This is an archive page for the Second Imperial Europe map game from 1400 to 1431.



  • The Ottomans invade the White Sheep Turk's territory.
  • Brandenburg invades some of the small states in order to gain access to the sea, but west of Denmark.
  • England expands the army, expanding the acceptable ages in the army further and giving the troops much greater amounts of training. English citizens begin to wonder about a "United Kingdom" of the two British isles. British government ignores the wondering for now, and instead decides to increase trade between them and the other nations on the British isles, and builds many new ports along the coast of England, creating areas for a soon-to-be expanded fleet to dock.
  • The Portuguese go to war with the inhabitants of northern Morocco and successfully take over the territories.
  • The Horde expands north. The military is expanded.
  • The Kingdom of Munster, in Ireland, successfully conquers the Kingdom of Connacht, also in Ireland.
  • Aragon expands Into Foix.


  • Munster continues to expand in Ireland. Hearing news of this "united kingdom" concept in England, Munster responds that Ireland shall never consent to join an English empire.
  • Aragon, seeking to establish better relations with its neighbors, requests an alliance with Castile and Portugal. They also expand into Navarre.
  • The Portuguese expand their colonies in Morocco. The king of Portugal starts gathering resources from Morocco and sends out diplomatic missions to its neighbors in Europe.


IEMG2 1402

  • Munster has by now expanded to all of Ireland save the pale, and reforms into the Confederation of Ireland. The Confederation begins a massive military buildup.
  • England increases its military presence in Ireland significantly, due to the large Irish army. England declares war on Scotland because of a so-called border infringement. Many are skeptical about this, but a large portion of the English army goes out to war. Southern Scotland is captured, but the Scottish army wins a series of battles farther north, leaving England with only minor land gains and the Scottish very angry.
  • The Horde continues to move south.
  • Portugal starts creating embassies and the people of Portugal begin to move toward a republic style of government. The city of Lisbon gains plenty of resources and begins creating more high lifestyles for the people.
  • Aragon expands into Africa.
  • Where in Africa, also how far, still please let's not make this another Imperial Europe Map Game 1. I need to know in case I have to change the map.


  • All Players: Please make a country profile on the Diplomacy Page.
  • Ireland builds up its army immensely. The Irish Pale, longing to join Ireland, sees a serious uprising. The English garrison, although stretched from the war with Scotland, manages to barely put it down. Heavy-handed English soldiers cause even more outrage among the populace of the Pale.
  • The English rush troops over to Ireland, reenforcing the garrison. This causes Scotland to advance almost to the pre-war borders, but a well timed English counter-attack sends the Scottish reeling back. The English are unable to exploit this victory with manpower low. England resolves to hire thousands of more troops, and with a year or so training they will be ready to fight. The English fleet is expanded again, and they move to blockade Scotland. English transportation is improved, with more roads connecting cities.
  • The Ottomans finish conquering the White Sheep Turks.
  • The Portuguese Annex their Moroccan territories as part of the Empire of Portugal. They also expand their cities in Morocco.
  • Aragon significantly beefs up their army. They also launch a surprise attack on Castille, looking form a common border with Portugal and increase trade. They capture the capitol within 4 months, and the rest of the nations descends into chaos without their king. Aragon easily defeats all the little fiefdoms, and merges Castille with Aragon.
  • Sicily, after building up its military for quite some time (sorry for not making my edits saying this, but I forgot about this map game) begins to plan its invasion of Naples. After some discussion, the plan is put into place: The First Phase-Attempts to divided Naples both politically and population wise. The Second Phase-After the First Phase, military forces will be sent in to help "Return balance and help prevent anarchy from taking over." The Third Phase-Afterwards, a fake government would be put in place in order to make it look like the government of Naples had been restored and overall Naples would belong to Sicily. The plan preparation would be complete by next year.


  • Aragon begins to get better relations with its neighbors, especially Portugal since it is a bordering neighbor. They also significantly beef up their navy and army.
  • The Portuguese strengthen their army and attack Granada through their expanded Moroccan colonies. Since Granada is not controlled by Aragon and the Islamic forces needed to backup Granada have been defeated in the conquest of Morocco Granada is easily taken over by the Portuguese and their superior navy and military.
  • Ottoman forces invade the Timurid empire. The invasion is only partly successful, with the Ottomans taking some lands from the Timurids but they take heavy casualties in the process.
  • The Horde expands north and the military is expanded.

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Imperial Europe map game 2


  • Irish forces suddenly storm the Irish Pale. English forces in the Northern Pale are completely routed and forced to retreat south. The southern strongholds will take years to starve out, although fortunately England's conflict with Scotland will prevent most reinforcements to arrive.
  • Sicily's plan to take over Naples which began one year ago is finally complete and all land claims and territories of the Kingdom of Naples are unofficially part of Sicily.
  • The Ottomans win more lands against the Timurids, taking Baghdad. Ottoman forces march north as well, taking the Timurid's northern lands.
  • The Portuguese expand the Moroccan cities and send out ships into the Mediterranean. They strengthen their army and send more diplomatic missions into Europe.
  • Aragon expands more west into Morocco in Africa.


  • Irish forces manage to take the Southern Pale. All of Ireland is now under Confederation control.
  • The last of the Timurid Empire's lands are annexed by the Ottomans. Trebizond is also conquered. Meanwhile, the Ottoman's began to use cannons and they deploy the hand cannon to many of their missile troops. A navy is built up as well.
  • Lusting for a larger expansion of territory, the Hapsburg monarchy opens relations with Burgundy under promises of an alliance between the two "equal" nations. Issuing a large recruitment order of knights and squires, the Austrian army is rebuffed with a much larger roster, including a large construction order for trebuchets and catapults. Cannons are also tested, and a small experimental batch of them is ordered for manufacture by the Archduke. Using this new formidable army as a persuader, the neighbouring Small States accept "unity" within the Archduchy and its borders expand. Austrian spies and cohorts begin working within the Burgundian court, hoping to persuade the Duke into a political unity between the two duchies.
  • The English King tries to rally the people to take back the pale, but is stunned to see that the populace in on the Irish side. The king gives up on Ireland for now, and focuses his attention on Scotland. The blockade starts to take effect, and the Scottish armies withdraw to the north to regroup. English armies relentlessly follow them, hoping to destroy the Scottish army. England continues to develop the navy, making it one of the most formidable in Europe. The population of England expands, and the populace begins to wonder what a "united kingdom" of the two isles would be like. The English king promises that by the end of his reign, the isles will be united. Many are speculative about this statement.
  • The Horde moves north and the military expands.
  • The king of Portugal dies and a new King comes upon the throne. This King begins what is known as the Portuguese revision and starts to change the absolute power given upon the noblemen. He establishes an early parliament. More diplomatic movements are sent out through Europe
  • Aragon expands more in Africa, eastward this time. They are trying to be the leading power in Africa.


