This is an archive page for the Second Imperial Europe map game from 1432 to 1499.



  • Portugal builds port Granada on the territory in California belonging to Portugal. Trade begins to lower in Portugal as there has not been much contact with the outside world. On the silk road Portuguese traders manage to bring back goods into Portugal after an inspection for plague. A rogue trader accidentally brings plague into the silk road and into China. The person is lost in China. The President begins a program on inward expansion in America and sets out to create trails on its colonies. The Sandy Road begins construction in Morocco, the Great Road begins in California, the Coastal Road begins in Colombia. Minor trails begin in South Africa, India, and Songhay.
  • England works with China to stop the plague as fast as possible. Not much can be done, however, as many people are infected. England asks Portugal to accept a free-trade agreement and England offers to make roads. A major one is started in English Carolina, and England hopes to connect it to the Great Road. England also proposes to create a African road along the western coast of Africa. The English Moroccan colony starts building the road. England expands its Carolina colony inward, and also expands its Indian colony. A colony is started in OTL central Brazil, and a small colony in Nigeria starts.
  • The Ottoman Colony in India grows. The plague hits Baghdad hard, killing hundreds of people. The government manages to stop the plague with their best doctors, but by the time they do, almost 4000 are dead.
  • How to stop the plague?
  • Portugal and England already divided India, so get off our claims
  • The Italian colony in Florida grows. The Natchez are absorbed as a protectorate. A primitive version of the smallpox vaccine is discovered largely by accident in Italy. Although it doesn't help with the plague, it will be important in the future.
  • The Papal States opens a less elite, but still disciplined guard (called the Papal Volunteer Guard) open to anyone who is male, over 18 years of age, Catholic, has no criminal record, and non-married. Nearly 30,000 join the new PVG (even though it says volunteer they get paid)
  • Aragon begins to works to stop the plague, though the best they can do is herbal remedies and closing borders off and burning bodies.
  • Mongolia finishes rebuilding things destroyed by the tsunami. However, unrest in the country leads to violence. The Crimean Expansion (Western Armies of Mongolia) tries to contact European nations. To end this year off on a bad note, the Khan is assassinated. A council of three becomes the leadership of the Mongolians for a while. The council seems to be a more peaceful leadership.
  • Brandenburg tries using secular methods to find a cure (according to the charter, secular methods could find out what was incited by God in order to alleviate symptoms)


  • Portugal begins developing new sciences and tries using herbal remedies to try and ward off the plague. The Great Road in California begins to expand eastward no reaching into Nevada and Portugal has begun to branch off in Arizona as well. Small posts have been set up on the trail. In South America the Coastal road stretches towards the Brazilian coast. Small ports and outposts begin to be set up on the roads. The Portuguese continue to aid the Incas and Mayans. Portugal expands their navy and army at the time.
  • Brandenburg expands their Indian colony to include Calcutta, as well as increasing funding for the sciences
  • Hooray! Everybody steal Portugal and England's land claim!
  • the Pope calls on Europe to become more devout Christians, and if they do God will take away the plague. Many people across Europe begin to visit churches more and surprisingly the plague victims amounts actually drop by 2%
  • Aragon tries to find medicine to stop the plague, but they are all ineffective and actually seem to make the plague victim amounts go up, not down. Even so, most doctors continue with the ineffective ways (whipping themselves, herbs, etc), and the nation begins to turn to the Church for help instead.
  • Ottoman doctors find out a way to stop the Plague. They first prick the patient on the arm, then apply a sort of herbal mixture to the wound for several minutes. Meanwhile, Sultan Murad II decides to expand Constantinople. New neighborhoods are built, and the Hagia Sophia is converted into a mosque and renamed the Blue Mosque. The largest university in the world is built, called the Al-Barriye University. The Ottomans also expand further into Persia.
  • You cannot do that! The cure for the Plague was found hundreds of years later!
  • Er... the plague is caused by tick bites. You haven't stopped new people from being infected, and you won't be able to help all plague suffers anyway.
  • Italia has given up on solving the plague, instead preferring to wait it out. The few remaining "hotspots" of the disease in Italy are quarantined, and trade continues to be shut down. Meanwhile, a brief Aztec rebellion is put down.


