On this era, the languages of the New World were various. The Vikings stilled speaking mid-Vinlandish. The language was an evolution of the Icelandic and Norwegian, with smallest indigenous sounds. The liturgical language of the Viking Church (Krysskirism) was yet the Old Norse. The Vinlandish was more extensive than the countries, because the indigenous tribes to north of Grønland learned the Viking idiom.

In Dorset and the Skræland's borders was speaking the Dorsetian, and other Skræling languages. In Dorset Vinlandish was spoken as lingua franca and was the mother language of the people in the north.

In the central Kawawachikamach the people spoke Naskpai. The speech was very modified by the viking dialect, an the pronunciation, accent and writing of this people were adopted by the indigenous. Even so, the Vinlandish was the mother language of the most of the kawawachikamachian people, specially who lives in the coast.

The unique uncorrupted languages were the Wyandot and Iroquois, spoken respectively in the Wyandot Republic and south of it; and the south of Vanlland (including the southern Vinlandic dominion).

The religion was not different: The Vikings had a religion which venerate a messiah born in the Kingdom-across-the-Sea, and his symbol was a cross. The Viking mythology was the most extensive in every country. It differed from the old Christianity in the following aspects:

  1. The women can be valkiryas (ritual priests).
  2. The Kirge and soccers were not necessary celibate.
  3. The Krysskirism concept of war was different: It defends the peace as God's precept, and the war was not allowed. Even so, the war was common in the Viking dominions.

The Wyandot adopted this religion and created their own krysskirism form.

Lenguages in Vinland (1191) (Leifsbudir)

The king of Kawawachikamach obtained the whole northern peninsula from the king Svend II. The foreign relations of the nation were hard to understand: Markland-Kawawahikamach expanded its territory to the south, competing with Vinland and the Wyandot Republic, while this both countries were its closest allies.

Sweyn Ironhand was appointed king of Helluland at 1199. He made war with Skræland, with the support of Dorset and Grønland. Grønland conquered the northern islands; the whole Jarldom became vassal of Helluland, and Dorset annexed the southern coast.

The Wyandot, in 1209, controlled the entire Sørsjø trade. All the lakes were under the co-operative kawawach wyandot administration, and the Skrælings from Skræland were the majority in Helluland.

In 1218, the king of Markland, Svend III, became ally of the king of Vinland (Cnut I) and the Heyjarl of Grønland (Thor the Strong) to fought the Kawawachikamachian. Finally the war ended in 1220, the territory of the four countries did not change, but Kawawachikamach and Markland were enemies, not allies or vassals.

Preceded by:
1152 - 1186
Beginning of the New Era :
1186 - 1220
Succeeded by:
1220 - 1291

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