  • The Kingdom of Sicily is quickly becoming an economic and military powerhouse; the acquiring of Naples military gave Sicily the power needed to defend itself from invaders while economic reforms have helped mold the lifestyles of Italians. Recent data shows that the average Italian living in Sicilian controlled territory live in a middle-high average house and/or a High average house. Also, the introduction of the Middle class among the population have reduced the amount of poor living in the Kingdom of Sicily. Sicily begins to expand its military and economic power and influence among nearby nations.
  • The Republic of Venice establishes colonies along the Dalmatian Coast from Bosnia to just above the Peloponnese. in addition, they require that all of their citizens who don't already serve in the military spend 2 months out of the year training in the militia, all of whom are equipped with either pikes or crossbows. the Doge also establishes artillery corp, who train in the use of primitive cannons, and research how to improve them.
  • The Horde moves north, touching Muscovy.
  • Aragon asks Sicily for a complete military alliance, sending much gold and silver as a gift for the king.
  • Austria persists its diplomatic stratagem with Burgundy. After a string of interlocking royal marriages, the Duke of Burgundy agrees to a personal union between the two states, in order to support each other during these tough times. The Austrian order of siege weaponry and cannons is completed, and on testing the Austrian generals are so please they order the construction of a hundred more for their armies. The Hapsburgs also opens up relations to some of the larger small states of the Holy Roman Empire, effectively making them their puppets by the end of the month.
  • England continues to attack Scotland. In the summer the English troops are laying siege to Perth, but a large Scottish counter-offensive pushes the English to just north of Glasgow. The English king sends small attack parties to Ireland, severely underestimating the Irish and gaining nothing from the fighting. The routed English return home. England's industrial power, although somewhat small, starts to expand slowly, causing more profitable goods for trade to be made. The English people call for an end of the war against Scotland, but the English king convinces them that they have almost won.
  • The Portuguese spread eastward and southward into Africa in their Moroccan territory


  • Venice expands its Dalmatian colonies, and spends a large amount of its treasury expanding its navy and merchant marine, especially in the carrying trade. they begin to utilize corned powder and bagged charges in their cannons, so they require less metal, and fire much faster.
  • Margaret of Denmark is deposed and executed by her adopted son, Eric of Pomerania. His first act in office is to bring the massive (if uncoordinated) Scandinavian military to bear upon its main trade rival, Novgorod. By the end of the year, Novgorod itself (and the Baltic coast) is under Scandinavian control. In other news, Norwegian shipbuilder Alexander Hagluunds begins experimenting with copper-plating a ship's hull.
  • English armies make a breakthrough on the Eastern coast of Scotland, catching a Scottish army's flank and decimating it. English forces secure the cities of Perth and Dundee, while continuously advancing forward. The strain of getting supplies to the English armies begins to tell, however, and they are exhausted. English forces attack and capture the Shetland Islands from the Scottish and plan on taking the Orkney Islands to the south next year. Te war against Scotland gets more unpopular as the people start to rebel, but the breakthrough quiets the critics for a while.
  • Aragon begins to get better relations with its neighbors. They ask for total alliances with both England and the Kalmar Union. They improve their transportation greatly and begin providing protection for merchants that travel through. Their navy is famous for its efficiency, and many merchants hire it to protect their ships. This rakes in Aragon much money. They also improve their military by requiring by law that all male citizens, and women if they want must join the army at the age of 20 for 3 years.
  • The Horde declares war on Muscovy. They push the Muscovians back several fronts.
  • Portugal copies Aragon's military expansion and allows women to join the army. They also expand their navy.


Imperial Europe 2 1409

  • Venice continues to expand its Dalmatian colonies by offering free land grants to those who settle there. many Italians from various Italian states settle in Dalmatia along with the Venicians. in addition, several colonies in Tripoli and Algeria are set up.
  • Ireland offers peace to the English king, and continues to keep the Pale's ports open to English ships. In the meantime, the Confederation is more organized. It eventually takes the shape of a republic of nobles. Plans are drawn up to Invade Brittany.
  • Aragon offers an alliance to Venice and to Ireland. They recognize Ireland as a state, and hope for better relations with them. The navy is also improved dramatically.
  • Venice accepts Aragon's alliance request, and suggests that they divide North Africa between them, along the border of OTL Tunisia. they also suggest that the Aragonese and Venician navies should take part in joint exercises, to promote working together.
  • The English king doesn't want to accept Ireland's offer, but his advisors make the agreement for him. trade starts to flourish between Ireland and England, much to the anger of the king who wants to see the isles united. Meanwhile, English troops contain the Scottish to the Scottish highlands. The blockade has forced many citizens of Scotland to flee. In two years the Scottish should be totally destroyed. England continues to build up its navy, and creates large ports on the pieces of territory that England owns on Europe itself. The English fleet is now very large an d England makes plans for it to become one of the world's most powerful fleets in a few decades.
  • Portugal invades Sardinia. They conquer part of the west side and depose the Sardinian leaders of west Sardinia. Portugal also hires German and Moroccan troops to attack more of the Sardinians. They promise the Germans aid.
  • Sicily continues to advance its navy and army and also begin to allow trade agreements from foreign nations.
  • A state-sponsored naval expedition by Rolf Emmerson (a wealthy trader and pirate; often both at the same time) takes the Scottish fleet by surprise in The Minch and routes it. Faroese troops under the Duke of Sundsvall lands in the Highlands and defeat the king's forces in several battles. Scotland is now non-existent. In the east, the armies of the Union plow through the last truly Russian settlements in what was once the Principality of Novgorod. Due to Union support of Komi and Karelian tribes against the Russians over the years, Komi chiefs as far west as the Cheshskaya Gulf and as far south as Katlas swear fealty to the king of the KU.

So, Scotland is now a weak KU puppet state ... if you say it's a province, you can't be serious. Plus, Scotland and the KU had an alliance at this time in history. Who are you, and what have you done with BoredMatt?

Haha....That was me, as in BoredMatt 23:01, January 20, 2011 (UTC). Yes, I betrayed Scotland ;D

Guys, I was invading Scotland, and you came in. I still have the southern two-thirds of it

Ya, I know, I'm making a map. We just swooped in like vultures and stole the remains. Michael Douglas 23:07, January 20, 2011 (UTC)

As a way of compensating, you could overrun Normandy and take it back from France...Michael Douglas 23:14, January 20, 2011 (UTC)

That sounds like fun ):) Roguejedi 23:15, January 20, 2011 (UTC)

  • The Ottomans capture the last of the Timurid lands. The Ottomans enter a time of peace.


  • Ireland launches a surprise attack on the remains of Scotland, capturing most of the Western Isles, which they begin fortifying. Rolf Emmerson and his army arrive in protest, but in reality they had no power or claim in that region. Ireland accepts the foreign alliance proposals.
  • England, having secured the southern two-thirds and the eastern coast of Scotland, has almost united one of the isles. All that remains of Scotland is divided between the KU and Ireland, a tiny portion of the whole island. England continues to build its navy, making it very formidable. They ask Ireland and the KU to give their parts of Scotland to England in return for gold. England also fortifies their new gains, cutting of the foreign corner of Scotland through a series of forts.
  • The KU declines giving back Scotland. The fleet is expanded, primarily in the Atlantic. The army consolidates their position in Russia, while troops take a small sliver of land from the Finns to connect Unionized Russia with the Union at large. Skaggens Odde is fortified as is the Great Belt.
  • Aragon accepts Venice's saying to divide north Africa. They expand their colony in North Africa southward, but they soon encounter the Sahara. They stop abruptly, and they begin to experiment with ways to get across it or just go around it.
  • Venice expands its colonies in Dalmatia and North Africa. A large Venecian army and naval force attacks the Mamluk Sultanate. Thanks to their highly trained pikemen, skilled navy, and improved cannons Venice wins several battles against the Mamluks, captures the Nile Delta, besiege Cairo and send several raiding forces down the Nile.
  • Portugal expands more into Africa and begins trade with Ireland. Irish traders soon begin to enter the ports of Morocco. Soon little Irish settlements emerge in Portuguese Morocco. The Portuguese also send ships down the west coast of Morocco.
  • In order to increase stability in the newly loyal Burgundian state, new Austro-Burgundian regiments are formed and placed along the borders of France and the HRE. The Hapsburgs halt their political machinations in the HRE and begins planning for an invasion of Hungary, in order to absorb it into the Holy Roman Empire and increase the Hapsburg domains. As such, Austria begins to research deeper into the art of cannons and siege warfare, including cavalry. Austria recruits five new cavalry regiments, specially trained for the Hungarian terrain. Austria also opens up relations to Venice and Aragon, hoping to increase their mutual interests with a military alliance between the three nations.


