μ's is a Japanese idol band formed in 2010 by Emi Nitta and other voice actresses/singers for music label Lantis in collaboration with ASCII Media Works' Dengeki G's Magazine and animation studio Sunrise. They sing as the characters that they would later on voice in Love Live! School Idol Project.

As of 2016, the band is still active, and continues to produce new music mainly for the mobile game Love Live! School Idol Festival.

In the Anime, μ's (pronounced as "Muse") is a school idol group of Otonokizaka High School. The group consists of nine members and was initially formed with the purpose of preventing their school from closing.

Members (and their voiced characters in Love Live!)

  • Nitta Emi - (Kousaka Honoka)
  • Mimori Suzuko - (Sonoda Umi)
  • Uchida Aya - (Minami Kotori)
  • Nanjou Yoshino - (Ayase Eli)
  • Kusuda Aina - (Toujou Nozomi)
  • Pile - (Nishikino Maki)
  • Tokui Sora - (Yazawa Nico)
  • Kubo Yurika - (Koizumi Hanayo)
  • Iida Riho - (Hoshizora Rin)


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