The Viking expansion to Sørsjø forced Vinland and Markland to establish the first official frontier in Vanlland. It inspired Dorset and Skræland to do the same. This was when Skræland annexes the last dorsetian remnants in the gulf.

The king of Kawawachikamach encouraged Cnut III to declare war against the Kingdom of Dorset, for its treason in the war against Grønland. The whole coast of the gulf of Dorset was absorbed. In reprisal, Dorset captured the northern coast, bacema allied of Skræland.Cnut III and Cnut IV continued allowing the Kawawachikamachian expansion.

Helluland finished its expansion in the island, and started to colonize the northern islands. Grønland do the same, because the climate did impossible continue its expansion to north. The Heyjarl in this time was Olof.

To south, was found the Wyandot Republic, a democratic tribal government in the southern Sørsjø. Wyandot, Dorset and Skræland, the most indigenous countries, formed alliances and just allow the trade with Vinalnd, ally of Dorset and owner of ports in the lakes (let alone that It was the richest viking kingdom); and Helluland, ally of Skræland and allower of its independence.

Cnut V the Peaceful, became king at 1146. He mended the broken relationships with the neighbor countries. His cousin Thorfinn, appointed King of Helluland at 1123 received the title of Kirge (Head of the Viking Church) of the dying Vinlandian king Erling on 1132. He died at 1141, been succeeded by Haakon.

At 1151 Sven of Vinland and Olaf of Grønland had a dispute for the throne: Olaf wanted to conserve the regency council, and Sven wanted be king. The trade between the two countries was brutally stopped.

Map 10124 - 1152 (Leifsbudir)

Preceded by:
1098 - 1124
Kingdoms of Vinland:
1124 - 1152
Succeeded by:
1152 - 1186