  • England continues to solidify their gains in Scotland, and expand trade with Ireland. New, faster ships are built that can go much farther than normal vessels but have almost no fighting capability. England sends these ships down with around one thousand settlers to south-central OTL Morocco, and start a small colony there. The English king asks Portugal and Aragon for an alliance, saying: "We are all powerful nations striving to do what is good. Let us unite to focus our efforts and help each other along this wrong road."
  • Portugal expands its cities and annexes Sardinia.
  • Ireland gains knowledge of gunpowder, and starts to upgrade its military with this knowledge. Ireland is increasingly a seafaring country.
  • The Venecian invasion of the Mamluk Sultanate goes increasingly well, as the Venecians quickly capture Cairo, and establish fortresses along the Nile to protect their shipping routes. they also capture much of the coast, the Sinai, and build several forts in southern Israel.
  • Austrian spies are sent over the border into Hungary, and they quickly map out the Hungarian terrain nearest Austria as well as their tactical and military capabilities. The Hungarian army is large, but poorly trained compared the new advanced training of the Austrian regiments. The Austrian generals are hoping to take the Hungarians by surprise, and gain enough ground to dig in and whittle the Hungarians down enough to gain their westernmost provinces. Austria also opens up relations with Venice, requesting an alliance and a deal to divide Hungary between them if the war is successful. Three new regiments are recruited and sent to the Austro-Hungarian border, where they take up strategic positions.
  • The Ottoman Sultan Mehmed I calls for an army to be assembled to take the Holy Lands for the Ottoman empire. Thousands of peasants volunteer for the Jihad, along with 40,000 professional Ottoman soldiers. The jihad goes very well, and since most of the Mamluk army is fighting Venice, they Ottoman army meets very little resistance. By the end of the year, all the Mamluk territory in the Holy land is captured, and Ottomans across the empire celebrate when they figure out Jerusalem has been taken by the Ottomans. Sultan Mehmed still allows Christians and Jews to go to Jerusalem. Forts are built all across the empire's borders, and roads are built to make traveling easier. The Ottoman Navy is modernized and expanded.
  • The KU continues to fortify their Russian lands, while harbors throughout Iceland and the other Unionist islands with ports on the North Atlantic are expanded and improved to handle the larger fleet. The Baltic Fleet greatly increases in size this year as King Eric asserts his claim to Pomerania and Mecklenburg, absorbing both into the KU.
  • Aragon calls for a Crusade against the Ottomans to take back the Holy Land and restore Jerusalem. They also invade the Mamluk Sultanate and conquer all of its land West of the Nile.

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  • Uh Sorry guys I don't know what happened, but for some reason we're scattered editing.
  • The Ottoman's began to send its armies down to the Holy Land, though they are somewhat confused by the fact Aragon would just randomly invade the Holy Land. The Ottoman Navy attacks Aragon's Navy, which was sending troops to the Holy land to recapture Jerusalem. The vastly superior Ottoman ships easily sink the majority of the enemy ships, though a few escape.
  • Uh, I never sent ships to attack you. I was calling for a Crusade, not launching one. Also, how are your ships "vastly superior"? I have been bulking up my navy and army for several turns, while you have sat twiddling your thumbs and conquering people.
  • Oy, England, I have a proposal for you. If you adopt the "Republic of the Nobles" type government of Ireland, which only means altering the Magna Carta a bit to limit the kings power (he seems to be pushed a round a lot anyway) Ireland can unify with England and I'll move on to Florence.
  • Venice continues to consolidate its control over Egypt, and begins to invest some of Venice's wealth from control over the spice trade to rebuild and improve the Egyptian infrastructure. most importantly, they build a large port at the small town of Suez, and connect it to the Mediterranean by a huge road. this greatly enhances Venice's profits from trade in the East.
  • Portugal gathers up its soldiers and hires Irish, Moroccan, Sardinian, and German mercenary units to help in what will be Portugal's first invasion of France through its territories above Aragon. In this first invasion with a huge army they conquer the area along the Bay of Biscay and start to march up to Bordeaux. The French crown begins to fight back with the strength of its army. Portugal transports food and goods up to Its territories and soldiers. They also hire pirates to pillage French ships. This wastes a lot from the Portuguese treasury.
  • England accepts Ireland's proposal and alters the Magna Carta accordingly. The English fleet and army moves to France, where they invade from the north. The reason for the massing up of troops in the English lowlands is now evident, as England launches a massive attack from the north while Portugal is attacking the south. The French army is almost all in the south so England is able to, after a long, costly battle, capture Paris, which strikes a huge blow to French morale. Metz and Nancy are captured by the end of the year. England offers to use its large fleet to destroy the French one so Portugal can spend less money on hiring Pirates. Meanwhile, the king is ecstatic at uniting the British isles under his reign and declares a national day of celebration. Many people move to the African English colony, and it is expanded along the coast.
  • The KU continues to fortify Scotland and improve their port facilities in the North Atlantic. The main army moves through Karelia, defeating the Kajaani and Hous tribes. The fleet is expanded again, mainly in the Atlantic.
  • The Republic of Florence joins the Republic of Genoa and the Republic of Milan into a personal union. It becomes known as the Florentine Confederacy.
  • Aragon expands its navy considerably.


  • The Florentine Confederacy invades the Duchy of Savoy. Resistance crumbles, and Savoy becomes the fourth Republic of the Confederacy.
  • The Union expands their fleet and Scottish fortifications as the army rolls through Slavonia up and into Lapland. Rostock's port facilities are expanded considerably as it becomes the new base of the Union's Home Fleet.
  • Venice continues to develop Egypt, and invests more of its increasing profits from the spice trade into expanding agriculture in Egypt. Egypt soon provides Venice with much of its grain, and Venice and its other colonies begin experiencing a population boom thanks to the cheap Egyptian grain. Venice also builds a series of powerful, cannon armed border forts along its land borders in Italy, and expands its navy.
  • Under the rule of the former Counts of Zollern, Brandenburg builds up its army and navy, creating ports.
  • Actually the KU annexed both Pomerania and Mecklenburg since King Eric is from Pomerania :/....Brandenburg doesn't any ports except for Hamburg (not even sure if they had that OTL)
    • Apparently, Hamburg was a Free City. Okay, then Brandenburg annexes Hamburg (instead of what they were planning).
  • Aragon expands more into Africa.
  • Portugal begins to monopolize wine trade within France as it sends more attacks into France and onto its roads. Soon Portugal has control of the southern part of the major highways of France. This process kills many Portuguese army men and women, but leaves behind elite surviving troops which are then promoted to generals and top ranking officials in the war. Portugal expands its navy in order to defeat France and compete with the large expanding navies of Venice, the Ottomans, and Aragon. This drains Portugal's treasury.
  • The Ottomans start to amp up their navy considerably, also their army is made stronger as well. They ask Aragon for forgiveness, and offer them the Holy City of Jerusalem, but wish to keep the rest of the Holy Land under their control. They also offer Aragon an alliance.


  • The Florentine Confederacy invades Provence, managing to conquer it within the year. Florence now offers Sicily and Aragon alliances, to secure its new empire. The wars have negatively impacted Florence's trade, and several measures are taken to ensure that the Florin remains the nominal trade currency of Europe.
  • The Ottoman Empire invades the Jalayrids, conquering them in just four months. Ports are built along the Mediterranean and the Black Sea.
  • Portugal attempts another attack on France and wins the battle of Toulouse and Marseille. Portugal strengthens their navy in a naval battle in the gulf of lions. They lose this battle, but come back with a better naval tactic and naval weapon. Portugal controls all of south France.]
  • The Horde begins to take Muscovian land.
  • Aragon accepts the Holy City of Jerusalem. They also accept the Ottoman's alliance and sends many gifts to the Sultan. They hope for better relations in the future, and begin to open up full trade relations.
  • Sicily agrees to the alliance and continues to improve its economy, infrastructure, and military.
  • Venice purchases Hungary's land on the Adriatic. they expand their colonies in Dalmatia, Tunisia, and encourage immigration to Egypt. Thanks to immigration and the Venician encouragement of Christianity, almost 15% of Egyptians are now Christians. Venice expands its navy in the Red Sea, and expands south into Arabia from the Sinai, in order to secure shipping lanes in the Red Sea.
  • A small force of Faroese troops and Border mercenaries lands in Greenland. By the end of the year, the European-settled areas are under KU control. The fleet is expanded, as are port facilities in Iceland and Greenland.
  • Brandenburg sends a fleet westwards into the Atlantic.