  • Aragon is beginning to restore order now that the bulk of the plague has moved east. However, there are still many victims, including the queen and princess. Luckily, the King was not infected.
  • The Ottomans are still being affected by the plague, but not in any of the major cities, just some villages. Sultan Murad II continues to expand Constantinople, the part of the city in Asia expands. The navy founds a colony in Somalia.
  • England, having avoided the worst of the plague, greatly expands their India colony. By now the entire western coast of India is under firm English control. England conducts talks with Portugal on whether to go to war with Brandenburg or not. Another small colony is founded in OTL eastern Bangladesh. The rest of the colonies under English control expand slightly. They also expand their North American colony north along the coast, reaching the Chesapeake Bay.
  • Brandenburg calls for peace, noting that their colony predates the English-Portuguese split of India. They promise not to advance further
  • Ummm.. you set up your colony after the split. the split was in 1426, your colony was set up in 1429
  • Italia continues to recover from the plague.
  • The Mongolian Civil war continues to escalate. Violence is everywhere and heroes are on both sides. Both armies are hell bent and have fearsome motivation that is unseen in Europe. Neither side shows signs of giving up.
  • The roads in California and Colombia are proving a big success. the Great Road has already expanded into Colorado and New Mexico. Small three-building towns are being set up at former forts along the road. Portugal also considers setting up an India Pact with other European Nations and the Ottoman Empire. Portugal continues to recover from the plague.


  • Portugal expands the Great road into Kansas and Texas. The Portuguese bulk up their navy and armies.
  • The Ottomans continue to build up their navy.
  • Brandenburg expands their Pacific colony and their Atlantic colony


The Plague subsides, but a new threat emerges when fierce tribes travel from the east and settle the area of Poland-Lithuania. They quickly overthrow the government and send out barbarians that invade other parts of Europe. On the border of the KU the tribes are extremely successful and manage to take parts of the borders. They will soon expand their empire and work their way through all of Europe, unless...

  • Portugal expands their navy and army.
  • Aragon begins experimenting with ways to stop the invaders.
  • Brandenburg chases the invaders out of Poland-Lithuania, claiming Warsaw for themselves.
  • The Ottoman's expand their colony in Somalia. Meanwhile, Sultan Murad II invades Afghanistan with 40,000 men.
  • Hey, is someone gonna make a new map soon?


  • Portugal expands the Great Road to reach all the way to Lake Michigan. A small fort is set up at the end of the road in OTL Chicago. Several small Portuguese towns in Colorado fail. The Portuguese launch an invasion of Sicily in order to get a good spot for its navy. By the end of the year the west coast of Sicily has fallen to Portugal's navy although Portugal has suffered severe losses. Portugal begins to infiltrate Sicily's government and set up their own puppet Government. Portugal continues to expand its navy and army.
  • By now, Brandenburg exerts control over an area from OTL south Alaska all the way to north California on the Pacific, and from Nova Scotia to Manhattan on the Atlantic.
  • the Papal Volunteer Guard expands to nearly 34,000 troops nearly 1/3 is from France and Poland
  • The Ottomans continue to build up their army and navy.
  • Aragon expands their army and navy.
  • Hungary starts to upgrade its army.


  • France advances west and conquers a third of Brittany.
  • Hungary continues to amp up its army.


Hungary continues to amp up its army.


Hungary continues to amp up its army.


Hungary declares war on Bosnia.most of Bosnia is already taken at the end of the year, with the exception of the capital city, Jajce.


Jajce is taken by Hungary.


Hungary continues to map up its military. Meanwhile, a port is built in the city of Zeng.

The Mongolian Civil War ends.

Imperial Europe 2 1445


Hungary continues to amp up its military.


Hungary continues to amp up its military.


Hungary continues to amp up its military


Hungary starts to build ships in its ports.


Hungary continues to build ships in its ports.


Hungary continues to build ships.


Hungary continues to build ships.


Hungary continues to strengthen up its navy, building more ships.


Hungary continues to build ships.


Hungary amps up its military.

Are we up to here already??? The last 15 years all solely involve Hungary.

Genoa wants to unify Italy and conquers Savoy and Milan in four months, encountering little or no resistance, after this it attacks Sardinia an conquers the northern part of the island by the end of the year.


Genoa now conquers the rest of Sardinia and conquers all of Florence except the southeastern parts, including Firenze.

'Could I, 'Remedello leader of Genoa (Kingdom of Italy) edit the maps?


Genoa convinces the people of Florence to join them, and changes its name into the Kingdom of Italy.

Italian forces attack Venice and conquer its lands on the Italian and Istrian peninsula.

Italy asks Hungary to be its ally and sign a contract that after the Italian unification is complete, Italy and Hungary would together attack Austria and Bohemia, and Italy will get the Austrian lands and Hungary will get Bohemia.

The Kalmar Union attacks and takes all of Brandenburg.

Since nobody makes maps I, Remedello, posted an updated map, tell me if there are any errors

Kingdom of italy expansion 2




Italy attacks the Papal States encountering little or no resistance due to the locals will to unify Italy, only Rome remains in the control of the pope. Italy Attacks Naples, conquering it almost completely.

Italy proposes an attack-defence-economic union between Italy, Hungary and the Kalmar Union. If this union is made they will attack Austria and Bohemia dividing the conquered land, and perhaps more in the future. Italy sends 9000 liters of olive oil and wine to Hungary and the Kalmar Union as a gift.

The Kalmar Union accepts the alliance offer and takes the Teutonic Order with little bloodshed.


