The Seihou Project (西方Project) is a shoot 'em up video game series, created by Shunsatsu sare do? and released mainly for the PlayStation. It is a rival series to the 東方Project.


Seihou Kioh Gyoku (SM 3rd Power)

Origins of the Seihou Project began in around 1999, when Shunsatsu sare do? was seeking to create a similar series to Touhou. Soon, they managed to release the first game in the series, Shuusou Gyoku, and they released it to the PlayStation 2 in 2000. The first game was a success, having decent reviews from many critics and such for its great level design and great difficulty.

Later, their next game in the series, Kioh Gyoku was released in 2002 and while it was as good as the last one, it received an average rating, and was criticised in a few areas. Afterwards, Shunsatsu sare do? decided to take a break for a while.

The series was put on halt for a short while, until Shunsatsu sare do? begun working on the next game in 2005. By 2007, Banshiryuu was released for the PlayStation 3. The third game got better reviews and such, and sales were decent.


Seihou takes place in a futuristic Japan, set in around 2700.

Main characters

  • Erich
  • Hirano Sakurasaki
  • Morgan

Games created

  • 稀翁玉 [Kioh Gyoku] - 2001 (PlayStation 2)
  • 秋霜玉 [Shuusou Gyoku] - 2005 (PlayStation 2)
  • 幡紫竜 [Banshiryuu] - 2007 (PlayStation 3)
  • 五月雨 [Samidare] - 2010 (PlayStation 3)
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