaw!)
  • Russians continue to advance military producing large number of muskets and seek way to improve accuracy(part of continue military development), continue expansion into Crimea and Ural Mtns, Grand Prince Ivan III starts using title Tsar in foreign relations. He starts viewing expanding Japan as threat to Rus.
    • How are you allowed to do this? It's so very implausible that one may call it an IMPLAUSIBLEGASM.
    • I will prove that it is not implausible;The last statement is a personal opinion, the TSAR VIEWS japan as threat, Ivan III in OTL actually used the title Tsar in foreign relations, and the other things are continue statements, the thing about muskets is SEEK to improve, this means try, I never said IMPROVED ACCURACY, and producing military technology is basically taking a European musket and copying it in the Russian weapon manufacturers, there is no copyright or patents yet. I hope you people calling my actions implausible just don't really understand what exactly I am doing. Now that I explained my actions, I hope you find them more plausible, I will be sure to make a more detailed explanation of my actions in my next post.
    • Simultaneous super-fast expansion with military development is implausible.
    • Not super-fast expansion at all, I just said continue expansion, if it helps I only expand territory by 576 sq. km towards Crimea (about the size of the island of Montreal) now development is a priority, expansion is there because it is happening, I never said that it was a large expansion, just that it is happening, last year it was large expansion, this year is more focused on developing army. As mentioned earlier, my next post will be more thorough and more explanatory
    • Implausigasm! I love it
    • I might suggest that next time somebody challenges plausibility that they post a link to the talk page instead of having conversations on plausibility here, I am not telling anybody to do anything, just making a suggestion
  • Brandenburgian ships return from Africa with news of a trade agreement with the Mandinka Empire of west Africa.
  • the Újfundlandi colony is expanded by 1*576 sq km.
  • The Keltic Colony is expanded by one sq km.
  • Tsalagan armies are sent north to expand into OTL Virginia.
  • The Malmulks claim southern Virginia due to the small nearby colony located in OTL Chesapeake Bay while its colonies in Cuba in Flordia expand by 576 sq km.
    • I keep forgetting to tell you, but you've been spelling Mamluks wrong the whole time :P. Also, a sq mi is like three farm fields. Do you mean 576 sq km?
    • Sorry about that, I have been in a rush lately, probally because more things are tying me down :/ and yes I do mean 576 sq km.
  • The Vietnamese expand their colonies by 2*304 km each.


  • Another expedition is sent to Újfundlandi, which expands 1*576 sq km.
  • Tsalagi agrees to respect Mamluk colonial sovereignty. Islam spreads into Tsalagi from the Mamluks. Meanwhile, settlement and expansion continues in southern Virginia, and the conquered territories.
  • The Ottoman Empire offers Russia an alliance. Meanwhile, after years of fighting, the Ottomans finally subdue the Greeks, and they annex them. Sultan Bayezid is overthrown. Sultan Selim takes the crown.
  • Russians accept alliance.
  • Doitsuchihou signs a peace treaty with Poland-Lithuanis. Meanwhile, they have their eyes set on conquering the Rhine
  • King Supimphaa of Ahom dies of a natural death, leading to a power vacuum among his officials. Mons in Pegu quickly overrun the palace and establish a kingdom with connections to the Warerus.
  • Russian Grand Prince Ivan III asks Japan to let them accept ten Russian commoners and nobles to learn of the philosophy and science being discussed, after peace treaty with Poland, Russians are less weary that the Japanese expansion will lead to Japan invading their homeland. The men sent to Japan are part of the Institute for weapons developement. Meanwhile, Russian armies, with their newly made muskets march towards Crimea which had once been theirs before the Mongol invasion. The Peoples of Crimea fight back and enter a war with the Russians that giant territory up until the northern parts of Crimea in this southern frontier. Ivan III lays the groundwork for the first real Russian professional armed forces, an elite group of musketeers called the streltsys during this campaign (because he gave some troops muskets and an axe, whose main objective was to shoot the enemy, were the primitive version of the streltsys, who will develop through time. The others that had no muskets' duty was to protect the troops with muskets).
  • If anything about this post is unclear just tell me. LxCaucassus 02:54, April 9, 2011 (UTC)LxCaucassus
  • The Edinburgh cathederal is finshed,


