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1403 The capitol of China is moved from Nanjing to Beijing

1405-1433 Chinese explorer Zheng He is granted funds for an exploritory voyage in India and East Africa. He sails for many years, mapping the areas better than any other explorer to date.

1423 The Golden Horde starts to disintegrate, as roits between different ethic groups occur and the government is unable to control it. Emergancy measures aer put in place, but nothing works.

1435 The Golden Horde breaks up into the Great Horde, composed of Khazak and Mongol ethnic groups, the Siberia Khanate, composed of Russian and Siberian ethnic groups, and the Khanate of Khazan, comprised of Caspian ethnic groups. All three are led by a Khan, who has unlimate authority.

1439 The Kazan Khanate is destroyed by the Great Horde in a quick four month war. The Great Horde now controls all the area between the Graet Khanate and the Caspain Sea, gainign important fishing and trading ports on the Caspian Sea.

1441 Sejong the Great institues an uprising in Korea against the crumbling Subutai Khanate. The city of Seoul is quickly liberated, boosting Korean morale and willingness to fight. The great battle of Inchon occurs that October, with a untrained Korean force capturing the city.

1442 Sejong the Great frees all of the Korean Peninsula, with minimal causualties and destroyed property. He is immediately elected leader of Korea. He begins to institute new freedoms and begins to transform Korea into an advanced and prosperous country.

1449 The Ming dynasty invades Manchuria, under control of the Subutai Khanate, and captures it easily. The Subutai Khanate is now only a name on a map, having no real power and absolutely no control over the territory it owns. The Graet Khan of the Subutai Khanate, Shen Khan, is just a figurehead set up by the Great Khanate.

1450- A short war between the Great Khanate and the Ming Dynasty occurs, the war of Subutain Liberation. As a half-hearted Great Khan force under leadership of General Sh-taik tries to free Manchuria from Ming occupation. The whole escapade is resolutely unsucssesful, as Ming forces, bolstered by their recet victory, smash the Mongo forces.

1451 Sejong the Great created the Korean written language, the Hangul.

1458 The last northern reminants of the Subutai Khanate are absorbed into the Great Khanate, ending the long history of the Khanate named after the great general that was killed hundreds of years ago. The Great Khanate now begins to look south again, on its enemy, Ming China.

1462 The Ming dynasty begins to moderize their fleet, using larger ships that have many new cannons on them and also have a larger marine contingent with the newest firearms.. Also, rumers are heard of a land far to the east beyond the great Pacific Ocean. Chinese explorers begin to debate voyaging to the new land.

1464- Flintlock rifles are invented in Korea, and begin to be tested. The prototypes are already showing signs of increased accuracy and reloading times.

1467 The Warring States Period in Japan begins and the Black Sheep Turkomon are defeated in battle in the Middle East.

1469 Guru Nanek Dev is born, revered by many in India.

1480 The Chagatia Khanate invades the Great Horde, advancing quickly. They cut off the small stretch of land connecting the Chagatai Khanate to its Caspian ports, effectivly starving the Chagatai Khanate from many important inports and causing it to reel backwards. The Chagatai forces are retreated northwards into land that is better to defend.

1482 The Chagatai Khanate is driven back from the Horde and loses the Battle of the Runners, a conflict with fighting groups of horsemen over a large, open field. opening up the Chagatai Khanate to its ports again, a great morale booster and a turning point in the war against the Chagatai Khanate. The ports are freed later that year in a massive campaign.

1485 The Sangama dynasty ends in India, ushing in a new era of rulership.

1494 Hawaii is discovered by Chinese explorers. It is claimed for China despite resistance from the natives. The colony is deemed as a naval port for refueling of ships with supplies and also acting as a military base. The colony is called Xing-Taus, after the explorer who claimed it. Still, many believe that there is yet another land farther into the Pacific.

1498 A expedition by the Chinese is funded to explore beyond Hawaii, led by Xing-taus. He is given the fastest ship available, as many other countries, including the Great Khanate, have sent out explorers also. he is very popular within Ming China.
MongolEmpire 4

Asia after the end of the 1400s


1412 Poland-Luthuania declares, with the Pope's consent, a second Northern Crusade against the Curonians. The KU and Spain immediately send troops to invade.

1415 The battle of Agincourt is a decisive English victory.

1418 The Crusade faces Novogorod joining the Curonians. The crusade begins to slow down, with most southern areas conquered but decisive Curonian victories holding them up.

1420 The Crusade ends with the creation of Lithuania in the southern Baltic states, but gained enmity between Curonia and the Crusaders.

1421 The Grand Duchy of Muscovy is founded.

1429 Joan of Arc turns the tide of the Hundred Years War by lifting the Siege of Orleans.

1444 The Albanian League is formed and declares war on the Ottoman empire.

1453 Constantinople falls, ending the Byzantine Empire.

1455 War of the Roses begins.

1469 Spain is reunited by a royal marriage.

1471 Poland declares a third Northern Crusade, but only a few countries join.

1478 The Third Crusade ends with the Curonians gaining the southern Baltic states back and the disentigration of Poland-Lithuania.

1483 Muscovy, now large and powerful, declares war on Novgorod. Novgorod asks its ally, Curonias to help in the fight.

1487 Muscovy conquers Novgorod but land is lost to Curonia.

1492 Christopher Columbus discovers North America.

1494 The Italian Wars begin.

1497-1499 Vasco de Gama voyages to India and back.

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