Sikh Republic of California
OTL equivalent: State of California
Flag of California sikh Seal of California
Flag Seal

Holy for your god, guru and newlife (English)

Anthem "God is give us freedom"
Capital Sacramento
Largest city North LA (705,536)
  others Panjab (Gurmuki)
Sikhism (Official State Religion)
  others Christianity, Islam and Buddhism with other religions (As banned religions)
Demonym Californians
Government Single Party Sikh Theocratic Republic (Since 2006)
  legislature Senate
Established November 31, 1996 as Republic of California

July 2, 2006 as Sikh Republic of California

Independence from United States
  declared January 2, 1997
  recognized By 72 UN-nations and All Non-UN nations as July 6, 2013
Currency Singh Californian Dollar
Time Zone Pacific Time Zone
  summer Summer time (DST) (UTC−7)
Internet TLD Standard time PST (UTC−8)

It is a republic that seceded from United States because of more Californian famous people being killed or injured by police without explanation that caused four years uprisings - later giving nearly all independence by paranoid Bill Clinton by secession ceremony in Capital building. Put in 2006 17 racial Sikh politicians did try successful coup and it control government since as Sikh theocratic republic. three years in Dec. 31 2009 thousand of Californian protester are in nation's capital building for change back was before. That government refused making no choice that create civil war in California after Jan. 1 2010... 

History of (Sikh) California

Poltitcs of (Sikh) California

Religion of (Sikh) California

Economy of (Sikh) California

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