  • Japan accepts the Rus'an offer. Meanwhile, they conquer the land immediately south of Jutland (2*576 sq km)
  • The Vietnamese expand their colonies by 2*304 km each. They temporarily stop major colonization, at least until their recent territorial gains are absorbed.
  • Russians ask the Ottomans to allow the free practicing of the Orthodox faith in their country (Greece is Orthodox state) as the Russians were once part of the Greek church and would wish for Orthodoxy to remain a whole faith. The Russians continue campaign in Crimea and send off ten members of the Institute for Weapons development to Japan. Russians set up the "Grand Embassy" in Moscow, a house where foreign diplomats can meet with the Grand Prince and discuss matters (It does not require that much manpower to build one big house) after the defeat of the Greeks Ivan declares Russia the 3rd Rome (Byzantine Greece the 2nd Rome and the classical Roman Empire the 1st Rome).
  • Újfundlandi expands 1*576 sq km.
  • Rebellions in north Tsalagi intensify, and Tsalagan expansion into OTL Virginia halts. The army is dispatched to lay waste the countryside and crush all rebellion, securing the king's control over the nation.
  • Hanthawaddy's new Mon government offers a union with Bengal provided that their new king can remain in power over Hanthawaddy. Celebrations take place throughout Pegu. Meanwhile, the Ahoms are chased to Hporubitoi, which is expanded by 3*576 sq km.
  • Two ideas:
    • As this game approaches the modern day, we convert earlier sections into a regular timeline, and once this is done, all of it becomes a timeline
    • As we approach the modern day (around 1900 or so), the scale shifts to a more detailed level--such as months.
    • Does it sound good? Cosman246 00:07, April 10, 2011 (UTC)
    • Let's go on the talk page.


  • Hanthawaddy-Bengal officially unifies into a single empire under Binnya Ran II. The new empire upgrades its economy and continues to become more interdependent.
  • Brandenburg asks for assurances from Japan that the marraige alliance still stands, and Japanese expansion towards the Rhine will not threaten Brandenburg's sovereignty.
    • Japan honors the alliance.
  • Japan invades the OTL Dutch coast, capturing 4*576 sq km.
    • Making a colony takes one turn. Also, you have too many colonies.
    • It's part of Doitsuchihou!
    • I personally love Doitsuchihou. In OTL the Europeans took slices of every inhabitable continent on Earth. It's just so deliciously ironic to have an Asian power taking a slice of Europe.
    • That was one of the reasons I made it. Also, what's with the map? Over the course of 30 years, I conquer Mecklenburg, East Prussia, much of Poland, and the mouth of the Rhine, and all I get is a dot?
    • The reason the Europeans did it was because they didn't have much to work with. China didn't colonize because they didn't need any resources. Japan would make sense because it isn't agriculturally rich or rich in minerals. I go only by what you post, Mr. Cosman. You keep claiming to conquer different places, but you don't understand that colonization is a very slow process of settling places, not conquering, or at least not until the 1850s. -DK
    • I understand the need for plausiblity, but the process has become tedious and rather boring.
    • Maybe it would be more fun if you didn't focus only on colonization. -DK
  • Russians after years of battle Finally take the Crimean Peninsula: a road to the sea; a road to colonies and a path to the new world.. The Russians will now look at the a new, eastern frontier: the conquest of Siberia. The ten men that were sent to Japan will return home in 1500 with new knowledge that can be useful in the enlihtenement of the nation.
  • Hungary expands Újfundlandi by 1*576 sq km.
  • The rapid influx of settlers and money into the East Afican and Indonesian colonies over the past few years has benefited the two colonies greatly. The capitols of each colony have been transformed into grand cities almost on the level of cities on the Vietnamese mainland. While all major territorial expansion has come to a stop for now, there is still a flow of settlers expanding pre-existing settlements. The Vietnamese have shifted their focus from gaining new territory to improving the territory they have already.
  • The Ottoman's found a colony in Diu, India. With the discovery of elephants, 300 War Elephants are added to the already vast Ottoman army of 300,000 soldiers.
  • The Newfound Land Colony expands by 5 km.
    • Scotland? It would be nice if you could use the name of your country in your post. Also, I don't understand what you mean by 5 km.