Italy: Italy takes southern Italy and Sicily in five weeks, then it takes the Greek coast, after this it takes Rome with little battles, receiving the peoples welcome, Italy gives the pope OTL Vatican. With Italy unified, the Italian government starts building, ports, roads, tunnels and bridges to unify different regions in Italy. This opens up new jobs all over Italy, and the living standard starts to grow. After eight months, most of the work is done. During the last three months of the year
Italy invades Austria and Bavaria which was a great success; Italy had had the past eight month's time to spy on the Austrian defensive lines on the Alps, and sabotage them.

The Kalmar Union takes over Bohemia and Saxony winning a series of battles. The KU also expands to the border of Novgorod.


The Kalmar Union attacks the unprepared Poland-Lithuania. The majority of their forces are crushed and half the nation falls under the Kalmar Unions control. Also with the loss of Austria the Holy Roman Empire becomes incredibly unstable this allows a small contingent of Kalmar Union troops take over the principalities one by one.

Italy: During the KUs Invasion of the HRE Italy invades the southern parts of the HRE and the rest of Austria. After this Italy forces Poland-Lithuania to open another front and attacks it by sea from the south, giving a part of the conquered land to the KU so that it can have land on the coast of the Black Sea in exchange of the KU's help in conquering France and Burgundy for Italy. Italy will then help the KU in conquering Poland-Lithuania and Hungary, but Italy wants the Hungarian coast. Italy is offended because Hungary didn't answer to its requests and gifts.




KU finishes off the Polish defences taking all of Poland-Lithuania. KU helps the Italian invasion of France and Burgundy. Hungary's army is crushed rapidly by a veteran KU army with the coast given to the Italians. The KU attack Novgorod and St Petersburg and its surrounds are annexed by the KU. Thuringia is taken by the KU as well

Italy now invades Provence, Aragon and Foix overpowering the small nations' armies. Then it conquers the remaining pieces of the Byzantine empire and the European parts of the Ottoman Empire, the ottomans were taken by surprise and when they tried to send reinforcements from Asia the Italian navy annihilated their ships, most of the Ottoman navy was Destroyed. Italy proposes the KU a joint attack on the British Isles, with Italy getting England and Southern Ireland and the KU getting Scotland and Northern Ireland. Italy asks the KU assistance in conquering the rest of the Ottoman Empire, With Italy getting the western parts and the KU getting the Eastern parts.

Could someone make a global map, or if not possible I could make it, I would just need an update of colonies (on the talk page) to make a precise map,





The KU lands forces all over the British Isles. Novgorod is taken as is Muscovy. All resistance is crushed by the new German and Balkan recruits. KU helps Italy with the Ottomans and the British.

Italian and KU forces conquer the British Isles, Scotland and northern Ireland is given to the KU and England and Southern Ireland are ceded to Italy. Italy attcks the Ottomans from the west and the KU from the North-east and North only Ankara remains to the Ottomans, and Italian and KU forces siege the city. Meanwhile, Italy takes the British lands in former France, and Conquers Brittany, Navarre, Wallachia, Northern Castile and Portugal. Italy sets no particular laws to the people of conquered lands, and gives them full citizenship, still any rebellions are crushed immediately. Italy builds ports, roads, tunnels and bridges to unify the different regions of the kingdom, exactly like when it first unified, which again opens new jobs all over the vast kingdom and the living standard grows. Even more jobs open when Italy starts mining coal, iron, copper and other ores within its new territories, most of it located in the provinces of Germania, Gallia and Britannia.




Ankara is taken and given to the KU.

Italy conquers Granada and the rest of Castile, after this it conquers the small states in the Eastern Mediterranean and Invades the Malmuk Sultanate, taking almost all of its territory in Africa.

Italy proposes to the KU a joint attack to the Golden Horde, with Italy getting the Black Sea coast.

The KU refuses this offer instead steamrolling the Golden Hordes forces alone. The grey areas are settled and colonised. The KU also takes the remainder of the Mamluk Sultanate.




Italy invades the North-African grey coast colonising it. Italy invades the former Genoese colony which had remained autonomous after the unification in the areas around the city of Trebizond. Italy Invades the East coast of North America.

Japan builds up their military. They also built some ships.

The KU takes all of the Arabian peninsula and Central Asia. Rapid expansion occurs into Siberia. Greenland is colonised along with Baffin Island and Quebec.




Japan invades and conquers the OTL Sakhalin Oblast and Taiwan, and begins invasion of the OTL Kamchatka Peninsula, OTL Philippines and China. They also sent a ship to OTL Valparaíso, Chile and colonising it.

The KU quickly move to colonize Ontario and the Nunavut Islands. The KU's huge army sledgehammers through India and Siam. Expansion continues through Siberia and Central Asia.

Italy colonises most of OTL USA and Southern Canada.


