1965 (1421)-The Black Plague seems to have wiped out the entire population of Europe around this year. The Ottoman Empire, whose Sultan died earlier this year, is reeling from the loss of its European territories, but many in the Muslim World are happy to be completely rid of any potential crusaders. With the loss of all its territories to plague, the European nations cease to exist. The new Sultan of the Ottomans is having difficulty holding his empire together, but with the Turkish areas of the empire still surviving, is able to make-do. The Arab world as a whole is going through a decline now, so very few people venture to Europe. People from Siberia and Mongolia, do expand and little westward over the course of the next decade.

Also, this year the Ming Dynasty of China moves the Imperial capitol from Nanjing to Beijing (as in OTL).

1968 (1424)- The Yongle Emperor of China dies, and is succeded by the Hongxi Emperor. The New Emperor is far less suspicious of traders and sailors than in OTL. Funding for the Admiral Zheng He's expeditions around the Great Southern Ocean (the Indian Ocean) to India, Arabia, Zanj (East Africa), and the Spice Islands (Indonesia) continues.

1969 (1425)- The resettlement of Konstaninyye (Constantinople) is complete. With the construction of a new Palace (rather similar to Topaki Palace) and the Sultan moving to into the city, Konstaninyye replaces Edirne as the Ottoman Empire's capitol. With no Humans to sustain the Black Plague over the past few years, it seems that is has died out, and is now (at least as far as the Plague) to travel into Europe. Resettlement of Europe though, is still outside of a small portion of the Ottomans and some Siberian tribes non-existent

1970 (1426)- The Eunuch-dominated Secret police of China begin infiltrating the Emperor's advisory groups, pushing there agends, and creating a little civil unrest. Nonetheless, no major scandal happens, but certain important ministers begin disappearing in the middle of the night. Nobody knows if the the Emperor himself is ordering them to do this, or if they're acting on their own. At any rate, nothing much is done about it.

1971 (1427)- Bhaktapur, the capitol of Nepal is constructed with Chinese help.

1972 (1428)- Vietnam successfully revolts from China's grasp. Dai Viet is established.

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