0s BCE

Rome's New Dominance

The Roman Republic found itself in a position of dominance in the Mediterranean. Greece, which had fallen into disarray, slowly fell under Roman influence. Gradually, the Romans annexed it, creating a new Roman province known as Graecia in 5 CE. Gradually, the coastline of the Adriatic Sea fell under Roman influence, with it becoming the Roman province of Dalmatia in 15 CE.

Albion Wars

Keltia expanded further into Albion in this period. The Keltian army in this period was made up of a large number of Hellenized Keltoi, who spoke a vernacular form of Keltic which had a large number of Hellenic words. By 30 CE, the entire island fell to Keltia.

Jesus' Conversions

A man named Jesus came from Israel. According to legend, he preached and healed to many in Israel. The neighbouring land of Phoenicia, which was closely related to Israel, was converted to Judaism in this time by Jesus. Their former colony of Carthage was also converted to Judaism by 50 CE. However, Numidia, in fear of the strange monotheistic religion, broke its alliance with Carthage in 52 CE. This caused a war between the two, easily won by Carthage by 60 CE.

Punic Civil War

Although Jesus' religion was easily adopted by most Phoenicians due to the close relation between Phoenicia and Israel, Carthage had evolved a culture of their own. The suffet's conversion to Judaism caused a civil war in Carthage from 65-90 CE, who had developed their own form of polytheism. The war was won by the polytheists who established a kingdom made up of rulers known as Barcas, named in honour for Hamilcar Barca and all of his line.

Roman Expansion

From 90-95 CE, Rome began a period of expansion eastward, with its Dalmatia territories expanding. The territories were set to be Romanized. Even today, Greece, Dalmatia, and Rome speak languages based on Roman Greek. Rome looked to Ionia to annex. The Ionian army would defend themselves in the Ionian-Greek War, and although northern Ionia fell to Rome, southern Ionia remained independent.

100s CE

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