Harald Eirksson and his older brother, Thorsteinn Eriksson, king of Vinland made an alliance and conquest the Skælings' land that their kingdoms needed.

The Beothuk were rejected again to the south, while the peninsula Innu fought and established frontiers with Vinland. But the Innu of the southern Markland were not so brave. The Viking push cause the creation of more organized tribal communities and bigger "kingdoms".

There was war between this kingdoms. Kawawachikamach was one of the vassal kingdom which served to the vikings. The kingdom was established in 1070. Other indigenous noblemen became Lendmenn, Hersir, Hold and Jarls of the Viking kingdoms. The Traktatlings also made war with the other independent tribes.

Helluland annexed the western islands at 1073. The next year, the king Haakon attacked the Dorsetian Confederacy. In less than five years, the territory of the Dorset culture in the whole continent was reduced by half.

Harald died at 1079. The two kingdoms were divided between his two sons: Grønland to Erik and Markland to Cnut.

Cnut the Great conquered the whole peninsula. The Dorset create a kingdom (the Kingdom of Dorset, as the vikings called it) in the gulf of Markland. And the most tribes immigrate to the Gulf of Skræland.

The new king Sigurd of Helluland invaded Skræland, but the attempt to invade the coast failed. After five years of war, some tribes in the northern gulf unified in the Jarldom of Skræland, and the Jarl Sweyn Thorsteinnsson was the first half-blood nobleman.

On 1089, the king Eystein Thorsteinnsson assumed twelve years before, expanded the kingdom to the south. The outbreak of a war happened in 1092, when Cnut claim for his own the isle of the Gulf of Thosteinn and the osuth peninsula. Helluland (owner of the island in the gulf) and Vinland (which had colonies in the southern peninsula) fought against Markland.

Thw war ended at 1097. The allied tribes had not interest to continue it, and the losses of viking population were numerous. The next year, the king ERik of Grønlan died with no descendants.

Map 1067 - 1098 (Leifsbudir)

Preceded by:
1032 - 1067
Barbarian kingdoms:
1067 - 1098
Succeeded by:
1098 - 1124