  • The Ottoman Empire invades Arabia. The Turks manage to take the holy cities of Mecca and Medina, and secure the port of Aden for themselves. They began to trade with Aragon. The Ottoman Sultan Mehmed I offers Venice a trade agreement. The empire's wealth from the Silk Road allows them to continue to build up their navy and military.
  • England secures the captured portion of France, having failed to advance further due to intense French counter-attacks. By now, the English colony in Africa is very large and extends along much of the coast. Colonists start to move deeper into Africa. Trade with Portugal increases almost threefold, with more and more trading ships built in England every year. Trade with the KU also increases, and the reunification of the British Isles is doing well, with all but a few Irish citizens accepting English rule and with the combination of armies and navies, the English navy becomes one of Europe's most formidable.
  • The Horde moves deeper into Muscovy.
  • Brandenburg's fleets colonize OTL New York, naming it Neupotsdam.
  • It is way too early to colonize North America. I oppose this and ask for dates that we can colonize certain areas of the world.
  • You're right. Plus, it took at least thirty years before the first settlement was founded in North America. This is just when it's first discovered. One year after discovery, you don't go founding a large colony.
  • Seconded. Shall we say 1450 as a good time for us to begin exploring that way?
  • The Florentine Confederation continues to attempt to regain their former status as trade leaders in Europe. More trade fleets are built, and the idea of an alternate trade route to Asia is first proposed.
  • Well, why don't we do North America a little earlier? Maybe 1430? However, I do agree that this shouldn't end up like the first Imperial Map Game.
  • All right, but can I still keep explorers there? It's not developed, just claimed
  • I think the point was that we don't start EXPLORING until 1450. besides, why would Brandenburg randomly send a fleet of colonists into the middle of the Atlantic. Seems a bit crazy
  • Well, in the map games I've played, the game ended long before they could even start exploring. Even if they're still alive, it would actually take a year before they could go to North America. For example, in Europe 1100, it will be November or December before anyone can go to America. Ask yourself, is it really a good idea to wait until March or late February before we can go to America? Most likely, people will get bored and leave this game.
  • Venice continues to improve infrastructure in Egypt, Dalmatia and Italy. they expand their trade fleets in the Red Sea, giving them greater access to Eastern markets. in addition, they continue to strengthen their borders in Italy, and expand their Tunisian colony more. they accept the Ottoman trade deal, which gives producers of bulk goods in Italy a much larger market to sell to.
  • I think that we can agree that the "colony" of Neupotsdam is really a building with a flag and a cross. In reality, very few would stay, and very few would have left anyway. If you had no idea it was there, you can't have explored it very well, so you have really no idea of what resources it contains and how its climate is. What probably happened is a Brandenburg fishing ship got lost, landed, planted a flag and immediately sailed back home.
  • Portugal annexes all its captured land in France by finally capturing the gulf of Lions. Trade flourishes between Portugal and Aragon. Because Aragon traded with the Ottoman empire along the silk road the Portuguese curiosity picks up and the Portuguese crown begins thinking about send ships and caravans into the silk road. Portugal's territory in Morocco has now been expanded partly into the Saharan desert and Portuguese explorers are trying to find a way to navigate through the sandy desert.
  • Aragon increases trade with the Ottomans

Hey guys, I'm PitaKang, the creator of this map game. I've been looking at the posts, and I say that you can "discover" America in 1422, and the first settlements in 1436. No more discussion. Sorry, but this cannot get like the original Imperial Europe, with North America being divided into three sections before the end of the 15th century.

Don't boast, PitaKang. You may have made this page, but until you decided to change the rules it was a carbon copy of my game. XD I agree with you though.

I'm not boasting. I just don't want this to be like the original Imperial, with like three superpowers in colonizing America.


  • A Florentine fleet sails to the Cape Verde and conquers the local Kingdoms. This is Florence's first base in the Atlantic. Please don't screw with Florence for the next week or so - I'm in exams.
  • Resources are drained in Portugal and many people have been left impoverished from the Portuguese-French war. When the king of Portugal dies and his son makes many rash decisions that anger the people of Portugal. The Portuguese revolt and set up a republic under their new president and senate.
  • Corsica is currently a Florentine territory. So no, you can't buy it without asking me. Also, this map is wrong, so I'm drawing over everything that it says is in my territory.
  • Okay, I didn't know
  • The Union consolidates their position in Russia even more, fortifying both their lands there and the Scottish highlands. The navy is expanded again, and relatively large-scale settlement takes place in Iceland and Greenland.
  • England fully integrates northern France into England. English fleets are again built up, and the English colony in Africa is expanded inwards into Africa. England asks the new Portuguese government to continue their alliance and continue large amounts of trade. A rebellion starts to grow in southern Scotland and northern Ireland due to the king treating the people In Ireland badly after the unification. This movement hopes to overthrow the king and restore peace. It is heartened by the news of the Portuguese revolution's success. They contact Portugal, asking for military supplies, also asking Portugal to not tell the English king about the rebellion.
  • Aragon sees the revolt in Portugal with concern and ask if they still are open to relations with Aragon. They also expands West to Morocco in Africa. They touch borders and trade seems to flourish. They also send aid to the English rebels, and military supplies. They ask for full diplomatic ties after the revolt.
  • Venice applauds Portugal's shift to democracy, and offers them a trade deal. in addition, Venice sets up small trading ports along the east African coast, where they trade manufactured goods from Italy to natives in exchange for rare items like ivory.
  • The Horde finishes Muscovy off. Meanwhile, tensions with China rise.

Imperial Europe 2 world in Mongolia.

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All Posts by MODS will be under lined. i.e. China splinters into 7 states, and the Second Warring Period begins.

  • Florence begins to colonize OTL Senegal. The area becomes the Republic of Senegal and is recognized as a part of the Confederacy.
  • Mongolia and China go to war. Mongolia pushes China back on several fronts.
  • Which Mongol Khanate? The Oirat, Golden, Chagatai, Manchu or Ilkhanate?
  • He signed up as the Golden Khanite. I think this is not possible because the Golden Khanate is not anywhere near China
  • Well, the Khanate is an invasion force from Mongolia. If you ask me, they're one in the same. However, if you really want specifics, I can say that Eastern Mongolia (Not my area of expertise) went to war with China.
  • No, actually; they were all constantly at war with each other. I guess the main analogue to "Mongolia" at this time would be the Oirat Khanate; they have most of Mongolia, Manchuria, and a good bit of Siberia.
  • He signed up as the Golden Khanate, so I don't think he can do this.
  • Aragon expands into Africa southward, to trade with the sub-Saharan tribes.
  • England expands its African colony along the coast to the north and the south. Ships continue to explore farther, and there is rumored to be a new land to the west instead of a different way to the East Indies. Most people reject this idea, saying that there could be no other land. The rebellions followers grow larger, as northern England also starts to convert to the rebellion's side. It is estimated that 5% of people in England would support the rebellion if it started now. They plan to lie in wait for a few more years.
  • The KU expands their trading contacts among the Inuit, and their navy expands again; focusing on transport capacity.
  • The Republic of Portugal has mass collected resources for the past year and now sends out more exploration trips. It claims the Sahara under morocco, but does not really explore it. Later that same year the capital, Lisbon, is improved into the highest living standard city of the year. Many immigrants move to Portugal.
  • Finally, after years of preparation, Austria launches a military expedition into Hungary. Though outnumbered, the better trained and better equipped Austrian military end up pushing the Hungarian forces backward into their capital at Budapest. Due to their large advantage in numbers however, the Hungarians manage to flank the Austrians and reduce a large portion of their expeditionary force, forcing them to retreat back to their stolen territory. Several regiments of Hungarian knights and footmen assault them and inch the Austrian line back even further, but the Austrians manage to reorganize and hold the line. Some of the Austro-Burgundian regiments are sent to secure the line, and a new shipment of cannons is sent to break up the heavy masses of Hungarian infantry.


