Radovan Reigns
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The 11th century is the period from 1001 to 1100 in accordance with the Julian Calendar. In Radovan Reigns, due to the uncertainty about Radovan's untimely death, the timeline will have little information on the events prior to Zvonimir's death.


  • Between 1065 and 1089 - Radovan survives whatever makes him die in OTL
  • 1089 - Demetrius Zvonimir dies on 20th April, and the assembly of nobles confirms Radovan as his successor. A messenger is immediately sent to the Pope Victor III, who immediately sends a representative to Croatia
  • 1090 - Pope Urban II's representative crowns Radovan King of Croatia as Gregorius Radovan I
  • 1091 - Wishing to continue improving the Kingdom, similarly to his father, King Radovan decided to continue aligning himself with the clergy and the Pope. Stephen II died, leaving Radovan the only male Trpimirović and urging him to marry in order to secure an heir.
  • 1092 - With Alexios calling for aid of the West, Radovan agrees to support him in front of the Pope in exchange for the hand of Anna Komnenos. This resulted in a betrothal for Radovan, seemingly securing the faith of his dynasty.
  • 1093 - Radovan continues to follow his father's policies of replacing nobles with those aligned to him, court nobles and high clergy. This led to him reinforcing the županija administrative divisions throughout the kingdom, centralizing the power.
  • 1094 - The stronger nobility of Croatia begins showing discontent with Radovan's politics, which destabilizes the realm and forces Radovan to focus on these internal issues.
  • 1095 - Meanwhile, the Council of Piacenza occurrs effectively marking the begin of the First Crusade. Although being among those who helped Alexios begin the discussion, Radovan himself didn't involve himself further and further addresses the issues concerning his nation. The People's Crusade largely goes unnoticed, although several peasants are reported to flee their estates to join the battle.
  • 1096 - The onset of the Prince's crusade was a pivotal event. Radovan schemed the events in such a way that the problematic nobility, as arrogant as he perceived them to be, left to join the war for the Holy Land. Radovan himself marched on as well.
  • 1097 - Radovan himself was present during the siege of Antioch, but due to his not-so-great military experience, he wasn't among the main tacticians.
  • 1098 - After Antioch succumbing to the Crusaders, Radovan decided to leave it with his personal guards, claiming that he cannot leave his nation unattended any longer. This enraged his vassals, and would soon affect them, as they suffered the most casualties, inadvertently helping their King's plans by weakening themselves.
  • 1099 - Radovan marries Anna Komnenos (known as Ana Komnenović in Croatian historiography) in late April. He also continues the županija reform now that the several nobles are weakened and begins dividing Croatian lands among regions in such a manner that he can easily exersize his control over the whole kingdom.
  • 1100 - Anna becomes pregnant with Radovan's child, giving birth to a boy in mid-December called Svetoslav.

Radovan Reigns
by SkyGreen24
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