  • New rules: For a major turn in home country: Maximum total expansion if you have one colony: 1px. Maximum if you have two colonies: 10px. Maximum if you have three colonies: 16px. Maximum if you have four colonies: 25px. Maximum if you have five colonies: 31px. Maximum if you have six colonies: 40px. Maximum if you have seven colonies: 46px. Maximum if you have eight colonies: 55px. Maximum if you have nine colonies: 61px. Maximum if you have ten colonies: 70px. Maximum if you have eleven colonies: 76px. Add two colonies if you have a minor turn in your main country (note the maximum is seven, but up to two vassal states count). Write pixels as x*50 sq km now.
Principia Moderni Map 1500
Principia Moderni Map 1500 Key
  • Ask me (DK) if there's any country on the map which you are not sure of.
  • Margrave Johann I of Brandenburg orders further expansion into Africa. After several Brandenburgian traders are killed by Mandinka warriors, Johann sends troops to set up a colony in west Africa. (Sorry to be too much like OTL, but I didn't want the Germans to be left behind in colonization like OTL)
  • Japan expands Doitsuchihou farther into the Dutch coast by 10*50 sq km.
  • Újfundlandi expands 1*576 px. Meanwhile, another expedition is sent to OTL Labrador Peninsula, landing in OTL city of Cartwright - again.
  • Plans are drawn up for the construction of a great new coastal city in Tsalagi. The King himself goes to the building site to observe the construction, which includes a new great palace.
  • China sails along the western seaboard of America, discovering the Aztec and Incan Civilizations.
  • The Ottoman Economy expands. The Military grows.


  • With their newly built ships, the Rus'ans commission a crew of European sailors and Dimitri Boyasin, one of the commoners sent to Japan that learned the art of handling a ship is sent to an expedition across the atlantic. He lands in OTL Manhattan Island naming it Mogogorniy ostrov (island of many hills) (He also discovered Long Island but decided to go to Manhattan first because he saw a clear settlement), claiming it for Russia (along with thw tip of Long Island that is part of OTL NYC). This man is very tolerant of the locals inhabiting it, but feels the need to spread Orthodoxy to the Natives, describing them as "Godless Pagans that worship nature and are curious about us, nevertheless these humans are still our brothers, as the priest says in the beginning of the sermon, beloved brothers and sisters, these men just don't know him [God] yet, and they must learn of him, and they must know him, they are an interesting people, that we have much to learn about." (translation). Dimitri leaves five men to settle with the locals, learn their customs and try to learn the language, and wait for his arrival as he returns to moscow to bring news, he takes notes on geographical longetute so he can find his beloved mnogogornitsa again. He returns just as the winter is setting in, as he spent much time with the natives. He must wait until next summer to return to the newly discovered World and the colony named by Ivan to be Novorossiya(literaly New Russia), and he orders that the first permanent settlement be named Novomoskovsk (literally New Moscow).
  • Japan further expands Doitsuchihou 6*50 sq km, so contains much of the Dutch coast. Meanwhile, in an attempt to cement power within Europe, Japan proposes royal marriages to the Hungarian royal family.
  • Well, the only female available in the Hungarian royal family is five years old.
  • But the Russians have 16 year old Feodosiya Ivanovna, daughter of Ivan III and Sophia Paleologue
  • A settlement is established in the OTL city of Cartwright, Labrador. It is called Új Kotor.
  • Kingdom of Tsalagi is officially given two more 'Marcks', Gahimarck after Ehkasgahi and Chanmarck after reigning King Chanrak I. Trade begins in earnest with Mamluks.
  • The Ottomans expand in Diu by 2765 sq km.
  • I looked at maps of Poland-Lithuania, and from my perspective you made ot a little too big, not a lot, but I don't think it went that far west... I think there was another German state there or something...
  • What was it? Some of the borders are changed because some countries were conquered by player nations. For example, the Ottomans conquered a lot of the Timurid, but not all, so I used the surrounding nations to fill in the gaps.
  • The Vietnamese double funding to weapons research. The laboratory, which had almost been completely shut down when colonization started, is massively expanded in order to keep Vietnam competetive in the field. Among the designs found abandoned in the lab are plans for a early hand-held explosive device, and a primitive form of the OTL flintlock musket.
  • Is that too much? I wanted to imply that the weapons lab had been operating since the Vietnamese established it at the beginning of the game (albeit in a reduced capacity since 1470ish).


