The new king of Vinland died soon, in 1357, and his two sons, Eric and Frey disputed the right to the throne. Finally Erik was elected king and his brother was named heir. Erik wanted to move away his brother from the throne, in Leifsbudir, were he was already having disagreements with the kirge Olof. The kirge wanted to control Leifsbudir and the "holy land" in the island of Vinland, inspired in the myths of the Kingdom-beyond-the-Seas, when the Supreme Priest was the overlord of the lands about his throne.

During Frey's "exile" to the Helluland court as ambassador, the king Aeger offered him a jarldom to rule and fight the thule and other barbarians, even a chance to be elected his heir. But the nobility didn't want a foreign king, and a major rebellion in Grønland in 1358 made it clear. Frey himself stopped the rebellion, but the damnifications were already done. Many lands were lost and many viking technologies were sold to the thule.

When the Helluland nobles saw the military skills of Frey, they offered the king a new option to calm down his guest's hungry for power. He was sent to Stranland with the mission of recruit soldier to join the army that the king already gave him, and travel to the south to found a colony of Helluland.

Frey did it, but he deviated from the way because of a storm, ending up in the OTL Guianas in 1362, and named them as Sørland (South Land), and made there his own kingdom, making hismelf ally of the local tribes, that wanted his technologies and knowledges, the new king of Sørland became a economic rival for all the countrys with a outlet to the Caribbean. The new king taveled to Stranland to establish diplomatic relations with his relatives in Aztlan.

He also sent an ambassador to visit the states of Anahuac. The Ambassador was the Jarl Haaken of Lokkost (OTL Aruba). The Jarl visited the League of Mayapan, when he knew a very influential man called Pacal, born in the conquered city of Teotihuacan. Pacal led a campaign to expand the lands of the league to the south-east.

In 1366 Pacal protagonise a coup d'état against the "federal/feudal" an primitive regime of the league, and named himself Kuhul Ahau (Divine King) of Mayab (OTL Yucatan), establishing his main capitol in Teotihuacan, the economical capital in Mayapan, and military strong bases in Palenque and Chichen Itza, among others.

The next year he sent ambassador who followed Haaken in his travels around Cuzcatlan and Xalisco, and even in the young alliance between Texcoco, Tlacopan and the emerging Tenochtitlan. The viking technology helped them in their expansion and their wars. Also some ambassadors traveled to Tlaxcala, helping in the first institutional organization of the future enemy of the Aztec Empire.

In 1371 the king Erik died, as Aeger. The first was succeeded by his son Olaf, and the second by the hersir named Aegir. The next year died the kirge, been succeeded by his son Olof, who adopted the name of Odin.

In 1378 an expedition from Sørland, led by Haaken himself got lost and discovered the other side of the continent, establishing a port (Vesthaun, in the OTL town of Jurado, close to the border of Panama) and traveling to the south to explore new lands. Finally the travelers, between them Haaken, found the Kingdom of Cuzco, ruled by Yahuar Huaca.

The trade flourished between Aztlan, Cem Anahuac and the southern continent. The incas expanded themselves with the new technologies that the vikings gave them in exchange for some strange materials. About the 1380's deased was compiled the memories of Haaken of Lokkost with the name of Saga of the Three Worlds, today known as "Three Worlds' Man", for the final phrase of the saga.

In 1381 the first war was fought between two continens. The iroquois (who had a coast since they conquered it in the 1370's) were mad with Mayab for its retisence to trade with them and their monopoly of the trade with the vikings. The king Aeger also wanted to destroy Mayab because of its constant refuses to allow a viking colony in Anahuac, and its attack every time the vikings attempted to establish one.

In 1382 the vinalandish troops arrived Mayab, led by a powerful warlord of the borderland called Vegard. Vegard was a influetnial general who gained fame and prestige for his successful campaigns against the thule barbarians. He also was a mercenary captain at command of the Army of Helluland, during the wars against the Thule in Grønland. His victories became him a myth between the vikings. When the king offered him a chance to go to the unexplored southern lands and conquest a jarldom of his own, he just couldn't resist.

The Ahau Pacal was advised of Vegard's reputation, and he has a powerful commander for his armies too. His name was Itzel. Itzel was the military governor of Palenque, and he served asambassador in Tenochtitlan, where he learned a lot about the aztec warfare and tactics. The son of Itzel, Balam, was also trained as soldier in Sørland.

The Mayan army were bigger than the Viking one, but the troops of Vegard were better trained and equiped. For a year the battle field was stegnant in the land around Palenque. In 1383 the first Iroquois troops arrived to Mayab, encouraging the vikings to fight with even more wildness and courage. During the siege of Altun Ha, Balam was took prisoner and executed when he refused to give Vegard any information.

Itzel, devastated, killed himself, allowing the vikings to take Palenque. In 1384 the king Frey of Sørland dies and his son, Frey II sent reinforcements to Mayab, country in which he was ambassador, and became good friend of its Kuhul Ahau. The new sørlandish technologies helped the unorganized mayan army to fight their enemies. The sørlandish fleet was not strong to defy the vinlandish ones in a direct battle, but were fast enough to assault them and avoid the arrival of new reinforcements and supplies.

Aevar, a corsair captain of Helluland, known for his huges pirate navies, composed of vikings, mayans, nahuas, iroquois, algonquians and even some natives of the unexplored islands, joined the sørlandish armies in exchange of a unknown quantity of money. The point is that he led a great assault in Leifsbudir itself, and other smaller, but devastator assaults in Stranland that made Vinland lost some lands before the natives, who saw an opportunity to rise up.In 1386 the war ended.

A kind of peace ruled between the "civilized nations", and the tension between the former belligerents made trade easier to Helluland, that was so distant from Cem Anahuac.

In 1377, the Incan empire was growing in power, and the skillful engineers learned the Viking technologies so fast that the Incan fleets were already exploring the entire coast of the southern continent. This year is special because of the arrival of the Incan ambassadors to the lands inhabited by the Reche (Mapuche) tribes. They are also very fast learning and improving the technologies.

In 1383, the year of the death of Frey II and the crowning of Aevar I (grandson of Aevar the Corsair), the tribes started to united themselves to improve the diplomatic relations and trade with the northern states and the constant hostilities of neighbour tribes. These tribes formed a ruling council of loncos (chiefs) and toquis (military leader of a group of tribes).

In 1387 the Toquis, seeing their opportunities to expand their domain and spread their culture, decided to create a more organized and centralized system of government. They elected a young lonco called Kuyen to be their Yufenn (A combination between the words nguiyufe, guide; and nguenn, govern), translated to english as king.

About 1390 the first Viking and Anahuacian merchants arrived the mapuche kingdom, called Ragkara (Ragko, clayey water; kara, "town" or "city", after the mix with the viking languages also "kingdom" or "domain") by the foreign travelers.

In 1393 the Reche kingdom was large enough to be considered as a potential ally by the Vikings, and the princess Astrid of Sørland married Kuyen, creating an alliance that kept the incas away from Ragkara for many years.

In 1395, the Incas also sent a prince called Wiracocha traveled to Cuzcatlan and Xalisco to make alliances and learn about the customs and tactics of those kingdoms. He started a era of huge expansions and technological advance.

In 1400 Wiracocha became Inca and, to prove his power to the world, he sent a great treasury to Mayab offering an alliance to cut the Vinlandish trade routes (Vinland proved be very intolerant with the non-Viking nations, even its Iroquois allies).

In 1402 The king of Sørland started a war against Vinland to take the throne. He was supported by Mayab, Helluland and some tribes of Stranland.

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