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While Kara Kitaian Generals are campaigning in the lands of the Uyghurs, the Uyghur King gets the Sultan of Kwarezmia to preform a massive invasion of Kara Kitai.

Venice declares war on the Byzantine Empire.

The Chinese Song Dynasty and the Jin Dynasty sign the treaty of the Crossed Swords (if either is attacked by any other nation, the other will come to the defender's defence).

The Khmer Emperor dies, many Khmer generals worry that Pegu, Dai Viet and Champa will unite and destroy the Khmer empire while in its weakened state.

Abbasid leaders meet in Baghdad to discuss a possible union with the Zangids.


Premongol 1Note: In OTL this is when Ghengis Khan became leader of the Mongols!

  • Ghengis Khan begins his barbarian campaigns but is killed by a spear from one of his own troops.
  • A order of "Gentlemen" also known as "Prussians" form a rebellious group in a region soon to be known as Prussia.
  • The Prussian Knights begin their campaign in all of upper "Germany".
  • Lower Germany and Poland are invaded by the Prussians. Venice declares war on the Holy Roman Empire and joins forces with the Prussians.
  • The Russian Principles are reformed into the Empire of Muscovy, soon called the "Red Eye"
  • Muscovy invades the surrounding nations; Volga Bulgars, Magyars, Bashkirs, and the Republic of Novgorod.
  • Volga Bulgars, Magyars and Bashkirs surrender to Muscovy.


Premongol 2

The Somali Empire and the Kingdom of Xinjaing are created.

The Holy Roman Empire becomes a tributary state to Prussia.

Venice continues invading the Balkans controlled by the Byzantine Empire.

Kara Kitai begins to crumble, under the might of Kwarezmia.

The Kipchaks are angry that their vassals (Volga Bulgars, Magyars and Bashkirs) have all become vassals of the Red Eye. War with the Red Eye is inevitable. The Abbasids and Zangids unite into the Lakhanids.


Premongol 3

  • the Empire of Muscovy/Red Eye, is attacked by Kipchak but the attack is repelled.
  • Venice has most of Greece and Italy by now and gets ready for its biggest offense.
  • Poland surrenders.
  • a great migration of Germans move to the France region, making German the most common language in France.
  • The Frankriech is created from all of France.
  • In Britain, the Welsh Empire or Republic of Wales conquers Britain.
  • A Cargo ship from Venice that went off course when on its way to Britain ends up in a place full of people that they name Veniarician or Indians (they have just landed in the area also known in our timeline as New York.) The Sailors soon return to tell of their discoveries.
  • Venice now begins colonization of America and creates New Venice.
  • Prussia, jealous of its allies begins colonization of America also, and Wales soon follows.


Premongol 4
Map landing

Khmer chooses a new king and miraculously defeats the combined forces of Dai Viet, Champa, Pegu, and Pagan!

The Jin Dynasty (with help from the Song) conquer much of the weakened forces of the Mongols.

Xinjaing buys land form Kara Kitai.

England invades Wales. The British isles become very bloody and war-torn.

The Frankreich seizes the three settlements that Wales has built in America.

The Ayyubids expand into many Muslim Nations as well as the last of the Crusader States.

The race to conquer the Americas is now between Prussia, Venice, and the Frankreich.


Premongol 5
Map landing 1

Sweden invades the wild Barbarians such as the Finns and the Saamis.

The Jin invasion of Mongolia extends to the lands of the Merkits.

Xinjaing, Tibet, Kara Kitai, and Kashmir hold a conference in Lhasa to define their borders (naturally Xinjaing and its ally Kashmir get the most land).

The Kipchaks launch another invasion of the Red Eye. Peace comes and the only thing they've gotten back are two of their former vassals (Bashirs and Magyars)

New World:

Most of the Venetian Settlements are wiped off the map because of a new Indian War Chief who seeks to drive out all these strange foreigners. His name is (translated) Stinging Raven.

The Frankreich shows Stinging Raven kindness, and in return he promises no Indian raids on the Frankreich. Forever.


A Swedish fleet, intending to start a colony in the OTL Georgia is blown off course, and instead lands on an island in the Caribbean, and name it New Sweden (OTL Cuba). They establish a colony, and soon they are exporting valuable sugar to Sweden, enriching Sweden.

Sweden lays claim to all of New Sweden, and the nearby island of New Finland (OTL Hispaniola).

Stinging Raven is gruesomely mauled to death by Venetian officials who hope to scare away the Indians.

Instead this leads to a massive Indian revolt and all Venetians are driven. The Venetian conquest the Toltecs is going on farther south so all the Venetian migrants go there.