  • Hanthawaddy continues to work to become intradependent. The economy continues to grow. Jamaicamon expands by 14*50 sq km, while Katimon expands by 17*50 sq km.
  • Újfundlandi is expanded by 3*576 sq km. Meanwhile, the first Hungarian settlement of the island is named Szent András and more ships are built in the Hungarian ports.
  • The construction of Chanrakagahu continues apace, and King Chanrak has moved in permanently. He is an old man, and has appointed a successor to rule Tsalagi until his death, whereupon the Grand Council will decide whether they should carry on. He requests Mamluk architects to help build his palace in the Mamluk style.
  • New Margrave Joachim I of Brandenburg decides to focus on internal affairs. He becomes the friend of the burgher, and tries to expand the towns and make them more prosperous at the expense of the farmers.
  • Dimitri Boyasin is sent back to Novorossiya, the first permanent settlement is made on Long Island (Dimitri led them to this new land), this is named Novomoskovsk by the order of Ivan, this city is now primarily agricultural-based. Dimitri Boysin also brings missionaries with him (he brings four ships with him this time and not just one), evangelization starts and Orthodoxy (Christianity) spreads to America. Meanwhile, the Tsar hires a European explorer to go "by the way of the Black Sea to the Mediterranean, then towards the the south once you reach the Atlantic Sea. Go until you cannot go any more, and claim the land for the Tsar Ivan III!" He lands in OTL Cape Town, claiming the area for Russia. So far, it is only the cape, the local Africans greet him and give him food and rest for the way back. Like Boyasin, he leaves men to learn the customs and language of the locals and he returns home to bring the news to Ivan III. Ivan orders the next permanent settlement in Novorossiya is named Zapodnoy Novgorod (literally Western New City), and names the colony in Cape Town Afrikanskaya Zemlya (literally African Lands).
  • Japanese scientists discover heliocentrism, which is accepted by the Government and is taught in universities. However, this does not fare too well with those of Doitsuchihou. Meanwhile, Japan is still trying to marry into European royal families so as to cement the legitimacy of Doitsuchihou.
  • Russians offer Feodosiya Ivanovna to the Japanese for royal marriage, in return for alliance.
  • The Vietnamese embark on a campaign of industrial expansion, and retools their weapons productions facilities to produce the new muskets. A ship-building facility is built, and research into armoured warships is funded.


