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1000-1099 AD:
Discovery of Vinland
1100-1199 AD:
Age of Vinlandic Prosperity
1200-1299 AD:
Birth of the Renaissance

Discovered lands of Erikson in 1100 A.D.

1100 - The road network in Vinland is completed, and it already has 300 houses built on the path.

1101 - A rebel in Vinland, thinking that they could never become independent, reveals to Byzantine merchants the fact that there is another continent across the sea, and gives them a map.

1102 - King Coloman unites Hungary and Croatia under the Hungarian Crown.

1104 - The explorers sent up the coast of Näätämö reach the settlement in Markland. They rush back on a merchant ship to tell the king the news.

1105 - The explorers that reached Näätämö return to Vinland with news about the connection with Markland.

1106 - A town in upper Näätämö is built and named Sundset.

1110 - A new town is founded in northern Näätämö, and is called Mikkelvika.

1111 - A town is built near Ytterhelen, and is named Langrasmoen.

1111 - The Chinese Donglin Academy is founded.

1113 - Helluland has been completely explored.

1114 - A road network is started between Mikkelvika and Sundset.

1116 - The Byzantine army defeats the Turks in battle.

1117 - A new town is Vinland is founded called Godejorden.

1118 - A new town is founded near Godejorden, and is called Meland.

1120 - William Adelin, the only true son of the king of England drowns in the White Ship Disaster.

1121 - The Mikkelvika-Sundset Road Network is finished.

1122 - King David "the Builder" captures the Arab town of Tbilisi and decrees it the new capital city of Georgia.

1127 - The Northern Song dynasty loses control over northern China to Manchuria.

1129 - A new town is founded near Erstad, and is called Skardsgardshagen.

1130-1180 - A 50-year drought occurs in the Erikson Southwest.

1130–1138: A Papal schism occurs, leading to a Pope Innocent II vs. Antipope Anacletus II.

1132 - The Southern Song Dynasty establishes China's first permanent standing navy. The main admiral's office is at the Chinese town of Dinghai.

1132-1183 - The Chinese navy increases from 3,000 marine soldiers to 52,000, stationed in 20 different squadrons. During this time, hundreds of treadmill-operated paddle wheel craft are assembled for the navy in order to fight the Jin Dynasty.

1135-1154 - A period of civil war occurs in England.

1136 - A new town is founded near the midway point between Vinland and Markland. It is called Gravningsundet and soon becomes a major port city.

April 1139 - The Second Lateran Council ends the papal schism.

July 26, 1139 - The Portuguese defeat the Almoravids led by Ali ibn Yusuf in the Battle of Ourique; Prince Afonso Henriques is acclaimed King of Portugal by his soldiers.

1141 - The Treaty of Shaoxing ends the conflict between the Jin Dynasty and Southern Song Dynasty, legally establishing the boundaries of the two countries and forcing the Song Dynasty to renounce all claims to its former territories north of the Huai River. The treaty reduces the Southern Song into a quasi-tributary state of the Jurchen Jin Dynasty.

1143 - The Treaty of Zamora recognizes Portuguese independence from the Kingdom of León. Portugal also recognizes the suzerainty of the pope.

December 24, 1144 - Edessa falls to the Atabeg Zengi.

1145–1148 - The Second Crusade is launched in response to the fall of the County of Edessa.

1146 - The city of Skorhoug is founded in Slettene Land.

1147 - On October 25, the four-month long Siege of Lisbon successfully brings the city under definitive Portuguese control, expelling the Moorish overlords.

1149 - Explorers from Kysten Byen visit Vigeså. They find that it's been heavily destroyed, and most of it's inhabitants lived in secuded caves and rough shelters withing the wall.

1150 - Ramon Berenguer IV, Count of Barcelona marries Petronilla, the Queen of Aragon.

1153 - The Vinlandic town of Skorhoug is destroyed by tribes.

1154 - The Moroccan-born Muslim geographer Muhammad al-Idrisi publishes his Geography.

1155 - The city of Gravningsundet is raided by some sort of rebels. Historians still cannot pinpoint the exact reason or who did it.