Japan takes over OTL Primorsky Krai, Koryak Okrug, Khabarovsk Krai, Magadan Oblast, as well as China and the Philippines. Japan also invades Korea, OTL Mongolia and OTL Indonesia. Japan also colonises OTL Australia, and continues to colonise OTL Chile, OTL Argentina and OTL Peru.

THAT is unrealistic.

A vast army crushes China's great empire. The KU colonizes more of Canada. All of OTL Russia minus Kamchatka is under KU. KU turns its resources into technological and economic growth.

Japan takes control of the Kamchatka Peninsula, and invasion of the Philippines continues. They also build a bit more ships, and send another one to OTL Valparaíso, Chile and colonise a bit more.

Is this better? Sorry about the last one...

Italy invades the rest of OTL USA and a bit of Canada, it Invades Mexico convinces the Aztecs to join its Kingdom. Italy invades central America, the Caribbean and Guayana. Then it sends a fleet to OTL Argentina and starts colonises the coast. Italy takes the Canaries and the Azores.



Here's the new map I, Remedello made, please correct my possible errors.


Japan takes over the Philippines. Japan also builds up their military more and starts to plan invasions of Korea. They send another ship to OTL Valparaíso, Chile and colonises it some more.

Irish Rebels join in Dublin with separatist Scots and declare independence as the Scotch-Irish Republic, SIR followers in England and Wales convince their long oppressed peoples to join the SIR in the formation of the British Empire, consisting of OTL England, Scotland, Ulster, Ireland, Wales and England. The New Empire soon begins to try and negotiate its independence with its predecessors.

The KU colonize Greenland and take all of the Arabian Peninsula. The kingdom lowers tax rates all across the empire and this makes the people like the king more. A majority of the treasury is focused on linking the Empire with roads and trails, education and health.

Italy Invades a large part of South-America, and expands its territory in Africa and conquers parts of Southern Africa. Italy lets Wales and Ireland declare Independence but keeps its land in England, with no exceptions. Italy Starts mining ores in North-America, they also start growing corn and potatoes all around the kingdom, which is a great source of food. Italy lets conquered countries decide a lot of what they want to do as long as it pleases the king, they can choose their own president, but they must pay taxes to the Kingdom.



Japan invades and takes over Korea. Japan begins to plan an invasion of OTL Indonesia. Japan sends a ship to colonise more of OTL Chile, and convinces the Inca Empire to merge with them and Japan promises to protect the Inca people. Meanwhile, Japan passes the "Friend" law and says that all minorities (Koreans, etc.) under the rule of Japan are protected and their culture will not be altered.

The KU takes Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan. They colonise all of Malaysia and Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. Madagascar is taken too.

Italy Conquers the rest of the African coasts , it starts colonising OTL Australia and New Zealand, it also takes the island of Sri Lanka and other island in the Indian Ocean. It expands in South Africa. Italy starts focusing on production, health, education and science, because of American food plants Italy's population is growing massively and hunger is mostly not a problem anymore and tens of thousands of people go to live in the new lands in the Americas and South Africa.




Japan invades and takes control of Korea. Japan also starts to send boats and starts to invade some small Pacific Islands. Japan decides to build up their military some more.

Italy invades the rest of Australia and Invades some island in the Pacific including OTL Hawaii. Italy makes a new law with which serious crimes are punished with slavery.

The KU promotes health and education. The KU start economic investment. They also encourage population growth. A vast land and sea trade network connects the empire from Madagascar to Indonesia to Kamchatka to Europe to Canada. The KU offer 1 million Koronas to the Italians for Quebec and Alaska.




Japan invades and takes OTL Hainan Province. Japan decides to build up their military some more. Japan passes a law that allows equal rights for all, and discourages discrimination.

Italy invades expands its South American and African territories.

Italy will sell Alaska and Quebec for one million koronas and for OTL Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Siam, the KU will also get the ex P-L land on the Black Sea coast.

The KU refuses this offer. instead doubling the previous one. Note: One million koronas is a lot of money back in those days. Health and education are the KU's top priorities.


1468, with the correction of the Italian land in ex P-L and the KU having the land on the Black Sea coast


Japan builds up their military some more. Japan also improves their infrastructure.

The king of the Kalmar Union is assassinated. Taking advantage of the civil unrest and the over extension of the Kalmar Union, a group of Finnic and Russian partisans declare the independence of the Uralic Confederation, claiming all the territories in which Uralic languages (excepting for Hungary) were spoken, plus the rest of the territory formerly belonging to the Novgorod Republic.

Italy accepts the KUs offer (2 000 000 koronas). Italy amps up its ground forces and fleet. Italy makes school free to children aged 6 to 15 and offers all students a free school lunch mostly made out of potatoes and corn from the Americas. All local languages are legal in in Italy but Italian must be taught in all schools. Schools are built in every town with more than 1000 people with government funding for starters.

