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Large, lunar-capable rocket developed for the "Helios Moon Program". The "Jupiter-V" was the three stage version of the smaller "Jupiter-II" two stage rocket, used for "Helios" launches into Earth orbit.


On January 10, 1964, NASA announced plans to build the C-5 rocket.

In 1966, the C-5 was renamed Jupiter V, and Rocketdyne produced the first engines.

In 1968, the F-1 engines passed NASA's qualification for manned missions on March 26.

The first Jupiter V launch took place on October 7, 1968 with the launch of the "Helios-1" test vehicle.

The first manned launch occurred on November 4, 1969 with the "Helios-5" manned lunar orbital mission.

Jupiter Vs were used for the subsequent manned lunar orbital missions, as well as the "Skylab" module launch.

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