  • King of Norway dies with no heir, leaving the King of Sweden next in line for the throne, uniting the two kingdoms. Sweden continues its conquest of the tribes by conquering the Livonians and Estonians.

The Hapsburgs form the archduchy of Bohemia when Rudolf Hapsburg conquers Bohemia. The Prussians invade but lose the Battle of Braumau.


Premongol 7

The Red Eye has had enough of those pathetic three little states. Conquest!

Red Eye invades the western lands of the Kipchaks and Georgia.

Red Eye invades western Siberia.

The Tsardom of Russia is created.

Portugal establishes colonies in India and Oman.


Sweden a large colonization fleet the the New World, and claim all of North America south of the Venetian holdings, and the coast of South America. They establish the first port on the west American coast, and begin trading with Inca


Premongol 8

The Tsardom of Russia overruns the Yakuts and most of Kipchak. The Tsardom forms an alliance with the Jin and Song Dynasties.

Germany, Hungary, Bulgaria, Sicily, Latvia, and Lithuania all unite under the Byzantines as the New Roman Empire, so as to oppose the Russians.


Premongol 9

New Rome and Sweden make a joint declaration of War on the Tsardom.

The Alans (who have long been suppressed by Russia) find this a perfect time to reconquer their homelands.

Kara Khitai feels the same as the Alans and attacks the Tsardom.

Kara Khitai sets up a buffer state known as Kyrgyzstan.

The Tsardom's army is away campaigning in Siberia, but quickly returns to the border of Kyrgyzstan, and prepares for a massive invasion of the new state.


Premongol 10

Alans and Serbia become tributary states to the New Roman Empire

The Jin Dynasty works with the Tsardom to kill the Siberians, but land claims erupt and the alliance is made void.

The New Roman Empire makes land gains on the Tsardom.

In the East, the Tsardom smashes through pathetic smaller kingdoms and makes peace with Kara Khitai.

Sweden continues to march forth unopposed.


Premongol 11

The Tsardom bring its field armies back from the far east, but leaves garrisons behind large enough to deal with the puny kingdoms that oppose it. their armies in Europe now number almost four times that of New Rome, and are mostly battle-hardened veterans. they retake all of their territory along the Black Sea, although the Byzantine navy still harasses their shores. they also make some gains in Poland. Meanwhile, in the New World, a Swedish inventor discovers that sails set along the keel of the ship, and opposed perpendicular to it, allow a ship to move twice as fast into the wind. Sweden uses this technology to speed colonization of the Caribbean, and also set up colonies in the Gulf of Mexico.


Premongol 12

The Ayyubids conquer the Abbasids.

Fearing an Ayyubid Invasion, Rum and Kwarezmia unite and create the Turkish Empire.

The Sultanate of Sudan is formed.

The Tsardom makes peace with New Rome, so that it can turn its attention towards Sweden.

Migrants fleeing Britain (which is still in Absolute Anarchy) create their own state, New Wales, in North America.

The Frankreich expands and founds the massive city of Nouvelle-Orleans (same as OTL New Orleans).

New Wales braces itself for attacks from Indians.


Map game 1220

When the Tsardom attacks Sweden, The New Roman Empire breaks the peace with the Tsardom.

The Song Dynasty comes to the aid of the Jin dynasty, thanks to the Treaty of Crossed Swords.

With The Tsardom distracted by the wars at its eastern borders, Sweden and The New Roman Empire make a joint attack.


Realizing that their wealthy colonies are what make them strong, Sweden takes steps to ensure the loyalty of their colonies. also, they accelerate colonization of south America, expanding their northern colonies and building a new one also the Silver River (OTL Rio de la Plata, in Argentina).New Map Game Map The Song conquer the Jin. U



The Tsardom of Russia negotiates peace with Sweden and New Rome in order to focus on their eastern conquests. A series of buffer states are established along the borders to ensure peace, these are:

  • Duchy of Komi
  • Duchy of Novgorod
  • Duchy of Belarus
  • Grand Duchy of Lithuania
  • Kingdom of Poland
  • Grand Duchy of Ukraine



Ethiopia integrates the Ethiopic tribes into its empire.



With peace with the Russians secured, the Byzantine led new Rome turns its sights to reclaiming its old lands from the Turks. Some monarchs of the member states express distaste with the Byzantines using the resources of their nations for personal gain. The Sicilian princes express desires to take the Venetian held lands as well.


Srivijaya Attacks and conquers Po-ni, Kedah, and part of Borneo.

The NRE Gains ground in Asia Minor, gaining a border the Ayyubid Sultanates.

