Thirteen Years' War is alternative Hundred Years' War in Premyslid Bohemia, the timeline 1337 - 1341 is same, but when the Brittanian War of Succesion breaks out the crack made in Premyslid Bohemia longers it from 1341 - 1345 to 1347, this privents Edward III to get Calais. In 1348 Black Death reaches Europe and thanks to many Slovanians that made possible the pass of Black Death to Germany and France, half the soldiers in France are killed and Edward III won over entire Kingdom of France. In 1350 Black Death death count is 15% of Europe and 90% of French soldiers then suttenly disaperes from face of the Earth (remains at Channel Island unknown to people). On 23 November 1350 England and France disead that they will lived in harmony side by side. The new France is Aquataine, Midi-Pyrénées, Lanquedoc-Roussilion, Auvergne and Limousin ruled by John II of France. And the rest is now English France.

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