A timeline for Hilmir Sjot, detailing the colonization of the continent of Ericsland from pre-1000 to the year 1100.



A feet of colonists bound for Greenland is blow off course and lands in what would later be known as Vinland. One ship, captained by Bjarni Hjolfsson, returns to Iceland, although the majority of the colonists remain behind.


1000 -1025


A map of Viking voyages in the Middle Ages


Leif Ericsson buys Bjarni Hjolfsson's ship and set out with a crew of 35 to find the lands he described. However, his voyage takes him further north then the colonists, where he discoveres Helluland and Markland before returning to Iceland.


Leif Ericsson attempts for a second time to find the missing colonists, and lands in Vinland, where he builds a camp which would latter become the settlement of Leifbudir. (Literally "Leif's Storage Houses") On the return voyage, he encounters the survivors of the original colonists, who established a small walled town called Hilmirsjot, meaning "Company of the Chief". On the way home, Leif rescues a castaway and acquires the epiteph "the lucky".


Thorvald Ericsson makes a voyage to Leifsbudir with a crew of 30, and is caught by the winter and forced to stay at Leifsbudir.


Leif Ericsson returns to Leifsbudir with approximately 50 colonists. In his advertising, he becomes the first to call the new colony "Vinland", or "Land of Pastures".


Thorvald is killed when his mast unexpectedly breaks and falls on him while his crew attempts to re-rig the vessel. The mast had rotted during the winter.


Leif Ericsson makes a voyage from Vinland to Greenland, where he meets up with his pagan father Eric the Red. Eric the Red and his son debate over Leif's past conversion to Christianity, although Eric is impressed by Leif's efforts. Leif then travels back to Iceland.


Leif Ericsson returns to Leifsbudir with an additional 50 colonists. The colony of Leifsbudir now has approximately 75 inhabitents after the difficult winters. Leif returns to Iceland after a brief stay at Hilmirsjot, where he is hired to bring more colonists.


Thorfinn Karlsefni makes his first voyage from Iceland to Hilmirsjot, where he brings much needed supplies and more colonists before returning to Iceland.


Leif Ericsson returns to Norway at the behest of King Olaf Tryggvason, where he is commissioned to help spread Christianity in Greenland.


Leif Ericsson voyages to Greenland, where he leaves a priest, much to the chargin of the locals.


Thorfinn Karlsefni makes his second voyage to Vinland, bringing approximately 100 colonists to Hilmirsjot. He then makes a voyage further down the coast of Markland, where he becomes the first European to reach the Breior river. Leif Ericsson also returns to Vinland bringing additional colonists to both Hilmirsjot and Leifsbudir, claiming to have been appointed governor of the colony by Olaf of Norway. His claim is wholeheartedly believed by the colonists.


Thorfinn's son, Snorri, becomes the first European to be born in Vinland. (no women being among the colonists until his second voyage)


The population of the Vinland colonies is now 950, with approximately 600 living in Hilmirsjot.


Eric the Red exiles almost a hundred Christian converts from Greenland; Leif Ericsson grants them lands in Leifsbudir.


Thorfinn Karlsefni discovers the land that would be latter known as Straumsoy


Leif Ericsson and Thorfinn Karlsefni agree to form a partnership to bring more colonists to Vinland. However, tension remains between the two; Ericsson and Karlsefni are rivals for control of Hilmirsjot.


Leif Ericsson hires several Icelandic scholars to move to Vinland and write its history. The Effort will spawn the first documents to be collected in the Vinlandric Annals.


Thorfinn Karlsefni brings the first settlers to Straumsoy.

1025 - 1050


The population of Vinland is approximately 2000.


Thorfinn Karlselfni becomes the first to engage in trade with the Skraelings, trading primarily milk for Slaves and Furs.


Leif Ericsson issues an edict allowing Vinlanders to use non-Christian Beothuk peoples as slaves. These "Indentured servants" however can gain their freedom by converting to Christianity, although very few of the Vinlanders who manage to capture slaves are willing to grant them that opportunity. At this point the Vikings have managed to clear the area within two days march of Hilmisjot of Beothuks entirely.


Leif Ericsson arranges for a Priest to be sent to Leifsbudir.


Leif Ericsson is assassinated by unknown persons; historians suspect the guilty parties were either Thorfinn Karlselfni or pagans from Hilmirsjot.


Leifsbudir and Hilmirsjot remain in a trading relationship; however, there is no longer a single government ruling the two.


Snorri Thorfinnson converts to Christianity; he commissions the first church in Hilmirsjot.


Vinland begins exporting Lumber to Greenland.


A narrow majority of Vinlandics are Christian.


Thorfinn Karlsefni edicts that no weapons be traded to the Skraelings.


Thorfinn Karlsefni disappears attempting to map the Straumsoy river. Snorri Thorfinnson succeeds him; Hilmirsjot rejects his rule.


The population of Vinland is now around 4500.


Leifsbudir and Hilmirsjot are now trading powers to Greenland and Iceland; however, Straumsoy is a growing competitor due to its more bountiful climate and agricultural potential.


The Beothuks have around this time lost roughly an eighth of their population to near constant low-level warfare and raiding with the new settlements, in addition to European diseases imported by the settlers.


A treaty is signed between Greenland and Vinland, granting catholic missionaries the right to operate in Greenland in return for increased tariffs on the lumber frequently traded to Greenland by Vinlandic merchants.


Freydis Ericsdottir maneuvers to have her son recognized as Leif Ericssons heir, and gains considerable influence over Leifsbuddir. The child is thus recorded in the annals as Thorvald Leifsson.


The population of Vinland is around 5000 and climbing. By this point, Vinland's population is growing without immigration, although immigration continues to occur.


The first meeting of the Chiefs Snorri Thorfinnsson and Thorvald Leifsson occurs in Leifsbudir. The Chiefs are cordial to each other, but Snorri Thorfinnsson soon leaves to return to Straumsoy.

1050 - 1075


The largest Beothuk war party yet encountered is gathered by the Chief Shawandihit, by all accounts around 1500 men. This war party attacks Hilmirsjot, which manages to fend off the warriors for almost two weeks before they break and return further inland.


By this point, Vinland is almost three-quarters Christian.


Snorri Thorfinnson sails to Iceland to attempt to gain more colonists, as the majority of the current immigration was to Leifsbudir and Hilmirsjot. He stays for at least a year, before returning to Straumsoy with around 400 men, women and children.


A shammed Greenlandic pagan chief, Alrik Lokisson, lands in Markland with about 200 followers. The colony founded by these settlers is named Skeri.

1075 - 1099

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