This is the universe where the Norwegians didn't attack Harold in 1066, so Harold won the Battle of Pevensey.

Battle of Hastings

In 1066, William of Normandy lost the Battle of Pevensey of these events:

  • Tostig, Harold Godwinson's brother, got the Norwegians to help Harold against the Normans instead of invading England themselves. They arrive in time just as the Normans are landing
  • Odo of Bayeux, tired of being in the shadow of his half brother, helps Harold instead of William.
  • William is killed during the battle.



  • The Dukedom of Normandy is given to a different nobleman. In Brittany, Conan II marries.
  • The country is divided into two. Anglovikings (Harald Hadrada) control Yorkshire/Lancashire and above, whilst the Anglosaxons (Harold Godwinson) reign south of that
  • Tostig becomes Duke of Yorvik (York) the capital of Anglovik
  • Odo of Bayeux becomes Archbishop of Canterbury for Angleland


  • With King Harald residing in Anglovik, the Viking people announce a new king, fearsome warrior named Thror.



  • Brick by brick the people of Anglovik take down Hadrians wall and use it for houses in the nearby area.
  • Tostig is assassinated, and Harald announces himself as Duke of Yorvik


  • King Harold has a son, named Edgar.


  • Conan II invites Robert Curthose, King William's son, to be adopted by him. Robert accepts, but his brothers are sent out as peasants. His sisters are also adopted by various nobles around the country.



  • Hadrians wall has been taken down, and Anglovik are preparing troops to defeat the Picts. The Scots across the sea settle and name their island Scotland.
  • Harald creates 'The Book' which means everything in his realm belongs to him. He finds out all the belongings and then taxes people for them.
  • Due to this a rebellion begins in Whitby and they take over many coastal towns, not alerting Hadrada when Thror attacks.


  • Harold's wife has a daughter, named Matilda, and a twin son, Roger.


  • Thror attacks the Eastern coast of Anglovik and with the help of the coastal rebels kills Hadrada. He takes over as King, but follows the plan to invade the Picts.


  • The Picts build a new defensive wall, and Scots are sent to aid them in defense. The wall is a lot taller than some of the others.


  • Robert becomes a great fighter, and at 14 becomes Duke of Brittany when Conan II dies.
  • His brothers rebel and William is cut down. He allows Harry to come and live with him. Harry becomes Lord of Rennes.


Anglovik and Pictland

  • Whilst Anglovik makes troops, preparing for an attack, the Picts use stolen armour to launch their own attack. They head down the eastern coast to a small town called Guisborough, which they take over as their base of operations.
  • Thror learns of this and heads to Guisborough. On the 24th April the Battle of Guisborough happens, and the Picts seem to be winning. Unfortunately, the Scots take over Pictland and the Picts rush back to defend Pictland.


  • Thror's brother is Lord Protector of the land, and fights against rebels. At the battle of the Norwegian Seas, where a group of traders are involved in the crossfire, there is a bloody battle where both sides are depleted, but the Lord Protector wins and continues ruling over the land.


  • Harold Godwinson goes to alliance meetings with France, and is almost assassinated by one of Robert Curthose's spies


  • Robert prepares an army for the following year for his planned invasion of Angleland


Anglovik and Pictland

  • After a clear victory in their homeland, the Picts return down south and this time ead further west. They take the town of Clitheroe as their stronghold.
  • When Thror attacks, he is shot down by an archer. This archer is called William McGregor. He is announced General of the Pict forces.
  • They head east to York where they lay siege.

Angland and France

  • Robert Curthose begins his attack. He lands in Dover, and Harold is unprepared. Quickly arriving at London, with the Anglish not prepared, Robert easily takes over. He is crowned King Robert I and was the first in a long line of Kings, known as the Curthose.
  • He creates a group of Knights known as the Curthose Knights, who are sent to aid the Picts in their victory, and a diplomat to negotiate.
  • Henry is given the Dukedom of Brittany and Normandy, but he decides to be king and calls it the Kingdom of Brittan.

1071 - The Rise of the Factions

Angland and Anglovik

  • The two factions unite and become the Kingdom of Curthose, Robert as King
  • 'The Book' is made to include the rest of the land.
  • Robert orders the taking of Wales and the Act of Union 1071 is drawn up for the three kingdoms
  • William McGregor becomes an outlaw when he is kicked out of York. He begins residence in Pinchinthorpe, near Guisborough


  • Robert Curthose sends sister Cecilia to be married to Roger de Breteuil and send them to be King and Queen of Pictland


  • The island of Scotland is split into the 17 small tribes but they are beginning to unite as they wish to head west as they believe they may find land.


  • Henry wishes to own more land and starts building up an army for an attack on more of France

Europe Change

  • The Pope sends comissioners as to make Brittan, Curthose and Pictland catholic states
  • Philip I prepares for Henry to attack by creating strongholds around Brittan

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