This is an account of the events taking place in the world of At 'Ayn Jalut, from the year 1260 to the turn of the century.


The Mongol Juggernaut Rolls On

Following the battle, the Mongol kurultai acknowledge Hulegu's wisdom and foresight to allow Kitbuqa control of the invasion force, and they support his candidacy and elect him to Great Khan, ending a period of over a year of a Mongol Empire without a leader, following Möngke Khan's death in the previous summer. This enrages Kublai, Hulegu's brother, who had made a claim to the title earlier in the year.

Hulegu's armies are bolstered by reinforcements from the capital, and continue west. Sinai falls by late 1261, and the Crusader state of Acre soon follows. Other Crusader lands, Antioch and the County of Tripoli are taken in 1262 and 1264 respectively, and all remaining Crusader peoples are quelled soon after. Assaults on Byzantium are repelled for several years, until the line is broken in 1268, and the siege of Constantinople begins the following year. The armies heading toward Mecca struggle in the desert, and progress south is halted for the time being.

Constantinople refuses to fall, and after a five year siege, the Mongol forces retreat, consigned to defeat. A fringe cavalry force is sent around the Black Sea to seek another route into Europe, but they are ill-prepared for the strong resistance from local tribes in Crimea and eastern Romania, so are quickly beaten back. In 1275 a much greater force is sent to take these lands, with the retreat of the siege of Constantinople supplying more manpower for the job. They push as far west as Odessa and Kiev, but the army is too stretched, and no further progress is made into Europe.

The Ninth Crusade

Enraged by the desecration of the Holy Land by the 'barbaric' Mongol peoples, Edward I of England sets forth in 1269 to retake Acre and Antioch, starting the Ninth Crusade. Though assaults on Antioch fail, Acre briefly returns to Crusader hands for one month in early 1270, though is retaken before winter is up. This will be the last attempt by Crusaders to claim their 'God-given homelands'.



  • 3rd September: Mongol victory at 'Ayn Jalut.
  • Early October: Hulegu chosen as Great Khan by the kurultai in Karakorum.
  • Mongol invasion of the Middle East continues.
  • Mongol armies advance toward Sinai and Mecca.
  • The division of Saxony ends, leaving two states, Saxony-Lauenburg and Saxony-Wittenburg.


  • Hulegu appoints Kublai to oversee the eastern realm of the Mongol Empire.
  • Mongol forces advance into Egypt, and in late August they sack Cairo.
  • Pope Urban IV becomes the 182nd pope.
  • Michael VIII Palaiologos is crowned the Emperor of Byzantium.
  • Mongol raids on Anatolia repelled.

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