"And across a vast and mighty sea the fearless Mayan explorers sailed...."

Mayan Exploration

Marinid emblem of Morocco

The Emblem of the Marinids

Bolontiku's successors were all shadows of the former emperor himself. Although they were good rulers who improved the standard of living amongst the Maya, they offered no great victories to enhance national prestige. But along came Emperor Huup Bolontiku II. He arrived in power as just a boy, in 1435 A.D. By that time, the nobles and kings of each individual city-states had taken over in all but name. They each thought that if they could push around grown men, a boy would be easy. But Bolontiku II was not just a boy. He established control and crushed several rebellions that the nobles he disliked had started. He reorganized the royal navy, which had fallen into disrepair, and sent them across the Atlantic. If they returned without finding a new land, the crew would be executed.

After about a month of traveling, the crew decided they would never find a new land. They decided that when they returned to the Mayan Empire, they would lie that they had found a new land.

So in 1447 A.D., the crewman returned to Emperor Bolontiku II claiming that they had discovered a far off land of many strange inhabitants. The Emperor believed them, and the following year launched a fleet to go and conquer the new land. He personally led the expedition to this land, which he named Aztlan (OTL Africa), in the belief that it was where the Aztecs had come from.

It took roughly 5 months to reach Aztlan, during which 3 mutinies nearly broke out. Only the lie that there was land out there kept them going. That along with Bolontiku II's pure brutality. But after a long journey, they finally arrived in the Marinid Kingdom.

Marinid Morocco

The Marinids had ruled Morocco since 1215, but by now were no more than figure heads for the Wattasids. The Wattasids were a powerful family who really ran the nation. Abdalhaqq II was the current ruler of Morocco. He was trying in vain to stop the power of the Wattasids.

Marinid dynasty 1258 - 1420 (AD)

A map of OTL Marinid Morocco

The Mayan Empire began a ruthless campaign against the Wattasids. Whole towns where a Wattasid lived were entirely destroyed. Many peasants were murdered. Mosques and anything religious was entirely wiped from Morocco. Abdalhaqq II was once a again a figure head. But this time he was a Mayan figure head. The reign of terror, as it was later called continued. Finally the Wattasids gave themselves over to the Maya.

Bolontiku II gruesomly mauled them to death in a very public ceremony in Fez. Later that same day, Abdalhaqq II committed suicide. Morocco was now part of the Mayan Empire. The reign of terror in Morocco finally ended. But more than half of the native Moroccan population had been killed.

However many Mayan immigrants were already arriving in Fez. The practice of Islam was outlawed, and many people in Morocco started following the many Mesoamerican religions. Fez was later renamed Feyazalco.


Map of Mesoamerica

A map of Meshikou

The wealth after the invasion of Morocco grew immensely. Most of that money was used to make even more money, by investing heavily in trade and transportation. They quickly outdid the Tarascans as the dominate economy. Several Jihads (the Muslim version of a crusade) were announced against the Mayans in Morocco. The first of these, was launched in 1449 A.D. and was a complete failure.

Meanwhile, in the land of Meshikou (as OTL Latin America was named) the Aztecs were becoming very jealous of the new-found Mayan wealth. In 1458 A.D., Emperor Moctezuma I ordered the construction of a navy to rival that of the Maya's. The following year, the navy was launched.

The Mayan navy had been nicknamed "The Sea Demons", so the Aztecs called their ships "The Imperial Fleet". The Imperial fleet was much larger, but traveled slower than the Sea Demons. This was unfortunate because even though the Mayans only discovered the Imperial Fleet when it was in the Arawak islands, they were still able to catch. After the Mayans caught up to the Aztecs, they disguised themselves as Pirates.

The "Pirates" attacked and quickly subdued the Imperial Fleet, and had it in full retreat. The Mayans thought that this meant the Aztecs were done, and wouldn't colonize far-off lands. Soon as it became apparent that the "Pirates" weren't following them, the Imperial fleet broke into two groups and colonized the first Non-Mayan lands they saw. They named the land which they had come to as Yakamukka. Soon the colonies there thrived, but not like the Mayan Empire's colonies had.

Population Levels

Originally, when Aztecs arrived in their colonies in Yakkamuka, there were vast uninhabited lands that weren't governed. Large groups of the native population had left when the Aztecs arrived. To populate these regions, the Aztecs encouraged traveling to the colonies. The Mayans didn't have to deal with such a population crisis, because there colonies in Aztlan were well inhabited.

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