The reign of Thorkall was peaceful. The other three Landmenn were Thorvald in Markland, Thorsteinn in Grønland and Thorfinn Karlsefni (spouse of Freydís, half-sister of Leif Eriksson) in Helluland. Thorkall, as Jarl of Vinland, regined over his uncles.

In the year 1021, Thorkall conquered a island in the Dorset dominion. Thorvald expands his own dominion to south, doing the war with the Dorsetian tribes. During the war, the Innu were allies of the vikings. The close tribes to the Viking territory became Traktatlings (a sort of Viking foederati). The vikings create their own lAnguage, the Vinlandish.

Karlsefni was the first who declared himself King when Thorkall dies (1037). He expanded the Kingdom of Helluland to north and made alliances with the tribes. The dorsetians in north Helluland expanded thei own dominion to south and founded a sort of confederation.

Thorsteinn became king of Markland and Grønland, and the son of Thorkall, Erik Thorkallsson became king of the richest kingdom of Vinland.

Even though the Erik's kingdom was the richest and most prosperous, the kingdom of Thorsteinn was the largest in territory. Grønland expanded to north very slow, and the dorsetian tribes stopped the expansion of Markland. So, the king made the war with the kingdom of Helluland, beccause in it the king was not member of the family and Freydís was already dead.

At 1040 or 1041, the war ended with the coronation of the king Harald Eriksson (son of Erik of Vinland) in Markland and Grønland, and the king Haakon in Helluland (it was an elective monarchy).

Haakon became ally of the northern tribes, and organized expeditions in the Nordic Sea.

The number of the tribes grew. Some Skræling chieftains became "kings" (such was the name that the vikings atributted to them) of many tribes. The nobility of Markland married their daughters with the tribal princes.

At 1064 the beothuk were rediscovered. The main tribes of this people made war with the Innu and their viking allies (some independent or vassal Jarldoms had lands in the coast). The period of wars ended at 1067 without territorial consequences.

Map 1032 - 1067 (Leifsbudir)

Preceded by:
1000 - 1032
The new world:
1032 - 1067
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1067 - 1098