  • Hanthawaddy continues to integrate its economy, and it is determined that this will be completed by the following year. Hanthawaddy begins to implement Mon culture on many non-Mon areas. Bengali is written in the Mon alphabet, and Theravada Buddhism becomes standard. Hanthawaddy begins to improve roads and set up a civil service examination based on that of China.
  • More ships are built. meanwhile, the King John Corvinus hires a Hungarian explorer known as Gergély Polgár. The settlement of Új Kotor expands 1*576 sq km eastwards.
  • Japan accepts the Russian offer. Meanwhile, the Japanese infrastructure is improved.
  • Brandenburg, with its stronger military and industry, begins to threaten neighboring southern German states into submission.
  • Mamluk aspects of architecture are slowly incorporated into Tsalagan architecture, with domes and calligraphy. The Mamluk Arab population in Chanrakagahu is given permission for a mosque to be built.
  • Dimitri Boyasin claims More of America for Russia, Expanding Novorossiya by 3*576 sq km (or 25 px (0.5 of turn from main country for personal union), whichever one is larger). Russian Prince Ivan III is co-crowned with his son, Vassily III. He is officially now his successor. Meanwhile, the Russian Institute for Weapons Developement discovers with all their knowledge that the bullet will travel farther and with more accuracy when it spins, they research how to incorporate this principle into muskets, start research into what will become rifling (Rifling was "invented" in OTL 1520... Do not tell me it is an implausible statement, development started in the late 15th century...) The Problem now is that muskets have large barrels for it to be more practical to load from top...
  • The article states that "Though true rifling dates from the mid-16th century, it did not become commonplace until the nineteenth century." That's why it's implausible. You're talking about utilizing a technology that no one really cared about centuries before its first true application. Or even its invention.
  • I never said we invented it, I am saying that there are problems with it and my people are DEVELOPING it, like it said, true rifling dates from the 16th century... That is what I am doing... I am on the road to inventing it, not anything more. I am like the person that invented it, but the country didn't care until the 1800s. My people discovered that turn to bullets makes them more accurate, they did not invent rifling yet... we haven't figured out how to make the bullet spin in the barrel yet...
  • The Vietnamese start the practice of building sewers in their major cities. But the majority of the citizens still go to the bathhouses and use chamber pots until a practical alternative can be invented. A common practice has been to boil the gained from public fountains. This practical practice has evolved into a tradition of drinking copious amounts of tea at mealtimes.
  • France: France comes out of isolation and sends a massive amount of settlers to North America to create the Acadia colony in OTL Nova Scotia, which is established near the year's end.


  • The Russians make an official union act uniting Novgorod and Moscow under one state. Colony in Africa expands 10 px.
  • Hanthawaddy continues improving its economy. Roads are improved significantly, and harbors are improved with large docks. The Mons dabble in steam production. Katimon expands by 21*50 sq km, with new docks in its main port, known as Kahtea.
  • Japan improves the arquebus. It is now much closer to the rifle, though more improvements need to be made and it is seen as experimental. The foreign minister outlines that future expansion into Europe will focus on the OTL Rhineland, Switzerland, the Netherlands (well, OTL BeNeLux), and northern Italy.
  • Polgár commands a expedition with settlers to Újfundlandi. Újfundlandi expands 9*576 sq km.
  • China intentionally spreads disease to the Aztec and Incan Empires.
    • Yo, you can't take advantage of blank nations, it's against game etiquette, and besides, foreigners didn't know they had the disease, they assumed it had always been there. No way you could find out this quickly if the new world was discovered under 50 years ago. Also, not to mention biological warfare was unheard of at the time and it is not usable for practical military purposes because it works indirectly. Not to mention that they always explained diseases with bad energy flow and evil spirits. And you haven't developed your medical technology at all.
  • Metallurgy is refined by Tsalagi, and Mamluk style scimitars, though much cruder become more widespread in Tsalagi. Deaths from diseases from the Old World become worse, and this reinforces the belief in the citizenry that as a king dies, disease is inflicted upon the land. Elements of Islam and the Ehkasgahian religion begin to fuse.
  • France: French Wales is given provincial status. Acadia continues to grow. A colony is established in OTL Florida, and is called Florida. Manhattan Island receives its first colonists near OTL New York Harbor, and it is named the colony of New France, the Hudson River is explored by a man named Leone Orleans, and the river is given the name Orleans.
  • Brandenburgian troops, after being harassed by Mandinka warriors, retaliate by burning the city of Koumbi Saleh. They are forced back by disease, however, and are unable to form a sustainable colony away from the coast.

I will be gone for a few days, please do not mess with France or its colonies while I am gone. JSimcox 18:29, April 15, 2011 (UTC)

  • The Ottomans expand in Diu.
  • The Vietnamese start building a system of schools in their colonies to educate the colonists.
  • The Malmulk colony in Florida expands by 9*576 sq km.
  • France invades Castilla and slowly begins to occupy territory, and the Battle of Barcelona ends in a huge French victory.