  • The colonization of Senegal continues. A large amount of Hungarian refugees are offered cheep passage, creating a growing Hungarian population in Florentine Senegal. Florence also launches an invasion of the Kingdom of Naples. The western half has fallen within the year, with the other half expected to fall in 1421.
  • China continues to fall. In the famous battle of Beijing, the Mongolians destroyed the Great Wall, using pieces of it as catapult ammo. In the ruins, schematics for guns are found. The guns are kept top secret in the Mongol Capital. Meanwhile, the Horde begins to expand west.
  • Um, you were nowhere near the Chinese to start out, there is no way the Mongol tribes would just randomly unite in one year. Why haven't the mods recalled this?
  • That's about as realistic as all of Europe uniting. They have no common goals, no common language/ethnicity (outside of the Oirat Horde, most of the Khanates whether nobility or not are mainly Kazakh, Uzbek, Tatar/Russian (in the case of the Golden Horde), etc. It makes absolutely no sense.
  • I'm a mod, and I say this is not possible. Unfortunately the controller of this nation is also a mod. Roguejedi 23:03, January 26, 2011 (UTC)
  • PitaKang will decide, he made the game.
  • We don't even need PitaKang to decide, the rules are plain and we carried them over from the first Imperial Europe. You can't do something this implausible. This is going to get recalled eventually!
  • I'm just glad we don't have some brat whining whenever I declare something implausible (Remember when Yank decided to annex not only a lage chunk of Mexico AND two states? I declared it implausible and did not update the map. He started undoing my edits). I'll change my post, but I will eventually unite Mongolia.
  • CrimsonAssassin 17:17, January 27, 2011 (UTC)
  • I agree. I give the MODs power to undo edits, however they cannot show favoritism to their own nation. Also, I said that MODs can have natural disasters. Well, if you are England in a war with Scotland, and 3 9.2 earthquakes strike Scotland in 2 years, the other MODs have the right to undo it. So I say that for example if we wanted to undo Crimson's post, at least 2/3 of the MODs have to agree to it. Rougejedi cannot just undo it, unless it is extremely implausible. PitaKang 23:13, January 27, 2011 (UTC)
  • England continues to prosper as more and more people move from farming to special manufacturing, creating unique items that sell for a good cost. The English colony in Africa by now has meet the Portuguese one in Africa. England starts to expand the colony south along the coast. England increases their fleet yet again, as many new ships are built. England offers an alliance with Florence. A Secret leader of the revolution growing in England emerges in the form of an Englishman: John Brown. He was born a farmer in the middle of Ireland and had experienced great losses of money and land when the English punished him for defying them. He becomes the figurehead of the revolution, and thousands more people rally to his cause. John Brown has a firm belief that he will be the emancipator of the subjugated Irish and Scottish.
  • Portugal offers an alliance to the Ottoman empire wanting access on the silk road. The claimed, but not explored territories in the sub-Moroccan Sahara are exploited up in the north. The President of Portugal send explorers to look for more goods and the explorers stumble across the Canary Islands. Ideas of exploration start to spread around Portugal as more and more curious explorers want to find out what is in the sub-Saharan Africa. The Portuguese set up a military base on the Canary Islands. The Portuguese send a small navy and army to protect their new catch. At the same time the government of Portugal sets up a reprieve act. It allows pirates to become legal Portuguese citizens if they give seven years of service to the Portuguese government
  • The Ottomans capture Constantinople, and rename it Istanbul, as their new capital. They capture the rest of the Arabian peninsula, and establish a colony in Somalia. They accept Portugal's alliance.
  • Aragon prospers very much. They expand so their Mamluk territory meets their Algerian territory. Great riches come to Aragon from the Trans-Saharan Trade, and Aragon becomes a symbol of power.


  • The Horde continues to invade Central Mongolia.
  • England expands its Africa colony along the coast, also sending ships to explore farther south. England is annoyed that the colony is not bringing in a lot of resources, and decides to not expand it much past this year. It does serve as a good resupplying point for ships, however, and England plans use it to create another colony farther south, where the fertility of the land is better. The English rebellion continues to grow, as its ideas reach English France and gain a few followers. John Brown estimates that in 3-5 years, England will be in the midst of a revolution.
  • The Republic of Portugal, with the resources gained from the silk road over the years, sends a fleet of four ships into the exploration of Africa south of the Sahara. At the same time exploration of the Sahara continues in Portugal, expanding the knowledge of the territory. Nearing the end of the year one ship returns stating that they were sent back to report what has been found out and that the other three are continuing their journey and are estimated to be 5 degrees south. The ship sent back tells the Portuguese about the Songhay empire and how they have begun a small trade with the Songhay empire. The President of Portugal decides to support the Songhay empire and gets ready to begin sending another expedition. Portuguese travelers on the silk road learn more about the east.
  • The Ottoman Colony in Somalia prospers. Many of the natives love their new trade partner, but one local warlord tries to destroy the Ottoman Colony. He leads his army to attack the port, but almost 80% of his force is destroyed. The Ottoman forces track him down to his local village, and burn it to the ground. This gives the Ottomans complete control over all of Somalia.
  • Aragon asks for an alliance with the Horde. They also expand more into Africa.
  • Brandenburg endorses scientists and artists. Meanwhile, the lost fishing boat's captain is interrogated, to little success.


  • The Ottoman's colony in Somalia prospers. The empire also expands farther into Persia.
  • Brandenburg expands further south and westwards
  • Colonists flock from countries far and near to Portugal and Portugal's colony in the Canary Islands. At the same time the Portuguese start a colony near the Songhay Empire
  • England builds a few major ports in its African colony, and plans to use the colony for a launching point for more fertile land further south. England launches exploration boats from the colony and begin to map the more southern regions. England plans to create a colony in OTl Nigeria to use as the next launching point. The rebellion in England draws more followers, and the leaders of the rebellion start to decide what the future government of England will be. Supporters are divided between a monarchy and a republic. It is estimated that 25-27% of the people in England support the rebellion. The rebels ask Portugal and Aragon to start sending supplies and weapons now.
  • The Horde continues to take Mongolian territory.
  • The colonization of Senegal having been so successful over the past few years, Florence annexes Benin. Benin was the heart of the slave trade (OTL, to Portugal) and although slavery is banned in mainland Florence in the colonies it flourishes. Sorry for not posting. I was unable to reach a computer.