The KU quickly summons an army from the Middle East and Central Asia. In a devastating battle of Novgorod 60% of the rebel army is killed, injured or captured and the city falls to the KU. The KU condemns this act of rebellion and war against it and calls for Italia's help to destroy this rebellion. An army of 500,000 march towards Moscow and smaller armies to other major rebel cities.

It'd take more than a year for troops to march from the Middle East and Central Asia to Finland. Also, are you mad? 500,000 soldiers on 1469? That's more than the Kalmar population I think.

I have Asia...




Japan encourages its people to learn two or more languages (minorities learn Japanese. For Japanese, Korean or Inca languages must be taught.). Japan builds up their military some more.

The Uralic Confederation receives hundreds of thousands of troops that attack mainland Scandinavia from Lapland and Finnmark, and in two months takes Stockholm and the capital of the Kalmar Union, Copenhagen.

Italy sends 2,500,000 slave soldiers (in promise of liberation of them and their peoples) from Africa to help the KU, 50 000 men die during transport the rest are deployed in Denmark and Sweden, with Italian casualties of approx. 700,000 men and total destruction of rebel forces Stockholm and Copenhagen are taken, another half million Arab horsemen soldiers are deployed in cities in the gulf of Finland destroying all resistance but taking little land.

... 2,5 million soldiers are transported by sea in less than a year from ARABIA to FINLAND. You know how senseless that sounds like?!

Well, you will need a lot of ships to do it but it is possible (not by land, of course...)

The KU launches a massive assault from Central Asia with troops from China and India. The army devastates many cities in their path. Moscow is burnt to the ground and European forces retake Finland.


Japan builds their military some more and builds more ships. Japan improves their infrastructure some more.

Italy liberates and sends the African slaves home, after this all peoples in Italy are equal. Italy takes the rest of Africa. Italy builds thousands of ships all over its kingdom.

The KU rebuilds the shattered cities. As punishment the rebelling area is taxed more than the KU empire for five years.




Italy builds more roads to unify its different regions. Italy starts farming cattle and growing huge corn plantations in South America.

Japan continues to build their military. Japan also decides to build more fishing ports.

The KU restarts a heavy trade scheme with Japan and Italy. All three receive huge economical boosts. Japan and Italy spend thousands getting dried up leaves that taste funny - tea. Education and health remain the KU's priority.


Japan builds more harbours within its Empire, as well as ships. Japan also adds Korean and Inca languages as official.

Italy's Arabian horsemen soldiers that remained in the KU to watch that nothing weird happens again, help the KU rebuild the cities around the Gulf of Finland.

Italy starts building universities in the largest cities, a huge university is being built in the capital, Rome.

Italy also starts building a parliament building in Rome where the parliament will discuss abut different matters. The parliament is made of at least two congressmen from each of Italy's large ethnic region, with a total of 300 congressmen.

The KU's centres of learning decide to spread the knowledge. Professors of all sorts journey into Asia teaching the people of all they know.


Japan improves their infrastructure some more. Japan also encourages people in the country to learn self-defence. Japan continues to build ships.

The KU launches a child campaign encouraging parents to have more kids. The KU teaches Danish in all schools from Alaska to India.

Italy encourages people to move in its American, Australian and African lands, promising every immigrant free land. The amount of land increases with the amount of children in each family.


Japan improves their infrastructure some more. Japan also builds more ships and harbours.

Italy founds dozens of cities in all of its overseas territories. Italy starts searching for ores in the Americas.

The KU continue a health and education program.


Japan builds houses. Japan continues to build more fishing ports.

Italy improves education.

The KU build more roads to connect the vast empire.


Japan continues to improve on infrastructure. Japan also builds more houses.

The KU build more roads and bridges across the empire. Huge funds are poured into the scientific fields.

Italy finds gold in its American lands and starts mining it. Italy finds copper ore in South America


IE2, 1478


Japan builds more houses and improves their infrastructure. Japan also builds more ships.

The Middle East rises up in full revolt. It is the result of a long planned plot to regain their independence. KU troops are quickly overwhelmed by the revolters, who establish the Arabian Union. They say that they only want to be free. They ask for the protection of the Italians. A sheik is throned in Jerusalem, and he calls his people to arms, to prepare to fight off a possible KU counterattack.

The KU attack the Arabian Union in the east and north driving them back out of OTL Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria. The KU will allow the Arabian Union to keep all the land of OTL Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain and the UAE in return for an alliance. This is because the KU wishes not to fight another bloody war.


Spurred on by some of the success of the Arabian Union, as well as the thinly spread forces of the two great empires, independence movements in China, Germany, France, India, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Ethiopia, Siam, and all throughout North Africa and Central Asia. With the armies of the Kalmar Union and Italy at this point made up almost entirely of conscripts from their conquered lands, this causes divisions within their armies, which begin infighting. The American colonial governors clamp down and attempt to keep news of this from spreading, which effectively keeps the American colonies from rebelling as well, but with the disruption of trade with Europe, the colonies are forced to become more and more self reliant as well as reliant on the native populations for survival. With their armies spread thin and fractured, and such vast distances between territories, there is little hope the empires can maintain their size and their only hope is to consolidate power within their own cultural boundaries.