The first colonoscopy is performed, with only a few complications.



Map game 1225

New world map

Portions of Venice becomes a member of the New Roman Empire.

Old hates not entirely forgotten, the Swedes begin secretly funneling arms to the Jin Dynasty.

The New Roman Empire sends colony ships to OTL Greenland.

The Turkish Empire negotiates peace with the New Roman Empire, for a portion of its lands.

The Jin Dynasty Expands.

Japan obtains the secret of black powder from the Song Dynasty.


The Swedes greatly expand their colony in colony on the Silver River. It is soon supplying food to all of the Swedish American colonies, and to much of New Wales.

While bringing a weapons shipment to the Jin dynasty, a Swedish trader learns the secret of black powder from the Japanese.



Not happy with the use of their resources for expansionist gains, Prussian Germany and Hungary secede from the New Roman Empire. In order to prevent further breakdown and cement themselves, the Byzantines promise the king of Sicily governorship of all of Italy and declare war on Venice.


Map game 1229 correct

Sweden passes on its knowledge of black powder to Byzantine Rome.

Byzantine Rome negotiates peace with Germany and Hungary.

Frankfurt and Serbia become full members of Byzantine Rome, so as to avoid conflict with the new countries.

Byzantine Rome conquers most of Venice.

Sweden sends small amounts of cannons to The Jin Dynasty, aiding in its land gains.

The Turkish Empire makes minor land gains on the Tsardom.

The Queen of Denmark marries the King of Sweden, creating the Swedish empire. Denmark's large population allows for faster colonization of South America.

New Rome's former colonies declare themselves part of Byzantine Rome.



  • The Turks capture more Tsardom territory.
  • The Ayyubid Sultanates make the best of the Turk's war with the Tsardom and invades.
  • The Ayyubid Sultanates conquer the Almohads.
  • The Jin Dynasty conquers the Merkits in order to get a stronger foothold in Northeast Asia.
  • (a few turns ago the Portuguese conquered Chola without anyone saying anything. And the past few years have forgotten that Shrivijaya conquered Kedah and Po-Ni.)
  • Swedish diplomats meet with the leaders of several hundred native tribes who have been forced off their land by the other European colonies. They help them establish a nation on the Gulf of Mexico (OTL Texas), in order to prevent the other European nations from claiming that territory.
  • Sweden also expands its Argentinian colony more, and their northern colonies expand greatly.
  • the Frankreich attempts to invade New Wales, but their offensive bogs down barely inside the Welsh border. Neither side gains territory, and they are both greatly weakened.
  • Venice is forces to stop colonization in order to better fight the Byzantine Empire.
  • in India, the Malwa Empire unites the people of central India in order to fight the Portuguese.
  • Early map game


Map game 1231 correct

  • The Somalia empire assimilates some of the Somali tribes.
  • Ethiopia integrates more of the Ethiopic tribes into its empire and occupies some of the Ayyubid Sultanates.



  • A crisis of succession leads to Austria emerging independent of Prussian Germany.
  • Byzantine Rome completes its conquest of Venice, turns its eyes on liberating the Greek people of Cyprus and conquering the Roman/Hellenic lands of the eastern Mediterranean.
  • The Turkish Empire gives up gains on the Tsardom of Russia to turn its sights on reconquering the Turkish lands of the Ayyubid Sultanates.
  • Japan begins a campaign of conquest and colonization, colonizing Taiwan and conquering southern Korea and the Ryukyu Islands.
  • Makurra unites with the Ethiopia.
  • The Tsardom of Russia makes gains on the Jin Dynasty making use of captured black powder weapons.


1233 Nepal unites.

Pagan Invades and Conquers Assam.

Massive Flooding in the southern half of the Jin Dynasty.



  • The Ayyubid Sultanates make a deal with the Tsardom and they both attack the Turks. The Turkish Empire is left with only the eastern part of its former empire.
  • Ethiopia conquers more land on the Arabian peninsula.
  • Nepal finally finishes its conquest of the Tibetan tribes(?)
  • Japan makes small gains against Koryo and settles the northern part of the Philippines.



  • Taking advantage of the Tsardom's decades of war on multiple fronts and therefore, lack of morale and resources, the nations of Komi, Novgorod, Belarus, Lithuania, Poland, and Ukraine advance.
  • Ethiopia conquers Mecca, marking the first conquest of the Islamic holy city by a Christian nation.
  • The taking of Mecca causes great unrest in the Ayyubid Sultanate resulting in small uprisings across the nation.
  • The Turks and Byzantines ally against the Ayyubids, taking advantage of their unrest and multi-front wars making large gains.

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