At first the relations between the countries of Aztlan (as will be eventually called the OTL North America by the Aztecs) and Anahuac (OTL Mesoamerica) were commercial. But the visionary king Aaric was starting to have ideas to conquest the culture of the south and submit them to be his slaves.

In 1294 the Iroquois lost their leader in battle against some barbarian tribe in the southern border. Anyway, the nobility of the "republican" era retook the government overthrowing the centralists. They wanted to assure that their power will never by defy by a supreme chief who unifies the whole country under its rule, so the only solution was name a leader who must to submit himself to laws and institutions that serve their intentions. The Council of Chiefs was created in 1295, and the first Grand Chief was appointed. His name was Hokoleskwa. He obeyed a law code written by the Council, and his main powers were the military leading and power to decide what civil projects would be financed by the State. The legislative power was under the control of the Council, and the judicial functions were managed by noble judges.

In 1298 Mituvemeng inherited the chiefdom of the Algonquian. He wanted to expand the State, but the army wasn't powerful enough to defeat the thule barbarians who came from the north-west, so he decided to invade the Wyandot lands. After one year of war, both peoples signed peace under a constant status quo. The general chaos caused by the thule invasion forced the Algonquian to find new ways of expansion.

Finally, a deal was made between the two of them, Algonquian and Iroquois, to take lands from the Vikings. In 1301, the king Aaric was surprised by an invader army located just in the south and invading the lake coasts. After a bloody five years war, the indigenous were repelled, by the king couldn't expand his land to south knowing that the menace of this alliance would remain. So he decided to sail and conquer the islands discovered by Ingmar.

In 1309, his troops arrived to the Islands of Stranland (Land of Beaches, in Vinladish, OTL Bahamas). The conquest of the whole archipelago spent thirty years, 10,000 lives and about 25,000 gulmint (the coinage of the Viking nations, it means "gold coin" in vinlandish). The conqueror of the islands, Haaken, was named first Jarl of Stranland by the king himself.

The campaigns of Haaken were at first easy to fight for his armies, and he even founded some cities in the zone, like his capitol, Haybirg ("Stronghold" in vinlandish, located in the OTL City of Freeport). He started good relationships with the nations of the Anahuac, specially one nation that emerged about the 1320's. The famous Tenochtitlan was founded and the alliance with Texcoco and Tlacopan was made, and the city developed itself to create a huge empire. Meanwhile Mayapan, Xalisco and Cuzcatlan were expanding themselves too, absorbing barbarians tribes.

The campaign of conquest of Stranland ended about 1340. Two years later the king of Markland died childless, and the king inherited his kingdom. Just one year later the king of Helluland died, but the elective monarchy was restored and a man called Aeger was appointed king. The thule destroyed the two countries' borders, and only the king Aaric was capable of stop their invasion, or at least he thought so. The thule defeated him in battle and killed him in 1347. His son, Eric, became king, and he imposed a new order, with a mandatory military service and the option for the slave to serve as soldiers for at least 30 uninterrupted years to set themselves free. The new armies also were developed by new scientists financed by the crown, who built new weaponry and a new fleet to confront the barbarians and invaders.

In 1350 Eric started again the campaign to expand the kingdom to south, defeating the Iroquois and Algonquians who tried to strop him. In 1355 the Kirge died, been succeeded by his son Olaf.

Preceded by:
1220 - 1291
Discovery of Anahuac:
1291 - 1355
Succeeded by:
1355 - 1402

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