Italy understands that there is little to do, and since the countries will gain independence, Italy wants to keep a good relationship with them. Still there are people an soldiers loyal to the Italian invaders due to their liberal government. Italy lets most countries gain independence but with its own army and loyalists it keep southern France and North-East Spain, as well as it's land in eastern Europe. There are little problems in OTL Australia and New Zealand but in Australia the vast deserts are hard to controll and there is now law in the desert. Central and Southern Africa are kept as well as parts of the North African coast. In The Americas the Italian army, with the help of the Aztecs, concentrates in keeping the most populated areas.

The KU are forced to lose India and Siam. Heavy crackdowns on protestors destroy the independence movement in China, Central Asia and Germany. Control of Madagascar is also lost. Troops push into the Arabian Union and take OTL Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, Iraq and Kuwait.

Italy after independences

Italy after the countries independence, grey ex-Italy, Green Italian territory, light green most populated areas in the Americas

Japan builds up their military some more. Japan also builds more ships and harbours. Japan passes a law that allows for any minority (and women) to have any job they choose, with no restrictions.


Japan builds up their military more and builds more ships. Japan also improves their infrastructure some more.

Italy consolidates its power in the regions it has left. Italy still claims to own all of its land in the Americas, but there are few people away from the coastal areas.

After brutally cracking down on the independence movements, the KU attacks India and reconquers it.


Japan builds more ships. Japan also improves their infrastructure some more.

The KU reconquers Siam and Madagascar.

After laying low for a bit, to lure the KU off their guard as they deploy their troops to crush the other rebellions, the Middle East rises up again, with more stockpiles of weapons, including Greek Fire, and arquebuses. The KU is driven out again. The Sheik, who retakes his throne, promises his people that they will never be under the rule of the KU again. He reiterates his plea for Italian protection, and begins setting up massive defenses on his border with the KU.In a secret plot, assassins kill the KU leadership, in the hopes that the internal turmoil will give them time to secure their position.

Well, I give up. I've been trying to push this game back into something somewhat realistic, but I guess that's just not going to happen.Oerwinde 08:10, August 29, 2011 (UTC)


Sick of the constant warfare and the cost in both manpower and gold for subjugating half the world, Sweden elects a new king outside the Kalmar Union's succession, splitting the union, and recalls all its troops. Being the most populous kingdom in the Union, this effectively robs the union of most of its Scandinavian troops. Civil war erupts in the North American colonies between Swedish and Danish-Norwegian settlers. When the dust settles, Sweden controls its traditional borders in Sweden and Finland, as well as the depopulated (from the cleansing after the Ural uprising)Russia and the sparsely populated Siberia, while Denmark-Norway keeps a fragmented North America. Both countries are exhausted from war and over extension and unable to maintain their control over the rest of the world. The collapse of its major trading partner also causes major strain on Italy's empire.

Italy is also sick of wars and suggests the forming of the United Nations and invites Sweden, the KU and Japan to join, as well as France, Spain, Portugal, Greece and England, and of course any other countries that are willing to join and wanted to join.

Do I get to be invited? Azecreth 18:26, August 29, 2011 (UTC)

Yes, welcome. Remdello

The new map, that I, Remdello did, the countries borders are a rough estimate, so please correct any errors and inform me.



Why did Japan lose land in Mainland China? There was no rebellions within Japan at all....

Yes there was, it said that there ae rebellions in China, and since Japan didn't do anything...

I thought rebellions was only in the KU-controlled China. I didn't know there were also rebellions in Japan's part of China. Guess I'd should have paid attention more next time, sorry, my mistake.

Of course it can be conquered back but since the anti-war situation well, it's up to you, Italy will give its support in case you decide to attack,

I'll decide to invade and take the same chunk of China that I had earlier then. If anything happens, I'll try to think of something.

Never mind, I think I will wait until the anti-war situation cools down, then I will try and re-invade China again.

{C}Seeing that it has been over 20 years since its declaration of independence and nothing has happened, the British Empire begins to completely overhaul its armed forces and navy as well as offering alliances to the Inca

The Arabian Union, having secured its independence, joins the United Nations in order to prevent themselves from being conquered. A constitution is written up, placing the Sheik as head of a monarchy, with a council to control the actions of their leader. Reconstruction begins to repair everything that was destroyed. They also offer to buy the remaining Italian land on the Anatolian Peninsula.

Japan accepts Italy's invitation and joins the United Nations. Meanwhile, Japan improves their infrastructure and builds a few more harbours.

Seeing that it has been over 20 years after declaring its freedom and nothing has occurred, the British Army invades France and begins to occupy massive amounts of territory until at the years end, the below map shows the extent of the British Empire:
830px-1482 5

Earth After the British Invasion of France.


