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Timeline for the years 1000 through 1050 for the Harald's England timeline. (Note: Events unchanged from the OTL or that are not particularly noteworthy will not be added)


  • 1016: A joint venture between Genoa and Pisa, backed by the Pope, conqueres Sardinia from the Saracens.
  • 1017: Genoa and Pisa agree to a treaty vassalizing Sardinia's polities to both of them, and agree to jointly conbat Saracen piracy.
  • 1029: Genoa and Pisa launch an expedition to Sicily that sacks several rival towns.
  • 1034: Genoa and Pisa jointly conquer Carthage from the Zirids. They manage to retain the city, but pay a sizeable annual tribute.
  • 1035: Bone, an important port for muslim pirates in Algeria, is destroyed by a Genoan attack.
  • 1052: Pisan Admiral Jacopo Ciurini conquers Corsica from the Saracens.
  • 1054: Garcia Sanchez III defeats a revolt of his vassals, stabilizing the Kingdom of Navarre.
  • 1061: The alliance between Genoa and Pisa is renegotiated, jointly vassalizing Carthage, Sardinia and Corsica. Tributory states are now required to provide levies when requested to Genoan or Pisan ventures.
  • 1063: Pisan envoys approach Roger I of Sicily, proposing an alliance to take the city of Palmero. He declines. Genoan and Pisan forces take the city with heavy losses.
  • 1066: The War of English Succession occurs, placing Harald Hardruler on the English throne.
  • 1073: The city of Amalfi is conquered by the Normans.
  • 1075: Hoel II of Brittany in conjunction with France invades Normandy, but is defeated by Robert Curthorse.
  • 1077: A jointly written nautical code from Pisa and Genoa is recognized by the Pope as the Law of the Sea.
  • 1081: Sancho IV of Navarre retakes Tudela from the Taifa of Zaragoza.
  • 1082: Philip I annexes Vexin into his demense, provoking the resentment of his vassals.
  • 1083: Harald Hardruler dies and Olaf III ascends to the thrones of England and Norway.
  • 1085: The League of the Tyrrhenean is formed for the Zirid Crusade.
  • 1088: The Zirid Crusade draws to a close following decisive League victory.
  • 1089: Gisulf III of Salerno, with backing from the Pope, attempts to seize the city of Amalfi unsuccessfully.
  • 1090: The League launches the War for Amalfi against the Normans.
  • 1091: Olaf III of Norway creates the title Jarl of England to attempt to please rebellious Anglo-Saxon lords.
  • 1093: The Duchy of Apulia collapses into civil war and the War for Amalfi draws to a close.
  • 1095: Philip I is forced by his vassals to accept the Declaration of Lyons, limiting the power of the French King,
  • 1096: The First Crusade is launched.

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