  • The provisional ruler of Tsalagi, General Kanj, raises a vast army, which includes many mercenaries from other tribes and Old World explorers and marches west and south, wanting to control the Mississippi. This does not go down well with the nobles who feel sidelined. Disease continues to spread, and King Chanrak dies.
Principia Moderni Map 1505
Principia Moderni Map 1505 Key
  • Japan expands Doitsuchihou. They ask France for an alliance to move into the Dutch coast and split it.
  • Hanthawaddy expands into Gondwana, establishing a border with Tenjikuminato. Its economy becomes increasingly powerful as it begins gaining territory in Hindu regions. Hanthawaddy establishes contact with the Ternate Sultanate, giving it a hold on the spice trade. They also plan an expedition to western Africa, in order to gain a foothold in Africa.
  • Why, pray tell, is France black on the map? It makes it easy to confuse them with the "empty" space on the map.
  • Running out of color ideas. I'll make it royal blue on the next map.
  • The Russian's beloved Prince Ivan III dies. His son and co-regent Vassiliy III, as his succesor is now the grand prince. Vasili pushes the Italian architects to build new bastions for the Kremlin. More settlers arrive at Novomoskovsk, need for more farmland grows, So Dimitri Boyasin Decides to travel along the OTL Hudson River, expanding the Russian colony of Novorossiya by 25px(small economic construction for main: 0.5 turn to colony).
  • This year has the Vietnamese crown their first Empress. Quite a few in the royal court resign their positions, as they refuse to serve under a woman.
  • France: Castilla's capital falls and the entire nation is annexed by the French Empire.


  • In order to make up for the loss of the Hporubitoi colony, King Binnya Ran II of Hanthawaddy orders an expedition to western Africa. There, they find the Brandenburgian colony, and ask for an alliance with Brandenburg. They also set up a small trading post on the island of Otcho (Bioko), which they call Pioko Mon, or Piokomon. There, they trade with the local Bubi people, as well as Brandenburg.
  • Újfundlandi expands 7*576 sq km.
  • General Kanj returns to Equagadahu after a short campaign which saw a small expansion south into OTL South Carolina and Alabama. He is assassinated by angry nobles, who seize power and elect the son of King Chanrak to the position of King. He is only a child and so is easy to manipulate. Many nobles begin to adopt Mamluk modes of dress.
  • Doitsuchihou expands 8*50 sq km.
  • Malmulk colonies in Florida and Cuba expand 7*576 sq km while more small settlements are place on the coast of OTL south America (Georgia, South Carolina, etc).
  • Mamluk ;) Makes it easier for me. -DK
  • Quick question though, when will you continue that one TL you made, the one about the Inca's? -BSE
  • Russia grows african colony by 25 px and sends settlers to the outpost now named Noviy Vladimir(New Vladimir). The construction of a new palace in the kremlin is completed, the work on the replacement of walls and the building of new towers starts, supervised by renaissance architechts in italy.
  • The former Vietnamese government officials start a conspiracy against the new Empress. A pro-government mole amongst their numbers begins the task of leaking their plans to the government.


  • Hanthawaddy works on expanding its military, and building a navy. Having fallen behind on its military technology, it begins to improve its slingshot-muskets. It asks for an alliance from Brandenburg.
  • Japan focuses on exporting Japanese culture to Europe. Japanese-style castles begin springing up through OTL Germany, and sinologograms are adopted by scholarly classes with regimes under Japanese influence. Meanwhile, they attempt to contact the isolationist Dutch government (sorry, I couldn't resist. Can DK make sure the Netherlands sets up a Dejima-style relationship?)
  • Well, you have to communicate with the Kalmar Union (User:Baconton, User:BoredMatt), because currently the owner is Norway. I don't think that would make them isolationist.
  • Brandenburg accepts the Hanthawaddy alliance, in addition to offering to sell some of their newest arquebuses. Their African colony is expanded by 7*576 sq km.
  • Hungary expands Újfundlandi by 5*576 sq km. Meanwhile, a port is built in Szent András.
  • Chanagahu is completed, and ships are beginning to be built in its docks. Tsalagan national unity is at an all-time high, and the nobles exercise the influence they want. For the first time in years, true political stability has descended upon Tsalagi.
  • Russian armies move to the city of Sibir (Qashliq), the capital of the Sibir Khanate, where they organize a coup d'etat during the winter. A civil war in the region breaks out, Russian supporters vs the Khan's loyalists. It ends within months, overthrowing the Khan. The Prince of Russia, Vasili III ventures to the region in the last weeks of the war and sits on the throne of Sibir. The Russians capture the Khan and lock him up for the rest of his life. This formaly overthrows the Khans and creates a personal/dynastic union with Russia.
  • Unusually cold weather patterns in Eastern Europe ruin the growing season in the northern Ottoman Empire, Poland-Lithuania, Doutsuchihou, Sweden and much of Russia. Famine is most prevalent in Russia and Poland-Lithuania.
  • Joseon, which had been amping up their military (sorry I didn't post), expands their Kamchatkan colony by 16 px.
  • Keltic Union Colonies in Newfoundland grow by 10 km.
  • The conspirators begin commiting acts of sabotage against the government they hate. Fortunately most of their attempts are foiled by Vietnamese troops, who are notified by the mole's reports.