The UN condemns the English attack on France and warns that if England doesn't pull its troops out of France military actions will be taken.

Japan decides to plans for re-invasions of China, though they will hold it off for now. Meanwhile, Japan improves their infrastructure more and builds more houses.

Italy's population has grown 20% since the discovery of the great food sources in America, potatoes and corn and the solution to the food problems. Italy sends more colonists to its colonies and expands its colonies. Italy prepares to attack England if necessary and asks the AU and Japan to join.

Denmark retains a stronger navy than Sweden and blockade the Baltic Sea, Norway joins the UN. Norway fortifies its long border with Sweden.

The Arabian Union politely refuses Italy's offer, as they lack a navy able to reach Western Europe. Reconstruction continues, and they move into the unoccupied land to the East.

Britain offers Union to France and states that it will withdraw from everything except Normandy. British troops in France begin to fortify the Normandy area in case the have to fall back to that area. Fortifications are built on the home islands as as on the coast. The Navy is put on high alert and mass production of naval vessels, ammunition, guns, cannons, and muskets begins. France is once again offered Union. An alliance is offered to Arabian Union, and if it is accepted 30 naval vessels will be given to the Arabians.


Japan says that they will join with Italy and starts to prepare to attack England when it is necessary. Meanwhile, Japan continues to build up their military and builds more ships.

The Arabian Union reiterates their desire to purchase the remaining Italian lands on the Anatolian Peninsula, so they can be unified with all their brothers. Islam is made the official state religion, and construction begins on a new network of roads to link all the major cities of the Union. Expansion into the unclaimed land to the East continues. They agree to an alliance with the Anglo-Frankish Union.

France accepts the offer of Union with Britain and together they form the Anglo-Frankish Union with its capital at London. British troops begin to withdraw from France now that it is part of the Empire which is now a Union. The colonies of Anglo-Frankish Colombia and Oregon are established in OTL British Colombia and Oregon while Liberia and Anglo-Frankish West Africa are established on Africa's West Coast and OTL Liberia. Colonists from the Anglo-Frankish Union begin to flow into these new colonies. Another colony is established in Ethiopia.

Italy and Japan will not attack, but if France desires to leave the union and Britain has something against it, the UN will be on France's side.

Italy expands its land in the Americas and starts building fishing ports in the coasts of every ocean in the world, and the Mediterranean.

Italy agrees to sell the land coloured dark blue in the following map, state your offer.

The Arabian Union will pay 2000 gold pieces for the land. An extra thousand will be given if the Italians agree to give us the rest of the land as well.

Denmark colonies the rest of Canada. Troops invade and take the island of Singapore.


Anglo-Frankish Union and its Colonies


I agree. May I also suggest that you save the full version of the map by clicking on the original map image twice instead of saving the smaller version to edit? It would be much clearer and easier to see more. Just a thought.


Japan builds up their military some more. Meanwhile, Japan sends a ship to OTL Tierra del Fuego and begins colonising it a bit.

Italy sells the land for 2000 gold pieces. And expands its territory in the Americas.

The Arabic Union takes control of the former Italian land in the Middle East. Work begins on expanding the road network to connect the new land with the rest of the AU. The Sheik falls under the influence of his religious leaders, and begins moving the country to Sharia law. A military expansion begins.


Japan builds up their military some more and continues to build ships. Japan also sends another ship to OTL Tierra del Fuego and colonises a bit more.

Denmark attacks and takes most of Southern Sweden. Troops take Stockholm in a vicious year-long siege.

I'm leaving this map game due to the continuous level of implausibility it has. I am starting the last year of senior high school in a few days and that means less time for althist so I had to cut a few things. Scandinator 23:14, September 2, 2011 (UTC)

Seriously? You were the source of about 65% of the implausibilityOerwinde 01:15, September 3, 2011 (UTC)

Even I ROFLMFAO when I read that, but see ya, or not, but anyway good luck, Remedello


Sweden retaliates with reinforcements from Finland and Russia annihilating the Danish army that has become complacent during the long siege of Stockholm. This leaves the rest of Denmark helpless and Lithuania and the other Baltic countries break away and ally themselves with Sweden. Sweden however doesn't push into Denmark but instead fortifies the Scania coast and pushes into Norway. With Norwegian troops having been used in the army attacking Stockholm, Norway has little defenses and surrenders. Sweden, sick of war only demands that Norway break its union with Denmark. Norwegian parliament agrees and Norway becomes independent. With this decisive victory, Sweden begins a 50 year era of peace.

The AU finishes most of their reconstruction. They begin a massive campaign to subjugate Persia and incorporate it into the AU, conquering over half the country in a bloody campaign, although there is partisan resistance.

Japan builds up their military more and builds a few more ships. Japan also decides to search for small unclaimed islands and take a few.


Japan continues to build their military and builds a few more ships.


