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1301 The remaining Mongol empire dissolves into smaller states. Now the Subutai Khanate, the Great Khanate, The Chagatai Khanate, and the Golden Horde are all individually governed, all with the same government and only a few differences. They are all very wary of each other, and constantly threaten war.

1304 The Song dynasty, seeing their chance for victory, invades the Great Khanate in a lightning strike using light troops and moving fast along the land. They have minimal engagements, and reclaim land up to the former Jin border.

1305 The Great Khanate counter-attacks, but is assaulted from behind by the Chagatai Khanate, and is forced to retreat. The Song Dynasty, relieved, plans to build fortifications along the northern border.

1308 The Great Khanate attacks the borders of the Chagatai Khanate, landing a minor victory at the Battle of Ukan River, but then getting defeated at the Battle of Wukia. The war ends informally, with neither side continuing attacks.

1310 The Chagatai Khanate's relations with the Malmuk Sultanate begins to dim as the Malmuks pay less taxes then is deemed necessary, angering the Chagatai Khanate greatly.

1315- The Song Dynasty begins to upgrade their transportation network, improving the previously inadequate rough dirt roads.. They hope to be able to respond quickly to Mongol attacks.

1321 The Chagatai Khanate invades the Malmuks but decides to leave their heavy gunpowder cannons and early rifles behind, preferring to do a hit and run attack, instead of an all out war that would be taxing on the Mongol economy and military. Their invasion begins well, with swift but not major victories.

1325 The Malmuks defeat the Chagatai Khanate in the Battle of Kia-Din-Rrus using their own mounted archers, trained in a similar way to the elite Mongol warriors and trained on how to kill the Mongols. This proves to be a turning point for the war, as the Chagatai Khanate is thoroughly beaten after that.

1331 The Song dynasty is invaded by the Great Khanate as the borers of the dynasty are again pushed back to the former Song-Jin border. the Song are greatly angered by this, and prepare to unleash a massive counter-attack.

1335 The death of IIkan Adu Said leads to the loss of the northern parts of Persia, areas that he governed

1336 The Vijayanagara Empire is founded in southern India

1340 The Golden Horde starts attacking Russian tribes, starting the War of the Tribes. The battles are mixed fortunes, as the Mongols are able to defeat the enemy in battle, but their supply lines keep getting cut. The other Khanate secretly hope that the Golden Horde is crushed, so they will be able to swoop in and capture the land.

1351 The Great Khanate and the Subutai Khanate sign an alliance, called the Stankan Pact, against the Song dynasty and they both begin to invade, slowly assaulting the border fortresses and knocking them down one by one.

1354 The battle of the Yellow River is a disastrous defeat for the Mongol Khanates, as they are fooled by a feint and are convinced that the Song have twice as many troops as they really have, causing morale to plummet and their forces to be defeated. and the invasion of the Song Dynasty ends with a Mongol retreat.

1355- The Great Khanate is disgusted by the recent losses in the wars with Mongols. The image of the fearless, undefeatable Mongol warrior is shattered, and much of the psychological effect of this image is lost. the great Khanate begins a more rigorous training for soldiers, trying to regain the lost image.

1356 Zhao Song becomes empeeor of China. He is a weak and hated ruler, and plots begin to overthrow him. he offers tribute to Mongols, angering his advisors and generals and causing him to lose even more face with the people of the Song Dynasty. The great Khanate accepts the tribute, sneeringly

1362 The Chagatai Khanate orders numerous raids the Malmuks, destroying much Malmuk property along the borders and capturing livestock, slaves, and striking fear into the heart of the Malmuks

1363 The Song and Ming navies fight at the Battle of Lake Poyang, one of the largest naval battles ever. The battle ends in a draw, with minimal losses. This battle proves important as it is the beginning of Mongol recognition of the importance of naval warfare.

1368 The Ming dynasty overthrows the Song dynasty easily, and the Mandate of Heaven declares them to be the undisputed rulers of Ming China. The leader of the Dynasty is the great Hongwu.

1371 Hongwu is able to stir Ming China into a frenzy against their greatest enemy the Great Khanate. He declares that the Mongols are: "filthy rats, only existing to be a threat to our homeland. It is time to rid Ming China of these evil being."

1372 The Ming dynasty invades the Great Khanate, pushing back the border again. The Ming army swells as many enlist to try to bring an end to the Mongols.

1375 The Great Khanate is able to secure a victory in the Ming-Great Khanate wars, and it ends the war with the Ming dynasty occupying OTL southern Mongolia, the largest Chinese Empire to date. A treaty is proposed, but both sides decline it, as they don't even want to be in a room with an enemy general without killing him. The frenzy Hongwu is able to create begins to die down as reality sets in.
MongolEmpire 3

Asia after the Mongol-Ming wars and Mongol defeats in West Asia

1386 The Chagatai Khanate raids the Malmuks a second time, but this time it is less effective, because the Malmuks are more prepared to deal directly with the treat.

1397 The Subutai Khanate begins to disintegrate, as unpopular leadership, a drop in economic production, and corrupt officials anger the populace, causing riots. Many people migrate from the Subutai Khanate into the Great Khanate.


1314 Curonia begins a series of campaigns against the other Baltic tribes

1315 The Great Famine kills millions of people in Europe

1337 The English king Edward III claims the French throne, starting the Hundred Years War

1340 The Ottoman-Bulgarian wars begin

1347 The Black Death spreads across Europe and kills millions of people

1352 With Europe still recovering from the Black Death, Curonia conquers the Skalvians. Curonia now borers Prussia, and the ruthless warriors of Curonia demand conquest.

1357 Scotland wins the Second Scottish war and remains independent from England

1378 The Great Schism of the West occurs, leading to three popes at one time

1389 The Ottoman Empire wins the Battle of Kosovo, with the Serbians having to few men to effectively defend their territory

1397 The Kalmar Union is formed, determined to stop the spread of Curonia.

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