Timeline for the years 1100 through 1199 for the Harald's England timeline.


  • 1101: The First Crusade and the Norman civil war draw to a close.
  • 1102: Garcia IV of Navarre completes his father's conquest of the Taifa of Zaragoza. Conrad's Rebellion begins in Italy.
  • 1106: Conrad's Rebellion draws to a close following negotiations between Conrad I of Lombardy and Henry V of the Holy Roman Empire.
  • 1107: The Republic of Italy is created.
  • 1108: Following the death of Philip I, the unpopular Louis the Fat assumes the French throne.
  • 1110: Garcia IV of Navarre dies without issue, leaving the throne of Navarre to Alfonso the Fighter. The Republic of Italy begins issuing Confidences (similar to OTL letters of Marque) against Venetien shipping.
  • 1113: An expedition from the Republic of Italy conquers the Balaeric Isles. Reistance will continue until 1115.
  • 1136: Alfonso the Fighter weds Eleanor of Aquitaine, adding the Duchy of Aquitaine to Navarre's domains, though it is still held legally under the French crown.
  • 1137: Louis the Fat dies. His son, Philip II, assumes the French throne.

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