Japan continues to build their military and builds a few more harbours. Japan also improves their infrastructure some more.

Italy improves its infrastructure-


Japan continues to build up their military and builds a few more boats. They begin planning for an invasion of China.

The Sheik of the Arabic Union, influenced by his Islamic advisors, pronounces a jihad against the infidels in Italy. Massive assaults begin by Muslim armies, and Italian Anatolia falls to the AU forces, who also move into Egypt, passing the line of the Nile, seizing Cairo after a bloody fight, and occupying over 2/3rds of the country.

Italy sends tens of thousands of troops to protect Constantinople, Italian forces reconquer Egypt up to the nile and offer a truce to the AU.

The AU refuses. Soldiers launch a counterattack, using their most powerful weaponry, Greek Fire, and guns. They drive the Italians back from the Nile, and using the momentum gained, and the power of their faith to motivate them, they totally occupy Egypt. They urge Muslims in North Africa to rise up against their Italian masters, and join their brothers in an islamic union.

Why are you double posting? And how does the AU 'urge 'the Muslims in the Italian North America, can I remind you that there are no radios or telephones.


Japan decides to instead, convince China to join Japan, and offers them full protection from any invasions as well as support and economic boosts to China and promises that they get to keep their government (similar to Macau and Hong Kong SAR in OTL).

The Pope asks all Christian nations to join Italy in this war against the Muslim invaders and gathers hundreds of thousands of European soldiers and deploys them in Egypt, Western Anatolia and OTL Israel. The North African coast is recaptured, the siege of Jerusalem begins and half of the city is taken, and half of the Anatolian peninsula is taken.

The Sheik launches a counterattack, with his soldiers fighting for all they believe in, and for their homes. The siege of Jerusalem is broken. Fortifications are built to protect the Dardanelles from invasion. Instead of destroying the beachheads in North Africa, the AU troops swing around them, and move into Libya, while leaving a large force in Egypt to counter any moves they might make. Most of Southern Libya falls.

Italy asks more help from Japan, the Anglo Frankish union, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark


Japan helps Italy and sends ships to fight along with Italy to push back the AU. Meanwhile, Japan improves their infrastructure and the people are trained more and become equipped with weapons to prepare just in case, if an enemy power attempts to invade.

The Crusaders, Italian and Japanese forces retake Northern Africa and the AU forces in Egypt are destroyed after bloody battles, the rest of Anatolia is taken, and the AUs Mediterranean coast is taken.

The AU forces launch a counterattack that retakes the Mediterranean coastline, and much of North Africa as the forces in Libya fight their way back. A draft begins to replenish the losses they have suffered. Assassins attempt to kill the Pope, but are unsuccessful. They urge the Anglo-Frankish Union to honor their alliance and declare war on Italy.


Japan sends a few more ships to help with Italy. Meanwhile, Japan builds up their military and builds a few more boats. Japan also improves their infrastructure more, and its citizens also improve their self-defence.

Italy wants to conquer the AU capital and main cities, and sends 400 000 soldiers from different European countries and Japanese forces and conquers the heart of the AU and burns the cities and kills the sheik, after this the AU is in chaos and breaks into smaller nations and Persia declares its independence. North Africa is retaken as well as the Mediterranean coast.

The pope is moved to a secret location for now with a bodyguard team of 100 men, made out of monks.




Japan builds up their military and builds a few more houses. Japan also makes all Chinese languages and dialects official languages.


Japan builds up their military. They also improve their infrastructure more, and build more houses.

Italy is very grateful for Japan's help and wants to establish a strong trade relation with Japan. Italy improves health and education, and builds more houses.


Japan agrees to Italy and establishes a strong trade relation with them. Japan begins to improve health, and improves their infrastructure more.

Italy starts digging a canal to connect the Mediterranean to the Red Sea, this huge project is estimated to take 20 to 30 years. All workers get a free home in the area for them and their family, as well as free food, a new city is founded for the workers.


Japan continues to build ships and harbours. Japan begins building bridges to hook up Kyūshū, Honshū and Shikoku.

Seeing the need for a unified Ethiopia to prevent Europeans from ever colonizing their land again a tribal leader named Soloka begins to unify the tribes of Ethiopia through violent and diplomatic means. The Kingdom of Ethiopia is formed that controls most of OTL Ethiopia.

Be sure that signing up as Ethiopia first if you're wanting to play as them. Otherwise the action may be void. Just thought I'd point out.

Italy starts mining gold in its territories in North America. Italy builds more towns in Australia.



Map of the world in 1498

  • Japan continues to build the bridges to hook up at least three of its main islands. Meanwhile, Japan continues to build up their military. Japan also attempts to look for more resources around their area.
  • Italy builds up its military. Work on the Suez canal is proceeding.


Japan continues to build the bridges. Meanwhile, Japan builds more ships as well.


The game continued to here

And the game latest activities are here:

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