  • Japan begins building a university at Kionigusuberugo near Kionigusuberugo-jo~. It is called Kionigusuberugo Daigaku, or Kionidai for short. In order to cope up with the growing season crisis, food is imported from the mainland.
  • Hanthawaddy enters a period of peace and relative stability. During the year, Katimon and Jamaicamon are expanded by 14*50 sq km each, while Piokomon is expanded by 3*50 sq km. However, the Mon governnent decides to abandon expansion temporarily over the next few years to bring Hanthawaddy into another golden age.
  • I'm going to be gone for the next few turns. Yank is in charge for now. He is the only person here who can post mod actions. -DK
  • Újfundlandi expands 6*576 sq km.
  • Tsalagi continues to expand the navy, and explores the coast. They come into contact with the various colonies along the Eastern Coast of North America, encountering Hungarians, Kelts, Russians and all manner of native peoples. The Iroquois especially interest the Tsalagans, as they speak a similar language.
  • The Chinese land in Incan territory and invade with alarming force.
  • Russians import as much food as they can from their colonies in Africa and in America to combat the famine. The Metropolitan of Rus, the spiritual leader of the country releases a statement on how to deal with this famine, to keep only what you need to survive, and give to those who need, if you can. The Russian land in the Urals and Siberia (which is in Asia, not Eastern Europe) experience more prosperity in terms of crops, and mass food sources are sent from the Sibir Khanate and the Ural lands to combat the famine in West Russia. This situation requres Vasili to have a permanant force to control inhabitants that would otherwise rampage stores, so he creates the Streletskiye voyska, or Streltsis, a permanent army division of musketeers.
  • Joseon amps up their military, and begins to manufacture a prototype "Turtle Ship", an iron plated ship which will be literally invincible against all but cannons. The Joseon army is also amped up, especially by providing arquebuses which have a much higher rate of fire.
  • Brandenburg begins to become more directed toward the cities. The first universities are founded and the countryside decreases in population.
  • The conspirators, still unaware of the mole, attempt to launch a coup against the Empress. The coup is, of course, suppressed and the conspirators are arrested.


  • Újfundlandi expands 10*576 sq km. Meanwhile, an expedition is sent to Új Kotor.
  • A Tsalagan ship is wrecked off the coast of Újfundlandi. The survivors make their way inland and meet the Hungarian settlers. A political envoy from the ship proposes some kind of trade alliance. Elsewhere, Tsalagi consolidates its gains from past wars and expands its coastline south.
  • A Brandenburgian ship lands in OTL Brazil. Although it originally sets up a small settlement, it is wiped out by a combination of disease and the natives. This leads Brandenburg to turn its attention to its African colonies.
  • Japan, eager to keep up state-of-the-art military technology and techniques, begins improving the arquebus to become an early rifle, and copy the Joseon Turtle Ship
  • Russia amps up military. The IWD (Institute for Weapons Development) discovers rifling in muskets will improve range and accuracy, but deem it to be impractical because of issues regarding loading from the muzzle, which they will try to fix, but not now. Colony in Africa expands by ten px.
  • The conspirators are executed for their coup attempt. The mole becomes an important government official.

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