1156 - On June 18, the Treaty of Benevento is entered into by Pope Adrian IV and the Norman Kingdom of Sicily. After years of turbulent relations, the popes finally settles down to a peace with the Hauteville kings. The kingship of William I is recognised over all Sicily, Apulia, Calabria, Campania, and Capua. The tribute to the pope of 600 schifati agreed upon by Roger II in 1139 at Mignano is affirmed and another 400 schifati is added for the new lands.

1158 - The Treaty of Sahagún ends war between Castile and León.

1159 - The city of Ny Gravningsundet is founded near Virrik, and is avoided because of it's name.

1161 - In the siege of Ani, Georgian troops take over control of city, only to have it sold for the second time to the Shaddadids, a Kurdish dynasty.

1162 - Genghis Khan, the founder of the Mongol Empire, is born as the town of Temüjin.

1163 - The Norwegian Law of Succession takes effect.

May 1, 1169 - The Norman invasion of Ireland begins. Richard fitzGilbert de Clare ('Strongbow') makes an alliance with the exiled Irish chief, Dermot MacMurrough, to help him recover his kingdom of Leinster.

1170 - The Treaty of Sahagún is signed by Alfonso VIII of Castile and Alfonso II of Aragon. Based on the terms of the accord, Alfonso VIII agrees to give Alfonso II three hostages, to be used as tribute payments owed by Ibn Mardanīš of Valencia and Murcia.

1170 - The Christian notion of Purgatory is created.

November 11, 1171 - Henry II of England lands in Ireland to assert his claim as Lord of Ireland.

July 12, 1174 - William I of Scotland is captured by the English in the Battle of Alnwick. He accepts the feudal overlordship of the English crown and pays ceremonial allegiance at York.

May 29, 1176 - Frederick Barbarossa's forces are defeated in the Battle of Legnano by the Lombard League which results in the emperor's acknowledgement of the pope's sovereignty over the Papal States and Alexander acknowledging the emperor's overlordship of the imperial Church.

1178 - The town of Stokkebekken is founded near Ny Gravningsundet.

1180-1185 - The Genpei War occurs in Japan.

1182 - Revolt of the people of Constantinople against the Latins, whom they massacre, proclaiming Andronicus I Comnenus co-emperor.

1184 - The town of Saggrenda is founded near former Gravningsundet.

1185 - The cathedral school in the town of Lund, Sweden, is founded. The school is one of the oldest in Europe. This is considered on of the first precursors of the renaissance.

1185 - The first record of windmills.

August 1187 - The Swedish royal and commercial center Sigtuna is attacked by Baltic-Finnish raiders from Couronia and Estonia.

March 18, 1189 - The Vinland-Inuit War begins.

1189-1192 - The Third Crusade is an attempt by European leaders to take the Holy Land back from Saladin.

June 10, 1190 - Emperor Frederick Barbarossa drowns in the River Salef, leaving the Crusader army under the command of the rivals Philip II of France and Richard I of England, which ultimately leads to the dissolution of the army.

1191 - Saladin is defeated by Richard I (England) at Arsuf.

June 1192 - The Treaty of Ramla is signed by Saladin and Richard Lionheart. Under the terms of the agreement, Jerusalem will remain under Muslim control. However, the city will be open to Christian pilgrims. The Latin Kingdom is reduced to a coastal strip that extends from Tyre to Jaffa.

1193 - The first known merchant guild is established, which is considered one of the main sparks of the renaissance.

June 16, 1195 - The struggle of Shamqori. Georgian forces annihilate the army of Abu Baqar.

December 26, 1195 - The Vinland-Inuit War ends, with the UCI becoming recognized by Vinland.

1197 - The town of Sulitjelmo is founded near Arna and Skillebotn. From this point forward I will stop mentioning most towns founded in Vinland. I will only mention the ones of utmost importance.

1198 - The brethren of the Crusader hospital in Acre are raised to a military order of knights, the Teutonic Knights, formally known as the Order of the Knights of the Hospital of St. Mary of the Teutons in Jerusalem.

1199 - Pope Innocent III invites the Bulgarian Church to join with the Roman Catholic Church.