  • Portugal improves its colony near the Songhay Empire and allies itself with Songhay. It sends troops to aid Songhay in the conquest of its neighbors. Portugal hopes to slowly turn the Songhay Empire into a tributary state. Portugal also discovers of South Africa. They begin to form a small colony in South Africa. Portugal also goes onto Naval alert and sends ships all across its maritime territory. Portugal stumbles across the land in Azores and claims it for Portugal.
  • Slow the hell down, do you want this to become the First Imperial Europe map game? Half the planet was claimed by 1450 in that. I see something wrong with that. One year does not bring about this much change. Most of the colonies are too big as well, but we'll let that slide for now.
  • Yes. Also, it is implausible if every nation in the world finds America in 1422. I say that only two nations may discover America each year.
  • Brandenburg sends explorers to the area marked by the now-famous lost fisherman. They find OTL Massachusetts, which they claim for Brandenburg.
  • Uhhh ... is anyone planning to make a new map?
  • I will.
  • Florentine ships stumble upon the island of Hispaniola in the Caribbean, while searching for a route to Asia. The island is claimed but not colonized, until the discovery of gold mandates building a new port. Florence believes themselves to be the first in the new world, although in reality Brandenburg had beat them by at least a decade. The Colony of Benin expands.
  • Sorry, you cannot discover America yet. Only two nations per year.
  • I wrote this before the rule change, can we please let it slide, I will not expand there for the next turn. Also, can we please put this rule up with the others?
  • Aragon hears rumours of Portuguese discovery of a new land, but they dismiss it as hearsay and bulk up their military.
  • The Horde finishes up with central Mongolia and begins their assault on Eastern Mongolia. It hears about other nations discovering a new land, but they put exploration of the lands off until Mongolia and China are captured.

Map Time, add your changes!Imperial Europe


A small nation/ city-state in the remnants of the Holy Roman Empire gains power when a new ruler takes the crown. This ruler quickly expands and conquers its neighboring small nations. They form the Empire of Germania. This small empire does a Joseph Stalin and mass manufactures military resources. They progress in the field of military science with new cannons and guns. Poland-Lithuania sees this rising power and allies with the Empire of Germania. France also sides with Germania in the hopes of regaining its lost empire. After 11 months this Empire threatens and attacks the empires of England, Venice, Austria, The KU, and Brandenburg. They offer alliances and peace to the countries of Flourence, Aragon, Portugal, the Ottomans, and Sicily. They still continue to expand after several wars with their allies.

  • The Horde takes more of Eastern Mongolia. They declare that they will fight the Germanian Empire, should the need arise.
  • Portugal expands its colonies in Africa and soon hears words of more land across the sea. Sooner or later a Naval ship gone astray stumbles upon the land of OTL Baranquilla, Colombia. They claim it for Portugal.
  • Although planning to expand their colonies and explore the west coast, Brandenburg delays that, instead building up its army. It allies with Austria and many of the other small states, stealing secrets of guns and cannons. The Empire of Germania is no match for the Brandenburg military, as shall soon be proven.
  • England pushes the Empire of Germania off British soil, using the massive power of their navy to starve the Germanian soldiers of their supplies. England suffers large casualties because of this, and the planned invasion of the Germanic Empire is put aside. English explorers discover a new land far to the west, after hearing rumors of it from other explorers. England creates a colony in Jacksonville, Florida and another, much smaller one in Charleston, North Carolina. The colony in Nigeria is started, and ports are built to resupply ships.
  • Aragon expands in Africa, connecting their Mamluk territory with their Gibraltar one.
  • The KU easily beats off Germanic attacks and tears into Munster and Bremen. Much of the coast of Germany not controlled by Brandenburg is razed to the ground. Vessels land in Newfoundland and Nova Scotia, claiming both for the Union.
  • Remember, only two nations can discover America/SA in one year.
  • Florence accepts the alliance with Germania and immediately goes to war with Venice, its major trading rival, and Austria, which still claims parts of Florence as Holy Roman Empire territory. However, Florence refuses to declare war on the KU or England, and sends envoys to both countries in hopes of avoiding war, although this is improbable. Most of Western and Northern Venice has fallen in the year, although the Venetien coastline is secure thanks to Venice's formidable navy. In the meantime, the colonies of Benin and Sengal expand towards each other, hoping to gain a common border. Florentine explorers chart more islands in the Caribbean, but none really noteworthy. However, the locals tell rumors of another large island, and even a larger land mass beyond. Florentine interests are currently elsewhere, but the idea stays with the public imagination.
  • uhhh ... why isn't the Arabia under Ottoman control on the map?
  • The Ottomans build up their navy, and expand more in Persia.


  • After Germania is basically pummeled, Brandenburg explores the west coast, claiming the OTL Seattle-San Juan-Portland area
  • There is no way for you to get to the west coast. Nobody has rounded the tip of South Africa (and won't for some time, realistically) and the area the Panama Canal would be built has not even been discovered.
  • OK, Brandenburg creates universities in Berlin, emphasizing education for the masses.
  • The Horde continues to attack Eastern Mongolia.
  • England creates a colony just north of South Africa, only large enough for a small self-supporting town and a large port. The connection between colonies is allowing the English explorers to travel further around the African coast. The colonies in North America expand slightly along the coast of Florida and the Carolinas. The rebellion in England is planned to start next year, with John Brown contacting Germania and Florence for possible future alliances. Some areas of Brittany begin to hear about the rebellion, and even the king hears about it but dismisses it as a lie.
  • Portugal expands all of its colonies and begins the construction of a trading port in South America. The Portuguese also expand their cities in the Sahara, South Africa, Morocco, and near the Songhay empire. The Portuguese begin to get officials near the Songhay royal family. They send military and supplies to the Songhay empire to aid the Empire in the conquest of its neighbors, soon the Portuguese begin a big step in turning the Songhay Empire into a tributary/puppet state. In Morocco the Portuguese discover gold and many people from many countries flock to Morocco. Immigrants from Flourence, Sicily, refugees from Venice, and refugees from Hungary come to seek gold. Portugal expands the living conditions in its colonies.
  • What do you mean refugees from Aragon?
  • The refugee part was for Hungary and Venice because Austria attacked Hungary and Flourence attacked Venice. The refugee part was not for Aragon I worded the phrase wrong.
  • Any people seeking a better life from England is taking part in the rebellion. Please do not steal my people.
  • Okay.
  • I can see a few immigrants from Florence, but not much. And Portugal is in no way a world power. Aragon could crush your European territory on its own. I don't think you have the influence to claim that title.
  • Okay.
  • Yes Aragon has been bulking up their army/navy for almost all their turns, while not expanding much in Africa/America.
  • An Aragonese ship is taken by pirates several hundred miles off the coast of Morocco. The pirates take all their gold and jewels, and half of their food and water.They set the crew in a lifeboat, and set it overboard. The do not have a compass, so the crew accidentally heads west instead of east. They land in OTL Brazil, at the very tip, and begin to live there. They make friend with the natives, and marry some of their women. Aragon also expands their Saharan colony.
  • Florence manages to fully conquer mainland Venice. However, the army is almost completely pushed out of Austria. Colonies are set up in Cuba and the Southernmost tip of Florida. Florentine North America is now the richest area in the New World, with the gold mines in Hispaniola (there OTL) exotic fruits, ample farmland and legalized slave labour. Florence also begins to aid John Brown's revolution, particularly by smuggling Florentine-built arms into Dublin.


