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東方Project (British: Touhou Project), is series of 2D/3D shoot-em-up game made by Team Shanghai Alice, as well as a manga series. The series presents many games, fighting games, as well as fan games. Some of these happen to do with Luna. Here is the main stuff that deal in some way or another with/includes Luna:

Curiosities of Lotus Asia

It deals with Luna in chapters: 1, 4, 17, 23 and 25 cameo, and 30. In the 30th chapter, Reimu asks Marisa why Luna is heavily filled with lights. Aya Shameimaru blames it on the Flying Vikings.

Eastern and Little Nature Deity

It only appears in chapter 4. In this chapter, one can see the separate islands that light up. This happens to be the Lunar colony of Stavanger, a region of Norway.

Silent Sinner in Blue


This series includes Luna as the main location. Later on in the story, Reimu asks Watatsuki no Toyohime about the many cities that happen to be on the moon. Watatsuki no Yorihime explains that countries have happened to colonise the moon because they knew it was filled with life. Later, they visit Laakkeet, the capital of Jämsänkoski, which is a colony of Finland. However, once there, Reimu attempts to ask one of the people a question, and they respond in Finnish. Reimu then asks Toyohime why they speak a weird language, to which Toyohime replies that it is the Finnish Language. Reimu then insults the word Finnish, and thus the locals that heard it chase after Reimu. In another chapter, they visit Rødovre, a Danish colony. When exploring, they find a local bank, and Reimu Hakurei attempt to encourage them to donate because she is poor. The bank responds to this and the police arrest Reimu. The Marisa tries to fight off the cops, but ends up arrested too. Soon Watatsuki no Yorihime bails them both out and warns them that they colonies actually have power, too. In the 53rd chapter, they visit yet another colony, Vaxholm, a colony of Sweden.

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Cage in Lunatic Runagate

Luna happens to be the secondary location of this series. The main Lunar colonies that are featured are Kangchenjunga, Trenčín, and Baedal.

Inaba of the Moon and Inaba of the Earth

Luna appears as a minor location, and none of the colonies are featured in this chapter. The Lunan Reserve, however, can be seen.

Other appearances

Luna can be seen in Immaterial and Missing Power (on 2 stages), Imperishable Night (stage 6B), Mountain of Faith (stage 6 cameo), and Embodiment of Scarlet Devil (final stage cameo). In some of these (mainly the stages that take place at night), the lights from Luna can be seen. These are the colonies.

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