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1231 (POD) Ogedei Khan is killed by a group of unknown assassins while walking in his garden. Subutai, a brilliant Mongol general, leading the invasion of the Song dynasty is also killed.

1232 Chagatai Khan becomes Great Khan of the Mongol Empire.

MongolEmpire 1

1234 Chagatai Khan declares that he will decide the next ruler of the Mongol Empire. This causes a split in the Mongol Empire, with the Chagatia Khanate facing off against the Great Khanate. Many generals and important leaders decide to remain neutral in what they seem to think could only lead to war.

1235 Chagatia Khan gains control over the Blue and White Hordes through a series of brilliant campaigns. He first 6 launches lightning attacks against the areas, then surrounds major cities. To use up less resources, he waits for the cities to surrender or starve rather than attack them immediately. the Great Khanate demands that the Blue and White Hordes be re-established or war will commence.

1236 Chagatai Khan tells the Great Khan that he and his men will contemplate the Great Khanate's ultimatum, but in reality, Chagatai is only stalling for time as his forces grow. The Great Khanate is unaware of this.

1238 Chagatia Khan invades the Great Khanate with thousands of steppe riders, catching the Great Khanate forces completely by surprise. Two quick battles, the battles of Jin-ulak and Tushankar are quick victories for the Chagatai forces. the Great Khanate is pushed back.

1238 The Song Dynasty attacks the Jin dynasty with over 160,000 soldiers placed under the command of Mongkong, the Song dynasty's best general. The Jin dynasty falls back quickly as they are still weak from the Mongol invasion years earlier.

1240 The Song dynasty backs the Jin army to Caizhao, where they try to hold out. The Song armies are able to capture the city, and Ninkiassu commits suicide, ending the Jin dynasty and giving control to the Song dynasty.

1241 Chagatia Khan engages the Great Khan armies in the Battle of the Khans, a pitched battle pitting large armies against each other. Over 300,000 Chagatai horsemen fight 250,000 horsemen of the Great Khanate. After a few hours of semi-engagement, a successful feint by Chagatia Khan's forces draws out and destroys the Great Khan armies.

1243 The Great Khanate surrenders, as Chagatia forces overrun their capital city. The Chagatai Khanate demands total surrender of all territory, property, and most of the Great Khan's military. The Great Khanate reluctantly agrees to all of the terms, with little other choice.

1244 Chagatai Khan declares himself the leader of all the Mongols, with the last resistance wiped out. Chagatai Khan wishes to prove himself as great as great as Ghengis Khan and decides to expand the empire. He dreams of a Mongol dominated Asia, where he is the ruler of all he can see. He immediately demands higher taxes from Korea and other tributary states and expands the military at an even greater rate than the normal ruler.

1249 the Song Dynasty, seeing th4e power of the Mongols and afraid to anger them in any way, secures an alliance with the Mongols. The Song Dynasty will pay tribute to the Mongols every year for 50 years, around 10% of the total income of the country. The economy of the Song Dynasty is gravely hurt by the lessening of the profit of the country.

1252 On the 20th year of reign as Great Khan, Chagatai Khan declares that he will invade Korea because of a refusal to pay their due taxes. The Mongol forces, perplexed by the charges, shrug their shoulders and prepare the armies for war. The Mongols forces are ready to invade by the end of the year, with over 200,000 Mongol warriors prepared. Korea, desperate to not be invaded, offers up large amounts of their treasury, but the negotiations do not work.

1253 Mongol forces capture OTL North Korea despite heavy resistance from the resilient Korean army. The Korean army is equipped with the latest and best technology, but their numbers are few and the Mongols are able to drive them back. Mongol warriors secure a great victory over the Korean forces outside of Pongju, and secure the way for the "advance to Gangwha", a drive to the capital city. The Song Dynasty officially declares neutrality in the war, hoping that there will be no Mongol invasion.

1254 Mongol invasion of Korea finishes, as Mongol forces lay siege to and them quickly capture Gangwha, and the resistance from the Koreans breaks. Only a few weeks after the Mongol capture of Gangwha, Korea completely surrenders. Korea is now completely under Mongol control.

1261 The Song dynasty expands its reach through a series of campaigns to the west, hoping to gain more farmland and power against the Mongols. They also introduce the building of defenses along these new borders, preparing against Mongol attacks.

1265 Chagatai Khan creates a new division of the Mongol empire, with OTL Mongolia falling under the Great Khan, Korea and areas to the east being the Subutai Khan, in honor of the assassinated general. The other divisions are the Golden Horde and the Chagatai Khanate, same place as before the civil war. Alliances are made between all the Khanates, but tensions between them is still fairly high.

MongolEmpire 2

1269 Chagatai Khan dies a well respected man, known as the "Second Great Khan", after Gengis Khan, and leaves the Mongol Empire to a little known man called Cycantan Norei, who grew up as a scholar and is wise and just. Many citizens are satisfied with the new Khan, but a minority are unhappy about the promotion of a little known man.

1271 Cycantan Norei, now Cycantan Khan, renews the treaty with the Song Dynasty for another 25 years, and the Song dynasty reluctantly accepts, and continues to pay tribute to the Great Khanate and minorly to the other Khanates.

1282 Cycantan Khan issues the Act of Increased Welfare, and plans for early hospitals and roads are built. The project begins in the Capital, and spirals outwards to the other cities. The Mongols, as a nomad people, are slightly unsatisfied with the program, but immediately, life expectancy rises.

1284 The Song Dynasty adopts the Act of increased welfare, calling it the "Prosperity doctrine". It is essentially the same as the Act of Increased Welfare, but does receive better reception than the original Mongol version.

1293 Cycantan Khan dies in the night, without leaving a heir to the throne. As different leaders try to claim the throne for themselves, the Mongol Empire starts to disintegrate. A "meeting of the Khans" is held in the capital city, but nothing is resolved. Many small wars break out, as people try to secure power. the Song Dynasty, seeing the confusion, stops paying tribute to the Khans, and it goes relatively unnoticed.

1295 The Great Khanate declares independence from the other Khanates, the first of many to do so in a relatively short period of time. Their government is to be the same as the old Mongol empire, just on a smaller and more manageable scale.

1299 The Golden Horde claims independence, again with the same government as the old Mongol Empire.


1239-1250 A third conflict between the Holy Roman Empire and the Papacy begins with the siege of Faenza.

1242 Attack by the crusaders in Novgorod is easily stopped by massive Russian forces, ending the Northern Crusades.

1245 The Curonians set up their own country backed by Novgorod and Russia called Curonia. Many European nations are angered by this, as Curonia is a pagan country.

1249 The Portuguese Reconquista ends with Portugal reconquering the Algarve.

1248-1254 The seventh crusade ends in a failure and the Mamluks overthrow the Ayyubid Sultanate.

1261 The Byzanites retake Constantinople.

1972 The Ninth crusade ends with the Malmuks in control of the Holy Land.

1289 Tripoli falls to the Malmuks.

1291 The Swiss confederation forms, and the Kingdom of Jerusalem falls, the last Crusader state.

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