  • Eastern Mongolia surrenders. The Golden Horde consolidates its power.
  • Portugal expands its armada and improves the technology. Portugal begins a science program to create advanced weaponry and it improves its guns and cannons. It also begins historical research and investigates the History of certain sites. Portugal introduces fractions of its knowledge to the Songhay Empire. Trade flourishes between Songhay and Portugal. Portugal also begins exploration of the new World. This goes very slowly but they learn the existence of the Aztecs, the Mayans, and the Incan Empire.
  • The Brandenburgic peoples improve their guns, and soon hope to find the other end of the Americas.
  • The Aragonese sailors stranded in Brazil manage to make a boat with the help of the natives. They sail back to Portuguese Morocco, and soon make contact with Aragon and informs them of the "New Land" in the west. Aragon sends an exploration mission to Brazil with four ships. They are astonished by the natives, and the leader, remarking their lack of iron and tactics, wrote in his journal, "I could conquer the whole of them with 50 men, and govern them as I pleased." Aragon plans for a colonization mission to Brazil, and another exploration mission, this time to the North, in OTL Cuba and Florida.
  • Florence makes peace with Austria, after forcing them to recognize Florentine independence. Venetien Egypt surrenders after a year without a proper command structure. Peace allows Florentine merchants to once again take to the sea. By now, the Florin has stiff competition as the primary trade currency. The Confederation wishes to recover its former status as leading trading power, particularly through Florentine North America and the African Slave Trade.
  • Map Time! Add your changes
  • Imperial Europe and World 1425


  • Brandenburg sends colonists through the Americas to find the other coast. They find the Pacific Northwest areas, which they claim for Brandenburg.
  • There is still no way for you to get there! The interior hasn't been explored, and your colony is nowhere near the rivers that would even make your journey possible, albeit taking three years to get through. Really, you can't get to the other coast for at least another 20 years, and that's optimistic.
  • Okay, but we still try exploring.
  • With the Venetian Government down Portugal captures Venetian Crete in a series of naval battles and guerrilla warfare that render Crete helpless. Portugal sends more exploration through Africa and sends out another colonial ship towards the Americas. A ship from the fleet that discovered Songhay returns and tells the Portuguese about the spices from India. The people of Portugal enjoy the idea of a land rich in spices so the Portuguese send out ships to explore and claim India for Portugal. At the same time Portugal aids an enemy of the Songhay empire and overthrows the Songhay government. They set up a puppet government for Songhay and now control all of the Songhay territory.
  • The Golden Horde discovers OTL California. The ship arrives in the San Francisco Bay.
  • England continues to expand the North American colonies along the coast of North America. The colony in South Africa is expanded slightly to fit a larger city so they can resupply traveling ships. England continues on its long goal, to control India, the jewel of the world. The complex system of colonies that can resupply the ships cause them to get to India before the Portuguese. They discuss with the Portuguese asking for a division of India between the two countries.
  • The Ottomans expand their eastern border all the way to Pakistan.
  • That is implausible, you cannot just bypass Persia that fast.
  • For real, guys why isn't the Arabian peninsula and the middle east showing up under Ottoman control on the map? I conquered it years ago.
  • I don't think you can conquer the Arabian peninsula in such a short time, because of two reasons.

1. There are fierce Bedouin tribes there that would resist you.

2. The Ottomans never conquered the Arabian Peninsula, just the outer edges along the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf.

  • Look, if you can't play by the rules, just get out of the game. If this happens again, the mods should hold a vote to decide the fate of the controller of the Ottoman Empire.
  • Florence continues to expand in Africa. In a single massive push, possible because of Venetian exiles and refugees, they manage to nearly double the size of Benin. However, this new region is lawless and untaxed, and the Venetians cling to their heritage; a future source of rebellion.


  • Portugal begins expanding its control of its Songhay territories. No one yet realizes that Songhay has been secretly taken over by the Portuguese. Portugal claims Panama and begins the construction of a second trading port on its colonies in Colombia. Portugal has divided India between itself and England. Portugal finally reaches Sri Lanka. They befriend the natives and begin trade. The Portuguese begin improving the lives of the Songhay people. Sonhay becomes a dependent tributary state to Portugal.
  • The massive wars in the middle east have been to exhaust the Ottomans, so the Sultan order a halt in the attack. The empire focus's more on peace and improving their technology than expanding at the moment.
  • The Rebellion in England begins. Rebels form themselves into rough military groups and have a surprising amount of training. The weapons from other countries are military grade, adn the rebels fight hard. The northern area of Scotland is easily captured and the west coast of Ireland. some areas of northern Brittany also come under rebel control. Even in English-held areas, guerrilla forces slow down the English, causing them to be in complete disarray.
  • Aragon expands into the Sahara.
  • Florence builds a colony just north of Portugal's Panama claim, and claims the whole area, not knowing that the Portuguese had formally claimed it not days before. A treaty is signed with the Papal States, making it a protectorate of Florence. Florentine merchants had bought out most of the Papal States assets, and the country was almost de facto under Florentine Control. The Church maintains complete autonomy in an area surrounding Rome. Florence renames itself the Confederation of Italia.
  • The Horde establishes a colony in the territory they had found. It is named Xin Chou.
  • Brandenburg continues its exploration of the American interior, having recently past the Rockies.


  • Portugal sends diplomatic missions to Italia asking them to get their settlers off Portuguese claim. Portugal expands their navy and military. They then gather many resources and begin a colony in Guatemala. Also exploration of south India begins.
  • The Ottoman Empire invades Arabia. They capture the Holy Cities of Mecca and Medina, and capture the port of Aden.
  • Brandenburg, having gone through the interior for years, finds the Pacific and claims the Seattle area for itself
  • The Horde expands in California.
  • Still find it really weird that the Horde, which never had a navy in its life, managed to cross the pacific ocean.... a feat that nobody has accomplished yet and won't for hundreds of years.
  • I suppose I could take China or something.
  • You don't have to always be expanding.
  • Italia expands farther north along the Panaman coastline, particularly making that colonies first real city, New Venice. A new expedition in the gulf makes contact with the Natchez Indians. The three other major cities (and by cities I mean large, fortified towns with major port facilities) in Florentine North America, Port Medici in Hispaniola, New Vinci in Cuba, and Port Royale in Florida, request a measure of home rule and centralized administration. The new centralized administration, with a governor-general and limited assembly, will be centered in Port Medici.
  • Aragon expands their army and navy.

There is a huge earthquake in the Yellow Sea measuring a stunning 9.1 on the Richter scale, which created tidal waves that strike places in the Golden Horde and China. Hundreds of thousands are dead and dying, and the area is a total disaster.


  • The Horde works on rebuilding some ports, but take advantage of a weakened China and invades. The Great Wall of China, already damaged from the earthquake, is partially destroyed.
  • How are you possibly taking over China? Your people and equipment are damaged just as much from the earthquake. I think this expansion is too fast, but I'll see what the other mods say Roguejedi 00:08, February 8, 2011 (UTC)
  • Them taking over China is feasible, I think, but I don't believe the Horde would stay together. Even before the new leader dies, they would be paralyzed by civil war. After the leader dies, the horde would just fragment again. One way for it to stay together is to proclaim the new leader Emperor of China ... the western half would probably fall but the rest would stay unified.
  • I would agree, but I have NEVER seen a map game where Crimson has not expanded too fast, and its very annoying.
  • Let's have a mods vote. Who thinks the Horde is expanding too fast? If we have a mods 2/3 majority, then we will cut some of the Horde's gains.
  • Is it only mods can vote?
  • Well, you can sign to be a mod, but yes only mods can vote.
  • Actually, I change my mind. Anyone can vote as long as I see that they are plausible users and NOT the user the vote is about.
  • Well, the Mongols have less coastal cities than China. The mongols, while weakened, are in better shape than China. I can attack from several directions. A tsunami would only impede a naval battle. Both of our navies are decimated. I can also make reforms to my government. I really think it is feasible.
  • It depends where EXACTLY the earthquake hit and the Empire wil fall apart very soon. Also, we need to have a plausible map game here. No one else is expanding way to fast, and you will just keep expanding to take all of Asia and then most of North America and then blame it on someone else
  • Hey Crimson, here's the deal. Let's say you're a farmer's mother on the Coast. Suddenly, a wall of water slams into your village/city. Your son and husband are both dead. Then, suddenly, the King, instead of delivering aid, takes the rest of the men and goes conquering the Chinese! The way I see it, there's a big rebellion in the horizon coming up.
  • Who the hell said anything about drafting?! We weren't as affected! We have more land westward. We can attack from more places. If anything, I SHOULD be attacking right now.


