The Haudenosaunee

1310-11 and 1383 1430 and 1492

1310 April 10th

Two prophets, Hiawath (a Senecan) and Malohta (a Mohawk) receive a vision in their sleeps. Both tell of the arrival of a great warrior who will bring about a golden era to the people of the east coast and salvation for all of the Aboriginal people.

1311 July 26th

After many months of travels and diplomatic negotiations, Hiawath and Malohta bring the Seneca, Onondaga, Oneida, Cayuga, and Mohawk tribes together into the Haudenosaunee Confederation to pave the way for the warrior and its teachings. The HC only covers most of New York and part of Northern Pennsylvania.

1311 August 2nd

The six Haudenosaunee leaders meet, to discus their political issues when the White Warrior arrives on the sound of a storm. The White Warrior declares itself and states that one by one, each village will be taught the ways of agriculture, the forge and war and whatever else an organised governed country needs.

NA 1311

1311 August 3rd-1323 March 16th

Between these times the White Warrior gives the Haudenosaunee the knowledge of: advanced farming, metallurgy, philosophy, mapmaking, diplomacy, standard measurements, greater herbal medicine, an organised military, complex trigonometry, geometry, currency, and many other skills. In 13 years the White Warrior has brought the Haudenosaunee Confederation into its promised golden age. The White Warrior all the while warns the Haudenosaunee about the threat of Empire and the arrival of a band the people will call “the white man”. The Warrior departs as it arrived and the Haudenosaunee establish a holiday for its arrival and departure. At this time the Haudenosaunee population is around 20 000.

NA 1383

1310-11 and 1383 1430 and 1492

The Haudenosaunee

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