1000Monkeys 23:28, February 8, 2011 (UTC)



Roguejedi ( Also, is Crimson allowed to vote? He is a mod but it is his country we are voting about)


StarkBlack (You douchebag. You became a mod just to shoot me down, you asswipe! CrimsonAssassin)

1. It is stated that you do not need to be a mod to vote in this vote.

2. that language will not be tolerated. One more outburst and you will be kicked from being a mod. Roguejedi 15:26, February 9, 2011 (UTC)

the vote is over (PitaKang said it was). Some land will be cut from the Horde's territory.

  • Italia makes contact with the Aztecs. After a brief war, the three central city states, which control the others by forcing them to pay tribute, are defeated. The rest of the city states grudgingly switch allegiance to Italy.
  • Aragon asks Italia for an alliance. They bulk up their army and navy, and expand in the Sahara.
  • Accepted.
  • The English rebellion continues, with heated battles taking place near the former Scottish-English border and on the Shores of Wales. John Brown hold a secret meeting and outlines a plan to invade England via Wales, Scotland, and landing parties in southern England. Northern France sees a few major battles, with the English generally gaining the upper hand against the rebels. The English colonies have not expanded since the begining of the rebellion, but major expansion is expected after the revolution is over and England is rebuilt.
  • Brandenburg expands their Pacific colony to include the OTL San Juan islands.
  • Portugal sends diplomatic missions to the Mayans and remaining Aztec states. As trade the Aztecs give the Portuguese gold and goods such as chocolate, and corn. Portugal also sends diplomacy to the Incas. Rebellions occur in Songhay, but they are no match to the guns and military technology of the Portuguese. Portugal strengthens its claim on Songhay, Sri Lanka, and Southern India. Sri Lanka and Southern India are still loosely held by the Portuguese. More trading ports are set up in the Portuguese American territory. Portugal claims, but does not explore some of the northern Andes.
  • The Ottoman Empire continues its invasion of Arabia. The fierce tribes that live there put up a fight and kill thousands of Ottomans. By the end of the year, almost half of Arabia is under Ottoman rule.
  • OK, is this a better pace for the Ottomans invading Arabia?


  • Mongolia continues to expand in China, albeit slower than expected.
  • The Rebellion in England continues, with the English being continually beaten in battles on the isles. England only is in control of the very south, and the rebellion seems to be in control. In northern France, the English are continuing to strongly battle the Rebels, and the colonies have all declared themselves loyal to the crown.
  • Aragon continues to fund the Rebellion, and expands more into America.
  • Italia sets up an Aztec puppet state to allow for more streamlined tribute and less rebellion. Italia is now indisputably the richest nation in Europe, and the Florin is the standard trade currency of European nations.
  • With the Songhay rebellion down Portugal annexes the Kingdom formally. This expands the Portuguese territory in Africa greatly. Portugal sends gun powder and gun technology to aid the Mayans and Incas. Trade continues to flourish between the Incans and the Portuguese. Portugal expands more in America. A new fleet of Portuguese, being told of the pacific by the people in Brandenberg heads out into the blue abyss ready for more exploration and colonization.
  • Map Time! Add your changes
  • Sorry I had to majorly change the map ... almost all of Italia's territory was put down in the wrong areas or was shrunk.


  • The Ottomans take more of Arabia.
  • The Portuguese expand their navy and army and set out to the wide open Pacific. They explore the Philippines, Polynesia, and land a ship in Indonesia. They load their ships with goods. At the end of the year the ships begin their journey home to the ports in OTL Colombia. The Portuguese cities in France become Infected by the plague. Portugal quarantines its major cities in Portugal to try and protect its citizens from the Plague. Because Morocco, Songhay, and all other Portuguese colonies aren't infected many Portuguese colonists move to the colonies benefiting the colonies with the surplus of people.
  • A horrible outbreak of the Bubonic Plague hits Western Europe and the Ottoman Empire.
  • Mongolia decides China is a lost cause and pulls out, but not before burning the city of Beijing to the ground!
  • The rebellion seizes control of England in one last assault. England is able to quickly quarantine the areas in northern France, and its position as an island allows it to stay away from the plague. All trade and travel to mainland Europe is cut off until the plague is over. Meanwhile, English explorers create a small colony in South-East Asia (again, just big enough to hold a port and a town), and are able to contact China. Northern China is in bad shape, but England signs an agreement with them.

England will:

1. Protect China.

2. Send them large amounts of food and supplies to rebuild.

China will:

1. Sign an alliance with England.

2. export valuable Eastern goods to England.

3. Will export (a smaller amount) of goods to England's allies.

China, in desperate need, accepts. Reconstruction begins but is not planned to end for many years.

  • Aragon quickly shuts down its ports and borders, but not before it is too late. Many people are infected, and the deaths are quickly rising into the Hundreds, soon into the thousands.
  • Italia closes its borders, but its position as the top trading power in Europe means that the plague will strike it more potently. The coastal port cities are filled with the dying within months. Florence, the capital, and other larger cities are soon empty, as their residents flee to the countryside. The great minds of Italy that would trigger the renaissance begin to look for a cause of the disease.
  • Brandenburg hires educated minds to work as physicians to inspect the diseased and find a biological answer for it. Meanwhile, they close borders.


  • The plague spreads into central Europe, and small amounts are seen in North Africa, the KU, and the Golden Horde. In already infected areas, the plague intensifies
  • Mongolia consolidates its power and rebuilds. Aside from the occasional exploration in Russia or stealing things from China, Mongolia is isolated. Plunder from all over Asia and the Middle East serve as a strong economy booster.
  • That sounds like Muscovy in Europe 1100.
  • Italy is still under the plague, but by now the population is distributed enough that it will not fall much lower. Florentine North America, which has not received any contact or Immigrants from Italia, continue to expand in population.
  • Aragon sets up New Aragon in OTL Florida. It is made up of 500 people.
  • Portugal quarantines itself even more to wait out the approaching storm. Ports are shut off. Soon the plague begins to grow out of Portugal. Many people have still died in Portugal. African territory is expanded. Portugal begins loosing money rapidly and decides to sell the rebelling territory of Crete to Portuguese merchants to set up a government of Crete. This new nation will stay in good relations with Portugal.
  • The Ottomans suffer from the plague. It hits Istanbul, killing almost 10,000 people. However, the city recovers, and the Ottomans use the Plague to their advantage. Greece suffered badly from the disease, so the Ottomans invade. Greece is conquered by the end of the year.
  • Brandenburg still has closed borders, and relatively few of their citizens are dying. The ones who are infected are examined by early physicians.


  • Italia has by now largely survived the plague. The plague seems to be moving east. In the meantime, Italia reclaims most Venetien territory in the Mediterranean, and invades Albania, the only Balkan country free of Ottoman influence. Italia also lets the Ottomans know that they will oppose any attempts to expand further north.
  • England offers Italia an offer: England will give Italia their southern North American colony and their Ivory coast colony for Italian North Egypt. After many years of no colonial expansion, England expands their Moroccan colony inward slightly, but makes major expansions in their South African colony along the coast. A few towns under English control are set up in India, and the North American colony to the north is expanded slightly.
  • Agreed.
  • The Ottomans, after bloody and long campaign, finally capture the whole Arabian Peninsula. The Ottomans also establish a colony in Diu, India.
  • NOW will Arabia show up under Ottoman rule on the map?!
  • Still implausible. Like I said, NOBODY conquered the whole Arabian Peninsula. Ever.
  • Portugal expands inwards in India. In Morocco little plague spreads. In the eastern part of the colony a little plague breaks out, but no plague emerges in the major ports and cities in Morocco. In mainland Portugal the plague is almost not there. A ship returns to Portuguese Colombia and tells them about the Pacific. The Portuguese set up another colony in California.
  • Aragon is in almost total chaos as the plague spreads, moving toward France. However, it shows signs of subsiding.
  • Brandenburg sets up a port in east India.
  • Someone please archive it, I don't know how to.


The game continued to here

And the game latest activities are here:

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